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I trying it out and model on ESPN upstate is. Wednesday afternoon as the weather continues to improve weather supposed to be pretty good now we get on the storm on Iran. The rest of the week. Only 78 today looking at 79 tomorrow in the weekend sunny and in the eighties. Low to mid eighties. And after that sunshine as far as the RNC so we paid the price earlier this week but duck but I enjoy some good weather maybe in little warmer than now. Normal back up into the eighties. Over the next week or so so good stuff there 8444773776. Tex lying Carolina coach is RB superstore is 71307. Use keyword ESPN. At the beginning of your text message Clemson three point favorites at Louisville. On Saturday nine. At Papa John's cardinal stadium Davos when you talking yesterday. About his defense how dominant they were against Auburn holding Auburn does six points eleven sacks for the tigers in the game. Abbott says he would love for the defense to pick up where they left off last week. Yeah well unfortunately you don't get to take last week's action at this game in which carry him over he can start over. Every week in and you know what you don't take last week's mistakes. In this week he's. He do enough to get better you know up to improve enough to learn and ask is how we go about our business we know got screwed every week. Huge huge challenge. Certainly we've created some momentum. You know to know that's that's good. Good. There's an old saying you gotta be persistent to gitmo you got to be consistent keep. And so we we're just trying to be consistent performers and not be a team that's and owner you've played a good game this week. Last great can you be consistent performer. You know week in and week out we're as a coach you just know what you like and we got certain guys sitting here. I just know when Ali my head down I know exactly when did the not that they're gonna play perfectly honest make mistakes but I know how they're gonna prepare. I know how much they care and how hard they're gonna play. And you know what that's what you're looking for an if you have those things and you can you'll be a consistent perform. Got to understand while dabble is really confident and that defense but from last year's defense is pretty good too. And they did have times where they are struggle a little bit. And I you know it's really early in the season I don't think we should expect. Clemson to be holding teams to field goals all season having a little yeah overblown here. That's. The that's not gonna happen but. Now. You know today's era football you're gonna give out points it just. That's just the way it is and in that game that's just the way the flow of the game turned out and all we could never get things right. Upfront sold. You know. Again that they're gonna give up some points at some point. But overall who. As much as Clemson and they are they're given Lamar Jackson all their respect and talking about well you know be nothing double came down said. You know it's fun to watch this guy it's not fun to prepare form or leave me Bobby Petrino and his offensive staff. The they're saying the same thing about Clinton's defense. And trying to figure out a way to move humble. Oh well we'll see. They should. Historically Petrino does a good job. Doubt they don't tend to dig completely shut down the lodge although there are couple times the ending of the year last year the item the Houston game in the LSU game where they really struggled. Denny thankful we'll see where that goes. Look at some the other lines for games this week's South Carolina six and a half point favorite over Kentucky. At home six announcing borrowing now receive. Seen such a gut reaction to me out of Vegas and it drives me bananas. Last week they were three point dog to Missouri. OK well they won that game but when he. So now all of a sudden Vegas is saying well you know we've. We have that wrong so apparently the gamecocks are better than what we thought they were which they are. But I think I agree with you guys I think there's going to be a closer ballgame. Then what. The what people think. And I hope I'm wrong I hope to blow up old Carolina. Drops the hammer home. But Kentucky historically is plenary talking on the left or. So I don't know there's that much separation. That they've gotten in the last couple years I expect South Carolina win and I think they're gonna win. But nothing is going to be a tough hard fought game. Notre Dame thirteen and a half point favorite at Boston College. In Boston College a dollar bid lastly no they don't they're not. Mean Notre Dame wasn't I mean they lost but they hung in with the Georgia. Last week so lomb. Say about that on a Virginia is ten point favorite over UConn. Michigan air force I can't believe Virginia's favorite over anybody and Belichick. Michigan air force Michigan favored by. 24. And a half points. 