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Wednesday, August 8th

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Welcome and it's the huddle on ESP in upstate it's Wednesday afternoon. August. 8. Significant because. The Ochoa is on the air. Three of us are sitting here trying to figure out he scored a point cut body. They're playing about it. So what do the public has like seven other dudes. Drudgery always doing its task trying to its attack just tag somebody look what he kicking. For a tag may be it you can touch with your hand or your feet. Think the kicking his intimidation. They can't leave the yellow right. Okay we'll go with that. Terminal was. Packages and it was like have a time limit him because I do failed agenda and they got thirty seconds one and nothing India overran and about a. I did see the soaring employee if you wanna call it he tagged them honest that's his hand dirty withstand those moments and it. This is so that we could do that every bit as Hillary isn't clear recess if that's their batters in the game somebody made up and and a lot of people want to know how to get idealist can do you know what they put it on TV if people are trying to monetize it. Oh it's all day of this this is what you know Joseph is all about right here all day of this on the Ochoa and they'll keep an island combining those two to nothing and I mean it like this is like a real. Down the production as well no that's an idea but if I'm unlike others we want re air it this is this what this is this is a this is an international sport. Lot of countries participate and it's. Just not here even if thunder sticks in the and I'm guessing we don't have an American team but I could be wrong. India is rock and roll and now they're all three nothing out there fighting and wrestling now we're talking. And little rough. Now that. Anyway keep an eye on the notre hey welcome into the huddle today we have about planning to get into today more panthers' training camp coverage will hear from Shaq Thompson the linebacker for the Carolina Panthers. Coming up on the show we have three questions coming up but daddy's gonna pop in today because tomorrow will be a radio on tomorrow and Friday. So we'll check in on some baseball stuff with him here from my guy Aaron Rodgers fussing it is wide receivers. The Green Bay training camp that's coming up. Some thoughts on Ohio State from Ian Fitzsimmons the obvious PM Dudack coming up as well. And one of Lance Thompson he coaches defensive line at South Carolina defensive line one of the big concerns about the gamecocks this year. And we'll hear. Lance Thompson talk about progress in pre season practice down in Columbia. Take your calls your text in your tweets say 444773776. Is our phone number the health their text line. Is 71307. Start your message with the ESPN and we're on Twitter at ESPN upstate. So Iraq before we came on the air today it's breaking NCAA news. That we will love. Try to figure out together. Here has duke basketball they're trying to clean up college basketball we know that much after the big FBI proven. Various controversies. In recent months and recent years so a series of policy and rules changes have been adopted today. By the NCAA. Among the significant changes. Adopted by the board of governors and the division one board of directors. The NCAA this is basketball now. They will allow it leaked high school recruits. And players. To be represented by agents. But those agents have to be certified by the NCAA so this is published applying. They will allow. Agents to get involved. That's probably one of the big headlines. They will allow. College basketball players to enter the NBA draft. And then come back to school with they don't get draft. Pretty significant there aren't so that's a real true test the waters to see what happens and come back you know because right now. Leave the system is set up that you can declare for the NBA you can go get evaluated. But being you have to withdraw all your name before the NBA draft like a week before the NBA draft I've yet to withdraw all your name and you can't have any type of agent. Contact or if you do you have agent contacted. You have representation. Then that was nullifying your eligibility but this is it twofold situation where you can have the agent. Before hand them and now you can. Retract. Your submission to the NBA after the fact if you're undrafted but what if you don't like where you're drafted out and listen to round draft so it is it your address that I don't area big agreed and now you're it's it's not a situation where. It don't wanna go to Denver. Right why illegal I'm going to play some of those lists with the slot like well I think it could be both if you if you went late in the second round and you hoped you were first round stickers on them but anyway. Apparently knows you're drafted as you're drafted that this so you're taking that risk. But if you're drafted probably pretty happy now for the most part in a two round draft front of you one better chance of making it the NBA yeah. First dude you know one step is getting draft. What else they have introduced to more rigorous certification requirements for summer basketball laments that has been an issue. Longer post season bans. Head coach suspensions. And increase recruiting restrictions for college coaches who break the rules. Longer Mans get that. The longer post season man's. And head coach suspensions. And increased rooted recruiting restrictions if you break the rules so college coaches under a little more pressure there. The NCAA is overhauling its process for investigating. And adjudicating there's your two dollar word of the day. Complex cases involving its rules they are overhauling that process on how they investigate and