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Tuesday, September 12th

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O'clock this afternoon. Phone lines opening 444773776. The text line is 71307. And it's driven much Carolina coaches are being superstore Twitter. And ESP interstate. I told Bob that I would make sure that I mentioned that he nine manhunt and we're gonna. Over the you know on how worried outlaws item on your concern and thousands marvelous news there we go out. We spent way too much time on Bob and that's all and so. 844 GS the ESPN. The job situation with the Houston Texans when they play Thursday night against the Cincinnati Bengals is we don't know who's gonna start at quarterback. Will it be Tom savage will it need to Shawn Watson the reporting and I mentioned this to yesterday Ian Rapoport reported that. It would being the Shawn Watson because he's impressed the Texans an every checkpoint. They think he's a future star and the future may be right now it would be Shawn Watson if he's a 100% good to go. But and there's been nothing out of Houston on this but there's been a report that there's Tom Watson was seen limping on an ankle after the game. The other day in which Houston. Got rolled by Jacksonville. So that could complicate this. What's the best strategy. Here we are going into week two. For the Houston Texans because they're already really at most other positions they're good at many other positions on this team. Is to show Watson ready and should just thrown out there right now that was a subject of debate from ESPN's Max Kellerman. And Stephen A Smith. Hear their comment. It's painted to giveaway the end for everyone but Shawn Watson knock and consumables and rookie. So it in Iraq and when the Super Bowl this year but they can in the not too distant future so sometimes you say don't start a Shawn Watson because he's gonna get beat up before knows what he's doing but he's a special kind of guy a special kind of leader potentially a special kind of quarterback he needs to get as many reps as possible right away so we can be ready to win as soon as possible maybe as soon as next year the year after caused the rest of that Texans team is ready to win now he's. Why you have to give the job the judicial watch. Because you know he's the future. What you put Tom savage out when you put Tom savage out if he looked like a petrified puppy he just wasn't able to get it done. And you had to go to Watson in game one so that. The house that you know Watson is the future and you wanna rally the troops and give them reason to believe. You can't go out there and put out your mediocre quarterback in the starting lineup yet again put yourself on able window shall watch him when he completed 1223 passes to a touchdown. The women deception. But clearly he hasn't it back that's associated with them and he had the capability of galvanize the troops because of that reality you put him out there. Because you say we go Rodham dollar does do folks will get behind. Look Miller brands are made this Collie already pulled his starting quarterback two quarters into the season coach so when it's not like. If you come back out and seriously look at the media with a straight face and saying. I'm all I'm a 100% savage Savage Nation maybe I mean if to show Watson's healthy is there any reason does. Hold him back. No and let him out there and they'll. Put him into the savage. Aero and all you know is some mistakes wrong question makes a mistake Saturday our Sabbath I completely disagree with you Josh here's the thing I mean use that the reason why savage was getting killed. It's because the offensive line is so bad. And the reason why a dishonest lending now is because the offensive line is so bad. If you your quarterback of the future why do you fell onto the walls now I just I don't know what are your recruit offensive lineman. Before you play to Shawn Watson went well. Dallas Cali alike I don't know I think at least another year I mean. Here is a thing in and I've seen. Recent college coaches do this pull their starter out because they were getting killed. And put somebody else in them put a starter back the next game what's the difference between that and and you know you think you were protecting Tom savage I think that's I think if you wanna go out front the media he said how can he go out front the media I think that's how you go out in front of the media started said we put additional images we needed spark. Not because savaged in jail and wanted to protect him Watson obviously is a better quarterback and he has a better future bud. Will he have a future if you put him down for a allied. Yes. I mean this is a kid gets I mean he took a beating. And both matchups of Alabama and he kept coming back in the kit coming. So from a toughness standpoint. I don't question the kid's score is even on a short week when a play on Thursday yeah you gotta do it at the ankles OK if the angles okay if he's healthy. Then you put him out there and regulating go to work and because here's the thing he's not gonna get any