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There's a Hollis ESP yet upstate. Add about 204 here Wednesday afternoon addition GMAC the coach Josh Phelps. And Alonso back to your calls coming up an 8444773776. Skoda guest line and bring in JC Schulberg the big spurred dot com JC how you them. Are you guys are you and thanks for coming home when this must talk about Missouri last week. And how the gamecocks defense limited Missouri to thirteen points drew lock up pretty darn good quarterback Casey on. How they pull that off how to out of the defense and I'll flustered drew lock all dialogue they don't. But I just think they play good sound football army and they didn't let. The big plate and we're very got the touchdown in that has impressed by the way that play they run. Event that's in South Carolina not the last team that will fail to stopped after that it's just one of those things where. In effect a run freeze to defense first split second tied in runner right now I'm a little field. They have passed cited athletic tight ends and through law fires a bullet on that passed. Most of the time so it's it's a difficult place to stop. But they think it down as they got their tenth mountain the kind of pin their ears back and think. The big play on special teams what blocked field goal in the cascades. And it's you know and I think that. You know that this is a faster more athletic. More physical stronger defense should team up for the gamecocks this year and I and I think that. You know deep inside we probably don't do that he's just the same group had. What got warm welcome he did wrong in annual community middle linebacker seeing faster linebackers back there. Could you got faster people secondary. There mortgage backed air I'd just like with so much talk about the updates over the off season. And the way the defense finished 26 teams to not good. All there are some good little walnut a lot of football and I think that will must change the way. The ability to be there may be some motivational factor I'll heading into the didn't even Andy general played tough are they perfect. Org a pleasure to be jokes. Now. All. They have issues yeah they have depth concerns absolute. All the that you a lot of doubt that the stepped up on the Taylor soul aren't they sort of DJ one on the loan. People are playing get a pay higher club in the war last year all in admissible linebacker upgrade and that's huge thing. You know Angela is elder confidential Rodney upgrade over what they had as a reserve to observe what you can. At all or pay into the classroom in the beginning now there does that mean South Carolina inevitability. Didn't you didn't in the seventh. I don't inherit tactic yet. But the tough thing now what escort as we can do it without. But it's it's a deal where. You do yet they didn't you all are they the name of the game at one point in the outscored the opponent and it basically he didn't let that you're dealing playing arm pulled out of the world there will only. On Saturday night what were they will. What's your take on how Jay Bentley is played so far he can play better right. I think it is the most Greg it's the most overblown. Hate hot cake if you will I said. The subtlety heartache anymore. Out there you know I don't know what people expected. You know out of serum. You know in terms of of him being perfect I mean and I haven't received regular working people have some opinions sometimes. Because of Xbox video games. Well they can plug and play and the same strewn with play calling criticisms that you plug and play Jack quarterback rating up ten. And he's gonna he's kicked a 26 for 28 every single minute and that's just not realistic. When you play Olerud playing away from home I get to power five opponents having no other quarterback in the SEC. Has played against duke power pop opponents so far. And not problems certainly make a South Carolina little old Leo what teams in the country could quite true power the way home and what Missouri not to act committed. But it he's faced pretty good especially on defense. And if you look at it now are wrote an article available explorer. You know jet that he's made a huge difference in the game. Everything from the third down runs against NC state to the world while Horry ordered the fracture in town because same on the Chordiant. In the first thought. Delegates eight against either with the that send a war held the ball at its seven man blitz should be fired it and there'll slant first TV. You know to to getting them in the right place yeah he was a little all from the beginning of the game Saturday night he's admitted it but but he showed 61% of passes. You know area quarterback rating of 140. Four touchdowns only one interception I mean just to see where that. The criticisms covered from a mean look. I don't think he's played his best game yet home by a mile. But I don't think he's quite let me keep somebody on the board military prepared in the field and you know more like. Reducing built that in 1990. How many. You know it his first full season as the starter in just others don't get an American people were sort of expecting. You know that the south for a game you know 400 yards a game where suffered a net that's just not. That was not what South Carolina needed to do to win the first two games of the series you know and and I think cute you're not running a lot of plays against NC state maybe hurt its stats and not one. You know certainly the fourth quarter of little inaccurate but you know other than every. They enter they're not a lot of core Mexican make up early and make it with our network drive over the little old tomorrow. You know that should the president be throughout all of the past eight Hearst. For the touchdown would think your beauty. I'm he's getting them in the right