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A 444773776. Is our number if you wanna get in in the huddle in this final hour text line 71307. It's driven by Carolina coaches are V superstore. And Twitter at ESPN. Upstate. SEC. Schedule this week mistake a look at that the SEC roundup coming up this weekend in college football. Not a ton of great games it's early season here. Just talking about the third week of the season you're so you don't get the best ball match ups but one good one. Is Tennessee or Florida. That'll be at 330 on Saturday afternoon. And it is going to be played as scheduled in Gainesville despite some damage course from her mother moved through the area. On the last couple of days they say they think they can handle it that the community needs it and they're gonna leave the Tennessee Florida game. In the swamp. This Saturday afternoon at 330. TouchWiz thing about this from Florida has not look good so far but as Tennessee impressed you enough to say then going their meat and. No. To Brigham flock I'm going to gators. I picked him at the start of the year to win the east. A month long next. Great criticism. I'm gonna Rodham all the way out. What do you see from Florida that and a nations enter wanna win this and just use their defense as they've been known to do in the past yeah I think they'll do just enough I don't trust bush Jones. I don't trust. The what they're trying to get done what they were they should've lost to Georgia Tech. I mean. I don't understand to this day I mean it happens and. All. But sooner or later those things even themselves out. I think Florida everybody can run the ball and Tennessee. So I think Florida is going to be able to run the football. They're getting their guy their best players back getting Callaway bag starting running back. Back off Florida's offensive line is still very good on their defensive line is still under their defensive personnel. Is still very good. Greg I think what happens a lot. Understand why. But I think people over value the quarterback position too much. In what I mean that is. Unless they're truly special obviously if you can get a great quarterback and take obviously. But that's not what you always need to wait. I mean Florida's won the east the last two years with. Not even good quarterback play old. I think. Well when you look at this game why the personnel Florida. Verses the personnel war. I'm Tennessee I think they're going to be able to match up better other quarters for floor or a lot more athletic in Georgia Tech. The wide receiver Callaway for Tennessee is not gonna. As big a day as he did dorm and he's going to be a lot more pressure. Of vs the fraud it's at the swamp which is historically one of those. More tougher places to play. And I think you know Florida's completely damaged and they didn't play I think they had this last week all. If memory serves me correct so they've got two weeks to prepare. For this ball game and you better believe Michael Wayne news Meyer and the entire offensive staff that they know they hear them always. You know as a coach you try to say well we don't listen. You know what the media says that's a bunch of garbage you do. Yeah you hear what's out there you know the perceptions. About your program. And look the Michigan game it was a tough game even with all of their players what what fascinates me. Is because people have their only agenda about Florida they want to use the Michigan loss against. What they had there best two players. Of the game. But it's like that doesn't matter because we've because they struggle that's who they are because that's who say they are well that's not necessarily. Truth so. For all of those reasons. Like gators in this I think it's going to be a good game. But I think ultimately be and that's in the swamp on school. I'm kind of with you on that they do other guys back yeah and a good enough I assume fully they franks would get the start yeah I was told that would be mind I don't know of any change data did not play their game was canceled because as strongly as northern Colorado they're supposed to. I employ them because of the storm this past weeks and they've had a week off. Try to work on nov. And offensive game plan for this huge game this is a big with. It is it's an early round it's an early season game that has. Enormous. Implications in the SEC east. It's a game that both of these programs have got to have Butch Jones got to have it. To kinda get his self on the right side of them vol faithful. Oh Florida needs to get it although you know if it's almost to the point now where Florida can't do enough. Meaning. Florida could win this game seven to three and everybody's gonna focus on the fact they only scored seven. There will focus on the fact they want. Because they have people have focused on that in the last couple years now so it. You know it's almost to the port Florida where. The