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While command of the huddle audio espionage that as of Monday afternoon after a busy football weekend tonnes to talk about today. I'm Greg McKinney along with the coach Josh Phillips ones back at the studio we're on location. Today at local Q. Nine wrinkle Orchard Park wrote a rod awful bomb run off of they would so you know where this place is combined cius we're out here from one to four. And sturgeon down here from four to seven that they were here because this Monday and this is Jordan Monday Night Football. Head quarters. Josh what this is a great placed come watch the games on the big screen TVs and got two of them to be a double header tonight you know they do this to start the season thus. That's conical we've got a civic got the vikings in the saints were on the air that at 630 alias in upstate. And we get the Broncos and chargers not will be like after 10 o'clock tonight so you don't want to book. All 4 hours this evening in. This is poised to do it right. Yes it is I'm excited I think Libyan national holiday that the first week in the pull all NFL and college Monday and Tuesday is everybody's all. Because Monday Night Football at night so you're going to be up till midnight tonight you'll probably be ill. On the 1:32 o'clock and its like game. Particular office ten. But Tuesday nobody needs to work remark after a weekend like we just. With the NFL college football Monday Night Football doubleheader no work tomorrow I'm leaving the man way. Nine it lets all knew Josh that would inept on the worked more you can take responsibility for that. Listen we have club we have the storm coming through the years that we want to off. Certainly urge you to be cautious this afternoon strong winds are moving into the upstate right now in order to strong. They're getting stronger though between like to donate today should be the peak of these winds from our Armonk. Which has been downgraded and is moving off to our west but is still bringing us hold onto rain and hold on to win that we could have some downed lines. And tree limbs and power outages in you know flooding is possible so. Can't be careful this afternoon folks we're going to be through this before too long but the rest of today Kabila ultra. Yet be careful when you're out there when I left the house to come to the show. My trash can have been heads was blown over. Which wasn't the only one on the street. No there were no cats and they are thank goodness. After fueled her day show. What you on the way in there was a lot of wind. A lot of spitting rain and just got to be careful oh winner altered driving. No doubt I here's some of what we have coming up for you today of course we're gonna dive into college football clubs and big wins South Carolina big win. Other big games over the weekend Georgia. Beats Notre Dame on the road that's a big win for those guys. We will check in line with plea Hendrix Alpharma and they did not win and they went down to the wire again another close loss for the arm Alice. Thought the former coach coming up at about 130 this afternoon. We will. Hear from will -- champ who will hear from that those Sweeney about their wins over the weekend. Also NFL we will hear from Monday that Newton ESPN and covers the Carolina Panthers Panthers didn't have much trouble at all with San Francisco yesterday but. David has some thoughts on how scam Newton load and some of the other key players to McCaffrey and others. For the Carolina Panthers. Dot Brian Kelly's reaction to a reporter after Notre Dame lost by appointed Georgia he was not being there swollen that occasion missed it. And a few other things here today a lot to show Watson threw a touchdown pass yesterday but. Of the Texas did not look good. They looked pretty bad and now we will hear from the show on and from bill O'Brien his coach about where they go from here who's gonna start at quarterback week to. For the Texans that question. As of today is up in the air I haven't seen any announcement today we may yet one but that's a little bit of a quarterback controversy brewing. Already only took like a half for that kind of bubble over the weekend. And though will see where they do that so. Lots to talk to today you can jump on board at 8444773776. Carolina coach is RP superstore text line. Is 71307. And we are on Twitter at ESPN upstate. Start with the Clemson Tigers Josh they Dick yet radio on fourteen to six win over Auburn couple things about. This game first ball clubs defense is as advertised. Got to give them credit Monday game anything away from that Auburn offensively. I'm not so sure a little bit challenged. Jarrett students post beat the new big time quarterback for Auburn 79 yards past. 79 a quarterback rating of nine. That is not a good quarterback. For mr. steps up their going to have to do better. Elliott 74 yards rushing out Pettway it's not terrible but he didn't have the big day that day it hoped he. And duct Clemson you know got a little bit out of Kelly Brian any at a 181 yards passing annals of 59 yards rushing they just didn't need much. Office gave up two field goals or Clemson. Wasn't really threatened in that demo took a while to score but they scored two touchdowns and that was when he for the Goodwin. Yeah was I thought. For me the turning point that game was the first. Well there was couple the first ones were those two. Where Auburn was down first and goal inside the five yard line. And they're not able to punch him for touchdowns and settle for field goals. 