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Thursday, September 13th

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Thursday edition of the huddle here on ESPN upstate Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso here as the Al. Onslaught of Florence starch to bomb Buffett the coast of North Carolina and South Carolina. So on just. Be safe out there when the cameraman him further and further away he's backing away from the reporter for the weather channel on their whether that I don't know if the wind has blown that got passed just down on the coastline there but he keeps moving with a loss loss and three. The some trees coming off behind him to die at some it's a more is sitting pretty good right now and it's only going to get worse. Over the next day or so but here in the upstate everything's cool even though. We moved basically all of our high school football games. Up talk about that we have Bob Costello with a grain more news on the line with a C covers high school sports hello Bob what's up. Quote very you do learn and do well another year where we have a crazy week with scheduling. Bob low high school football everything you moved around here in the upstate I guess the bigger issue is they're not gonna play these games down in the low country so. Are we gonna have a big mass at the end of the year trying to get everything back on schedule. Probably yeah we don't know hmmm how much of the mask let ducks. There were probably gonna wind up with one remained to be seen I guess we'll have to see. Well you know what happens. Over the next couple days and how long to lower state guest to wait. Cleanup and all act kinda stuff I guess the the thing is. I guess somewhere thinking about scheduling and are gonna play game where you can weekly gains. Always I always think it best just remember that these gains could. A lot of people. What a lot of this is bigger than game so it's will get he's gained him some points. Such as remember all the people who have big problems. Yep certainly no question about that so I guess is it turns out they probably didn't have to move these games up tomorrow night looks kind of like. Tonight but stuff. In August erring on the side of caution was wise what do you think. Yeah probably I guess. So the word Greenville county was seated at the wind was a big factor that in order and buses and not. Conditions that sort of heavy wind so. I don't know there's always reasons behind that you don't think out. When they when they do all these things. So. I guess yeah matter of erring on the side of caution you they gonna get him out of the way so they can move on to bigger links. You covered up our game last night with Graeme Le south point oh god why did they end up playing on Wednesday. I actually did not cover yeah but. That that I got talked to David Crane at a time now and he says they they just wanted to make sure your game and an early in the week. There were reports that the knows that they're just Thursday and Friday that 90% ringing so. You know then it switched and then there was going to be no ringing and so. He says they just wanted to you know make sure that they got too lenient than again carrying on the side of caution that you thought they go ahead and they look let's play it both teams agreed in Nicaragua attack took they just let him play being. And it turned out to be a great 128 to 27 though south point yes the winds are pretty exciting finish and now and understand. Oh yeah yeah sounds very exciting and went right down the wire and last play of regulation. Single through the wide receiver pass streaks in the so throw to David stubble. Where air passage and gringo go through to doesn't get it so they lose by one bit. Yeah spectacular gain. You know sub points. Yeah I think I think that the I take away from the disk. In the south point obviously is phenomenal team and may be still the team to beat them hearts still is right airboat. You know I think it. And could maybe get a little bit of hope. Obviously green built says hey we can play with them and agree here. What you know last year made the up state final. Against south point ten. Pretty much got blown out they're really couldn't tell when she won its port state championship in a row. So they're sitting there thinking well hey you know we we beat green built like last year we can lead we can play with them they they already had you know. We're going into the season thinking and I and I think we want another crack south point so I think there's a lot of change media makes this year so. Could be interesting down near the end there. Ghana south boy lost a lot of their big skill players but they still on how a lot of outstanding athletes on that team so I'm gal I think you're right I think we'll see a little more balance in the foray ranks as we get toward the up. Into the season let's talk about some of the games tonight everything to move to a Thursday this week Riverside. Playing bowling springs tonight and Eileen is going to be tough for Riverside bully springs off to a bit of a slow start one and two and they're going to off want to get back on track nothing tonight what do you think. Yeah that's it's going to be tough sledding from Riverside all the way through this just first first of many in the Riverside struggled at this point now