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Welcome back into the huddle on ESP and upstate Friday afternoon edition where we do till 4 o'clock this afternoon Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips. And Alonso and all the line is Greenville news reporter extraordinaire Bob Costello hey Bob how are you. And get ready ESPN. And extort there is making Hewlett. Listen I'm trying to. I'm not trying to oversell your problems or I'm just some kind of like an over Salmonella and just tell it like getting some I want to get a chance to plug which is doing here while I'm thinking about you know some different things this year in high school football and he got a couple of video features front. Yeah yeah we're doing some different things and have a little bit of fun which it. They're doing. Seven point two video. At just trying to previews. We can gain in Manhattan. We we have our player of the week that we do every week we've been doing that the last few years and then. Probably the most fun we're having lists they have haven't. The video or most fun with this. 100 yards. Video that we're. Haven't one of the kids shouldn't he join us each week to a 100 yard it's. Which lists and it that's been really enjoyable. I think kids get a kick out of that a lot of lot of positive feedback. Late more sober image an independent male I do and the same over there and I am. I think it is enjoyed people enjoyed watching it and I think it is one of those things that you get another side of club. You know they young student athletes who just talks about different things than just me I think people like to see things like that. Well I agree with you back here this is good radio training for you Bob because you have to make the questions and answers time out to the exact time it takes to walk a hundred yards now how how good and how how good have you become a doing that. The path. Well. Spoke so far so good I guess because and. It kind of hand and the few in the back in the back to the mine. Just in case at some weeks you know on board vote right. Dug through yeah that was the most weeks. A couple of times he's he's said I said boy in my cabin has frequently that they could you walked. To pick up the I got to got to pace of slowdown basis yeah right at the rest of it. Not matter publicly you know the latter are doing the triangle and I'm somewhat a little faster. And try to visit as you get older pig in a defaced and become a challenge Erica oh yes and are accurate it about telling. Couple of a couple of things that have surprised you so far we're about halfway through the regular season here in high school football on. In upstate high school football any any teams that stand out is a little bit surprising to you support. Com. Well. I I don't know that I'd say. Real real surprise and I think. And I think what's gonna happen and I think we're gonna see more. When the second half of the schedule gets. Men who know a little bit more on. I actually. Probably he. Like for example east side defensively has been. Really good but then again I don't think they've played a great schedule admittedly. Attend. Best schedule but they've been pretty good against that schedule. I think. Same can be said for Greenville. But it seems that you would be really good offensively. There it's been really good defense simply. Greg is only around like seven points a game we have David Crane on earlier this week. Yeah and they didn't really do defensively. But yet they haven't wage. You know we're really good good teams to this point com. So Harlem. Or at least you know teams on their level. On the tip like tonight in their 40 easily easily the best team easily you'd believe the best team. They're playing to this point so. That will be much better barometer of where they are because they can stack up a little better physically. They're gonna run the ball on the deadline baccalaureate cheer that the lying to a more physical. To that will be a much better test than what can be able state. Yes there. They're they're a lot better than they'd be. We've got to be around. The I think we ought to be pretty good delicate matter how good. Com. I think. One thing you know I thought we kind of figure I can figure would mark. Would. Be pretty interesting to watch with Chet turner and an optional and I think it's been interesting to see how they come along because it's obviously gotten better. I'm last three weeks look at a they beat. You know could be waiting and then again our great team that it was good to get him on track in the last week. The favorite with small and on the right with Brent. So that that's excitedly then I think they're coming along pretty well. And play until just two of the play poker night so you know that'll be another new experience for them to see where they are. Again these scenes that are gonna run the table not that they're going to be eighteen they're going to be competitive and might be somebody that'll test gentle graceful. Demps got a must mention a couple other games in the area tonight on the did a piece today on Southside Christian a player at Blacksburg end up. Think coach of their thinks that this is his best team grinds of what you said. Yeah yeah. US and Mike syllable was yup that's what Nader but here they want the state championship when Jason ties it was a coached and obviously at a breaking you know they had better breaking eye ear and did that clearly this team would be adapting because the offensive defensive line to better do it bigger stronger. That kind of thing and call football people know that that's what makes a break trip instead they're just. It is bigger