you know if I'm Mack I just tell my team look let's just worry about what we're doing. Go out there put our best game together against Tennessee. And then let's go play people don't remember Florida had to pick sixes against them mission is that something not to see them doing it exactly right exactly right in Michigan has a better offensive line now I think that and they definitely get a better defense in Tennessee. So. I think that this is going to be a good game point gators this talk to Jim about college football next Jim Walker man. I don't do Wednesday the man thanks column up. And there police dosage promote 1 o'clock. Puerto beer over just brilliant color controllers did not give it clipped exchange OK and so it. Well that would be a mistake. And argued Clinton's pitch to Linda bullion. Well that's what I've stricken city. A dollar all liberal Pope bottom of the well how to interpret what colonel Clijsters coming back our oldest bunch you know made note board report. But he faced defense this year or decreased oak face. Chipotle asserted that if I play electric to vote deployed. Well pleasing Jim I mean you're going up to did tonight game 8 o'clock game they move into prime time in low you have the other levels offense is doing what rules offense did early last year's all that is true. But back clemson's defense is going to keep them close and I expect this does make close every year for the past several years I expect another. Motive. To expect it will ordering. So exports of sports there are loads. But there's been Yoko Arnold and you know its fiscal we really close very groups which. Rainbow Trout for. Hmmm let's check see where the update is now but something that. That is support cap and that is. Actually. You know but it. Anyway I hope I wouldn't I agreed to actually record book where a goal and called back so look we think I know have good days. Appreciated Jim thanks for the call continuing on the yacht SEC schedule this week out Louisiana Lafayette the raging cajun to go to takes a say in him don't lose that went. Kevin some no do not are you could be dharma for Parton. A Mercer plays Auburn you know Mercer plays Auburn and Alabama this year. Bobby lamb Bobby lamb what do you do you end. He said I saw him on TV said the my AD came to me I think they had scheduled all over first in the eighty commences a Alabama's get a date. I hope that check or threaten millions of money so Auburn hosting Mercer at 4 o'clock at Auburn. Upper duet Missouri. Missouri needs a win that's a 4 o'clock game. Colorado State will play a guy at a Alabama. All on Saturday item Bryant Denny stadium. In Tuscaloosa. It's LSU Mississippi State back can be a decent game. Davis wade stadium in stark but we're gonna have that on for you here on ESP in upstate bow at 7 o'clock on Saturday night. LSU Mississippi State that's pretty good SEC matchup Sanford. At Georgia Sanford out of Birmingham summit conference at 730 game on the SEC network. I K state goes to Vanderbilt coach. Is that dangerous. Is that a trap game for K state no no no trouble with Randy. It's not a rule long. 730 on the U course Kentucky South Carolina that some thirty aim at Willie B who and that will be on SEC network. And Ole miss goes out to the West Coast to play cal. Interest and Tim thirty game number. On Saturday night so those here SEC games this week bill is trying and always get him in here next bill welcome into the huddle it's up to the. But I've got the other on it and the man. Number direct to Kuwait I. Thank everybody's trying to be rail or pop attire don't forget that. I armor and need to combat league lead. Since statistics nine. 2124. Feet Kane and to go about dark now and Doug laughs QB hours the last our quarterbacks that like to get Clinton speaks. Out and when he won 24 feet thing. It was a two and a there's a lot of people literally that between it and Auburn have a fantastic year I thank all cricket and now. Will got a great quarterback. Got a tremendous speaker at that game last Saturday. Was two evenly matched in Olympia tat. Only Dickerson Caylee Brown's right and ability. Only cares about Auburn is very take up pretty. You know you are bombarded. In particular ready is that about debris Ali and happy that I will play you know. Edit terrible showing another upset with the eleventh that. It. I am not getting in Death Valley again that the band. It. Thank it was a well fought game. In decided to get on your silly those statistics. Tell you those statistics are keeping our support. They. Don't call it that is historic outbreak. And I'm learning a bit you know I would not expect that it. You could get take effect in. Auburn was rotten they're away at the tit for tat this could not. I can play it at the great show at all it got our wonderful day. Thank you bill. Where an anchor at Auburn to me aren't you do you believe instead of absolutely. And that seat remember I was