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Thursday, September 13th

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Dan radical wish the Clemson athletic director went on Sirius XM today and talked about the decision. To play the game on Saturday he does remind me enough. We'll get to that this hour on what he had to say. About that decision mother playing when nobody Yeltsin South Carolina has. Decided to play a home game in the states. I welcome back into the huddle on ESPN upstate right now it's time for three questions at three. Alonso question number one employees. All right how important is it that South Carolina make up this weekend's canceled game with Marshall. Richmond does it matter I think it does matter. Why because. The goal of trying to. Get to this at least the same number of wins as last year and you know others have been net talk and I do believe that. There is a real good possibility of getting. Today at nine in May be even ten win regular season. And yes I know that's a little bit stretched the single Georgian yeah I did I understand that George's good though and I think that. To get to that. Ten game you have to have this game against Marshall and LA marshals not just a roll over. Gay necessarily but this game South Carolina should we and they get more talented and I think it would be a good opportunity for South Carolina and to get another win just to continue building the momentum with will Muster up. Logs of you know what. I'll take a different angle on this I think it's important to the players especially I mean. If you're a senior U wanna play as many games as you possibly can and there's no guarantee you gonna play an NFL this may be good for you so you wanna play as many as you can see that you're taken and came away from someone particular memory away from home. You're more than likely taken a win away from them and I think they need to play a game. Just for that that's where the players say. I agree to that. They should do everything they can't get game in. And I think they will they have an off week on October 20 or much other schools that have off weeks. October 20 so the could squeeze one of those teams in Beyer or the other option. Is the week into the SEC's kicked him if he. What on earth automatically do it now I feel bad for saying about that's a good option. I mean here's the thing that you're not gonna know for sure on October 20. That you're not in the SEC championship. Leading end October twins how you make that choice. He is saying. Uh oh you're already saying that they should all diameter in August and then of course and a couple of marshaled in the by Marshall first. Weekend and after clubs. Because you know. You know marshalls. Available to so I think they'll do that I think it matters because you know you're talking the difference between. Model seats in wins. I play thirteen games and guatemalans but. That's I think that makes that first we either seven or eight or eight and 98 or nine wins and that's big bag is back on the season and a realistic is that eight or nine yeah it in all reality yeah I think you wanna do that and this is an opportunity to do that now that thing they could do there some teams that are pretty good they'll play on October point that its schedule somebody there and lose and I'm not sure that's a great idea but we'll see what their options are I think they'll do everything they can't get it in and I think they should. I number two loans of. Isn't a done deal now with the Braves bring back manager Brian snicker. He is failed to look at guys done I mean you could see some players it did it bud he's on. He's one of the thing while they're still in it and there the plane above expectations. Even if they fall apart now there's no reason to not bring this guy back. Team. Lou well except that last sentence that they follow up are now there might be. Did you teleport now what may still be way above. What do you expect them to bill yeah it means he's ever wanna see anybody collapsed yeah they got to bring about look this guy might be the manager of the year. In the nationally got a great case for. He does they are. Second in wins in India National League gap I mean right now they're into the cubs got the union it is it's done better than and more surprising them Ryan snicker. With a bright so you have to do that I think they will do that right now they have a seven and a half game lead over the Phillies as the Phillies. People losing. And you know I was kind of on the fence about this as we cannot. Plotted through the season in the Braves a run around first place but you know not necessarily. Pulling away at all now it pulled away now they are 82 and 64. Eighteen games above 500 we're debating them being 500 in their eighteen games. Above 500. They're gonna win the east I don't think it matters what they do in the post season I think this is. So either you gotta bring him back I agree so yeah I'm jumping the gun here in just. Joining the bandwagon with you there that he got to bring this guy back I mean this what you had stated in. There's a chance that the berets could actually get to ninety wins. And win the division that you would bring a guy back that there would be insane there's nothing you know unless something comes up you know off field or whatever I like something behind the scenes that there's a problem everything I hears that the players like him there's no problem there good clubhouse guy. And very success exactly various except what. You know what what we