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TEG I F it's the Friday edition of the huddle on ESPN upstate. Ledger Willis Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips Alonso. Always go to confronting beautiful day to falsely high school football tonight will not entirely full burns doesn't like. So you boy has the night off. Many Goodman got a night off right in the middle of the season only comes at a good time. Right before region place starts but there's lots of other high school action on tap tonight. And we will run Adele for him for a while Bob Costello with a grim news on. Help us drawn down at 204 this afternoon the high school football matchups tonight there are some. Good once. Of course we're gonna get into college football. More today. Rundown the games of the weekend see what you find it intriguing. Game days in New York City. So you know two big weakening college football there are some pretty games this weekend. And we'll lump. Real what you hear from Bob Mason Rudolph. Oklahoma State quarterback here and just compliments of stand by for that preview South Carolina Louisiana Tech particularly look at some guys to watch for a lot tech. There are some players to watch I know what coach you've talked about Jalen Ferguson the defense of men and men will mention them to but there are some other guys they a couple of good wide receivers. And a pretty decent quarterback sophomore quarterback. So we'll talk about that will also spend some time on the Clemson game when Boston College after we left the air yesterday aliens laughter five the confirmation came along Greg Hugo that he is out for the season. So they have lost their kicker. And that will be an adjustment for the tigers not it'll be an issue tomorrow against BC but dug down the road. Find themselves in a close game it could come down to a kick. And they lost a ton of experience. Would that injury this week in practice to Greg Hugo so long have to adjust to that as well. Oh collage of Nick Saban isms. And elected ever till I hear Nick Saban say something. Irritated. At somebody. I have to play on the show that's a rule. This is becoming your happy place this is good I just love it I just love nick didn't take off this is not just one time this is a collage of Nick Saban didn't take doc. Mostly at reporters. And knowledge here that coming off on the show as well. Sand in the Kentucky. Get that win over Florida lawyer from Spencer hall of SB nation on the game that's one to watch coming up tomorrow. Did you gussy Keanu Reeves in town. Did you know Kennard Reeves is in tenth title yeah I keep CM post all over the place and slate. Okay are these real can sometimes people those opium of the real or not it's royalties he came in for. Something to do announcement. Now lord it's flown out of my mind I'm euphoria. Euphoria that's what the caller to Flutie I believe so yeah. Downtown Greenville and he's here for that and I know yesterday's doesn't on a Michelin have a body Michelin who's out of town he was ticked off. As you probably would've seen him CS I saw the Michelin thing in my path why the world Keanu Reeves got a Michelin. I can't be real not sure what the connection was but he did he did and he is in town for the weekend so walking around downtown ringel Lucio got it looks like you know res well. Maybe enhance and the fewest in Colin thank you all again here in coming studio co host when this morning we got open Mike you can numb. Be a part of our pick them segment to do any worse than we're doing we'll put you on our huddle take on team Canada. Wanna. I'd anyway. 8444773776. Text line 71307. Use keyword ESPN. History of my Carolina coaches RB superstore on Twitter at ESP in upstate. Board games well wavy interest and end this weekend. And couple Friday night games you get Virginia Boise State on ESPN two. Them. Well thanks. The Utah I Arizona. On FS one tonight 1030 start those YouTube Friday night college football games. All we have going out tomorrow that we care about well the new games Ohio State can name. It back on track and tobacco role I don't know that we find my job this week because they play UNLV. UNLV. And Ohio State at noon tomorrow but I like the ABC game at noon that's NC state of Florida State. Josh what do you think is a competitive game NC state of Florida State tomorrow at noon at dope Campbell. Yeah I think so I think with. The talent that NC state has. Defensively. Especially up front. I think with the way that Finley can operate the quarterback. In that system and then I think with what you got out with. France while not playing army black one's gonna face. His first live action if and so we're gonna find out there and I expect