24 and a half. For Jim Harbaugh and the wolverines. Coastal Carolina goes to UAB as a favorite two and a half points. Penn State Georgia State briefing on now you point lives normally on Sunday. I was going third Saturday player I was going thirty star alliance. Oklahoma State Pittsburgh about bella he 21. Fourteen. Alonso and it's. All of those Oklahoma State fourteen point favorites are pit. See what else were interested in here at duke is a fourteen point favorite over Baylor Baylor is horrible. Baylor how did take Baylor to get back to playing decent football. Baylor is bad. Horrendous really bad historically man. And the thing Joey can always pick them when the big twelve. Okay. Good job talking about walking back pitch ya know kid. Policy from the ACC Syracuse central Michigan juices favored by ten and a half. You know he's Carolina's bad to Virginia saying goes there this week Virginia Tech has been good so far. Virginia tech's start to get some attention to possibly win the other side of the Atlantic coast functioning. Would you favor Virginia Tech average Carolina at east Carolina and I'd say seventeen that. Going 21. On those look and as a the only hands up bottles of which are looked at a her hands being held a major not to hide the Nicole I am I am appalled that you distrust me so it's Tony one. I swine tundra you nailed I swear he's got a radio go to concise version and I'm now I habitable I have Twitter we'll have. Texas a and M. And Louisiana. We started calling Louisiana Lafayette Louisiana and I've seen it twice this slow but took the mafia and I'll raging occasions. They're now Louisiana thinks he'll lie. I've been there that stadium that is in there want to. I don't like that I like Louisiana makes him sound bigger than they wholeheartedly thanks for your right aren't you surprised they don't scum Lothian at the personalities. We were told that's when they'll usually that usually. They lose to laugh anyway Louisiana Lafayette walk alone at Texas a and M. Oil loans until he Arnold did you know focus on the Dodgers if you say exactly Rodham coming over there and look at it can be I'll say. Mafia but there. And that is. 23 and a half or Texas a and M and apple. Oklahoma 33 and a half overture playing yeah Oklahoma as the new flavored. Little Pitt team right till it loose and they're gonna lose to somebody Oklahoma's not run in the time October 20 hours. That is Kansas State K state. I Tennessee Florida commune line on the games in Gainesville they did not move the former. Tennessee. Yeah I think you're going to be tendency to them and who. Sent. Florida about 5 and I am always. Florida Gators all I know I'm the gators are home getting kicked in the game. I'm indicative yes and not separate them because. So they know me one. Leo mile finally have Florida that's kind of surprising. Based on what we say. This. It is. While Vegas now and into the fighting butch jones' no no life champions in the desert notice though no like championship coming up there. Let's say the TCU by eighteen and a half over SMU. I don't that was wrong as amused by winning game and SMU is going to be TCU Jimmy mobster with a weakness amused by the way he picked Arkansas Beatles who you last week against my better judgment than. And you're doing and again I was like no I want to Arkansas the rest of the year note to pick and SMU SMU. They're good over TCU they'll cover the team at TC you know it's in America that's been my guarantee that we. And I. How much is. And should they be hit. And hope they shouldn't I don't know I don't wanna go Josh here and get really negative himself on the go 21. It's. Lost its. Austin thirty it's thirty. It's thirty furlough state. Washington State by nineteen organ state. How much is Alabama favored over Colorado State. Even. Thirty. I'm going 4148. And a half the job just UN now. We're sharing the LSU Mississippi State game Saturday night it's at stark but this style for me to death which got. What's the line. While I took no issue we ran against my better judgment. I'll concede that not happening but I made that tuning him pitching. Take you. Almost an issue that says yeah picked LSU two goes in theory. Six NF. Now Josh she. It. A statement undergo yet be proposed issue such a state funeral Vanderbilt in Nashville in general rule by how much. They say in Nashville like Vanderbilt got such in Nashville Cold War battlefields. Raucous crowd commodores you don't always commodore Avian walking out with a moment was either going to keep that in state as. 3814. Kansas partners. Aline illnesses for. Four points only fourteen day for. Less than a temple just for the record is that more slide and K state or museum Josh is way higher on K state and anybody and tell me. He's tasty looks very confident Oklahoma's neutral just never like confidence even when he's been really really off. His house always easily at all Hollis it was a light. It like when South Carolina won four games you picked him to win tin. And that luxury data there seems to me there was a problem involved in the we couldn't yeah we're clear that a couple times when you