have had to do to be brought back if this is not enough I guess that would be my query to point so being an agreement by. The three. It was announced. The data Clemson opens ACC basketball played January 5 at duke. Give us your four months in advance prediction came Brad Brownell is tigers make it interesting again Zion Williamson and the Blue Devils on the road. Yet this will be and they just announced the scheduled today the ACC conference scheduled games and Clemson due January 5 we'll either BA 2 PM RNA PM tip I would imagine they'll make this the primetime game. And 8 PM I Clemson should go into the season ranked. Duke obviously we'll go into the season. Ranked so while I think this is a good match up a good marquee match up. He's the intrigue is there because sign and Williamson considered Clemson and that's the closest. Major college to his home area of Spartanburg they have that little side story there. How interesting no make get a Cameron knew him I mean I don't think Clinton is up and meets them. I don't think they do that but comes preloaded this year they're going to be a top 25 team going into the season. So gathering and keep it within about ten or twelve points and and make it an entertaining game that they just don't quite have enough to Paula Richmond where you. Again. For the first half. And then at duke who pull away just because they have more talent and I know it Bradford L will have his team ready and have been in position. To that play I mean they're going to be playing a lot of tough defense I I I understand that good team defense and that's. Ely is a sign of more of Bradford l.'s teams he's always been able to do that last time at duke though. Mean it was a two point game six or 62 and Joseph Mitchell had a chance for three pointer at the end that would have won the game and he missed it in there is questionable. It if he was fouled or not as he was driving the end up taking a shot so. It's not out of the realm necklace and can keep it tight. But I just think that. Duke has just too much talent and I I don't even care that their freshmen they're just too talented. Forward to Bil for Clemson to be able to hang on. At Cameron indoor now it comes and might be a different story. Claims to be top fifteen. Point oh yes no there it is exactly and that's if you look at the schedule that's gonna be a tough stretch for Clemson a very important stretch to start the ACC. At duke at Syracuse in in Virginia home. That's a tough three games stretching. For the tigers to start to it it's going to be imperative for constantly. Get out of the gates quickly with the ACC is is going to be tough when you start on the road at duke. Well as a way that our eye on paper. This doesn't potential to be one of the greatest teams that duke has ever put on the court they haven't played yet. We know is I Williamson can do. And Clinton really good last year uneasy stand a chance against this team I mean I think. It's not going to be close in the first half on this man this team is going to be really really get it. So young to know they're freshmen to tell freshman it's still basketball man had visited the can be nerves I mean with some players come and and you think. OK first time playing it enough versed on but playing in such a big place and everything but. I Williamson's had so much media attention and I mean that's not gonna bother him so him alone I think is enough to it to be clubs that. Night and this is in January yet Tony though there are they'll Marty played and yeah it and the quote unquote freshman down Sonia and a trip who have played the conference lineup dots. I like the fact that this a good comforts. Overs. Opener in some people say you know we're gonna stick it clubs near McEnroe their players time Williamson you know the start DC sixty that you thing to do and then. Lacy see. Manipulation there. Don't do that everybody is always the convert any type of angle to create more excitement him possibly your bias and it's okay what do you have in your not you showed your team. That I believe that's what they're doing come out now that's not biased I look at it from a sports executive for a TV program and it conference program. If there's any type of story line you want to expose it and you want to exploit an earth. That's OK I get beaten the template in at 2 o'clock he got a plane and it got to play today give got a front agreed to a 100% that decisions coming a little bit later. ID 444773776. The help their text line 71307. Start your message with the SPN. Twitter at ESPN upstate when we come back we'll follow baseball with Diddy might have been dating. Blogger and podcaster from ESP in upstate dot com. That's what we return stay where this year our number three of the huddle rolls on from ESP in upstate. Thursday the huddle ESP about states over get burned Spartanburg high school football tonight that's right Thursday night. 