they're. Starting in and that just brutal greeted him in that. I think. Almost in arguably the best by the region and state go through those teams there. That's that's that's a brutal schedule order. Burke for all of them I'm what I think there's going to be some great match up so on the and Riverside is space there could pick struggled up to this point before they got into that. On buzz saw so yeah that's that that's going to be tough. Trevor best off dog for a no start nets like the best start they've had in decades now belatedly blue ridge tonight. You know the end they have not been sort of since 1960. So good so. I'm not sure that was the last time you'll find the know are not that. And the first they're actually includes twice this is a non region gain then I'll play in the region later. Alone but yeah two yard. Ten and heck this season. Armed and you know that it hasn't been the greatest schedule this point but. You know I always. You know caution that. Line of thinking by saying that you know these are not. Sometimes a lot of listening to Egypt and that they they don't do well against when they're not as good so I think this is just a much better traveling addressed Jeanne. And I think I'll probably no interest in the seat when they get into the region how they stack up against some of those teams. It I do think this is a better team and thing is once you get you know a little bit of momentum. Now by I think you're going to be playing a little bit better and Alex senate so I think especially offensively and this is to be achieved. Hi Doug green like god playing would Mon tonight would minority off to an ON three start and green would all be an easy task tonight either. No not like that that's our top senate I think would models is better than. You know it's it's it's it's it's a pretty you know and three team on. I think one of the toughest things is. You know I think they've made some mistakes and ostensibly. They really can't afford them because they'd. They get behind in you know they run the ball and they run the ball really well but. Can't afford to make mistakes because they are running team and you know get a couple scores behind and it's not the way they play so. I don't think they've been in games early but they've made some. Some mistakes and I Greenwood is just you know like Hillcrest you know aside saga. Percent of that and that's kind of what happened you know moving the ball on the these mistakes got behind a couple scores and when you're in trouble and that can happen against green would either so they've got to do keep the ball wouldn't. That's kind of what they did against green bill and they they stayed in the game for you know almost to the end comment that kind of what they have to do they have to. Maintain possession. Play keep away and stay unity and. Yeah talking about a stellar with a grain will news. I'm Bob do you think wade Hampton has a chance to stay in the game in Lawrence tonight it's not the toughest game on their schedule by any means. You know I thought I think they can't I think there. You know if they're improved as well I think. You know again this when you have games like that you just can't make those mistakes. You know did it again they did against green to let it. The eighty you know snap the ball over the partners had turned the ball over. Can't can't do those things they did against each side to just made too many mistakes in. You know they're definitely. Not a better teams so can't make any mistakes that. You know. You know Lorenz was technically not they're playing go to social crest blue. You know better part of 33 quarters on the screen now. Analogous to read Coker scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter the recorders able to show. You know longest pretty darn good. So we have to gonna have to play good game just to hang around so mistakes and trouble. Yeah I have space and oakcrest they're off undefeated but a tall order denied as they go over to one dorm and I think that's a 730 start because of television but that's a tough place to go. Yeah yeah and that's let it SA earlier in that region comments that read into that reach into your region to list. All of those you know Hillcrest than all Lyndon. Burn in Spartanburg and gas company and been dormant. Or that's just it did there's going to be a lot of games like there's so Lola. Bad news you're gonna have games like this all the time the good news is you can probably lose one. It won't break you. Because you come back next week yet another one engine probably. Know when that when he gets back yet because everybody got to play these all the time so somebody else can piggyback. Yeah this is. This can be tough. I think one thing about Dorman is they're coming off games against. That you would order but I think you look at northwestern that it played the past couple weeks. We'll know pretty good competition con are like just a tad better than. What Hillcrest has had the last couple weeks that you know it but they stack up pretty well I think as teams that. Dorms pretty darn good and critics say I think they just played pretty good competition last couple weeks been displayed it's fair and they don't. Similar situation for the ball to mavericks they have to go to gas need to face the three you know Indians thing I keep hearing about Gaffney