stronger front so this would be their cute stuff that you'll. I spent a lot of time practicing with in watching those guys. You know JW Hertzberg quarterback looks really good column in a lot of guys they detection. People you know who can run the ball on the Internet crowd the tractor until crescent that hurt last couple weeks but. You know he's good they're good guys behind him that are really want to say audit guide to catch. On the they had those skill guys. And they just want as physical. Com last year or this year they stack up a little bit better so again it's another teen. Hadn't played that much in the first half Fineman no but from here on out will be interesting to see what they can do. Because they out of Kunduz that they can get this routine that. Think about second half last year. They played. Charlotte Latin. And lost. They've replaced that would decrease hawks an independent team. Blacksburg. Nick Satan played night that was their first blocked last year apparently not as good expert you know 93 last year there order. 04 and this year so that probably won't be quite you know soon. But when they hit to their region with 96 Abby bill and liberty. You know last year they lost 965. Point which is what you need to and the sports scene instead of the concede. At eagle that I'm fairly unit of course they beat everybody creep. And then. Liberty they beat liberty and liberty went in the third round of Atlanta. So live from the Saudi picture you'd be and then in the first round of the playoffs they were or playing actual raw and they lost by touched their. And hand the ball and driving it into the game. That you wrong is in importantly we're nearly one your best teams. You know they're ranked begin acting teacher for the state so it continue to make things happen that a lot of the same guys back we wanna. Ranked staying at the small school level law about Christ church they go to Calhoun falls to nine housing or crushed are trying to. Well I think they've they've had the struggle with their you know again they're basically. Probably the best part of their schedule and then. You know they've gotten calls so it is it is struggling right now and they don't make players so I'm gonna anticipate. This being really. Great gig but. But I think Christ church will you know there and you are right. I think they say that you look at some of the teams they played and it boom and equates Greenville. Me. They've they've got a note that it Gold Coast start that we should England so. I think you know when they get into the region. I think. They're gonna probably scared batters could predict and it wouldn't talk about these things that first step and see you haven't played as much. They they're there to reverse that probably blades. You know really good schedule prep themselves the second so I think. In my he will better prepared once again that region. All right calm about the down match up but tonight between TR in south side that wins at Southside. Went to south side and non. I think the thing I like about apple news. There a couple of young quarterbacks. That are actually pretty good on the jeans at that's struggled but done. Wilson Hendrick sophomore at channel addressed. And Jim Calhoun do you Euro over south side those guys had their moments so. You know probably not to best in the world but. That they do that both sides that the players Nancy. Offences. The efficiency I think that it I that you might see some highlights in my two points and it. You know what I don't think they'll put up a two touchdowns it'll make interest. All right. And than I was looking for the arm. No match up I wanted to ask you about was Riverside a man I know that dumb Riverside won their opener in the name I've lost count look close games the last couple weeks of this poppy an opportunity for them to line. Yeah so that actually at both scenes there. Pretty much in the same boat although as you say. Can't destroy a little more Riverside but look into one and we hero and haven't won since the rivers. As you know let me they had. Who booted by. Treat touchdown. And then lost some last ten seconds so I was really really tough loss in the last week it's like Christ church and you know both teams but a lot quest 49 during aren't so. So they could have a couple of games or they were right there so. They've been a little closer to winning. The man has gone on so it seems desperate for a win but Riverside as that you've been a little closer to a the last few weeks. About Maria wade Hampton tonight money see that on planet. Well. Waiting Hampton. Considers. Struggled a lot and I guess they they get the last week in the they Carolina and you know scored sixty points which is. We more than they scored the rest of the year on. Again host the Carolina and we know they've had their. Maria has been a little bit more. Consistent. Last three weeks state. We traveled addressed in the and they were. Actually it. In the scores they're competitive games against. Pendleton classic which has yet sank. I'm pretty good game against China last week it was a three point game soak. We have been right there again. That running game around that couldn't do and you know you either damaged or a good Tuesday. Darn good running back. So I think you know I would. Rate and it still believe you but. You know I think. Where you have to come into a little bit more confidence in the bad. All right Bob is still I know winning today every game there Bob but we certainly at some of the highlights and we'll check him with the again so we appreciate coming I'll watch recovers and bring the news. Thanks very much it report editor you to