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Thursday, August 3rd

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Welcome back to the huddle yes the end of State's Greg McKinney in the coach Josh Phillips we are on location. In the lobby at the GA just Children's Hospital where here till 4 o'clock mark Sturgis. Whoever he can comment about here. All I just told me. A book coming out here that at 4 o'clock maybe prices coming with them. With marked them nobody within Avaya here for until seventh that we're back tomorrow. For the final day of radio fun. 2070. This is two days they are realize were broken away from a sports. A lot today and tomorrow Josh we. Think it's a pretty good time of the year to do that there's not a lot of stuff going on now you know practice camps that kind of thing but season's still a few weeks away so. This is time a year that works for all of our radio stations only works out for us is a sports station right now before things related heated up. The amount spent a couple of days with the community project like this this is our big project of the year. And by our I mean all the underground stations we have a lobby full of radio stations that WORT classic rock won won won the blocker station is out here. The united three point seven magic ninety point nine we're all out here in the lobby of this hospital so there's. You know it it's kind of like it if you wanted to take out of a majority of people they're all beeper. Which is not over yet the same room with the same time you know that's what the interest of walker at the but I half office we're here for for this calls that we you know we do it with them. You know with gratitude we like doing it every year for a couple of days. To bring attention to the hospital what it does for community. And to raise money by the way theater goal last hour we did hit the goal of seventy near home makers of 1 o'clock hour and we pushed down to about a minute before it hit that goal. But that doesn't matter we hit that goal so thank you to the seventeen of you who called in last hour. And pledged twenty dollars a month or 240 dollars one time to be a miracle maker for Children's Hospital. This hour they have bomb they give us a break we have a less ambitious goal. We only ten on this hour. They're going easy on us this hour that we're gonna get hit hard the next hour at 3 o'clock hour if that's going to be a power hour. Power ours tend to have lofty goals I've learned that among many years of doing radio votes. But I actually I think my first radio I was. 2000. Three maybe as a long ago is that almost fifteen years that you know done this often on have learned a few things and a power hours or when they really put the you don't. But this hour would likely to be one of our ten miracle makers. In honor. Of this being the tenth annual radio Thon for intercom that this thing was with the some other stations before and are confident comes now been about ten years. So we want to hand the miracle makers. By 3 o'clock this afternoon. That's twenty dollars a month or a one time gift of 240 dollars. And you can be one of those by calling 187771954371877719. 5437. Enjoyed talking to the Josh is not easy talking to a family that lost twins and now that's very emotional thing but you hear that positive attitude. They another child in the knee Q a couple of years later at a better outcome Bayern and that young girl Katie is doing very well. That in aged as in about parents who are willing to share. What has to be an emotional traumatic. Devastating really experience and their lives for the benefit of our community. Yet does it makes the money that people give analysts say thank you to. Of the seventeen miracle makers that gave him last hour and or hit that goal for him in this hour. It makes it real makes it real when you talk to. Is to face and they talk about losing. Their children because of health issues that they just couldn't overcome. Early early in their young young lives. And then to hear the joy in their daughter who is now doing very well. That was in the in the queue here and then you hear him talk about. Hands that help the healing. And that's all the nurses doctors support staff. Here at the Greenville hospital system. That you could tell missed it was just so grateful for the support that they not only gave two. Of their children that we're here but also. Her and her husband as well as extended family. And the support through. The times that they had to do so. And she actually talked about the specific. Thing that is giving today with our show. To help these kids. That it means something to scrap books and different things. That you do to keep a smile on these cute space as well as the parents. When they're going through such trying to. Absolutely thanks to the hop goods for stopping by us innings of mop up some time with us today it will have. More guest as we go throughout today and tomorrow to let the older stores virtually as we talk about all we want you know and I but though you're the families is what makes the difference and speaking of hearing from families we wanna hear from another family right now this story is is really touching it's the story of Calvin Poindexter. Who I was born with downs syndrome. His parents are Jeremy and Katie Poindexter. Of Greenville. Let's hear their story right now. Appreciate that story from the outpouring textures and other touching story of family local mainly hear from Greenville, South Carolina all the money stays right here by the way. Right here now this hospital does not to serve Rangel does not just serve Spartanburg. But it serves all of the upstate of South Carolina parts of western North Carolina and northeast Georgia say yeah. It's big regional senator but you know it just