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Thursday, September 13th

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Good afternoon and welcome into the Thursday hobble on ESPN upstate Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver. And Alonso storm addition Florence addition here as we sit here and watch the weather Chan policy of this dude it's blown office doc into the water. I love it allowed in I get it its television you've got to have your reporters wearing the weather jacket standing in the wind and hurricane right. No choice which did you show pictures of the win and we have to have our guy out there right nobody believes that without video right right you can't. Got to have somebody there it was known a couple of times. He's in morehead city North Carolina gusting 47 miles an hour now. Listen I'm not rooting for them it's not really but it they totally yes you are pretty right you're watching it's going to happen. It's pretty close now he's. He several feet from the is did he step for lobe that he did he didn't come from this is that a step back and almost stepped day he's got some snow lock box behind a mania almost stepped on us little more advise don't step on maids going into the water that happened as of the storage bins where you pitcher. You know life jackets and all that stuff on alum dot. Com. And he's been on the year. Like for ten minutes that's all the show and this guy standing on the dock bracing. Against the wind here Florence is a category two storm right now wind speeds 105 miles an hour so yes it has slowed down. But the rain is still coming in buckets and up. The track still uncertain the thing is brushing the coast of North Carolina right now. Of the outer edges of that are hitting the outer banks right now hatteras all the ocracoke call that area. Still off the coast now bomb South Carolina against boring down emerald beach area but the nothing too major this year just yet I was looking at. Wind gust reports. Already getting wind gusts in Fayetteville of 26. Miles an hour 25 miles an hour in non rally. And the things not in here yet the question is this just sit there right off the coast and turn for a lot. It's moving at ten miles an hour right now but. Has slowed down in. You know the new questions which model you follow do you follow the Europeans. Or the which spaghetti YouTube which strand of spaghetti would you choose. More importantly which strain and will Florence choose who will let you know that's if it doesn't matter what we shoot right through what is. What is blow gonna do it as a slide down the South Carolina coast before coming inland. And you know we hear in the upstate are still in the eight projected path of this thing question is simply how much. Touch will be left by the comment. Gets here but both of those main models have it coming our way. They did yes and I'm not sure how much variation once it actually. Hits landfall lemon. The to the upstate you know if there's that really big of a difference you know you know what the lesson is there's a chance of the drop and a lot of rain on us now no question on that for sure you know I don't know how bad the winds will be latest projections say maybe thirty miles an hour long more than that up here but duck. First of all that could change but lots of rain lots of rain. A writer for we got off the air yesterday. Ray tanner cancel the South Carolina game. With Marshall on Saturday night we thought they might move it to new and obviously that was a consideration but. He said that they thought the right thing to do given resources and the forecast and so forth was to just not play the game so. In South Carolina will try to reschedule. A game whether it be with Marshall or someone else they have an open date on October 20. So they try to match up with the wells is open and much teams are open that day bonds teams are open every week. So I try to match it was one of those teams another option is to play. That first Saturday in December the day of the SEC championship game which they will not be and they're pretty stay here collier color and that's a shot right now. Pretty safe but it is there are available on that for Saturday in December. And they can possibly play Marshall then you know as marshals not play in the day. Either so that's a possibility all that's up in the year but they said they would like to get that. Twelfth game. Well on the schedule and so we'll see against John to try to figure that out Clemson is flying at twelve noon. They yeah mood game up from 330 to noon we told you that. Yesterday on the show as it turns out the Clemson Tigers will be the only college football team playing in South Carolina on senator. About that. Firming canceled don't do that yesterday coastal played yesterday citadel Charleston southern canceled. South Carolina canceled wofford's player and down in Wyoming so not an issue there. So Clemson. Is the lone holdout so. We think about that I think some clubs and fans would think that's true week. We are the only team in South Carolina anyway right well we put up a Twitter told. Yesterday afternoon and 211 people voted in this. Should on some play their game simple yes or not when you thing have you looked at it I have not looked at it what