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Pretty. I am welcome and it's the huddle on ESPN upstate as Wednesday afternoon at September 13. Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips Alonso your tool for this afternoon. Will another football filled day every day is stuffed with football these days and today will be. No different couple guest on the show today JC server with the expert dot com comes on with a set 204. It is thoughts on the on the game Cox week two performance. The win over Missouri the upcoming game on Saturday inside the home opener against Kentucky. And a few other things with Jaycee and then add to a 335. Gyms are you with Carolina Panthers radio network comes on well this. Panthers got the opening win over the forty niners now it's buffalo. Come an end of this week and we'll talk to is Nokia about that coming up William Moore from Davos Sweeney from my yesterday. And Will Muschamp. From his press conference in Columbia. Coming up in a few minutes here also we're gonna hear from Bobby Petrino. Today coach of the Louisville Cardinals. And his quarterback talking about Lamar Jackson. And how he's just getting better that's what Bobby says. And part argument that based on two games. So far this year is certainly lighting it up. A curve Kirk herb street also talks about Lamar Jackson and Al east. Kind of a forgotten going into the season but not anymore after the start GSM. Now a little bit of baseball we embody tweet of the day and we have. Your phone calls at 8444773776. Or you can jump on board with us and any time throughout the process. In the huddle text line brought to you by Carolina coaches RV superstore 71307. You security asking on and on Twitter at ESPN upstate. I start the South Carolina coach will must champ. As he is ready for. The gamecocks third game two and oh record herself Caroline just bubbling under the top 25 in the Associated Press poll. Because 27. This week in the voting so maybe one more win and they cracked the top. 25 will say they have been. Impressive so far looking ahead in this Kentucky game and thinking back to last year and really three straight years that Kentucky. Has beaten the game cock South Carolina leads the all time series seventeen to ten with one time but the last three have gone to the wildcats. And last year really is our call coach on several straight years has been stopping the run up. That has been the problem. For the gamecocks will must Jim thinks they're better equipped to do that this year. You know boom Williams is a good back as well do you can't and it's known as well three really quality back. He doesn't isn't a couple issues no one fundamentally we're much better up front hand placement I. Those things they don't think they've got a good offense Wanda baucus and some situations that creates moral ones we miss tackles. You know one on their sideline and several late in the game. Force keeping drives alive in this situation so I think fundamentally. You need of improvement I think we have improved. Plain box much better. I think we're stronger. Our front seven than we were a year ago we got pushed around. Last year and and I think we've time. Is it will extra challenge week to week in this stark contrast and styles going from that wide open miseries for it to kind of the pistol. Downhill power in Kentucky has. Well I think each week just harnessing defensively it's offensively you run. Who plays you run and that's and you get ready for for an hour renowned. A pressure team. Defensively it's a new bag of tricks each week you've got to be able to be multiple in your scheme insists amenities things and did not teach total different concepts for your players. Within your scheme and system and as the hardest things to be a defense of player is to be judged week to week two different things were asking you and it. And certainly there is some carry over I. Our offense and Kentucky's offense in the run game and some some passing concepts are very similar. Does just like him back at the yellow box score from last year's South Carolina. Kentucky and seventeen that's in Kentucky win. And it brings back painful memories. Of the South Carolina offense because that's when they were floundering. I mean really floundering and they album memorandum are going to quarterback. He was fifteen for 3077. Yards they tried to run the ball with David Williams he had 33 yards AJ turner had 42 yards. In that game I and then the defense gave up 216 yards rushing to Kentucky. And that's how they lost again we think about what the coach says their coach of about better. Equipped to stop the run this year but certainly seems to be the case based on two games that we think they should be. Yeah when you look at you know with Missouri and we. And she state. I fall NC state should have ran the ball more than what they didn't. Throwing the football is as many times I thought they kind of got on balanced. A little bit of their play