01 oval ones. A procedure penalty. They called time out on the fourth and one in which they were into an overseer. I think quick snapping and then try to get somebody out on the parameter. Because it was home and Gus miles on pollutants in this press conference. Which what's the deal with these press conference on organ here for Brian Kelly. Boy that Alabama. Media just went after him. They started grow anymore on the fact that you know Jordan's Dedham. It was supposed to be the heir apparent that the authors is that walls going back to last year and the fix was that Jordan was gonna fix all of that. And then that I mean they literally looked at him and says. Is that the players are is the system and I was like oh my goodness that they were just roasting. Gust Internet press conference. And that of course we'll hear from Brian Kelly was a little bit on here. With some of the questions that win in his press conference but. I thought those were two huge issues for. Auburn you can tell spit him was bothered by the crowd. The environment overwhelmed. You know one of the things that I thought I was going to be key was how Kelly was going to be able to handle. The pressure and the environment and it was actually Jordan's Adam. That kind of wilted under the environment in the lights and then of course it from four. For Clemson but there's no question. Those two. When you first and goal inside the fog or that you scored touchdowns. Not field goals especially when you're the road team. And it went Kelly got hurt there was a moment there we thought well as you can make it. Be like you know what I've had enough because Auburn. You know people should never doubt that cute courage anymore because Auburn flat lit him up. I didn't think it was dirty play hurt some people talk about it you know Auburn defender ticket cheap shot I didn't see it that way it was a football play. It was a screen he held the ball too long in the to tackle. Jacked him up that's that's football so he responded he came back tell it was impressive about him Greg was he came back better. After being in now getting hurt us right Denny was before it was almost like the walkie mountain. And that he came out on the shoulders athletic skills leading. 24. And a half minute drives it into the half. When Clinton was struggling offensively they got the ball four minutes thirty seconds. In the first half they went down and scored five seconds left opened up the second half with a drive and in the ball game was over is Albert was like can be handled it. Now they cannot keep the defense of line off Richards didn't cite eleven times which was crazy in the game just could not protect him. At all in and he was rattled I don't think there's any question about that and it's Erlich. And you know he he'll get better but it was a tough debut for years to promote the Auburn Tigers on his team only scored a couple field goals. On Saturday night over at Clemson and Evers Williams is conference call last night. At time to take a look at film in judge how his team showed up for the second game of the year. And here are some of his comments on the copper fell last. You know was impeccable ball mark Paul both teams in just wrote about a bargain it's. Or just asked her. Accompanist finished. It was. It was a gritty game in an interview on one who can really grow our team from early in the season. Get ready for conference play to keep the title. It's going to be battle tested a little bit like dead early years. There's certain that the people. Well to put our force. As we. Get ready for the next round of a mogul Rupert. Viciously just tremendous remained just Dominique could all three levels. That the source was just that there are more able surgeon and just consistency is or shall we performed. On the back in linebackers in the in the truck. We tackle world. In just their ability to not be able to shorten the ball. Was was critical. And and they're bleak there we go out and that we can improve all. The toughness to finish the play of Taylor Bryant big piece from beyond a ray Ray Edwards for overall positives. A big dust ball to. Actually. Until station movement on the we had a few props axed. And now we really engaged couple opportunities. That we need to take advantage of and good to you at all at all a lot of positives from the game and an or an hard fought game. Is insulting that we can we can improve from. Yes definitely Clemson Tigers wanna work on the offensive output going forward though Josh they're going to be more than fourteen points out. Going down the road against some of these teams are gonna play the the defense is just up there were just unbelievable one of the better defense performances maybe we've seen. From Clemson the last couple years they've had some pretty darn good ones but Dorian McDaniel with fourteen tackles Christian Wilkens had ten. Kendall Joseph