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Thursday, August 9th

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On the road again with a hoddle audience paean upstate good afternoon it's Greg McKinney out here it GH yes Children's Hospital. Radio on. 2018. Or Richmond will be here he's taking care of some business will be. Stumbling in here coming in hot as Richmond like Salem so he's coming in really hot he's definitely that's different. Seems to be a normal thing unfortunately. I don't know how hot he's do you really think he's. He's he's not that it like he'll be here I think somewhere later this hour for the adoration we're here to 4 o'clock straight it was sturgeon mark Sturgis and hear from four to seven today. And now well we're gonna have mbah a little cornucopia today a little mixture. Bob. Hospital stuff. Like what great things this hospital does for kids not only in the Greenville Spartanburg at all over the upstate western north Caroline. And northeast Georgia so we talked with some folks about that telling great stories. And some sports do we will certainly not ignore that so while we'll stay with this. For that and Abu Sweeney coming up here in a couple of minutes or rain today from Stephen A Smith on video. Women's WNBA team that. Basically forfeited a game earlier this week. Some more reaction to what the NCAA did or didn't do with their basketball. Ruling yesterday also Nick Saban the Alabama coach as a commented on Jalen hurts and some of the remarks he has made. Jack can't imagine that nick is in love with but pieces will not be a distraction will hear Nick Saban. Coming up locally grown on the show. And now we'll also have three keywords for you to 1000 dollars over the next three hours right before the top of the each hour so we have that. The deal here is we have just started the 1 o'clock hour. And we are on the look out for twenty miracle makers a miracle maker by the way this year. Just fifteen bucks. There has been a price cut premier micro about a fifteen bucks a month to be a miracle maker your committee for one year. So law it's pretty easy I mean it's basically a launch a month. Need to when he of those of these this hour. As we are trying to come up with the money for to touch screens. And game systems for the radiology department at ths Children's Hospital. As it turns out that cost 15100 dollars each so that's why we need 3000 dollars to buy two of them for this facility and twenty of you. Would make that happen if you become. A miracle maker fifteen dollars a month is basically fifty cents a day. Good grief this cup gothic. So if you can do that just go ahead and and get us off to a good start here in the huddle at radio on twenty team. By calling toll free 1877. 719543718777195437. There are other ways to make your contribution. You can text GH yes to 51555. I know we throw a lot of text numbers via our radio station so I'll repeat that. The number is 51555. And just six GH answer that will. You a link back where you can. Sign up to lump. Give your money that like for you go to our website ESP in upstate dot com brought on the home page there's only one mr. contribution on line. That's very easy to do. As well we're going to be out here today and tomorrow this is the eleventh annual line intercom upstate radio on. ESP an upset of course hasn't on this for eleven years because we were here. Eleven years ago we were born I want a four and a half years ago. In 2014. So I've always been a part of it for the past four years we're happy to be back out there again now now here again this year actually. Done this thing before with other radio stations thought that in com. I may be the veteran radio guy Al here which is saying something because. We have seven radio stations. In this lobby that's the other cool thing about this as a as we proceed. Madness with radio people everywhere. This is the place to come because and they. We will hospital system's main lobby here. At their beautiful facility if all of our radio stations set up. And lots of they moved us this year you know last year we were hidden we were off the beaten path week. We're back in the corner and yet look for us we are the first radio station you see them in the lobby about that. That's almost a week's moved up to two. Good status he knew what I put on a bounty yesterday so now it's going to be easier for Richmond to be found when he gets there. Well these secretly found that goes as soon as you come in the door you'll see us on the right we're station number one year com. It either says something good about us or something sketchy about the rest of the guys that are here I don't know maybe try to. Hide them point Stoneman is now here that you retailer. Random from the block laughed she just laughed shoes and now but she'll be back tomorrow. We have. Of course W or B bomb plant reactors shortly Angus Reid yeah he's not the person who you know and installment rock what one planet full front pages of so anyway we have our radio stations represented here oh Canadian NATO and ID from B 93 point 72. To come by the awarded a meter real live