better sitting on the sideline. He's got to play he's got to experience the speed and the complexities of that build the fences. And the classroom. Is not gonna translate that he's got to get out there and play. And that's the argument that I have used since day one why he should have started from day war and is that Tom savage has been in the NFL now won't what 67 years. And he's still the same player he was six or seven years ago nothing has changed. So you drafted up they get what Houston give up 34 picks. To move that well spot to get to show on our there's a reason they did it. So you gave it gave seventy shot is the bit you paid you play the politics art. He screwed approved now let's get the guy out there that you drafted out four and letting go play. Because the offense didn't start moving until this on came in the game. I firmly believe that I don't care what nuke Hopkins said in the pre season. I think the locker room knows the best chance for them to win and look Houston isn't he rebuild job right now. Houston is a we believe that we are one player away. That we are a quarterback away from defaulting the New England Patriots at the heat at the top of the the top of the AFC. And now whether it's this year or next year whenever. But sooner or later you gotta get to ultimately play. I mean you know what you're dealing with what Tom sent to a question for how good is Jacksonville's front them. I Campbell. Like Campbell's all or pretty good four sacks right but is this one of the better defenses are effects. He's one of the better players are gonna from four yes bunker for four yes totally fits no. I know you are right there is an element of what you're saying and that is those are outnumbered and I agree with that and I told Jim yesterday. You know when we were talking about stuff on the show over the weekend the big shock I had. Over the weekend. Was. The way Jacksonville just manhandled. Houston. I mean is that one thing if they had won 74. Ultimately kick from you know in Houston didn't play well well to kind of says yeah I mean it was a blow they manhandled. Houston and Houston. Was one game away from the FC championship last year. And I'll what's a good portion of this and it looked like the rules have been reversed right like Jacksonville was Houston Houston was known exactly like that right. Blake boards here is that people got on Tuesday. The fact that Blake bore holes. Look like a hall of fame member and Tom savage look like Blake morals to tell you what you're looking. A label portals have been roundly called a bust oh yeah going into the season but doesn't this say something about the vaunted Houston defense. The fact of portals are able to do what you lose in what do you think is complete fail everybody in the Houston he was happy as a fail by Tom O'Brien. It you don't home. Get beat by 22 points and look inept. Offense defense. Throughout the whole organization. Yeah and don't go crazy about morals and he was eleven for anyone will 120 popularity does not live among. Writing like he just made plays when we need to make plays and that of course Houston could be literally nothing. I mean they got man they got sacked ten times. On Houston turned and all over. I guess bill O'Brien hired Gus miles on it is often a court. Yeah I come. A lot I think you got to play once when he's ready. Assuming his ankles OK and that was our real kind of injury report from Houston on and I got to play. What if he goes out and Cincinnati does to him when Jacksonville did to savaged do you still need to stick with in the rest of the year and hope he makes it through. Play the best quarterback is week to. Don't you play the best quarterback you're not already given up on the season they're playing to win this year right I know. What Kellerman said things trolley ride that Houston's not going to the Super Bowl John given up only two I mean you are when Univision. I mean let's be honest jobs. In the AFC. Other than Kansas City who'd really good. Nobody. So I can't make this statement to Houston can't go to Super Bowl is dead wrong. Because I think Kansas City nobody else in the AFC looked like they worthy of going to the Super Bowl not dwindling not Houston nobody. And did look pretty good but they were home but they spit the bit blow a lead and should go on and overtime. Last night. There's not a dominant team you can look into the NFC. In you can pretty much back a mob. This is the best team second best team third listing. You can sit there and say the NFC with confidence Green Bay is the best in the NFC. Seattle's number two dallas' number theory. Boom boom boom. I don't know public Theo Robertson. I want to put Dallas number two he just won't put two T well I'm not gonna do that the cowboys right now well even Pittsburgh supposed to be great stroke it's holy oil and little else Morales and the fighting to show on geysers. I'm Jim Da'Sean Kaiser could barely beat Boston College. Guys out there take out the steal them. Premier right guy you know there was nobody nobody impressive. Last week idiocy of building Kansas