had nine Austin Bryant nine. Our seven they had they had a whole bunch of people rushing to the football flocking to the football and just kept this Auburn team. Bottled up all night long. Yet after that first drive where Clinton helped them now with a few of those beyond penalties of late they've got to clean that up on me. The defenders that defensive backs were perfect position they didn't even libertarians on. They could shoot turn around and intercepted the ball. But after that first drive. And Auburn went down the field. It was like clintons and OK enough is enough then you you know look at these games you and I talked about it. Last week we thought there's going to be low scoring defensive game. That's exactly what we got both defenses were on the I was surprised and Gus actually got grilled on this as well. A reporter asked him you know the streak that your team was balls in the offensive line. How do you. Accounts that after giving up eleven sacks and he made some excuse completed just just that you got to ask you because that's all I mean you give up eleven sacks like that. I mean that's exactly what happened so. I was that the biggest shot for me was how Auburn's offensive line which I thought it still think it's very very good. Was just overwhelmed. Bother defensive front for the tigers in the front seven Pettway I thought would be able to find some running game on a run in lanes. He was relatively ineffective I believe Clinton had 38 after Auburn head. 38 rushes for 48 yards. And Auburn's offense is not built. For that type of racial it's more built. To be 300 yards rushing and 200 yards passing. Because there they are a big play. Joseph I call that chuck and duck you know last year called NC state. And nickle and dime oh what was called it. I don't remember that you have something you know what they are. Doing low high percentage passes walrus the opposite. They wanna run the football on the football run their play action and hit you over the top great big big play. That they're not much on the kit and docking on the field so. What's Clemson was able to eliminate the running game and make them one dimensional stuff them was sitting duck back there and it was a four is that let us as a I meet you there are a couple of times they had and it could have been fifty or sixty sex now but his athleticism got him out of a lot of trouble. But you know I think people. Put too much nowadays in the ostriches and not realized pace sometimes when you've got to dumb it eclipses like Auburn Clemson missed what you're gonna get. Especially when it's a game of this magnitude. So I think both teams are going to be five hit it and they're not gonna face a quality puts it well at home against Florida State. Auburn will in the Orange Bowl against Alabama but other than those two games these teams aren't pleased equality that they face chose this week. At least on the line of scrimmage like that's exactly fair interestingly even though our clumsy got the win over a ranked Auburn team they were jumped by Oklahoma India AP poll that's out today. Oklahoma of course had a great win over Ohio State over the weekend but to. I don't know lomb a lot of people low irritated by cleansing yet jumped when they had the defense a performance that they have but they're still number three. In the country behind Alabama and now. Oklahoma after that weekend game. Couple things about Clinton going Ford first ball they moved the start time for this weekend's game to prime time night game at 8 o'clock. At low level I guess after both those teams were. Impressive this past weekend they wanted that for primetime. Does that give a local little more home field advantage point nine. Absolutely. When the home team. Those 12:1 o'clock games 330. Those flavor of the visiting team when it's 8 o'clock in the other team has to sit in there hotel all day. Watched games. Like you said it's going to be prime time 8 o'clock on ABC. You've got the Heisman Trophy winners defending Heisman Trophy winner. The defending national champions. And you can AFC I mean the guys you wanna get up you wanna get going you wanna go play. And no question that helps the home team because of the routine. That they have being at home. So that this is going to be a heck of a matchup you know there's challenges every week. You know Kelly Bryant answered the bell but he was home now people are gonna say how does gonna handle being in on the road and hop style of our environment. Against the reigning Heisman Trophy winners can be fun to watch. Yeah and loyal fans are pumped up because their team is off to a good start especially their quarterback. Lamar Jackson lit it up again. This weekend he does he start or did it last year. And he has great music big. You don't mean you talked about this before. 