do you think on in the yard kick in mind that. These are followers of ESP in upstate on Twitter so we know their sports fans when a lot calmer Clemson fans may not all of them but we can pretty much assume the role. Not just casual. Off the street people there sports fans are following throwing or you think how you think that vote where should they play or should they not. I think is going to be 7030 debt they should play a Melissa and say no and no I'm looking. They say now. 55%. Say no 5545. Clemson should not play well sports fans and it there right in line with me because I the only issue I don't think they should play either. Especially even now. The optics with the everybody else canceling the first canceled classes you know today and tomorrow and which I think that is a little bit extreme. But the point is is that. I don't think there's any reason to necessarily play this game. This weekend CP can make it up and I mean it's not an imperative type of situation and I dissing the optics it looks bat. You really have to care about optics and you do and don't yes I and I know that's waffling and am you know on the fence so to speak but. I think you do to a certain degree and specially in such a sensitive situation from this perspective because your polling personnel a way I look potentially helping other people in your. We think are are we think the weather will be fine Saturday and yes maybe a 20% chance arraignment it's not really gonna get here until Saturday nights on and that's the weather might be buying in Carson. Right but could say committed personnel be playlist right to help out in other areas of the state where we know the weather that's what rage out. Or talked about was his decision in Colombia also apartment and in Columbia was to free up the hotel rooms that you know fans might use that Colgate Athol op. Our Colgate coming into Greenville I thought this was pretty cool what they didn't. That hey we're coming into play Furman of course that was canceled they gave up their hotel rooms those rooms are now available for those coming inland. They still bought the meals there we're going to have and ask that the hotel serve those meals to people have been relocated it's fantastic on how to solve some that's fantastic. That's the beauty is sports at times. I like that yes that's why we do that's what we'd love college football that's why we love sports. Yeah I you know just from a and there has Stabile line and it doesn't have to be a state border by the when asked realign where we play some of these games right I know it's the only game in South Carolina and the nor are running games pretty much of being canceled their may be a gamer to somewhere like on the western plane and on the main games in North Carolina were called off early. That's right and Eliot. Because it looked like it was going that way and announce. Gonna affect North Carolina but it's supposed to turn into South Carolina but you know you. How far out do you go from the storm canceling games I guess and as it had anything to do with state borders are probably shouldn't because of the hurricane doesn't stop at a state line. So you know clintons in the far northwest corner South Carolina is it okay. That they're not. Canceling their game now one factor in that has to be that. There are state resources there's a South Carolina Highway Patrol South Carolina Highway Patrol when going to be a clinching game I assume they will could they be down on the coast now. Right now I haven't heard anything as far as reduced. And law enforcement officials for the Clemson game and you also have to remain Georgia southern perspective. States burrows not too far from Savannah and I know it's not in the the realm of the support you know direct hit but I think states pronounced event is going to fill some of the ramifications of this as well and now. So I I don't know if there's aspect of well that gets people out of Statesboro you know gets those ball players out of there and that's another reason to play the game prime. Or you could you look at it. Why would you. Pulled him away from their family that are. You know taken measures had to leave Statesboro I'll say this if 55%. Of our sports fans who follow ESPN upstate on Twitter say don't play the clinching game than I would imagine that if you went out and took a general public vote to be more like 80% I would totally writes. Yes that's thought I was surprised by that number just because of what you mentioned the sports fans. I thought that they would be more of and we seen enough for the weather report let's play. And and and and go out and get after yeah that you look at it that simply. How's the weather going to be at noon Saturday England's South Carolina and you play but it's not that sense and it might. Not be raining necessarily but I did see the forecast in terms it could still have winds of thirty miles per hour long game tone and content clubs and yes I'm at some. So lean on the running game that's exactly at that. Yeah. You wanna call about them let us know what you think Saddam should Clinton. Have canceled this game obviously they have made the decision to stick to this because it was announced today the game will be televised on ESP NU. And so if they were considering