Florida State to win the game. But wouldn't be surprised if NC state made at a ball game or possibly won Wimbledon. Seems like is August the last time Florida State plane ride them like a long time. Because the hurricane messed everything up for them. But anyway that's that Tallahassee don't Campbell stadium at noon tomorrow I would pick Florida State to win that game even having not seen James Blackmon. And not knowing what he can do I would take them. At home but I do think it'll be competitive and that's a watchable game there aren't can I get into that 112 noon tomorrow. Also a noon lo volt in the ACC will take on Kent State this just I blame everybody in the ACC this year. The Kent State ACC tour make its money's what can slow and yes they are. Must have popped John's cardinal stadium so low tries to bounce back from the lost to Clinton tomorrow and should be able to do that Texas Tech and Houston that's an end game. Tomorrow. From my Houston. And that one is from mildly intriguing. Eight NM and Arkansas. Coaching got to be interest that now on fast ESPN and that's the SP inning Damon and from Jerry oral. No I don't want to upset when we hear. Yelling you're not gonna want to come more noble. You will not watch Arkansas Arkansas is gonna win that game. Listen I'm going to be watching the Ohio State UNLV game OK if you're not gonna watch your team for the Big Ten network and I did. No. You're not gonna watch you know. Arkansas I have made a conch you I'm I'm protest. I'm combing your phantom to question that's fun I have to pick up a he surrendered his phantom. China's main card is as long as. Alston Allen is the quarterback I'm protest. Obama could it worst Austin Alan he's not the worst quarterback ever been close. Right. Epic market's close that your team needs you man I need you well. Yeah they need me to recruit because obviously the coaching staff came at. You know what do you think about B LaMont is is he what you have to do this year how bad would have to be for him to get fired it into the season. Six and six dollar and a farm over that. On Josh Alderman had GMAC. He's gonna have to be like ornate. They are hard. I mean mad. They are men become the man exist the state Arkansas won about eighty dollars and and administrators and all those guys that make these exits well see here's the problem. The C or Brett. Has made or as the fans of or console because. Peanut butter pants. It is that they've just done a 280 million dollar capital campaign inflatable. With the art building they've renovated. Razorbacks stadium and and a 5000 seats closed. The open infliction. Of razorbacks stadium. And now it's normal it's over 80000. And stadium population. And they're adding all this money to it and they're losing to Missouri and bought it. Where they had double digit leads. Not just double digit leads. 24 to nothing own. Bought it 27 and nothing on Missouri and lost and now they've opened this year. Did not know the score look good but they did not look good against them you at least offensively. And especially throwing the football indeed it was a train ran. Verses. TCU. Hole. I mean that was as bad performance. That the last time I saw performance that bad out of the razorbacks ones that'll beat them in 1992. Memories. That that's as bad performances I've seen. And our solves these magazine O'Donnell accusing award delegates it's grammatically correct. Because he does he he can't decide what he would hit his wagon. For some reason the trojans. Things Austin Alan is the second coming. Tom Murray. And they're gonna solve that they're paying the penalty for. Isn't he time when Jeff Long no. I wouldn't say hi but I mean. You know. He was just guy. After Petrino is just an interview in the other people write and edit clean up that mess for rupturing and he had a clean up the glass from Petrino and all of that. And then he got rid rob Smith and then the biggest loss for him from a staff's standpoint. Is when Randy Shannon left to go floor. Because then that lost the recruiting power I mean Arkansas was getting. Outstanding players out of the state of Florida that went into Shannon 01 of them being the guy openly and Alex Collins who's. Who's now second in school an all time leading rush him on behind him. And so the hogs were getting. Outstanding players. From the state of Florida and now they've lost that. And they haven't replaced it plus billable has put his foot is. I don't know if they could sign of these Q Texas. After. After those embarrassing. The way he represented. The University of Texas high school coaches associating me. Uh oh where he literally insulted the entire high school coach and dates of and then the next year clippings