bring it back feel now you can actually fought its and replace the bomber Richard Miller on that show so we want to that story in nine years you pick in the winter and does. What are you presently in the picks right now as far as standing I don't know. He has I have no idea he's we're glad he's he's last yes. Here eleven and nine I think some change in the accidentally eleven and 96 or more last realize you are not saving tax I mean and you know what I'm calling to do I think there's some shenanigans going on now. I did not have a nine and one week McCoy again likened the first week. And a five and five week. But down and one in the room that's pretty sampled six and 48 Joshua six and four causing America need to get yours it's important. Let's see southern cal Texas. We'll salon on that baby so that we can Auld to man. And among goes southern cal. Point 17 think. So split the difference. And listening to him anymore wounded about Ole miss at California almost going to the West Coast. California has not been great. Cal beat North Carolina and he did. Think Cal's on the feeder or they. Annan. Actually fairly self policy Ole miss my four. Bonds and what we're saying what they said they surveillance I'm sitting in Vegas that's Ole miss buys them. Ole miss by three and a half it and so that was pretty good I think cal won by the attitude there. Follow. The 2000 Intel's unbeaten but they'd be Weber State. Last week and North Carolina the week before sure as we person. In I don't care. Whoever it is they beat him by thirteen points. That would not to get too excited about. Now they play all USC next week so in down next week after Ole miss this which. They listen the schedule coming up Cal's going beyond they're not going to be undefeated Auburn law. Ole miss this week that you'll win that. The Yemen home. And they've got southern cal Oregon and Washington and Washington State four games in route then that's three judges because organs not the top 25 anymore. But they've been playing fairly well. Three out of the four top 25 teams. Over the next four weeks so we'll be the bears three in the next moment told they're not going to Asia and then in the bomb their schedule against Stanford UCL I left. That's pretty tough skin pouch. NATO but it worked today no question. 844 GS PE SPN's sex line 71307. Here in the huddle on ESPN upstate. Jim's argument Carolina Panthers coming up at 335 back in a moment. On the huddle on ESP in upstate. Or are the huddle on ESPN upstate GMAC coach Josh Phillips and Alonso. Off the text line and 71307. Texture says please explain the half point like favored ten and a half. Well that's to prevent times. Makes it. Does so they're favored by ten in the win by ten that's a time. It is a favor by ten and a half. When much in the under normal that is doing no push. So that's where you get that points know Bob there are no half points in football. Well on the score I've always wondered that and then you explain that so simply that I sent you gotta I gotta I appreciate that and looked toward religious in the didn't. Maybe they can just ask not a I'm asking for friends I I got a better shot to get an answer by text and consistent through probably took. Dobbs John Jones knockout victory ever Daniel Cormier that happened in July. It didn't happen. It's a no contest now just like UNC. Damn that never happened happened because he had a B sample I guess that means there was an a sample and it was bad now I had a B sample and it was bad too that's exactly what that means there so it's. GAAP trot Toronto ball and anabolic steroid was in his system. So all I guess the question Alonso was what do they do now. See I don't know I mean this is because. If you're the champ first all you got beat you won the belt handed back to you. But technically that that that vowed never happened. Even though he's gotten up plum out the he's still down about their I don't know I. I am very curious to see what they're gonna do with this I think the best thing to do would be if the belt back to him because it. He never technically lost that did the incident happened. It looked like he lost at the guys did you know when it comes down to that I mean John Jones in so much trouble the fact that he. This is tests come back positive and and it's steroids I mean so you were up against a guy. Who she. That's right I guess you get back to what else would you just have another fight. You can't John jones' does not know but I mean you have Cormier fights Antonio yeah I'd I think you pick the number one contender cousy Cormier just lost a stone that makes him the number one contender. Their rematch clauses in works and then I had to you make him fight number two yes. You could do that. I think that's a way to. To headline another pay per view yeah makes money and in the process now. I think they need to settle it by figuring out who got knocked out in who got plume knocked out now like that plumber is a difference. So. Obviously. Now somebody has to explain to me what the