6:30 year time 7 o'clock kick off from Wofford College burns in Spartanburg. The audio the ravens in the main goals. That's a Thursday night NFL 8 o'clock on one of six point three FM he would move it down the dial is everybody's moving around for high schools. This week Mike been didian here DD 33 on Twitter. Ditty. We did IA Twitter poll and it's 54% of our audience who vote in a bunch of people over 200 people vote it's a Clinton should play this will be. I mean we've thing. Yeah you just. Hope that their right. I guess is all you can really say if not add what I hate is that it's become this like rivalry thing how's this part of the bribery and yes I would billion I would I would think South Carolina was being just the stupid if they were doing as it there's obviously something amiss if if everybody else is canceling. If your moving football games from Friday to Thursday for high school in the area then that maybe you should start thinking about maybe Saturday as an awful and it's kind of day by. I mean they could elect you can be fine is the issue is that there's still going to be thunderstorms are area through that time. We're going to be getting the outer bands of this thing that'll probably be maybe tropical storm by then but tropical storms are bad in this region. We're on a coastal city we don't get the hurricane the tropical storms heading up here can cause damage and cause problems in the issues you see with these football games is that you need a huge amount. Of emergency resources. To secure war and to maintain what's going on at these football games and that's less people out there to help anything could happen. If this does take a turn for the worse for our area. MIA and weather's probably Amy funny Clemson bud how many troopers and all that daddy up here for that. When they could be somewhere else but doc anyway we'll get to what Dan radical which had to say about that in a serious interview today. All of that later on in the hour before we get out of here. Mom South Carolina and blown out by the Georgia Bulldogs. I know your game country and your panicked seasons overall it's over pack it in fire must camper right it's terrible person that somebody actually said that. It's unbelievable no it's at it's don't you know office as a fan and you're not happy when you see that kind of result but when I tell you as if they're gonna win this thing. They're going to have to execute offensively keep this thing low scoring as soon as they started let George Iran. It was over as that there they're gonna win one for twenty or lose 4510 and wasn't that far off. Damp on that final score on the other way and what happened was the better team just kind of wore them down they didn't look like they had a chance to be in this thing. The blown opportunity after the touchdown and interception that they had with you know the ball in plus territory not being able to get down to score on that. It was easily the biggest turning point for the gamecocks because that was at you than you might Georgia comeback score this take them. You know lead to halftime come out just pop them in the mouth and it's all over so. It's disappointing to see it's frustrating to see but it's just you know it's not something that you can't be too. Shocked about like it's not something you shouldn't at least expected in the back of your mind to happen for the fact that this is a national championship contending football team. And south Carolina's not you should have expected them to be. You could have hoped that the scenario played out correctly for them to have been able to sneak up and beat them in a way that app state snuck up and beat Michigan one time. Not a place that's that's teams ready to win it all even if they had won that football game if you thought there were to win national chamber should this year. The year bonkers you've lost your mind so and that's just proof positive that this team does not belong on the same field. As far as competitiveness and and skill level with the Georgia probably not a Clemson as well at the end of the season but I don't know. You know if they can't still compete in almost every other game yet Texas and m.'s tough Ole miss is tough. There's a lot of winnable football games they're still bowl on the line there still an ability in my opinion to win 789 games possibly and you can't be upset what that Soviet it's week to. The snapshot reactions in football probably the worst snapshot reactions in all of sports NFL's audio over we know nationalism when the net from one week as well so pure as they take a breath. Let them come out to get another week off with the hurricane. Next week they come out what contempt and eat and Kentucky tea they can be dandy get on the right track and make this thing kind of turned back around forget Georgia put him in the review. Tulsa in the Kentucky because they haven't bomb pummeled not that that's definitely that's a you feel better though as the gamecocks and that it's more the defense that needs to be fixed and you've got much champ beat him in a lot more confidence that he can fix that during the course of the season yet and I mean it always. Is on both sides since the offense needs to be able to maintain possession long enough to get the defense some rest and obviously as that game wore on they did not and it didn't make it any better that way in Georgia started getting that ball rolling that. South Carolina's defense was dead they were there are done and no energy left in Georgia just took full advantage of it some office does need to keep going. I question the play calling and a lot of fronts on the game. I'd you know but she did have a first year offensive coordinator calling a huge huge game may be some butterflies may be some. Mistakes and deciding what plays to call they should have the bend in the run I thought ties almost running pretty well once the sort of giving him the ball because obviously Donald and have it on Saturday. Should attempt from a football try to just maintain possession and they didn't and just played that game right into George's hands and for the blow out that's kind of it's disappointing