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Wednesday, September 12th

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Welcome into the huddle this Wednesday afternoon it is September 12 Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso here. On a day though should say oh week in which the weather will dominate. Pretty much all aspects of our lives. Including DO sporting world so we'll talk a lot about that today and hurricane Florence weekly update on that some. Moose have been made some more still to be decided about football game spore. This weekend which of course is not. The biggest of priorities but we are sport show so we'll talk about that coming up give the latest on that today in fact done Darrell Lance the Greenville county. High school athletic director will join us about 220 to talk about the decision that they made today for high school football. Ingrained counting. But to Tony this afternoon also today and 130 we have a Heisman Trophy winner on the show life. Geno tour and a don't you. 1992 Heisman winner. He'll join us and we'll talk in about college football to looking for damning Gino on. Three questions at three rich take on sports we're gonna hear from Will Muschamp. About he is. Offense. And some of the issues they had against Georgia. On Saturday in the loss and down much more to the Braves to the Braves. Had a good day. They won another simply slumped to if I don't know what their magic number decreased by three and one day that's pretty good that's a good day. As a very good day. The and you nearly as many people have heard examined data guy analytics type guy like stats and that's one of those positive steps for the rays right there you gotta love that number oil there now loans ninety plus percent chance of vote winning. East yeah and I think they've got a legitimate shot that I thought that they would give it to ninety wins I think we talked about that random questions at three and I think they've got a real good shot damn I'm you know they haven't been on fire or anything about it. Billy has been so bad. It as a matter pioli has been really. I mean back it was Philadelphia's none of the last several weeks and you see how this happened it was really all about that. That built this lead for the Atlanta Braves but however they got they got it. And so there cruising toward the finish line here unless the bottom falls out and girl as braves fans hoping that doesn't happen. You can Collison join the conversation at any time at 8444773776. The health their tax line 71307. Start your message with the ESPN and more on Twitter at ESPN upstate. A Florence is trending. Lawrence is trending in a big way this huge storm dangerous category four hurricane. Is headed our way right now it's a link 485. Miles southeast of Wilmington so basically off the South Carolina coast. And churning in the direction of Wilmington, North Carolina. And that changed since yesterday is that. Some of the forecast models handed turning to the west's once it gets close to war on the shore near Wilmington. And down a Tug of South Carolina because that's where we are west. So is still going on in the general northwest direction judgment heading it's gonna take more direct west turn according to the models and affect our weather in a big way catastrophic flash flooding in major river flooding or expected. There is a life threatening storm surge expected to occurred near landfall and for sometime after what to talk about now is that just slowdown and crawl. After he gets to the coast. And that's not good just dump rain for. An extended period of time rather a couple of different forecast models on this thing one has it. Basically turning west in coming in low and another has a crawling down the South Carolina coast. And then turning yen bring it up through Columbia and both of those models basically have Pringles barber in the past but after. The winds have died down. So I guess. That's the good news by the time he gets here. Hopefully we're talking you know thirty or forty miles per hour winds top speeds but we don't know that we don't know that so. This ending deal which motto do you believe in the votes I don't know bottle on it verbally models and can't trust him because there's a European model like it Herman the name of the other but it. There's typically one net. You lean on more than the other at least what I've. Gathered up from whatever her other European model always seems to be a little more accurate. And that's the one has going further down the coast and then coming. As I understand but I mean if you look at this cone to cone of uncertainty. The entire state of South Carolina is covered is the ice cream in the Coke exactly. We're and it all of us and a cell looks like we're gonna have some impact from this and we're starting to see more more. Decisions on football games as a result this. As you might expect basically the story in Greenville county is that. All Greenville county varsity high school football games are gonna play. Tomorrow. Well there is an exception on Greenville south point and play tonight. In bag Greenland south point 6630 tonight. 