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Wednesday, September 12th

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Welcome back Dan as we head and our number two the Wednesday edition of the hollow ring McKinney Richmond we were Alonso here. Phone lines opening 444773776. Health they're text line 71307. Used to keyword ESPN's. I have another college football cancellation for Saturday. It is in North Carolina it is. Appalachian State they will not play southern miss on Saturday Kidd brewer stadium. In bone. Other statement from have a much estate says while the scope of the storm's impact in the high country is unknown. University officials have worked in partnership with southern miss an emergency management personnel. To reach a decision that is in the best interest of the safety and wellbeing of fans student athletes and gained a personnel officials from. Both schools. Are exploring options to re schedule the game so no lapse state southern miss in Boone. On Nam Saturday course already. We have UCF North Carolina canceled West Virginia NC state canceled he scare on number urging attacked. Canceled. Tomorrow night's Wake Forest Boston College game will kick off at 530 a couple of hours early. Virginia's game vs Ohio was supposed to be in Charlottesville it's going to be in national instead at Vanderbilt stadium so they moved him. I Kimmel and coastal Carolina are taken off right now at a but how about why we play in as a day game. I and they moved it it was going to be in com why maybe you know I'm lights and Campbell. Maybe. 2 o'clock game on Wednesday. How many people are in there watching that I. Need to look that up and Ali is on the deal on them. Well that was good for. I think it's ESP and three cells and you'll find the day it's not a big. Robert Morrison James Madison will play Thursday at 7 o'clock. Tennessee State in Hampton postponed both schools looking at rescheduling. Norfolk state liberty postponed until December 1 and that could be canceled at Norfolk state makes the FCS playoffs. William and Mary and Ilan postponed and rescheduled it. Charleston southern the citadel. Postpone the rescheduled late. North Carolina central and South Carolina State rescheduled to November 24. And Guilford Davidson moved from Saturday to Thursday. At 7 PM we don't have any thing from Clemson or South Carolina it you know they're making national news now because or by looking at the storm and they're looking at the major schools and there's an own self Caroline isn't both clintons and home. We'll let edited and all these other schools around now Clemson, South Carolina are canceling games trying to reschedule them in. Does it lead you to believe that this is going to be inevitable that these games will be canceled. And moved at least right. At minimum made time there's going to be moved the times via com that's the first thing you know adrenaline passed me. Like you guys in the path of the storm you have will be all right Catholic. We so we don't there are okay we know now that people from home contact I mean to install things like hey we don't know. I mean look we're 200 miles and running out of a South Carolina Columbia is not now that's really pretty rough and it's a night game that makes it worse. I just can't even being that they would. Continues with a night game down and plummeted this makes no sense to me right now they could move both of these games to noon I don't know what. Complications that will cause I would think many you've got gained a preparation judges Baltimore opera and everything scheduled smoother than you know but you know. The issue again is probably going to be law enforcement personnel I want them busy at ball games when you get hurricane. Plowing into your state an inspection as you know these name games it's that the bottleneck effect that occurs everybody's coming in all the ones early and it does create a little bit more. Of a demand on personnel to appeal to handle all of the traffic and additionally amp. I'm there was just canceled both of them are you. I actually would be okay as well. I mean look this is not. Again immediately without all understand and agree. It's not gonna make a difference certainly for Clemson making the four team playoff that they didn't play George's son academic indifference and in a south Carolina at a ball game it's not like going to difference for them either list that we're gonna lose this game. Right the South Carolina wants to get. Ten wins in the regular season and if they don't get to six wins because of this than Beijing go global anyway. Right. Yes well it's Ramon question so anyway I don't know rhetorical it was rhetorical and need to be answered coming Vegas has and a seven so I didn't lose a game and your assessment and act as if you know where argue. But anyway we're we're supposed to get a statement from Clemson today that's what they said earlier this morning South Carolina has not. Promised a statement at all today. But obviously they're considering it and again almost pathetic conference call. Earlier today in the case against along as of now for 730 on Saturday night so. That's where we are nothing new on that from mom either. Clemson or South Carolina they are starting to do some school