and I haven't seen him yet is defense really hard to move the ball. Yeah that's I don't see them either but I note yeah this got a defense and that that's gonna make it tough because Malden has been the scene that those. I can't run the ball pretty well and yet here they gonna have to contain them discourse on because. Gas he has. There's a tall order. Yeah I guess he's been really good round. You know but you know Malden. That you know they they played host to this point a really good schedule preparing for this sisters this is what. Tim this is this is why Harry get on this wanted to. Mean you wouldn't play all the good teams they get up to this point because they knew they were introduced. You know murder schedule and well now nominee and seen every week and here comes around want so. You know again if he get it today and you get it tomorrow. Dell Greer since I lost a burns in that opener has been no lights out and union Johnny coming up denied those two teams have had some good games over the years. Oh yeah the Jack of old always always been pretty good down. You know recent years Unionists have taken the step act. You're clobbered last year and you're much better again this year and tech Edgar's been. You know prone than the 58 schools the last few weeks. Which set president burns you know the last three weeks in impoundment I think eighteen million. You know he's determined to an. Doesn't agree in Eugene so. You know we're big advantage in this one and or Jerry Williams assistant. There phenomenal and entries in the quarterback. I'm kudos to him as well he hasn't done. Running and passing well you know actually insists. It's been a great game and decently. Here is getting better every week so I'm yet big advantage your list of. Pop does give me an interesting match up busy side gets sub room beside. Under free to come and Eric. Yeah I think I'd probably both sort cannot I know a lot they can. I think that's kind of interesting because. Can't get their votes should be ready to go. Yeah and I Peggy sighed as sat right on the plane you. Break in the top breaking into the top ten the last several weeks. And I and I think that this will be the who is the best team that beside his seat I think gone so of that and the Indian Morgan said he wanted to step up the schedule a bit too. This'll help them and I think at Chapman next week so these are two really good being the one thing about the schedule last year's. It really didn't see much competition heading into the region. He might hurt him a little bit Cologne because they really did anything until Greer and he won that. You know beaten up a little bit well this is the beginning of the DC and I think it's gonna help you know regardless what happens. But you know I think on the I I think she's like. In you know play with Cindy be groomed but. I think it just helped to plate seemed like this so I'm. Really excited played you know really well this year I think it's. That bit beyond mid got a lot of guys on a new Disco they had so many guys on that team that it's so well last year could play truck. And then those guys salt flat they got a lot of new guys coming in this year's. You know lieutenants. Taken some time vehicle on them. How many people we thought so. I think it they're gonna need these next few weeks to you know get it together but that I think he could get to a better each week. Policy image and one more year 'cause we're pressed for time mocked Carolina still looking for that first win breaking that losing streak on liberty come an end. Problem might this be an opportunity for Carolina and be competitive on in this game what do you think. Well historical pesto or thoughts on the I think. We're at thirty now owning a home. And I guess. It paid its possible again giving you know to play really well. Liberty has already. Beaten and a couple of teens there's beaten them by a couple of scores so. Is it possible yes that they're gonna have to do everything right column. You know it's hit it I think it might be their best chance last. But you never know after that that. You know I think this is now has good chances and any and you know these things to work and you can lose one you didn't think you'll lose it when one you particularly and so. All the things I'm doing and bad things come to an end to. Well it's a different kind of week with the hurricane implant on Thursday may be some of that will work in the favor of Carolina we'll have to say. Hey Bob we appreciate it thanks for coming on man thought he sent. Sure thank thank you very edited we need to Bob Costello with a grain mill news Rangel aligned dot com follow his good high school football coverage. How bare and will talk to him ma next week about matchups in high school football in the upstate are you guys read makes among college football picks in the Nixon. Even of their organ on. Even thinking about and at least we have picks coming up next you forgot again Pinkston and do you still on the loose that I kind of guy I think could destroy our guys notes and everything aren't out. I'm number one on the bubble and just depending on what you guys duke is a feel obligated to give you guys a shot to get back in the hour oh you're so generous they do you have an after pulling together to topic but not if so we'll do that next repeat in ten games as we do