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Thursday, August 9th

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Welcome back again to the huddle on ESPN upstate on the road again where it Greenville hospital system Children's Hospital. It's radio on 2018. Were out here rulers sister radio stations in the lobby we have taken over the lobby this lobby you'll never read the same after this. Group disputes. It's gone tomorrow. But it's always great fun. You know these these radio stations we have here. Editor come upstate reach. Watch people. Is now utilized everybody people get this state does in a radio stations are targeted and so we have everything from the block which isn't. Urban fuel station Q1 news talk W award the classic rock wanna one point one of the planet B 93 point seven. Magic ninety point nine. Us. And we need get. Just about everybody at one time or the other there's something there for everyone and so that's what makes this so powerful when you bring this cluster of radio stations in. Together on one project and now that's what we're doing for the next two days here it dealt to the hospital. It is seems like people that are coming through that as they walk through the the main entrance here and see everybody it seems like. At least day they have one station at a price listen to your point because of your point is that. The reach is so big in terms of the specific demographics and the what people are interested in listening to. Got all covered here there goes idea can be counted for points that morning to you could see some real celebrities. Are the last time. Although again we are in the primetime spot bit. It seems like he would just keep walking rattled by the gatekeeper here if we're here to laugh run interference for all these up radio stars. They why we're here for great calls and we're looking for miracle lakers fifteen dollars a month that's politics one year commitment. And a buffet decent today it you can do that. We've certainly invite you to call in and help us with a radio on this year 1877. 71954371877719. 5437. If you walk. You know can't do it now pitcher in the car whatever. And you don't think you can remember the phone number on it I don't blame a good recovery either I'm look at it and otherwise. Not continue to Maceda. Which is there a website he has been upstate dot com all the information is they are you can even donate on line through ESPN upstate dot com so. An outstanding out. Use of your dollars and her charity dollars and everybody wants to be careful about what they do with security money in well if you check this place out you'll find out that now. This the real deal that this they're they're they're seeing patients 400000. Times a year. That's crazy number. That's not 400000 different patients that are coming back in you know the same patient but 400000 patient visits. A year at this to himself or why. It takes. A lot of people to build a run. An organization like that and run it efficiently so Lou it's. Kudos to the people behind the scenes that you might not even see it that are making sure the infrastructure Canada so. You they key in these doctors and nurses can't seal these people in an efficient manner just glance. We appreciate all the support we get from the hospital staff while we're out here until doctors that drop by yum and talk and him for years these. Radio Nazis change roll's here to work him for the hospital but. Not the medical director of leaders when he was who's always on the front guy for. Radio sponsors a solo different but he still involved and suitable for is that occupancy for many years it's always great. To be out here but the big thing is to call it and make you or donation. And it's easy 18777195437. You know look any one in college football coach. Prides himself on controlling the message it would probably be. Nick Saban. He has it down nothing happens at Alabama without. His fingerprints. All over at nine yeah. Crafted narrative. Control the message what every now and then it sort of escapes. His bonds. If and it seems to have done that with a quarterback situation. At Alabama. You've got Jim and hurt sort of gets to a tiger below who was so good the second half of the national championship game. Hurts sent in an interview on Saturday. That that narrative has already. Been created. In other words that narrative is a lose this job to do look. And he says it hasn't been handled very well. That's basically what he is saying not so. It's so many words he has been briefed with the media in the past but Hertz didn't hold back when addressing rumors that filled this summer. It turned already what was the most compelling position battle in the country into one with even more. In tree and it surprised some people when hurts took aim at the coaching staff's handling of the situation he said it was shocked. When he heard Al statement had told reporters. At SEC media days that he had no idea whether Hertz would be on the roster for the opening game. Of the season hurts at Harding met with Saban in June to tell him he was staying was gonna finish his degree. In December so that surprised him. And Dow. Sort of felt like Hearst didn't have a voice beaches Alabama has really let him talk and shielded him from. The media he also said the