HUDDLE 8 9 18 HOUR 3

Offsides with Marc Ryan
Thursday, August 9th

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It's our final hour here for the hobble out the day at least we'll be back tomorrow. Ths Children's Hospital radio Klein. 2008 team as we we tell you the stories of what this hospital does in our community. But the really cool. Hand print the war over there it's. Put that together in there's that up in the lobby right now a lot of activity was cute Eminem just few minutes ago you heard the music and dancing that was going on. So pretty cool so. Real center of activity here hearing radio plunges for two days and now we have radio stations broadcasting. Lines for today and tomorrow matter come upstate and we appreciate that opportunity to anymore about which one on here. In a bit but suffice to say you can make your contribution by becoming a miracle maker of fifteen dollars a month at any time no 1877. 719. 5437. We need you to do that. Or you can text. GH yes to 51555. That's what you should be as well regular website ESP in upstate dot com we have only right here on the home page. That makes it easy for you to contribute so all kinds of ways to help and you reflected this as the this is important for any community in you know it. Without this hospital. Folks who read. Six kids and teach specialized treatment would be driving hundreds of miles going to I don't know. Durham or wherever you know down to Florida somewhere Atlanta or somewhere in the do that because we're so well clip equipped with the associates mr. hospital. You know our community so we believe it's important that's why we're here. And we hope you do too and you'll become. A beer maker calls guys own phone line 18777195437. And actually most people. With things that you have to go to a major city like in Atlanta or at the medical community the duke you know in terms something of that nature but. I'm in the medical device world that's where my real job that. Lived and it's amazing what Greenfield does have with GH yes here with Steadman Hawkins here would write a cancer sinners I mean. There is the eight research and development community right here in Greenville and didn't even from a treatment options standpoint. People don't have to do in travel to these places it in fact. We're starting to see that people are coming to Greenville sure to come to these places office English writers here. Mean it's a big part of the Greenville community and I just don't know of necessarily everybody really knows that and understands that rebuilt does have a really big meadow school community. There's no question about that were well equipped here is something to be proud it's part of what makes community great the way we take care or kids and we're well what to do that because this. Children's Hospital now this hour is a power hour. And what does that mean well it means that your dollar goes twice as bar because we have angles as our. Power our sponsor. And during this hour at 3 o'clock hours they're going to match your donation. Dollar for dollar. So if you become a miracle maker fifteen dollars a month that's thirty dollars a month thanks to angels. That's pretty good deal this is the hour that you are. Want to sign up beat you haven't already done that affect the Eagles would be our our sponsor wrote idiot twenty album twenty miracle makers but this hour. In this power hour brought you by angels dollar for dollar match which he gets a call dial 1877. 7195437. Is the number featured it on your listening to law. The radio Thon on ESPN upstate and hoddle. And we thank you for doing that it where a major golf tournament born on Richmond. I haven't really even gotten Tia were little busy out here so yes appreciate it we're distracted and rightfully so but yes there is a the PGA championship news under way it is in saint Louis Missouri. And ten and a half million dollar purse Justin Thomas won this thing last year. A lot of golfers have already finished the first round today but some are still out on the torture leader right now is Rickie Fowler. Rickie Fowler at five under par shot a 65 today is this par seventy course. And he has two shot lead right now to Rick he's off to a good start at three under par pretty large group of golfers including Austin cook Ian Poulter pat ran as Jason Day Brian Gay Stewart Cink. And Ali. Are you pronounce Ali's last night. But it but it dried the but I don't know if you're the other night urging incident that occurred at the it's I don't know but anyway Dolly's actually American he's at three under par with a 67 days of those guys are all tied two shots back. The group that. Two under three shots off the lead and are in the clubhouse. Includes Ryan fox Billy horse shall Hideki Matsui come up. You'd Qaeda also Webb Simpson Brandon race. Ross Fisher. May Coke coal or Holden. YEU. Weighing in and Jason Duff. All those two back three shots off the lead. Just Thomas defending champion is minus one today at a 169. Kyle Stanley Clinton got ease of mind as one but he's only a hole number six so he can go lower chance I'll sit in with you time