talking radio personality com you can do that just we ask that you not feed them. It is a problem. Really you know. House broken and they. Might buy body like it's cool how we love this every year and we a lot of fun but we also have a lot of serious work to do and that's. Try to bridge the dreaming GAAP to help. This hospital get the supplies it needs to take care of get this number 400000. Patient visits. That's a crazy number. They are busy here serving people from all over the region not just going bullet Spartanburg all over the region itself. You know why should you give well because it's important for our kids you may have a relative. You may have a friend with a son or daughter that ends up over here. And even if you don't. You know Scott like plain paying taxes for schools when you don't like it you want good schools in your community anyway you want a good Children's Hospital. In your community as well and that's why you've given it feels good to give up so 877719. 5437. We'll talk a lot more about what's going on here let me throw a shout out to frank he's pizza it's lunchtime and I just enjoyed some pizza that they brought out. We have food sponsors out here. And Frankie he's New York pizza brought out launch today they brought out pizza baked CD garden salad. And garlic knots so our breath may not be the best after that but the food was good authentic New York style pizza. Frankie says two locations. In Greer on the parkway across from Michelin five forks base bill and Woodruff road. So we appreciate frank these New York pizza what they have done. Now here today are starting up a little lob football news practice continues for South Carolina and Clemson may have one yard cool treat. Over at Clemson yesterday. As Brett Favre or as they sit in the movie that opera. Showed up. To greet the tigers. Hall of Famer Green Bay packer I'm not gonna column Minnesota Vikings refused longtime green bay Packers and now. What an outstanding go visit that was there a lot of phone that Davos Sweeney explained. How that came about hears that. I actually did him in Hattiesburg Mississippi vacuum. I think it was April and maybe the march video April march 4 down. I recession as some. And we actually played against each other and I think. My sophomore year his last year so this may they be necessary in Nashville. A marriage as to me I'm always followed women and so we came over where she spent about an hour again for the event. And so. Just kind of hit it off from detection. Registry stuck to a message should be in shipping company. Just visiting with the team in and you're always room where we bring in different people from time and time. Monotony cant you secure and give a different voice in in other perspective here's a guy played twenty years. Obviously as. Very document. Careers so. He was excited because. And had never been here so. It was great he came early this morning and stayed all day in and I think he really. Enjoyed. Clemson. You're just being around him. It was a lot of fun to have him here and I'm saying when my goals and secure it's fashion or. I didn't quite get to do it the way I wanted to do it. It happened the day so I mean I'm warm up when chaos. Houston as a it was a little different than a warm up every throw the manager every that's just normal routine. Because when I was your coach -- your arm muscles around 200 balls a day and just what I did for years and you know metal through this question two years ago I started. A warm up every life style warrants are stretch stretch through western edge of the road so. Traded up a manager today for Brett favre's whole different velocity command. But Els a 100%. As a big deal for me if there was really really true it is exactly as you ingenious. Was great with the very. Interactive. Can have some things he talked about and we just opened up went wherever employers want to go that was it was a lot of fun great stories. It's great to me. And I used Abbott talking about the visits from. Brett Favre. Green Bay packer and hall of Famer twenty years Dorsey had a year with the jets and he has now. A couple of years I guess with the vikings actually I remember Brett Favre is an Atlanta Falcons. And nobody else does the hustle and play as a fountain in 1991. When he came into the league the southern Mississippi. He was with the falcons and done. It last long eating get a whole lot of playing time but them are going now to pre season game regular season game but he got into the game. That talented. And now 1991. Saw him definitely once per annum but though he became. Certainly a superstar. Pro Bowl invitations eleven album he holds nobody records. Some good some bad. He sixteen years with the green bay Packers and dom he holds the career pass completions record. Career pass attempts record career interceptions thrown record consecutive starts by a player most times sacked in most fumbles. It's think the good and the bad. What reform that had to be out of real for the once tigers need to tell them those pretty excited about. Brett Favre. Coming over to see the Clemson folks yesterday inducted into