Berry who had a horrendous. Texas Tech team paying 56. So he's doing things that you can't you can't do or you have to be able. To go in the Texas when the razorbacks are really good it's because 60% of the roster. As from the state of Texas and they're good players they're guys that Texas and Texas say in the maybe don't know but you now recruited Baylor TCU. Houston those jobs for. And they're not getting those guns and other getting guys that did you know nobody in the state of Texas walls. I mean they can't beat SMU in the state of Texas right now groups. Well I agree he's he's dumb. He's on an ever warming seat but I just think he's gonna have to rent a really bad year losing it's actually in and would not a help the cause for Brett anyway that's a new game especially if it's bad if it's ugly. AT&T stadium at noon Tennessee gets UMass tomorrow. Nokia. To seek a Georgia next week got to be big for butch bid for butch coming up next we're we're carrying a game to. A week from tomorrow here on ESP in upstate. Pittsburgh Goran when he took a seat we're. You need him to have help my gators. That it. George tech Pittsburgh tomorrow at 1220 Virginia Tech gets Old Dominion. It is C Zandi Alabama's at 330 on CBS. How long is that close. They beat Tennessee Andy Alabama lineal them all out and sandy. Middle of the third quarter as invading ever beat Alabama before ever ever. Probably. Probably ever yet about. Thought I'm not deliver on go ahead. You find them for us it was probably before I was born what I've done have lived in the end is cannot stay the course when they're amazing gave him time and he's. Made some progress. Have to hand it to them they were patient with a and there are you know limit winning games this year. But they won't Wyndham. Clemson Boston College course at 330 tomorrow our coverage on 93 point three of planet starts at 10:30 AM. With a college football today southern cal in California as a 330 game tomorrow. TCU Oklahoma State that's the ESPN game at 330. Tomorrow. I play pretty go into top twenty teams Mason Rudolph out of northwestern the quarterback. For. Oklahoma State he says. This team has clear goals this year. We've also got a long term vision goals were for what our vision is for a million a year when you really wanna be in the position would put ourselves in. You know what we're being told chairmanship and and obviously a playoff prisoner. In two main team goals are but like I said every week is almost a last week is you don't win a mall in almost to get their playoff and we understand that and that that's our approach that's the way we. He'll prepare for games and so you know it was all we can do this is his look at TCU and any great opponent and prepare for those guys to do best of our ability. And I he's having a great year Mason Rudolph got a rock kill. And it should be a big win of Oklahoma State can get a tomorrow odds I think they can I think they outscored TCU. On the DC you can keep up office. By the way real quick Vanderbilt beat Alabama last in 1969. Pan so wasn't. A hundred years ago now at two of the people and only if Obama were alive this assortment. Only fifty years ago. I'm Miami they haven't played a Wally there of them play hard rock stadium against Toledo tomorrow Nebraska and Rutgers. You Mike Reilly don't lose directors. Who just lost your athletic director. Yesterday. Indiana guess Georgia southern tomorrow wake and app state. 330 gaming chip brewer and boom it's in pretty good games and Miami when there was at last year was one. So pretty good one for the app state and duke and North Carolina on the U at 330. Louisiana Tech and South Carolina SEC network at 330. Michigan Purdue. I got a feeling there's going to be a sneaky good again. In West Lafayette. At 4 o'clock can you really ever say that about Purdue. And I realized they were kinda good was back in the eighties maybe I think more I don't know the Michigan him blow Purdue out on the road. I'm not taking Purdue to win them but I got a feeling the Soviet sneaky competitive. Just torment out there Washington State gets Nevada. After what I've seen in the first three weeks of this college football season and I'm not put anything past. At some crazy stuff. Out Baylor is gonna get killed by Oklahoma. That's 630 in the wake tomorrow. That would be a shock when Baylor Wednesday with. Now and Georgia Mississippi State that's a highlight game in the SEC will watch them yet that might be the two teams that are competing to be the second best SEC to iron out right there Georgia Mississippi State. 