City that's it. I Baltimore shut out from angles Baltimore looked. But I mean Cincinnati. Ohio Cincinnati to oppose those they know was done by how how great Baltimore was there is Tom how bad is Cincinnati right. Yeah exactly most wanted nothing I mean there were. Impressive enough I guess when nobody else Jacksonville was your other impressive to the just war. On the road with 22 point win against Houston. My thing was where is where was JJ watt where was JD Joseph their behind clowning right where was that vaunted defense. That was supposed to be those stalwart stalled war of this to me. That they didn't show up. And they're all healthy. So what happened. Now part of me wants to give him a pass because of what they dealt with with hurricane Harvey that that's legitimate I mean it's hard to concentrate on football. When you've literally got people starving in the street to Houston I'd get them. But you don't get beat twenty to Anne and I appreciate what JJ says that in the post conference you know there is no excuse for our performance today. Now can they get it corrected. I don't know I think bill O'Brien is gonna have to. He can't flop back and forth writing makes the move to DeShawn you'd like you just said GMAC you cannot. And you cannot go back to savage now you'll lose the team doing that she made it after two quarters after spending the whole pre season saying no we're behind sent exactly after two quarters of that yeah bill. All right so now what happens if you polled strong. He's got to live with his mistakes so how healthy does Michelle Watson's ankle have to be before you put him out there. Now I'm healthy man Michael put up their Libre no knock you don't want to give him but he's not a percent. He can plan. And make throw it I don't wanna run the ball well now. Zone. Well he's gonna have to run in the state of opera's live via via. Mean this in Alan again it Cincinnati this ought to be a game where you could get some done right and you can think at some of them but well theoretically the I don't think anybody in the plan would love to years Jacksonville may sometimes the Jacksonville. I have a bias. And I mean it was. It was shocking ruling how bad used to months. Offensively. Particularly in a ballgame. I will watch it C a flow again you weren't out of Houston on what they're gonna do is got to make his decision pretty quickly they play Thursday night. Today after tomorrow so are mostly when the make the announcement Abdul starting quarterback. Coming up in that thirst and on game which of the year right here. On ESPN upstate. 8444773776. Text line 71307. Sergio depth. Is a new famous person. He didn't know I'm yesterday. You should know him today we'll tell you why coming up this is a huddle on ESP in upstate we're back. So bomb as we often do we terrible. Restaurant to the restroom. During breaks here in the huddle on the inside informant Tijuana. But they have already a stations playing in the air and often it's on our sister station W already one of six point three in Rush Limbaugh's. And Rush Limbaugh is talking about Sergio dip. That's the household names that Sergio has become from last night's second. Game in the Monday Night Football. Dollar. He was the sideline reporter for the chargers and the Broncos and and that they went down to a one time. And dumb. And Sergio was trying to get a point across but. Had a little trouble. Expressing himself. So here's our win when first of all you had dubbed best Mullen who's the first woman. The call an NFL telecasts and about thirty years. So you had that part that scope drawing attention to the announcing Damon and they throw it down to Sergio. On the sidelines hears about this. Watch him now on the green. Background helping him not tonight quarterback club. All right so isn't that bad right. But the point is Sergio is trying to make I think had to do that meeting yesterday was down eleven so I was at the sixteenth anniversary. On the attack and down you know and he was feeling emotional Sergio himself about being on someone. An immigrant who is. Out they are on the national stage. And two coaches who are minorities representing the teams out there so we got to the fourth for come and just did enough. It just didn't get the point across quite as well. As he would have liked and so social media let up on Sergio last night. And a whole bunch of people came to his defense. You don't Hollis top paying attention and any Campbell and I thought maybe he had a fan on the sidelines you won the contest herself that's what other principles that I. That's what I don't songwriter guy that was ready for primetime so when you were saying his name earlier I'd wanna look it up is going to see if this is if those who I thought it wasn't it and they did not let him back on native won dropped from 6 o'clock a Sergio did not given the chance well. In his defense I think the Caspian browns. You know and coach and you gotta put your players in the best position to be successful else he has been on ESP and a Portis right. Which is the Hispanic side of ESPN and broadcast. So