the hall of fame in 2016. So can breaks the monotony. Pre season camp for audio clips tigers yesterday. And that was critical thing it's great pictures and all that. Another bit of news on the college football front. Today. Is that the playoffs selection committee has meant they've reviewed the dates of their rankings for this year. And finalize a list of members who will be recused from voting or discussions regarding selected teams. The first rankings for the college football playoff committee will come out at 7 o'clock on October 30. Selection day will be December 2 they will meet. In person to determine each rankings don't meet on Mondays and Tuesdays. At the Gaylord Texan resort in grapevine Texas just such Jiri can come over. You know harassed them this the refusal par policy remains the same. As far as not being able to vote. On your own school with your team there are five sitting athletic directors. On the committee and that includes. The eighties that Florida Georgia Tech Ohio State. Ohio and Oregon. And now. Organs rob moments is actually the first year as the committee. Chairman and they have some other people like Frank Beamer who was tied a course to Virginia Tech in some situations like that so they'll refuse those guys from. Voting on their own teams there are six new selection committee members this year can't help builds on the committee about them. Former Clemson coach did not realize that until today so he joins the college football playoff. Selection committee. All right we can't take your calls out here if you wanna give us quality 444773776. Ordered us on the text line at 71307. That's that health they're text on. We're on Twitter at ESPN upstate. But they're first break we'll come back to you look for a host of not going on out here for the next couple days the eleventh annual. Radio Thon. Four GHS Children's Hospital with Greg McKinney and Alonso back at the studio in Richmond Weaver to join us stay with a spear out back here in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back we're live at radio on 28 teen with Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver has arrived in his skin settled and set up over there. We are talking children's hospital for the next two days as we do this every year at this time because it's so important to our community so we appreciate you love. Bearing would listen and letting us talk about something besides sports although. When our next guest summoning yet know what sports. Legacy hangs out with a guy you law. Listeners will know. This is Taylor stop this tactic at this company right and Taylor works here with the child life given that you'll also law have a close personal friend and Taj Boyd. Like colonial times you know. Alina ankles and back in 2009. Now. That's a long. Yeah that's it well these great guy and congratulations on. On that Taj so we wanted to get him over here but. I hear he's a real estate tycoon now that he's working hard and he was here last year and and he enjoys his time being here and April 10. You know advocates at its line. I. Well it's too bad needed and he didn't get to meet Brett Favre yesterday thome now. Is to definitely Europe and last Anglican all the pictures and everybody that date and accurate but unfortunately. Yeah Iowa your night here alone we will not be interviewing Europe that are guess that you that we view here does that she's a law. Four legged creature but. Beautiful dog tell me about that the or yes this is detainees she is one four of our full time facility on here at HS hospital. She was actually the first to arrive about two years ago as separate act. And we are caught that canine acts have friends encouraging repeat camping and he kind of in San explains that they do it sends eighty accompanies me. Working McCain's helping them understand why your hospital Huffington formalized in our little thing. She demonstrates how to at least Dilfer and I ain't theme and keep the schemes like he sees. Around. Really didn't and it costs are dots were quick you know American and pieces that are creeping just offered that accurately it layer of support for example. You know some of the dollars that come from Jerry you not think it to support that facility dots and maintaining the agreement also. Eating or not here. You know to Iraq and speak personally to these therapy dogs kids now back about three years ago my stepson was an really back car accident he was eighteen years old he wasn't in the children's section over here but he was in the hospital for weeks and we were obviously over here for weeks. And that they they brought the therapy dogs out of lobby waiting room we were it was a but the highlight just a kind of broke up the monotony of just sitting in hospital waiting room all that time there were awesome so it's a great program. Did he is what kind of dog. She has a golden doodle that. Golden doodle it'll deal and then our other team we have lab gold and exit they look like Africa and our new John Keane he technical trader. Now I'll different looks there this year. Just about turn for our other odds are a little bit antsy and