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Well the man has the huddle on ESP in upstate the weather's him better by the minute I'd still cloudy out there but all the mess. As moved out of year thankfully. From the hurricane tropical storm tropical depression. Whatever Irma is right now. On has moved on out so we can begin to watch him and get back to normalcy hopefully hear Mary's opponent. Certainly it's can take a lot longer for folks down in Florida and other parched do that with all the damage that they have what command Greg McKinney Josh Phillips Alonso. Back in studio today in the hollow. On Tuesday afternoon. And coming up today. GNU talk a lot of college football because it's September and that's what we do we'll hear from Deborah Sweeney from his press conference over Clemson in just few minutes here. Tell you some what Will Muschamp. Has to say today in Colombia he's meeting with the media should be starting right now down in Columbia as they prepare for Kentucky so we'll see if he has any. News to pass along. Oh getting the Monday Night Football. From last night the double header. And talk about the outcome of those games. Coming up on. Thursday it's the NFL match up between Houston Cincinnati and we'll hear from Max Kellerman and Stephen A Smith on who should start for Houston a quarterback. I'll give you a hint. Not Tom savage. The focus their opinions on that coming up on the show. Nick Saban I can't. I can't in good conscience call it a rant because in demand enough buddy digital earlier Ted yesterday talking to me. When he was asked about Jalen hurts and his run vs his past. As the quarterback for the Crimson Tide solar or nick on that always fun. I'm NeuStar was born on football last night though Sergio dipped. Sergio dep. Is trending. On social media if you don't know who that is. Well you hear his own appearance on Monday Night Football last month. And say about some of the reaction to that coming up your phone calls 8444773776. We are on your text machine you can text us at 71307. Driven by Carolina coaches RB superstore use the keyword ESPN. At the beginning of your text message. And we're on Twitter at ESP in upstate. Well Augusta Mel Zahn is still trying to explain what happened Auburn's offense. Saturday night. A Death Valley against ponson a demos when he has been able to move on and start looking at low level. Coming in on this Saturday night actually they play at Lou Holtz all road game for the tigers and coach when he meeting with the media today to talk about what's coming up and down. It Armey he's always gonna say this opponent is a great opponent. But he does some ammunition to talk about with blue oval and the challenge. They bring to Clemson this week. Golf please play. Okay day. Well okay. This exciting. You come close to being the board games like that. Graeme. Obviously. I mean they're they're crazy here. It's it's video. No solution is normally. The numbers are 614. Yards and certain ways it's yours to play. Those numbers so. Just press. Normally. Did you have a lot better. It player. You're gaining average Nigerians are or here. So. Challenge for the tigers this week as we get through it and and really hear it will. And just play design. Director. You know there there. Oh yeah good receiver just to see him day. Or 6362. What makers. Good job. He also talked about the defense lot of experience returning global on the defense of side of the football as well. Last year coach and that shoot out ruled out here the Clemson was able to win. The tigers had five turn up. How often you get five turnovers. Had five turnovers and win a football game. I'm not very so I don't think they can afford to do that common of Saturday night. Note they do with the score look like what happened at Florida State. When they went up there are highly ranked last year. And the game got away from home because. Unbelievable. Has this game circled. They think that they let one. Get away last year. In all I've heard from different people. Is that Bobby Petrino feels like. They should have won. A last year they were the better team. And they just think that you know this game they've they've had circled for a whole year and have made it a point of emphasis through the offseason so. You know the thing that. Clinton is gonna have to do is going there and make sure what you mentioned. The turnovers and in the gonna have to clean up. Are some of the penalties you can't give Lamar Jackson. Not just penalties and not just turnovers. You know what Clinton had three or four a pass interference calls against Auburn last week they're gonna have to clean that stuff float. As well so there's going to be a raucous. I think there haven't black out of their Papa John's stadium. And these you know we also haven't won Florida State one of their highly ranked. So you don't want a repeat of that if your Clemson. Tell me ask you this from a coaching point of view because what happened last week with Albert with the eleven sacks that Auburn allowed the Wisconsin. Front. And the war on a Clemson today from Dallas when he is that little's playing more five man protection compared to Max protection is that we Smart given what happened. With Clemson. Last week Aaron do you think Lamar Jackson just gonna try to throw the backs out of the backfield