calling kind and panicked. A little bit because they did have some success. And I think what will means Bob better equipped is they're bigger they're stronger. Having another year in the weight program South Carolina is doing an outstanding job of getting off blocks. I went back and watched. Both the NC state game and the Missouri game. And there were times where guys were blocked on Missouri and NC state did a nice job. From a technical standpoint. Getting gamecocks blocked. Defensively and been. They get shook off and pursuit of the football made a play either foreign or your or one yard game. Oh whereas before probably would have been an eight nine yard games so. Their athleticism as a lot better of their speed. To get to the football. Is a lot better you can tell that this is your team. Oh with a lot of guys that have played in the system and will. From last year they're not psychic guessing. Oh what they're doing they're being very decisively. When you look at. South Carolina this dramatically. Defensively. You don't see many books knock wood. You know apparently. People think on the kiss of death for the gamecocks do and they'll oh but they haven't had any busted their coverages. They haven't had any busts on the second level of their defensive line is playing hard. And the other thing is I think DJ war room has given them an energy. His mic here Thomas. Are given them an energy upfront that I think last year. They were just got like well OK let's go out adds to our Tom knowledge to go back to the bench where this group loves to play defense they want to be on the field. And that type of attitude is in fact who has and then you've got young guys like jamarcus Williams. At the nickel and in some corner positions. So now will not happen to push and push and push. Effort in getting to the ball especially at the defensive line I think Dante saw your. Has turned a corner he's playing the best football. Of his life on the interior. Kim law has got to. Be more consistent. And what he's doing some someplace he's on block double. And and others he's kind of takes a breather and you know let's guys get into his body so piquant. Just get more consistent all and hey you know what I'm not injured global on the war can't get whittled my size. These gestures big and strong as I am. When I play hard every down I can be an impact player and then of course you can. I get away with that for some of them mentions god more and getting everybody lined up. And his leadership has just been spectacular. So. When you look at the defensive front. Oh with like here Thomas exceptionally athletic. He really stood out to me in the NC state game showed up again against Missouri I loved him out of South Miami when they recruiting him TJ Bronson. On whether to Gaza recruiting class that I just really really liked. And he's five and six foot tall if this kid was 63 he'd probably be it Alabama. But he's six foot. 61 somewhere in that range. In a lot of teams backed off of him but will say you know what. He's still athletic he's an effort guy he's a heart guy and we need that part of our team and he is just shall now. And these next couple games and I think that's legitimacy. Again on Saturday night too if they always say home defenses. Take it to another level because defense you feed off the emotion and energy of the home ground. When you get tired and I and I think gamecocks are getting racial home. If they win. When they will be three you know for the first time since 2012. And 2012 at three in a record was against Vanderbilt east Carolina and new AB yet not quite the the quality this year so this would be merely the most impressive start and while if they pull off this who went against him. Absolutely. I didn't realize this that I saw this battlefield in the espionage or somewhere. That South Carolina winning two games away from. Williams Brice is only the second time counting this year. Only the second time in the school's history they've done so only one other time nothing was back in the thirties. When the gamecocks open the season with basically two road games and started the year two and oh. So that taser tells you that these kids believe that it doesn't matter what venue their playing and they can go in and win. Yeah are looking at Kentucky by the numbers here couple things that stand out about them they're scoring 25 points a game compared to South Carolina was 33. But they're only allowing sixteen point two game Kentucky has been pretty good defensively so far. And they have had pretty decent balanced. Run vs past Kentucky 142 yards rushing vs 202 passing. In the first a couple of games South Carolina. Has been little more pass oriented so far that's really because of that first game against NC state religion on the longer 101 yards rushing per game to a one. Through the year in jig mentally has been good coach but he hasn't been great. So far no we've seen him miss some open receivers. And we talked about