they train outdoor cat can assistants for years before. They come to work and placed in facilities to do this type of service so what does the training involved what do they have to be able to do. And alert. Well no they start out TDs three days old to stimulating their highs and getting used to people touching your face is because kids actually can act in the apple details and they want it checked out or popping ads and all the things that typically your pet dogs don't really Le freak you. And say just getting them familiar at that they taken into the children's hospitals an antenna when they're able to start being out in public. Getting used to the sounds and that's now thing just being around a lot of people. Just to prepare for attack if I did not meet in really good human DHL salary. About either training bank. You know it's expensive though right. And it's and it's it's a costly process to get a dog prepare for this duty right so the full asked to Danny doc is about 5000 dollars and I've yet while. Yes that's so that tells you that though they are highly trained. Does Vivian the other dog that saved. I'm sure primarily around the hospital to be with the kids that go out of the public appearances that kind of thing you know some of the media if it's associated with Children's Hospital in every weird science to use our programs here as such as the facility got absolutely. We we do that time just to get the word out they aren't here and that if you are. Bringing in top into the hospital for whatever reason to ask her for our services not only top White House Agassi out. You told me before we went on the air that does that those all in foundation is getting involved with their feet on day dance last year we got 101000 dollar. Green friends in the past and you are able to attain your reception in where all the people who have received grant money from it Howland foundation. Prettier and Santo we're asking again this year and hopefully Diddy will be considered to have his dog here and act for years and lithium orange car for whatever minor crash if yes house break her on to better and I'm looking at the they wanna see the content out there. Right so what we're doing right now this hour is trying to come up with twenty miracle makers that up fifteen dollars a month. And we're doing that with a goal in my. We're trying to get to touch screen. Systems here game systems I guess for the radiology department of what those with this soon Vivian I served us very much. As you can imagine these outpatient services at its command and they're preparing for an appointment. Well you know there's waiting times associated with appointments and soon. Here recently we've had sent talented and as far as keeping. Always in the player and making sure that your cleaned in between each patient's Atlantic cannot pay. If we got that touch screen wall. Kids can simply not making it out soon we're decreasing that risk for action in San. Not only are we providing something to distract then he then daisy. For their wait times. Yes it's great for the family seated just. Happening for decades he doubts so adapt to a season. They're not cheap 15100 dollars a yes and we are actually in the process and building an MRI department. As he speaks and about six months they gonna be transitioning to a brain department. And we really really hoping that these two tents could be acting as sick kids. You know as they sit they start to get more anxious about what's happened in Santa were wreaking keep their minds often went to just. Help them do that they do best and that's play. You know. Absolutely in math are asking for. The. And he lost Taylor's deficits with the radiology department child life specialist here at the ths children's hospital and tailored to stuck. Describe for me if you will what what you love most about this job what might have specialty. I'm. That I am able to connect decades of island getting down there and just speaking it's Lotta times in the house on here words matter stimulant for even for him like. The Vatican you know you have to constantly ask questions our job is to top specialists and help. Educate peace and staying there what's it. Instead being able to. Appeared children watched in through the process. And things have changed. According still for a forty act and I got out pointing in that tunnel I mean think about it factors into. To having kids next six years old indeed without time cities and it's incredible so I land use. Being able to and parity. In having an honor to add it. Lessons in fact from a very future that India and you know liberties we built it. I mean a fantastic job before baby came. But she definitely is I'm asked to use. Our topic I asked him there by president the doggone it you'd be out I have known to the it's honestly that's his girlfriend Leonard Davis is the that's all right can't find the work. Support. Taylor thank you so much and they're also meant we appreciate you stopping by the end of today enough. Look now we'd like people to call in and be a miracle maker for fifteen dollars a month we only have to do. So far and we need to money so while my math says a team more so call us at 8447195437. Torres they've prefix wrong 8777195437. Point 1877719. 