difference in getting knocked now as opposed to giving plum knockdown it is. When you get plume knock down your eyes rolled back and had a job goes a weird direction in there is spit flying. The equivalent of a slob and soccer and football. Got a diploma without you get knocked out by just giving grace but you aplomb knocked out there's no doubt some some more devastating. Yes. And that's what does once this was a plumber guy I never I never knew fruit would be sold them some. Now you know we've had so many things explained today on the so it's been a learning experience for everybody. So John Jones has done us a little pineapple knocked out. Thank you sprung up. So he's facing a four year suspension. So he's not come back. Yeah well he's he's fairly young so it is a possibility for him come back Butler did yeah I know these guys fight till 3940. Stuff like that and still are fairly good that it. Find some better fighters like around 35 or 36 so I I mean heat. Arguably is the best in the business probably because he's pointed out. Possibly I don't know so there's a chance to come back I think these are banned for life. He's been so it was neutral for cocaine trouble for all kinds of stuff and now this depth they don't band John Jones who only ever. And here's a thing in in a lot of people or remove in my shoes as far as this goes. He had me he he made me feel little sympathetic to him. At the year and how he was thank him Cormier in in in all the heat he let the bravado go any seem like him. Like a decent guy for the first time ever goes on act or you feel and use them. Yeah that's why I think he's he's done it do now offering I got back at it like when that happens if you never fight again if he made you feel foolish yes you believe you fell four I I did. I fell for the he's nice is basically cheater. While watching sounds like you walk of shame after nine data out even though that this just in you can explain to me off there. Sounds like some that do not call I'm guessing. In some luxury experience through that killed. No I have not I'm sure. Well I'll leave again in net off here now. I'm sure there are some people are and exactly what you're. And certainly the goes. Well explain to your letter to imagine that tax line. At 71307. On not Clemson global coming up on Saturday night at Papa John's stadium. Dexter says I think my tigers' offense will have to give the defense time to rest. They will need to control the ball run and pass. You know I mean that's that's a fair point. Chase and around Lamar Jackson for four quarters to Wear anybody out. And we saw him lose containment on Lamar Jackson last year Clemson and at 42 to 36 day. Sought is important that the running game get going for clients and it really has not gotten. And they do that this week. Well I've been surprised when he thinks CJ Fuller's gonna take command of that position. He puts the ball on the day. Well do you think. Paving the Easter is going to take it and he misses a pass protection blocked. Console in the five after seeing them. And I know it was only a couple plays. But will they go to get travesty T and in the game. Starting drumbeat for Travis and win he he you've got to get that guy and if you're not happy with your first. And you're doing the running back by committee thing and ya know he's a freshman. But put him in there and let him roll it a little early to say an unhappy with the first. But does or do. Raymond. Well I mean when you're running back by committee I mean. South Carolina kind of says it but everybody knows recalled battle starts. He's the guy. I'm beat us on Williamson might be sued and I think it is him and I think it is I think he's the better back. But they got a proven out. On home. I don't know I just. You're leading rusher Clemson far away as Delhi Bryant. Right now right as an okay Knoll. I'm not want no I'm 36 yards and for Easter as 84 yards and Tennessee TN with 81 yards. And I'll basically all off one game against these ten yards cares so far. The features nine yards a care. But is he doing you think he. And that doesn't bode well for taking an event turns out to be true. Well here's my experience. Pass protecting and running backs is want to. You just gotta have the courage to do it and stick in his and yeah I mean you really have to just a guy you column. Doesn't matter just keep him off your quarterback. You know you eat you don't want to eat in or adjusting well that's fine cutting. Yeah you're gonna have to pass block too polite right you have it exactly right. So what did they do this week who gets the most carries against local. Easter he TN polar. The ridges that. Well I'm gonna say Fuller. Because they're still they've listed him as a starter going into the game he's gonna run out with a first team offense. It has been a bunch for anybody in two games right out of the running backs nobody has more than eleven years. Well here's what and I don't want this to happen but I would be fascinated to see what would happen. To see of dabble