if you had to take your kid to do core unit take your kid to. Even Atlanta or you know as far as way as is. Houston or someone then imagine how. Bad that would be on you personally trying to trying to live in another city water to the six of having this hospital right here in this community. Is the tremendous asset for the community athlete go one of the biggest things. Positive you can say about the Greenville area wrinkle Spartanburg area upstate area is we have our own Children's Hospital that the that is first class that's top of the line and you don't have to travel to another state. No which helps cut down families calls and in in today's world quite honestly it's. Very expensive to raise healthy children little home. Young folks that. Have some challenges within their health or maybe you know car accident or something like that. And so every little giddy that you can save. Is dollar and towards. Your child's health care and you know health care such a hot button topic. Nowadays and and to be able to be in the city where. The Greenville hospital system put such an emphasis. On children that the facility is just first rate when you walk here. It's as good as anything anywhere in the country. And as we keep saying. The money stays here locally. Because one day it might be one of my kids that are here that major bill or one of your kids that is here in need your help because the world. Isn't all sunshine and rainbows as we all know. And things do happen unexpectedly. And it's nice to know and comforting to know that literally in our backyard. We have such a first rate staff and facility. And they think a few people the most recent donors to call in there pledges an 8777195437. Including Donna from Greer Martha from pals are men again. From Pasadena Pasadena is that. Is that Al California the all right all right we'll take it. Darlene from Seneca is another one that just called it a pledge of bop twenty dollars and we appreciate that thank you so much for your. For your contributions couple sponsors to thank as well Greenhill pharmacy or presenting sponsor we appreciate them. October or sponsor. He is a realigned the big green gold project. And our ten year anniversary sponsor is Ingles and let me get this out now I don't think you got here in time to get the you know watch. Josh but I did. Yankees authentic Philadelphia cheese steaks and hoagies. Brought out launched today and Dobson this stuff at geez that was good good stuff so thank you. For those guys they're Calhoun memorial highway in easily stop by and see Stacy and Jamie in the rest of the crew in the ham bricks shopping center. Highway 123 at yankees often in Philadelphia cheese steaks hoagies for buying launched today for. The workers the radio people everybody who's volunteering here. At the radio Thon on this Thursday afternoon. All right we're gonna take a break we expect to be joined by the head football coach at Newbury. -- night when we come back to stay with us as we roll on live from Children's Hospital in the huddle on ESP announced. Radio Thon for Children's Hospital Greg McKinney Josh Phillips out here Alonso at the studio we're looking for eight war miracle makers this we have to. So look to operate more like 3 o'clock. Twenty dollar a month pledge for our Children's Hospital at 18777195437. 18777195437. Would you rate more people say yeah I'll give one time gift to under forty dollars or twenty dollars a month. For the young next year to help out our Children's Hospital are just go to the gas line numbering in the coach at Newbury wolves coach Todd knife coach RF. Knowing your great we'll go out and say well we're busy coach busy I guess you're probably a little busy yourself. I'm not the only thing right now. Did ready for another football season down and Newbury coming off a great season in the south Atlantic conference coach first of all congratulations on that run last year. Thank you sir it was very special time here for. For the program for kids institution. That happen around here very often. That it it was special and you guys deserve. All the credit in the world for that and now you're coming in I guess as the favorites in the south Atlantic operative in this year's errant. Here pre season ranking number 11 some history of the school. While that's that's an accomplishment. That's big for us around here really attacking its objective about it and you know it's it's kind of interesting week for years we've been chasing this goal of winning it we've gone the play all three of four times and. You know I'm not sure what accomplished championship and I mean we've trained it we've always been the hunter now all of a sudden we're the hunted. And I'm kind of interested to see our kids respond to. Yeah how do you address that with the kids and not get. This going to their heads the success of last year the pre season on number one which I think you're probably agree with most coaches doesn't mean a whole lot that is what are your star player right. They have really done you know way and it's it's an honor and it's great to be in that position. You know. But like assembly education for so long it's almost like I don't wanna I wanna down play it too much. I want to kids enjoy it the most polite and act like it is it worth it for going to be number one must be number one. Coach Don night Newberry wolves on the line where this year in the huddle and coach Joseph they also released. The all south Atlantic conference team. And I guess that came out this morning and you guys have what 71 team members. Yes this and I go gamble it on our. You know blog that she is coming back you know we've lost some great ones from last year but we've got a good surrounding cast and I think we can. Pulled together it was some some really good