him being a little excitable to some this chance for him to law take it to another level perhaps at home on Saturday. I'm sorry about the phone when you indignantly oh yeah and you know I'm glad to hear you know we mentioned yesterday. You know he's got to calm down at the beginning of the game and just. Just kind of take a breather let it come to him. And I think will address that yesterday in this press conference is well aware. You you know he's still young player I mean let's be honest. This should be his freshman year I believe there in Columbia so he's already a sophomore at. 1819 years old. And he's executing that that passion which you policy. That excitement which you won't see. But at the same time as the quarterback you've got to be able. To channel those emotions. Positively and not get lost in the emotion of the game yellen will mention that yesterday and is. In his. Press conference that current rovers are actually working with bemoan. Okay look be excited get the guy's going to leave the team. But you still got to channel that focus on make him play his reads and not get lost an early in the ball game. Is there any. Set of plays that you can call for a quarterback Leland to calm them down when their excitable like news. Yeah a draw and let him get why it could. Seriously. I don't know what it is we saw with Kelly Bryant the other day Kelly was having a horrendous. First drive. He takes a salacious hit. And it kinda shocked some it's like you get lost. In the euphoria of the game and you can't focus. And did when you take a really good shot. Like it clears all the cobwebs out like okay. It makes you take that deep breath. You you know not to give in to the mister riady. You know chief of breathing. All right but that's literally what. Some of those guys need some time especially when they're inexperienced. To get them into the game and out of the realm. Because their their focus. Within or any good and David Cutler told me I asked him one time code what's the hardest part of deal with young quarterbacks. And you'll probably see me do this a lot in here fans listeners can't seek the wrong radio. But my hands are way out why and coach cook with explain it to be like this he's a Josh you've got to give them their vision is here. They're trying to take in everything. In your job as a coach is to give him a narrow it down to this and he goes that's the toughest job. That you have with young quarterbacks to Shawn Watson's got a deal with that in his first start on Thursday night. So look at her just they've got everything coming at him protections blocking schemes where the running back position is you know wide receivers what the defense is doing. So then you've got to figure out a way to get. Narrowed down. It's gonna come to Jacque in the you know Corel when women do your job of one of the good things that. You're glad to see is that. South Carolina's offense are manipulating a lot of these games formation. Of their Macon defense is defend. The entire field vertically horizontally the throne while screens up to the flat they're coming back withdrawals they're thrown the ball over the top. And when you can provide that type of stretch on two levels. It makes it very difficult but we Jake. Yeah I mean colts beat option let the defense of linemen. You know not killing but you know kind of attack him a little bit. Or maybe they need to do more settled to the C player. Play defensive tackle back in the ninety's he had the trainer come to him before now in the game the big guys like 68330. Pounds. The trainer would come to him before the game. I mean haul off and slap him across the place. I don't know if you deliberately it almost let that happen your quarterback. But he won't play in the national football league for a long time but you know sometimes you gotta have that to get guys to. To settle down a little bit maybe they need to bring in the guy that was. When that situation room and movie airplane when the lady starts a freak out a little bit. And then it placed on the deal holding yourself you know they might need to reenact I don't know liberal slap her overall pick out exactly it's just what income and a he's excitable he's a young player. The you know they'll get it ultimately with. I your thoughts on South Carolina Kentucky don't give Kentucky still no not a bad team come in and year there won't be easy. Take care business against Kentucky on Saturday night it's a 730 kick off at Williams Brice stadium. In Colombia PS and thoughts on the game Cox and the wildcats you can get or more when there's an 844477. 