Bob Costello. Bring bill news high school sports reporter. It doesn't really get into the Spartanburg county end Burnett direction games but let me tell you what else is going on the night. First of all the burned rebels off this week. So no game for us tonight they will play the Spartanburg vikings. A week from tonight to open region play at Nixon VO looking forward to that one that should be a go one. I tonight Spartanburg whole host of west side the rams. And that will be over adult Wofford could give stadium tonight Boiling Springs goes to Union County tonight Gaffney is at northwestern. Interesting to see how northwestern responds to their coach being fired. Saturday. After they lost to Spartanburg last week right in the middle of the season so gas goes over to take the temperature of northwestern over in Iraq killed. Hannah plays at Greenwood tonight Lorenz will be at Dorman to face coach coach all's cavaliers. Chesney goes to Clinton tonight while holiday is Atlanta drama. And let's see any other games that I want to mention here on the schedule Seneca Pickens powders billed as a Pendleton. And west oak is that liberty palmetto plays and ran tonight east side and Carol opt. So those on the matchups tonight high school football again no coverage for us tonight got an off night back with the old high school football Friday night's. When burns in Spartanburg. Next Friday night a week from tonight 8444773776. Text line 71307. Back in a moment in the huddle. On ESP in upstate. You know Rutgers footballs being kind of a non no man's land. Lately. This actually pretty good day for them they hit with some penalties today from the NCAA but not the major. They were charged with failure to monitor over a five year period and again two years of probation. But there was no bull ran. There was no reduction in scholarships. So Chris ash the coach there can move on to remember that Kyle flood era at Rutgers coach. It's kind of a mess and now Lincoln town put that behind them. And see about playing some decent football. Which is not been. The case. At Rutgers and Rutgers one of the Big Ten. As part of conference expansion and am I wanted to get. Beat him wanted to get more presence on the New York area college game day is there wanna bring the Rutgers. Fans out for college game. Title or their record is times where. I'd come through the Miami OK. If he says watch college game did more on CME Rutgers signed juicy. Behind the guys. I'm not sure well what are Rucker son would sometimes when you're sick don't have to look cannot tell you know what to watch for. I don't mean to see how many people actually there anyway I mean. I'm like where has a lot of people but they just walk home box below and we'll have that kind of college game day atmosphere or would be shoppers. Brought it closer than what are we doing here OK I have dessert TV cameras there there will be people Millen about everybody all these people wanna be on TV so they'll have a decent crowd that probably bring ESPN. Announcers families and a jump up and down Niagara. That's what they're proud to stage it won't. Not that I'm better about them putting game day. Time squared and they can do that if they want but I got to the net and see what that looks that that will be interest. Anyway that's pretty good news for Rutgers they didn't do anything major just a month. Minor penalties here didn't find them guilty of a really terrible infractions so may be Rutgers can put this. Era behind them and start working on football and see what they can do is tomorrow today. That Kentucky breaks this lengthy losing streak. Against the Florida Gators Spencer hall works for SB nation. And he's he thinks there's a pretty good chance. That can happen. And authors say that Florida vs Kentucky there might be in trouble if Kentucky plays as well. As they did against South Carolina and does exactly what they should do on the field which is minimized possessions go real slow. And just turned this game into a slog you can do that against Florida because Florida can't maintain possession. What do you think is two under guys' backs coach you still have Callaway. And George Carlin. So high you know you're gonna win on the road at Kentucky who is this. I got torturous beat nation. Becomes Leon JC style rant yeah mover here ones are just era. As in his he's repositioning himself yes it's coming. Obviously he didn't watch the South Carolina Kentucky game least odd at least not to gain my soul. Unable to anyone again they did but they're offensive and anything to write home about now. I'm very I mean it Brandon is now the middle it's Johnson throwing a five you are now. Reset. I mean Florida's talent is we'll take that if what these guys say look if they play like they did. Again so once hello. Well listen last year. It was 457 Florida. But. Antonio Callaway had a 129. Receiving yards including a 78 yard touchdown catch from the bill real. And George Scarlett had. A touchdown 43 yards rushing. Started a six game touchdown streak for Scarlett those guys are gonna play. Bush got worse the offense gonna come from from Florida tomorrow. I have enough offense to beat Tennessee. They're. Barely but I had a prayer at the end of the does they don't give your all I was glad they didn't pick them. I needed that probably arbitrary emission you picked them miss and probably for the imminently and more. Law allows guests tomorrow. Just goes to show you now I don't just. Latch onto a bad football team to stay there now look battle. Here's the deal. Kentucky cannot generate a pass for. All right. So. Whatever people wanna say about if they play of OK here's the truth. If they stuffed Florida on four straight fourth and ones. If they complete. 