leadership. You know kit like mark killed Cassel he's. League leading receiver. Has not a giant but boy he makes things happen he makes some. Crazy incredible circus catches you know we can't both. He was a number two and on. But the top tens sports center list last year is that rockets for kids down here a little Newbury I think it's an easy pick. Phenomenal. Receive or you know we've got to really get tight in Ann Baptiste tigers that. That I think the best tight in the league and we got a kid that transferred and here that's pushing him to appoint a lawyer. You know he's almost leaving him out so we're probably looking at playing a lot of two tight handsets this year which we've never done before but. You know we got to put the best eleven out there so you know we got tinker with little bit and empire was total workforce this year in the past. The quarterback was to keep forcefully. Arguably the best quarterback that. In the history of the school to gold but we have kids that played a lot board last year and nick Jones and no nick confidence grew as the season went along and I think he's poised and ready but we got a great surrounding camps for and so we're not to pull it all on his back. Coach talk about your defense RC 41 team conference defensive guys Josh Parker jamarcus Anderson. Will Ellman joke blew up to us about those guys. Killed it. The thing you like about it is to go out up front hey you know you always say hold coaches always say it always starts up front you know we get. To a little bit. Pretty results conference and can deal with pre seasonal compass so that's a good time. You know it just blew it inside linebacker again I think is the best one in the league and and I think they kick him back it up any day. Kelly he's been a winner for a long time coming out of dim enough to keep one state championship three times in a row down there and now. Continuing. To do that here with us. You know where we may have some questions on the back and other. We have gout returning. From last year in the secondary but. Now obviously at this point pretty season picks they didn't Guinea and but again it doesn't matter until we get started and it can't know that if they're name's player that's really what counts. Coach not this is Josh Phillips like you can join the show Tuesday during a hectic time for you in the middle of fall practice. You've been in Newbury now entering your ninth season pretty long tenure. As you look around the south Atlantic conference. Man. Considering that. You know there are some scholarship limitations there. The league takes a backseat to nobody when you look over the last couple years the run that you need you and your staff have been on. A few years ago nor Ryan was and the national championship game and then before that. Of course the stall work Carson-Newman. Although this is a difficult year for the league and the passing of of course Mark Redman has sent to Rome there and in Johnson City so talk about the strength of the league the balance of the leak. And how the league has really gotten better. In the time that you've been there of course him Clifton and Morris hill seems like for a hundred years. But just to strike the league and the competitiveness. Of the south Atlantic conference. There's no question about it nothing is the best small college football in the country. And week in and week out it doesn't matter where you're ranked you might be at the top you might be at the bottom any given Saturday in this league anybody can win. And it's so the pairing on this so Titanic in honestly nobody's really. I head and shoulders above anybody else it comes down to that we are shaped ball and and. You know you get lucky bounce here and there and it comes down to that just about every Saturday and I certainly moral slope close with this thing. You know. Spectators. Tragedies the passing of the legend. God father and our league you know with coach sparks and I have been here a long time. I had just gone in the nine years been here fifteen total to DC NN head coach but it's crazy as a freshman. When I got out the bottom. Plan Bolick Gardner-Webb. Got off topic Jefferson City transports was the head comes out there and crushed. The field has so lobbied the played for played against or coached against coach sports my entire career a liar and a coach Phillips. Nobody I've respected more than transports and and you write red man's. Don't go ahead for the jobless no coach turner for ever. He has a great guy and a good. Ball coach and he will keep course and movement there and I'm sure he'll do his best Albanians put his stamp on it over the years. And I wish him nothing but the best example when we play him. And that's right you're absolutely right template it is at least a hundred years. Thank you for it and not just with which uses subjects. You know the home known him forever. He's a great guy and they'll go to Joba up more bills floating in our league. Yeah it's. It's almost like if you want to put in perspective this is small portion of the SEC they're really. Coach got a tough opener you go to the citadel September 2 that's a heck aboard the started. What are we thank him so. You know I don't and they couldn't schedule opera and anybody panel talked with them. You know that's arguably. The second best team in the state. And domestic scene right now anyway here's the defending national champs and then the signal. Didn't fall behind him in my opinion they're really really good team. It is a challenge. For us. It's only a a great experience. For our kids for a program to go down into a setting like that and play attain the caliber of the settled there there coaching staff astonished. Tremendous job. And is again going to be huge challenge for us but. You know the end of the