cancellations. Have seizing in the upstate yet but top. Chester schools are going to be closed Thursday and Friday Lancaster County schools will be closed Friday to solve that word. You know it's not that far to the east of us so. We'll see where winning a whole bunch of high school games basically all the green book on games removed Thursday night they're only it's on here to talk about that just few minutes and a bunch of the US armor games as well including. Burns at Spartanburg and Wofford College. Will be tomorrow night we will have that for you here on ESPN upstaged taken out by half hour earlier than it would have on Friday kicking off at seven air time 630 tomorrow. Here on ESPN upstate what must ad talking football when he's not talking about whether. And he talked about. Saturday's matchup with Georgia South Carolina never really in the game and it's certainly got away from in the third quarter. Andy was asked about Bryan McClendon is offensive coordinator and how he felt about the way the game was called in his conversations with him afterward. I think he learned when you have success you don't have success he go back and when the even won the game big injury and yet tough loss you always. The value self evaluation. Very hard on what you would have done differently. Home and I think that's true of every game against expose a false. You know was obviously there's questions. So there's nobody does more harm himself and run you know I can tell you that enough. Been very productive conversations and then moving forward and you know then they went tune yards at halftime and it's really good defense. So we we just seem to more effectively as a team game defensively we have three possessions in the second half of 21 points. We get a huge chunk plays in the passing game what are we doing cover now in the slot and when dolphins won't. And then your battle the eight ball against two really good defense trying to get can't play catch up you're down to only for the and you know I'm 31 in his own football trying to we're trying to score. And so obviously we did get away from run in them for obvious reasons so. Home again it's a team game and we've got to play better as a team than we did in the second. This Will Muschamp if you look at two game stats for South Carolina you wondering how some other key players are doing Jay Bentley right now has completed does 68 point 4% of this past so you like that. 519 yards. Five touchdowns. To interceptions. There's eighteen and twelve last year touchdowns to interceptions for Bentley and so on he's facing a little ahead of that you would like for him to keep doing that maybe improve. A little bit there. As far as running the football. Hasn't been so good I mean Dallas had a nice game in the opener but they didn't have you running game against Georgia Rico down leads the gamecocks in rushing. With a 123. Yards five point six yards per carry toss some Williams is next with. A 108 yards. AJ turner only 27 yards only carried the ball three times this year AJ turner not figuring into the mix so far. For the game cock running game. A diva Samuel leading receiver in number of catches he has thirteen for 89 yards but it's been Brian Edwards leading in pass receiving yardage. Eleven catches for. 164. Yards and we're just three touchdowns and he goes Samuel has. Just won the gamecocks are scoring at a reasonable clip 33 points a game so far in giving up. 28 points a game. So. That's what you have I think the problem for South Carolina. Not great in the third quarter they've been outscored their 24 to fourteen. And certainly that happened with the Georgia third quarter push. This past week yet and I hear Will Muschamp talking about yet and the second half. Cause they were down they had to really start throwing the ball but. In all reality I don't think that's a 100% accurate in terms of statistics when you look at Jake Billy threw the ball 47 times but it is basically. No but I was at 31 times that he threw the ball in the first half. So. I mean I think they got away from the run and very early in if you watched that game the first five possessions. It was passes mean that first series is a pick six but even after that they came back on skipped thrown him. Yeah that's true. That's true assume with the balance is like going forward and again the Marshall game my not be the up. The game that tells you well with the gamecocks are gonna do going forward. It had all these home games now this would be the third straight home game for the gamecocks at the play this thing on Saturday. But after that you're going on the road a couple of times at Vanderbilt on September 22. And Kentucky on September 29 and they haven't had much success with Kentucky. As of late and we just saw Kentucky beat Florida so he got to be a little nervous about that I would imagine so nothing can take you might be you a bit better than. People had anticipated you were here mark Stoops and implement later on. In the shell. By ESPN is out where they look on college football at the break out player for each top 25 team who do you think ESPN chooses as Clinton's break out players so far. And I had not looked at this Sonia. It's hard not to say Kelly Bryant right now in which isn't just from an