place he's change in the protections and the protector is not a big issue you know our our I think he's playing at a high level. And I think he'd made a difference submit a lot of game changing course so far so. I just you know I don't the less gambled asked about it people are talking about I don't I don't understand what occurred the government. Unless you people just can't wait you are expected to. And got a running game going good seats are some Williams 78 yards and dubbed it looks like he can be a big factor for the gamecocks this year on. Very AME the main eight years ago they got animal Cary, North Carolina. But if you heard their staff talk about it and I love them get back to settle lie just some other guest TJ Logan in doubt like a freshman. Eating a lot of opportunity. And sit out last year Rick O'Donnell you know has a big freshman year Serb unity is there tell people cut some late in the you know maybe that the dip the biggest difference maker running back this year. No Frederica and attempt off. And gave got canceled stopped. Within it saying that test do with the ACC. Within which thank ludicrous. In and I think finally in after the first game obviously they were all Croatia and in your get your game bubble well. And I think finally last Saturday night he saw he made up. It could bounce it outside. And make a huge port. All because he has the speed and the quick feet do it. He's also big enough gal were excellent physical between the tackles. In that you're a lot like. You know he's not in short why it. But he is similar back in my day that's. Probably will also work or boarded as well. And maybe a little bit better hire outside the lives of those guys I think about him again and go along without politically South Carolina has. You know an excellent running back rotation and the top two that I gauge our course is kind of especially back. You know again guard carried it thirteen found a running back position against anti state. For 29 he oracle against Missouri 33 times for 142. I think if they can get that kind of production out of the running game each and every game you know they're gonna have a chance to win a lot of ball games here. What should take on Kentucky JC they are to know what they're really played anybody on our impressed with an up. I'm not a Catholic I'm impressed with what they've still acute tacky I think that tellem. Mark Steve's done a good job developing players in and landing some of the difference makers he has. In have been expelled an actual Rebecca what else wants them but I don't want some twice now. Two things sort of stand up person but their defense is playing pretty good ball you know like their linebackers a lot didn't know where ul some of the players their secondary. Mark is the defense and coach come there opposite kind of sputtered and I wondered in this jet but. But yeah of course it all went and they in this Bruce Williams who was kind of there hanging on change of state. Last year that you know you've missed a tackle him Williams she's at all I mean if you are worried about them. What I you don't have to use god unstoppable those are beta now which is difficult to do it and of itself. And the answer my principal on issues some injuries. Andre Johnson their quarterback is Malia capable quarterback like him coming out of junior college not shut it out barker. But you know we in the ease somewhat mobile is Michael. You're Mark Jackson that you disarm once and Kelly are neck and Italian open but he's a guy that can hurt you in the run game. I think. This sets up and see Eagles. Like a big South Carolina went just because it's a night game at home opener C a mediocre Carolina and well Turkey has. All they've lost against such three years in a row and certainly wanna get battle back. But something tells me can be competitive ballgame and and I think that you're gonna seek and Turkey lies. To the level of play that it takes to go in and try to win a game by. All regardless of what happened at southern or this Easter can tell you this past week in and others feel like. You know it's going to be a closer game than people anticipate. Other things after our win. But I think it's going to be competitive at least six amount point spreads so I think that when you look at a from that standpoint. In. The teams are more evenly matched than the one main thing. I'm talking to JC sharper with a big spur Docomo Saudi just put out an email today about the Georgia game. For next year going back to September 8 so off just a one year aberration to play them in November that. Yeah yeah that's a good thing for that game because that that game. Being you know sort of one of the first SEC games though it gets a lot of national coverage. Things of that nature you know an album this year game won't depending on how to eat shake out. But it South Carolina unity ball he played Georgia really cup and you know that trek certainly the fees and armed you know that that kind of what you normally get shot at adult. And they can count like if you're Georgie maybe candlelight Kabila later in the season because. You know he cannot have your team ready to go and people like get. Where there is so is that there are this tricky Georgia early season suspension. That they like. But down in but it's good for that game in particular because it it just kind of feel right. On the FBP of Georgia release they're all scheduled date. On the SEC normally does that on the SEC network kind of funny because that would Georgette side beat all the released back to look I. I think it is not coming out I have no reasonably good that factored early early 98 point not that the virtual calm but it it's a good thing because South Carolina duke. Next year after opening two straight seasons on the road to get weeks in a row. And they play coastal