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The rams in the 49ers tonight. Bomb bomb Bob ball. Did you eat. 8 o'clock your time here on ESP announced Thursday night football. I guess that's NFL network TV here. Man I can't do that which I'm not a big fan Thursday football but I am Monday Night Football. And every time I guess I'm just doomed. My father brainwash me but every time Monday Night Football comes alone. I hear day and dear to morph and Frank Gifford. What are your Howard Cosell power cosa Yemen and a pin and dandy Don. How funny when those guys some. The city a picture of coast Selma in the rounds on Twitter yeah between the OJ and Bruce Jenner. You know what he's arguably had the cosa arguably had the greatest role of anybody on Tuesday. I mean nowadays that there would be means all that rodeo on his hit. I mean that that had to be the greatest to play him. It in the history of public television Brazil's great young man you designated. As a matter of Marv Albert. Oh yeah I think so yes. Yes Albers pretty good. His thoughts on what you say or his number two apple sells. Out. 8444773776. Is our number bill on the lying next to bill welcome into the hub. I. Well and then I. Thank governor pick a culture I want to get on here are quick in your two up bank is Syrian Israeli troops are. Question topic is the most dynamic council. Arafat out. And it certainly have never seen somebody that was our non cornerback you know someone who can't bring argued that. They didn't have the Bolivar and impact games Jerry Yang map Clinton would be most dynamic player for two and a half games that they vote then. As paper and in quick and your map there he's got home. I cannot go up he. Was beat bears player in college football. The prior. Currently I mean he. You were here amazing account that the way. The determination of his career everything back and it looked scary guy. And they they had when they had him up a lot you know very early hurt much quicker yulia. You got a lot of bad lute. Is there aren't Pickens. Calmer open. They lack. I can make plays as a regular. I mean people are. Very. Our mannequin come in. Anyway it's an irregular. Somebody Gama they're. And I am what are your arm as he you know EU treaty. It recovered from here I mean this is this a couple hours. Well defined recovering. Bill yeah I mean I think South Carolina still have a very good sound equipment helping pre. Pared. We have. Never found her show. I guess they're not. I think did vote to make the difference there because Diebold to make the difference and a couple of names and that would be edit in my beer or anybody in a pretty good. There. Right well let's check. Tough weapons coming they really do but they don't have another Devo. But yet they've budget gap and got it yet factory of modular bit of luck. Commodore CJ Spiller might do it again breaker rightly. Believe that I think he's not the competence in the thing just. They need to offer you know men. When he wins out you could say they went out Saturday and in the worst urged Britain side. However I don't what about look at hybrid arm. They've got. Next up we have they got there yet but Julio Lugo and it. Bedecked. Oh. Yeah. You guys where it's been out this outbreak is that the dynamic player. I've never seen this you know one gap didn't have a bout. Are that. He never economic. You know naked. They get Stoller and in that. The only heart replaced effective target off your outlook order in any. These cop car helium bow and a boy or share on the site popular. With apparently share karma that is geared to correct that. I tried to bill. Bridget back to the bell let's hear from Brian Edwards does he will be one of the guys coach that would have to step up. Now he's going to be. Shifting their some answers from special teams standpoint. They're gonna move Rashad Clinton backed that look let's not jump off the ship yet. Often return of kick against L issue for a touchdown strike on soul and I think he's one of the more undervalued defensive backs. In all of college football I think were shot Clinton is an outstanding. Cover guy. Now on the other side of the field good luck with that one but that was Sharpton is. Flatley. So he'll be okay. The thing that the things that I'm looking forward to it's not so much who's going to step up. For Diebold. I don't look forward to see this is where we're really go find out of Jake Bentley is a lead. This is where we're gonna find out if he is a complete quarterback. And that he can take the onus of leadership. That this is a great opportunity for Jake. To really put his mark. Not only just don't gamecocks football but around the country and that hey you know what I'm ready for this and I can make it happen in my sophomore year. Because he's gonna have to make great read he's gonna have to make great decisions it's not going to be one of those. You know in the terms of well what you know it's an hour appeal world so. You