coaches did not sit down with him. And address what he called the elephant in the room. Who's going to be the quarterback going forward in 2018 he said no one came up in the whole spring coaches included no one asked me now felt no one asked me what was on my mine no one asked me. Alpha about the things that were going on what my future held. It wasn't that the coaches were concerned he said but he took note of their silence. And he is interpretation was that they just didn't want to talk about it budget experts that it was like stove. After that gains still got turned on. The heat got turned up. And now it's like he set up with a bottle on the stove put food on the stove the food is cooking. And come the season when it officially starts with food will be done. The course of nothing boils over. So having said all of that Nick Saban adjustment but the media. This week. And now about he said hey man I'm sort of way we handled it right there which I think excitement and we just this panel that right are bad my bad. I'll take responsibility knows. Exactly what nick said here's what Nick's statement said about eighty ruling controversy. Port issue because of jailed church comics. I don't think this has any effect on our team I've talked a lot of the team leaders. You know the players are focused on what they need to do on the rhetoric or not have anything to do with who's the quarterback. Wolf. Obviously be decided on the field. By how people are secure now they do their job same parameters are we talked about before in terms of who wins the team. Call him winning team goes along with the execution leadership. Players ever confidence and belief. And that's not gonna change so I don't really have any more to say about it than that I don't think it's. It's anything that has affected our team one where the other. The exit enough. Basically when it circles. No no issue doesn't matter that we want your two quarterbacks is publicly expressing. Is below there hurt. But the they have been talked to that he's been a little outlook and it seems to me based on and it Jalen comments that I think this was. A talking point that was going on line behind the scenes with in the locker room during the season last year. Not just. There in the championship game against Georgia I think there was probably owe a lot of I think there is some disgruntled feelings from jail on her back in because you know having. There's a little bit of talk about with to a beauty and how he would fit in but. Not enough to making need birdie on the outside. CD. Foundational cracks or whatever inept foundation but I think there was stuff going on well before this says Jews make in his comment about. Cook it in the ill and it takes high enough that they don't that is a different way to say what he's trying to say. But it seems to me that this has been brewing for awhile. Yeah I agree of that and it's in such a place where there's so much control exercised by the hey guys just really kind of surprising to me that. He or he did have quarterbacks coach or somebody sit down. With Jalen hurts and say look here's the deal wide open competition you can Gwinnett. To look at Gwinnett. Whoever doesn't win it. We want it here you'll get on the field here's the don't eat steak that you agree hat that have that out open conversation because. Obviously Jalen hurts. The lightning care. Yes it left and who knows what type of communication idea maybe they thought they were trying to. Talked to him and what happens is we don't have that direct time communication. You start talking in circles which you kind of heard from Nick Saban now the coach's speak and that's what can happen in these conversations where you don't want to. Deep motivate a player by saying hey there's the chance you will not be starting. You know they know you don't say that exactly but you do have to have at least direct communication to your points at least saying that. Hey this is an open competition the best player that plays is going to play and so this is. You know what you need to do to be able to what you need to work on. To be able to be a net starting position and not just wondering if they were giving him more of coaches talk or maybe they didn't his point say anything at all. Yet Huckabee is or it could be you know that. Nick Saban the same one thing to the media I don't know whose players that would be surprising call it doesn't surprise me he communicated better with delivers that today is letting on to just. Feeling her because he that that the he's going to be the starter in the reality of it is. Is that it's hard to always control the messages because you're dealing with human beings. Not dealing with robots and these guys you know. They get to a point where. Lo and behold. They have a breaking point so to speak in say what's on the mind and just the reality. One of the discussions going on while Lotta people in Alabama around Tuscaloosa is will they have a two quarterback system. Because church runs the ball certainly better than to a to a certainly. Throws the ball better asked about that nick statements that we haven't looked at that at all. Interest is there were practicing every day were evaluating every day were trying to get both players play at a high level. What if this happens what if that