offensive standpoint when. They're gonna say that. He held the tigers secure that victory Alonso Wheeling break out player for the tigers and two big games. Not too big days of the two games to break out implies that the didn't expect them to play as well as they did her no because I'll tell you that two is the guy for Alabama so. And expectations are certainly they're yes so I wouldn't I wouldn't focus on that just the guy that has exceeded the maybe well I mean they're saying exceeded expectations in the they pick to a you know I don't know right. It's a subtle giddy because I know. Clinton's doing everything everyone expected them to do so I don't know pleasant surprise he's been a pleasant surprise take Hillary I agree with Richmond but Kelly Brian is a surprise to me because I cities who started the entire season or is it Leland fair. I mean he just dominated on defense of blind no no. No okay as a receiver. Now. He does he hate the so bad I thought. Trevor Lawrence at the at the I. Wound poem a but missed her I wanted to say that good ideas. Like there's no way they're going to take Trevor laws they failed this rights covers Clemson for ESPN here's what is that. He still got the starter but it's hard to argue that anyone has created more buzz a glimpse of through two games and Lawrence. He threw three touchdowns in his debut against Furman any dostum bombed a T Higgins on his first pass against Texas a and amp. Vegas corral the throw ran for 64 yard touchdown. Lawrence will continue to see action and continue to excite fans even if Kelly Bryant has the starting gig lock down. For the time being that this is to. If they don't understand we'll break out means I'm sorry break out as someone you didn't expect to do well and suddenly they showed up the nerve star everyone expected this guy to do with us. Freshman yeah they mean it there's so much time for I mean I know they're just here it's everywhere as far as he can I understand that it's one thing to have the hype and in the other to go out there and actually start performing in and in all reality he has performed by academy Kelly Brian he's starting quarterback. Two as a starting quarterback Brian running I mean I yeah I get why you don't like the term break out player for this. And that's what they're calling it now I think since standout. I would get it. I went to other public arena at a boat with Webber no no I still you can't drive but stand now least I would understand a little bit more. For Georgia the number three team in the country it's Nicole Hartman he certainly lit up the game Connors did for sure. 511 junior. On an eighty yard touchdown in the college football national championship game. He had six catches a 103 yards against the gamecocks and a touchdown for Ohio State at number four going Haskins. Quarterback. He stalled for 546. Yards nine touchdowns one interception in two games so far this season. I'm touched to see what I would give it in that case because he played in one game last year so you didn't know what to regain what this guy and sitting behind JT better so I get it there. And for rewards employees don't exactly what you expect after a Oklahoma linebacker Curtis Bolton. He has definitely being good you'd think they go off it's on Oklahoma but they didn't. He had eight tackles against UCLA last week and they have been good defensively. Yeah how can they not go Tyler Murray down let's come surprising move its project just looking for a couple others of interest here for Auburn. Defensive lineman big jet Bryant that's our big Jack big jet Bryant. That's the way they list him now on the Auburn. Roster. Four star prospect already has a pair of sacks. And helping net pass rush for the Auburn Tigers. Stanford it's got tight end Colby Parkinson. Ten catches as a freshman. But he's already made five catches in two games this year has a couple of touchdowns. Early. On nick percent tonight LSU always has running backs of the and Eliot nick percent. Stepan and forward Darius Dyson of course format before that sets didn't even have a collegiate touchdown to his name before this season. But he was part of the season opening win over Miami with a 125 yards and two touchdowns fourth in the SEC right now 131 yards. A game. Anybody Yeltsin major interest. As a scroll through the last year not. No ma'am not really for Michigan its defense of back Embry Thomas but they point out. Train aches and wide receiver for UCF Central Florida. A running back for Mississippi State am surprised people Colin hill. New feature back in stark billion the Kansas State game he had 211 yards and two touchdowns on seventeen carries he's leading the SEC in yards per carry average in the yards per carry. So oxman a great start for Colin deal. ID 44 GS BE SPN's could take a break we'll come back and talk to the Greenville county high school athletic director that's Darryl Lance. But rescheduled high school football games and we'll talk about the decision that went. Behind that's next with barrels to stay with us here in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Time now for our Greenville county high school report has brought you by first team sports first team sports now featuring 2019. Baseball and softball bats the best selection