85%. Of the third downs. Stephen Johnson runs for fifty yards on the third and twelve. Kentucky might win the game. How about that and I'll buy it. We're the offense going to come from last week. Florida had 380 yards of offense but like a 109 and a half of that was in the last quarter and a big chunk of that goes on to place. So how to place so how is Kentucky eagle school floor. Running up the middle. Okay like they did against South Carolina. So South Carolina and Florida's defensive personnel the senate did say they were the same. Michigan moved the ball pretty well. Another area of Michigan and Kentucky are the same as well homey look mystical and Michigan quarterback either. No they don't. Look Kentucky's floor is that helped conduct and to Florida and Mac is probably gonna try to turn this into ways. Downhill game which he sure. Because Kentucky that they are average at best on the defensive line and linebacker. And they're gonna run right now I mean they ran over the top in Tennessee. And I think they're gonna control the football delegate lead for excel on the perimeter. They'll get their play action game going and I mean it'll be a close ball game because this game kind of reminds me of the South Carolina Kentucky game last week were now you're gonna have. Everybody up in Kentucky all excited because they're 30. And in Florida is gonna come out just curb stall and what I mean by that is just wrong the ball down their throat. Because can talk of Florida's offensive line and running backs even the debt they've got a freshman that's pretty dang good. And the thing is that they're still winning games. Without their best players. Now they're going to be you think they're good now the guys back Willie Scarlett Callaway Callaway in scarlet. And look out Alabama well I wouldn't say that if there's only one team in the country can beat Alabama. And there about 45 minutes don't rule out. But. You know as far as the east. That's why that's why I mean the Mississippi State Georgia game is enormous in the east because if Florida can get by Kentucky. This week. With Georgia having a pity piggyback Mississippi state agencies there is a good chance. That the east will be over by next weekend. Because art is going to yeah because of Georgia loses the Mississippi State then turn around and loses the tendency is to Tennessee. I wouldn't think so. But they're gone they've got to go to the hawks why didn't think Tennessee will beat them last year and it took a miracle for it happened. Georgia better than last year I agree. They're better than last may take a few things were going on the last time Kentucky beat Florida. To thirty years straight. Who Lincoln Riley coaches and Oklahoma he was three. They restrict the number one movie top gun. Causes 1982. Knows me five made. Seven it would be right in firing the nominee sixth. Anyone 3031 years. You know won the World Series the last time. Kentucky beat Florida the New York minute yes. Taco 1986 of this was 1986 the New York State demands won the World Series. A book and you pong. We had a new TV host. Oprah Winfrey. Per show per year fledgling career rushed to if new video game was out it was called legend of Zelda that's for real life right balance of yes that's pretty old pretty. The masters was won by getting Jack Nicklaus why I've heard of that guy before. Not getting came out was Highlander. It can be only one. Super Bowl winner of the Chicago Bears. That was two years of shelf for a you know William refrigerator Perry. Jim McMahon. El Paso graduate from high school right here yeah pretty familiar that's the last time that's gonna happen tomorrow streak comes soon. They don't why now and I blew out. Is that a blackout wallet can now is not a black. Mark at as much stone cold lock of the weekend. While you're going to lock on Kentucky beats Florida beach Florida it's a lot guarantee. So when this doesn't happen with him with a barrage of Texas hot or not I don't know what fell as low. Pitch texting yeah the only it's the fault let's play that they I don't know that the incident is turning off. Stone cold lock up. Kentucky over Florida. You heard it here. Maybe 444773776. Text line 7130 selling at a break back immortal moment in the huddle this is ESP in upstate. I'm just it's always does its job now you should ask that right before the break and Josh Charles and obviously I Columbus Day you know we are on Columbus. I don't think I've ever heard that question. Ever. Story Josh. On no authority. To do you need to be off Columbus to know you were you tight with Christopher. I got big plans a Columbus Day I think he's. Couple times called someone has a right for news related drama. It was a Guinea so you know. Or what the next against open as well it's a derogatory. Morgans don't go oh man I. So you ask now I apologize. For her saying that derogatory loss Vegas because I think I'm a lot and I repeated I know Richard Gonzales that's okay. It's like someone TCU. Worded different language and you do is go around saying now realize NutraSweet at a skimmed right through now but you'd bring it yeah Ascot on muffled and listen to. Export for positive you're allowed on the telephone dream for me killed or keeps them selves. As follows talked in the next ultimately it's up. Canada and Ronnie were happy. Yes there and the like global remarkable wonderful moment and let them before it 49ers. Are that she still has that happened. Can't beat he had advance the art AD why they go crazy nut but that a lot of the good things that you can't blame it on anything