happens you're asking what if both quarterbacks play I don't have an answer that he won't discuss. Why am I won't even though I would entertain the question what is my question who has won a national championship. With a two quarterback system. On the bus fare. But you know army. Now last year with Catholic well I guess another one Theodore Perl all electrical it was perhaps. If the button. Two it took over in didn't relinquish it so my point is is that I guess maybe that one year with. Chris leak and Tim Tebow at Florida. And Tebow got in a little bit maybe you could look at that as an example but. Historically it doesn't work the two quarterback system does not work you've got to make the decision and that's. That's your pain these coaches that type of money they should be able to evaluate a player and even that's the of this latest margins. That you put the best player out there you've got to go with it until. Date demonstrate that. They're not playing to the level of the other players the thing is strikes me about savings comets there whatever else he says. Remarkably bowl. I'll bet he's on about what it hurts that yes I'd he's bike as Tom has to be in the past you've seen on the sidelines. That he knows that the competitive guy and demonstrative at times it. Can fly off the handle so to speak and that's not uncommon for a lot of coaches out there so yeah to singling him out but. I can only imagine what it's like behind closed the going forward I predict what the two things either. Two shots Loper who believes now is key to be Jalen. Imagine yes Jalen shuts up relief to keep talking about his dissents backed away I would I would imagine that. Who say that in the rest of the coaching staff and more for that they've been. Were very direct with Jalen after those comments and if they're present. This is what we're going to say to the media from now on in Lebanon and Israel is not is an issue it's just quiet issues publicly Nationale from the media so on. Anyway interesting stuff there we will take a break or to come back and talk a little more about radio on what's going on here and how you can be part of this outstanding event. Here in 2008 team for VHS Children's Hospital. In its GMAC Richmond and Alonso in the huddle stay with us on ESPN upstate. Quarterback we are live. Greenville. Hospital system Children's Hospital. Radio Thon 2018. GMAC in Richmond out here Alonso back at the yes studio we're looking for miracle makers fifteen dollars a month. That suit fifty cent today. By calling 18777195437. Or text GH guest at 51555. Or that he has been upstate dot com Italy there. Where you can donate as well we make it easier or eleventh annual. Radio Thon. And our point person for our group of Entercom radio stations for this event every year is joining us. And that's DeVon banned the murder you've got the utmost difficulty of governance of the building. I'm having is that Lan on the ground on the eve of the only wanted to see your name the only regular here. Exactly earlier for the interviews and back and appreciation for how long have you been doing this. This is officially off course the year battery in mind. Not figure leaning one because I came on the talent I have I've ever show in November but this is my fourth. Radiate where and actively participating in part on how did you get this you address port on super lucky as it crappy how is that there is in meetings like he and a little lucky winner. Ethnic after fifteen years art form mouse problem across that. Honestly Allah than dance. But for me ethnic a lot of McCain can do with what our relationship is with the cutest of hospital that the necklace with them acts as pastor council. Our relentless as an accident cleaning. Happening that the need that out Meehan Ottawa's look at it the minute that meant the ladies ths to earn chart on the stand completely fell in love with them they'll call. Another myself that this shall sign up. And it it's meaningful to me as a mom than it's also meaningful to me is. The question. DeVon at. The slump over the years this is our eleventh year and you're here Furl and I wasn't either of them in and out with intercom over the years. Because you know it's radio universe day transitional for the and tank. But. Three million dollars. This year we've already hit three million dollars while he only actually again to hit three million dollars to the south and we hit that morning and so now we're just trying to position as this week average about 300000 dollars a year in the two day here at dot punishment he Easter and it children's off the les the last thing in the edict. I would always take 300000 dollars in today's any day yeah. And say you. Even Matthew LA at about 21 or sick days that we raise three million dollars is pretty incredible and the combination of things donations are from. That's our listeners that's also different some great sponsors we have involved if we don't about it just a second but nothing strikes me about it as lot of people. You know this is a one year commitment when you become a miracle might write fifty dollars a month it this way at getting actually eat the now I want it to be I mean think about it if it's we he says. One thing that we really wanted to focus on with something on your makers is keeping an