in the upstate. In an in house batting cage. And also bring you baseball and softball blobs first team sports by local play local. On the line what this we have Darrel Nancy's the director of athletics or Greenville county schools Coachella art. Underrated about you Greg thanks for coming on today you guys that are busy day dish at a meeting this morning to talk about the sub. This hurricane and what to do about high school football and bottom line is I guess surmise and try to play tomorrow Mirant. Yes sir we've met had executive staff here this morning about 11 o'clock and met for an hour did the best we could do can read good. Well the weather stations are telling us and the decision we decided to make was you know play also varsity games today that there were still available. And play no portion games tomorrow. Try to get them started at 630 it was a few that we could not get officials confirmed for the round started seven the just an effort to try. Didn't give the game citizens possible good kids home just in case the weather. It's worse before they think it's going to get works. Now when you have schools Rangel schools that are traveling outside Greenville county deploy you still get to move all those are set up for the host school. Well it's really proposed school. We've we've we've worked pretty closely whilom. And and even the ones that were scheduled for 730 days they agreed to move them to a seven. We've we've not been able to get innings before that but to. At least a starting at seven yeah yeah we'll get kids' homes and can't. And a green ball is going over to south point. Early they're going over their tonight growing. That's correct then they decide to go into that game in an. There's no restrictions on playing tonight so they went ahead and they're not played at 6:30 this evening. You can't and the reason earlier start times is assuming you have school on Friday you wanna get done earlier is Eric. Well you know we've looked at the projected weather patterns in the win farthest regions of the wind the course you know you. Who knows is just the weather you have to deal with the weather Eric. If one of the big issues is is buses in her bicycle one of their buses. And the Department of Transportation has a restriction on buses. That it has sustained winds of thirty miles an hour. And gusts of up to 45 mile an hour. Could lead to some issues what buses potential took over things like that. So you know we looked at this thing that suggested that the earliest these big wind could come in you know the very very earliest could be would be first you know I am now looks more like it's going to be Friday night maybe even Saturday. Sort of you know it's an abundance of caution that we do the games but. No he is just things like that you have to think about when you put kids as many kids as we have on the road as many buses as we have on the road in a lot of people don't think about. From that few. It's a football game usually play football game you have all the department transportation also has a restriction on the bus. And so you have to lose you know put that into the room the recipe of making the decision for the games. Yeah got Jim I assume there was a whole lot of disagreement about what to do here I mean it's kind of bomb an obvious deal in the. Yeah. Decided they wanted to make it a very emotional would rather make the decision earlier to confirm the decision earlier. But. You know the group. Right now and I we're not sure that person is whether you'll be much different from Friday's weather. But. You know. He is going to do it he coaches are real patient plus she's. I I heard that. Some other athletic directors and as hard either slow if there's a lot of moving parts goes you know you have to get your chicken people in your concession people you gotta get your ambulance you have your security people got to get all of those things and it'll and you know earlier is better. Yeah talk to Daryn a scream Johnny director of athletics for the school system here course we're talking football Darryl but there are other sports going on now what about all that. Absolutely so. You'll volleyball games. And and other activities are free to continue to die NRA and through tomorrow evening. What we have. Restricted activities after 7 PM on Friday for sure. So if there's a practice or work. Right now all you know Friday is available up to 7 PM but the weekend activities have been canceled. And as it does appear that. You know the higher sustained winds will be in the area last Saturday arraignment and things for Saturday and Sunday. So all weekend activities or even cancel I think it was a big swim meet. At west side aquatic center there was a big cross country leader result side. Doesn't go to big band showcase all fourteen banned from we will carry schools were going to be a molten. That has also been postponed. So we can activity down. And we have another meeting tomorrow at 3 o'clock. With the same the same staff that made the decision we've made yesterday morning at 745 today at eleven lead moral victory. To see if we need to do we need to make any adjustments or changes they hear. But right now activities. And there and the reason for 7 o'clock it is. Our buses. The last bus