1000 Massachusetts last fall from my brother's wedding. When I watched Louisville play Boston College in the saying that got me about him seeing him in person was he is a big kid. I mean he's tall he's thicker and bigger than I thought you on television he looks kind of wiry man. But ease muscled up in his legs and in the store and this year he's bigger he's at and I believe ten or fifteen pounds this year and these were really worked on his throwing game I was really impressed. Washington. Global take on North Carolina. There were times where he could have taken off and ran the ball where he set the pocket and threw lasers down the field so you can tell. He's really worked on being a thrower as opposed to a roar and it really at a different dynamic to his game. So that game moved to 8 o'clock this weekend just a little while ago they announced the kick off time for. The next game coming up on the 23 against Boston College Clemson Boston College game will kick at 330. On the 23 so those two game times one change of one announcement today for the Clemson Tigers. As men and I'll start we're gonna take a break and come back here and not get into some more college football. At about 130 we're joined live by clay Hendrix Berman coaches they. Drop the time when you line over the weekend that's coming up and much much more 8444773776. We are alive that local Q angry bill York Monday Night Football headquarters. Compliance in thirty Orchard Park drive right off of Haywood road check out some of the great specials great food and beverage right here launched a severed Iran now combines the us. And say hello back at a moment in a huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back we're live in Greeneville local Q. Orchard Park drive runoff vote Haywood road Monday Night Football headquarters they have. 285. Drafts right now. And you can find them on on tapped bucket holiday parties right now they have brand new pool tables and a free poll by the way if you come in and have some food. From 11 AM to four million people for free like them and you know think about this place Josh is. The games meanwhile example labels may be a lot of places have darts but whether dart boards are behind our had a that seems loan dangerously so. Especially if I'm home I must remind me to move afoot darts are gonna stop start up here to tell us. Of that set up as a little sketchy mama but anyway they do have that. But they also some money other games you can play here at them local Q like ping pong hinging dying corn hole shuffle board. 300 board games 300 boardgames one copy to me so on there's something for everybody to do here I'm not as they bring the kids because you can't stop anyone and older. So don't bring the kids 21 and older your local Q but there's something that everybody will enjoy it's a few. Wanna come out and check out what's going on here at local Q. You will not be disappointed it is Leo great place to hang out and of course to watch Monday Night Football. Tonight. As we yet get it started with a couple of hopefully good games I'm intrigued by that vikings and saints game. First ball. AP Adrian Peterson used to be with the vikings now he's with the saints was second look like does he have anything left in the thing. Imagine walking in here. Former employers and seeing. All of your attributes in the building up because that's what they're gonna face I mean there's Adrian Peterson pictures. All over. Minnesota and the dome there because literally that's where he spare. His entire career and it is well on his way. To the hall of fame so. It's going to be interesting to see. His reception which I expect to be one. When he takes the field. There in Minnesota but. I'm like Q I'm would be fascinated to see. This ball game and how. Minnesota faces him. And weather's Summers ready to take that Nextel. Cannot tell you what you are Green Bay Packers looked awfully good yesterday. Against a really good football team. At home at Lambeau in Minnesota is looking to take that next step to try to challenge Green Bay at the top of that division. Yeah item watch the Packers game because it wasn't on around here noddle by the the expensive package to watch matches and letting go out to all want to but it did follow it all on line and watch some highlights of the yeah they did enough their offense was a little bit challenged yesterday to the course Seattle has Burgundy. Yes they do the thing shock me about Seattle. Is that they're such a juvenile to me and what amoeba that is Green Bay made some plays. Where they got beat instead of hustler runs with a ball they take dirty cheap shots and that stuff there coming college ball maybe high school ball maybe I mean don't ever condone that kind of thing that the NFL level level. I know April got involved in the couple of things. With a Green Bay player of course plane. Optional out of the game although I agreed in all parts but what he did was dirty jump on all back him the ball was well past team. And that just goes to show me the core of Seattle. Is that they're not a team that story boards of individuals. That are trying to look out themselves I think that I don't wanna be the modern day version of the old Oakland Raiders. And they're just not pull that off Aaron Rodgers was just spectacular. He was dropping dimes all over the place that role he made. To Jordy Nelson and double cover it was just something to behold so. And then the other thing that shocked me about. That game was green Bay's offensive line really held up. Fraud against an outstanding. The fares and they were able to move the ball late. In that ballgame