Carol. Other that's a big deal you know especially when you're gonna try to be looking at the new players on defense but some things like that. I JC won a quick question on your take on the Clemson Tigers from the Auburn game fourteen to six win certainly. Great defense of late what did you think of the Clemson offense. Pilot of the fourth straight year sort of overvalued Alford. I think I'm a little. Stuck in 2003. Day when all I just keep imagining. Out of it if you care should get their ears and keep imagining that run in group of people up like that. It is not the same offense but I was mightily impressed once the church. Fogarty at the forum was dominating. You do it it's a different type of way to win a football game excellence in inner David put somebody points out. All would disarm wants and I mean you know you play defense like that what offense from last year at anybody when that game 42% of our fourth Q this you're not he clutched. But down you know and it eagerly and try to win. And that the momentum is still with Clemson they're still talking about a bit of oil in other than maybe the other day where so absolutely they can get through the September what one law or less. They absolutely are Majorly in the on to win another ACC title and together the playoff and I was wrong you're picking all the I felt like. You know I'd I didn't know enough about what's you have to watch and gets Vietnam. You know I I'm a believer down with the for the watching the tiger what little this week. Who wins that one. Got to pick. We and go to class advocate that if I'm not trusting global offensive line Lamar Jack is certainly has more capability that you're at a but defense in them on the road you're gonna go global when you got to play deep August. I don't know how will Mark Jackson bought himself. Is going to deal would generate enough points to beat. Close and now it's global and go up now on the field and duke football which is to Bobby Petrino coached team and they do great following stop. You know. Discourse and have a fire power to win issued out. You know that could be another big question but right now topic what they can be a lot like LA if you lose a ballgame ballgame last year where. In their public view one and twenty to nine. You know of the tiger or something like 4410s. And it'll be a long long day for good and the highs true. And ten points at home for Louisville a night time. Yeah I mean it's I think club since font is that common that you beat a team with a guy opera ball mark on. You know I don't have space levels you'll be able to run with the erratic action or throw it consistently. Against that far so then that means they're just gonna kind of travel at Lamar Jackson dance around it and that's a recipe for disaster there. I just after watching clips and against Ballmer the I'm a believer also. You know Woolsey. We'll see how plays well I was wrong last week at doron this week but I I don't have much faith even a little more Jack in the little doorway beginning. All right check out the coverage and gamecocks in the big spurred dot com their loaded with a ten though we certainly can recommend that thank you JC. Take care JC sure with the big super dot com back in a moment in the huddle you wanna jump onboard phone lines open. 8444773776. Stay with us. But he just think about OJ sees projection of ten points of offense from Louisville Saturday night. At home. Describes them points that's. Only my daughter was now. I finally I simply disagree with that I don't think he's gonna honed down that much or they're going all the domino much Nolan. Coached employees are little I could see it. Tim points. Could see it but don't agree with them just to agree with them all I don't mean OK it's very rare that he and I do agree. Kerala. GC but you know that's fine. Exactly he hit a good job does exert much. Ten points listen you know his the analysis of what he brings. Is legitimate. When you have issues. You know everybody's talking about the weakness of this level our offense is their offensive line I'm telling you that your. Really they are really bad. And he brought that point open I agree with that point so you know he reference to what L issue. Did tool last year. And this see here's the thing. Kentucky held him down a little bit Houston. Holding down a little bit as more Houston and Dallas yeah it they put thirty you don't Kentucky. Obviously lost. Writing laws but it was more Houston and I get this Louisville battered this year are worse worse firsthand what was the score last year between it was they scored 36 points on Clemson last year at Clemson that's my appointment could be worse still scored in the twenties there escort him. Mean I don't think they will but I don't think it's I don't think it's forfeit of him making that. Prognostication. It would it would not surprise me if he was right. Because he is right quite often and I think he's rooms. 4236. Last year shoot down and so the offensive line was Agile or better last. It was a little bit better than what it was last year but look how how little a little bit better levels. Or twenty points off five punts and turnovers. That game was headed to be a blowout as well. And Clemson put the ball on the deck and allow them to school. So you know there's that angle to last year everybody wants in her somebody around. On another show talk about it all what this global team was one play away well. It got to that point because Clinton had to play bad. And they played bad Gregg made a great point to start the week. You know how many teams give up five turnovers and still win. Okay that's how good Clemson was they were still able to overcome. So when you look at his game. I don't think it's forfeits that. That of what you ACC and along that line now do I think that's what's gonna happen no I