changing their minds on this I don't think go they would have announced that right. He has been you broadcast pretty much tells you came I think game on yes that was your confirmation that camp. They're gonna play at noon now. Florence expected to crawl along the coast of the Carolinas through Friday and they expect catastrophic flash flooding. Major river flooding there will be a life threatening storm surge near landfall for some time. After landfall as well. Hurricane force winds arriving tonight into Friday. On the coast. Tropical storm force winds arriving as soon as today and I say the remnants of Florence will. Linger in parts of the east and early next week again the big rain day according to the forecast unless and until it changes for us. Is Sunday. Sunday command Saturday night and Sunday's just kind of up. Big wet mess here we'll see how strong the winds are but duck we definitely expect the rain to be here. On Sunday and down here may be we did some more decisions as this storm moves in and get a better idea of where the path is headed. On some other games but that's where it stands right now 8444773776. You can text us. On the held their text line. At 71307. Delmon wants to talk about this first let's get him on here I don't. It's important or is it weird that we're negative outlook sort of keep doing Coke dealer group all on don't know it could. You do it then it. Up in any of excellent statement. I. As because when Marcus is a well you know crime news quotes an alternate control control and they're not money Yorvit. Mercy locally grown and on down. Well have been crossing home EC. What are you went what do what do located sort of a weren't we lovely you know commuting Holmes county. Be puritan Bennett Laporte on rumors she looked at a quote well. I want to leave it will. I mean I I get in the Colombia's closer but as I said now we have one South Carolina Highway Patrol and they can dispatch people where they wanted to spectrum right. As I understand that they can do that and so some of them will obviously have to be appear. Taking care business with Clinton that play Notre Dame is two years ago I was over there for the G getting an idea. That was their big wash up and it was a state of emergency that they appreciate called them. It was a state of emergency that day and then Notre Dame game and I think that was kind of a last minute surprise that he got as bad as it DN has our call. It wasn't projected to be as bad as it was and they played that game and it was a night game was a Nike yeah and then it was back then was that. And her man and a and they stayed and played in the course they had to have I think they did that with fewer than normal troopers in the liked guiding traffic and it was obviously a packed house and now. Here but I got out of there right. You know everything as far as I know I don't think I remember hearing anything that happened or I think there was ongoing crash related to that some people climb back now from night and write about your Internet yeah I mean it was weather related and with enough. So you know. It's so unpredictable feel for the officials and have to do this and I yet how difficult this decision is. But. Clubs that takes some heat complaining in the OnStar they are and that's I mean I know yes the question do you have to worry about optics and you do because they are gonna take some heat on this will be people talking about this up. No question authority are you see that and you know some some fans of opposing band bases were using and and you know make it about Matt and I get that but any like they're sticking to it noon kick off. The only game in the states south care a lot of you'll Agassi college football this Saturday I don't know overdue Death Valley for. The Clemson game with the Georgia southern. A 444773776. We'll hear from Davos Sweeney talking about the game to let the running game he's trying to get going for the tigers. A stadium for Easter and others. When we come back so stay with us just underway here the Thursday hoddle Greg McKinney Richmond we were Alonso on ESP in upstate. Heard I just got married during the season. Again. There's some video going around about. Incoming into his wedding to some song or something. I did not see that today. You see Amir yeah I'm out he does demeanor and I would assume again yes with the and it pales in your ride more than a few probably more than. Yeah I think so lingering just gimmick going to be the man. Can go to be an and you got to meet the man warming or the man or Murton and a 8444773776. Here in the huddle off the text line is 71307. Texture asks. How does the cancellation of the USC game affect the pay out to Marshall is there clause in the country Rick kolbe day yesterday. I have the answer. Insurance. No there will not lose their money. There's one point three million dollars coming their way from the gamecocks. And a 100000 dollars for tickets sold so one point four million dollars. That is covered. In an event cancellation insurance policy taken out by a conference US. So they get them there. He Marshall would not wanna chancellor or get their more nod yes I think they'll be more attitude kinda but somehow make we employ future yeah for a while us right at that make it up bomb. You