but yet I think the offense at least has the potential to be good and almost great down the stretch especially with that the teams they're gonna play. He's he's important that they make up this weekend's nasty in some sound like twelve games. Not as much for them I mean that's why I kind of understand constant trying to make sure they get this thing in Clemson in the national championship on south Carolina's not so. If you play eleven games whenever it that the big issue will be if they can't get to that sixth seventh win. Then you look back and Aleman we should try to get the twelfth game Jimmy Olson took it to us thanks if it falls apart falls apart but yet I think it. They're they have to buy weeks they can try to Mitt make it up and if they can't away. I baseball Boston's 100 deaths there. And you have bullets sixteen left sixteen to go in so well they get eloquent and she didn't want to. Like for them to get to went and at a six against the Yankees we yankees or fight to get that home field for the wildcard nowadays right on the tail only one back so it's going to be. Interesting to see how those two series kind of roll out because of the fact that the Yankees are now will have a lot more play for the Red Sox and and there on number six now five maybe. Their magic number to clinch the division so they might clinched this division in time for those two series released be on the cusp of it for the two series and not have anything to play for really. Because they also have the same almost what eight games. Up on the Houston Astros for home field advantage through the playoffs so it's going to be. You know that those series a world where will come down to see if they can't get to one town right now I'm just absolutely just stoked I mean haven't won. A hundred games since what 1946 I think it was Ted Teddy ballgame the old splendid splinter playing baseball for the Red Sox last time they had triple digits so. Pretty huge for the first time in my life. My team not a baseball games so Obama pretty happy about that American Baltimore lose that lost a 104 or. I think it's really disappointing sales and can we win more than it was just a feeling about a thing so now I don't think that that's that's pretty record setting and and electricity if you're not gonna win a hundred it was a hundred get that traffic and now is the situation with the winning a hundred games. Is it I mean obviously World Series or bus now season is. All for naught if you don't win the World Series or a city like Boston even when they were when World Series that was World Series or bust anyway so I mean it's going to be there are more fallout if they lose or they fizzle the playoffs the good thing is is is. Outscored first seasons that'll gonna start jumping on the fire the manager. Garbage like receive far too often these days but. It'll be disappointing to see a team be so dominant all throughout the season and fall but you do see that that's what happens the best record and history of baseball. Was what 2001 out Seattle Mariners lost the first round of the Yankees so. It happens it's disappointing you want this kind of a team to win a World Series 'cause obviously. If your fan of the team it's one of the most fun teams that you got watts at 12013. Teams funds with them really up until this. So you wanna see that can't happen again it's just going to be a really really. Tough uphill road means that the Indians might have the worst record in the American League as far as playoff teams but there in insanely good team if they Donaldson that lineup there's trouble. The Yankees still insane and they can judgment in that lineup and in John Carlo gets hot there almost on be able to possibly so. Anything can happen coming into the saying aids insane as well as winning games and you don't even know maybe three guys on the roster. So it's just kind of fun coming into the playoffs but. Camby both series a bust as far as you know giving up and losing hope it just has to be hopeful. That not quite as the days. I'm past September 3 saint the Braves are up of seven and a half games over the Phillies at cruising to the National League should let it go ahead and just announce an extension for snicker and after bringing about him is going to announce that it. Wanna give me some hope for the planet maybe that'll buy in a unified and even more opposed to yeah I think that can be a little boost looked Heyward were so impressed with this guy. Now why late what are you waiting for what does he have to do with winning 82 games by September 13 round I mean it. Maybe just win the division get back in the playoffs maybe that's what the wait is an hour and they're in basically already but maybe get that clinch that that first clinched back for one how many years for five years have been clinched anything so. It'll be a big moment for them to do that and you know you guys seem to be a little bit nervous the last two weeks about and I think I was right I think they're running away with the division Phillies just not as good as I felt their record now. I'm gonna nervous at all at all Greg you know and I want him Childress that area but the Braves were not lighten up it's just the Phillies collapse so it in the Braves did what they had to pick up at least winning some ball games to extend that lead and not. You know. Losing the same night as the Phillies and and keeping that close which was happening. The couple weeks before these last two weeks them. Yet they've got a division boxer to win and yet he needs to