that goes into that person. Greg I don't know economy economy got it motorbike in the delegate economy we get off my back patio man at the October 13 good over it so much content you beat my Gator or that. That's happening tomorrow hope. That's happening at this happened first he realizes the first show where we are actually. At odds. Really yeah yeah yeah Amir Hemmer and on all the time now as I'm at odds with the everybody that this person must see you guys and I. A married man about neglected in Kentucky or Florida mountain on the list and it will meals a Florida fan honestly it's not like alligator right. You know what I'm not really matter if you look at that honestly actually they are similar restriction. Yeah no rules. It now. One came out a lot with the ultimate confidence. You're. I have that going and nothing is certain to go and eat that apple what kind of injuries did it first went. I don't know and I felt that it would on the don't know we're gonna that is going to point against them obviously and had a problem of important birdie. Little Alameda actually going to be here. And I bet like to be truthful and I really believe that they're going to be the. Neil Kentucky everybody's worried about Florida's offense. Kentucky scored 2723. And 20 against southern miss eastern Kentucky and South Carolina. What's Florida and score. But they've played a legitimate opponents. Kentucky's players legitimate appalled at Carolina. And they scored twenty points. I want to deal were talking about southern cal. Standouts in the article reported. All of the under well yeah. The other 44 safe I think. And it has singled it out from 49ers record. Good honestly I don't know the multi column back on Monday about a it has been cut by. I whether or not a good time I like that kind of talent and I can't thank you moving in the right direction. If you look at some of the late epic obviously Solomon Thomas and are there. Beirut and also the best player in the stress and I think you're going to be proven. Guilty and it got me they've been on the go I think he's going to be Alton. Best play him best player they've drafted in the it was a farce book that kid is an animal. Yeah he's. It seemed like he can't talk played good the Brooklyn couple quite an event he's an animal that the next couple quietly go like yeah I mean I wanted to look at you know like. I don't know particularly is that when you couple that it require I don't know what it has put it quite we don't show up. Apparently Singapore but you guys that we drafted that I really really like on the opposite side goat cattle. And developing countries you're going to be like those guys that was Walker Cup I got it just. Okay just pick up and down. There's always you know get an open you know honest though it may play a Cadillac. I can enter in their squad receiver count that position. I'm gonna go out and I actually think I'm actually have something couple four here in a couple of years. You know we're dread pirate like college football. We're gallery Danica got tagged maybe Logitech. Also reality that. Did nationwide spears 17100 yards receiving thirty I actually liked him come and help I'd actually like the more after I think I'm a couple times. Here's. Don't trust anybody in order to move out. It would come back again. I'm always to Kentucky pocket ala pat Beck going you're going. I can't resist arguing that encourage you can't you can't play yeah. And so we can work on a talk apartment he pulled out my life and it's not really happened but I have a bet going to Jessica. I did dale call by Monday were like what's up what the fans and in Josh everybody nobody's rooting for the team manager form. Displays are realists know one thing thirteenth gonna win because I told mr. Ames currently. I can promise you Sparky woods was told Carolina this past week in the one because Brandon Bennett. Brennan didn't make us go home almost one yard lines. Alex or Hewitt is a good dude. Yeah he is a good man out to him a couple of years ago that the southern comforts me because he's still living in mind now no now. He's an assistant somewhere but done now again cutlass supreme god Jim you are next in the huddle you don't. I'm doing good staunch us exit elderly gentleman who come there your stupid daughter and my papers. It's almost these ladies sit with your little. Punitive also brought a lot to miss one ball in college. Football game always and should fit parent where your little so electric president went from Boston College. Well it was well below it and the work at Wrigley official. Clean bill actually change. The limitation maybe you didn't tradition in your improvement console or do they keep. And Red Sox. Well that's gonna happen. Surprise your candidate in the fist by. I don't know. How he's all the great also children basketball game. And color deputies this pocket socket did you talk to buy. Most sports. Did William did all the growth and you know at all it's just imagine result ago want to go it's. PP system and do my stupid. It is my vision. Rebuked and here goes the longer it goes to you in the clinch and it's been the Florida what's ball game. Go to Russia what you'd expect for our. Technique and where these cultures the actual world I got. That's right. To be a fun time young you'll enjoy that. I'm Jim. Top David Underwood talking about it there is much. Sports. Utility group's board seeing some degree is getting some good ballplayers the world portable. It's late meet doctor. Death those guys that were around for those. Those old guys back in the day and they're fun to talk to someone you want to thank Jim Bridget colleague 