to get in there Adam Scott to minus one through four holes. Tiger Woods today was at par a seventy. I you know I keep hearing. Things this week about this may not be his week because it's back it's tightened up on. And a seventy keeps him. In in the conversation in the hunt buzz you know he's he's not feeling a 100% right now he's been feeling pretty good but he he's got some stiffness of. Back right now on that back is not in good shape this is what we're talking about it's one thing to play tournament. Have a weaker too often you play another tournament that we're getting into a point of the season for him where he's doing he's back to back tournaments and can't his back. Withhold that type of situation in terms of the number of rounds at least plane consecutively and that will be the concerned it'll be a surprise to me yet fees. In the mix on Sunday but. Look it's Tiger Woods you know it's prize before it yes we have the week it. But it's been no it's been awhile since we've been surprised to the point where he's been able to. Really pushed through that threshold and it come away with a victory in God's house seats that happen at this major came fairly close last time at the open but. Anyways burst rounds the seventies that I keep some. An amazing to check to make the cut but we'll see Deco lines will be determined tomorrow Rory McIlroy same thing 78 day. Even par so you know not what he's looking for for sure but. Now he's okay he's not out of it. Among the group at 71. You got Bryson the sham Beaulieu Vijay singing it in the air market timer. At a 71 today. And just looking for other golfers of interest on now on down the line Jordan's speech. Jordan speed is only played one hole when he double bogeyed it plus two after one whatsoever in this ouch. Ouch Jordan. And patent rough start to the obviously stuff the appointed time yet it is simply tiger started off with a bogey and a double bogey. Yep and so in geeky if you found his groove in. On the back nine and was able to shoot even par seventy so there's still time for George. No magic for Phil Mickelson today finished with a 73 so he is at three over par doesn't look like this is going to be fills. Weekend ether but again it's day number one Tony theme now what plus four today. Davis Love at plus five today no good there and then we have some guys that are just now teeing off there's a whole afternoon golfers. Anyway that's kind of highlights. Of the leaderboard. So far at the PGA championship. In saint Louis Missouri will be keeping a close. On that I tell me the story about Tommy Fleetwood that it Tommy Fleetwood. It's. Mediums knows that he's had eight. A nice season so far on the PGA tour but he also plays on the European tour. And he recently. Played on the European tour and earned. Roughly a 150000. Dollars. American dollars. And through that. Earnings. There happens to be another to Hamid fleet would. That is a golfer in America. That at one time head to stated and it turned it on the European tour. And so Lou unfortunately. Tommy Fleetwood was missing his. 150000. Dollars because it was accidentally deposited into the wrong that sound the wrong army Fleetwood. Account instead of the European tour has to apologize. And try to get that money back from the probably would and even more funny is that. Tommy Fleetwood in America without Wal-Mart getting ready to purchase. Something in the checkout line and went to look at his statement on wells Fargo's the mobile lab. And it's only deposit 454000. Dollars. No Kitna so soil and. Anyway what would you guys do but I mean. Would you reported disarming how they figure out to be he must've pointed it out to them right. Yeah it doesn't say exactly. How was reported it who contacted knew that I would think at that point. For me. In. I'm motor reported because you never know you've seen this story happened where some they report it and oh thank you so much for being honest years. One Chiquita I doubt that now yeah so you would men viewing Glenn Mickey purchase and we spent some of them go man you know what I didn't even notice. Yeah like regular of that yeah I think that the and so I got the know what you would do them I didn't say a bomb in my car song tsunami you know and does a nice TV or something. He was already making a purchase anyway we don't know how big of purchase them loans. So we go you don't understand how the root of the unwritten rules golf as you know steal money from each other really that's an unwritten rule and that's one of the other again. It's gentleman's game on the dollar if you look they get a it's it's an accounting error there and catch up with so muzzled at exactly yeah all right all joking aside it's on my ground you definitely have to make sure you report that you'd be in big trouble. You you'll be ostracized if he trying to hide that men and you had nobody would play. Golf with you again. Andy and this guy is publicly would in America he's a golf instructors and yelled as he has a reputation as well now both that he wants to keep though by. You try to hide that that would not being good he actually. Tweeted