96 and mid Carolina is at 7 o'clock tonight. A whole launching games now on. Thursday. Including but not necessarily limited to. Broom that he signed will be at 630 tomorrow Union County agree here 630 the plane is a little earlier too because a school line. As of now schools offer Friday we'll see if that changes. Berea at Pickens at 7 o'clock tomorrow burns at Spartanburg and Wofford College 7 o'clock kicked tomorrow will be on the year with a that 630. Here on ESP in upstate so that is a Thursday broadcast for us. I will move the Thursday night NFL game by the way over to one of six point three W or needs and I still available to you. JL Mann at TL Hanna tomorrow 7 o'clock kick west focusing those same thing. Cynic at palmetto 7 o'clock Pendleton had BHP's 7 o'clock. Easley will play at west side at 730 tomorrow. Land hermit Chesney is 730 Great Falls at Dixie 730 crush church at Blacksburg 730. Burns in North Carolina and Anderson bill at 730 tomorrow he'll crested Dorman a play that at 730 tomorrow. Chapman and Woodruff will be. At 730 tomorrow and I just solve the tweet on Gaffney Gaffney add Malden will play at 7 o'clock. Tomorrow. That's certainly not everything there are more will try to pass them along as so we get them. I don't see a whole lot of people saying we're gonna keyboard game on Friday night. To be honest with some. You can sort of assume. That your game is on. Thursday night English eager differently but now I don't think anybody. He's waiting around for Friday's weather with a high school football and that's that's probably. A wise decision. Come on what do you do I now look you know we had all these North Carolina games. That were moved. Because the storm was headed toward North Carolina. Like north Carolina Central Florida. Canceled. West Virginians he stay. Canceled. They moved up Boston College Wake Forest Thursday to 530. Com. North Carolina's probably lessen the path we are now. But nothing on south Carolina's game with Marshall tomorrow night I'm sort Saturday night. And nothing on Clinton's game. On Saturday afternoon. With Georgia southern we have been told by Clemson in fact they tweeted this earlier. That there will be. An update. Today. Clemson athletics tweeted this Clemson University officials are working with a emergency management personnel the ACC and Georgia southern officials in preparation for hurricane Florence. And how it could affect game operations on Saturday a status update is expected to be communicated later today. Will Muschamp at this conference call in Colombia. And about 1215 this afternoon. And repeated what was said yesterday and that is that there has been no change. 730 kick off. On Saturday night as of now doesn't mean anything. It is amazing and discuss it yet that's a hole that means. Pomp and look not a whole lot of people speculating about this and I don't know what to tell you is going to happen but. I can hear it coming that they're going to say. They don't want emergency officials tied out. Policing football games. When our big hurricanes hitting static veteran so you know what do they do do they move these games up. Kind of lucky with Clemson and South Carolina in a way that these are not the big games of the year the non conference games. The games you can live without a unit can't rescheduled. Yet play an eleven game season. You know really gonna miss South Carolina Marshall when Clemson Georgia south and. I think as of B ones yes they would be okay with. I mean I know you get some at some time. Maybe working out some kinks that. Were exposed in each game but it. I think. They would be okay not have to worry about making those games you know you might miss a little bit especially if you're South Carolina coming off the kind of loss that you need something to. Get to little more. Happy before you get into SEC play and sale Clinton I mean with the struggle Dallas Texas a and M. A gimme game came can get hopes backup yes. Again Vanderbilt left this for South Carolina now you know and vendrell won't be necessarily an easy out of Nashville to Europe yeah bill bill least. Play competitive game much more probably yeah I would think that Marshall would. I'll probably so. At least on paper it would it would look at that point I'm my luck I mean this is some life threatening weather that we're talking about. Yourself. I think in all we can say is that am I decided yet on our games and you know we just had this turn this forecast turn. We don't have any real change in where this thing has gone so far it's still going in the same direction but we got these new models out you know late yesterday and and early this morning they continued to say that when this thing is that the coast is gonna turn west. How we know that how we can depend on that when you're guesses as you know we still don't know and that's why. I think they're trying to be cautious and wait as long as they can at the same time they can't wait to write the threat so they are not bad quandary. And that's the thing with weather reporting it's seems it's a at a great. Evolutionary advancement in technology that at least we have warning of these type of thing we just can't predicted enough to have one. Understanding