talking about when people have an agenda. Because of the perspective that they have given. They don't wanna backtrack. And find bomb and the rest of the national there could've. Was that Auburn was going to be a door course teeing off for the college football playoff. Clemson was not going to be able to be as good because they tie everything to the show on Watson and look I get to understand why that was made. When you dig a little deeper and you look at where this game was played it was a hole and again I'm not sure if this game what you played injured player. I would of picked over. I mean the home field advantage was enormous for course enormous. And Gus admitted. The other issue is everybody on the planet ball that Auburn's offensive line. It was probably if not the best in the country one of the best. In the country and they just gave up eleven sacks. So now you've got people jumping off bridges. Because everything that they thought Auburn was and their estimation. Was your shot out the window at nothing could be further from the truth. Because they overvalued Auburn they undervalued Clemson and Clemson wins the game and made him look man. So all of a sudden the golf all the blame what must be Gaza's ball I glee I agree with the caller. There is viewed legitimate chance that Albert will not lose another game until the Iron Bowl now I do not think Auburn's gonna beat Alabama. And I think that's another thing that people got to wrap their head around is that everybody wanted to slight Alabama. Because of all the people that they lost the national football last year National Football League last year. And everybody was just sold only to get Auburn to win that game. And when they didn't all of a sudden what are we gonna do there's all these massive issues. You know gosh kind of got into it a little bit like Brian Kelly did. Not to the extent that Kelly did with a female reporter but you know he was you grow pretty hard. You know people were just all of that one reporter said you know supposedly you're often the ones the strength of the team what about now. You know. That guy better be glad I wouldn't tell us about what of them live as politically correct as does laws. So you know look sometimes the other guys just better. And that's exactly what happened what Auburn they just ran into a better team. In a better fraud and so I grew the caller people of guns pump the brakes this is week. True. Okay Auburn. Everybody that's all that game dabble came out today in this press conference is that look Auburn is gonna win a bunch of football games. I will be astonished if Auburn doesn't win knotted him bald. They're gonna had a streak now where they can win several Enron yes. Mercer they go to Missouri and they get Mississippi State they get home as stone of those teams are really a weapon of fear of anything and you but then they get a LSU in mid October running that was a state game the subsides at home. But LSU's on the road. It's on the road C and I wasn't that how Auburn to begin with I actually picked Mississippi State circuit in the way. I think I had Auburn like fifth. What I did it but again. The national narrative is because of stay at home. Getting eligible and coming all that's what's missing piece that Auburn needed. Was a great quarterback to go but the college football playoff well you know other teams have gotten better too but. You know I'm gonna be surprised if they win nine table games Auburn's fine they're getting at Georgia and Alabama at home. Although beat Georgia. Doby George. George Q school that defense. And Jake from he's naive he's not athletic enough. To get out of trouble in the often someone breaks down. If you're going to be over if your beat Alabama if you're going to be clips and you better have an athlete quarterback you're in trouble. 844. Or 773776. I promise you could hear on Nick Saban is the latest little lob. Irritation at a reporter's question what to do that coming up. And much more talking college football ton of that today here in the hollow if you wanna jump on board takes on 71307. Twitter ideas in upstate. Back Obama on ESP in upstate. This week's high school prep media poll out high school football. Rankings for the state of south Carol on just released. Today for this week fort Dorchester number 15 A burns number two. Emerge revels number two they album they were impressive begin 48 to fourteen over northwestern. On fraud and not on the road. And down. They just keep don't look at what the team was last year or would you be able to look to the future and see this no I thought they would be better. I did thing to be number two. At this point of the season and it's because you know. They've been dominant other than the Don Bosco game and that when they came from behind. Fourteen points in the last seven minutes to win now on 2421. You know last week against northwestern burns gave up fourteen points one of