hand out punishment. Two independent groups will be appointed to oversee and resolve complex cases. Which might involve academic misconduct major penalties. Or adversarial behavior. This first independent group will include external investigators was no school or conference affiliation. And select insert enforcement staff from the NCAA. There'll be a second group comprised of fifteen people with backgrounds in law higher education and sports. With no affiliations to NCAA schools are conference's. They'll review the findings are the first group. Coca so try to get a little more independent voice in the air and and not let you know. Coaches and athletic directors. Police each other against Bryant. That's Lewis seems to me is that it's not going to be one. Judge and jury type of situation and here looking at is there a better way to have some checks and balances within that as well. By a they don't have an independent people and then. Two separate committees so one can review the findings of another guy and that. Over site committee that second committee will. Have Bob. Oaks and are not affiliated with any schools or conferences which you know can be an issue at times probably has been an issue. A mark hammered the president in the NCAA said this he said these changes will promote integrity in the game. Strengthen accountability and prioritize the interest of student athletes over every other factor. We remain committed to promoting fairness in college sports and creating an environment that will champion the success. A student athletes Cameron said the NCAA would continue to work with the NBA the players association apparel companies. And USA basketball to come up with a even more. Solutions and never said if they are unwilling or unable to act we will consider. Additional changes that will support the success of student athletes he says it's on us to restore the integrity of college basketball. And continued to improve the interest of student athletes they deserve. Nothing less column. And all as clear as mud to your thought well it's gonna work out. This is gonna take several days to really took a dive into the details and decipher this because one of the things that I am also looking at is that now there are doing away with the five official visits typically you're limited to a five visits now you can do as many unofficial visits as you want that's where your pain your own expenses your. You secure in your own transportation there except for a review official visits the schools can. How provide that you know looks like here now. You have opportunity five visits between. A certain period of time. In their junior year and then by visits between India their junior year and October 15 after high school graduation. And then by visits between. October 15 and after high school graduation. And the remainder of their college eligibility. So. The way our marine Nissen looks like. A person could have a maximum of fifteen visits based on what they're born to do in terms of it there signing that's a lot of his stuff a lot of visits their and it really is and so. And get on it. This has gone up very fluid as ever read and all of this information but just him on it there's some there's some significant changes that are going to be happening here. And I think it still muddies the water though to a certain degree. I think there's going to be. Lot of questions as far as special needs Republican ad. How'd your defining a leak actually that's the one thing that jumps out of me that I dealt not sure alike is that you have to be an elite athlete whatever that definition is to be able to get an agent Tom that's subjective. It's subjective and why why why can't. Like anybody less than the league have an agent if they wanted to try I I agree there should be anybody should be they should correspond to any. Athlete and I even take it to. The next level is that unlike the at least the direction that basketball is going here. Why did in the NCAA. Apply these are rules every athlete. What does that have to be jest. High school bass I mean how like that just beat. Basketball and it all ties back to USA basketball I'm not real sure about that either one if you are Jeff Goodman asked this question what if you don't wanna play in USA basketball system. After ST. Yeah how are you evaluate it yet today evaluate you differently is there a biased. Because you didn't wanna play an air organization now we have to say USA basketball. As a great reputation and just even from there is set up and the governing body of USA basketball. So it is highly regarded so I think that is a good step that the NCAA is actually bring in USA basketball into the fold where. For up until now they've been completely separates and that's been one of the all tracks is that why would you not tried to have been involved in the NCAA college basketball because of you know the structure that they have there are good basketball players who for whatever reason are not USA basketball eligible what happens to this. Clinching emanate. I there's I think it it opens up all many more questions and they will be. Giving more details as we progress not only today but the next couple days. Just a really understanding what all of these changes are 'cause they're significant minutes to bunt they're. It it's is not just you know one or two different policy changes this is some sweeping changes for the NCAA. Yeah there's no question and you go to NCAA dot org and see. They're spin on it what they think what they're trying to do at least whether it's going to be effective or not you concede. What they say in the air and a lot of it has to do with. Agents. And some flexibility on the the draft. Being able to come back to college if you war. Eligible for the draft go through the draft