know in December whatever written. Him they'll still don't get the money to life is through insurance or rescheduled date and I'm sure the insurance company as they make it up make up. Play the game right. I'm sure they're doing it. Anyone. Don't worry about Marshall losing out on. The dough they're not going to as Clemson prepares to play and coming up on Saturday at noon against Georgia southern. That was when he talking after practice yesterday about getting the running game going he was specifically. Asked about getting the ball in the hands of ta be in the Easter but. Dabbled. Basically I'm brush that aside and said we just need more. Offensive plays period. Picture beautiful horse that's weird body you know she says they would. It's my office. It's so smash. It snaps mostly wherever forty homes. As we gotta gotta gotta get very close friends first. You know you lose a war faction. Successful event. There's another forty touches for everybody else or bag. Or at least opportunities. But just opportunities. But we gotta get we gotta get in rhythm and played efficient you know clean up some of these mistakes. Really careless mistakes last week first games. There are much better. Oh very happily. Or involved in everything just. Explosive. But inefficient and last year we were very. So we gotta gotta do it all together and we room where rural road may actually from last week as a as a great challenge force and great way to teach. Those shows us what this has been a great week has been about details about improve it. Another right taken ownership responsibility in confronting their performance and consistency and performance of so the next step next opportunity for us. To see if we can get better as a team and I'm excited to see you employee. Very eager to put. In a snap situation with Texas a and M is back to too many three announcement news pounded too much. Exactly I mean picks saint am almost had eight minutes more of possession. And Clemson at the big difference yet seen that type of discrepancy. For Clemson team in quite awhile. Yeah I in a lot of ways fortunate to win but dumb when they did by two points so yeah they'll be trying to lump. Up the snaps from that you know sixty ish to more like eighty issue anyway if they can do without a doubt and I think this is one of those things that. For clumps and really to take that next step to be the elite of the elite like in Alabama and I knew. You know some people try to say that Clemson is in the same category as Alabama and I still think they've got a ways to ghetto. Is because of the dominance of Alabama over the past two years but. To be able to get there aren't. I think Clemson got to get to that point where they can put these teams away. Like that I mean it could've been up 21 to three at halftime and they era 28 to thirteen at one point that game and they. That's where you really got to be able to put the hammer down offensively. Because you just allow your defense to be out on the field too much and these offenses are still built that they can't score no matter how. Good defense looks on paper. Yeah no question. And I was when he was asked about you know play in the game not play any game yesterday and he gave his his demo answers as he has nothing to do it. Asked my decision you don't think they asked Davos for an opinion oh yes they did the game and ethnic and I mean makes a lot of money as pilots ultima yeah it is they would and a ask his opinion no but I think he wanted to say let's play if he says he doesn't wanna play do you think. They say that. If what if he said that wouldn't matter I don't think he would because they've decided to go play a blind bluster or not they want the money for Sharon it is an eighty kind of thing and you know whoever else president. Whoever else. A board of trustees they all are and I imagine there is probably even some guys I mean some people outside of Clemson natter. I mean that the state of South Carolina the governor I mean South Carolina Highway Patrol all of those are. Involved in this decision so it's not just a Davos Sweeney decision but. I say is nothing new yeah zero you know he's an all reality maybe he didn't. Have a final decision but. I would suspect that they had some input from that. It's probably in one meeting at least one maybe 8444773776. Bob. On the line welcome him Bob. I. Overall mark or. On. Our own right so what our goals sorry about that Kenny. First of all let me Libyan malady. The comparison you will. As you're seeing them like you know what well person in the early eighteen hundreds ear of the marshals what is. There's no leader Harry and little hole in the little street WI isn't. Miller street apartment over Federer or didn't sleep whatever Google. And ruined America or are there is too old. Nobody more closely is he small part to an eight unit but more importantly. It's where we're told mark glory. Ball or saw other won't start by chick lit whatever their budget. They've already done allocating maybe you're an album download it appears anyway. So. Opt out years and it's a large orders subtle but just saying we're goats. Well I assume they had the same kind of insurance deal going that Marshall adds on this game and they were you either one. I sent I don't know them are