this wasn't his first time no I don't know euros first time doing it in English. And you can tell he struggled when that. And I think they should have kind of crept down a little bit more and that hey look you gotta make the transition. To English from what you've been doing it in Spanish them and he struggled with the arms. Are you look like to me the first time I had to speak in front of like if the 300 patient until that look like you look like. Well I can understand what people are here ms. little scared so yeah I'll afterwards from his hotel room after the game he yum posted a video on Twitter may sickly. Said that fields gets another chance with. He said the bingo quite the way that and he wanted to go. But. He got how many a lot of people he posted a video when he wrapped it up saying thank you and god bless America trying to make a good point right exact a really good point exactly is just them the moment got to Sergio just a little bit yeah. To me and I don't know upon whose mom and partners in this I thought it was cute. Really cute but a lot of it was cute you know he tries. When you see somebody out there Tryon yeah. And they just. Bless their heart that they just. They're given everything they guy. But they're just got out of their element but they're trying to make the most of it and you know. They know that you know that they are overwhelmed you just what a pleasure ordnance disposal line you know so I felt for the guy I mean we've all been testing a long time. Nobody in this room can tell me that at some point you have called on air comment on. Happens to everybody it's a how mayhem in the last ten minutes. Wild win me just at any point. Kamal any boy McKinney is never most of our writer look. I felt for him to and I thought you know and when I saw all of Twitter blown up about it is Twitter just brutal man brutal that you vessels are you all agree that following not a nausea I did not see it live saw looked but because I was late for me second game of Monday night doubleheader is not really much thanks priced at. But I ending was as bad as as Twitter and made it out to be once I looked at but it was a it was you can see. The deer in the headlights kind of look yes that he was on this huge stage and wasn't quite. Ready for and I like the way a lot of people came to his defense salute to mail bills we'll have a much people did on Twitter and say look you'll be fine. Way to go hang right there come back and but millions of people are brutal yesterday or bad they're just bad though I you know. O Sergio that's when us. Sergio Sergio love hung in there and any and any owned letting him under the video afterward and say if I've if you saw and thought I was being disrespectful anyway I'm sorry and on and things and I know and as a sudden guys and he does get a second chance. Probably be out on the size of that stage and I run he's not going to be on next Monday noisy sounds 'cause it was a double matter because you know Lisa salters issue does that right that you do game one I guess he's succeeded so you know dominant have they had to put some audio and there for game two was so it won't be any Johnson. I thought nothing could make Rex Ryan looked and was a man if it was not. You know you could tell it was kind of like his first time to visit milieu would you want to colored got a jump in the area and in act Keller that's what they're there for endured long pauses in between them. And when he jumped in it was like half of the Matheson's in the was dosing funny. Not really too I watched the entire game Josh did I I've made it halfway. And antenna up to half time I didn't and really catching thing that he called my year if we're in the NFL draft I would say he has a huge upside. I mean that's what to expect expect him to be funny to see all these problems that they're doing with them on and in all this kind of stuff. And he has in the past he's been a pretty funny guy he had his smarty Ryan and I just a nothing stood out to me. Yeah he he had his moments where. He was a little bit entertaining but you're right there were gaps where. You know he you can tell he was struggling blood being in that room. Judge these guys on their first exactly appearance they'll get better. Let's get comfortable get a chance before you just roast them on Twitter in listen I understand the other guy Rex Ryan I think he deserves it because I mean come more. Hi what they should not be nervous on my emails mostly before you know so. Rex the erection do better than Sergio. 