rolls back into the bus owners after taking some of the magnet routes about 645. So if that last buses there and we expect everybody else to be you know done and enrolling home run and as well. Gloria very good. Tom while a bachelor Paulus talked about the football season and now the county schools are doing here you've had Somalis some successes so far I think about though like travelers rest in the off to a hot start to get its gonna give us a recap Bobo what you've seen so far this season. Well I've been I've been really pleased. Obviously you know there's some real good success stories as you mentioned travelers real salt for. Could in which first time in four decades they've been for no and got a chance to go father know obviously would not a rival game against blue ridge tomorrow. Excuse me Arsenio Christian. The assault Hillcrest mall in game two very athletic very physical pain so Crist came out all the talk and that inflation and they really do that then you're really good. The Greer is for real yeah. They they are deep they are athletic they are skilled. I mean clearly they're they're they're well coached among all that so Greer Greer really good. The green block gaps it is forced to watch and he's excited to watch that. Of the quarterback obviously silently were committed to Pittsburgh really really strong. Absolute solution real good start here for personal folks. You know and and on the other end of the spectrum we've got several new coaches who are in the process of rebuilding programs and you know I didn't. Carolina almost you know pulled the triple without feeling like they went to reduce the Rio to try to break a losing streak. And yeah I think they've got a chance to move to really come home and do well. So we were excited about well we got the thing I like is that. But I everywhere we've been every game up into and not try to go to Q every night try to guess the first cattle born and then second half of another. It's just there's the excitement the energy independence the way we can compete on the field and great. Now Darryl did you graybar games back a few years ago on armor going over to south point it was a little tough because they had a guy named JB entirely over their who has little disruptive but de south one. I won't think so I mean offensively I think they're there. They were just saw points in the shooting give quarterback will come there to get the ball off I think they'll be great if they'll be fine they're they're defense is is good that they're here but probably not quite as good as there is enough sense. But you know. If in the middle of the week is going to be a little different for both teams to play on Wednesday afternoon Wednesday night. It'll almost drive but you know those kids have been there before and the shouldn't be intimidated by other years of the facility or the crowd in the nose that. You know they've brought killer beats up close they they've got to Alter their human. Would it be great game. Don't agree with the I'd so love nest there'll Lance Graeme Johnny director of athletics so basically. If you're Republican and high school football game involving a Greenville county school other than green Ohio which is tonight. A plan on being tomorrow night in check on whether it's you know 6:30 or 7 o'clock game but probably starting at one of those two time during. Yeah all of our in the counting games that we are hosting Russia expert extortion. We have Pickens is going to be at seven man's got Hannah that's going to be at seven Malta and again he's a sudden we can't let a large as seven. The only the only anomaly there shall president Dorman and that's seven birdies start because as TV game because they don't they are working to get that moves to seven as well. But it just that you're going to a game in the Caylee tomorrow night they're all the started 630. Good stuff narrow we appreciate it thanks for check in immodest but a great airline all right Darryl Lance remote county director of athletics so laughs that's the story on remote Johnny high school football basically. For the most part all high school football in the upstate. Now being bumped up to Thursday if not Wednesday the two Wednesday games that we know about tonight. Graeme Le south point to 630 in 96 will play at mid Carolina. At 7 o'clock tonight we get any more around. Updates will let you know once been moved to Monday Ware Shoals hosting Camden military Monday at 6 o'clock so it's all because of hurricane Florence which continues its trek toward the Carolina coast. 