day they had a great year last year we had a great year last year they lost some kids we also kids. You know it's college football and you never can tell on that. Now that's ago when in Charleston on September 2 but you open up is your first home game be the sixteenth against. Virginia Lynchburg. Yes and notably mobile on the road for two weeks. We'll go down as settled started off with will go up to Virginia union and it will come back home. To a much needed home game after being an owner road for two weeks in a row and and hopefully we'll get distorted right here with our faithful wolf plans in Newbury on that day. Very good coach Don night Newbury wolves coach always a pleasure will be in touch with you keep up with the wolves this season thanks for criminal. It pitched on nine all right we're gonna let tegra little shot of South Carolina police. Fired the next shot the gamecocks. The sentinel that the second test the evidence they you closed last the flavor so that was so yes I just labor who we will come back here with a special. Yes the radio fondness those they would us here in the huddle live from GA just Children's Hospital obvious you know they were right back. Welcome back we're live in the lobby of GH yes Children's Hospital radio Thon 2017. Greg McKinney Josh Phillips out here. All locations on the back at the studio we're here today and tomorrow for art to day you radio Thon to. About our magnificent Children's Hospital here. In upstate South Carolina and we're joined here on site by doctor Michael Stewart he's the medical director of the neonatal. Intensive care unit out here at Children's Hospital doctors Stewart Howard. Thank you for having me on thank you for coming now how long you didn't hear this about three after yours okay language coming here. Came here actually from my trees and timber but originally from Houston Texans aren't your Baylor guy daily yeah what was there's little football played out that part of the country don't talk about a much around here it is. The ministers. We appreciate coming on here so locked. I give us an idea. But Stewart about what we're doing here with this radio Thon every year and how it directly relate she does not turning patients away so medical care is not really what we're talking about Obama's some of the extra things right. Yeah ensue biggest little bit of background about the children's hospitals or regional turn it'll senator for the upstate. And so we based vivid to enact county everything catchment areas we have families that actually have there. Patients transferred to the icu from kind of pretty long distance away. In imports and for those babies that are minutes of ice here they may be with us are sometimes several months. It's incredibly kind of stressful time for the family and so we earlier kind of focused on taking great care of other you know. Sons or daughters but also counted trying to help alleviate any of that stress and so. Does a little shout out last year we are able to and it really focus on mine some webcams. And these were webcams that we can actually attach seat each bed spots where the famous and actually get you know private login to build a log in cedar. You know son or daughter from home on app on their owner Ronald well that's pretty cool and that was something that was specifically funded this through this gradient on some wonderful you know. Think for our families. Yeah I mean tinged let anybody login anytime you get a security involve all us so it's excellent for the doing right now. Absolutely absolutely news. The big investment is simply something worthwhile because again if you think about fame leads them in 34 hours away candy here on a daily basis with the child. No question about it talking to the doctor Michael Stewart the medical director of the neonatal icu we talk every year doctor Stuart about Al there or over 400000. Kid visits. Here at this hospital each year that's the mind boggling number. The visits one hospital. Yeah cubs. Yeah I mean this Elise a logistics on the neonatal IC the grinding Natal icu here at the Children's Hospital we have about 900 emissions. Oh a year come of that again we have patients ranging anywhere between term births with potential complications although it is from babies born even less than a pound. And so again we see huge mastery of patients with you know potential illnesses. Premature birth I guess as a as a fairly common reason people are here right yes absolutely it's the vast majority of the reason that patients admitted to meaningless news actually due to premature. Accidents do happen those August Cecil about me just anything and everything in and ailments that mail arrives for a small one absolutely basically any infant that users have little trouble it's referred to us. Members affiliate hospitals in the Wednesday. What can you tell us about. Help this hospital in new wrinkle Spartanburg mid sized area this is not a major city major market. How does this hospital compare to what most communities have around the country via an idea about them. So I mean I'll tell you that you are green goals knicks use one of the biggest in the stated not be Vegas you know and so we have a you know huge patient population teaching attachment area but you know from a tennis of specially support you know we have about mastery of physicians that take care of you know. Different sources say unit together specialty and things like that's what's wonderful group. But physicians and nurses as rules and sweaters staff to tinker says patients across a whole Children's Hospital. Many doctors dia just in the neonatal icu there's nine in our group and the motive fifteen or purchasers of securities ends. Nurse practitioners OK and then we hear about child life specialists and what do