know we're gonna just get right to be able from the get go and then leave everybody else out of the game boy he's gonna have to spread the football. And to me this is more of an opportunity. Yes some of those other receivers are gonna have to step up before me this is a great opportunity for Jake. To show he's made a. Well that's right without the without. If Jake is off. Ingush are drowned in big trouble in is he going to become that great quarterback we don't want him to me or is he gonna drop into that realm of Blake Mitchell's. Right Woolsey. I'd well here's Brian Edwards he's one of the guys that they'll be relying on 63215. Pound sophomore out of Conway who has during good times for the gamecocks and he talked about life after Devo for the South Carolina office. I think everybody can you know since being those wanting a team effort and I ran our stuff up so the little bing news contributed. Messed up production. Through. You know in some good stuff from as they can on the side you know. And he was now seeing none makes me enough losing by enrollment for his importance to us. I think everybody know office doesn't as a unit you know puts forward on this those things you know. I doubt I'd be voting on the monitors and then indices explosiveness and by SF so polluted from running back inside in the receiving you know. And you just saw that's among African Sosa. Asking them to do and you say different things are the next man up visit whoever steps in consumer would be very did in Afghanistan is not really like. No one person has to match his production type thing you know assistant everybody has a saying some Hussein's our views are going to execute. You guys. Think. Can you improve its. Just to clean up a lot of stuff. A small things easily just beautiful views known just coming RE at play I think we understand our own little bit. And we just use our brave play him you know so. What. The book is a little more I mean just being. Home for the first time just how much of that kind of play a role to play a factor in just you know not being there mentally in terms of being able to do what you needed to do you. I mean I mean Thomas all of those you know Foster are amusing things like that we just kind of just not warrant life into what we need to do well I mean inside those communities as we. No the guy talking about focus. Not locked in last week. Why the heck not to know Kentucky Germany and the media three straight years one of the magna hourly not locked in Ottawa. Ads don't. By the environment by the home environment yeah overwhelmed. I think it's several things I think. The after that first play in and it. Happens you've given that moto you're looking around and you're going. While I will even alluded to it. You know that was one of the best environment he's ever been a part of and you're doing too little you're at home you're trying to break the streak. You know you've got all this pressure on you to go out and make something happen. And you just the moment of that game just if it happens you get out of it. It's happened Alabama have an Alabama gets a Clinton. In that last drive two minutes left in the game got a chance to win the national championship and your quarterback just gives you believe what happens they spit the bit. You ill in solid the puzzles moments the thing that I wanna see how this team is how they respond to with this week. With guys now that Bailey isn't enough Miller Bristol might be able and rightly so but that Bailey is an enormous losses. For this team and now they've got some talented guys that can fit in there with. But I mean you've got options out there play makers Josh Smith needs touched the ball. I mean that they need. I mean that's that kid there is legitimate for three they got to figure out ways to get him isolated out in space and let him make a move and go. You've got a combination of speed with Josh Smith now union receiver five tanned. 179 pound freshman who we've seen to the speed there and then size with though portray Smith and Brian Edwards 636 or receiver. I mean there's enough there and the tide NG governor appropriately good tied in so. There's certainly people in there that can step up and get this down. For South Carolina but you know it. You just have to take it out of the context of replacing one Bebo and it has not gonna do it. No no you're not. At all and so now they've got to get creative. There's some questions that have got to get answered I mean our respect the fact that Brian Edwards. On the Thursday he says that we've got to get locked here. And I think what happens is the other thing is you start feeling good about yourself you look at Kentucky on film. If you go all of this guy ain't that good I can beat this guy is start to get fully yourself the next thing you know you're in the fourth quarter ball game. And you're down a one stop you don't get it you get beat. You can also of that that's part of the maturation process. Of a