easy. Convenient option. And you know our listeners it's great comic monetary donation if you bikini top of that nation to this hospital but. If you're near carmaker that's consistent amount of money that comes in that month him out. In every month and needs at the hospital to treat GAAP approximate about to experience it really he'll never actually is for the month. Right so I just think it's a great opportunity for someone to be something he says that forget it automatically gas now to treat the lassie is people law resigning every year at a saint same folks will call back and that helps us in the million new people everywhere that's that's a great company it is a very content anxiously. Everyone signing on every new every year because it is easy but. We also let adding teams that they can never have enough money at this hospital that get them talk about it it's. It covers anything that's not part of normal hospital funding that's not covered by insurance semi famous country this hospital. Yet it's a 4000 patients hospital sees the senate when he has to patients coming through sentiment opportunity. For things that they need help with her front went to make it a normal. Feeling for them here but as you know there's nothing all that means that it's definitely not normal to be it him. Ian if it's something that we can bring back that O'Malley to their alive make them feel a little less anxiety about what the going. And that's what we're trying to. So without this without radio fun than now we have some of those things. That may. Not just the kids with their parents more comfortable while they are here that have to do and now I mean it would be a situation where this via a little scarier. You know cause a little more anxiety and they're not they're not having to do that as much because this. Exactly ME summit some of these children they have chronic illnesses and they live here or weeks and months on end. There's Sam he's one of the patients here and immediately got sent interviewed at but the course of years. He was here in yesterday when he was eighties when he procedure attack while telling twelve years old. It's a big deal and says think about how many times he's had these major procedures and his family has to come in here at stake for weeks on end. And so it's about not only just making them feel normal and comfortable that also the same lasers that blames the support system around the Pacific don't have that support and it's harder for them to support the patient. Talking to Devin and the Merv with intercom upstate who was or a radio point person for radio Thon every year. Our DeVon it didn't do this without some great sponsors in the device group this year. We have an amazing if we have the largest sponsorship. That we've ever had Greenhill pharmacy. On their back in our presenting sponsor and we really do appreciate them there compounding pharmacies so that portion there patients are actual. Ers are at their customers' actual patients the hospital because their compound pharmacy. We had Eagles we have nine around the that's supporting. Reese construction. We have to re watt is back in Maryland fresh arms he's back end mills account fresh arms seats in here for eighty years old orally area says yes he's a great sponsor Ers got her own and then he and we have a plan sponsors as the sparse the station. Level of concern if he generating heat everything Chris can't have known him almost twelve years old. I was speed past that he was willing to Nene and is sponsored schneerson were really really proud of our sponsors of milk them. Now our staff not just the announcers you hear on the radio but pretty much everybody in our group of radio stations gets involved in this it's all hands on that it. And really what you don't think about is what happens before these today is will plant 2019 rate in on I believe the eleventh or twelve. Of August I mean the conversations that I'll probably start as soon as next week we'll probably later date out for next year. For radiant time and tickets and they hear from the production at nine. He did DD everyone else station is DD DB to us and we're. Much is that it all of those great commercials scrutinize the same stories that you're there so it practical to each responsible for olive. I am I still. Loyally there though he comes up talks on the radio but yeah other than that he's been to radio months. And yet you if you can't and it between them until about. March until yeah. That's right it's very aren't so we need people to laugh calling them we are relate. Just get underway we're. Got the rest of today and then until tomorrow let this be a great time for you to call in here Leo filming was another miracle maker there. So call 1877719. 5437. And does say LB Amir a biker just fifteen dollars a month that's all it takes. Or look if you don't want commitment to commit to that not everybody can tell what you can do it you're whatever. My cheeks. Evan man that spent Maru with the him mr. so it does so well so many times. With the inner now upstate our person new coordinates radio Thon. Every year are gonna take a break we'll come back with more in a moments. Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver analog so eager and ths children's hospital for radio on 2018. In the huddle. On ESPN upstate. We are back here Reyes on GA just Children's Hospital on ESPN. Upstate. Cooler bring up some of the patients a year down the lobby and make the rounds at the radio stations. Doing that right now and at a great time street sees miles the its bases in three years all of us. Beehive of activity with them the radio stations here so. We've posted some more pictures all blacks on FaceBook and Twitter it adds to Graham accounts. Ticket look at that radiates combined it's it's certainly open to the public you know where the hospital is the main lobby. Well. Ths so Kabul lines they look at all the activity day. And tomorrow we will look at the out here part time now to get to the riots of the day and we have a good one let's get to it in the huddle. Round of the day relates to the off first forfeit in WNBA. History. Earlier this week. The league ruled that the Las Vegas aces would get a loss for their game against Washington that was canceled when the aces players decided they would. Not play. Because of health and safety concerns after more than 25 hours of travel. They need it more than a date yet to Washington from Las Vegas because of flight delays and cancellations. By the time they got to the hotel last Friday was 3:45 PM about four hours before. Tip ball so the bass players. Talk things over. Spoke with their union. Coldly it says that banks. We're not lying and they didn't really want to give up a forfeit that that's not it was extenuating. Circumstances. I'd fact that WNBA delayed the start the game till 8 o'clock trying to get my little more time with than they charged the aces. With they forfeited game gave them a loss Stephen A Smith Chiming in on that says the ladies probably should go on mountain played the basketball games Steven. If you'd. Like are sure. The flight got. To make it that you did make. But to get to the city flowers of Watergate and not play because the travel and lack of sleep I'm sorry I'm sorry. Incredible income being its wish it did happen. Wish that the WNBA. We're generating enough money to slot shot apply all it to true it completely applauded. But to forfeited. It have you let the fourth day take. Very you don't have to think we not playing it. You'd think you get to make the call as to whether or not you should deserve credit or not that's how it works. And even though it's not right. Would the NBA is the discrepancy. Yeah EA this not a 24 billion dollar content would would would ABC and TNT. What money the WNBA generating that would explain why you are not blind try to giants. And put a challenge to the women out there because not enough people sick but dammit I'm going to win support the NBA. We support college football. The support the NF. These are male sports. What are the portable top this hour. But the money generated for these ports could be generated if you were not the support up. Not just. That's the reality. Of support for the W Ambien. Because ladies I got news for you if we can't support though where kids and BOK. Maybe they would be flying charter jets. Okay Steve today like it that this was not gonna happen. WNBA is not gonna get the sport that the support that the NBA it's probably going to be awhile before they're flying charter jets I agree with this. Or hours before game time. Yes I was very surprised when I saw that as I did it it's it's tough traveling the NBA players used to have to do this. They travel commercial and guess what I'd go to these players also have been in situations. Probably nod to me years ago where. They were playing in the back to back games eight view college have. Typical travel schedules are river Maryland Eastern Shore we got snowed in and had finally meted out real early and important day of the game. Yeah and had to go play in aimed at just the reality of it in. Four it is that's enough time to. The answer yes if your bearings straight get everything ready get your game playing going get warmed up in get out there play that's. That's definitely enough time I know it's a challenge but it shouldn't change the fact is there goes your road does that mean that you can't. Play any constraint time moment. Soria got distracted evidence dancing. We have a dance parties that we you have all of a sudden. Dancing with the dogs though high school kids out here. Yeah had a pretty good time here great to see. What surprises me about this Richmond is that though the women's players. Chose not like. Every team up in Iran would say. We'll work reply yes we got here let's go play we're not it is only about. We may have the fourth that we don't they're it you should know that you should know the tigers say okay we both sort where you know before the court and what would you do that. It's a couple hours of basketball do it I think they were trying to set. The this was a somewhat of a protest as well and this is trying to set an example of that they were tired of being treated this way. We want to have certain expectation as far as. How we're gonna be treated with travel. Situations that. Can there be some accommodation that a port it's just not the right way to do you get negotiate in a different way you've got to be out on the court. And you've got to go play the game but guess what. The more you play the more exposure the more chances