7 o'clock ESPN from Sanford stadium. San Diego State goes to air force Syracuse at LSU. Told you guys assemblyman coach show. Last week he premier. Discourage you sound like you belong and you know and you. And humans so not just I think he then it would give us. The DC. He's got a boost. Out of the better roads of Penn State at Iowa that to be a pretty good game ABC. At 730 progenics stadium Auburn goes to Missouri. And losers in trouble. Florida Kentucky is at 730 on the SEC network tomorrow and nothing compared to bricks the strength will say. Will say they probably cover Florida's receivers at the end of the game on the last play. That's my guess that'll be their game plan unlike the Tennessee game. Also tomorrow night's Michigan State Notre Dame. They're pretty it would mean East Lansing Notre Dame Michigan State on fox. Washington a Colorado. At 10 PM Oregon and Arizona State. Also at 10 PM UCLA Stanford. Will be at 1030 on ESPN. Tomorrow night. I dealt almost talk college football as you remember for the break you're paid out of. Are you there. Good man what's up. You know for all of give me an epileptic. And I wanted to agency along with just 06 today. Pick up mentality that ought to read. It but putting phobos a sea of towel and they wanted to visit didn't we have right now. I can't have seldom. Sort. I don't know what's gonna most of what you lawsuit because there's a somewhat tomorrow there's. The outcome of the event. Clemson just needs to you laws keep Rolen. Knobs look not look like they're lethargic. Make sure they're focused and in the game and that will be over before halftime. As South Carolina just needs to win that went beyond. A little bit of a competitive game politics got some players that's one analyst knowingly and a point spread on the thing so I think if you don't win South Carolina you're going to be happy. And it does so I think 888 polish two. They don't raise donated via local. Auto loan. We hinted at so I don't wanna do a lot of money. Well I'm surprised it is anti you know. Noticed they let me go day kimono. I'm not a lot better than diluted. Being warned it. I don't wanna game at a safe bet. So that bad or not. While you watched him hard Delmon and don't be shocked if it's fairly close appreciate the gulf Imus should be state blew out a lot like us and wanting to play. They you know much about 57 to 21 was a violent elements of the states pretty good. Dan Mullen unhappy with the state Louisiana his. They just did Israel and all of whom it just lot of ma is blowing through itself Carolina doesn't lose Kentucky what was the line be. Against want to. The team. And home. 123 thing railing near us and two touchdowns this. But they did. But they did 8444773776. Got to get a break here if you wanna do don't text line at 71307. Back in a moment in the huddle on ESP announced that. If South Carolina comes out and is flat offensively tomorrow. At 330 at home that Williams rise against Louisiana Tech. The talk about Kurt roper is just going to ratchet. Up. That much more Josh that south Johnny Yang Cox with all those weapons that they have reject men like. Over the last week the Depot's annual now he's out. But what's was a pretty good running backs were exposed to be a better offensive line ranks 112. In the nation and our veteran. Unbelievable. Pre games and they need to break out from. They need to contrast against Louisiana Tech demo and if they don't next week I know we're going to be talking about. Probably for five days. On this show. Well the first thing is. Carolina just needs to find a way to win. Even if it's about one point find a way to win this ball game. Then if you can. Look pretty doing it by all means brought up some offense I don't care it's pretty or ugly I don't know it yet the running game going. And and then the scary thing is going forward to a lot. His assault today that it looks like Zach but it is going to be a month is that right. That can't be. That is not good. Right in the meat of the schedule the best offensive best offensive attack boat you know offensive line. Now not going to be good because after a lot that they got Texas Tech Arkansas Tennessee. Vanderbilt. I know that. There was a time when Vanderbilt then nothing but they're pretty good this year. And came home. And he's at home Tennessee's on the road and AMs on the road. Here's what to look for a lot tech regular players to watch. In the game tomorrow their quarterback is named Jamar Smith I guess is your market BJ Maarty spelled JA MAR. Instead of JA MAR. Jamar Smith as a sophomore. Out of Meridian, Mississippi. Three star player good dual threat he can run. So they'll have to contain him. And then two pretty good receivers. Number nine will be Teddy reveal. His transfer from Tulane. Had 48 catches last year 644 yards five touchdowns. In a deal number nine and