5437. You can donate fifty dollars a month for one year. You will be a miracle maker and it's just did decent today folks who bought call in now and get that done thank. That's Taylor's papacy child life specialist and a facility dog coordinator here ths Children's Hospital are able to get the break will be back in about what you're listening to the hot alive it ths children's hospital for radio on 28 team. Audience you know. But backed radio on 2018. Ths Children's Hospital Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver. Now here Alonso back at the studio again thanks to Taylor's status and Villa Park fifty that there beat L. For joining us India last segment. Richmond like you made him going good I'm good yes sir sorry apologize for being in the late there is John juggling act at times in life. All right we have just the vote but too while you're going to score is what happens out here you better radio or right I was here last year yes actually your. Used to deal. Out of this because he used that they moved us fronts and I'll say but how long did that was I asked as CBS the right here at Barry Bryant. Main entrance is right there. Route were the first ones like it but you have to behave or you can't you know that's that's the favorite back nobody see yourself. Beyond your best behavior we're here to 4 o'clock. Mark Sturgis in here at for this afternoon's old beater from one until seven today and tomorrow will announce our. Ryan to Poland money raised. Tomorrow evening at about 7 o'clock we're looking for miracle makers and the price is right at fifteen dollars a month the buffet decent today. You can be a miracle maker lets me out. When your commitment that fifty dollars a month or you get a one time donation this. You call up and tell them what you can do and they will not say no I promise you that none of these people so law called out 1877. 7195437. Or you can text GH yes 251555. Like to ask you gonna do this achievement in the U. And listening he has an upstate it is. You know they keep track of what station Marines in what. Donations of the competition we want credit yes it's still competition as a sports station here that competitive around here it all comes back to some type of competition yeah. The good news finished with highs though the let's go people so we will love the talk it's more about what's going on here at the Children's Hospital radio Thon here's just a moment. Back on the sports front you know we we had this news break yesterday around as we won only aired. I think we had the right. Hunch about it is that it was not going to be all that well received. And it has not been we're talking about the NCAA is announcement of rules regarding pro basketball prospects. Hi Adrian what's around us keep this story that set top officials with the NBA. And USA basketball. Related nose coming. Didn't know what it was coming they were blind side about the timing in certain changes that were made. The NCAA launching a commission and a set a sub committees to address the fallout from the FBI investigation in college basketball. So they've had a policy shift of sorts including assigning responsibility to USA basketball. Or something the organization had already told the NCAA. He wanted no part. I mean right hand meet left to right. You got up and they've admitted they maybe we could communicate and open that's been just a little bit response yeah right and yet to go out there there's more to this it's just crazy. USA basketball does not have the infrastructure or interest in accepting the role of evaluating top prospects. For yet to be determined number of players who will be allowed to sign with agents at the end of their junior years in high school. According to ESPN sources. I USA basketball prefer that the NBA make those decisions. The NBA already oversees the invitation processed at the pre draft combine in Chicago in the Portsmouth invitational camps at restoring. The NBA will be immersed in scouting the high school ranks one those what those players have. And earlier target date of entering the draft and if the NCAA wants to allow select number of high school players the opportunity to sign with agents. The belief is that logically in BA front offices would be most informed. To come up with that list. So. It surprised some in the NBA officials at surprise and USA basketball officials in all this came out yesterday to say at least. If there's one aspect of this that Eden. More puzzling it just in the terms of the NCAA and it shows you there was no communication is that. The NCAA now today it's clarified that in terms of the high school players peony oh loud do you have an agent. That it's not until the age limit is removed. For the NBA talk on an error means that are. That means. That's still in effect until when he when he won. So nothing happens now so now that happen that's correct so it will take some other type of players association in the NBA him adjust their policy prematurely before the next