every week on Thursday college football games that's next year in the huddle stay with us on ESP announced it. Saw a picture that some mam utility trucks are parked over a bond scurrilous arena in Greenville waiting to be assigned. To go out and assist with relief efforts from the hurricane destruction from Arkansas senate committee Greeneville. To kind of stage and in Angola for me at all kinds stuff going on with the hurricane Florence which is. Still just a bit offshore wealth Wilmington, North Carolina category two with a 100 Mott five mile per hour. Wins and them we await it's arrival here in the end. Importantly deceit. Which way does she go and how that will impact our weather as we go into the weekend. A 444773776. I college football. Picked time. It is a week three. Of the college football season and your humble. Hoddle hosts. Pitching games everywhere and these games are selected by Alonso based on and whatever he finds. Yeah off the cuff you know whenever my criteria ends month of student do Leo. Which McCullough pick of the week. Amare differently called it. But one of those weird games combine a bad DS LG game and yeah well so maybe there's so many bad weather are on hand this man I. Well tonight tonight actually this afternoon at 530 in Winston-Salem North Carolina we get underway. With Boston College against Wake Forest. Look these are supposedly. Up and coming teams in the ACC I don't know what this is kicks he see that these are here. These might be you know your next Louisville Florida State deems right Boston College Wake Forest Boston College look there is good as Florida State. There's as well as they are. So that oil right now yeah sure now. Iso lie how about this game Richmond and you've got Boston College wait for yet I'm going in with the road team here when Boston College. Calls the home team has lass has lost. Four straight games as if for the last couple years the the home team yes on global balance I think Boston college's is. Better I would first not bad now own a battery yes the Boston College that running game and I can throw the ball. That improbable but now in their defense is pretty good too arrogant and I think will be the difference I'm also going with Boston College Alonso Padilla. Naked unanimous I'm also in Boston College. Only you would put you to up in Tennessee back to being your last. Pick. I'm just slow muscle within a few fans who I mean the fact that obviously I must think it's in question but do it out there RC that you temporary no. Tennessee a lawyer around. Everybody I would calls the to get on the winning aside at least so what do they lose it's not good. Doug but I mean all startling my coaches because he just got there. Let me the first on the constitution and the fire and I mean it's Utah man and he should not lose that one. Ides or body goes with Tennessee on that South Florida and Illinois. This. This gimme South Florida in this game topic of last week beat Georgetown they did I'm sticking with cell floor. A normal South Florida as well this is technically a game in Chicago's it's not at Illinois and closer to Illinois itself or it is but. I'm sane it's an away game and a Illinois has lost fifteen of their last sixteen away openers. Go one. Out so far the month of. You know normally am a Big Ten guy and Ellis picked the Big Ten team but it's Illinois and there. Pretty bad so early on and so for. Are we in an ACC match up Georgia Tech at Pitt. Pittsburgh Pittsburgh got absolutely. Boat raced by Penn State especially in the second half it was over it was over but. Enough I read a story about their tight ends coach has not left the facility since that game he's been there. For the entire time today's Thursday he's still there he split up there. He's sleeping there he's ready Pittsburgh is going to beat Georgia Tech that's my prediction Jimmy pet. On so you go second. All right so I don't want to do think that I copied you and you'll notice last two or not picked but I already. Also. I've picked. Pittsburgh Panthers because of that do I mean I mean that's that's. They must have big plans he's hiding immediately big and if you stay there that long you have come up with something that's gonna cause your team to win. Well then here we are because if you look on my sheet. I have notes but. I had a circle the winner in both the U guys are going with Pittsburgh so I'm gonna have to go Georgia Tech even though. I was leaning towards Pittsburgh because of Dovonte Benson running back for George techies now he's out. And there's even a question with Dequan Marshal quarterback for Georgia Tech how his foot injury is. But I know Pittsburgh is two and three vs Georgia Tech since they've been in the ACC. I'll go with George tech LB did contrary in here I need to try to make up a game move for a GMAC over here so I'm born George I'm noticing differences on this next went to Oklahoma State and Boise State Richmond we'll let you go first on this are right I know this is a a game that a lot of people are going to be look at this will be the upset at Boise State will be able to beat Oklahoma State I do think Oklahoma State is probably overrated. Where they are right now. But they've also they've won ten straight games prior turn the opening of the big twelve season in this game lands right before they opened the big twelve season. I'm gonna go with Oklahoma State just because of that stat right there Alonso. No I don't believe this is probably going to be a pretty big game. Maybe even go down to the wire but. I camp pulls the trigger on boy's uncle in Oklahoma State also means. I'll stick them up pick on this I want to be contrary to but I had Oklahoma State Austin that we don't know anything about the Steve's cousin who they've played. Oklahoma State is being Missouri State. 