8444773776. Let's get a channels next in not only can Bachmann. It was on gas you don't play well but I thought by the game plan I spoke to establish donate a great. But mark begat weren't what and how they recruited. Especially the local guide people Sam you know. An agent dog. Great job you go to these gas though even when they get down that they are the they would still engaged in the game and there's been a Grammy they were there all along group though being built or Robert de Vanna. And that is so they're people that we have our our that we didn't win restart. In a filing is a great point on I said this going into the weekend the reason item like South Carolina. Especially on born Indians he stayed us of this. Because they. They have coaching and I know just how much must champ he has hired really good assistants at South Carolina. And that's making a difference right now for the steam coming day at their get the most out of these players because you're right they don't have. They don't have the stars a lot of seems Abbott there around their squeezing never little bit alum right now playing at a high level. Yeah AJ you right go game go out there. We don't beaten back. I'm in pursuit talked a man chick. Is a studio host for ESPN college football laughing he's on some jumped anyway I'm he put out a Heisman Rinker today hears is. Top five for the Heisman. Lamar Jackson and baker mayfield one a and one B got them even. Josh Rosen thirds say Kwan Barkley forest the ego saying they'll fifth. Mentioned this yesterday Josh don't get. Don't be surprised when you start here indeed those name. Verizon votes and it's two games so that's what but. Not just dumb kick returns but. Running the football and around receiving. Special player. Jump an upstart to make some noise nationally people started to notice and he goes and no question about it. Primetime. Now gotta do little prompt time he's got three chip well for really. If he shows up against Clemson officials out against Tennessee Florida Georgia. Or he'll be right in the mix and I think he's good enough to do. 8444773776. Text line 71307. Break time back and more coming up this is the huddle on Tuesday afternoon. On ESP in upstate we'll be right back. Blogger Max loudly this afternoon with the rain has moved out but dumb lot of folks still without power across the upstate. It's being worked on me patient hopefully they'll ditch covered. Here pretty soon and you won't be out too much longer as tough to be without power and some people been out since yesterday afternoon. That's no fun there's nothing fun about them on the worst oil. But that's just not much and so we're on hopefully get your battery operated radio when you're listening to us where are helping keep battery business. Going here. Yeah man I'm devastated camp plea maddening team seeing. That's got a problem Jim when you lose power at the end of the world news is saying I don't know if he's serious or not. It's here Ali seriously look at our. I music listeners. Again all the more real serious note we did have some trees ball this morning and one hit a car an injured guy. On Howell road this morning angering Kim and so on be alert to stoke and have some issues with trees. Are coming down because of the saturation of the ground and and I don't look too windy outside our studios right hand yesterday. As about a when he is up singers but at what we left. Are a remote. Out of local Q Josh. It was Alan I mean seriously Alec. You know when the trees in the parking lot. When the tops our horizontal to the ground yeah. Too bad plan. Why didn't sleep very much less thank as the trees were touching my house and and because of my house is surrounded by a thirty to forty foot trees. And when they're touching the house are waiting for them to come into Dow right now makes a really hard to sleep. Well yeah I mean look I've heard a whole scene a whole bunch people laden posting on FaceBook and then on Twitter about how trees fell on their yard and came this close to their house and pentagon this whale and hit my bedroom and all that stuff I mean it's it's the real deal. And some houses were hit by treason here and you know officers' injuries with that what. I look at it this way and receive this what an incredible job. By. The state government of South Carolina as well as Florida and everybody in the path. Of these hurricanes because you can't stop the devastation. But what you can do is try to minimal minimum allies say that right Disco minimize like you minimize. The destruction and loss of human life. And I thought it with Harvey and with our remote they really go out in front of these things. We obviously learned our lesson from Katrina. I was talking tomorrow uncle last night he was up for the clinching game that turned around and went back he lives in Charleston. And he was telling me this well and the battery was five feet underground under war. He said it was worse. The Hugo of the difference though is nobody was there. And so they had prepared. So well in advance. That when it happened. That the destruction was. Literally. At a minimum. It's the pictures the California dream an unbelievably an island that little it really ya like them around and he told me it was Josh to swallow it was worse than Hugo. Could he live down there during that time too and away it really goes yup it's that we didn't hear anything he goes GA because that's because we can have two weeks in advance. The city already started prepping for ma and the state government. Now has already started raping fours so. Although the degree of all the things that McMaster had so I think overall. You