and not drafted a bill like that look. If not drafted. And your Q you came out early you're no man's plan I don't I don't have any problem when you come back to school do you know. None if so like Gephardt and I not all of just pile on the NCAA because they make things. So complicated than this does feel like it's a little complicated. They're trying to do something and they have to hit the college basketball's an enormous right now that strikes yes and obviously it all stemmed from the FBI investigation and I still think there's even questions in terms of what federal rules dude. They violate necessarily but that's a whole different topic but. There had to be some changes in I think this is just going to be the first step that were on CDS it will carry over into. The other sports and bull would that look like in terms of can football players do this is gonna be a separate designation for a leap level. You know football players and that type of thing and and will there be questions. It from messed it standpoint even from football can you enter the draft come back and I know one of the things that from a basketball standpoint too good. How this will affect recruiting has had ever guy. Declare for the draft your recruiting they guy to replace him. Then he doesn't get drafted any sides come back does that change any recruiting. Philosophies that coaches are gonna have so there and had to adjust to that. What you have to do to be elite I mean it. Who decides if you're lead and one if you on the edge of being in the lead and you know what you need to do to be considered really. You got a law get the attention of USA basketball has they're the judge and jury makes your holiness yet basically USA basketball has to certify you as an elite. Player however they whatever the metrics that they use however and agree do you now. They are the sounds like they are the NAL look my body may be nobody's better qualified to USA basketball to do that oh I agree that they are. But. I don't I don't see the harm in you know not limiting it to a lead athletes I mean you might be dumb as a borderline player to get an agent but. Watching each it will and why can't the enemy is going to be a situation where these players they get an evaluation great and I wanna feel that great but that was you know. Slight different when ESPN or some other company comes out with her top fifty players in the country type thing is that I mean is that how. The award declare an elite. USA basketball is an obvious PM drawing that's it you're you know you're looking at a few less than fifty from. Out of I was it will they come out with us this I mean you know there's so many things about this. The great leader does so many questions about it and I don't know when they put the list out. That's not on here from. Work in progress here and being unpacked by all the so called expert trying to I know more than we do when they're don't confuse the think they are hurt us yeah singer not a kid who's on the bubble he doesn't make a list of Gizo. You know he may had a chance to make it somewhere along the lines seems like it's it's adding more pressure. To keep yourself declared a leak. And there are kids too you know they give a shot somewhere in and get better as they go along turf late bloomers. Well and and then Q could you open up they can. Are pandora's box so to speak it in terms. In trying to influence. Anybody that's on that committee. For USA basketball. During the evaluation process. Would high school coach is eight U coaches parents would they try to influence how. Their player their child is about he waited. Yeah I think dead danger certainly going to be there. Non no question about that. So watch for reaction to continue to come and see. You know who brings up some good points. I've seen. A lot of tweets about it already here's one from Jeff Goodman they are are the no brain source talking about. How the NCAA is only allowing. High school seniors who've been designated as a league prospects by USA basketball. To have. Agents Jeff Goodman says there are the no breeders' they have to be deemed to lead but what about the French guys. Who decide not to attend USA basketball will they get penalized not a fan of this system was well thought out as Jeff good for what were. You know I mean if you're the NCAA you should be prepared to take shots when he puts up and down like this and they'll get him. They will I imagine they've got some rationale of why they said it this way I just don't understand. Why it would be a limitation. And why any. College basketball player would have the option regardless of how they were evaluated. Just jumps out really. To everybody hey you got to me Italy basketball player as determined by some. Group of people with the opinion. That's an agent and you know. That's yet another motive and where where does it fall in terms. The lead in high school nearly your junior year and yet be reevaluated your senior year or once you have that. A valuation and are considered delete. But it is their expiration date on us like they only want to have to select group of people agents involved with a small group of people don't want agents taking over. High school basketball. So. They're trying to keep it very limited but man it brings a more questions than answers that are really just did it guys are right 8444. Or 773776. The out text line from health there are 71307. Twitter at ESPN upstate and we are rich take on sports coming up also gonna hear from Aaron Rodgers he's. Grumpy self admittedly. Grumpy and makes me feel great about packer shrine and I'm glad he's. Being vocal won't hear from him governor the huddle on ESP in upstate will be back right after this. Or go back to the huddle ESPN of states the literal here from Panthers