58 to seventeen and south Alabama. 55 to thirteen the Boise State played Troy in UConn and they scored 56 and 62 in those two games. I what do we know we know nothing below know something after this is a pretty good matchup a new liked this matchup but I've got to Oklahoma State I'll stick with the I'd the big one we'll have a 4330 Saturday afternoon. Right here on ESPN upstate when our guest earlier in the week. Geno Toronto on the call LSU. And up all burned. I'll go first I'm gonna go with. The tigers. I knew I was actually. Expected Alonso to say that but how religion you'll never hear me say that all got a lot better you would. That was perfect opportunity for you to chime in little joke like that. Thanks from a in Alonso joined now I'm bears act act act a day he would do it and I should one ever. Auburn Tigers a moment Auburn knows better team their all right yes well the home team Auburn I don't think LSU is. Ready for prime time with a big game practice of law I think fairly close fairly low scoring LSU can't score enough to beat Auburn on the road Auburn. I'm I'm going with Auburn here and I don't think is actually going to be that close I think this will be a big win for. All burden the visiting team has lost five straight in this series and also all sixteen out of last. Eighteen is ongoing with all over at home you know I what do you do believe in and LSU. I really did not I can't I Heidi. I think it's so I don't I don't think it's real until they win a few more games but I don't think they're gonna win this weekend so I also won over. Well the best game of the weekend earned him any good once I. We'll let you guys go first on this and deceive like in I might go the opposite if you boast of the oh let me go first I'll go first I'll tell you right away I'm going north Texas over Arkansas and then north of north Texas is pretty good team. When did they destroy incarnate word last week she. I'm convinced you gotta say. Learned that sold me but arkansas' lead are they and and man I was going back and forth on this but how pulling the trigger why not you go in north Texas or north on Christmas younger it was a boy Chad. Yes I am a blur at Arkansas know they'd. Had a horrible site half against Colorado State had a had a lead and lost it but they're also 25 and three. When host in a nonconference. Game in Fayetteville so and one with Arkansas there. Also ago and Arkansas like at quarterback for north Texas Mason find very good base like 511175. Pound small against those Arkansas hogs. Literal hogs. I think it I don't know that he can stand up so I'll take Arkansas since we got one imbued ago bite on north Texas here. Ohio State TCU this is in Arlington. Jury or it is so it's almost a home game for TCU. Nets c'mon it's. Basically home. Basically a home game although there's a lot of people that say there's Demi Moore Ohio State fans there than TCU when we travel well yeah they'll be able internalized I I would agree. Irishman Erica. I know it again here this could be an opportunity where you can pick the upset TCU. But I'm actually. Gonna go to Ohio State and urban Meyer's not going to be on the sidelines but believe me he's. He's been coaching because we know he can coach throughout the week he just can't get the game and so I think he's gonna have his guys ready to go and I think Haskins is a legit. Quarterback for Ohio State and I think. The does have too much offensive firepower but I think TCU will give him. A good game. I think this is a respectable game two and I want to pick the upset but isn't that where loans is gonna give it much can't be goaded into that on this one Ohio State look to. Yeah Ohio State wins but it's maybe a two score game I think TCU things going along so well. Listen if if you guys listen to to geno when he was on June throughout he was praising Haskins if you get a chance to watch his game this this. This kid as smooth I really like him and I don't understand why he sat behind JT. Well other than all the records that JT said how can you truly good ticket dobbins looks good. We're Schiavo so on the other side yeah I'd house is gonna win this but I'd I think you're gonna win a big. OK we all go out of state on that one southern cal and Texas this too bad teams that are supposed to be good. Too bad teams that should be better. What southern cal score three point seismic evidence differences did you ever get a good defense kind of rivalry game and a gimme taxes soon. Texas long load yard Yugo in Texas that are are in southern cal and that we got different yeah. Both of ago you believe in the trojans in our that I believe our guy I don't necessarily believe in them but that there 2011. And one. Against big twelve teams so. Richmond's usually wise this distant cousin Greg has taken our bikes and enjoy judge Joseph they asked and different and I don't wanna be in last place