get paid they need him walked him because he's got some gold there with with him and that roster. He's figured out David Wright coming back with the Mets now for the final homestand. And that should be up for him says his body won't let him play any further Scott said he was really good for one is very sad it Captain America mean again I was gonna become this does. Outward face of baseball and just completely fell apart physically and you hate to see that happen with guys and we look at. Quite possibly the greatest player in baseball history right over here. In the corner behind Alonso and you know he doesn't have any records because he missed so much time with with his body failing him Ken Griffey junior Sam. It's disappointing when you see some guys that you know. Our all time greats you know they're going to be people you talk about and then you just don't get to see that full potential because of the injuries but I like to the Mets reverted back. That's Smart for them to bring it back because obviously you can't column Tebow to sell tickets and that teams not selling tickets so David Randle is put them some butts in the seats up there and Citi Field. I'm giving hurting stores from it on the floor no I was missile. You miss yet they always like kind of content came and went when I wasn't around I'd be home I was home a week before. Wilma. And then came back up here for college imminent him Katrina when it hit Florida the first time before getting in the gulf Bryant hit about a week or two after I came back to school appeared. It is cubism the stuff this is the closest I think at bat wings in emerald beach to become commitment got a friend on the air Sharon videos under a stay here. Thank you did they appreciated Mike ended he had 8033 yen on our website ESP in upstate dot com. 8444773776. Break time. When we come back Sean McVeigh. Does he really have a photographic memory you mean the judge. That's next in the huddle on ESP in upstate. What are paying the weather channel reporter or more at cities non nothing in back out there and he's been out there all afternoon standing in her can. You know we listen to a little bill while you around the room and he was saying. I think 28 hours from now it's going to be like this and I'm thinking and they're gonna keep him sooner but. A I mean adult I have other people they could stand on the storm somewhere else. I don't know but literally afford to ensure this one guys and he's the deed and he's been. Bracing against throwing a scare until hours yeah John Cooper's Jim. Is Jimmie should be that he should be that guy out there that he's retired and Torii he's he's an eye of the hurricane right now there's only so yes he donned an I did this business don't go to any show until it's real time exactly. I'd so anyway. Storm still right off the Wilmington coast 205 mile per hour top wind speeds category two. And moving west northwest at ten miles per hour so west northwest I guess we're still waiting for the turn that we're expecting it to. Take and I had more into. South Carolina and up we will see if that. Happens. Shopping at bay. Coach of the ramps. And here's a story on nom dead spin. He's doing his spooky brain thing again he's done this before. Sean to make McVeigh. Is. Showing off his memory of old football place. They are saying see if you believe that that he can remember basically any play or call. Over his career. And here's a piece of the segment that was posted dom Bleacher Report and other places today. Sean McVeigh. The rams head coach proving that listen. Week twelve seeds it ramps up for 29 in the second quarter second and seven on the same seven. What happens. John external sources are scheduled players a three man rush. You're obsolete or are you kidding me here are unbelievable they now we're gonna go to. This isn't shown McVeigh's time in Washington hopeless and bring you back to 2015. Weeks seven. Balks at spins out second and seventh on the Tampa Bay 24. 58 seconds left in the fourth quarter of Tennessee Carter we were on the other side. Jamison Crowder reroute Telerate sidelined sound the first down and how to drive bands ordinary touchdown on the floor I want individual iso slam and one Neiman. What's that game. You like dead pat pat pat pat pat. Commission on the brain on show amazing. Yeah a me back on notice about that though they're both memorable plays. I know the U like that play was not the touchdown play but the one after it was and it was a huge first down play. And the other was a touchdown play but I mean look he's done it before do you believe he can recall I would like for them to say. You know 2013. Meaningless game. Third and seven. From the 44 yard line what did you call and prove it that way there but that they chose to really memorable place for Sean back. That is volume. That's not like. Average run of the mill plays regularly I don't they're not average run of the mill plays but it's also still impressive that that's impressive weekend recalled back. With C I don't think it's a proposal because we weren't there for the entire thing we don't know if they sent a mob had it's time we don't know any of this stuff such a conspiracy theorists. I sort of to at least we can set it up here and make it look like we can do thing but coming guys do you believe in and photographic memory rights can be improved and yes. It did there is definitely an aspect of it and I would imagine. That he has felt like he has some. Form of that to what degree and who knows but. It's. Again it's