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Thursday, August 16th

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Hello welcome to the huddle for Thursday afternoon on ESP enough stay with Greg McKinney Alonso. Richmond off again today he's back with a us tomorrow tomorrow by the way we're on location wings etc. in a Boiling Springs. Right there on the main drag through all experts are combined cius fear in that area tomorrow. Expect to be joined tomorrow by Rick take the bowling springs high football coach of either on location there or. Via telephone still confirming which with him but to so we talk and symbolic ritual bath and I don't play tomorrow night they don't have a week to zero game. So while. Therefore to be able to spend a few minutes Willis we look forward to that Virginia to date on all things. Mauling springs football tomorrow. And then tomorrow night we will get you to all things burns in Greer football as we bring you that game. Here on ESPN upstate from Nixon field whatever today and talk to radiation all bulletin here that interview coming up the head coach of the rebels. Once I do that once I've done a pregame interview. Consider the season. Under what I was gonna ask you if it's real for you now Israel now do you get a B over there and we took come Matt Hogan are new sideline reporter over their to talk with the coach too so he enjoyed it seeing the yeah. The stadium over there and get ready for the game tomorrow night please MB a good atmosphere. It's a good matchup to Greer. Is a loaded with talent. And the rebels are young but always. Pretty darn good that gets some good young players a couple key injuries though for burns it won't talk about and our interview with reg. In high school football Hammel gave you the first statewide. Broadcasters high school football top ten. Of the year. This was voted on by broadcasters including your stroke. And so we'll bring you that tell you off this is a new thing. Well none that actually they did that they've done it before you know Chris Miller of Iraq feel he puts it together. The let up like god for the northwestern trojans. Us for some have voted against this new me. So I'm voting and that's that's why I was asked if it was new because this first and remember you are mentioning that you voted the tentacles of this and so while we'll tell you duck and it's all classes by the way it's not. Broken up by five A for a three it's it just ten best high school football teams in the state. And do it every week you know it's kind of sad that it took this long for them to give you vote seems. The only three time and you know. Sports show of the year and leave it a shot you are now on to say and leave it to you I think it is starting mostly with chris' crew over their guy cover like. Every school in York county over the and they've been doing and that kind of expand from there so. Let's say about the top ten schools cording to. Our group of clubs voters which is slipped glad senator looks like we got about fifteen people voting in swing so. It's critical. Are also coming up today will get the latest on the Maryland situation we'll hear from Heather damage of ESPN and Stephen A Smith. On that topic there is a Maryland. Board of regents. Meeting board trustees meeting today closed meeting. Topic on the agenda includes. This how would you feel be heard about this near DJ Durkin. Removal resignation. Employment litigation. Legal counsel or personal matters. Are known today for DJ. Thabeet now sitting and waiting that out I don't but do anything today and seems a little early still but they might. So reluctance in. But we'll get to the latest from Maryland. On that investigation coming up we have three questions at three coming up as well in the huddle. And much much more as always you're welcome to join the conversation here at 8444773776. The health of their sex line 71307. Begin your message with the SP and and we're on Twitter Eddy SP in upstate. Well what's trending is braves fans are ticked off. Man Twitter blew up with a us last night as soon as it happened. On the first pitch of the game last night. Between the Marlins in the Braves in Atlanta suntrust par. Ronald junior junior who has been the hottest player in baseball as of late he had homered in five straight games. Including the last three in Miami on the first pitch of the game last night Jose Purina for the Marlins. Plucked him. And hit the elbow that's the bad part man left elbow. They have done a yes CT scan. Last night it came back normal. That's good news is he looked like he was in some serious bank and serious injury. He is considered. By the braves' day today so I don't know yet if he'll play tonight the Malaysia braves start a series in Atlanta with the Rockies tonight 730 suntrust park. Don't know if he will play when he was hit by uranium. The benches cleared. Braves players