out a picture of the mobile lab it showing deposits yeah that he was almost. Haven't done with that as well as before the right let me say you know the Braves got back to within a half game in the National League east because of well winning last night but. And maybe given up some of that today their in the bottom of the eighth inning against the nationals in Washington leads it four to suit separates. Have some work to do I guess they'll have the top of the ninth inning that's their only opportunity to come back. Try to pull one out again perhaps the nationals out and play a little better as they it's I don't see it happening. In terms the nationals via or take note that the breaks in the Phillies to yet and. First the great all right we're gonna take the break you wanna be a miracle maker 18777195437. It's just fifteen dollars a month. And you can help out of this amazing Children's Hospital ths children's hospitals radio Thon 2008 team we're out here through tomorrow evening. In the lobby the Greenville hospital system eagle. And Pittsburgh great calls 18777195437. Is the number to call. To be a miracle maker to make a difference in our community. Do it now Aqua immortal moment in the huddle audience in upstate. Welcome back the huddle on location lied GA just children's hospital for radio Thon 2008. Team beaten lots of great folks here ski but he bear walked around. Making the rounds there. And it's beehive of activity here as we continue radio Thon today and tomorrow to benefit GH just Children's Hospital. Really outstanding resource. In our community and someone who can speak to that joins us now and that's Joseph be Joseph be able to. Do well with a little closer here. All right there you go and your daughter is Caroline. Airlines old seat of the five cents to honor the court well. Beautiful girl here. Making the rounds and enjoying all this activity yet another daughter here yes that's Mallory she's that they exist air and good job Mallory. Elector sure there. Flying colors they're for her school so Jodi telling the story here when did you first get started after Caroline was born with that coming to. Just cannot was actually born in leniency with a hearty thanks and had an underground. Open heart surgery Adam when she uses. Two weeks old now. We stayed and they exercise fixing old. And then I think we've been home maybe two or three weeks right after Thanksgiving see. An effort stripped to its death men had aren't the witness I think we were in the hospital. Maybe ten days spent Adams is still teeny tiny little weight eat. And then after that Avery my. Efforts here alive we are here. For some kind of I mean seeded. I've had some G app problem then kidney problem then. It's just a lot of get everything under control. And CE inches six months old she had her second open heart surgery data in the SE NN. And two assists. It interpreter at all that now so it's been not just one thing but watch it's been about Sam yet and we're still not done. Cheddar third open heart surgery in October of 2016. Wigand's. And after that like we're really just out. We are home free it's the stretch we were her car was appeared. And see at the this year her life brown had open heart surgery. And let it simmer last year. MM a like it was yesterday is decent at that last year. And we look up to her and her bed and she her whole body was hot. I get it through the blanket covers. The town must honor and fives. That is not at all. I'm Susan it'd turn that she had streptococcus new men day and her bloodstream and this is there in 86 news. Not even made an Emmy news that a post says it. We didn't offensive tests and it come to find out that she has common they're able you know deficiency and her body just does not make antibodies. And the things that needs to night bacteria a lot of for vaccinations did not hate. That Pepsi contract it strapped. Ams and now we do infusions. Every month at teaches pediatric indications sinner and it is they've been great throughout Carolina. Not the easiest stick for an IV and that she looks little yet but she strong. Say it takes to get it Avant and you know allowed in the -- honor. But she then spent and and the owners of the bombing great weather. Yes so while what's going on whether now is tourism which face in the futures more than sing she still have to have at least two open heart surgery while alum on her and adolescents eyes and then won it a third element. And we don't know when we'll take place not just depend on size and how shall grow. And antlers of an infusion. Every month you know. Besides doing that in coming to a hospital line is she able to do an oral he would averaged it would be able to do or should be able careful. We have to be a little careful and come to terms and six measured site big crowds happen. We had start eagle and that hurts actually reversed baptists I'm right after it was Easter. Last year. Without and we were in the home stretch we did coming back you know and detergent. I am in to get it in the Denver and we had to stay away from the closeness. GAAP kicker right. I think we're