those as a real touchdown. The other one. No whistle mission deployed to the whistle but look like a lateral. Our look like a four pass it was ruled lateral play northwestern receiver picked ball and ran in untouched that was real attached Ers defense is. Israeli dollar and they will play. Friday night at 7 o'clock your time 730 kick off against broom homecoming for the merge rebels and we'll have before here on his count states Burgess to go ahead. You've seen a lot of obviously burns games how do they compare. To win body was there. Man I don't wanna do that if you ask me questions like that. They look as good to me they really do I mean they're not probably they're not as good and the passing game is now one. It's not. So inaugural but the defense is probably better. And the running game is probably better so you got to balance that out they get to the best running backs in the state on the same team and the defense is nasty. Nasty. While Goosen you come back against a team like Don Bosco now and then you backed that up with a blowout win vs northwestern tip. Good and you're legit. They're at their game got to be at this point and we're only four games into the season I gotta be one of the favorites to argued that the championship wouldn't be honest with these games actually count and yes this means nothing that's trying to we in the region play which as soon. Which is sure they will allow and don't tell coach Walsh show and he's not mean I don't even a pumped up no listen this is the revenge tour. Does that all they have big burns listed on the Kim last year I'm telling you play in the exact same schedule he said they traded out Mallard creek for Don Bosco said there seeing all those names. But they saw last year when it won three games. And they're condemned brooms on the beat them last year got them this week. So on the other motivated. So fort Dorchester them burns Dutch fork at the rate TL Hanna number four there have in the sales season. The yellow jackets ever deal Lannan Anderson number four pound weight of five Spring Valley is six Greenwood is seven. And a disagreeing what backed. Boiling Springs is eight. Arm O nine and rounding out the top ten. Is Sumpter. In this week's. High school football ratings so that your. Look at the 58 teams and receive right and quickly do you view. Some others here. Looking for. Not do ended in order here and I don't have these all in one place unfortunately. Unfortunately I don't. But for a I don't have right now support environment for his three day Chapman is number one clearly 121 place votes followed by Dylan Newbury Strom Thurmond Timberland Brooklyn Casey Gilbert. Chester broom at number nine in three I. And Fairfield central is number 102. Latest anti bill. Followed by a Marmol sure all harbors Bailey central member of their heart Chester real flat out beat her les villain Southside Christian. One way LaMarr would have anyone he schools around Mars number one Lewis below is number four war and we'll just leave it at. That. Where's my foray cannot find foray guys that is the question. Where's Waldo. Where's the foray rankings. I know myrtle beach's in the top ten and its interest in. Team that dumb you know burns beat in the opener believe they are ninth. In the foray rankings here I'll try to bond those are not on the list I'm looking at right now to puck and it goes for you one let you hear Nick Saban. Nick Saban the Alabama coach. Who irritated knicks aim in this week let's play that game well it was a reporter asking about. Jalen hurts. And run vs past. You know he's not thrown the ball that oil is running the ball oil. To do what tickles also unbelievable elegy here the other question and the answer from this week's saving breast conference. Given everything he's already accomplished in his career as a such young player do you think the week by we can game by game analysis of what jail and is doing with with passing numbers Steve do you think that's. Overblown. Well I think a lot of things that you do are overblown. And I realize. Why you do it. You know that your job to create news it's our job to try to help our guys play winning football and you know I think different players play winning football in different ways so if you want to be critical guy for. Russian thrown 54 yards. And think you should not do that story can pass more than that's up to you you can do that if you want. But you know we did pass for I don't know any two yards and I think that's a kind of bounce that we wanna create. So. We're we're gonna continue to try to help our players played their strengths and work on. Any weakness that they have so that they can do better at those things so. I don't think this is any more overblown and a lot of the things you do she won those truth about it but I kind of get it bounced off personal. I don't mind that it's OK Ike icon. You know I get it. They do random morning and he did