young football team and you know they're gonna have to. A Louisiana Tech is going to present problems Carolina. Ferguson that defensively and he is a talent. Now whatever else it or whatever else slot that god in you better believe Skip Holtz and Todd Fitch. Don't wanna come in here and stick it to the gamecocks you better believe they're going to be gritty. But I'm like Eugene Mac I've heard this I usually here when Tommy Bowden was calypso. All we came out flat all week how in the world do you go out in front of eighty something thousand people. And everybody's going crazy and you're flat you worked all week for about three hours. Why would you not be part of that Maria up in the stands ready to hit somebody. Yeah it's wanna puzzling thing about about football and about sports let me get billion years next Billy and taylors say Billy or you. There are you get there on argument. You know out but about the sucked only game in you know watched a couple of times and the social life. You know kind of related to Iraq after a lot the countries that none none against its exit exit now. With play calling and I think they lost one against Kentucky that they shouldn't have and on the the players' quality games that there was questionable. Offensive play calling in the game. And not all that the united that DO DNC state game how they could have been called too much better I mean there was pressure released. Play after play after play. And it will what committee that the coaching staff make your office of Hawaiian wolf from which are really loved him up into the great courage. And our officer quarters and we're you know we're just gonna go and blow them off the ball and we need to get first downs and third what sorts. And they couldn't do and I'm up that was just in the static economic Stengel on port on burden on midfield. And then even don't want a similar forty and then running the ball again how important and can be one. But when you're. You know fourth and goal on about the what the half yard line. And you've been proven you can get short what George you've got to do some type of thing we roll the quarterback got given much to do the wrong approach the ball up. Pop up out in the study I decided understand. I and either I thought put that in Bentley saenz did him a chance to make apply. Yeah I mean at the very least it didn't run the ball and if you're not gonna give did the plot somewhat neutral which I think they've won and his delivery is probably the best Mittal to run but the slept on a yacht. They give it to the damp cloudy and the mean these look pretty good run for people my god in a I just didn't understand play calling and how all that has a lot more to do with them them losing that game than anything else that does not debate anyway. But what do you think what you Kentucky. I agree with you I think they are underrated and and I wanna be would you almost like Greg mean you don't all the degree when it comes to pick I think it's like you're going to be. Florida. I think they're gonna compete for the for the for the east this year I think they're for real and not just sucked all of playing. They continue to find ways to win and after awhile you start believing in the head and so the lacrosse team happened that start in the country would Kentucky. As long as the streak is not in their head and I don't think it is. I think they can win this game and how. But I think you know they don't get behind early but can't want some more they're gonna win and I just believe that about just don't think that it's not in Florida so only. This makes me believe they're gonna look and we cannot just it's not just about walked home and passed out saying what I think this year followed needlessly. The past those players displayed it. The airport in the past a display the conflict in the past so marvelously slow. You can enough heard there and Obama trying to dismiss this I just can't believe that appeared this side. I don't think sucked must also overcome and apparently Louisiana Tech ever coached just not I agree their supporters that Louisiana Tech. But I'm hearing that they're gonna win the game fairly easily enough and you believe that there's a player good books liquidate everything that you own. It ought to take them on the money on don't take the points just take the million. You're gonna end at Louisiana Tech is gonna win the game. I'm here and important and crawl I want well Billy yeah you've got to recognize the source. Take everything that you've got liquidate its input and don't own always return and it certainly bureaucratic in the Moneyline it's something you still after the game but that you public so pretty bad. I bill thanks man particularly. Answer a call 447737760. Yeah. I think Billy has got a great point there there's no question. Watching that game unfold. Mark Stoops flat out coached Carolina. As much as I have given will credit just like well coached. They've dornin his guys and then