gonna haul off and some homes school for weeks and certificates oh yeah she's doing great today she met you relish or. Late she loves pulpit troll. Opel alive again in ads have been sent. A baby and have even just our hearts are alive and see. Amazing she's strong she iced tea and that eat it CNET not one bothered nothing stoppers is Dan you know allowing him Voller. That's awesome. So you're experience with this hospital you guys living Grier right so this pretty close for you fairly convenient for you and now. I would imagine it makes a big difference do you that a voice like this is close bond. It is it really doesn't you know at first. They came from and you see Lugar skated at. Pole you know she. Even after all at Charleston right. And you know that's four hours draft a and so but no we ended ths children's hospital and they've been exceptionally great pit the Dodgers and like even Anderson's. You know the course we say in patient. They're like in new they know. They know. You know care that fear not I'll always become in just you know for outpatient. And it's her again. As the some things that they do a player we talk about child life specialist and special gains and activities and all that other things they do that. Would make it easier for five year old had come to a hospital. Well son thinks that Adam did the and that is her best for him all right Avery town McAllen hospital mama and baby years chief map and it's very. A picnic at the fact that the concert they are great and you know sometimes delegated to our appointment ever paint it. On certain day is a Republican group that's out there and immediately for an appointment should stop and pet everything about. Them the idea that. She styled. I'll watch her eyes and I applaud Jovi so this hospital means a lot your family obviously it's and you wouldn't help us encourage people to law. Kind of bridge that dream gap we call it and help them stay fully on. Funded for the count the things they need to make it more comfortable little for the parents have to make you guys comfortable as well as he is throwing. Now so it I mean it's a great place and it's right here and I fueling Greer you get a little short drive to Greenville hospital system enough. And you're not born at Charleston or on North Carolina or Georgia or whatever so that's. That's a cool they'll tell us about the tells about Mallory when she doesn't help the situation. Mary CEO has been the best big sister act and we and that's or anyone better see. Help Gator drafts and she just she's gloves there Hinojosa is always heard a matter. It is always wants to help take care where. A stop on a big sister to it and his because you know careless getting all the attention I'm sure. Yes she's actually done really get some and there's been times where we that we had the leaker and then. You know for for weeks. And but she is that exceptionally well and you know understood she's been very understanding. There and get our rights bill and Jovi bowl from Greer and other daughters Caroline and Mallory. And you're nervous Joey but he did well he did just great thank you stop and spent human project right that's the whole family. And one of the families one of the many families that has been served by this Children's Hospital. Ths Children's Hospital. Again all kinds of law issues are dealt with but the good news is that we can deal with a here and our communities that are. Citizens aren't having to travel hundreds of miles to get specialized treatment and that's make it a big difference for. Families like the bulls here we appreciate them. Stopping by we're looking for miracle makers would like to get twenty were in a power hour the great thing about this power hour is that Ingles. The default setting goals are matching your donations this hour dollar for dollar so if you become a miracle maker of fifteen dollars a month. That you will laugh at your fifteen dollars a month matched. By angles it becomes thirty dollars a month just like that. So this is a great hour to become a miracle maker just call 18777195437. And say yep I can do it. And he fifteen dollars a month for the next year it does not automatically roll over forever. You wanna get a yen a year after that that's entirely up to you. One year commitment of fifty dollars a month to help this Children's Hospital by calling 1877. 7195437. And active mere card information and you'll be good to go you're certain -- combines he has to Wear here in the lobby with all of our intercom upstate radio stations so. Chances are there to radio personality in the in the room that you listen to some moral line sites and you're listening right now. So we're right at the front here glorious in upstate set up the currency. All of our radio stations out here can't make it today don't forget we're here tomorrow. We are live on ESP in upstate from one to seven during our local shows but. The other radio stations are born alive even earlier starting their morning shows 6 o'clock in the morning so. I'll feel free to drop by in the lobby and meet your favorite radio personalities but better yet please. Chime in with your wallets and help. During the eleventh annual GHS Children's Hospital radio on my calling 1877. 