fine. Mary let me not I don't know if not a million U. You write about this seat back. I mean you Gloria in the law. You know worst earned or western or South Carolina. At 12 o'clock. Only know each barrier word play great gain in your blood about about you know. The patrolman and I'll and I'll give all that. But you don't. You also made mention of the murder in game how ordinary but I'll watch it and I was eight. Fourteen. Looks like shared our order book include two player game and it but you're gonna figure he was so important. Don't want to ever carry into people Welch. On the the coached as they should have and I think most everybody did. I don't play these. I don't control you can Oakland will be that big issue aside that's the only gay marriage you mentioned. That's industry in South Carolina which you can discreetly toward each vote. You know work they cheat sheet or my arm and I'm glad to do it about wanna watch it yourself in Oakland and put their little. Closer to that but look closer to an age so our view that. I call it a big drop. I'm Bob we appreciate by the way Georgia is playing they move their game up to noon of these Middle Tennessee State they play and now. You know. It's not that far from Clemson Athens. The different state different resources of thumb but Cumming Georgia needs and resources to causes things affecting them as well where it is coming at you see those models it's it's heading in Athens and unit down to Atlanta as well and you see some of them maps showing possible. Power outages and it is even stretches. Down into Atlanta as well and an Athens. Got a question 844 GS PE SPN analyst break we'll be back with more coming up this is the huddle on ESPN. Upstate. You think game day should be at the Colorado State Florida game. Game say on LF fifty odd or different with who's our lab and amuse. Well you know what that is that that's it that's a landmark game Colorado state of Florida is the gym medical wing bowl without Jim apple went is it was a both places and so there's that. Connection there to 4 o'clock in Gainesville on Saturday SEC network. Well haven't. Remember. That. Florida's athletic director at the time Jeremy Foley. On November 16 2014. Fired. Combustion. Yes they think coach owes one day after they lost to South Carolina. And Florida dropped to five and four on the year there were nine and thirteen in their past 22 games at that point. And so they immediately targeted to replace Will Muschamp Jim Mack going in Colorado State. Because he had been around stage. Are your and her reminder. And fawning gun naming it wanted all that funny guy and stuff back and and Michael Lane was an offensive oriented guy he was lieutenant of Nick Saban I thought he'll bring some fun. Back to the Florida offense. He was it Alabama when they won national championships in 2009 and 2011. That's the offensive coordinator in the quarterbacks coach he went to flock Colorado State. Turned them around they go on three and nine every year from 2009. To 2011. By 2014 Colorado State was ten into. He was the mountain west coach of the year. This was going to be a big success. For Florida and I had a problem his contract at Colorado State. Included a seven and a half million dollar buyout at Colorado State a seven and a half million dollar. By now so he came up with this. Land. To get him out of there. Foley did use the media. Foley turn to Florida's pursuit of medical lane into the most highly publicized coaching search of its time. You know usually all of this is very Covert you don't say anything until you announcer new coach no that's not what Foley did. He jumped up on the mountaintop and shout and I want Jim Mac going. There was plans of a flight from gains hold the Fort Collins leaked all over the college football media. Landscape wonder who could lead that. Just trying to smoke it out and get rid of some of this buyout Florida officials left Michael Lane's home without a deal. Florida even tweeted from their official account about the negotiations. Gators football while the search is still going on tweeted imagine this week had very productive conversations with coach Michael Lane and his wife Karen and those continue who would do that nobody that's who. Nobody does that during a coaching surged as you might get embarrassed by. So it became a media circus. Florida acknowledged it was pursuing Michael Lane. And in the process Foley showed that Mac O Wayne also show a wanted to Florida job. And so that continued long enough that him coming back to Colorado State was just kind of off the table and the next day Florida hired. Mac when. All that's great. Meg going wasn't successful. It looked like an immediate success they didn't win the SEC championships his first two seasons. Hum. But those SEC championships exposed. Florida they lost. 29 to fifteen in the first one they lost 54 to sixteen. A year later Mac owing was winning some games but there were behind the scenes personality clashes. There were his crazy public statements. He talked about a lack of administrative support after the Outback Bowl win. At the end of 2016. The eighty then Scott Strickland and like that. 2017 they got off to a three and three start. In a two game losing streak in the middle of October last year Mack