and short passes and I mean he's not going to be able to stand around dance around back there in that pocket too long based on what we saw last week from clubs. You know Bob Petrino it is. You know Bobby Petrino is the Nick Saban office. You know now you can have your opinion about the guy. In what year is off the field. But as far as an offensive coach a play call war. What he does is just short of miraculous. Oh with offenses so. I think they're not they're gonna do what they do because look here's the thing in the protection breaks down you get a guy back there 63215. That runs for three. Our outlook for Katrina he loves bootlegs play action passes screen games. Earlier in the argument when he was an Arkansas all. And he had a guy by the name and Nathan Dick far cry from Mark Jackson. Alicia I think was ranked fourth in the country at the time. His first seven or eight play calls were screens middle screens draws and boot licks. And what you wanna do for that is what tyra that front. For later in the game to set up your downhill passing game. And so that's exactly what I expect to see. Bobby Petrino is give Mark Jackson on the parameter get him out of the market look. More people cannot block points and out front when their offensive line that they can't do it. Their offensive line is average at best. I've seen him in person. And Clemson if he sits back there he's gonna take what he now the thing if your Clinton. And your definitive this guy is you've got to game tackle that you cannot Christian Wilkens Austin Bryant. As good as they were last week they are not going to tackle him 11 in space. It's not gonna happen he won't break them down and he will get a big play so what Brett venables is to own his team. As we've got to get eleven hats to the football when he breaks contain. We have got to get 345. People all of our horse corral this guy in game on the ground. If you don't do that. Florida State didn't do that Florida State try to run a lot of man coverage he broke contain next thing you know he sixty yards down the field and strike of the ban. So Clinton you better believe is gonna watch that tape. They're gonna watch the low oh issue tape from when they play they'll issue in the bowl game they're gonna watch Houston and the common thread. That all those teams had it beat notable late of the Kentucky. Don't ask me what happened. Against Kentucky. Because that game I don't know if they left him in the locker room for half or one. But that game surprise me blood LA issue Houston they've got dominant defensive fronts. They ran a lot of zone coverage kept the passing game in front of them and then gain tackle Mark Jackson. Out of the backfield so. I think you go see something similar to that and I think you'll see. The Clemson offense try to protect the defense a little bit more than what they did I mean last week's that it was a good quarterback. He was athletic. But he was cut like Jake bit in the and I'm not saying that as a slight. Jake Bentley is a better athlete than what people give him credit for him but they're not Lamar Jackson I mean they're not fourth three. You know and stuff like that that can take quantum house so. That this is all gonna be on this dramatics of Britain and humbled and you know how well clemson's defense gains taxes. Yeah less than two big things to me first of all how. Clemson game plans for Lamar Jackson and what he brings to the table and then Hal global. Game plans for that defensive line and and kind of offsets that pass rush that Clinton's gonna have and they have a very weapon to do that with Lamar Jackson obviously. Yes they do and it'll we've heard from what must champ went South Carolina faced NC state that for. Is they wanted to get the ball out they wanted to get those guys running. Early in that game to harm out later in the game. Hopefully and get into the depth there and I think we're gonna see the same thing. Out of Bobby Petrino would you don't want to happen. Is to have breakdowns and coverages. Because you have to commit. At least seven guys. You just Lamar Jackson which means now you're gonna have you can either please already gonna play man on the back in. Because it with those seven guys if they don't corral him and he gets loose and third level there's nobody they are down the field. To take care of so I think really see a lot of is a lot of spies. I think we'll see a lot of defensive ends dropping into zone blitz concepts. A bit to get in to some of those underneath. Roles that Katrina likes to do and the other thing is. Katrina old loves deep crossing routes ten to fifteen yards with a as outside receivers to put pressure on most safeties only start to come up. To take away Jackson so it. The Brent venables verses. Bobby Petrino chess match must see television. That's good stuff yeah that a about a couple other notes from mod dabble today sparse who's gonna start at running back in game time decision. And obviously NIC Jewish followers are starter quarterback now there's been little adjustment there may be features made some inroads. Yeah I think Seoul and the thing has surprised me. And the thing surprising about this game and I don't know whether it was a pressure animal that was the moment. But how surprised that Clemson. The wide receivers and the running backs turned the ball