3776. Text line 71307. Come back in a moment and hear from Bobby Petrino. Go to Louisville Cardinals today host the Clemson Tigers on Saturday night that's next just underway here in the huddle on ESP announced. Back in a huddle ESPN. Upstate. GMAC coach Josh Phillips and Alonso. Coach you just pointed this out to me now looked it up the passing of South Carolina football great Alex Hawkins. He passed away as it was yesterday in Columbia. At the age of eighty he was an assisted living there. And down. I don't know how many people will remember Alex Hawkins as he goes way back but dom he was in the 1958. ACC football player of the year. For South Carolina played offense defense and kick extra point that's pretty good. Back when you can do that led them in passing and receiving. And scoring and punt returns and interceptions and one time or another over his career itself Carroll on third team all American 1958. You finished with 17160 yards combined rushing and receiving in his career back when numbers were smaller and though I'm reading get 3004000. Yours and those days. But there when it was hard to do so what are your about Alex talk. Well they are remembered from the old NFL films win it when I was growing up and I would watch. It you know. Old defensive guys and you know old players and you know he was always a part of those NFL films he played for the Baltimore colts. Under Don Shula and he was tossed it every time he was on there was some type of crazy Joseph. Or something it in our number one they used on the story he went out of the kick because he was a captain but is there play in the mayor's. And the Chicago Bears come America's comes out in the official says okay captain Hawkins made the call and buckets looks over and says captain who. You know so he just had one of those jovial funny. Com he was kind of like. Are our baker believe it was played for the colts. Art Donovan excuse me art Donovan the hall of fame tackle he just died a couple of years ago. That was on the same team and what do what a cast of characters. That they have. All that Baltimore. Fifties and sixties cult and the funny thing is he was coached by Don Shula Don Chu is out lifted out living his home. Players about them you know he's still going pretty strong yeah. Hi Alex Hawkins wrote a book called my story and I'm sticking to it. In 1990 and Colin writers of the country singer turned that into hits off of our Internet title and a bit Alex talk in the royalties on that article as particle. And now a story in the state newspaper back in 992014. Said there. There may have been better football players at USC and more colorful football players a USC but when you combine the two. Skills. And shenanigans. He stands along. A great football player and funny and entertaining so anyway sort hear about the death involved. I'm Alex Hawkins yesterday in Columbia. At the age of about eighty onto what does that about you when you done gentle hills and shenanigans to other details about us comedy talk. I don't know what is it what was that old laws of war and all that well no you guys the country music don't you. And so strong lower pay my number for on the Alonso hates him as deter us. Not just congress because hatred. Maybe bad maybe when I was playing there were some shenanigans but as. I equally in juniors and all my rowdy friends of settled down items now. It's a it was quite the character forum the NFL and for the university of south Carol yeah that's what are remembered him for me you know they would have more Mosul old NFL films. Shows and interviews and he was just. Hysterical he get a chance go to YouTube and in YouTube Alec and Alex falcons on an NFL films it's it's must see television. In a Lombardi undrafted amending cut him. And the and doubled the goals so it really started out the Packers won the nonstick there. ID 444773776. Text line 71307. With little hosting Clemson coming up on Saturday nights that Papa John's cardinal stadium. All eyes are on Lamar Jackson Heisman Trophy winner from last year and off to a hot start this year for a little. Bobby Petrino talking this week about his quarterback says he's just keeps gotten better. Yeah I mean he's he's ever hit play here. You know you watch in the other day ago like while this goes pretty good. John and all over the place in these Ronan for touchdowns and but to be able to have that poise in the pocket and feel and see it in them this quick release and accuracy. You know says so a lot about his maturity and how far he's come in his game he's just getting better as a quarterback you know your Billy did. To throw one ball so hard sell Hummer. On the ability to take some time off of that familiar Joseph the seam route. The deep post you know you see in all those things. Show up and all the things that he works extremely hard at all the time I'm proud to see it show up on on the field with him. Because it's a credit to how hard he works. Bobby Petrino they're talking about Bo Lamar Jackson you know I'm certainly Lamar Jackson. It deserves all the attention he's getting a little has good tall. Big receivers so that's a strong point. After that. May be a little sketchy in some positions coach. Talk about offensive line talking about secondary I want things about the secondary is. Got an. And I don't know if they'll play Saturday