7195437. Or you can text ths 251. 555. I would take another break we'll come back with more Greg McKinney Richmond we rowdy at the hospital Alonso back at the studio. The Hubble on ESPN upstate will return in a moment. So don't go. Welcome back it's the huddle on location here GA just Children's Hospital radio Thon 2018. In the bustling lobby. Of the hospital I don't know our Richmond. You said you were here last year that was your first time in volumes this on the pillow for awhile there's more activity. This year that's it's just busier than ever and I guess that's a good thing yeah I think so too in you know I was here. Last year was stirred from 47 yeah it's a different. Aspect of the one to force lots of hearings it seems very active right there really just. We are joined by a special guest and that's Melissa level she is with. Ingle timelessness high places who do you do I don't I don't yeah. Popular sport major part of it has. Thank you for that what do you what are your obligation and responsibility within. The director of advertising for angles and we are here this is the power hours everything that's raised between the hours 34 earth. Can do with our. It's match play angles a dollar for dollar so this is the time if you're telling me on the phone yeah England donate let me dad dollar gun a bit longer with a further. And feel then go ahead do it now the casinos domestic. What do people go crazy game you like. Thousands and thousands of dollars in the intro Bluetooth and that and that and that's money he doesn't. I appreciate. Appreciate that on a stable that's coming that's very generous you guys and we certainly want to thank you for that matching dollar for dollar in this hour hour. But tell us why this event is importing. Its opinion and for a team and this is our fifth year being mean cars you can and we do a lot with the Greenville hospital system. Particularly Children's Hospital throughout the year we have 27000. Employees in my. And six state region and just. Where a lot of our families that are treat their children. Who had. Needs in cancer. And whatever might be that is a problem and this is the place that they come to Susan wonderful. Team effort doctors and support staff. Because our in. Our community and so are they actually use these services as well. And there's nothing like it that's. Right and today is deal because that's what insurance companies don't cover. It's all those extra things that make you feel. So part of the family issues years substantial cars. The house and part of the family without feeling like around us now because that emotional. Child. As they can hit him with a family that's a big deal to their recovery and being a part of that. And and looking into the future human rights to so that's the difference to me that's angry. So at this hospital service area which is broader than just the upstate gets in the west North Carolina and Georgia as well. Kind of matches up with a Ingles where you have stores it actually does we have six states Marion Georgia Alabama Virginia Tennessee North Carolina South Carolina. And so it actually really is the hub for. All of the children's hospitals there are some others as possible that this something so the special. If accurate are the X-Factor because it's one of those things that it doesn't just treat. The child up for the medical teams and embrace the gambling. You know I think English is always there have been a part of an even if it's a second gift card for famine in the coming again a hot meal was supposed to you know fast food. You know something I mean just on those things on the way down to this moment with a tank of gas to get back in north. To a doctor's appointment you know come a long distance away and those things that this radio line take care nothing dangerous. Thought the Melissa level with the Ingles and I know Melissa you're excited to come to the SP in upstate stay each year because your big sports fans and cameras and a little birdie told me you were once. An NFL cheerleader I've. Then I cheered for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers there inaugural season and John McCain was again. Did he Tillman. They write them and enough name. Rickie down and wonderful time in that this'll date me beat cream sickle and my. I don't know yet excuse that the guys in the I think tumbled from one. And down together and I feel like if I can do you know you know you sure that it makes room down through the pill and I think. It really really donation I still get into the plane back app after watching it. And also how did you get in that we elect a high school college cheerleaders. I actually with the Tumblr and I was like a scholarship to Florida State I'm like sentinels are against him and all right couldn't get styles of Chile in given time so. At a time marriage and has since I was doing high flying circus which as has Amos I as and so this is a natural and eagerness now. The masters and work. Doing. And it paid sixty dollars