would hold true was worried on this in his press conference on Monday. He says if you fumble the ball you're going to be signal there with me well CJ fumbled against all of any bad situation. What's gonna happen the CJ if he fumbles at mobile will double holder was word. And pull him out of the game. That that's. That's what I'm that's what I'll be interested to see is if they would go ahead and pull the trigger on that. And then what do you do now so my needs to take that running Mac yes and own it. For clubs and it would just two games in but this third game I can be keeps a Monica grab deposition. And maybe holder for the other thing you have to be able to do in the softens his catch the ball on the back. I can tell you that the Easter knew that yes he can't. I know he can do that but Fuller done that and as we've seen him do that in. So. We'll see I think this is big week for the running backs see if anybody grabs a hold that position because I don't know the we have a clear leader right now. And you know the longer it goes the more each year and gets comfortable with a playbook. And the more chance I think as low as we don't have anybody this established themselves out of these guys that have been around for awhile. A bigger chance that he keying to take. And the thing is they all should have running lanes against this fraud. Mean North Carolina ran up and on the field I mean Louisville's defensive front seven not very good on. Should be an opportunity sold somebody ought to be able to separate himself. I will break and come back with more gyms ultimately Carolina Panthers radio network joins us live next in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Not those Cleveland Indians may also 21 straight. As they ought to be joined today five to three. I back to the I guess Lima go a novel Jim's Oki Carolina Panthers radio network joins us on Wednesday he's and he's with us now I jumped. Greg real quick you don't know who's actually dropped near Cleveland summit huge Indians damage as well out of the epic stadium probably. Our stoppers is solid actually cheering and I urge your sports update there. There you go to Al Lovett that sound that's impressive they they are definitely red hot right now and I think that jumps. That's streak that they beat northern trying to be. The New York Giants have a tie in a solo home. This one out and get back yet but it is unbeaten but. The ties and they record it reduces the record out I'd want that yet. I'm Williams I'll go way beyond that no ties in baseball no crying in no ties. Jim 23 to three win for the Panthers over the 49ers out on the West Coast last weekend on Sunday so that's pretty impressive bureau overview of the game and helped Panthers looked run out of the gate. It looked good I mean we definitely a need to factor in the at the plate units at a big rebuild mode we talked about last week so that they're probably be better year out so to speak. That they are in theory anyway so that's pretty of the Panthers let beat you got a low. What you thought you would love which is that the budget front seven getting effort Orszag the first step in that to meet its signature was just getting the ball they're on what you are well apparently with 848 ago. And literally running the clock out all on the ground most of the job is to repeat have been offered to line. They know you're gonna run between the tackles you do it that you pick up for that first down. Right after the victory formation so that that was incredibly impressive against. Ordered not bad talent lies because of front 74 batters. Cam pretty good do it looked like he felt pretty good out there. Yet out good obviously we saw the rest of the first half policy was employed by or at what point but then the second half saw the hour order used by by. A lot sharper sector happened. And nobody more frustrated and he is but. I mean lights that in the past maybe arrogant to think you to dirt cheap preachy that passes the colors are critical literacy so. Digital live with some misses and mistakes. And try to win a round that but there it. There's a lot of good plays out that you speeches you yeah I think you'll be a work in progress is arguing that by giving up. Look like Carolina was determined to get Doug Christian McCaffery his touches he certainly armed got a lot of touches the football on non. On Sunday in I heard that Ron Rivera said he didn't wanna show before hand but he certainly showed the McCaffrey and good balance on it in the. Yeah like eighteen judges they ran the ball thirteen times it by judges must targeted seven times that's what it comes. The audit says Betty returner so I'd say that's pretty old day. And I yeah obviously it it'll regret but well all alert from badly about bomb blur at Stanford idle that week. A problem but you know I don't know that all data may judges for example great also that you get jeans skirt Samuel at a Jew so. I think it was just that was the way it went that we wouldn't be surprised to see is numbers some