linebacker. Shaq Thompson. We also have our three questions segment coming up at 3 o'clock this afternoon and now Lance Thompson the the game Cox. Coming up as well in the showed today so keep it right here 8444773776. Is our phone number ala to get it on early today it's time now to get too rich take on sports. If you didn't see on Monday. West gate. Super book came out with a there odds of war. Total wins for the NBA season 20182019. I know there. Talking a lot about college football talking about NFL right now and that's what everybody is. Gearing up for you can start smelling the grass but. I'm a basketball guy. The hard wood is still. A dominant. Part of what I wanna hear about what I wanna talk about LeBron James is. Somebody who's making a lot of news obviously we'd just heard. New information coming down about college basketball and some of the changes so basketball is still relevant. And specially the NBA knowing that we're looking at a situation where we haven't seen. Players moving across teams and with LeBron James going to the lakers who what does that do. To the landscape of the Western Conference what does that do to the Eastern Conference landscape and I can tell you that. It just shows you the power of LeBron James and what he. Brings to a team regardless. Of his supporting cast it doesn't matter. Necessarily. If it's. It if it's Dell but nova. If it's Rondo now with the lakers. It doesn't matter if it's Kevin Love as long as it's LeBron James there's an association. Of wins. Corresponding. To these. LeBron James be in on your team and I know there's a lot of questions about will this work for the lakers. And I think it will work for the lakers does that mean they're gonna win any NBA championship. No does that mean and they're gonna win in the NBA championship in two or three years. Remains to be seen it's horde didn't necessarily say because I'm not in the business of being right all the time I can be in the business of giving an opinion. But the people that really are in the business of trying to be right all the time they take pride in being right all the time. That's Las Vegas because money is on the line. In Westgate super book came out with their odds. For. The 201819. Season. And in the Western Conference. You've got Golden State at 62 and a half. Wins for the year so the bet would be over under that. And it continues down the line and their prediction of how this Western Conference playoffs would lay out. It would be Golden State number one Houston number two. Oklahoma City at number three the lakers at number four at 48 and a half win total. And then you've got Utah at 48 and a half as Wilson tied with the lakers in in Denver at 47. And a half. So what Vegas is telling you is that the playoffs. Would pit. The lakers vs the Utah Jazz in the first round and the winner of that series would go on to play the Golden State Warriors. Defending NBA champion. So what I'm looking at this. Look at. Utah vs. LA lakers. It's more so Utah vs LeBron James. And I'm taking LeBron James I'm looking at the Utah our roster and you. Don of the Mitchell vs LeBron James and taken the projects. Donovan Mitchell a few the Ricky Rubio vs LeBron James I'm taken LeBron James. Rudy go bear whose. Just a defense that guy on taken LeBron James so wit the culmination our population of LeBron James. With coups mullah. Alonso ball. Rigel Rhonda. I'm taken the LA lakers. Over. The Utah Jazz and even if it's the Denver Nuggets. You go on tell me that the Denver Nuggets with Nicole Yokich who is their leading scorer leading rebounder. And leading assist guy who. It's almost seven feet tall. He's going to be able to lead that team over the LA lakers with LeBron James in the first round. Just don't see it happening and I know they just signed Isaiah Thomas but he's coming off a hip injury. Can he be back to the same. Play that he was when he was making a run for the potential. In VP in the NBA. I just don't see it happening I'm taken LeBron James now. Getting past. That first round I've taken a Brian James but. As Vegas is gonna predict that LeBron James would lose in the second round two Golden State and that seems very. True to me that this is not all about LeBron James in the lakers winning an NBA championship the first year. But I do think it will work. It just might not happen. In the first year and it might not even happen that they actually winning the NBA championship but we've seen LeBron James be able to take teams. To another level. And you don't. Always have to be the champion to be number one to have success. I mean how many different people in sales. Are still having success but they're not the number one salesman. They can still lead a good life make a lot of money real estate agents the same scenario. You don't have to be the number one real estate agent may have a successful life to be financially set. And it's the same scenario here with the lakers. Is that it might not mean that they're going to win an NBA championship but with LeBron James it puts them. Any position to be very successful. The where's that leave the Cleveland Cavaliers. The brawn James in the cavs won fifty games last year. Westgate super book is predicting. Thirty wins for the camps. So you can't tell me there's not an impact of LeBron James and what he does for eighteen regardless. Who he's. Centered around or who centered around him. LeBron James equates to wins. And don't take my word on it take Vegas is word. I wonder this he said 62 projected wins for the Golden State warrior yes. It's Wes going to be easy 62 and a half west of me easier. This coming season. Than it was last season with LeBron coming of what else about the west. Makes of these girls stay on with 58 games like your volume and go up in wins. This year there's