over as much as they did. Against Auburn and some really I mean they didn't take any vicious vicious hits. It's just that they caught the ball fall for extra yards and and turn the ball loose. So you know I heard a couple little bit and just press conference on the way to show. You know when he talked about you know guys put on the deck they're not playing anymore and I was surprised when they announced that chart that. Awful I was up there because he fumbled what twice. During that Auburn game. And I still believe and I think you've mentioned this before. Is I still believe Travis at TN is the best back that the I think him and tell Avian Easter. Are the best backs. That they have now edgy and as young. But they're saying he's one involvement with full force beat. So you've got a farm way to get that guy in the league game at some point and then of course KV and if he's worked on his pass protection then he's as good as any back in the country. Injury updates Vance Smith the safety he did practice yesterday and looks like he's OK so on the welcome him back hopefully. Marcus said in the cornerback did not practice and yesterday he has a foot sprain. And is listed as day today so that's on another issue in the secondary for Clemson. And it's got a bit on the new injury updates for the tigers for the game. Coming up on Saturday night in Lowell it is a night game was mood for television and will be a prime time. Game at 8 o'clock up at Papa John's on Saturday night. I your comments are welcome when you 444773776. You can text us at 71307. We'll take a break and come back with more geared just under way. Tuesday. And the hoddle. On ESP in upstate. Or about into the huddle hits ESPN upstate year GMAC coach Josh Phillips and lines of you can call a slave 444773776. Let's go to the phones and talk to Delmon first today had album what's up. Don't. Other ones we've looked at. Obviously. Quote united opposition. But it somebody's day a long. It. Marquette and vote on sort of more. A he gonna vote he stood up and wanna sort of just look at the peak at about four in his and is excited to promote civil war. No. I. Housing and help from the. Is that is has put stuff in the big east you know we as a society do to get the ball up we can do a lot of things that got so. I want other decent team do what went wrong. Yeah I guess. Coming. Stop the Lamar Jackson at the matter where it starts from his human your style as you may really hard to stop so I you know this can be a real challenge for this Clemson defensive line and coming judgment a good point is. How do they hold up in the second half after chasing that guy around for about three quarters. How others are clemson's. Al-Qaeda are you gonna have the stamina to put up with that. All day he kind of ram while last year tock comes just outscored them last year as a newbie that kind of game this year. It and he got that money that's not what political party lost a lot of vessel. It is lunacy zone to build up more right wing parties are. Mall in the banking world. Now I don't and we appreciate it hum it's all about Lamar Jackson. On Saturday night. At least from the clemson's defense a point of view on them what does you know what Wisconsin do offensively deciding exactly light it up offensively. Last week Auburn got a pretty darn good defense but you know the fourteen points clumps and put on the board. Is not gonna get it done against everybody coached they're gonna need more this week than fourteen. I'm gonna give out a guarantee. Alonso likes the whole communities I guarantee Clinton scored more than fourteen points boy. I'd guarantee. I can now go. That's seems pretty sick to me I'll bet the farm on. Lets us form we talk about wells my dance and thousand makers who. Bad and other people just alike. Is this fertile ground is this like trees we will where we go on him all right now for the kind of come with a possibly could work in the deal depends awards for collateral. Pretty safe bet that a Clemson opened up more than fourteen how much more than fortunate again and eating and they did that well that's. Political idea that's the kicker is is what's the magic number in the you know when does. Or how does. A Clemson generate those points. In which guys step up. But you know it's interesting that book with both in state teams on the weapons that they have outside. It makes sold difficult. You know hundred renfro was big on third down well if you cover down on him you leave main coverage would be on Cain and then sooner or later. The world's gonna find out about two Higgins when he can learn. The complexity of the playbook so. To me I think the key to this game two was going to be. It. If Clemson is offensive line. Can't control this game. Pretty much both offensive lines on the Auburn's. They get it was a stalemate I mean Auburn got some pressure they have to blitz to bring some guys. I thought Mittal had played an OK game. Overall but you know neither offense could get and try to convene under the talent. Of the defense in the Auburn game I'm gonna be good to be generous deceit. If the tigers can roll off the rock. Hit somebody in the teeth and be like okay little astronomy just. A physical Backstreet game and see if we get our backs on track. In total does have other weapons last week in addition to Lamar