think it's. I think is going to be somewhere in the realm of 35 to 21 ball game. You know what can I think Clinton's goal of turning global over. I think they're gonna put a lot of pressure only do I think Katrina and company are gonna hit some shots yet they will. It you know Lamar Jackson is a good football player. And I want to take that away from him and he has the ability. To make plays but I'm expecting Clinton dominate this football game. Now does that does that mean it's going to be pinpoints a mobile I don't know. But I would not be shocked. If that happened. Yeah I mean they're they're blows offensively were. Toward the end the year with one exception they did only put 24 on duke at home. Middle Rossi is a kind of struggled offensively they're but they're bad performances ten points against Houston nine points against LSU all came after mid November. Right in what was the common denominator in Houston and L issue. Exceptional. Athletic schism in the defense of lines and Oliver. We get a look at central and LSU and hurled at us and have their own guys don't think about intelligence got six at all. Good what would block and that. Here is what Doug Kirk herb street to be a speed and sells about Lamar Jackson going into this game. Last year ability to run and throw. Big play ability. You know that we we I think in August a lot of people that. Tended to forget about him I think the reason stand was the way Louisville as a team finished. Lost their last three games after a nine and one started their first and those first in Iraq and fifty points or games but he's very excited. The last three games he was sacked 22 times they lost all three and I think people maybe forgot about how electrifying he is but. As we've been relying on these first couple weeks with the ball in his hands he reminds me the only guy can think of the last 22 years of doing this. As a quarterback is Michael Vick. When Michael Vick it was it to Virginia Tech. You just never knew what he was capable of doing when he had the ball in his hands and that's to me in the Mark Jackson you just that he's the guy that if you're an. At a party in your house and you're about to get up to go get a drink and his offense comes on the field you're I can wait you know just want more. One more sack because I want to see what what he might then be able to do so. Him against the Clemson defense this weekend's going to be a lot of fun to watch. At 22 sacks in the last three games last year. Welcomes an eleven last at eleven online game yes I guess over. And I will say this herb street out of his mind Lamar Jackson is not Michael. Not even pools. Not even close. I understand why he makes that comparison. But Michael Britain's bush. And I must say Lamar Jackson and spiritual but he's not in Michael he's not a Michael vick's play. You haven't seen him run around look like Michael. He similar. He's similar. I don't remember him Michael Vick when times. Nobody almost single handedly beat Florida State on his own can but odds are trying to figure out what special means to you mean you know I are real as high as well as it is clear opinions and Russia has pretty biased opinions special to me means. Special to me means this. Okay when you have an average team and you're taken to the national championship in you almost single handedly. Beat. One of the best teams that's ever been on the field and that through that Florida State team wants. They had like nine NFL draft picks and Michael Vick single handedly. Kept him in that ball game. Single handedly. Mark Jackson's not doing that. Well Michael Vick left Virginia Tech after a sophomore sleaze. Right well my motto one that you are some want more highs right I don't want and if it's if you stayed maybe but Michael Vick was different cat. He was special but I mean I you know I certainly see the comparison. From one lasting for more Jackson policy to do it against Clemson and this defense. On Saturday night I wanted to ask if he doesn't against Clinton as he special. Well not at Michael Banks category aren't aren't you know he he's here's what he's gonna have to do to get me to change that. Go to the national championship play Alabama. And almost beat Alabama. Do that then let's talk. But he was Michael Vick was like a 500 to 600 yard rushing ninth he wasn't he wasn't ready and zippy that's not nominees not a thousand yard rusher right. It was good. And he did in the NFL while it lasted exactly what for a while for law right down anyway ot. That's the fascinating story what does that global offensive line do with the clemson's. And is. Lamar Jackson upright enough to impact this game enough. In a positive way but I can't accuse it of being limited to ten points at home and not a cancer that. May turn out to be wrong. But I. Well it depends on if they turn the ball. He throws a pick gets under pressure they get frustrated. This is a pretty good atmosphere as far as going to upon mean just so yeah like I'm Brian it's gonna have to handle prize absolutely. This is a legitimate test. For both these quarterbacks. Kelly's gonna have to proving global rolled and hostile environment and lead the team. Lamar Lamar has a great game and global wins this game he will win the Heisman again. If he has one of those. 