the quickness of his recall. And and call final play from like three years ago when April as the run that thing played in a minute. Is present it is impressive. Yes but I I agree with you to put into the real test it would be. Trying to pull out some meaningless. Play that. Didn't get a first down did our deal was not a touchdown or whatever. Right devastated again a woman impressive that's just like you trying to stump the guy trying to make the guy look bad on the ominous note real president is able to do it. While true was this Steve Spurrier to do that if I haven't seen him demonstrate and cover a lot of people say he could he called back a blog two plays at least from. Any long career a lot of like oh yes he did and you again. We don't know how many times these guys have watched some of these boys and dissected some of these place. And so I mean you there could be that aspect of it as well. I just know for me at 47 years old. I mean there's times when I I've been in the shower and I can't remember fight disease champ who might. Give up without permitting. Hear him builder called that type of detail that's impressive yeah. This is different because as you point out the repetition of watching film needs to be a coach so one time you were coaching. If they ask you then about that would you be able to remember a play. Yes in to a certain degree of detail yes IIILE a little more difficult for for basketball because it's. Constantly flowing but I mean please football it's it's a play at a time. But you'll admit Alonzo not everybody can do what lead going on everybody can do that definitely not yeah. I mean I'm impressed with a again like if I'm gonna believe that he can break that what you write the story as he can remember every play every called on publisher rob and that's been true in the media now that's not improve and that was big that was ahead to try to get ahead Ingram write yeah. Don't call don't know give me this one. You like that like does that in amazement tournament I play for three years you know so sure he remembers that like. I don't use that as your example at all and thing to ask what Dan erotica to say about Clinton's decision to play tomorrow. At twelve noon at Death Valley against Georgia southern we'll tell you about back coming up you wanna jump in the last segment here in the hoddle. 8444773776. The health their tax line 71307. Will be right back. Our bag is our final segment here on the first day huddle now feels like a fraud enemy because of high school football broadcast. Tonight. Akamai worked long. Don't work on days after high school games when you do this that in your contract check a contract on you do this week there. Mom and burns and Spartanburg tonight from Wofford College gives stadium we will be on the air at 6:37 o'clock kick off so that's a little earlier than normal normally high school football games kick off at 730 but they're. During a little orally it is a a school night after all I guess it's a combat school Obama took you know there's been a lot of taught my kids keep this hoping. That this rain or some any chance your glasses yes that's got. Shame we can't go to school and it didn't help when they heard that Furman had canceled classes I'll let you know tomorrow it's been. You know that's as interest and the most Nat yes and South Carolina canceled like Tuesday for the rest of the week Miller Colombians look different but yet understand that. You know try and it helped get buses down them to evacuate people from the coast. And accepts I guess anyway. It's going to be an interesting weekend please be careful if you're going to be out about especially Sunday that looks like the really wet day around here. Skid Jimmie and here in our final segment in the huddle I Jimmy. Yeah pentagon gone well what's the I think though whenever they can over the Braves when they eat and it. I would like you do the day after you connect. Goal little ray yeah that debt down by did you have they think are great and then they probably Italy and the individual got to play out here it below the it. Yeah that sound bite. Not dull remind Maine more than assay. Yeah I'll let you a year and you're making fun of the Braves fan that's what we're thinking they're gonna win the senator go to playoffs and they were six. You well or 1611 Jimmie just not the mean that's still was dumb you gotta admit that was done yet. Well I don't know why they're predicting utterly that political prediction. Pastor yeah Atlantic all prediction let's not in Monticello. And you're did you go to university doctor wanna do. You're negative joke about the Braves in the game back in jail and not look. I tell it like it is I'm not a homer and I make no apologies. For that you can tell our listeners to homers all the time. Southern and I still. You know big east but it is what is politically and windy there and they're guys though that I want you to play that's bound by the day that you play every commercial break. They don't have that it. You gotta Jimmy colossal acts you're not the program director and here's the other thing. I don't listen to Greg so I've no idea exactly listens to another station I just I'm I'm doing my own thing that is the headphones on in other as headphones on but he's not even these residents personnel. Thank you general Ed column we get to this because I promised it to you Dan replica which went on serious XMI it was a mark packer shipped. Today and explain why Clemson. Decided to go ahead and play against Georgia southern moved