doubts about his comeuppance that'd change bought under a lot of weapons like for. As far as the kicking game is concerned I thought that was really good Doug you know hit three field goals simple Marty was punting the ball very well. Depp and ballot to get out of three Pretoria and deal old but he kicked five. Chick got out of the end return boats like to see it. Opal RT LE a leg strength but the direction applauding it but definitely value is that ability you know seven out of org and it. About sideline at Allard it was a really good at doing better at mile to read you got the job and you know left footed potter there's not a lot of them support different span that people maybe at some point this season that. I'd be an issue or punt return try to heal the blind and they don't give that's been quite right so I think getting a large Ian there's a moderate of the night. Targeted gyms are to Carolina Panthers radio network and W BT and Charlotte Jim this week it's the bills they got a when it was just the jets but still layer or wanna know coming animal can match up to does that present for the Panthers this week. Yep all we know your shot McDermott well obviously it sort of at the number two ranked defense dampers or third right Deborah what we get bet. Switch them lowered to what you liked support already they were at or about the look healthy correction Rob Ryan experiment up there. So we we know what. Shot like to do that's attack. The the quarterback so they'll try to. Public sport or defense of shackled real stellar ability to act what happens are I don't try to get their Russia's orbit of the linebackers play wells a satellite a lot of spots Evans couldn't. Not quite as much talent in the deep but the secondary. Then offensively and everything runs through LeSean McCoy issued in the court. Do you ever hundred yards despite catches which could most of any Buffalo Bill last week. Our old friend Mike Tolbert looked like you the number two running back up there with let Leah ghostly rather I would New England now. And that Tyrod Taylor is going to be a I was quarterbacks that's. Innate talent but he is he's going to be a little more conservative restore that'll I'll lose the game I would a quarterback so let's kick it to just down one interceptions so. He's got to try to you know genetic keep it going to move the chain united east attack river early McCoy is what you dial up arms. When numb when coach Rivera said you don't wanna show your full hand in the first week any ideas what he might be talking about what news the Panthers my role running game took. I think you know. Champs that up to doing everything it sort of a lot of doubt appeal stop it got to about maybe this week. That may be janitors out a couple times not a lot but just shows that they haven't showed anything beyond early. At intermediate pass route equality what shepherd sorry that the strength obviously. Helped light to do it. But that it now how is still on Monday after a game like they haven't got there were good. A bit about sealed at orgy sterling out of this opportunity pick up the deceit on the ball bracket. What that produce like everybody realized derivative that I see in the ultimate speed that would shut urgent. Spam deal. It's ugly guys out there really why we haven't releasing Bert do it yet either. But harper is maybe beat it beat Belarus like boast better so Tibetan opera. Are very good and that's of this Saturday the Al home opener Sunday rather the home opener for the Carolina Panthers against the Buffalo Bills and we appreciate coming on gem. We'll check him within X weight thanks man. All right Tim's OK Carolina Panthers radio network academy please with the Panthers opener. I'm there was just 49. But when you go what the West Coast in your win 233. That's good and you want to keep the other team on millions of and there's defense I think is where you want him right now it's six they do that this weekend shady McCoy who is tough to handle. For the young Buffalo Bills. 8444773776. You wanna get in the final segment call us now the huddle wrapped up in a moment on ESP in upstate. Thanks to Jim soaking Carolina Panthers radio network for coming on in the last segment I just saw this injury report after we got off the line with Jim and Thomas Davis. Missed practice today they list him as having knee injury. But Ron Rivera and his press conference today says it is nothing to be concerned about. So hopefully that is the case. Ryan collegial and Julius Peppers did not practice today and the reason. They were arresting. I would imagine you wanna rest Julius Peppers summits dude it's got to go a long time aware on the trip sews us the NBA thing we can its way into the NF Boone. But this. The resting in his off yeah. From practice. Practice we're talking about them. I'm not a mile and Iverson. I jump hopefully Thomas Davis for the and he is going to be fine but don't valiants problem then now. Good news is that full participants in practice today Burnham Butler of the defensive tackle as a knee problem but he practiced. And Camden practiced with a shoulder injury so he's good to go. As well so that update. From the practice report today. From the Carolina Panthers coming off their win. Over San Francisco heading into game two at home against buffalo. 