night or not that's not been confirmed its day today according to Katrina now says he is making improvement. But he hasn't knee injury suffered in the first after the season opener he did not dress for last week's game. And North Carolina and he's uncertain for the Clemson game he was a pre season first team all American five interceptions. Last year if you remember joy here Alexander had two interceptions and glancing at yet. They won't miss him if he doesn't play Saturday. You know big time and and that's something that you think that. Clinton's going to be able to exploit the you know their offensive line. Is not very good all across the board not just one position it's that they struggle. At all at all five positions on the offensive line. In the running backs have been pretty good lately there wide receivers are big they've got a couple of guys that are six foot five. That are out there that are really good one of them really do like I can't remember his name off and he played as a freshman. Against Clemson had a wide open touchdown and dropped it going into the end zone Papa John's so I'm not he's a junior bit in the system couple years. He's really good so they've got enough skilled guys. In order to threaten it but it all comes down to house clubs and going to defend. Lamar jars and do that would keep him in the pocket but it won't flush him out. You know Houston and and their teams at the end of the year Kentucky. They started blitzing him a lot of the middle. To get him to scramble. And get him off his first to read. But then they also took a lot of get a realist. With leaving Gaza opened in the secondary world war so. It's one of those deals where if you blitz you better home. Because if he breaks contain easier gold throttled the top of you where is gonna run past you on he did that a lot of North Carolina especially in the second half. So he's an outstanding player. In will be fascinated to see what they do within at home. I will watch that they do you have bug good strong receivers that's right they've done something out of their running game had a big performance last week from Williams doubly. But come down just Al lay hold up. Certainly on the line of scrimmage I guess is one big questions Clemson should have the edge on the line of scrimmage yeah. They should is Vance Smith back this week. For the tigers idols was out debatable and certain zones or Olympia and he was out against Auburn. And cable on Wallace did an outstanding job. In his and his on the back end of Clinton's defense. You know they're gonna need more of that because they're gonna have to commit seven and eight. And they're gonna have to drop forty theories though if they can do that. Then they can then they can have success but if you get to interact. Man and he is spectacular he has been practicing management has been practicing so it looks like an argument which to go out and yet they give him back that changes what what they can do from a nickel situation. 844 GS PE SPN's sex line 7130. Summing up her tweet of the day coming up and more or stay with us Roland through this. Wednesday edition of the huddle ESP in upstate. By trying it out in the huddle today. On ESPN onstage Wednesday afternoon GMAC coach Josh Phillips Alonso 8444773776. You'd like to get an. A text line 71307. Addie SP in upstate on Twitter and I let's get to the tweet of the day in the huddle. Tweet of the day comes from yesterday. From bimbo where. Former Clemson tiger. News for the Panthers were while release there one out of the West Coast for the 49. Nimble where tweeted this. Yesterday early afternoon. Tim 34 AM. Signed expensive lease for my new apartment. 11:52. AM. Picked up mom and girlfriend from the airport to visit for a week. 11:55. AM. Got cut. As painful Matt Welch three minutes after he picked his mom and girlfriend up from the airport. Does that mean they did none calling influence. Customary gift from the airport. And truth to the facility in three minutes but they discolored but just text you and I. Things got my tax now on in assess brute. That's probably the ash technologically and ethical. You know when you go out and put money down now than when the united you don't put down on him he's from San Francisco man that's an expensive placing signs at least I would the sun is out with a little amount that you. Maybe maybe the other provisions. The forty non isn't sure probably the putting won't do that particular. Conflict hopefully hopefully there's a way for him to. Avoid paying any less harsh San Francisco Bay Area police on an apartment. Mean I understand why he's thinking that way because here we are going into week two. He's made the practice squad they've told him they're putting on the practice squad. And not many. People get cut off the practice squad it here's the other thing you don't make an answer for Cisco. Yes or no idea where you go McCain go the jet to answer buffalo where. You would say Jacksonville with