once they found their groups though. Wouldn't be surprised if we got the same matchup come peace or January. In the NFC championship game. No I would not either. But anyway after the vikings and the saints tonight. The late game is the Broncos and the chargers and down you know we'll see about that nobody knows what to expect from the chargers after their. Relocation but the can they be competitive with the Broncos the Broncos have their own challenges particularly Corbett. They do and you know the Broncos have outstanding defense. May be the best in the National Football League. But it's a quarterback driven league and if you have to pick Trevor Ximian Philip Rivers fumble with Philip Rivers. Because I think he's just going to be able to make more plays as long as they don't turn the ball over. Denver police on turnovers opportunistic defense setting profits up. On short fields as long as the chargers don't turn the ball over I think he'll win this game. Because I just I don't think bubble screen Ximian is going to be able to. Salute to lead this team. Two victory I mean he struggled before. And Greg I do not understand. John Elway drafts. Paxton lynch. Moves up in the draft to snake. Him out of Dallas can Dallas was moving up. To selecting. They come in at the last moment sweeten the deal. They're able to drafting and then now that got his start. You know what you're dealing with Trevor Ximian he cannot throw the football vertically down the field he's got a limp noodle arm. You only throw so short intermediate passes. I think what skiers Denver as it does a lot of NFL guys. The athletic quarterbacks. That are dual threatened college scare room. Because they don't know they don't like it when they ad lib on the football when they think they should stay in the pocket and throw so. I think that has a lot more to do. With the distrust in the organization Max blitz in the same look when the protections. Breaks down take all of them run which we don't wanna do my thing is. If that's the case watched drafts ago. I've got two coaching duties don't do that. All right let's they was gonna take a bright we'll see what can connect with clay Hendrix coach of the fervent elements coming up. 8444773776. Is our number we're live at local Q lingering bill. And this is the huddle you're listening to ESPN upstate. Welcome back live from local Jewish the huddle with Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips on ESPN upstate lines are back at the studio. And on the line where this is like Hendrix coach of the Furman talents they coach you don't. I know why don't you. The great coach I appreciate you look coming on with us today ran another tough one a 3431. Lost a line coach right down to the wire. And I know that's a disappointment that you guys did find a way to win that game Saturday. Yeah yes you know Segui erode and chip can really take control that is cool didn't do it won't. Yeah I did there are still leave you gentlemen for yanking what happened after that lately good football for all of them. Do you could be couldn't quite make you played your name. He would orient. A lot encouraged the fact they were Abbott were close to playing pretty good football town but right now we use our students complete it out. Can be a very good football team that returned very. Yeah how do you bomb. How do you coach getting a faster start I guess you know you're certainly coming out trying to get a good start but the thing a little while we're going to. What I you know we started slowly defense ga and and actually offensive play regularly. You we quorum and then yeah we just quit. Could cue ball rolling ground. You know what I'm a non contact fumble and really the second was not very much contact. You know I don't know that that's a good question thank you just. This camera you know we've just got to continue to practiced. Practiced faster than. And you know we're just continues right now than does this have to play really really well. And have a chance to win football games that's been that's been really replaces the game. To make it harder just not those factors like it would be right now. What's the approach show this week in practice you got them a tough opponent and NC state obviously on the road coming up this weekend though what do you tell on the guys this week. Well I think you know I think Arctic we actually practice yesterday normally were all holes Sunday. We've tried misses where they're going wounded wing yesterday and attentive and be thankful. They'll be all today. You know I'd have that we go back to war in you know and and discontinued. Don't try that well parallel and and we give little older I think we played eighteen freshmen Saturday and yup they give you more experience hopefully that'll that'll payoff for hit it certainly will be a huge challenge. You know other than you know pilgrimage to thank there are a bit more people and fans yeah. But the body to build bigger and a little faster. And is certainly hard to simulate that in practice field. But I think we just need to worry about our show. Taken care of yourselves and try and you'd do better they've got their practice is not welcome prayer will have a chance to go continued. I