he he got stuck to win would mark Stoops you could tell. They schemed Carolina very well they force them they wanted Carolina to prove that they can beat them throwing the football vertically. And the thing that's disappointing to me it's throughout the game the gamecocks didn't even try. That's the thing and it created a little bit creative at all now you know one thing that I loved loving Haiti and say whatever you want to. You better believe Steve Spurrier would come what was it that I mean in Alabama. Down there on the two yard line he runs the option out of the I formation. Nick Saban could have gone all the way back on his days at duke and not found that play. That that was something that Steve sol he put in for Alabama it's that you know what we can we can make this happen. With Garcia. And what DiMarco it fullback all of that was called in defender and he did that and Marcus walked into the end zone. That's called getting creative and knowing the situation. That your man and then put your players in the best situation they could I didn't see this Saturday. I market going our mortgage or your right after the break up against the clock here also Skip Holtz coming up Tuesday with a Sanaa hobble on ESPN upstate. What a back to huddle on ESPN upstate Skip Holtz. Makes his first trip back to Williams Brice stadium. This Saturday as the head coach of Louisiana Tech first time he's been back since he left the game cock football program in 2004. He was out there for six years as a member of the coaching staff. It was an assistant head coach to his father Lou Holtz he was the offensive coordinator. For 9903. Demoted to quarterbacks coach in 2003. Or 2004 rather. And then together they were 33 and 37 the father son duo blue and Skip Holtz conference call today. The Louisiana Tech coach Skip Holtz talked about what he remembers about the fans in Columbia. Fan base in South Carolina is just. Unbelievable almost like none other. The loyalty they have all go back to that first year when we were all eleven and I remember I don't remember the exact stats but. We were playing Vanderbilt at home. And we were applying and I was on the bought for that game when they want to put the ball on the feed kick at all. I've looked at the stand. And there was a fan in every city. And I just said unbelievable. What loyalty and passion of this mandate has for the program it's not based on winning. They just let love that love their game Cox. And they are gonna support on the market for the passionate about it from all my whole experience is there. And in seeing all that. Because now what Will Muschamp has walked into a situation as you should rebuilding. To go to a bowl game in this first year. I know it it doesn't happen overnight I mean I ignores and the scenario. Right now I feel like were there were tried to make. We're trying to make teenager young adults. I think I'm. There was someone who asked him if there was in fact an agreement in place that he would replace Lou his dad when Lou retired. And he said in fact. There was he says it was talked about. But at some point in time he said South Carolina had to do what was in their best interest. So he has great respect for us Steve Spurrier the success he was. Able to continue to build and things don't always turn out the way we want until I usually bidder. About the fact that eating get the job that dump. He thought he was going to get when Lou Holtz left south Carol. Use the word Fannie do you guys use the word Fannie did I just it's a stuck out to me to me. You signing policy really you know I just I'm sorry I decide I've never really. Heard anyone use Fannie before like that the BG does. Their. Now with a well taken with the actor talking about his. It's hard for him to be bitter it's been one thing if they had hard Jerry files. Yeah Steve Spurrier yeah I mean Steve Spurrier. You know say he recognizes. Our loan we hope he recognizes. I mean look. If it comes down to. Him or me they're gonna go with him I mean. I didn't know this intolerant as book. But it was very interesting. Charlie Weis wanted to gain got a job. And I didn't realize that Charlie. Was an assistant coaches South Carolina back in the eighties. And actually him. Now grow there's a their zone. Blast from the past right they were on Joseph Morse and staff and Morris and is actually hired shortly. Weis was a New Jersey high school coach. And they end up striking and noble cause Morse and his from the northeast and all of that played the Jones. And then him and grow develop a relationship when he ended up on the staff. As a graduate assistant and then as an assistant under grow so he got a lot of contact them on the job came open and in his book he says. You know I was gonna throw my name in the hat and everybody that I knew down there kept saying. Will know Steve is what we're looking Steve Spurrier he's like well I'm not home b.'s speed up that job. So he removed it and then of course