round of negotiations occur. I don't know I mean. It's puzzling sometimes what the NCAA doesn't it just added that yesterday course. With ESP yen. And here is how he reacted after yesterday's NCAA basketball rules changes that were announced. You know I think we got a lot of things in here that that look like there's something being accomplished by it but they're not getting to the root of of what they yeah what they say they wanna get too. And not that's unfortunate but it it's not unusual. Given the way the assembly back in the crap it. They've been slow poorer and taking action in the past this looks like action. Talk about that in years to their benefit it'd been so lame and taking action in the past the people go well that's what this actually looks like something one it's really not. In the a whole lot of bomb a way to go NCAA from anybody. Yesterday after this war today with the reaction to this so. That's where it stands right now and we will see is reaction continues over the coming days and weeks and now they adjust this even further. Our rights the number to call for the hotline here to make your contribution of fifty dollars a month is 18777195437. Or use text GH just 51. 555 we'll pick right back when more live from GA just Children's Hospital. Radio bond 2018. On ESPN up Tuesday. Erected a push to get our twenty miracle makers for this hour to meet our goal. 3000 dollars by a couple of touch screen game systems for the radiology part we have nine we need elevenths are called out he can. At fifty dollars a month or year 18777195437. Well things that strikes me about this radio on it for years some of them really rare diseases that kids come in here with it and now. Certainly the case here and our next miracle moment here in the huddle on ESP in upstate let's hear the story of having gene. Welcome back man what a great story that wasn't again now the hospital deals with. Literally everything that can happen to child and now they're airport it's won the best in the country. And we're fortunate to have it here in upstate South Carolina to serve. Not just upstate South Carolina the western North Carolina. Also northeastern Georgia it is the special place that does some really good work into a weird talking of these spokes for years now and it's always a pleasure to see. The work that they do Richmond I mean everybody thought about this before you got here not everybody. As a kid that would come here but they know somebody that. Has acute or their related to somebody. That can be effective but it's it's amazing how it touches so many people's lives and to your point it might not achieved directly. But it does in terms of this circle of reasons that you have former acquaintances there however that might be you ghost stories people that had it affected personally and have been impacted by everybody here at Yates this and what they've been able to provide not only. Just you know obviously. Here itself from the medical side but just so war. From the mental side of things emotional side of things as well this is it. Want to kids just upstairs apartment through two hours of those displaced many times before and now. They'll tell us more about how many what their population is in certain areas. The hospital as we go along through the next couple days it's always fascinating race in some of the kids who come down. And that's always great to look. To see them right now we're trying to get twenty miracle makers before the hour runs out in the hours about two run outs that we need. You'd call that they could about it now's a great time to do that 18777195437. Done this several times it takes him maybe two minutes. On the phone I get your credit card information and they will law. Sign you up fifteen dollars a month for one year it's not a lifetime commitment it's a one year commitment at fifteen dollars a month so that's. That decent today for a year if you want to be a miracle maker. And by the way you can give any amount you want you want to ignore columns that gets embarks active if fifteen a month per year but I would be happy to give you this ten bucks please call. They will law. Take your formation and take your donation or you can drop by haven't looked yet typically we have a Plexiglas. Box out here that you can drop cash into and out. So you're certainly the ball to the table if they don't have a sort of but I think they do and give your whatever you can afford to give that way. 18777195437. We could not do this without some great sponsors are presenting sponsors Greenhill pharmacy. A phone bank sponsor this year it's guys own re wah is sponsoring the tote board which will be exciting to watch tomorrow evening about 7 o'clock. Well we wrapped that up. We also have reached construction here a lot of fresh farms nine rounded angles and some of our sponsors this year as our intercom upstate radio stations. Continue this worked out here today until seven and then tomorrow. He has been announced they will be here from. One to seven and our other states and throughout here broadcasting. Even early earlier than us starting at around 6 AM and.