8444773776. Jim you are up next in dollars. Don't give up but GO. I don't have watched poll poll out of there. But there immediately and currently equipped and soared to record body should win the gold and jewels now. What is it won't get it. Boy and he reentry and lo and it would. Low post AB boat all wanted to your idol host that'll. To actually see him. Policy provocative two or urgent you got to understand what it does. As a by him by mom you're ACC guys like Lima. That's what it. The men Josh your numbness and all that what you like Lima. Because he's ready and I got really. We. Let's see he's an idiot and a media like that you have recruits in denial that couldn't. But it was you know bowl cornerback follow the talking about an article can get run over. Matt and his man because he could adult. And they didn't win. Well I guess I don't know I don't know what his problem is. A fumble the equivalent. Of me watching. Open heart surgery. Ending criticizing the doctor. For messing up you know I don't get on the hate this guy obviously successful these guys is very nice about it. Right radio show holes on TV on the you know he is an instant he's an excellent writers. Ladies man on the okay he does an excellent job writing him. He's been doing it a long long time. And it wasn't until about three or four years ago when he espionage the array this mistake. Of put him on the panel with Marcus Spears and Tim Tebow I mean he was so lost in their conversations. I felt bad point. Because. Most of what you yeah you're exactly right. Gotta find sock especially once you got me to do what. They do you really kick straighten him out according. And what really put him on the map wasn't called that poisoned trees at all Auburn called his she'll. Eyes a lot of those taken office yet. I don't know but don't let but it way to tackle Jimmy what you want to 1000 soldiers who go to market Google. Toward that goes so do you just very slow walked just about was that most public during a lot or strips. Well I've been in this coaching in the south. Hurting in this off following every count sports talk show you can think of I've never heard of this guy. Until about three or four years ago never. He's there forever and always chip. And always been around forever and never I never even Malia jail what do you think about not like him so in line and that's that's why don't pollen what do you do you like the outrageousness do you like these scrawny yeah there's a little bit about everything to the people hate lebed told our. I don't necessarily careful of the art. But I like it was two years. Think you want people to love you or hate to equally the same but in great amounts then and he's one of those guys get that like Rush Limbaugh like a lot of guys like that. People absolutely hate to Mardi absolutely love them and that's how he stays. I think what fire mom does is difficult first of all to do a radio show on TV dissent there. And keep a straight face and listen to these idiot colors that he has and and have a response all of them is not easy that's not easy and it on TV when people you know. But people are just Darren Hatcher expression. Asked about her own space and damage gosh I'd love to be on TV now. Probably won't be on them and say could you handle the trolls know that all of course or what they kill me every day and every football season they kill me. And here's the funny thing it's always something about. Your appearance. Like the trolls they have no console game now days. Remember when he's a kid growing up you have to console but we call him boss doubts you or you make fun each other's Mamas and sisters and you know all these things. These molecules and trolls nowadays. They have zero insult game non. How they make in voting your appearance when your on the Republican I'm a big guy. I don't know that there was another onslaught before social media I was called slobs and al-Qaeda I felt like mostly mental I got into it with a Austin Allen's little sister. You know whining about me telling everybody about it Brothers dogs but don't count your profile and so they've gone they look on your Twitter and makes it your. Okay. Just let. The god. Not one album was pretty good put my faith my body on the face of a fraud. That was pretty funny. But the rest double I mean come back and do your homework. A man I we're back tomorrow that's all the time for this forum that we have for today on the Wednesday huddled. Not tomorrow on ESP an unstable stay on the college football front wheel given some high school football too. Talk about a big guy matchup of undefeated burns and room coming up more your from both coaches tomorrow on the show. To join us at 1 o'clock in the huddle on the espionage and.