another good receiver is 86. Rashad Norris should. Barnett. He already has a 185 yards this year leads the team in receiving yards this year Barnett number 86. And then this guy you've talked about on defense they need to containing keep off of Jake manly number 45 Jalen Ferguson. Defensive end thirteen tackles two sacks this year. He was a first team all conference USA player last year 26 and big time player 45 genuine person. Just a few of the guys to walk watch Saudi south Carolina's got to run the football some tomorrow. Got to see where they are with the kicking game he arrived Parker why does the guy right now. The normal part of life. As the kicker. I think I'll put the kiss of death on the lot to it. You gotta Kirsch and Formula One to come away with it but it's thanks to hope it ought to wind it'll probably gamecocks. And in South Carolina needs to do what they did last know what they did not do last week against Kentucky and had to get off the field defensively and on third down. Could not get off the field on third how many third and long conversions were there last a barge. The Kentucky yes yes at the end of the third quarter. Kentucky was nine for twelve. On third down couldn't. That's not playing decent. And those are not. I mean there was a few. Third and 13 and Susan there but the majority of them were third and seven's third round odds Kentucky converted four. Third and fifteens and. Horrible. Horrible so that's what you look important South Carolina moronic. We'll more complete performance on both sides of the football. And now you're idol winner as the wind is a land mine. I just think if they come out flat offensively after that performance last week and where they rank right now after three games that'll be after four games. The grumbling as general ratchet up a little bit about that office. What did the wolves scored the Mississippi State line to me. It was like a 25 point one. 57213536. Point. But a lot take home 21 home Mississippi State. Well they did happen but I guess you can look at it that like yeah that exactly. Yeah. And guess what and I don't know what's gonna take for the lightning quick in this young man and maybe the coaches deficit something that you better believe. Lot Tex coming after jamarcus scheme. And I didn't you pick on him they throw him every single play. Could it seemed like every offense in Kentucky and it went in the office needs a big play that happened they always throw him always. They go away from demise whimsical way to promote jobs and they try to obviously DJ Smith and get him over. Into a three ball once that's where he's over two threes that. And he got a single receiver over to the back side in the next year's leaking and they always throwing them always. Well two good receivers and veal on the net watch them tomorrow. Because they're two of the best players on the team see that skiers and you just put Pitt milestones are recently scored 21 Mississippi State. That they did. And let's go to bill off the phone lines here next pay Bill Walker Manila. Again that is all but at least you have worn the night structures yell but more inside apple into the pole for the gold old political. They and why you buckle up this week we appreciate your help and Colin Powell about. Ordered to our. Seats and why I am so happy conference football was just. They're not the top conferences anymore Nelson footlocker going to have a wonders. The power column that coaches what it lists my now we need more critical did coached. Eat cake but slowly but they're not the coaches like the Big Ten and they blew it. Well like you Maher. Carb bow up. Jenks Franklin Lavin let slip that didn't catch it got Leo. Basically we've now got Rick in this gap Virginia Tech would like he knows will be the incidents that power. Don't keep tank hitters out they copper belt tactics and actions to try to. They they need. I think it I think it's fair bill we appreciate golf I it's fair to criticize coaches in the SEC Josh. It's not exactly murderer's row coaching hasn't. No and it's not a murder rule offenses. I mean it's like the rest of the country is in 2017. As far as offensive football and it's like the FCC is still in the 1960s. You don't just from awful lot of philosophical standpoint. We wanna run the ball one instead of getting into the spread offenses that at some point. You've got to grow you you know why did Steve Spurrier. Turned the SEC only this year. It's because he threw the ball around all over the field and he did something else on the needle. And it's almost like. These teams just don't want to relinquish. The ability that can be run first football team that you can do it. On the right way but the other thing is