at. I'm tied for last place right now or second place out really got to I don't know Beers some go with Texas I'd. Bizarre game of Pickering. Is that both cannot under performers. At the moment that the Atlanta you're not first you're last you're absolutely right OK here's Figo and rolled dice. One more game western Kentucky little. Once you I don't wanna go Kazaa I you know he's got no no no it's all right you know I'm real I really wanna pick western Kentucky and that's I do. Glance. But I'm not going to I'm going to move them. I will lose bills well they've won nine straight verses. Western Kentucky and the toppers man I don't hear it I'm not a big Bobby Petrino fan. But I think he does have he does follow me on Twitter selling dollars again. We can't think he gets it looked like Lastings tags aren't lost too low main. So you can't make an appointment of Maine has a little faulty. They lost to Maine last week so you can it's it's a low level in this all right revenue picks to make an interest and and we will go over them on Monday that's our ten picks going to play along opened up on the website ESP in upstate dot com back in a moment this is the huddle. You're listening to ESPN upstate. Tonight here on ESP announced they will bring high school football Thursday night high school football has burns. Visits Spartanburg and give stadium. On the campus of Wofford College that is a yes 630 air time a 7 o'clock kick off tonight first region gained from both of these teams and earlier today got caught up with a reggae Shaw head coach of the burns rebels. Coach and a couple of weeks had a week off after the trip to New Jersey. Just back and into the game briefly and I'm sure you've put it behind you but I'll bring a backup anyway. The fourth quarter kind of got away from you on that one I'm sure you've been focused on left for a couple weeks. Gloria you know Fella we gave the game boy incident that's the good news is is things that are controllable that we can go back and fix so we've. We've addressed our our snapper and I'm in punting game and then we've addressed some ball security. And hope to receive first a look at that later this week. Or just schedule like for the week all did you pour a lot and in some days off for what. There were worked a lot Ochoa grew and went back and not really and so does our fundamentals. All men and team work in Nam middle fallen in the process moves we scrimmage twice that week but. This felt like we are getting continue to be physical and continue to work enough. The American way your movements those are great we truth guests just cannot focus back home loan mortgage data so where we're at. Trying to get back on a regular schedule in the we have a storm coming and the kind of changes things this week two but I guess it does open way that you're not playing early after having played last weekend that we call fear. This a great great Tom for us as far as a level of play on Thursday don't think it'll affect us at all. We're excited about the opportunity just to play good medical field after after last outing and he turned replace former you know it's a big rivalry game and kids are really excited. Would you read us mangers are trying to get healed and having a week off helps that situation. One guiding America's money Mac. There were excited your body back to our own communities a leader back there foresees a big. Cologne ranging yeah you can cover a lot of ground is very intelligent it was a tough football I Q and so it's going to be a big deal forcing the defense about truth. While he was out and of course Quinn Talley is yes some other guys in there Ethan Harris played alive until he gets. Heath and his he's doing an Energizer bunnies and so what every dosing goes goes hard reason he's also very intelligent football player but. Does not see them give it to get a chance and then take advantage of them. In the secure spot back there exists and continues to plea will need these not to biggest but he brings everything. Also Fides yeah I mean any time replace former vikings big raging game they don't get anymore important now these count for the postseason. It's you know you get reports was easier pre season region in the post season and the on this most important part for us know we're just taking it one game at a time but there's a big. Performances here we messing guests into in just increase a little focus intensity. Passion in in an increase or. Film watching this theory thing that we can control rule. The atone he embarrassed that this is a Tommy here that coaches make adjustments because that's a region play. Wouldn't be surprised season new guys out there for them that I Aaron. Yeah I think they'll have some surprises you know they've they've had some shuffling around and injuries themselves zone and try to prepare for what we know when I'm sure there have been few surprises and you know there will coach again a great athletes and they always smooth as well. Coached they are run the ball really well or the last couple years and you're here last year of course not the year before to these have been low scoring games with the vikings were one score gimmickry to all the difference in the world. You know I think their motto is trying to establish a run first and in the past I don't know if that's true increasingly going to have