444773776. And your final break. Welcome back here in a moment in the huddle on ESP announced. Our lawns are your are wrestling correspondent. You gotta fill me on this event Spartanburg more than a Sig this poster on line. For wrestling. Tomorrow night at Spartanburg where a lot of toward this looks like something out of Bob back when I was the ring announcer in Spartanburg. In the seventies they might even remember you can maybe ask her what do they invite me over for this they should do. You've got rock and roll express. I don't think he expresses that fast anymore as of. No they mean Josh can probably thank all of us for the pretty old mandate they are and if they're listening hey that's no lie year old a couple. They got Jerry Lawler. Not exactly a spring gas I think he's more of an appearance thing I'm not sure he can Russell anymore he had some heart problems Sargent slaughter. Still has an intimidating chin. Still got the hat yes how old Sargent slaughter. He's richer member sergeant Sloan John and in the sixties television in general wrestle as a people RS I don't know. Jimmy value it. I'm surprised he's well I don't want to listen and I just. I mean look. This is kind of an autograph thing more than anything I'm sure there's wrestling going on I think I think of what exactly until last year. And they have some some younger wrestlers on the are usually too. Younger like in the forties. You know it's this. Listen these guys were really big at one time their name and they go around the sign on the ground to make money problem probably that. I'm just surprised by but there are some people who probably should not. Arousal regular mail or eventual Republican more odd justice system because it we feel sad especially when barricaded in and and these are kind of like your heroes are soft and you see with it look like everybody gets old bullet. I try to picture. You know someone reminding people marinate them see amount to a low. Terry funk. I'm surprised he can he was moved in actual jammed in there somewhere actually I thought assaults picture on the poster. Excellence in him looking maybe I didn't but I mostly of flex Armstrong. Tommy ridge and Tommy rich is a Magnum TA IM CA wow. Lot of wc the BC WM older and anyway type items are impressed on it and say Magnum Tom yes. We had probably introduced Magnum TA it's on the line I don't remember him. By the way I'll mom bricklayer resolved with them Levitt hard yesterday and that was a good interview. He's doing better up you know. Did was near death yeah I listen to part of the fat and as much as he was drinking each day it's surprising that he's still alive really isn't any inkling about that about the drinking in this interview and it's what was that exacerbated this situation holds plan now seems like 68 and 68 and yes and as narrowing some lemon. I don't know these guys exact days I don't amount but yeah he's pretty old. Anyway he's and that's good to see and because I thought for sure he was ago on 68 I don't know but for me. Yeah me. I'll get speaking of the laboratory she'll. Oh. I just watched it a listen to them and then you know because they proceed. Our show. And it's the warm up it was the first time I got to see stupid shots aren't. That's part of the show run away. Probably is but he looks like that you won't nerve damage. You know I got I got to watch it you're shaking your hand know what conceded deal and that it's it's like yes Paul isn't assumption I'm anxious to. Have you seen bulldogs and there are always quiver in Jasper Shealy general. He's got a big big ball as a radio guy you know out of all those guys and he's radio guy if you watch the producers look exactly what producers look like I mean you know. They seem awfully wrong. Yeah that's usually a yet it's a young career so yeah I know last week it's correct now yet move doesn't know most people have like aspirations and it and things like that and then there's some people are just like if this were. As do I'm doing this. They awaited you can probably it's podcast of bomb. Let guitar as a community is in sight if you haven't heard the Rick player interview yesterday a check it out I thought he was very honest. Forthright about his situation and up. Just glad to hear that he's due Amendola you know he could relapse at any time on that was helped the still not great but though. And I I thought we were going to be doing an obituary on the man whom a few weeks ago it did not sound good. Believe produced good stalking his daughter's in Moscow wrote she's she's in very good wrestler to run now assault me. And and in short he should Charlotte here additionally you know. When his drinking habits were out of control and a he came clean elements of mount a check that out. I ID 444773776. Is our number here in the huddle. And the text line is 71307. Again no high school football for you tonight burns rebels are off back on the high school football Friday nights next week week from tonight. As we get to reach him play in five A football and burns will be hosting spa armor that's a big one that's a big when Nixon fields in Iraq and next Friday night. But a lot of good games going on tonight so get on enjoy some high school football weather should be good for that little toasty. But not bad no rain expected. Back on the other side for the final hour of the huddled they'll let you hear. Another Nick Saban rant actually a collage of Nick Saban. You don't wanna miss that and pull out talk more about the Clemson Boston College match up tomorrow over at tiger town. That's ahead as we roll into the third and final hour of the huddle next on ESP in upstate stay with a.