of resolution of what it's gonna look like but. Indistinct 57. Years ago or whatever they had no idea hurricane was coming. There's just sit and showed up I mean you've got to seize I guess the bad weather but now you had no idea what it was at least we have heads up now and can make some adjustments and I also think that. Does it put it schools in a tough spot. If you have 60000 people on your campus. During the real bad weather yeah I don't know if you wanna do that. On his own thing and about with particularly with the South Carolina game in Columbia at 730 on Saturday night do you want people driving home in a monsoon and you know it's not you know. Eighty mile an hour winds it do you still own driving home and until that type of brain and he. Flooding rain is I won't be surprised that they move that one. Clemson you know little less likely to be moved against but still good could be yeah order again MacKenzie just adjust the time's less and sending -- mob like oh god yeah up to noon you know they have which sort of makes installation do and they like getter by home before dark. I agree a 100% definitely needs to be in daylight if you're gonna try to play so we'll see. No decisions yet from either of those by the way you know we told you north Carolina's game against Central Florida was canceled because of Florence. This will not impact the expected return for those thirteen tar heel players who were suspended for selling their Nike gear during the off season. Cornerback chess or rad and six other players have already been sitting out. What was expected to be a four game suspension but the school says actually the discipline is 430%. Of the team's schedule now for names. And so now if North Carolina only plays eleven games those players still can return September 27 against Miami on the other networks. Has scheduled a shorter and they will still meet. Akron to it doesn't matter. Is pretty bad in this kind of an I in North Carolina this Saturday I don't know if it. Really matters. They're talking about whether they will add a makeup game to replace UCF. If they do that in the players have to sit out the next games so. Number you know reason not to do I don't know. Next game is appeared on September 22. For the Tar Heels. And how crazy is it that UCF is. Sitting in a situation where it looks like the rent two straight years of ants are canceled again and again I need that to make their case gimmick playoff anyway. We proved that last year with the they go undefeated that I cancellation each year but I'm meeting to make the difference in and year six game for the you know. Because they need they need the name games they stay up beating North Carolina is is you know a nice little resonating. Addition that could help them with the herbal. And they probably would have been closer. Yes I think they will and that's why I think the West Virginia NC state game that definitely has some national implications. They NC state pulls the upset. Right you know I mean or the West Virginia. Has one loss and could dead of been a a gamer they get a victory over NC state could that help terrorism as they're being looked at for potential bowl game them not third that was Virginia can actually. Make it into the college football playoff they have to have a lot of hell bent. He waited I think that is a game that. You know could have some implications. Guy NC state West Virginia say they'll try to reschedule. Seems I don't trust into I just don't know how they could fitted in gonna be difficult. The lead of course all saying yeah will will play it later if we can but in the back of the mine ethic ethic and it's done. That's done we're moving north but Virginia and Ohio we're gonna play in Nashville. That makes sense right. Talking about yesterday and that with a buddy I'd just don't. That is came out of left field for me well medals on the road so. They're going to kick off at 430 at Vanderbilt stadium Virginia and Ohio obvious free I think Portland about him freedom and so on my understanding they should know what is in favor but it doesn't aren't you go to that game preferring. PM meeting going on one for free price is right. It's up when that our approach is not a big game though it's not a good game and will be just an Ohio man has some good seasons. On Nadia that's the true richer in Nashville. Griffith. In the city's most high mountains like in between bill and you know when the weather's OK in a lot of he financial that's an expense for Virginia though. Map on that becomes a road game but there are a lot more on this that day's only Wednesday we've party and all of this chaos we've got more the calm before the weekend before the storm. It gets here. A 444773776. And help their tax line 71307. We'll be right back just like here Wednesday huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back to hobble Wednesday afternoon Greg Kinnear Richmond Weaver and Alonso. Geno Toronto Heisman Trophy winner of University of Miami joins us in just a couple of minutes here 8444773776. Do you wanna join us. The phones bring in Delmon. Today ideal that welcoming. I don't. We he noticed for the safety. Well opry Lebanon