think our kids to be excited about it. It coach when people talk about NC state they tend to talk about the line of scrimmage both on the offensive line and the defense of line there. They are loaded thereof kind of challenge is that going to be for your linemen. Well sorry that I mean we're not a very big group probably. When. We know that can be that we are not very big and we're all relatively and let militant that you. Burnett that will be I mean certainly helpful if you look at me. They have. You know I think you're coaching you're trying to put our guys in the best position yes we can and then have a chance to be successful and and I'm still I'm Lenovo L the playing field name feel about leverage. Pad level and you know I mean we've just got to trust me and our. And and industry vertigo mystery that we can. Go I think between. Anybody get banged up in the game against Elon coach. No I don't think anybody that we were not happy you know we all know that would give we've war and you know we had some guys who will be limited who have been in practice but now a thing or have everybody available. No Saturday and Molly. They're that's a twelve when he kicked off in Raleigh so while NC state next coach we appreciate it good luck we'll talk to you next week. Great great great group have been known here. That is clay Hendrickson you as the coach of the Furman Paladins they drop a 34 to 31 contest. To Ilan at home on the Saturday very close game went down to the end about the the field goal at the end with what like five seconds left. Lifted the Phoenix to the win over Furman so there. Off to a no and to start they had a similar situation against Wofford dropped a very close game in week one in doesn't get any easier with NC state coming at NC state coach beat down Marshall. 37 to twenty coming off of that South Carolina loss. And so NC State's back on the winning track and you know there have been times on our governor from a going unbeaten NC state before but it's not easy against that kind of thing. No it's not and they were little sluggish you could tell there was some hold over from. The emotional loss they had South Carolina. You know so they came out although they did go ahead when the game gets Marshall and you know it's like Coetzer. It's a game where the kids look forward to it because they get to play in. An arena and then you Moroccans players that they don't normally play and they get the tests themselves. Against division one athletes in and you want always. That I'll never forget. When we were played western Kentucky. Where we made the move from division 211. Double there should say FC yes. And then the following year with two Hawaii and the kids just get so excited. And we were fortunate we are able to beat western Kentucky. 35 to seventeen whether it coast name Willie tack he's doing pretty good at doing all right and then we went to Hawaii the following year. And took on Hawaii got beat 2521. Last six cents. That ball game so the kids play hard. They look forward to it they wanna get out there shield and say you know what. We completely level as well and firms can get their chance against a very good NC state team. That'll be 1220s this coming Saturday in Raleigh for the U Furman Paladins and we appreciate coach play Hendrix coming on with a slide. This afternoon all right 844 GS the ESP able take a break or combined talk about some of the other big college football over the weekend we had tons of good games. Some big time games besides the Clemson and South Carolina wins talk about. And will do that when we come back live at local Q inning Greenville. Or McKinney Josh Phillips Alonso in the huddle on ESP announced. Lot of local Q Monday Night Football headquarters doubleheader coming up tonight you can hear Ramon ESPN upstate you can watch out here. With the folks at local Q we're just kimono now have a little lunch with us we're out here tool for than a straight poster boards seven. This afternoon line here from local QRES phone calls backed up let's get to them now Jimmy you are up first Jimmy Howard. Area. Right. Not bad is it they'll kick the go there's my advice to the opponents. Hey clump of guys that well and we got the vote. I think a lot there that hit the special Arab League it didn't look at it done he scored. Don't return for a touchdown. An engineer come. Are freshman defensive back made a great degree and an interception and NB a target and on that one and then after that. Or Missouri. And me in the second half. The whole change our whole team defense and offense was very well balanced out salt. You know I'd make a prediction that we are gonna went thirty orders when he knew it was going to be a shoot out because we're not Missouri State. Cannot there defense had a potential to play like it dead. Saturday. And so I'd say look at NC state. Because. Jake has not played that the potential that that are that local they keep him or hate and so. It only gonna get better in my opinion or Jake. And our our peak that is really improving our likely duck breast into my way. Yeah did Richard college in my as Williams is looking really good coach Mina was he like 59 yeah he's not tall guy but he's he's old dissolve