8444773776. You wanna get on with us the health there text line 71307. Back in a moment Tony SP in upstate. So an update on Florence the winds have decreased to a 135. Miles per hour now they can go back up. But the windshield. Has increased. So law decide the size of the sling basically lay over the top of both careless if you look at huge just you pitched. The Euro map brings a little closer to South Carolina and that brings more wind and more heavy rain but dumped still basically the same deal here and again it's I guess down to a category three officially now but. Expected to be back up to a category four before it reaches shore among we will see about that it's big it's a problem. Spate of problems the Panthers have an offensive line problem low breaking news here that. Ray turner profit sublime and again concussion protocol. For the Carolina Panthers. If about the Panthers in the falcons. This week falcons have their own injury issues on defense has been additive linebacker and a San Diego and a quarterback camp so mom. I don't know but the panthers' offensive line. Kind of banged up and a little bit of a concern trait turner being in the protocol doesn't help it's Wednesday. Any chance he plays on Sunday. Is. An engine does. Yeah I think he does too. Ron Rivera said he came in this week not feeling well was placed in. Protocol they're working out so we'll tell load Brendan may end entirely Larson right now right guard. Casey tango. This weekend. Mum. So if you're a large guy in the listening area go hang out Charlie you know we're now nick probably you'd like probably you in this big game this is Atlanta mean. Need to beat falcons rank and in this is a really big game for the falcons goes down falcons go down go into I think history shows is that. The close to over. I think it's over 80%. Chance that you do not make the playoffs if you start the season went through the oh into is not good that's right bottom of the percentage on them but yet you don't wanna start. I went to. By the way Ron Rivera said today the Panthers had several contingency plans in place with hurricane Florence looming this teams and Atlanta. Magazine thread to a so I think some of the models showed them Atlanta was going to hit him. And well in terms of an -- hit it's just that big wide. The manager talking about they're gonna get a lot of heavier rain right whatever is left by the time it gets into bomb Finland that for. Well they still fly out from Charlotte right. Probably typically do but that does mean I have to write pretty easy but tried to. I'm just saying maybe stop about leaving early years and and maybe they just will consider. Travel plans that kind of thing but them. Ought to be able to get that. That. Game in on on Sunday but the falcons and the Panthers but we'll wait NC. About that Ben Roethlisberger. Does not expect to miss game time because of his bruised right elbow. He was talking. Today in advance of their matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs. He says. He does not plan on missing any time Roethlisberger often gets a veteran day off during Wednesday practice. Heard his elbow on the second last offensive play during their big 2121 overtime tie with the browns. If he she loved the time deficit at a game just because of that. All of the veteran days off day like that are better in it's been like that and you take a little time you're not then. Arafat Arafat at. It's you all are we say you are there and it did but it veteran Israelis. Mike Tomlin said the team will monitor Roethlisberger is progress. Called the injury bumps and bruises associated with football. That's usually what Mike Tomlin says about minor injuries bumps and bruises associated with football. Your backups are Josh dobbs and Mason Rudolph. They won't likely get the practice reps today Roethlisberger focused on turning the page. From that performance I Cleveland you know is not just that they tied Cleveland is getting batteries that could turn the ball over six exactly you know. I had about them they should have won that game and had a game. He had three interceptions and not to Roethlisberger fumble so he was in all five of those turnovers. Good job and how would show up on Dick a practice our veterans day off to. Roethlisberger said that's last week we can look at it. But he got to move on got a game this week we did our film study now we're focusing on Kansas City. NC better beat Pittsburgh this week. The way of Steelers reply yeah I agree that better feel they should be. This week on the way they're planned but we'll see panic in my homes have two good games in a row. It's a question. Nick falls continues to get the starting nod for the Eagles no change they air he will start at least one more week according to Doug Peterson Carson winced. Still not cleared for contact so foals will be under center for the road game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The most common prediction. Among those weighing in on the quarterback situation is that Wentz is back for week three when the Eagles host. The Indianapolis Colts but nobody knows that. So we await and see. Reigning Super Bowl MVP falls knots in top form in that opening night win over the falcons nineteen for 34117. Yards. And an interception. Says the timing might be a long lost but we'll see hopefully he says they get better they're facing a Tampa Bay team that lit up the scoreboard against the saints with 48 points. On Sunday. A 444773776. The health they're text line is 71307. Gonna hear from the head coach of off Kentucky. Mark Stoops got another win over Florida for them last week. NASA had as we continue to look at. College football schedule for the weekend we come back in the huddle on ESP in upstate. But back in the huddle ESPN upstate three questions at three coming up. Rich take on sports. Coming up Richmond you were out yesterday we talked a little bit Alonso an idea about Serena Williams and her behavior at the US open. With the umpire Carlos Ramos did you get to watch that live or Dalai aids Ohio I. Of the other replays are you think you OK with Serena are you are anti Serena behavior here. I'm somewhat on the fifth here. 