Notre Dame opened opening up Notre Dame job by him. He'd look skip what the only one that got overlooked in the ill. That's the way it goes I mean a lot of people fall. Coach Spurrier was gonna go to North Carolina when it opened up. And they want a different route. So in the that was there but there's no question the success that Steve there was. A moment let's get a couple calls zero John King is up next project welcome into the huddle. I. Said. I ask the question not heard after the game outrage of what in your cartridge to order a credit crunch camps says something about. That it was gonna fix a running game. I'm Simon that they were comfortable and short cycle. We are appreciative cultural com did you quote. That must champs and don't fix the running the army so we gotta run the ball right the end Saturday. And that may be what what chuck is alluding to when they need to I mean when you're 044 on fourth and ones and third and ones. You'd need to fix a running game especially when you've got and that's the thing. I wanted to kick core Helms in the rear so many times during that game. Is here he is a bagel stout kid him and Zach Bailey and it was like every time they blitzed they just let it bleed giving them. And that that right side of that offensive line can be dominant when they wanna be. And I was surprised as anybody win. They didn't get those short yardage situations. But yeah I mean wills got to stick it in there and be like hey look we we got to have an attitude appear. Yeah I mean but he basically said we've got to run the ball and we got to stop Iran of going to that we can be successful and that's them. Pannemon the issue that was the issue and sound Saturday. I heard some clowns talk about well they didn't run the ball all right look. Dell on fourth and one run in a jet sweep with a 160 pound player no that's not on the ball. Not effectively no you deserve to get stone. A 44 GS PE SPN if you wanna jump in here I don't get to our rant of the day because it's pretty units from dumb look Greco whom. Dom look Graco. He works for the yes radio network and he was ranting about the offensive line. Of the New York Giants let's hear that coming up next in the huddle on ESP in upstate stay with a we're back and how Gilani has the announced date back to the phones Jim you are next what's up. And they're lingle. It's all going good Jim Murray unity. But this wonderful complete operas also very long you'd. I've got equation let's coach Josh. I total orders what is certain. Brewer gave up there about the BB digital standards from Iceland so bunched up like Bo Diddley didn't talk ordered them to college players. Early detained in the total market because players and quite nicely from the lip and co. Note to answer your question Jim no it's not a rule. On in the NFL on the owners can make it a rule. Because the players are. All employees of that particular franchise. And several NFL owners have made it specifically know him. That you will standard in the National Anthem the face the funniest one B and Jerry Jones. When he said that all the world is a stage. And you guys are actors but I own the stage she really due to. I don't believe yeah. I like about it. Yeah he told them that before the game when all of this stuff came out about. You know the National Anthem in pro testing and and stuff like that if you know what I got to give him credit. And it's funny how nobody mentioned this within the national media specifically. ESPN. Jim bore down. Apparently. At the beginning of the year with Cleveland. Came to the second game of the year because. There was some players for Cleveland. This that during the National Anthem and Jim Brown just absolutely blasted. The whole column cavern situation and actually went over the field. And told those players you will stand. For the National Anthem and guess what they did. It's like one. Notifying users target solitary stadium note template. A we normally. They're pretty great. When you. Yeah they play quite a bit you know the hawks have been involved. They were in the what was at the time the longest. Game in college football win Arkansas beat Ole miss in six overtimes. With Eli Manning was a quarterback and Ole miss. And then they back that up. By going into seven overtimes with Kentucky and that's still to this day. The longest game in college football. Dave Murray bridge just distributed. Maybe. Come down to the episode about being catered. Yeah. It game might end up and then the fourth quarter attended tea and the dividend 64 to 63. Because I overtime stuff. And suddenly it would go out and watched him when they play ball and not mobile. That's possible thank you Jim we appreciated Trevor you're next in the huddle and up Trevor dropped off aren't. Our what was gives us a chance to get to the rants of the day today in the huddle. Larry and calling up every morning turned me. I. Yeah. Rant that I comes from one dom lug recoba. He works for the US radio