if he is he's very athletic. He's very competitive. You know when I went and saw Carolina. Bank Americas stadium last week. You know there was several players that jumped off the field at me he was one album Kimmel was another. Both of those guys had great games against Missouri. South Carolina is on the consecutive. How many coaches can we get fired churning. Missouri canned their defensive coordinator. After literally on Sunday after that ball game so. You never want to see that happen but I get the same time it's their job their job to defend it. Don't have apple that would not read some about that but yeah for about his relationships Amal field stuff and unnecessarily about raw results on Saturday because their defense wasn't great but it was run horrible. Yeah it was Saturday you know when bad and Jake has got to settle down. I think he's trying. You know Bobby needs to keep him away from social media to keep away from the newspaper ESP and just a sign. Focus on beer and a quarterback and stop trying to be a superstar. App and it and get jury that we talked about it before. Last week some wanna pick Carolina to win this game is I didn't think Missouri had the defense. To take away all of their weapons I mean hate the hearse was a monster. They couldn't do anything with him people Samuel was phenomenal. In Carolina. Get a great jobs thoughtful mom I mean you hold that team thirteen points that's right integration that's enough. I let's get dealt that in here next hey governor welcome in the huddle. Again I don't. All's. You know what time tracks all. Please keep great Britain and get up close and on defense uses non. So I don't know what it is not a withdrawal to people and two known Notre Dame being don't want something you know. Well competent. I want ask what is a battle polian at top topic you've got to playwright trouble would be easy to put four. Certificates staunch and I don't want any mistake Cotto it would be important or not noted count probably usability. No I've never. Bob number never experienced. Anything where I did not know who you poll was after the game I think what happens is. You know look people need to let off told C had a successful. Star he threw two touchdowns. Ha. They were to go wrong yeah they're to the wrong team and it looked great start but look. Indianapolis. Has got organizational issues. All the way up their ownership so until they get that stuff it's I mean there's nothing you can really do about the only they did get rid of Grayson. Last year the general manager. McDonnell. You know look they sought 150 million dollars and Andrew Luck. And you don't know whether he's you can play anymore so. They've got to figure out what they wanted to do offensively. Develop that I entered the Inglewood has looked this roster. Is just atrocious. That they have round while Peyton Manning never had. This corporate team that surrounded him and they've got to zero way. To shore up their offensive line give him some weapons. And then work on the defense later but they've got a lot hill. That's yet one more him before we get to the top of the hour it's gym next HM. I don't know and they. Were also won't allow older it will quote got some good jobs but the but he won't trade Detroit light here how critical multimedia. I agree but it Packers that it. That's right you've got to king's ransom format they list you get to hear. Of him. You could it got them could have got my first round draft picks for the next eight years. If they'll might do differently did the doubt Cabral electorate. You know probably we give these children. The muffled we'll see that it looks as what it is but or Clinton's like what it but do it or tree. Score points and that being told not been nets beat the. That's right the politically game. Thank you Jim we appreciate it Kelly Bryant was solid. No question about that and I like Q I'm I'm with you coach Ditka once he got hit it good and hardy got better. Yes the cattle ultimately shook off the cobwebs got the focus. That's an okay I'm here let's play football. And then he saw the athletic schism that's wild like this kid. From the get go over and over the other ones because those other quarterbacks couldn't get away from the rush. And made those things happen and he threw some beautiful times. Or some of those fade routes will once he settled down so. Good to be interested to see what we do is does all the road at Louisville. When you've got 60000 people cheered against different. There's no question and now the quarterback for level Mark Jackson has probably not gonna have a nine quarterback rating this week right now Austin and Atlanta. He's probably going to be a little better than. That's just against but that's what I'm expecting anyway so. That came by the way has been moved to a night game at 8 o'clock each missed that news today. The Clemson mobile game moved to prime time this weekend and one not that should be a great match up coming up. This Saturday night. Are ID 4447737766171307. We have much more coming up here in the huddle we're gonna hear from. David Newton covers the Carolina Panthers sport ESPN. When we come back in the huddle live from local queuing Rangel on ESP in Tuesday.