a leading their lives. Side and so we have solved today got a tweet from Carell who said he really thinks that San Francisco used bull where to find out information on the cancer. But it played last week when it didn't help. Well got the info yes and they lost when he went 23 to 30. Yeah so good luck that. I don't know if they did that are non I don't know vote I would go that far but down. Now been nominees optimistic and I appreciate now. You know I'm sharing that time line when this because it was a totally about the life in the NFL and and it is it is brutal what the leases are like in Canada. Probably better than San Francisco Marshall probably the most expensive place you can be as far as an NFL yes it tampers with Josh. That's it you're told he probably one bedroom for. 18100 dollars may be more at its band there so anyway good luck to ban hopefully you'll find. Another place to continue to drink mystery tough foreign no questioning makes him practice squads but the play in the NFL. I'm not sure that's not necessarily in the cards but we'll see sepia considering going it sounds like he's set on doing them Milan try to latch on. Some room as much as he loves the game wouldn't be surprised if he ends up as a graduate assistant. On the division once that. On the before you know and eventually comes. Like I was coordinator he's going to be the DC Clinton Verlander and then coming about being on the staff as a as Wright Ayers right exactly. A 44. 4773776. Let's go to the phones doubling your next you don't. Does he does do. It but it does sort of look at you force. He doesn't meet robust public policy in her own pace he doesn't oval we will not investing at Berkeley and quote really important that the you know anti Yankee doodle but you've been doing all these. And he wasn't especially cliff note I don't know what they do it. Alternately quote. Trailing hitting South Carolina wins going away and. Yeah I mean losing its competitive. Didn't bode well. Not right that's right and then they've been playing the other guy the other quarterback just keep him ready. We may see some him if Bob. If they don't get things going with Bob Johnson. Surprised. It is not as well. Miller brought him in the third series drew barker. And I wouldn't expressed added that it it. I you're right about snell Ameen today I think that they shut him down and that's what killed him they don't have the guys that blew it lit him up last year so much. Those guys are gone from Kentucky thankfully as they killed South Carolina for a couple years. But how snell capable bike in non box him in but he got to think that bodes well for the gamecocks not a big loud crowd on a Saturday night. Some of that in their favor from tar like Alec to gamecocks stance. Gamecocks chance to win on Saturday night. And break this three game winning streak for Kentucky which just hard to kind of fathom that Kentucky is beat South Carolina three years and. Yes it is they do have a guy that. I think if Kentucky has success. Is gonna have a big game and CJ Conrad. In. He has a legitimate weapon. And he's a big athletic can Roland can block. Smells good runner no question about that. They've got some big for Syria to receivers one of them 63 the other 166. I'm on the perimeter. So they've got some big tall guys but to me Conrad. When you've got a mobile quarterback and you can flush him out that you think is I was finally we're talking about a team that. South Carolina might be able to overwhelm. On the offensive and defensive line now. And Kentucky's all socio Kentucky's offensive line. Holds up against the front for Carolina who's gotten pressure. Over the last couple weeks blood. When you've got a guy like Stephen Johnson can run around an idea and they can catch and get open. It can demoralize the defense old they're gonna have to just keep doing what they're doing enough I'm like you grade I think gamecocks beat on. I mean the two wins for Kentucky or southern miss and eastern Kentucky rise and they only beat southern miss by a touchdown eleven point win last week the kind of struggled with the eastern and price of this different animal like. Did this for some reason like you said. All the boys in blue they'd do when they see gone in black man it's like they go to a different level. All three years ago. Was the game that just I cannot believe. I'm here Williams Brice. With the big guy who's quarterback he left to go to Boston College. They would spread the way empty formation with him third in twelve. Lately game and I'm yellen he's going around as quarterback draw quarterback draw. Runs up the middle for fifteen in the run up the clock and like good grief guys. What what what are we doing so you know. But they're little bit different coach bill now than they are a bit different player. I take a break come back to wrap up our number one above hollow here on ESPN upstate. Coming up at 204. JC sure Merkel talked and talked football the sub