going claimed that Florida fans had mobbed. Death threats of him and his fame. Remember older remember that all of that well Florida came out and did not. Back him up on that. They said in a statement. Our administration met with coach Michael Lane he offered no additional details. There's and what are you talking about tell us if you got death threats we want all the details and gave him no. Details he was pressed later in the week leading come up with any more. Proof that Saturday Florida went to Gainsville to. Face and undefeated in their rank Georgia team got crushed 42 to seven. And the following Sunday. The Michael Lane. Aero was. Over. On November 17 it was reported on November 28 it was reported that Florida and the Mac going camp had reached a plan to pay out their former coach and amended by out. He got a lump sum. In a series of installment stretching out the July 1. 2002 when he won the final buyout amount was seven and a half million dollars sounds like a familiar. Number there sellers are very complicated and down. And now win win Florida and Colorado State meet Saturday. On the college football field. Jim Michael Wayne will be. At Michigan as an assistant coach he will be around for all that but you know that's going to be a major topic of discussion. At that game that's going to be one of the things that everybody's talking about kind of a landmark game because of the complicated. A buyout situation and things went on involving. Jim tackle Wayne at Florida and that Colorado State and as it turns out they play each other. This weekend coast Carolina won by the way yesterday in a Wednesday game over Campbell. They were big favorites it was a close game for awhile but they pulled away at the end and they won that 58 to 21. Boston College Wake Forest coming up how would say tonight but it's really this afternoon 530 kickoff. By third negotiated honestly about that is surely you can watch the college game and the program that goes back to the college game are all about. The earlier games. An album that's on our pick sheets so yeah up to it or potato I get a minute to engage volleys are things seriously Duluth on Richmond's things that begs. You blame you and clinched whose career and it that's in Winston-Salem this afternoon. At 530. I don't know that that two hours made huge difference in the weather conditions and Winston-Salem but that's one of those decisions that they made and moved it up so you get that. Also tonight and Old Dominion pleasant Charlotte and Tennessee tech. Plays a Utah State there is one Friday game Georgia State at Memphis. That's 7 o'clock ESPN game on Friday. Virtually all the high school games are tonight including the burn Spartanburg game here on ESP in upstate 6:30 year time 7 o'clock. Kick off from Wofford College. The ones that were played yesterday or are being pushed like the Monday on the news one being pushed to Monday everything else is to not. So law high school football Thursday night here across. Upstate South Carolina and then we'll see. We'll say I you know that I can play any games and low country so we'll see what the high school league does about honestly Alley deal with the scheduling and it's going to be another headache here. For those guys. 8444773776. The health their tax on a 71307. Here in the huddle on ESPN upstate will be right back stay with us. The weather channel volley move that guy they have standing out near the water and more it's sitting. Is moved him down doc a little bit nice standing in front of a tree but he still. It's like guy hey it's been an hourlong live shot. It's like has every break that combines argument out there we need your yen and is. Assay and his thing you know do we know it's it's that we can't hear the audio do we know it's the same got to kind of put two or three guys out there the they're not zoomed in enough to where you can actually see you guys face. They lose I think god is and I think they are one person to Morrissey may really other live shots are on some of the. You gonna do what he did before he's leaning backwards into it to show how strong it is now another shot off. But I am waiting for the phones but this is gonna happen gust would just die down the wrong spot. Do you think he says there's million. I could have been an account. Well I don't know he's down there by himself that he episode of the camera. It isn't bright idea that he's got to show where Wednesday on the drive it's gusting 62 miles an already how many hours since Kenny says another and you're going OK view more interest being on these sets up well let me say this morning when we first announced we would have a 24/7 whether. Channel this is whether by is that what you talk about it and you'll it. People are infatuated by the way this is their day man is there are people love them some weather what they say when nothing's happening again I love this they're institute and including us we flipped it off sports and weather channel. That should. Tell you something hurricane Florence is a category 2105 mile an hour winds. And it's right off the coast of Wilmington attract. Still has it coming ashore in the dipping down into South Carolina kind of coming across the northern half South Carolina in coming in our direction. We'll see