400 yards 150 yard rushing games and global beat Clemson he will win the Heisman off this game. Because they've moved to primetime and everybody and that's the way. That the media and everybody has built this thing up. The defending national champions the team that just act a law all over eleven times bully gets the most electrifying player and college football. If he leads global to a win and he has great statistical numbers they can hand doing next Monday. Carolina did last year exactly annoyed him finish exactly at 4447737760. Wanna comment what do you think. Those Lamar Jackson light it up against this clemson's defense. We'd love to hear your thoughts in the huddle on ESP in upstate will drop back. Buy back up attacks line at 71307. On the South Carolina Kentucky game text says there will be a lot of big time recruits now in Colombia for the game and that. Running back many snell is questionable with a rib injury. Or Kentucky so gamecocks roll 3410. There's a hot take from an extra 34 to ten. I'm not their scenario where that happens I agree can get away from Kentucky but. I just think it's a little less likely impaneled with the Jaycee is to be closer game than a lot of people are thinking. On Saturday night but we'll see how Florida State is practicing. The seminoles had a five day layoff because of Irma. Jim both Fisher said his team practiced yesterday. And they'll keep practicing through Friday even though the schools non session. The seminoles had their game against Louisiana Monroe canceled last week and in this week's game against Miami. Rescheduled. For October 7. What does that do to Florida State remind you could argue it comes at a good time because they got they. Young quarterback who needs as much work in practice is seeking yet. So does that Kenneth temper and ordinarily you wouldn't want a three week break in them early for the season with a. Yes that's too long. Wait too long yeah you're getting guys out there banging around Mosul with the rhythm of of the world yeah there's absolutely. Like jail like we talked about he's gonna have jungles gonna have to. Have a lot of good own good practice they're gonna have to figure out a way to replicate game situations. While scrimmage is down they have no practice our no class this week but they've kept up their routine as much as they can to keep things normal film study and practice times have remained the same. And practice the team always goes first team defense against first team offense and during game week. So Jimoh hopes his players will be game ready to get enough for teamwork out. He's trying to get James Blackmon ready to take over forty under French law with that injury suffered in the Alabama game. Jim both said the big thing is to try to teach what we do read your reads a run plays pass plays blitzes checks try to get more reps. Good on guild is what we're doing we do that even on game week to keep game speed and that's what we're going to do in this situation. Army down in Florida South Florida Miami has not been able to resume practice. And there is no timetable for Miami to start Mac practice. Because. There's a whole lot more power outage issues then Miami then there are in Tallahassee. Large parts of us South Florida still without power university is closed emergency crews are still trying to assess damage and determine. When it will be safe to return to practice this big deal men in Florida. Bomb on this kind of thrown a wrench in some pretty good football team's season not the best the most important thing when a hurricane hits but there. You know how layer just of this disruption. Is gonna say a lot of us think about Florida State's and Miami's. Success this year coach they've got to but I got to deal with this distraction it certainly is that. For themselves. That that's why I thought. That they made a mistake by not going. To arkansan planning game. Now I understand. With the players in the family's. And all of that and you wanna make sure your people are safe but I get the. If that does take top priority no question. But it was out of the state. And he you know so do live. Slide them for not of course not I mean you've got to take care what you get take care of home. But I think once they figured out that hey this thing is what it is we've gotten as much. Safety stuff does we can possibly do. Now we got to move forward with a because they have to make a day game I don't believe. And you you know they don't call off the season that's a hard line stance. To take but. You know they still got to get ready for the rest of their season to do as well of the need to. Doubt though the Florida State Miami game will be made a monopoly on the other on the Imus not gonna go back to pick out by did you hear southern cal did. You know they're going to play Texas this week it will be the first time. Since Vince Young beat the trojans 4138. In the Rose Bowl when the BCS national championship. After 2005 season. Well. USA put their game no itself southern cal but their game notes out and they said. The trojans are four and oh all time against Texas. Auburn's borrow against that they lost the national championship game and on right but they're four and oh. Against Texas because. They got in trouble lag year. For violations Reggie Bush. And they had to vacate their wins well we're gonna make it a loss to. But. That's creative like that so they took off the loss. As well as the winds. According to sports information director Tim. Tests alone the program was instructed in 2010. By the NCAA director of statistics. Not to include participation in any games as part of its official records and that included the Rose Bowl. He says he has documentation from a 2010 letter so that for the game notes on some reform noticed things. I don't know about that but it's that high profile game that was all the best national championship games that he wants unless it is kind of hard to erase it from them people's memory. Yet they can't. Maybe on paper catalog. You know the unfortunate situation where here. On Michigan took down the banners. From the fab five. You know it doesn't take away the fact that they do it right. You know it's still happens. There'll come a time when all these games are no longer memory than artists that. An analyst people actually resurgent I yeah I wrote us this way you'll be long ball but somebody will make it. You