these guys can identify. Quarterback is they've they've sold. I mean how many quarterbacks. From Florida Georgia Tennessee. And Mississippi ohm. Louisiana. I'm Kentucky have left to go to other schools South Carolina. Have left to go other places and just setting the world far so it's like these guys can not identified. What a legitimate quarterback is let's be honest had will cluster them up brought. Bobby Bentley Carolina objects are Jason Carroll on the right. I mean that's just the truth and then over the court and you would be the quarter and going recorded this where we're giving credit where would you be so. It's almost like. You know when you look out there. If you know and the bulk of the SEC over the last decade. Has been Alabama since they hired nick Satan. And it even has recognized. We've got to roll the full ball more. We've got to get the vertical passing game more of the game has changed to favor. The offenses over the defense is as good as Alabama's defense was last year and it was one of the best that I have seen in recent memory. You know that you could put up there with the 01 hurricanes you can put it there was some of the great the defense is of the past. The forty homeowner in the national championship game. Something that even nick after the game recognized it we've got to get our home. Vertical passing game go in and you're seen Alabama informed Bob was out there yeah they still run the football because they convert to recruit. The athletes to make that happen. But that you but I believe if I'm not the head coach at Alabama. I'm gonna try to throw the ball all over the yard. Number one and number two I'm gonna try to make sure my special teams aren't rock solid. Art got to get a break Jerry 444773776. Got a couple text to catch up on at 71307. But it that would come back to stay with us in the huddle funniest in upstate. Welcome back the huddled ESPN. Upstate GMAC. Coach Josh Phillips. And lines of Bob distilled agreement loose talk high school football coming up at 204. This afternoon. Office sex line at 71307. Texture says tell coach Arkansas will win this game. Austin Alan is better than Kellen month. Who's kill them on is called fixes lately. Cook cook but. If yeah they're down to him their other down the killer Monday at the that in him that. A quarter but they burn through a few who can step and so those ten go to their. So anyway. You obviously know about it. We'll see. I like it we will see low velocity. I don't have much hope for. There's just something that there's a ground swell. That I'm hearing coming out of favorable debt. This thing with replacing him is picking up steam. Own. Book 'cause of the of the things that's happened over the last couple years and and it's a shame because to me the best quarterback is that on the bids is named coal Kelly. Other kids six foot 8240 pounds and has got to howitzer for all six foot 86 foot eight. How to Motorola Z six homework is a pure pocket passer. Mean there's there's no question about that day not every school and on the sun no no but he has yet. I'll watch this film to it to me he's a better quarterback than. On that also in this but for some reason. You know there's I guess because. Eli Manning's dad and patent. I'll put that moniker on and he was an NFL quarterback after he threw him against air and demanding academy. And it came out that you know Austin could play in the NFL with the way he throws a football online. How is CT eagle on the Manning family penalty taken a lot of idiots. And we see you on the field field every week. And I've had enough of it. The rest of the fan bases have enough of it and he's got a way he can't just win he's got to win big meaning he has a leader he has beaten Alabama since he's been there. I think may be LSU twice. And Mississippi State's gonna kill so. You know that's that's mothers you. Well this is the loser bull for sure sure is and I sure don't feel good about picking up it's don't get me wrong. I could pick on the about Ali Texas a and M has been bad bad man too. And it. We just got a couple games at Arkansas when you look really bad against TCU I got that. I'm go with a in them because number one I don't tourists I don't trust Brett anymore. I don't like is coordinator Rhodes defensive coordinators a catastrophe. Dan in us. I like what he's doing but they don't have the personnel run when he's warning Iran. And you couple that goal against John Chambers. I'm not a big fan of chief anyway but he's better than what he's gonna face on the other so outline. As well so I'd trust the coaching staff. More and he in them that I do or and so Wilson. Well if farm. A and M gets up big don't think games held a cut a it's a