and eat it and under importantly on the wouldn't let a polite policy and I'd think you'd better though. Don't keep it. I happen it could open our current orders end. Arnold just our numbers are so we'll look urban policy USC Nebraska deal. People Gately is so that would delete Olympic network and a number I don't game now. In addition rustling or Guinea's he'll look at gates. Ahmad Al. OK maybe it's our our split up because look at order stated on local papers and it. And they don't it and don't be included right and they congregate or distance didn't you bacon or normal that you know total invalid and to put it groups responsible week. Yeah I agree with him Boise looking good this year to Syria UCF could use a game com and mechanical Scott frost. Let's just have that right of the incredible I'd love to see that if that. I really ruined by available watch and see what happens. There but down in all lot of open Nam probably questions about making up some of these games and this is is not going to be. Easy to squeeze a man but we'll see what the kind of creative things. People come up with. I saw the story earlier today you remember Sean Elliott. But the gamecocks Bosnia off and scorn for the gamecocks. A story out today. By Al Olivia Decker BSP and that. Or she's now let me go to Georgia State he tore his right biceps. In the NC state game. Last week an aggressive. Fist bump after a touchdown. You could cease John Elliott doing that game the way the Al bounced around on the sidelines very intense guy. Nice yeah I'm not stoic on the sideline. So Miami they play Memphis on Friday night and now we'll see Al. Sean looking Al wrapped up he has so slim enough so that means engrossed with this bomb mean somebody was on the other in the somebody who's on the other end Avaya. I don't know who. When they scored a touchdown. He got a little carried like he also talked about back in 2010 when he was a south Carolina's the offensive coordinator. It was the morning of the Florida. USC game with the SEC east on the line. He says he was walking around hotel room so nervous pacing in his hotel room he looked outside his window. He was right above the pool. Only see Steve Spurrier laid on the side. This chilling excitement still and unconcerned. No problem. Four Steve Spurrier at a courier had been. There done that before right oddly a little more a little more experience in that area that's pretty cool story like that. That's stories making. The rounds today a 444773776. And Don did you notoriety here in just. A couple of minutes in the huddle on ESPN. Upstate. A Texas play and am we've talked about this often on Texas a and M has beaten out Texas says the most valuable college football program. Forbes magazine has updated its most valuable programs based on estimated averages for profits and revenue. Texas had held the top spot with a hundred million dollar in revenue. Dollars in revenue in 201192. Million dollars in profit in 2014. They had autonomy SEC revenue when they came into the league and now a lot of athletic department contributions. Now Jim both Fisher told a goalie can wing go this morning it represents the dedication and resource is put into the program. So you know if you were thinking about. Texas a and M against Clemson last week we talked about the difference in the revenues that were brought in mum. Yet their number one now. Texting and brought a 148 million dollars in revenue a 107 million dollars in profit over that span according to Forbes. Texas was second Michigan was third. Alabama and Ohio State. Rounding out the top five in most profitable programs. Are we have by geno Toronto on the line with us AG Noah -- No money Paula to upload our there's no money you know I don't need to share any of that right. The fifth and that's what he's doing a profitable in Europe relate brought. In I hear you man well let's jump right into exactly I love this to veto that does not jump Friday that says the controversy. Gee you know drug early on 1992 Heisman Trophy winner you don't a lot of things novel things you're doing is a running basically a touch now radio network and we carry some games on how to get into that. And dark but I do you refer. Absolutely networks years back in my view nine not hurt them not urgent source spokesman discount extra mile to. Should rule over. A decade ago so to sort of schedule not in the spring in my eyes and trouble that. And go to games. So it's got to put on notice Auburn this weekend so a lot of buckets and a lot of low place in the batting pitching. The play that or or experience and not so great to. I'll just on the college football in the bustling up there. Indiana question will have that LSU Auburn game here from touchdown radio on ESP in upstate 330 kick off on knock. Saturday afternoon so give us your thoughts on NASA mile per close game. You know how I picked it. You know well accused went over my knee was good. But I think it exposed Miami's weaknesses. More than LSU strikes. I picked it you know Miami's black so a top foreign these foreign to him. Also supply and I expected. You know parole at Ellis who's gonna play a lot better than he has a man you know barely