they do for us yes it tablet specialists that come in basically I hope the patients usually little ones that you note are kind of view of the stress disorders have been in the hospital. You know others doctor fees you know bring in pets and things like that. And the news mastery kind of other chancellors afternoon. Ever stories they're does that take care of patients says will list. Period physical therapists occupational there it is in his speech there this Eunice we have a vast array of pacing her insistence. You know taking care of these patients in the hospital you're still pretty young guy but how much change have you seen in this kind of care giving since you've been a doctor. I would say that the menial field's been incredibly. Exciting because literally in the past unified seniors were continuing to get you know. More precise equipment to continue to improve our outcomes. They're still not perfect and we're always working to do better but you know we're in public and you know continue to advance in art technology in success stories now. It seems to be seems to be working for sure and doctor Stuart we appreciate it we appreciate what you guys are doing enough. And you join us and not telling people that if they call this number 18777195437. With a twenty dollar a month pledge. For a year or any pledge of any amount for that matter. You guys are gonna make sure it's put to good use absolutely think you. Know. Doctor Michael Stewart to medical director of the neo Natal intensive care unit here it does ths Children's Hospital thank you doctor Stuart we appreciate that. So we are now while still looking for our goal of ten. Miracle makers for this this hour of the 2 o'clock hour and we have six. So Josh quick math. We wore thin. The success. Ethnically six yeah I or you're probably only have seventy minutes left in the ourself we need for a view to get all Leo foam. And call in your pledge. Of twenty dollars a month this does not automatically renew next year Q1 revenue that's up to you this is a one year twenty dollar a month pledged to children's hospitals at 200 board forty dollars total. Lot of people say hey you know what I don't wanna see it every month alone going get to forty right now you can do that just element call. And they will make it easy for you this phone call takes about three minutes or so to get done just give your information. And you'll see it show up on your debit or credit card at twenty dollars a month so if you can do that if the apology when he dollars a month to be a miracle maker were looking for ten in honor of our tenth annual radio thought we'd been doing this for ten years or income group stations who would pretend miracle makers this hour. By 3 o'clock about fifteen minutes left to do that we need for more here's the number. 18777195437. Operators are standing by always want to say. 18777195437. They will take care of view and now we will thank you while we still scroll of the contributions coming across our screen we're trying to shout out to those people. As those coming and people like Darlene from Seneca Don for hungrier. I'm Megan. That's the one from Pasadena. So does get some friends in California because I'm not aware of Pasadena South Carolina. But David from Greenville just calling yen a pledge Chris from Norcross believe that's a Norcross Georgia calling you know pledge. Oh my goodness a 2000 dollar pledge from groups. Thank you for the actress that's awesome Jesse from west union calling in a 150 dollar pledge all in the past few minutes at 1877719. 5437. So. Get that done. You'll take care to quickly is tax deductible and it is certainly something that will help this community. By helping our Children's Hospital we'll take a break come back with more live at radio on when he seventeen GA just Children's Hospital Greg McKinney Josh Phillips out here. On ESPN upstate and the hope. Look back the huddle on ESPN up State's Greg McKinney and coach Josh Phillips here and GHS Children's Hospital radio Thon. 2017. Still looking for four more miracle makers for this hour at 2 o'clock hour for more than nine minutes so. Usually it'll rush toward the end there Josh Morgan and he wanted that article hand miracle makers. For a tenth anniversary. By Entercom radio. Sponsoring radio on so we need we need for more of those walks colander twenty dollar a month pledged. At 18777195437. Twenty dollars a month or 240 dollars is a one time gift and you can be a miracle micro on two people do that. And we certainly appreciate every one view as a called in during the first two hours that we've been here on the back here tomorrow as well. And it's just two days just two days a year to get this done. And we need your help 18777195437. Today. The coaches poll in college football coaches. USA today puts this down so. We talk about this yesterday would there be any surprise at the top in the answer is knock the it's Alabama. It's Alabama at the top of the poll that's not surprise there and I don't think there's anything wrong with that economic asteroid column to jump. Yeah I do too with what. They've got coming back penalties had losses. Mainly along the defensive front seven with a Jonathan Allen and Ruben Foster and those are big losses there's no question. But Alabama just that they reload mean what. Nick has done in the last eight years of in his first year yet to get everything straight and then after that he relies Alabama is literally. Three or four plays away for more than seven straight national championships. They count crazy that is so. As long as Saban is there than that Alabama's going to be one or two. Really every. I wondered if Islam it would be Ohio State or Florida State at number two. That that was a point of some debate going into this we still makes it