were steaming mad. Snicker the manager not happy at all. What are the players didn't like it. Was Freddie Freeman. And I was in the Marlins. That was just as Iranians to come. I don't understand it mr. Assange is because a player. Some phones waiting game screen that incredibly well on his strength and insists the extra sense I was completely classless on Wednesday Arenas part. The other resumed some preached all were classless got thrown around a lot. Last night. Rick sect live broadcast now Porsche. Cubs pitcher in the past broadcast for ESPN. And he was asked about retaliation what are the Braves do. Now you don't hit a Marlins that's not the way I. I went about the game you don't hit an outfielder because they hit your Ralph do what you got the guys that hit your gut and I don't think they're gonna get an opportunity to do that. I doubt if they see in the rest of the year but the Atlanta Braves will never forget that it could be spring training it could be next year but something will happen. I like that they'll wait for uranium that come up to the plate against them. And you thought what they think get up to the plate if I'm him I would not step up to the plate against the Braves again I would find a way out to do that. Out of weekend that but I would doubt that his trust beat distinct and here comes this or any other sport that has the better memory than baseball I mean three years from now this do. Try again hit the F they'll never forget till they get their shot out of I agree with such cliff army you can go after their best player who though it fits the Marlins but. Now you wanna get Jose you wanna get him. Is he did this. He said he didn't mean to there's got to throw inside because the I've been hit number allow. And you know well I'll buy part of that I don't think he meant to him on the elbow on these front plunk him in the back and you know just his attention but yet he did not. Just lob one in there that pitch was 97 point five miles per hour. It is the fastest pitch your arena has ever thrown to opening game according to ESPN stats and information to keep stats on everything. So he ages blitzed him through his hardest pitch ever as its first pitch of the game. Connecticut. May be just got away from. Why never. I hearing was injected that's good Bryant snicker the rays manager was ejector where he'll from him coming up later along with Don Mattingly the manager. The Marlins. Snicker was now playing at the pitcher as he led the exodus from the dugout toward. The mound snicker says it's pretty evident what I thought. To Xiamen. His guy Acuna display in the game doing what he loves to do. Acuna was hit near his left elbow stayed on the ground for a few minutes. As players from both sides came out started yell and each other pushing and shoving finally Acuna got up and walked. Down the first base. And two on the basis but in the top of the second inning Acuna who have been flexing his arm as east took his position in left field. Made a signal over the mansion he came out again. And so they had X rays and those fortunately. Came back negative. Last night. But. Manned the Braves fans get upset about that last night embrace went on the win the game by the way. Five to two. So they do get that last word in that regard but the Phillies up also won yesterday. So no change in the out. Standings at the top there two game lead for the Braves. Look. I don't know what the pitcher was trying to do exactly I think you're trying to hit him. And that's not good especially about the first inning first pitch of the game and do that. It's pretty evident he's trying trying to hit him legacy is trying to break his elbow but he could have. He gonna cost of the rest of the season of the Braves are in first place no blame him for being man. Now we just have to watch and see. About any kind of about retaliation. So there's no chance that on the schools and ordered it. You know yeah there's chance many things. And they offered people have seen people get on Twitter and say hey. Acuna was ham and it up when he was in those home runs you know you're strut around like he was Joseph the Maggio whatever since people say all kinds night. I'm under solve that. You know there may have been a bat flip or you know. Certainly excitement Monica NeuStar I don't care about that kind does business about pay you can't put the bat when you hit a home run. And a walk off home run to game the other nine people were criticizing the guy for flip on the map. Excited what did you do that. One of those dumb. Unwritten baseball rules. If you ask me so. I don't know I just don't like. The way that play LS I think under the circumstances when it happened how it happened. Pretty clear that. It was intentional. And saw the Braves will not forget. Good news is does appear to be a bad injury and hopefully Haley backed by an elected cool off that. Torrid