not. Do that. So you make him mad enough to pound the table is not pound the podium on Allen. I do have foreign we can't do freelance and one day can when your tale about a question asked if it was overblown. Okay he didn't say hey what's wrong with. Passing game is overblown. It's overblown right comparing to run vs fast and Alabama as long as there done that none and it ended up. You know GMAC. The more I'm around. The media. The more I hate a mall. He's look in this direction on the net that you and I think and I like you. Well we appreciate that coach while that you guys care. Because some tiles on our list of priorities. Here's the thing. You can find fault in anybody. And the one thing I've never understood would Jalen and here's the dumbest argument here. He doesn't project well in the and all he'll never throw a pass in the NFL. Nick Saban does it give to flips. Whether Jalen hurt completes one class in the National Football League. All right if that was the case. Then. No court Tim Tebow would have been a very good college quarterback then. Who was a kid at Nebraska Tommie Frazier would have been a very good quarterback. Jemaah Holloway went of clinical good quarterback sure all would have been a good quarterback. You know in college. Okay. DN NFL and college doesn't guarantee that you're great college quarterback. Let's see Ryan leaf pub out JaMarcus Russell. From those guys can throw a football telephone book. Number one picks number two picks in the draft. Not very good. And the thing I don't get about Jalen. It's the fact that. He's more overrunning quarterback. I believe the kid is eighteen and war and in his career. He started at Alabama as a true freshman. Right out of high school. For the defending national champions. Jacob Coker graduated. Here comes a true he beat out three and Condit five star quarterback's. Network classic drop back what I believe it Saban knows what he's doing with the players. Every time this kid takes to be overly didn't play that well against Florida State willing looked good throwing the ball to be on Ridley on 63 yard bomb. With a wood or when James right there on the hip of Ridley. Look pretty good on that throw. Because that's what they ask him to do. So you know. Nick I think with him he's more like you know I'm just done with this. You know the kid just won the game we've won two games are. Two big games in a row we beat Florida State when everybody in the planet was hoping that Florida State was going to win that game. But it didn't happen and Jalen played. Well. In that ball game. Didn't turn the ball over that there's nothing wrong with being in the game manager will wind. You know Trent Dilfer was a game manager. For the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl you think Trent Dilfer carriers whether he got that moniker or not. Now that causes the strength of their team. Was their defense so that's what Iran. You know Rich Gannon was a better quarterback for the raiders who got beat. Rich Gannon did to the game managers so. You know what everybody wants a Tom Brady but there's only one of those. So how old are you gonna win and in college football not the NFL but in college football. If you've got a dual threat quarterback you put more pressure on the defense that a stationary target. Jake brown he's gonna play more snaps in the NFL and Jalen hearts and Alabama mop the field with. The field with. Doesn't really matter what they're gonna do it exactly right. And I hate that argument when I hear or what Julia Roberts is a little play one down in the and a well who do you think college. Look. I mean that this Mark Jackson probably physical play down the NFL not a quarterback. I don't think Katrina on the mobile fans really care. Agreed. I mean do you care as gamecocks fans yeah we wanted to do well. Let me car show is the best quarterback ever played South Carolina. If he makes it in the NFL and he does a good job in the NFL head there were people say if he'd never start a game in the NFL he proved them wrong. And he's still got a good career going I think he just got released I'm sure somebody's got to figure ma. You know he's the best quarterback ever played University of South Carolina. Why can't that be good enough. Beat Clemson every year he was there good points and means. ACC championship teams he took a little wedge. Same thing would Jalen hurts. And guess what. Come January. The time to be right there. Got it right date for four GS PS the end you wanna jump on more text line 71307. Economic bottle ESP in upstate. We're back in the huddle on ESPN up states with GMAC. Push Josh Phillips Alonso. I did find the Al foray rankings high school football players shall I pass those long gloves when I skipped a little earlier. South point clearly number 11 of the best teams in the state. All thirteen first place votes this week north morrow bay just two hearts full three North Augusta