Jackson's a 132 yards Russian they got modern 49 out of Mel Williams. I don't forget about him. Don't forget about him at all on the 182 you three yards receiving on just nine catches. The weapons are there for moral armies and a question about that. Hey speaking out Bob and you're talking about the trees on the farm. Be careful out there because god there was a story this morning I just saw that about 10:30 this morning a tree fell across say if front of an issue beyond Howell road and bring you this morning. At 1030. So on the ground is saturated. And trees are still coming down on others tunnel power outages did you go to lose. And powerless my yes mine still is a real village and you know I'm still off South Korean. We had a flickering I can tell you we have branches down everywhere so it was fun getting down the driveway and my yard looks like. Storms came yeah that's the military wanna get all that out and also there was a story I think. Of the casualty where a guy was out trimming a tree yeah and another branch fell on sale if you're out to do and I need to be careful also. You know the weather has let up certainly the saturation is still there in the trees may still be coming down yet because of all that saturation and winds and so forth so be careful of that weather related they have decided that the Florida Tennessee game on Saturday. Will be plating Gainesville at Ben hill Griffin stadium they announced that today. They assessed the impact of the hurricane on the campus and surrounding areas. And said that everything is such that they can hold the game as scheduled. This weekend. So law a bill being you know taken some special precautions because and there is some damage around Gainesville area about stuff. They're going to play the game there they're not going to move it I think Atlanta was mentioned moving it away from there. Had been mentioned but they are going to continue the clean up. They say traffic may be heavier than normal fans are encouraged to arrive early at that game. And in under the stadium early because there could be longer lines at the gates. And they will have Fossum urgent relief effort collections going on there. As well also it's Florida and Tennessee as scheduled I'm glad they're able to play at. At the small. Coming up on non. Saturday afternoon that will be asked the place to have it move in a game would would kind of seem wrong here and South Florida. They're going to play Friday night against Illinois as scheduled in Tampa Tampa wasn't his farcical about it. And they're gonna play at Raymond James Stadium. They cancel their name last weekend with the storm coming in a Friday night the as being game. Illinois and South Florida will be held in Tampa as scheduled think dom. They did have a cancellation the Florida international game at Indiana. Was gonna be on Saturday. That has been canceled. Because of complications related to the storm they started talking Sunday decided yesterday to cancel my game because many of the FIU players. Are from the South Florida area and that's caused a lot of odd destruction down there and it canceled classes and there's too many logistical hurdles for them to come up for back and they site. So that's one game at by you and Indiana that is canceled. This weekend. 8444773776. The text line is 71307. You wanna get in here in the huddle Twitter and ESPN. Upstate. I will take a break of Michael Moore just moments stay well this steady Tuesday hoddle. GMAC the coach Josh Phillips Alonso on ESP in upstate. There's a huddle as ESP out of states Tuesday afternoon Greg McKinney to coach Josh Phillips and Alonso 8444773776. Takes line. Is 71307. Driven by Carolina coaches. RB superstore. Bobby is up next hey Bob welcome him. Great up out of both parties also brought Derek K do. Yeah now we had some we had some power outages we still have some power outages and a some issues like that and had a couple injuries because of trees falling but duck. All in all not terrible appear bomb. It'll loosen. A home. I have of course and I ask them will be very detailed. In my question but I want weren't present about slain women are Smart course and don't don't meet. Because I need to hear your answer because there are literally tear apart you knew you were answers on April 2 national on this one. Because Obama and also after you've probably never even older than where that is Carlyle. They have do you feel about I'd bring sunlight and here. It's so far around the country as sun god. So soft go out to hear your answers all owned all you do it. Here's here's the question. Pol Pot no new pain you're. You know you ponder chicken. It in and I know he's got all organ that's our radio gaga or sports media guys if there's any two people on this planet. There are born lives in the future value cult like you say you talked shortly this question out we don't really your nurture. Folks at the AP come out. And course simply called bird in the shoot out army could be as long godly. And steady predicted it would be. But it was low scores and they predict it do what they. And they want and that's what they should have don't and that's the only thing because of don't indicate. And that Oklahoma jokes. Now having said that Oklahoma beat about state. And I'm looking like there's a licensed in Tom's quote employers