know. Somebody make the comparison hey look they did play in the Rose Bowl in the nationals in the national Jim one of the best ones ever and one. CU SC can't get over the fact they got beat by Texas. Is they just had that locked down. They just knew they were gonna win that game still Vince young children she'll. Ran at him. Great game there I you know I don't just blame them for known and if you don't get the wind you shouldn't get the motion with the losses but. I think he's pretty creative I don't know that I would say how what I just leave that note all while wouldn't say were foreign or does Texas. Battle the cuts and a right now given what happened there why there for an oh against Texas at least in their minds California. A four forgy SPS PM last break of the hour we'll be back in a moment you're listening to the huddle this is ESP in upstate. Everyone a bang your head against the wall at the end of your day just a go on some college team message boards and read for one. Alabama message board Joshua solace or you've called the myTouch. Alabama has a quarterback from Hawaii freshman named to a tiger very low veil a lot have a hard time with a name of an. Very low. Anyway he's a boy. So. This. Person called chat town tighter Alabama fan on the bam online message board got to be Sturgis. Well I'm glad you beat me to that. He says he said this on the message board. I haven't heard it mentioned so I thought I would address the elephant in the room. He seems like a Smart kid. So I'm wondering. Wondering when and a student and I'm wondering. How his transition. To the states has meant as far as communication gets a wife and it was not a state. A foreign country. Are we doing any thing different like special play books. Or relying on signals more when he's in the game. I thought I saw him point two receivers a couple of times. Defense is might catch on these pointing to who is going to throw the ball to. Imagine Nick Saban contentious other important who's gonna throw the ball and the possibility do. A company you. This guy goes on jet down tighter says. The only time I've been out of the country is one hours shipped and mama. And I was as confused as a Yankee learning to square dance. So yankees don't have square dance. That's not true I learned how to do that in Japan it's yankees don't know how to square dance. Starters doesn't know that Hawaii is in the country stop picking on start. Sturgis is not Czech town tighter. When you read this sort of thing do you actually do you ever wonder since someone out there are massive. No that's that's Alabama France and come on I wish I could believe that was somewhat good somewhat similar to make in this slump on oh yeah. I think you know that people would do that but. But he the name the heading for the post is to look Nash. Language barrier. Let me just say I'm happy for them at their football team is good. Does their fans are pretty easily it's a figure out authorities over there you could she's like no I can't say I can't say live. And how his transition to the states has been her whole life I just received this message from mr. Sturges on my. Yeah its archives is he counts on me he says bite me thought I thought. Additional mixer or go I decided I defended you stir decided I you know I told judge that was not use the earned not jet downtime in our pre show meeting Greg's and make sure you guys bringing something home. I'll say I'm innocent because good got back up. Jolly man coming come on. He's pointing to receivers. Gonna thought you this life. Because of a communique elbow languages and stick him when he's pointing remained you know he's speaking poignant Hawaiian. The ball offense took. You bring up a fair point on the may be may be assists ammonium some fun. I do that must start a message boards and just say it's too but I know some people who do that. I mean it's not that hard I mean I'm fortunately it has to be believable that someone in that fan base could do it. OK look these people poisoned trees. Arizona. Okay we're not dealing with. You know. The elevator doesn't go all the way to the top of these folks. Okay stops at about. The third or fourth floor. Room surprising your amendment Graham. Well let's just above the garage. So that's why I mean. Normal rational. Thinking outside of the other 48 state 49 states. My accounting. If you historical info exactly thank you it. I mean I understand why Alonso would say that the they thought paper onto victory. And Alabama Auburn but it's in the state. So. Listen there are guys who sit around in the in the U. Those tax and our tax line or or they get on message boards. Distill rile people up and this guy may be as dumb as he sounds or maybe somebody just massive. Yeah I need to add I mean these message board moderator to want to confirm. The truth. Of their post I wanna know the people are stupid as they sing yeah are you as dumb as you said amber you'd need verification of stupidity. That's a must ask for my message board. Falls to me is tough on this. But I think falls more in the line of ignorance. Write him because he he honestly not know. How boys as well it's going to be a legitimate he's an older gentleman because of the war that he fondness Branyan and so bragging that the possibility correct I don't buy it. All right Colin a mount. A 4447073. Sentiments and we'll see that if they poisoned cocky. And now. Abu Sweeney coming up we'll hear more from the Clemson football coach. Talking about how his defense is playing so far Holloman you BO clue really well. Will they pick up where they left off last week. Dabble on that coming up we'll check in live Jim's Oki Carolina Panthers radio network at 335. And we'll talk about the Panthers opener in their upcoming game against the Buffalo Bills stimulus in the huddle on he has been in upstate.