cracked it blew the 15% completion work. I'm he's got to get it going on you know that they have talent they have weapons. I don't know why you know and then you look at all her work with store at moment. Home field advantage and I mean are particularly in all the places. And people are just so what's your favorite place to go to. But all the home field advantages. Yes it'll all burn it is not you know at at our top two vote saying you're not number one. But every person's worst I want to one of Iraq James and senator Craig's and in a places it is definitely not out you know the teams girl. You know burns quarterback got certain Saddam I expected in Auburn Auburn gonna perspective they abandoned in the national. How about the view your alma mater there when Mark Richt me you know. Tough start to the season but are you concerned about a anything they're going to be okay this year. You know I if they have to get a lot better. Concern doctor Ellis you know them local and state. Which you really can't can't measure outside you know you play or reported on it every two or more on on our lumps. And the gain sole. There's concern in cost or no Lima to the deal. Are too big tackles a lot on the defensive line. And king mountain and just you know didn't employees there to the Arctic installer should. I don't know our schedule is is not just call. Not plastic armor were there any particular Lucy and you know tortoise would be truck there. They're Olympic game which you know for a state didn't look Bert or corporate people are a couple either show. There's concerning people are corporate quite hand and then you ought to concede a goal for them to win and came close. I think more than for a lot of people expected. Humble and their defense is foursome to deter turnovers a game. You know that stat that's bidding and I and I think what they haven't shown much here in new this year is. The key they have not shown I can win the game without. Forcing those those couple turnovers while that the corpse. Yeah I Florida State not very good South Florida finally lost to Kentucky after the I want 32 game. Streak so the Florida schools on not off to the best of starts everything gum kind of bounces back first out of that group Miami Florida State and Florida and now gets the ship righted. Well I think I think Miami just must look for a little more experience. You know or or statement that we've been coaching staff's been intact. I'm you ought to I think you'll we're a quarter Kentucky last weekend in it and I think Florida's got a lot of solutions. What Miami I mean that you don't coaching staff and Moline to our success. You don't know mr. staple for. But they're offensive line or a very good I thought defensively Victoria. Very open and also cramp among current and moan as the ports that are at or pressure. Sat back and and what can talk just just put their defense apart somewhat normal steps. They of course mark based on personality to want it to impressive when you get beat you know it plays. Both. It just amused. What sort of three schools. We all are similar ailments and it's almost like sort of Bob Barker ordered their game on what. Is finally time that. Every other school in the culture including Florida and take in players not a sport it's time that basically. It's hurt all three of these schools. And that the that they haven't kept the hospital are all grown on home and we go to. And we're continuing talking with a 1992 Heisman Trophy winner Gino to read a from the University of Miami and also. Founder of touchdown radio and you can hear some of his broadcasts and actually hear that LSU over broadcast game. Right here on ESP in upstate and she knows at Richmond Weaver coasting here with Greg McKinney and lawns and as you've talked about some of these schools that we mentioned. Seems that quarterback play is an issue and we know how important quarterback play is but there's also some of these programs like Alabama clumps and that are in unique situation of maybe having too many quarterbacks and can they play two quarterbacks throughout the season. What's your thoughts in terms of can that be as successful. Type of situation for these schools. I think it. It can be asks us. Only if there's an injury in the and you play the other corporate you know. It's obviously a lecture in heaven to all the bikes that are capable when games and obviously opened fire guys. You know and purchases and experience he's won more games to them and to a but sort of just an unbelievable. Dynamic playmaker but I don't know if anybody. And I can't remember seeing work. Had leaders. Arm all the program and we'll come back and forth almost their armor and won't sir. And then you come not a normal just to onto players there's an injury and somebody else steps and and you know he's he's opposed same level. Jailed quarterback in the team has looked the same kind of success I don't know if you go back and forth about it. I don't think that they're so where has shown us that you know what to going to be the starter and you know and and Jilin is going to be packed up on the senate Europe clumps and Carlos the same time they got their guy but 