streak that Acuna was on months or we can do that and it's unfortunate. So what more Mac coming up we'll hear from both managers Mattingly and snicker. A bit later on here in the huddle on the SP in upstate. Update on Aaron judge speak at a major players Darren judge has an injured wrist it is healing slower than doctors originally thought. He said today he hates that he's away from the lineup he says I'm not frustrated with the pace of the healing I'm just frustrated would being out. He's been out for three weeks now. After a chip fracture in his. Right wrist when he was plunked by a pitch on 94 mile an hour fastball three and a half miles per hour slower than what it communion last night. That happened on July 26. Hours after he sustained that injury the Yankees announced. It would be approximately a three week recovery period. General manager Brian Cashman told WFAN. That the timeline might have been a bit too optimistic for Aaron judge. So we missed on the timeframe he said can be longer than that he did get a cortisone shot early this week on Monday. Judge said that's something they set a might have to do did more Russian to the shot. Which see how it's healing up about it but he did get that. The shot was injected. He said as he's trying to get over the hump in this stage of the recovery he's got back to baseball activity slowly. Before Wednesday's game yesterday's game against Tampa Bay he came out random basis. And red fly balls and ground balls out in right field. With his right hand he was throwing the balls he fielded back toward a bucket near him in the outfield so it was a making any real throws he has not. So long with a bat in his hands so he's out. Still got to do that so I don't know what he's getting back on the field trying to be patient but the broken bone is still fractured he said I have to give it. Time to. Keel so that's the update on judge. Really slow recovery there in the Yankees of course have been falling further and further behind the Red Sox in the American League east. ID 444773776. Is get a couple calls on for the first right. First up it is Gelman I don't welcoming. Until I don't know. Yeah dignity to Hernandez Communist Lamotte demolish the vehicle the all want to do not uncharted that it just Argus Keaton had displayed on the ground are not beating won't eat it. It is bit loose on an associated cookie. In any creepy ordeal and he had to keep it. He hit him because they hit home runs that's why Hernandez isn't it like it was just a trial. You don't need it to be editorial in investors college it initially as promised him a minute you know he says it. Pretty dominant regular he had he. Obviously so I seriously doubt it booted jostle our guest speaker Newt all of sockets he Archie made yet or outlook that okay he can't do and that he petition did. Agree with you don't. Goal I get no brace fans likes what happened last night at death fortunately looks likes and turn out okay as far as the injury nothing severe but there are a little scared. Project called DeVon we had daredevil up next in the huddle I daredevil welcoming. Are you there we got China. He's gotten a ride that it will. Mystery around it by a commitment that really bad about them an advocate of that and I. Agriculture about a guy at the returning quarterback and they usually get right back and they eat you up to gauge at all on the game and I listen. I don't know we appreciate it. I just match up you know this burns during games was talking about which will have for you tomorrow night on ESPN upstate. The thing that you know might be a little misleading is how Byrnes went over their last year to Greer and beat him 42 to seven now that's surprise me then. It would surprise me if that happened. Tomorrow night as well because. I think I agree yours is loaded with talent in a talk about a four A vs a five A school so there's a difference in depth than that kind of thing in burns is probably going to be favored but doc. A couple of key things about. This game first of Auburn's quarterback Lauren Scott has an Ab strain. Talking to coach all today and they expected to play. But they do not expect him to laugh start BJP equal start for the rebels are quarterbacks up. But see when sky gets in and how he looks in and may be bigger is a loss of linebacker enough general Miller. He is out for several weeks. Because of injury and a tremendous assembly for a Jalen that's probably top defense of player out there who's out for a while for burned so they do have a couple of key interest. Ton of bomb seniors on last year's Bernstein that are gone. Up blushing have brought Carol quarterback who decided not come back so you got thirty plus guys from last year's roster not playing this year that's a lot. So a bunch of JV guys from last year have to step up and hit the ground running this year for the rebels but down. They're pretty confident. Over