'cause. I really don't have a problem with her. Having some type. Emotional reaction back to the the umpire. But it I do feel that. She tried to put the spotlight on some than Morse code then. Just her frustration and be an upset sexism yes he's added about sexism that's right and and that's where it. It didn't seem. For me authentic. From that standpoint. The umpires tennis umpires are so upset about her behavior they are considering boycotting her boycotting her matches. In the wake ever confrontation with Carlos Ramos in the US open final the times of London reports. Officials are not only talking about boycotting Serena is matches there also looking into forming a union now so she's got an imperfect. And a low bit of an overreaction. Audi and I think it's an overreaction that they would boycott her good grief guys if you wanna come onto our. Orgy far. Are they demanding an apology and does not zealot they need if she apologizes will name. And I golf. No zine thing about asking for an apology. Officials with a women's tennis association and the US tennis association have backed up Williams claims of sexism. Bad has angered umpires one unidentified umpire told the times that the US TA had not supported umpires. They Ramos had been thrown to the wolves for doing his job. And is not willing to be abused for. The international tennis federation defended Ramos on Monday saying his decisions were in accordance with the relevant rules he acted. With professionalism. And integrity. The guardian reports umpires feel Ramos was hung out to dry for 48 hours no one is standing up for officials. That sentiment has led to renewed talks among umpires are forming a union course that idea has been around. For years the tournament referee's office find Serena 171000 dollars for her infractions. And there's been a ton of debate in the tennis community Martina Navratilova wrote in the New York Times. That Williams should have shown respect for the sport we love so dearly. Others including Billie Jean King Chris ever criticized Ramos for the way he handled. The situation you're yesterday. Richmond we had a caller call in sick basically. Making that call that official Ramos making that call in that situation is kind of like calling traveling on Michael Jordan in the final ten seconds of a playoff. I don't know. I mean it yeah it goes uncalled. Sometimes. Yet at the same time. She knows the rules and you know she smashed a racquet and when they do that from time to time I get that. I just. I just didn't love the behavior from Serena. You know and and I don't know if the sexism call is legit or is a legit I don't know enough I'm not close enough about it to know that another cold some stuff. On Nam you know some of the other male players. Maybe they win a little further with her this guy has a history of making some of these kind of calls that he does. And now the officials are saying you're throwing us under the bus when we're just enforcing your rules. Suing Athens. And we see this in other sports though some of these calls are subjective and even from the standpoint of even looking at say in Major League Baseball. Sometimes managers can get away with yelling and screaming and and sometimes. It just takes one look almost thing guys get thrown out it's that subjective it just depends on a lot of different factors and that's RI and to your point I'm not in tennis enough to know. How it is between the men women and men and terms of how much leeway they have and how much they argument and in that. Every other aspect of tennis it's. Probably the most equal sport they get paid like. Male players do women's tennis players in the money as they're going to you know but you know could there be some sexism among some official I'm not prepared to say. There could be deadly not deny you know again I am neither that's just unfortunately that's human nature you know and again my point yesterday was I hated it for Naomi Osaka who won the thing in Canada overshadowed. In mr. That's. A little bit of a concern for me and she did calling I'll liar a thief that's pretty strong. But you know Hillary where it was also though the point to where Serena saying that. She was not cheating you're not getting coached and the commission it just says. Guess yeah Dylan good all the time but apparently that happens frequently to their coaches up in the stands and they are trying to send signals to players all the time and it gets overlooked a lot so. You know not a simple thing here but the officials are obviously pretty upset about it. And now yeah I think it's inherent to the difficulties of the rules via. If your break in the rules that often problem which ruled when you don't foursome when you're not a foursome. Ams a lot of sports your right about that three questions at three coming operates steak on sports coming up. As we head to the third and final hour of the huddle on ESP in upstate Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver Alonso. Back in a moment for the Wednesday editions so don't go away we'll be right back.