111. School that. Impressed me regional hospital one in you and I don't. He is talented and they get on the and I felt like. There's no way this guy you know you have to keep earns 35 conference passing records. Quarterback records you know what it at all our state and in on the Big Ten Conference. In mr. Heston comes in Baltimore. Well he's got he's got a higher ceiling and play better the engine acute burn it in in week 100 strong armed arch. Happily. Every every attribute you want. It as a quarterback. That he has so you know executed it's always good to have to what I don't think you go back important topic that brought it. Needs so one guy to look at all. And talking with geno to read a 1992 Heisman Trophy winner and geno then how does that affect the quarterback's psyche I mean you've played quarterback and how does that affect your play knowing that there's potential I mean you've got to come in and out of the series. Well I I think the coaches you Horry in the only time you have a competition. You don't want that there's a competition alternative you know the year battle on one main name starter. You know it's. Post coaches coaching staff set cold to starter. He's not on a quickly should play is free quality you know played. Because the worst thing you want an inch are starter over shoulder thinking OK if I'm aggressive with the ball maybe tipped and picked off. And I wanna sit on the band sort becomes conservative and a fractured decision makes all of you wanna I wanna play you know basically just asked him where he. And I picked up work more coaches realized once. But he's the guy now now don't take. You know apple that football means to you were up that will all. Bomb that up on approach Israel apparently. I think that so. Starter QB clients sector and a five minute warm straight come. And more or out out of us lectures. You know we're you able to watch the out Clemson Texas say an end game and if so wonder what your thoughts were on the tigers and particularly in that performance. You know what I didn't see it are obviously a gorgeous very on based on you know highlights you know obviously. How wise you know they're they're more about our country you don't pull out practically discount look at the same mantra make it a coaching change but. Yet Jim Bolton who knows dabble well Eagles are skiing well. So he knows every game plan well and we're on the won't mean we saw a lunch in Alabama didn't beat evil. And all eaten their door closed on the road and I'll at all. Genes are a lot better. Hole in the wrong role but expect that you don't I don't want it skill lies you know clumps in the news is more rescue teams. You know in the country. You know I think they're. Early in the season but don't look like there's something you're not written extensively on all cylinders you might make him still not orders. Defensively. Paul on that side of the ball as well but that's gonna happen and he picked that. There there there's so much talent so much weapons all and so you know there are going to be there to be fine as they continue to. You know an experience and don't get the start. For a let you go geno can you give us a favor and or two for the Heisman this year is it too early. Call. It a and you know it it wanted to let you know it. All ball. As well like. We're talking about the first game of the season I mean met you know I mean there's so I've been true to wonder it didn't have a bad game we're. In the season. That he won the Heisman Trophy I think that from what I've seen I think you'll. So passed and we'll probably have done a little bit. The end of the year as you know he's an easily deterred Kohler. On achievement I think it is counted as it is can be evil two is made some minutes and Greg Pauly some Maine you know in the games. Murder when I saw it West Virginia. You're able to lovers Stanford's the most expert backing we usually get a running back and armed guards at all emotional dark. Had some as some big gains or. You know to me at once worked through September middle October. And then you start looking okay which consistent. And minutes talking about middle of conference play anywhere and you know that dad used to have a game. You know to win the game and and and helpers and work ethic that bat. That's when it cute differentiator and I'm not. Welcome Mark Ingram back in the day and they're playing Carol shot on. And they put a quarterback and I think yet 250 yards on the ground and on her own quality equipment back and Atlantic palaces. You know cut its ties from mobile and sometimes I'd Mangini. Because you know there are going to be those control those guys that are. The best players in the country up shall assume prime time in but I don't have a lot of weight and you know I'm. Gee you know Taraji you know we appreciate him and thanks for coming on with a sold talk to you again. Thank mr. Pristina Heisman Trophy winner 1990 to be on the call for LSU and Auburn 330. On Saturday afternoon mostly movement. Right here on and he doesn't yet turnout upstate back in a moment in the huddle stay with us. Welcome back to the huddle ESP in upstate. Thanks to geno Toronto for spending a few