Oklahoma or Ohio State they fall to 4630. Good enough. I just destroy them. Two top row only Jeanne. How in the world. Could that possibly happen to a national champion and we it will require fresh affect. Took that and you need to you wait to meet demand in they didn't give you when you are not people who without that true. Oklahoma job when that do not think it's media bias because of the way now I'm going to wait for your response. I've Bobble here's the thing. What happened with Clemson and Oklahoma last year doesn't matter. I was last year. This is this year. Cause you to do that. Yes I did because he mentors guy so he did mention you're so bad man so yeah I can tell the guy and more let him hear the answer treat bag to be left a lot of Umbria. It's a good segue that he can go back and listen to upon you know last I checked I was in the room but you know and when you start your hurt his feelings got personal feelings hurt and dump the guy after he begged to stay on the phone. This year they answer that's Alonso I'll have you know my affiliates are much bigger than a little and it's bomb that's why well. So that's right that's why. I don't think you know what Clinton did Oklahoma are to Ohio State last year really matters. I'm only matters coach this year is this year it's not last year. Oklahoma's win and I looked ominously into the Oklahoma should join clubs and I'm on this early sure they should have. But the win over Oklahoma. The win over Ohio State and Oklahoma was I had this past week went in muzzle and little notch more impressive. The more clubs and adult when you buy then are you but I wanna sell and there. That Oklahoma going is due. Ohio State Columbus. And beating that team on their home field the way they did. Was a couple of notches above Clemson winning at home against Auburn. Mean if for isolating it through this year. Clinton too yeah these teams right clubs bush wants to not play it right Clinton started out the year. Fifth in the poll okay. They had Ohio State ahead of home they had Oklahoma State Oklahoma was like fourth. Is that right southern cal in the trees boiler fifth before last week so yeah somewhere and they were in the top five top six somewhere in that. So. Which you know I have this argument that I thought Clinton was right too low to begin the season anyway but. The truth of the matter is at this point in time it really doesn't matter. Oh where they're right if they keep winning whether it's fourteen to 714 and 914. To thirteen. Event in the new year Clinton's twelve an old ACC champs they're going to go back to college football playoff events and smog and it really matter. Now do those Oklahoma deserve. From the pre season ranking that they had to jump based on what they accomplished. Absolute. They went on the road to the horseshoe. And beat Ohio State. In their home building badly. Badly. I mean it was it was almost a twenty point ballgame it's showing appreciation what it doesn't pass rush because. One thing that people have got to understand. It is hard to go on the road and winning college football. Very very very difficult. It a little bald eagle on the road. And beat somebody's by any of the way that Oklahoma did. Okay you've got a problem program your plane from a hundred Alamo 300000 people there in the issue. And Oklahoma went in there and drop the boy don't OK so they're going to get. The benefit of the now. That's just the way it is if Clinton. Goes into. I don't know they're playing Florida State home. But if they had played an OC games they have played a southern cow on the road at USC. And they went out to California and they beat southern cow you would want to be vertigo or rice 35 to seven. You're gonna jumps on people. Okay because I think that that's just the way it works it's always work that way out the thing that I. And get this off my chips. I know we don't have a ranch saying. Why is it. GMAC might get mad because. A lot of fan base for a minute while an argument you are. Just making sure. Why is it Clemson fans cannot enjoy what they're all damn teams do. Mean my guidance. There are worried about South Carolina. Worried about Ohio State they're worried about it defending national in the air. I mean my god. I mean every week is. In oh. Isn't that just one inch. We can have a rant session I don't think we do as did I completely agree but I would ask you man. Canon cannot find a threshold that voice is gonna go hand in the big Jumbo and our studio yeah. You can look people can't say that I have a whole world. Because I'm one of the few people that pick Clinton to go back to college football well hmm balmy for goodness sakes every time you turn around. I mean Clinton got that have the most sensitive fan base I have ever been around. I mean let me tell you something if Arkansas just beat. TCU. And their 20 and their fifth in the country I'm not gonna go directly to me what LSU Alabama Texas bill. Yeah keep your little feelings in check. That's right. Keep your little freelance and checked. Bob column back if possible. The bank and man but this is doctor Amerada and his dog Camilo Zorn who don't cut me a little bit. You know wanted to run him. All right the thing is people that they're gonna make me agree with odd bomb I don't wanna do that if it. Because bomb bombs and any. Yeah