again while. If damage. Yeah if we're to the original haters I'm not enough to learn the same campaign that. Place them. Your trip to senator. Within. While you know that's great that's awesome on the sports now. Yeah waving about Tampa Bay right now James was against them trouble I now on I'm sitting down here thinking that the first and the talk about it and even handles. I'm not talking about him going to jail at. A couple of times are criminals you know I mean it's it's the nature. That on that hour on that theme. And in one place to mean. The young man came from the place mr. pillars you can camp situation you can time. Taking into your meal ticket right now becomes an issue for Mitterrand in our opinion these guys. That they're gonna get to interrupt because. He. So Florida State you coach judge imposed on that there is over Willie Taggart as they are you excited about running. For animals. I yeah. About the flattening that Iran can keep our fingers crossed that in Blagojevich and they heartily attacked. Excitement tech degree program humans. President art and I think it's gonna look really good and he's brought and now I'm back on the field yet at some of them all the time in our defensive coordinator now for some gains on my importance to him in practice again. That platoon situation which I think it means that. And so we might not accord. With a sophomore from high school. But let's I did it didn't beat him up you know I'm not determined. Plus I think you could post sports doctor I'm visiting the thank you for what you do it by Philip Bobbitt thank you most ball for the match on this hour hour forming bills it's really wonderful my dollars stretch and now that's great thank you that's Melissa level with angles that matching dollar for dollar during the power or our Europe until 4 o'clock so Paul now. It you can be a miracle maker fifteen dollars a month 1877. 7195437. Is the number you were fifteen dollars a month instantly becomes thirty dollars a month. Thanks to generosity of angles and we appreciate that. Take our final break we'll come back with more here live from the ths Children's Hospital radio Thon audience in upstate statements. Welcome back final segment for us in the huddle today we will we back out here tomorrow from one to four ths. Children's hospital for radio Thon right McKinney Richmond Weaver here. Months of back at the studio. Thanks to the recent donations that have come in including Josh will Miller from Taylor's. Alexis Samuel from Asheville donating we have Tina McLeod a Pickens. Who has called in a donation and many many more so thank you for that you can be one of the miracle makers are calling 187771954. 37. And say I can donate fifteen dollars a month for a year and help out this outstanding hospital what things have you that's really great is the knee Q for the week. Tiniest of Von newborns. Have a first class won here in they have a lot of traffic there unfortunately with low birth weight babies that we have in our community. And I want to hear miracle moment about that brought you by Canon roofing let's hear the story of Sawyer and Sutton Norris. I had our final segment here. On the huddle today from GH yes Children's Hospital. We appreciate the story of Sawyer and Sutton are actually do some watching those low birth weight babies now bases set. You know four months in the DQ is tough but though reported 24 weeks market that's. That's early but they utility here thanks to the great staff and equipment and resources. It GA just Children's Hospital we are up almost done with this hour our so if you like you had your donation matched by the good folks at Ingles. Now is the time to get on the phone. And call 1877719. 5437. And become a miracle maker fifteen. Dollars a month that's Buffett decent today folks that's all. Or give a one time donation and Ingles will match that is well what are you of the match. Just call 1877719. 5437. We were looking to get twenty miracle makers this hour we have fourteen so we'd love to get six more in the next couple of minutes. It keeping close out the hour on a positive note for us. Please do that straight it was dirt is governor of Richmond it's 4 o'clock in the if you look at the schedule here. At 4 o'clock Outback Steakhouse shows up with stakes so you know my timing is impeccable it really is. Scheduled it perfectly right you know that's we planned it this way so thanks to them. I Outback Steakhouse. 211 Orchard Park driving green bull providing. They called it late life to be better for me to the drugs that have been an early yet and that's okay it's yeah its it's good it's the a senior special. The early bird today. From out banks at thank you folks were all what you do. We do appreciate that. We are going to love try to wrap it up with a positive note here so if you can get a six more miracle makers at fifteen dollars a month the time to call is. Right now it's very easy take you a couple of minutes to get your information and opt on this before many times you'll you'll card in the mail. It's of course tax deductible and it's a great calls 18777195437.