spurt but as we saw against UCLA that it does not. That's true it has not 8444773776. Got you one more break got some injury news from the NFL on the Panthers. And on the Minnesota Vikings to pass long when we come back stay where this in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Part of our about 5 minutes till 2 o'clock here in the huddle on ESPN. Upstate Ryan to Lil is gonna miss this week's game for the Panthers. That news coming out today so warm and that's as a diplomat offensive line that did not exactly light it up against buffalo. They did not exactly turn and all but they're non point reports of panther scored its North Pole make you happy. If they score less than twenty points alma be impressed are gonna score at least 32. You cannot count the buffalo game against your former defensive coordinator come in and he's doing and why if anyone knows how to stop you at least this view surely able to stop them blondes a while should not be able to stop it he didn't stop. I mean really one guy that won the games we've got a those three field goals your right it did lighted up with nine points you're right. On. They're gonna scored 32 against known yes 32. Unlike the game against buffalo that was ago the great defensive game you don't like what's in defense that's painful that's what that. You like watch and a three field goal team way it's not like watching a soccer game I mean there's a lot of hits out there is it's not like baseball where pitching is. The order of the day here. And him. NG miraculously love last night's game. Item wanton by the way outlast the second half of that game is pretty good one and then that was pretty good I was like let me see what the score is that I could turn away I mean right down to the wire two guys Thursday night game. It wants that I have to be an offensive showcase Josh danger question but you really like nine to three gamer or Carolina puts up three field goals. That makes you happy. It depends on the flow of the game. There was no flow. Come on their assault and I'm not a defense of stock I mean this is watching the defense fly around him waiting to see which offense. Can come up with something to win the game which is what the pastor something about a overthrowing open receivers and no that's not the there's something good about that know something you like is this something aesthetically pleasing about. It's kind of all album sideline around no. Not at all if they were being hyper critical areas we know that he's a little rusty he's gonna get better ball game six or so. Nine. But since he's not really felon and practice a lot either so now I get some growing top and once it be a little better this week if he's the one Sam Bradford is gonna miss this Sunday to vikings' quarterback in. Against Tampa Bay that's tough break that can be the difference between winning and losing a game. Bradford left knee did not respond well to practice this week according to ESPN's cornerback practiced on a limited basis. Wednesday and yesterday was not present for the portion of practice that was open to the media this morning. He reported to the team's medical personnel today that he was feeling of pro announced pain in his knee. That was one day after. He his coach there Mercedes audio to just play this week. Preferable seek a second opinion from an orthopedic specialist a suit doctor James Andrews. And see what he needs to do Bradford left Minneapolis this morning is expected to see Andrews today. Zimmer has not confirmed whether. Bradford is meeting with Anders has some promising pro announced pain can someone tell me okay would would that mean pain that's how you anonymous. A lot. My pain is pro announced announced earnings is not mine that function will impact our means it's sharp. Debilitating. Almost I guess it's different than debilitating. While doctor Andrews is still working on God's always demand now watched him last night on the thirty for thirty humble Jackson. And he actually reconstructed bulls he. He does are stuff for a lot of sports studio with the wrestling too early on there's a major wrestling injury ascendant filmed the man RJ skin them. The whole case. They still for the vikings against Tampa Tampa Bay Wednesday I think GMAC wants. The Panthers to trade for Keith winning. It that's what a lot. That's well listen I'm okay job away might be hurt but I'm okay the vikings lose this week. I can live with a back on the other side here in the huddle Bob Costello with a remove loser and there's my school football matchups that are on tap for tonight in the upstate. So stay with us you wanna get on board after the next. Segment you candidate for 44773776. Back in a moment in the bottle.