going to also signed DeMarcus Cousins some booty cousins that's all bode well boogie. C'mon he doesn't equal that many wins I think it's more about. The projecting lack of injury because they had daddy did have injuries have a lot of analog players out at different times and that hurt the ones in other. Players moved in looking Houston Houston won over sixty games and their projected at 54 and a half to eleven winds off the Houston yes and so. Because they lost a big part of that team with Trevor Rees. And with him going to Phoenix that does have an impact on Houston. He they thought they did managed keep Clint cappella in place the reason. Played very good defense and was also a good three point shooter as well so he gets them offensive capabilities. For the Houston team so I think it's a situation where you're spreading out some of the talent and maybe that's an opportunity of where. Golden State can. Having easier pathway. To sixty wins I take the overall Houston momentum. I think the overall and 54 you said it won't hand it to born half. 54. And a half. Well if they if they sign. Carmelo Anthony that might be that way or another I write downs just another tie the game has at its peak at a. 88444773776. Here in the huddle we back in here from mach A-Rod not the baseball player. The Green Bay packer quarterback coming up and huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back the huddle on ESPN up states right McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso in studio this afternoon though the change you 1000 dollars coming up. In about eighteen minutes of one another key word for you in the free cash stash. Green Bay plays. Tomorrow night as well precision for Bali opening it's the Tennessee Titans air Roger's trolley not gonna play. At all column beaches he's been running scout team at practice that's pretty it's on he's not. Gonna play at all. During the I'm game but you get all frustrated. By. His scalp team reps not because of him being on the scout team I think he's probably. Fine McNabb but he flung the ball toward a couple of tackling dummies on the sideline on the final play of his drill. Yesterday. And the issue seems to be that the young players. Read young receivers. Didn't seem to be. Giving the drill the efforts. It deserves. And even pulling punches after practice in talking about that here's Aaron Rodgers. When we're scored assistant defense. And I millions of who we have what the flavor of the art technology and the upper levels were low. Especially when pressed to. I haven't run that period that numbered years or so it's not a concern for us. Period. Fernandez who. I think it. It's is really progressed. Tebow. Sixteen. Everybody else it's. This board and look at that as an athlete playing with me. See opportunities and guys so they can do this and there are guys you could trust via. I was in this instance to come out planeload receive. In his practice you know don't wanna risk and so he and it's. Has the balls served as they can please you know us against them when it was hard getting older grumpier. And at this Bruins got. I'm excited to do no wrong. Besides he moves I've refuses to dream. Again unity and a fourteen players fourteen players and you know little effort of immense pressure. Tell about it A-Rod. Column out man I like it I'll like it when air Roger's taken over. That's a good sign. What a great point you made though I mean they may not get a chance to play with him if you're trying to make the team. We can't go out there and put maximum effort and remember you play were there Rogers. If you can hit choose yourself the role. And us all he's Cam Newton. Right elbow and I think Aaron Rodgers doesn't have a problem where completion. Now look dumb I I I can I get what you say and and as you say Alonso how many times you get a chance to catch passes from Aaron Rodgers and you you know you got. Days to make this team gays it's don't down to go to 53 man roster soon. Why would you not be all out and I don't know how that many practices anymore they've come down so much practicing in the NFL so your chances. Are a lot slimmer than what they used to but he. Deathly are. Taller and hopefully. Lights a fire was in a call and some of those players out look to note has been working with some of those players. One offs in a lot of time trying to get a privately wanted to train them privately. Now I just wonder how many of those. Because I obviously some of the other the veterans have the benefit of the doubt that they've been able to do that these younger guys they really haven't I'm not. They net I don't disagree with you I'll like the fact that. Yet the quarterback is the leader of the team. That's at least on the offensive side and a lot of times most YouTube he'd you have the quarterback as the leader of the entire team but that was on. If your dog and it all these drills unlock human ever given you individually to bid to to individual attention about Mary Rogers of dog and it. You know don't expect to get. Individual attention I doubt it I mean let's be realistic here you know is he going to go over and spend one on one time when all these guys probably not this boom we're doing the drills. Joseph up that nobody cares so Brett Favre of them I'd scandal believe you wanna go. These big K stern and and Brent. Let's hope not listen and will be done sling it around and throw in a wanting your Rodgers doesn't do is throw interceptions. A Soviet and start that don't be like breath that way please. Anyway I will see Allie look in the Packers game with the titans but you know Rogers are being very careful with. While Camden probably come down play a series or two tomorrow night for the Panthers don't look for air Rodgers play at all. For the Green Bay Packers another NFL