can say the state as what was the state of Florida State government level. Did a phenomenal job. We have one thing I can say is we can all agree on as we have the best sign language guy. In South Carolina you see that didn't know what restaurants they be well when he has the state news conferences memories of all the Russell's brother does Ireland which. Yeah he's also after he's also a little watcher he's a bit older looks like football lineman. Bald guy and really expressive. Complete watches facial expressions I don't know of McMaster owned and any more news conferences. But he's also a wondered you know me Masterson tends to stretch certain words out. Can you do that and finally went. To skewer of discussed in this guy can phase conveys emotion. When his facial expression that's and we as fans are going a mile a minute it is great I don't know he has these is the best. Off the tax on by the way had a bomb threat at Norman high school today and instant kid's room. Armor and armor here I guess so out of school and they're not out and barber but Dorman was because of bomb threat called in the 911 this morning. Freshman campus and the Mankins and there's they've searched the mammoth found him yeah that's an awful I'm numb nut messed everything up over there. Com anyway date they did search and yeah no problems of excellence the good news on that off the tax line 71307. We were talking about Sergio dip the sideline reporter on game two of the NFL's. Doubleheader last. Text or says. So coach you would be okay with a doctor performing surgery. On you who do not have a clue what I was doing as long as he was okay it. OK I don't think that's about where I. Planet. Is this class on politics. Is that they put their name on the sideline reporting is not surgery folks. Number one and number two where in the world did you get that that's what I was saying. All I was saying was you. The one in charge that put it up in a way to dozens that he can't beat Kansas fans earlier in the what they need to get over. I don't okay. Who is this guy I don't know if out of date only David Wyss good. Care but usually David puts his name two but. The policy also walked. Leo Twitter machine. Are we just going to this is Corey are we just going to pretend that Carolina has not faced. Hasn't faced a real defense ship I think what he means his organ to pretend that that's not the case that they have faced a real defense don't talk Joanna State's defense was supposed to be pretty. Oh that that's an uninformed statements are. NC State's defense is legit. I mean every. You can get two people to agree on anything. And I certainly hardly ever agree with what. The ESPN guys have to say. But everybody can agree that that for four front seven for NC state. Is legit and I know every other day about twenty to Marshall well. You know they knew they could be Marshall I think they have a little bit of a hangover. After the South Carolina loss which is understandable. But going forward UNC State's defense is one of the top ones in the country it's legitimate. They've possible there's a great job when that defense. I mean I mean turnout have been slightly overrated closely by the end of the year. But I don't know that that's the case I don't know that you can say that at this point if you listen to the back and Mike could agree with that because they gave up. They gave up some big plays but. I mean I still defense that statistically only gave up 240 York's. To South Carolina held to 31 yards rushing and two and fifteen passing in today's football if on the defensive coach. Now take that every single week. They get our twenty points to Marshall. Last week. You know for what that's worth sharing may have firm on this week's affirm what get a firsthand look at the NC state defense on the Saturday afternoon at Carter Finley stadium. And some will say and you know we'll see when they play the likes of Florida State mobile. And Clemson. And Notre Dame. All lay all the games we have coming up later in the season. Right a 444773776. Self final break of this hour coming up tweet of the day on the way and much more so stay with us in the hot colonias in upstate. I trying and Alan us in the huddle this afternoon is Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and Alonso waited till 4 o'clock this afternoon. In the huddle 8444773776. If you wanted to jump on board Horry has some good calls today which you can add to the list. Text line 71307. Driven by Caroline coaches RB superstore Twitter. And ESPN upstate speaking of Twitter let's get to two days each week of today in the huddle. Let's go to the Twitter account of one geno Smith. NFL quarterback now the giants right. Discount. Languishing the fact that you have to ask means well just seems certain ways for the job that he's with the jet on his jaw. How what houses journal houses jaw. Glass I guess I don't know. Geno Smith 34 minutes ago between in this. He's talking about. The guys named host the gum. Show in a New York Craig carton pardon Craig carton is almost boomer used real boomer toll guys adjust that