expert dot com. That's ahead stay with us on the Wednesday huddle on the espionage thing. All of American man. Out in some Los Angeles. Guys put up a digital billboard. Taken on the NFL. He's gonna put up there for the next three weeks he's a chargers ran did not like the fact that the chargers moved to LA from San Diego his name is. Joseph and the crisis here's what Joseph did he went twosome to Largo funding. It fund raiser. In this campaign and raised ten grand. Ten grand to pay for billboards. He wrote on the go funny page this isn't just for San Diego fans this is for Oakland fans in Saint Louis fans your cities didn't deserve this most importantly you didn't deserve this. So there's going to be a three week run. Mir. Stub hub center in Los Angeles on these digital billboards. That will coincide with the three game homestand this month starts this Sunday as they play the Miami Dolphins. He said the owner of the billboard has assured him he will not allow the NFL to block the message. It's the intersection of main street and interstate 405. About a mile ahead from the stadium. And he tweeted Sunday. One of the bill he's kind of saving most of it for surprise most people his prize money billboards. He tweed one. And it's. It's a picture Roger Goodell. Pulling up two fingers point to beside. Him his mouth ball first up. And it says NFL no freaking loyalty. I love that you know it's also. The people got behind this and everything but what good does that do I I I realize you're voicing your displeasure you're using your freedom of speech which we year. Given in this wonderful country but what good does that I can change you guys mind no but. Well as Helen how could the NFL blockage must've paid the guy more money involved the billboard. Yeah can you do that let's go to contractor should have a contract. Shouldn't be able bid it out and take it back and the dust saying he wanted NFL doesn't believe contract. Maybe the billboard guidance. So freaking loyalty he says he's promising a big surprise on game day he's got five images for three weeks cell. Baby's gonna change the first one on game day. How far will he go. What can get away well. Policy Goodell go out and intake Sophie with the billboard in the background a switch should do the had a smile on his sense of humor handed that right. Follow that I'll look forward to seeing what. This guy. Joseph McRae comes up with or his five billboards racing one of them. In a film of freaking loyalty. The lights in the other for so easily get better. Before we judge at his Twitter. Name is SD signed guys San Diego assigned. But it's at JE MT 619 if you follow at JE MT 619. Grief following. We chat and wouldn't say GMT 61 of the moon earning. He has right now he has 17100 followers. What's McKinnell one more. There you go but nice to seventy you know to it was a seventeen no one. And NASA's fifth that Goodell no freaking loyalty billboard is the background forest with her home but. I like that. Silent cool like that it's fine man. At least speak your mind. Because this is America. And he's doing that. And you guys obviously don't appreciate it as much as but I like known to sit there thinking what can I get to go find me paid to do I mean you know. LS the other thing people do it for all kinds of really weird stuff and and a matter of somebody out there. Probably find it how to Simonyi flying your goof on meet great people but they're just looking around for go for me things to support. It just to tweet it. Let me OK I think he's waited mr. Graham yeah and then some other people catch on to a made Sharon along I guess. It's just amazing some of the stuff that people don't vote contributed to. So easy. These days just throwing out there and see what happens and yet and ten grand for billboard. If you contribute to go from the pages are considered charity can you write that off now while at a future. You're helping somebody else figure being charitable with your money towards it cause right I don't think Diaz the see whatever whatever whatever hole in one fold out spelled out for his billboard campaign I'm guessing not while. I would recommend. I'm not Georgetown it. But I'm I would recommend taking an after tax. That's just me. 8444773776. To get them on us here in the huddle takes line is 71307. Driven by Carolina coaches RB superstore use the keyword yes PM the at the beginning of your text message when we come back. British air from my JC server live on the show an expert our common talk about gamecocks rank Clemson with Jaycee when he wrote a piece on his thoughts on the Clemson Tigers. So far this year and Clemson fans love hearing from JC sure. They love for a guy with a big spurred our come to talk to them about their team. So willow let him do that here Kirk herb street coming up as well herb street has some thoughts about Lamar Jackson and Clemson Louisville game. So that's ahead Tuesday Willis rolling and our two in the huddle on ESP in upstate.