you're right about one thing to worry about it it doesn't matter if you're number three it. Doesn't matter if Oklahoma jumped Jim. Keep winning you'll be in the four team playoff that went on the field exactly Ron that's all you have to do keep blending well that'll take care of everything. And you want to worry about a problem. But I do think there's I do think there's a logical reason to move Oklahoma and it is based on what they did all owed. Ride as them to a team in the country not at home against number thirteen been on the road. Against number two there were more impressive right now. I have so all the new poll yet so shame on me. But I'm sure Georgia vaulted some people. Home where they were right last year for them going on the road and beating Notre Dame they moved up two spots. This is a whole lot of whining about something that doesn't mean anything anyway these polls mean nothing I'd say oh well it's about the playoff committee when they get together I think that's what wish they would wait till week eight or non before they came out with a poll. Are we got call stack and have a we got to get a break first because of my own we'll get to Iran after the break 8444773776. Bottle on ESP in upstate. But back to the huddle on ESPN upstate listening to these calls in before the top of the hour Tim thank turning in on your next I don't. They are eager don't need minute don't play yet. They'll just reach all about that they have basically it sustains it and it says it isn't it blows my mind at all. I don't believe. Unbelievable. Yeah I guess is worried about something you don't need to work especially week two of the season. The differences in my. I don't think Tim is if you know why not talk about the moment. Double with the Down's syndrome kid criminal that the talk about it let's talk about. In all the things that. Are positive in that you take at the end but which there's so many of those things talk about now. Yeah you know Dorian McDaniel has changed. From the time he got there be a good football player to be in double calls the best player that he seeing him through there. And the maturity of football team so you know after awhile enough is enough. I appreciate all their Tim was a big Kevin here next take jabs walkman. What sort of poked a little and goes Sergio amendment you know Coker unit the second week. But the crap out of that trailer every word about. All the oil and ultimately even when he and seeing them there and mr. It. Yeah you welcome to this state. Parker put into Google and put those in Jordan Kent State. You go at all and could afford playing OK admit there over the prisoner or the friend that can come into work about. And we scoreboard WW accompanying ended. Commitment. If Clinton can keep dying. Though 28 point full load may be current one point eight and it but I that frequently win that ballgame and we can't go. Event that weren't we weren't bit you go to work which you can look coming at what can you put upon when the I need about job gift. But on the remarks. Don't remember a comment by airport restaurant four or lower ranked. Thank you give your version two point. I it's about blood Oklahoma did again. Analyzed state. Is they put 500 yards up against that defense and I honestly. And that's I think that's what the voters are looking at this week. But a mere three. You're fine you're in great shape. I get upset about. The maker may feel was just lights out 2735386. Yards three touchdowns. It was an impressive performance. And boaters. Eight you know it's the last thing they saw this weekend the most impressive thing we saw in college football this week and was Oklahoma right. Right that's right. I mean you had two top five teams going at each other. Maybe the Heisman Trophy was in the balance whoa wait to see him now. I personally think. Of the October the 21 matchup between Oklahoma and Kansas State. In Manhattan Kansas probably government side of the big twelve. So you know baker keeps planned way that he is. He's got a legitimate chance to. Win the Heisman Trophy. Nominee saying that now feel like in the shower. Because I don't like give credit anything that comes home but. You know you've got to give credit where credit's due and they went all the world. You know are always people. In maybe there's a stat. Of how many times not only has a team going into Columbus. And beat Ohio State but beat them by double digits. I guarantee you eat you can count and only one hand. And so that's it you know what GMAC just that is absolutely correct. You know it was the late game. It was the last thing people Saul out here on the east East Coast it was the most impressive the most impressive thing that people solved because. Everybody in the world including yours truly has Ohio State. One of the college football and now if that's the only loss that Ohio State has going forward they're gonna have a shot. But if Oklahoma goes undefeated maybe they get left we don't know. I better wrap it up for this hour here in the hoddle 8444773776. The text line is 71307. Come back. About to Shawn Watson will only start Thursday night for the Houston Texans against Cincinnati we hear from Max Kellerman and Stephen A Smith on that topic when we return. And we'll get to Sergio dip. On Monday Night Football last night stay with a Sonata.