network and he was on Sports Radio in New York he was talking about the New York Giants they're not off to a good start. And a particularly about the New York Giants offensive line and he's kind of taken a shot at stat geeks here trying to justify what's going on. With the offensive line ran the day from dumb lug wreck. Come on stop and are ready right breeze coming up with the stuff all this offensive linemen only 27%. Of the time was alive Richard from his left side pot Monday night when trauma going to be announced cop stopped creating some narrative that you everybody knows football better than somebody else your eyeballs tell the story Kathy opens -- Sox spirit that's my stat. Do want us that you want Saber metrics. Look Greg gets waited let my Michael cage all the blanks thinks that this back. Gimme a break that's gonna do Michael Jordan Billick account is now on baseball. Was it that the bag orient figure on the power back up the entire round that that direct involvement of the wind picked up records are available only moral and that's good staggering and Ferrer and doing well and the open but what are the editor Barbara broad at all when I. When I talk. When I. That room there might sound like that now all the people that trust all battery and figure -- people who listen to the but staggering and theorem the people would sit there at their desk that only know the naked body thrown National Geographic did two and a map to come but the the staggering and figure him. That's what they sound like the it's football I don't watch it for forty years of hard. Forty years that's one of the worst offensive lines ever seen and they have not gone. This long without scoring twenty points in 7778. When Joba starts it was your quarterback. I don't take your put staggering in your home the jobless sort chick serum cured. Better yet how worked up man after my own home but if you loses voice this man after my home loan. Good stuff around the board his back and often stood there with a little. Thank you down for the random today. Final break 8444773776. What did you and what buses we ramped up in the huddle for Thursday afternoon on ESP in upstate after the. By the back. Wrapping up the hollow here final nine minutes or so on the ESP yen and upstate off the tax line at 71307. Texas says I'm not on the fire roper trying. But I'm not very impressed with his play calls. If our offense finishes 100 in the nation. And he is fired. Who would be you know a good OC hire we're talking about the next offensive coordinator at. I Caroline you're too. Towards him I'm not I'm not I'm not ready for the. One bad game at noon and not relax. He's. The protests some people are not happy and less an upset about something I mean my goal while Leah. We're right on him because it was a bad call political game you thought it was mangled you know. He's deserved it but as the game it's all full and you know what I agree. That was one of the worst plague called games I've seen in the long long time. It was them. Okay he he gets paid a lot of money. To make those type of calls and guess what. You'll take the criticism you and said this earlier in the week you don't take the accolades for the game plan after NC state you don't think the accolades after. Amazulu. You don't put your big boy pants on you don't take heat. For that the I don't even want column offensive game plan could quite honestly I don't know what they were bill. I don't know what they don't look a sol owns video. And that's what I've been that bracket are boring talking buddies of mine. You know all of that stuff I had my phone was blown up I couldn't answer it while I was at the game there like. Josh what is wrong for doing. And I'm like I Gallagher that you could have probably so. You know it was bad. It's a do it in that particular point but one thing if it was on the road and the crowd or you know that there's all those built in excuses. But to come out and here's the things that are coming out of this program in GMAC alluded to. To hear players talking about we head focus issues. That that's at the heart of coaching. To hear players say. Well we need to do a better job with this particular thing here will. Constantly have to become defensive. Because he's getting as legitimate questions. About the ridiculous most of what we saw all on the field. I mean those are all legitimate things that are gonna have to get answers. I mean it's likely Kevin Steele gave up seventy points to West Virginia after clubs and balls. Excuse me after Clinton won the ACC for the first time in forty years or whatever. Did you turn that around with a month to prepare and you give up seventy points it's like what did we just eight. And that's exactly what happened this past Saturday with a bigger than him these. Post haste to. Now let me tell you this. They got an opportunity at home in Yuba believe. If they only scored thirteen points against slot peck who. Now they'll now be a