fans can come out there and see some excitement but when you decide not to play it would but it. A fan does this knots yes this is not bode well for their image with fans do. You know are making great books at WNBA players don't like huge book but they're well I. They're actually now there are fairly well play only they're a very select few most of homepage oils and got some money. Yeah actually the thing that he's a so she did this elect him our go live when I don't like both of them had to go over silly way to say it and replay Richmond what do you consider well Penn. OK but the average didian BA salary is probably around 45000 dollars a year obviously relations. I don't care it a matter a lot of people unhappy about 45000. To sing the play again. We'll of course I I get that I'm talking in relative speaking so it's you when you're looking at the discrepancy as far as other pro. Athletes. It's a significant difference that's why these ladies have to go overseas woman coming that's frequently as well. It is free market all but. This is not about what I feel that they're getting it the short end of the stick based on free market all right recordings do. I just do it according to do. WM BAs median salary is 71635. Spoiled brats. Sell cop I think I think the majority of our listeners are or acquire the field would be how is starting now and it's 70000 I know I would take it. Look Alley compared to. What MBA players like there's a there's quite a gap there but that's again that's free market that's. Sponsorships that command for the team that's. Ticket sales that's everything. It's not gonna help your calls I don't think it's not to sit out a game. That's not gonna it's not and that's why if they want their salaries increased. They're going to have to go play the game they're going to get out there and provide a product that people are seen at Tora callers if it's. 216000. Toward the median or average. It it's all semantics when you look at the whole scheme of things that in reality to other professional athletes that just not at. I guess my point is that. They're not making as much money as. The general public. Thinks they are and so this makes it even worse for the WNBA players when they do a stop like this now with calls. It makes them look even more spoiled but by the way if they might be. I just wanna say I think their overpaid. If you look kid with the viewership is and how how many people actually go to the games they're actually being overpaid. You know the reason why MBA and the reason why the NFL and and all those words. They make so much money because so many people go to the game so many people watch the games on TV. No one's watching no one's going so I. And there overpay when the game well. Well and I think it's also a situation where you could say that with even some of these other sports that these guys could be overpaid. I know there's a certain intrinsic value but the money that these TV people are paying for these leagues. It is it's crazy the numbers that were eating out to right. All right we got to get a break here but anyway before that was in forced they did get the loss for not going blame game last week it. Steven does not like that at 8444773776. Buick get on with us here in the huddle. The bag tell you love another miracle moment story. Coming up audience in upstate lie that Children's Hospital ths Children's Hospital radio not to be right back stay with a Sony is in upstate. We are still look deeper miracle makers we need twenty more we have seventeen. And so you can become one by calling 187771954. Threes evidence thing yet but can afford it decent today. Fifteen dollars a month for a one year commitment. To be a miracle maker that's at fifteen bucks a month. And it's not very easy to get signed up but a couple of minutes so he can do that call 1877719. 5437. Our miracle moments here on the espionage stay wealthy by Canon roofing in lots of great stories going on. Including the story of Alex and Carter gains a brother and sister from our area let's hear that story. Large element of a lot of jello here. Make it's that. We op well taking care of peer review on and we appreciate that. If you elect to become a miracle maker. As were trying to get to our twenty year were three away. 18777195437. Is the phone number that is just. Paid fifty cents a day. Commitment fifteen dollars a month fifteen dollars a month for one year. In your bare collect remake any kind of one time donation. That you would like to make or open up the radiology department they're trying to get to touch screen game systems of things to keep kids distracted and entertained up there. Those things are 15100 dollars each trying to get to problems that we need twenty miracle makers that. 1877. 719. 5437. Some people would rather do it via text text GH -- 51555. And you get a bounce back that'll allow you to give that white. Or you can go to our website ESP in upstate dot com and take your business that way it's very easy to sign up law on line. As well we have the cowboys and 49ers tonight for you here on ESP in upstate pre season football on display at buffalo tonight so that will be. Intriguing as well will be looking forward talking about that little more tomorrow as we get our first look. At the 2018. Carolina Panthers.