for. A south lake in five BHP no money path. Six Greer the yellow jackets seventh in the foray rankings this week and rejuvenate. Greeneville the red raiders are number nine and Berkeley. And number chance of representation for bomb area schools here obviously on just to recap moment burns is too and Hanna is for. And bawling springs is eight and five day. NC Greer is seven Greeneville nine in foray Chapman one of course in three day. Amber room is number nine. And two way you. It's. Little. Abby the only consider an eagle Leo state. A line. All right we'll we'll claim that eagle claiming they're the number one to eight team and sells like Christian is. Number ten and two race that's lol thumbnail sketch of where where we think off new bearing and body blow. Yeah you know the weather service we get weather alerts for new Berry appear so new bears consider Morton Greenville Spartanburg and in his Columbia. At least scored in the list serve set up at. Although money you below Newberry started getting the mint tea in the news and now in the limitless so. Anyway that's that's the name of that tune. A 44477. 3776. Via text line is 71307. Ones you were looking at a bowl game projection after two weeks of college football season. From Yahoo! Sports Illustrated. Yes SI. And they have the South Carolina Gamecocks. Playing in the Music City Bowl in Nashville. Against. Michigan Michigan State mark and Tony and it was a Columbus themselves so that will be kind of interest and that's not a bad trip. Trip to Nashville is a fun place to go. Down South Carolina fans it would settle for the prize and a their little their little ditty uttered you know everything and they want a New Year's Day. What do we have somebody call in talking national championship. That we drove there must not those mostly barren island Borough to bang my head against the wall to know it might be. I'd look further into your new York New Year's six sequence and then there anywhere according to them. It probably element final four I don't think so now. They don't they don't have to find they have to near six bowls but they don't have an elaborate though for now. The death Louisville and there. Interest and then Louisville vs Ohio State. And son before I guess it's it's in the Capital One Orange Bowl so that would be one of them right and we'll see in the have you received vs LSU in the peach bowl. And the second set I can't tell. What they're doing odd because I don't know what bolt. Is deep playoff bowl this year than that rotate a little bit does it gets I think the national championships in Atlanta. It is this year. Yup that's right. And it's. Died anyway they've got close in the us they can't really class and how well they have Louisville vs Ohio State while that they had USC vs LSU I don't know if that's true that rows and rows in the sugar are the two oil Bogans. I can act so. Orange would now be reality don't have deep playoff games listed so that seems. Like important importantly well I don't know I agree they have a New Year's six balls with them they stop after. So. You know I am wrong and and it's not the first time now I see it okay they have Clinton vs Penn State in the Rose Bowl area. And Alabama vs Oklahoma in the charitable. I guess I need to start wearing those glasses those prescribed probably. My and so I think it's like that if your Clemson for sure. And yourself Gilani is satisfied with the music city Boca home while more men who know. You can be beautiful little before. And we want to name it. You know number one in the SEC east right now drive into September going before mobile. As our final break before forgy ESP espionage or get him for the last segment here in the hot bloodiest be announced they were drug. Well I don't know that there's a quarterback controversy for Kentucky for the gamecocks play this Saturday night but there's at least some discussion about the quarterbacks is probably going to be Stephen Johnson going coach on non. On Saturday night he was fifteen for 22224. Yards he ran for 48 yards and they they did not blow out eastern Kentucky. I had a little more trouble with them and they would have liked to have had. But they did insert drew barker on the third series and mark Stoops and his weekly press conference. Talked about that I talk about why they put in Manny said. He needs quality reps. You gotta have him in there ready to go because you're one play away from. Medium and I feel pretty good about drew barker you know who was at times. Expected to be the starter for. Kentucky. So at his news conference yesterday he said I'm very happy we inserted drew barker into that situation when we did under some pressure. He says I'll defend him like a defense Stephen. Love the people around him you don't need to go in there and get a penalty on a screen pass and get a holding penalty on the first possession. And then protection issues give him some options