different though media poll. But it is. It is Ohio State that was. Number two in this poll in the Florida State number three OK without. Yeah I don't have much problem with that one of the teams that jumps out to me is. I know people have been Ohio southern cal. But to start them off at number four love the national champions. At Clemson. That that's that's a little bit of surprise would have thought. You know they might be around nine or ten. But apparently. Amway products is high and selling owns southern cal. Am you know about it. Well that they've got to get our Washington and I know they had a heck of a game. In a shoot out with Penn State. But the packed world. Is there's going to be some land mines for southern Kim yes that'll Sam Arnold. Is an exceptional player health and seemed done a good job. You know stabilizing. The leadership from blanket amnesties or he's human all the drama. That that entails. He seems to have gotten things. Stabilized. From that standpoint but Washington's gonna go. The other two and three team last year. You know so that they're gonna have to go out Washington State's can be better wash it's going to be good number Ohio mute talk. So well. Legacy and out of thought they have been around eight or 94. Two pretty high. Sam Arnold pretty quarterback is OC candidate probably favorite going into the season. I wondered if glimpse of what make the top five and they did at number five at least in the coaches poll the defending national champions with their 141 record. Over five in the coaches poll I you know I suppose that's fair for Clinton interestingly though Josh. You know there are four teams ahead of Clinton and clips of the three albums. At best at it. Beat Alabama Ohio State boards sailors at all that. And they're all ahead and that's that that goes to where the national merit narrative. Is for clips and they and that they have got to approve. And it doubles Sweeney and his staff they've proven they can win the national championship now they have to prove that they're not tied to that national championship. With the Shawn Watson and the only way they're gonna do that is just like with the Alabama Alabama made. 45 straight national championships with 45 different quarterbacks. Three different offensive coordinators. But yet they were right there player for the big prize every year. Clemson has to prove. That in order for them to get that respect they've got to make a run like that. You've got four Big Ten teams in the top ten where argument at Ohio State at two n.'s state checks in at six. Michigan at nine Wisconsin at ten. So while I. Look alike Harbaugh and all that bottled up he has enough to be number nine in the country pre season we'll see in Wisconsin I do believe deserves that top camera. You know Wisconsin. Alike they're probably gonna play. But to me that side of the picture is gonna come down to that game with northwestern. That Wisconsin has the home. And I think they'll probably gonna win that game in play Ohio State for the Big Ten championship. Unlike you I'm up by mr. admit Michigan. With the losses that they had their really that they're technically replacing. Six starters on defense as well as several players along their offer so. I'll Harbaugh is a good coach not to give anything away from that but. I agree with you place in Michigan and nine that's that's more of a futures bet. That is what is in actuality so. I think they're gonna come back to earth a little bit victims can be tough but a lot of love for the Big Ten that even though they took it on the chin pretty good in the bowl season up. Instate at six we mentioned Washington checks in at seven Oklahoma at eight Oklahoma seems to be highly ranked every year than they. Disappoint exactly. Michigan nine Wisconsin tent here's a look at the nom second in Oklahoma State Mason Rudolph the quarterback out of bump northwestern high school in Rockville. They are eleven. LSU at twelve again. May be paying fourteen last year questions a quarterback. New coach in notre Ron you by LSU at twelfth this year. Potentially yes because of the move that coach Joseph made with bringing in Mac care yeah you couple him up with Dave and other defensive coordinator. And I think coach or Iran has got one of the top flight staffs. In all of college football. And I think. That thing looks like clubs and they're gonna have to solidify their quarterback's going to be yes and what type of office do they wanna beat they wanna be the ground and pound. That they are noted for they wanna spread it around. Because one of the things that is always shocked me about that issue is they have had a league wide receivers. But they never give them a football in there is guys. I probably it'll leave the SEC in rushing this year so they're going to be a very balanced team like the fact that Matt Canada. Is down in the by you I'm like militia that got picked them secular in the west behind Alabama. All of our a lot of people excite us away instantly our thirteenth just skip and hit Georgia at fifteen will see about Kirby Smart second your Florida but the SEC. At sixteen low level back to the ACC. At seventeen. With the defending Heisman Trophy winner Mark Jackson returning quarterback Miami coach Mark Richt hurricanes at eight team. And Virginia Tech out of the ACC at 22. Tennessee out of the SEC. Ottawa that it. Tennessee 24 will see they better be for Butch Jones. Is better end up 2 o'clock moral risk there I feel terrific. That's right course Butler put pretty good representation from the ACC and SEC. And the coaches top 25 pre season poll out today. All right back on the other side much more to come here from radio fun 2017. At Children's Hospital GMAC. Coach Phillips and Alonso back at the studio in the huddle audience in upstate.