good night. Being worker for. Well not no I don't see that I don't either. I hope for their sake it doesn't happen. But you can't alienate two weeks in a row at home. Now the fans still need to show law. I mean it coaches get paid to coach players get paid to play fans doing your job is to show up and screen their heads off. For those kids that are fight their guts out win. Everything is still on the table the ones you don't want after three game absolutely that's not. Far off of what. Optimistic fans would have picked for the gamecocks. Going into the season. Just let them they pulled two upsets minor upsets but upsets the start the year. And expectations got a little prays at. A heavily and doing that. What's that alluded to. In oh the craziness that was at the stadium but as a coach you got to embrace that man. Now I don't get I don't get why you wouldn't be ready for that moment give me embraces pumped up your home Deng right. Don't get it I'll what do you need to know today to just tuning and you've been out of touch a couple of things one is that Greg Hugo all the kicker for Clemson. Has been injured this happened at practice according to the reports were seeing last night yesterday afternoon. And we haven't heard anything from Clemson officially on this injury the extent of the injury there have been reports that it could be a season ending knee injury for Greg you voters starting kicker on some. We expect to get something from Clemson when they release an injury report later today. But when watching a prominent on the email list nothing coming from them this afternoon nothing on Twitter confirming anything on Gregg Hugo but there's been an injury. And apparently a serious one. And so clubs is gonna have to figure out what to do going forward and got out expands. And they won't have to. Kind of circle the wagons on the special teams game and tried to bomb. Keep everything on track for the rest of the year looks like they'll have to do without. Greg you go the other thing you need to know is that Nebraska fired their athletic director today Sean I course. No not the football coach Mike Riley. That lost to northern Illinois and fire the eighty. Because he extended the contract Mike Riley but if your Mike Riley. Don't buy any realistic. He priority did that but. Don't buy anymore. In Lincoln. 84447737760. Skit TC and here before we get out report today TC welcome into the huddle. I appreciate yeah Graham my body tell me about you guys in the Josh tell watching my your hard nosed gala my about football. A lot or you're tall side the call him for the first time and execute orders apple or a guy. Yes and she didn't let me let me. You aren't washed as they say network all of our models are just loves football. So who are all chirping you know what you play Vanderbilt on the route all our migration of forty don't know they're. You have a pretty got those cute boy it real or drop down a lot of quarterback. Another got Alabama this way. And it probably got real ugly battle. Or you like about at least four other shots and I appreciate you got to like about call. Thank you DC we're appreciative when he's about Amanda offering to meet Vanderbilt more real than Kentucky Schumer quarterback is outstanding. And I love what they're Mason is doing defensively with the Vanderbilt now again. That they haven't particularly played anybody of note. Quite honestly as state until this pals get on to sorry until this last week Q all right okay and they stole a very very good offensive football team. So to me if I'm picking between the two. And it's hard to believe that Derrick Mason and Vanderbilt has won eight out of their last in ball games leading back to last year. And so he's on quite a bit of Iran. And look I think he's the absolute I don't think. I'm not mine in the Kentucky just yet I'm not binding and on quite yet to Vanderbilt. Because I still think Florida and Georgia are the two best teams in the east. But I do believe Vanderbilt between Andy Kentucky I think Vanderbilt. Can make them the most noise and would not be surprised. If they finished third in the east I've why after they play Alabama they'll play Florida and Georgia right Vanderbilt will also you get to see your head to head you'll get to see had a and the other thing is their offensive lineman Derrick Mason. I know they weren't excited about beaten a deeper. Kansas State. What you don't need your starting offensive tackle call now the Crimson Tide. That that's not that that's not. That's not a recipe of and I loved his passion enthusiasm and confidence. But you you don't want that monochrome view when your face and that Defense Department. All right thanks for listening today a lot of good calls and sex and we appreciate you tuning in we will be back tomorrow at 1 o'clock. For the final show of the week here in the huddle on ESP in upstate credible stars coming up next we'll see you tomorrow one in the huddle have a great afternoon.