tells him up last week. On a Ponzi deal so the tweet from. Geno Smith because apparently Craig carton was never really nice to geno Smith on the air. Apparently he dog him on the airline. So Gina tweeted this same guy he was calling me a thug. On some lame radio station which by the way is WFAN in New York while a is it was running a Ponzi scheme. Funny how life works can't believe these fools little revenge for geno Smith come in after. Craig carton yet Craig carton apparently duped the Barclays senator operations. Facility in this Ponzi scheme according to the federal government rely on a more more about the charges. Related to Craig carton. He allegedly duped the operator of the Barclays center in Brooklyn in the wiring him two million dollars. So this wasn't on accident this was on purpose two million dollars that was stolen from a prominent hedge fund according to authorities. This is a five point six million dollar Ponzi scheme. That Craig carton was alleged involvement. I realize he got company how good do you have to be to be able to do some more than some YouTube now. While I mean in Massa thing to guys you know he's got some credibility to Aziz. On the radio and we all know that gives you know credibility but. He's been on up there with boomer firm years. Famous guy. And they trusted him five point six he had gambling debts that were up. Apparently phenomenal. And trust company the right word incredible. And so he used his connections. With Brooklyn sports and entertainment. For a fraudulent. Wire transfer. According to the report. Indio. New York posted. So to avoid floating in the Hudson. He had become I was a moneys flow and then all. Things in New York palace where it is yeah. It is yeah how is he still in the pokey I don't know if he may bond. Or not. I don't know SE a flight risk. And would you think. It depends on who's after him like what Josh was where else. Yeah I don't know Amy Scobee. Being held in money for his own good. People wanted to play and welcomed may Wednesday and did he safer in jail if that's case when you think would you guys think of the death stare that though. That Adrian Peterson gave chomping at one more thing on that deal Smith thinks I even disagree with his assessment of these vote because you certainly. B geno to qualify. That with us all so whatever is blow up on drugs no not below can. I mean below me afloat as it gets there they have street cred I think that they did something. Weather was bad they were good idea that they did something thug usually doesn't like a punch like Gina to answer. So anyway probably not on TV last night did you see Adrian on nebulous and really upset to know I didn't understand what a fault that got blown out of proportion map probably saw if you resolute as he was he was very unhappy without being in but still at them all players do that. Mine. He's saying he just wanted us to run the ball more. And not passed. And Adrian Peterson that you don't know what I was say in Amman and say and I love you. And each weighted today let's be clear. But a simple as we need to run the ball up their donkey. Another word forgotten. Nothing more I'm passionate our respect my coach at the same time. John Thain said no problem for him we didn't even recall heated exchange he did turnaround a look at our schools elevator I thought he said something to because then. Well the camera who don't have to I think the play were of the view look like he said some bat and. Adrian Peterson is not going to be champion. New Orleans because he's just not gonna get carries no I mean they've got Mark Ingram they've got tomorrow. And they don't want all that much. They don't give anybody twenty series against know they brought him into vehicle line. You know all things considered you look too bad when he was there on the compared to what he is how we have been playing down. But he's just not gonna yet I mean the New Orleans ran the ball 21 times last night total. Everybody sixty yards rushing. So he's getting Kerry stood at the that he used to getting. You're Peterson will be go to someplace like Denver. It's true. More than I can just throw around her reasons. But that's not worry us. How good Sam Bradford all day was he was for sure. I mean I always wondered how good he will ban. Had he not gone that slowed team in Saint Louis. That didn't have an offensive line he got beat to a halt if it was always bring every year. Because of the poor offensive line play. On that he had with the rams and I always thought. That he was. He was going to be a special quarterback in the you know now where. You know the entire Galvin cook payload and I'd tell you what forgot the only ran for seven them. He looked pretty quick out there to me good last night brilliant idea broke the record for opening game performances that Adrian Peterson had set at Minnesota. A few years back ID 444773776. Nick Saban got irritated this week there's breaking news or. Bulletin here that coming up and much more final hour of the hollow coming up on ESPN upstate jump on board text line 71307. Will be right back.