more room. Spread and running guy got to deal but you know got to be prepared for either one and got actually so they could. Can be a variety things nothing you'll run the ball play good defense has kind of been their motto. It's been a while some saw Chris Miller this year but he still knows the rebels pretty well though it knows where he's visiting does a great job worries that none in his discipline or no. He fundamentally sound they won't be themselves. You know you're tell me a story before we started the interview would come out the hurricane coming in here you little experience with that a few years back with you know playing enough playing in a storm right. I'll never forget Hurricane Hugo came in though we're those of Fairfield we decide to move the games Thursday enough. Got down to Sumpter Thursday in the and that her cane an artist started coming in and it was raining sideways on the forgive in this field was so underwater but we're fortunate to come from Condon. And win the game in the second half and you know just don't forget play in and then just impacted. Nothing I don't mistakes our prayers from stalls or between those folks on the coast and then all of us in the Carolinas as we prepare for the same thing. I feel about the the mental attitude and your kids as you make this transition from non region play into region plus. There were a good point around now are our kids are you know there's if there's a confidence level even though we lost last week they know that and a big game was in our control and and so there's a confidence level you know they embrace in the ground and they know that took them. Our products is have to be really tough solution will be prepared on Fridays in the news continue to work with a good attitude so pro police was our unity in new start in our belief system. Ports around now. That is reggae show he's they go to the burns rebels tonight. Spartanburg. Burns from my gives stadium. And Wofford College again it's a special air time of 630 kick off at 7 o'clock since it was moved to Thursday. And why had a four year right here on ESPN upstate. Bottom right of the sour back in Mora mama stay with us in the huddle on ESP in upstate. About a request add one more pig tour picks. This will be official. But a text or like to hear picks on. Florida State at Syracuse. Twelve noon. Saturday. On ESP yeah. I almost put that on yeah no it's. Yeah com and as tough. Three Syracuse. Gary Syracuse at Hartford it's hard for me to go against their keys on now as well but I am play anybody they've they've they're averaging 58 point two game. Turkeys as physically western Michigan and Wagner. The 55 western Michigan. On the road. Me pitch 542 game yesterday also gave up 45. It says that I've been taught about Florida State is there's no way I can pick them I'd have to go Syracuse to. It. I enrichment. I'm on the Florida State when you wanna physically different and you knows because to be different CC no see most of it is ACC if it and add them to do it. We don't vote you geyser peak India or to not be. Florida State has more talent. That that overall and come back come from I'm whenever Sanford convention and the exactly at a give me a lot of confidence or was it the three points they scored against Virginia well it's also because of my picks. I'm 500 on all my pick so it's a coin flips on political coin and it came up heads for Florida this doesn't count and I think now. I always counts pride in what I Clemson couldn't win as Syracuse how can Florida State administered via. There's been other teams that one insert. Imus say searches is great but mass don't trust forest they run nothing the little bit of an issue. And I think really tiger will be our right in the long run but loses they're accused of it that is. Mean equivalent. Weekend. Say that Florida State is truly a dumpster far if they lose answer you think. If they had lost the same for that would have been a dumpster aren't that good got dangerously close. I mean after Syracuse again northern Illinois. And then two road games at Louisville Miami they could lose both of those. I know oh usually but those teams are underwhelming too but they're both road games no media itself. The little bit sketchy right now for the seminoles. All right you'll go with the go Florida say just for no good reason except athletes they have athletes they did that threaten. And that once an avenue tomorrow watch that. The check that one no his head to head with Clemson Georgia southern but at the a method to tear Malloy a must avoid and that when doesn't have to figure out if we're going to be gamer nod on Saturday. We've got to figure you're Clemson fan or not. Yes I am us and come on tiger guide morning got a Dell and I'll see any excuse not to go. Their planet you feel guilty for going that it. It's probably just land it right there might be sunny Saturday you know about it I think it probably will be now and with our employees now. Back on the other side three questions at three ditty comes in here at about three to one knee as well. And you need to hear Sean McVeigh the rams coach and his. Photographic memory we'll have that for you coming up. All in the third hour of the huddle on ESPN upstate you can join the conversation and a 44477. 3776. Back at a moment the huddle ESP in upstate stay with us.