on third down. On his first play since week three of last season drew barker completed a seven yard pass wiped out by holding call. They was sacked on third and eight. His second and final possession at the Helm started with a false start than a two yard run by AJ rose and a five yard completion and once again third Nate Manny sacked again. So. It did not look good statistically. For drew barker. A Stoops said there's not many quarterbacks that are effective on third and long when you're not getting great protection. Is that we have a guy that hasn't played college football yet and rose he has a run that possibly could not possibly be set up any better and we miss on. We bounce it outside instead going up inside. Where it would have been a huge game. So. I don't know how much we will see Al barker Saturday night against the gamecocks but he did bring him in third seriously thing reminder that this week. Probably yeah probably. Because the environment going to be crazy. Carolinas already released there haven't black now. Pop the black popular. Yeah not very straight and restore them up pretty popular for football game. So it's going to be raucous gamecocks are 2102. Good wins. Off first home game hard to believe that he you know. Technically you could say they've had two road games you know plane up in Charlotte at and then on the road in Missouri and then now coming home to William. Bryce so what was the balance of the crowd and Charlotte. It was it was 7% gain columnists in the NC state fans turnout was awful. Awful says more like home. Right for here yet you know there was more but it wasn't true on a minute wasn't it wasn't intimidating for NC state exactly. Yeah exactly could still communicate. And all of that Kentucky won't be so fortunate now are you back. I jumped off the first week. You know we'll Muster up the heat he made me jump ship. The first week I was on the ship up. And then will you don't want the captains will nervous you know I try to get ahead of coaches always nervous yeah they are. I'm as wanted on that on the boat the entire you have you have been the steady roller. Mean GMAC. We've abandoned ship twice and had to climb back problem once. Now onto we'll see. On the union got a sweeps you along with Carolina same here blogs is going to touch. I jump ship for Kentucky if well I lugged a 130. Don't ask him if he's back in a boat that's good Kabul I was impressed with what they were able to do a Missouri just particularly defensively and they give up some yards. But man I thought it was going to be on our scorn him I never would have believed that can hold a team to thirteen points at their place. Right yeah I thought they thought. A false South Carolina would win but I thought it would be like. 3828. Something along those lines what they do this for what they've done they're red zone defense man what a change of life. You know I think I mentioned on the air that a lot of times when this kind of stuff happens everyone talks about when a high scoring game it's going to be an usually ends up being. The opposite a lot of times himself and it was kind of like that. I think. What South Carolina has done so far and they're going to have their they're pumped up. They're going to be really confident going into this Kentucky game the players are pumped up there healthy. I think this is the year they get Kentucky back and it's about time you don't will be behind Kentucky's in the SEC east central and that's enough of that now says although. Although we'll save this somebody needs slipped Jay Bentley and Ambien or something yeah we've got to calm him down he played the first corner not being nervous yeah usually in the job too well he get so passionate and you wanna see that front and I love scene that I. At a college players you know everybody wanted to blast baker mayfield. For him and have a problem that US college football. In OJ he's one of the things that I've seen in these first two ball games is it literally takes them almost a quarter and a half. To finally Wear off those emotions right of being intense and you know love in the game to finally settle land. To the game that if they can get him to do that in the first game. And he's going to be jacked up at Williams Brice they all law. Last us all they like 500 tickets available to sell also is going to be Acela yes absolutely going to be a big loud crowd a night game coming up this Saturday night. And Willie B for South Carolina and Kentucky I tomorrow we will check in with our our Carolina Panthers reporter. Jim zone scheme they play the bills this week and we'll talk about that. And much more will continue our college football coverage or high school football coverage so. Join us tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock here in the huddle thank you Alonso thank you coach. I'm Greg McKinney thank you for listening straight it was Sturges next obvious in upstate.