minutes. Whether some. Interesting thoughts from. That got. Mentioned he's a pretty good on the radio homelessness. On the broadcast I was very pleased with his well of course you're quarterback choice act I. Estimating that I am asking Haskins flick of the eye and pretty you know I would agree I'm not gonna downplay. Haskins of these he does seem to. Have that it factor now we'll see what happens with this weekend TCU. And really start licenses there was no problem that's what I want to say yesterday when you're no no brother no raw or how game not even close blow out. Ohio State. That's what he says we'll pick our games tomorrow and he might be right actually. Can be four she'll bit closer game than he'd. Obama could Josh Allen has been named the starting quarterback in buffalo Helen didn't take. Point game the fact that. In a scary I mean technically didn't take a full game and now I don't think they knew in the first quarter. Yeah. After the 47 to three loss to the Baltimore Ravens. They the Bittermann is no longer the starter and here's what Josh McDermott said he said. I'm also need to elaborate. App. That's bad that's bad he said we talk a lion house about decisions. What we've got to do the right move at the right time. And right now this is the right move her costs but that. McDermott declined to say. Whether he intends to permanently switched Allen as a starter Willis can depend on how Josh place. I think Josh will be all right and you know does it matter that Sam Arnold came out and lit it up. The other night you know does that give you any more reasonably good rookie can do this. And I I don't they're great guy so I don't think you're really matters I think what matters is. When it again BP to make it out of it yes 473 reported that degree and it yes yeah so you know Biederman candidacy muzzle trying to right. Is Alan ready that's the question McDermott said I don't think he's prepared yet it's a natural progression during the week but he will be prepared. Yeah look he's athletic guy mom he can make. Pretty good intermediate throws. And buffalo had that 83 rushing yards and they're trying to improve the running game by improving the passing game and none of that. Last week so nothing to lose. And so you can't really be surprised. Right nothing to lose in this into which. Agreed only got to make a change Ali Josh Allenby are. Kind of liked him. In college whether he's quite ready or not we will find out coming up this weekend. Final break we'll come back here in the huddle 8444773776. State Willis on ESPN upstate. And now the Atlanta Braves have won four in a row and the Philadelphia Phillies have lost four in a row including two yesterday. And the Braves lead in the National League east is six and a half games six and a half game lead. According to ESP and the Braves play off percentage. The percentage likelihood that they'll make the playoffs is now at 93 point eight. The Atlanta Braves people. The Atlanta Braves. Are just rolling into home stretch here with no. Issues whatsoever in the season ended today that play Colorado. In the first play announcers like them rockets. It's playoffs got elected regardless of Richmond he knows he still surprise. Yeah that means he'll never has had thought and that that. Are you think it just doesn't believe. He doesn't even at that high percentage I think he still sitting there bullfighter to tell me there's a chance they won't make the playoffs does not true I said yesterday we had a question yesterday on three question on this well are you concerned and Hudson. I'm concerned the Braves are in the so good. Done deal done. Signed sealed and delivered it and then a they came in and hall and I could hear it you should see everybody should see his body language right now how many are not a body language. Expert now good enough I contend you know I I. Listen to tell Morton and there's definitely has told us that we have seventeen. Games left the treasury one a 64 so that's 14511617. Game mile per. Seventeen games left with a a six and a half game. Lead a mean look you know stranger things have happened. To stone. I just don't have any confidence in Philadelphia to do it that's the problem a lot of their last games yes that at the other factor into this is all relative based on the other teams in fact the nationals have almost caught Phillies now. The nationals are 814 in a row there eight back in the Phillies are six and a half actually nationals may pass the film. Before it's all over but dumb look the Braves are around. They are impressive and hasn't said yesterday pitching is coming around all rights. They're starting to get some hitting him places where they weren't getting him before like third base. So yeah like it where it stands right now. Atlanta Braves. Six and a half game lead in the National League east on the other side Will Muschamp game cock football coach will hear from him. House Saturdays performance against joy little more on that. And Gerald Lance the FIA director Randall county will join us talk about rescheduling high school football games because of Florence. That's all coming up and our two of the huddle stay with us on ESPN. Upstate.