how much is left by the time it gets here the rain here should be more about Sunday. Event. Everything's okay for high school football tonight into the mood games up today and I was saving you'll be okay for the Clemson game with Georgia southern at noon on Saturday Saturday night Sunday. Can get pretty wet it appears from the hurricane bodily Jimmy Buffett is don't be still there was it folly beach surfing yesterday. Yup posted a picture on it's during. Piety quoted the lyrics to one of his. Songs surfing in hurricane. On his against Graham. Host a sprinkle. Jimmy Buffett he said I ain't afraid of Diana got no need to explain a feel like going surfer in in a hurry to. I'm not familiar that you may not on. But that's a that's the mindset a lot of surfers. Evans so this has been set on a serious no respect mother nature be safe listen to your local authorities that was his public service after he settle at and a certificate and I don't pay extra bear mountain in the net that's that's for how old is Jimmy Buffett and now he's not a young man. Right I think it's pretty cool and is advancing age and be out there surfing now I'll wanna argue than. One are you reveal now what. I'll get to the a tweet of the today in this segment in the huddle. So Tennessee football's official Twitter account tweeted. If you're gonna evacuate from the Carolinas we would like to invite you to attend this Saturday's game at Nalen stadium free of charge it was very nice of them ranked. To which mongo tweeted a response. And those people suffered enough. I'm sorry Tennessee fans but that's funny right that is very good night and yes the that those people suffer not a lot of good job. Aaron Rodgers as far as whether he's gonna play this weekend for the Green Bay Packers against the Minnesota Vikings it's still an open question. What's. Mike McCarthy said is this is no layup. It's a day to day situation. On a vote like basketball analogies from football coach. This is no lay up so they don't know. Aaron Rodgers will not practice today he will try to do more injuring the rehab portion of his work than he did on Wednesday. According to. McCarthy Rogers said he would have no issue playing on. Sunday without a practice rounds we'll certainly believe that. I mean. Sean Kaiser with threats or Aaron Rodgers without rips what you want yeah I'm taking Aaron Rodgers will now yep reps I'm good with that I think he would be okay it's a sprained knee. They have really done very specific about. That's how bad sprain is. Of course he missed the final three series in the first half of the bears game Sunday evening came back in and led the Packers back from twenty to nothing down to win 24. 223 matching the largest comeback of Aaron Rodgers career. You tell me about this Mike Zimmer the coach of the vikings. So they ask Mike Zimmer if he would play Aaron Rodgers would play in the game in the quote is this is amber said. Yeah well you know he walks on water so I'm sure is gonna play. Does that. A change to dissident Packers put that up on the bulletin board approach pros don't really do have a little startling it's RT well. I don't I mean this was that this was a written would loses and does don't quote he's actually said something to look I was as Tom I listened to the idea is joking around her very being he is he had some laughter and you can tell me and he was. Trying to sum would be funny but what I've learned growing would be a little more sensitive to it because I'm offended by it. What I've learned in life is that a lot of times people our. Joking there's an actress. And as far as I can tell anyone anything as long as you're smiling while you're doing that at bat I mean it was Amber's thinking that Green Bay is gonna get him out there if you can walk at all. Because. You know it's has. For Spain and a fairly significant and even though it's early in the season. So that's always think and easiest on me he doesn't dare to hope that the shown Kaiser is going to start for the Green Bay Packers this week. Yeah visibly I hope that yes he does not believe that Aaron Rodgers is not an estimation way saying is that Aaron Rodgers is going to be plain. That you would we have seen in an opportunity Heinz has been alerted to go for the me. Yeah now is Anthony Maher that knocked him out last year from the vikings. A deterrent yeah it hit and nothing day. Was it this past year that they implemented the rule yes the the new rule that you can't have been a penalty. Well you can't land you put all your weight you idea idea that would have been a penalty good. Good it's worth the penalty if you take the quarterback outlaw the sale. And it is that's especially. Somebody like Aaron Rodgers gets in your division yes. Not a dirty players that are. Vikings got to stand by you by in cannot stand the vikings. A skull. At whatever. I want to go to stadium. Yeah they don't critical. 8444773776. We will turn our attention to high school football Bob Costello with a grim news joins us. Agree Poland south point had a great game last night Bob covered that we'll talk to nobody gets. And preview tonight's Thursday night high school football action when we come back. Next in the huddle on ESP enough stay with Greg McKinney Richmond waiver and loans those stay with us.