know from the forty niners involving former Clemson player Dwight Clark. They have announced plans to honor him this season and beyond of course Dwight Clark passed away in June. After a battle with the ALS he'll be remembered this season though have a decal on their helmets. And then they will have a statue outside leave us stated pretty good and course that what would you put on that statute you would put the catch. On that statute. To catch one of the most famous plays in NFL history that gave the San scope 49ers one of the cowboys. In the NFC championship game got him to their first Super Bowl title the statue will be placed in conjunction with the A statue of Paul opening quarter right Joseph Montana 350 pound statues. Only way that much no effect. They will be exactly 23 yards a. Part that's the distance between Montana and Clark on the cat I remember that game vividly I watched it as a kid. The callous and at that point broke my heart them. You're more cowboys in the Clemson fan at that point. Yes I was I was but Warren did NFL yeah highlighted yeah yet that there honoring Joseph Montana still my favorite quarterback of all time as I mean. Putting the statues up that is pence and cool thing dad is an Ohio mom. Clark's number 87. On their helmets and and a silhouette logo of the catch for every game and it's cool to. And they have some attributes to Clark during home games Italy by stating this yourself. Nice touch there by the 49ers for the former Clinton made it interesting that you know if you don't like Clark was. Inducted into the South Carolina football hall of fame this past April. And it was the first time that I'd. Real I didn't know enough about Dwight Clark's I knew the NFL side that didn't know enough about the Clemson side and they had some former Clemson players there that. This is at a time where. They could only videotape Dwight Clark his speech or whatever but we're talking about Dwight Clark and apparently he was an unbelievable. Athlete at Clemson and could play quarterback. Could play multiple different positions you've just when those guys. That he had to be on the field and it is just amazing to hear some of the stories he's yes talking about how good he was. And it at college in you mean it translated into the NFL. Right ailing at 35 catches in his career exactly differing came back to edit in this current Eric Clemson birdied five they talked about that that it was. It travesty that it would happen like that because he was so good at that but does does not they're out there now is not a way to do it. Back in the late seventies when he was there a 444773776. Will be back in a moment in the huddle. On ESP in upstate. We are back in the huddle on ESPN. Upstate. Does that. Blake island. Thing over there to body to body is it over debts over we have Lennar we did. India India wins since they did. They're one in the entire game so that's not upset now while. On the Ochoa and I don't know about the rankings ahead of the commodity match. The pretty one sided to me. We'll keep our eyes on Ochoa the sentiment. It's funny as peed in two by the way if you don't know what the says it's all kinds of weird little. Sportsman like games still looking forward to 3 o'clock in the sumo champion sumo three yeah. Tom Cole. I didn't get up and watch it early reopen and I knew what I was not I did turn it on this morning and watch some. The crystal eating contest but it was an old one because I knew it was over it and a word and Linda Smith crystal lake crystal hamburger yes I'll love me some crystal hamburgers they commit actual crystal your mouth when antibiotic. But I knew it was all because Kobayashi was meant and from one I think he's banned from all eating contest. Cellist none of this is really lies right this is just like playback I believe. You know most of things and ask at least this split current now this does not only does come this current I think to see most of will be current this though and some old stuff the next two I'll selects cups stacking this morning for a little while. And wonder yeah but you know there there are kids in this in this one kid says family wooten who was. Busted for drugs and stuff has kept them on drugs. Competing cup stacking and yet gets to travel all over the world and stack cups come you know I. Good for him I guess to run that girl her name and a soft cup so. That. I don't know bill. So a country that old hole it's a little pop. Did he where you deal with the cops and make noises. Yeah well that's what they're doing but they're not generic Kendrick that are I don't know enough about it. Anna Kendrick was actress. And India. Yeah aliens who are you don't don't hold to it jaded trolley is not practicing right now the morning cock. Where the Houston Texans you know our money was coming and excited about JJ watt and Judy being clowning. Being healthy together well Jamie plays on healthy and he's going into a critical contract year he has not engaged in a full practice with Houston yet. Recovering from a minor knee surgery all the way back in January. Bill O'Brien the coach said though won't we feel like he's in football shape we'll put him on the field. I don't know that's a message to JD your knocked. He had a better update. I yesterday when he set I think clown he's getting better and better being closer and closer to being able to do more. We'll see out goes probably do a little bit more next week in preparation for San Francisco. See how that goes and then at the end of that week. Make a decision relative to the next game to say we have a good plan forum he's doing a good job he's working at it so he's not really calling. Count me out here. You know chronic certainly head injury issues his early years in Houston businessmen pretty darn good lately.