the game up from 330 to noon. But decided they're the only game in South Carolina college in the South Carolina on Saturday and everybody else canceled or moved or whatever they needed to do. Here's what do you read said about that here in the upstate of South Carolina we've been monitoring what effect it may have in Clemson. As you know move the game from 330 noon to make sure everybody would have ample time to get back to wherever their homestead is after the game. At this current time whatever type of effects we have from the storm looked to be late Saturday. Early Sunday morning that's the information we received. He said. And he was asking is there a time was there a time when he thought the game would not be played. At Clemson and he said at this point that time has not come forward. But he also said this and this is today now I can't say that in the next 24 hours with things changing we would not go in that direction. But with where we are and what all the information we have been able to gather through the weather services and emergency preparedness. The effects of that storm won't really hit the upstate. Saturday afternoon when it does it looks like it's just going to be a rain event a significant rain event but that wouldn't happen until. Sunday. I'm Deanna this safety remains the top priority for everyone and bawdy said first and foremost who wanna make sure their safeties that toppled bar list for our fans are student athletes. Absolutely for all the citizens in the state of South Carolina so we currently certainly hope that this storm does not do the damage that has been anticipated. Right now. Com as far as the fact that Georgia southern. And Clemson are not far parts. He says that has helped that's been a positive that relates to getting the decisions made as late in the week as possible. He says have there been an airplane flight involved that would be a whole different ball game. It also help that Clinton has been in the situation in the past remember 2015. Against Notre Dame last year against Auburn and Georgia Tech. He said Dow and we've had a number of times where we wouldn't maybe have had a full compliment of folks out on the highway helping people get Dan. But our fan base has been fantastic. Only tell them patience is needed today because of these issues you know that's going on around you. They heed that advice when we asked them to come early because of situations they heed that advice he said we have the greatest fans in the country. Moving this game up they all wanna see the game they wanna see us play they wanna be on campus. But they understand we have their safety in mind. That's why we moved the game up. We wanted to be a great environment but we also wanted to be a safe environment I I can't argument inning that radical which said video question is an I don't know the answer to this what's the resources situation how many people. Are going to be staffing and clinching game talking about first responders and those found people. That could and would normally be down closer to the coast helping out I don't know how to answer that you know. Yeah and it seems like there's no indication they're not announcing any type of change from a normal game. You surprised he said that about dumb. In the next 24 hours things could change. You know I mean I think to connect said the TV broadcast now obvious. Accurate it's by saying that yes they're still believe remote possibility that if something really drastic change and it. That they would make a change themselves but I think what we're seeing now. It doesn't like is going to be. No it's not a weather problem for side we can see that yes exactly it's not a weather problems the resources question that's all it's are depends on what happens say. It in the next eighteen hours once it's making landfall. Does that change anything in begin based on overseen so far I don't think it's. It's hitting more than North Carolina coast right now that it is down in the south is still expected to charm but the forecast that I've been singing for here is Saturdays like 20% answering nothing Sunday's going to be. A soggy day if the four Kessel street right Sundays away that. And you know could be a dangerous day because there could be high Wentz that's right in this is actually supposed to be. Mainly weekend at Clemson wasn't yes and so I know there's already some activities that have been canceled her. What what's in what's attendance Saturday premiere prix. I'm in people's over the I still think it's gonna be. Post not a known I don't think I was gonna say 5560. Yeah I easing yet again and NATO minimalist headless and land and without adding that this. It and I don't know maybe maybe goes all the people that in the state that are coming from more of the coastal areas are coming up here anyway yes I don't know if I'm not going to begin. Thanks for listening to the huddle I will be back with you in just a two and a half hours for the pregame show for burns Spartanburg football from Gibbs stadium at Wofford College. And then though we will join you again tomorrow I know I feel like you should be Friday but it's not so we're here tomorrow 1 o'clock to talk about all the high school football games on Thursday night. And to continue to preview the college football coming up on the weekend of course we get the Wake Forest Boston College game tonight that we can review tomorrow as well. Strategist surge coming up next for Alonso and Richmond I'm Greg McKinney. See you tomorrow 1 o'clock in the huddle.