a burns that they know. They've got what it takes so long and got the hot starling who went Lonrho last year were blowing people out some. Good match up I think I think this is going to be a good game got a quarterback get down. Greer that through his at 35. Touchdowns with no interceptions had you ever heard of that. I'll never heard of that. Never heard of that but that's the case so they have certainly talent talent at running back end up. How well coached by will young over there and so he's ago when listen in tomorrow night here on ESP in upstate you want your coach show. Ready Shaw's interview will play out for about 220 this afternoon to preview that game coming up. Let's see stand on the line scan them in real quick hello stand welcome to the huddle. They don't and I don't during that puts up to the well intellectual and blow it to hook which isn't particularly based on striking batters all. Being in a note of course I liked it but I'm working at it like. But. Being that it's. I guess part of a culture of baseball. Well wouldn't that protect your opinion get it where. It would stop arming it ever stop vote would it take just that tragedy. Appreciate the call understand looked. Not gonna be stopped by. An injection although you know there. They're starting pitcher came on threw one pitch and he's out of the game sure they don't like that but dot depend only would have to get more severe and then you know you've got to judge what. The guy sighing the guy you know he does have the right to throw inside. And is to question do you believe him when he says he wasn't really trying to hit the guy I don't in this case. I think they were upset with the current news short amount several games in a row and they came out. In him maybe just a pitcher on his own his own you know maybe not. The manager may be not Mattingly Mattingly and says he talked to. His pitcher and told and that's not the way we do things so. You know at least he say in the right things we are from Mattingly coming up from only in there was some suspensions I guess if you think it's blatant enough. Suspending guys. Not just booed amount of one game and modeling games not gonna do anything sent a column. And gotten him maybe maybe you need to think about that. I'm not into this whole culture of pay if you show us sub by. Lightness up and home runs and we have the right to our. Send a baseball 97 and a half miles an hour if he has made it you kill them. He didn't do that he had a low enough. But does look pretty bad they're firmament so anyway I don't know if there is an answer this has been part of baseball forever. And probably will be but dumb now last night. It was it was pretty blatant and pretty obvious. Being the first pitch of the game in the way it happened a 444773776. Given different thought maybe they may have just baseball. Just part of the game you give us a call here. Talk about last night braves Marlins controversy if you will. Certainly we'll take your calls on that text line health there text line 71307. Put ESPN at the beginning your text message. And we'll get a faster that way and Twitter ready is he in upstate we have much more to come just underway here Thursday hoddle on ESPN upstate. Let's not overstate any we lost a legend today in the music business. Aretha Franklin. Passing away today at the age of 76. Advanced pancreatic cancer according to her publicist she died in Detroit. That was her signature song written by Otis Redmond. Respect. But she had a tub and seventeen. Top ten pop singles twenty number one. R&B hits she had a eighteen Grammy Awards lifetime achievement award way back in 19941. Woman inducted into the rock and roll hall thing. In 1987. Saying at the inauguration of President Obama in 2009. Hard to overstate. The influence of Aretha Franklin. Started here about her. Passing away again welcome as a reaction to that certainly from. Artist to solve tweet from John Legend and a just. A whole bunch people about that so well. Another sign of a legend I mean we have. Seven stations in this building and every stations talking about it in the talks stations down here in no doubt you remember the first reason Franklin. So he plays on the really lay it on the RA in I mean that would probably have been and respect I mean Allen. Goes way back but there were a ton of them on natural woman and a chain a full season now. Do right woman think I think was a big one whole kinds of hits. One back into the late sixties. And kind of brought that gospel flavor into. Popular music which was very cool anyway. Condolences to the Stanley they're. We heard in a for a couple days that she was not doing well yes. Passed away Aretha Franklin truly a legendary. Singer and performer will be. Missed 8444773776. That's our number here. In the huddle held their text line is 71307. And Twitter at ESPN upstate. Us pretty cool lug golf story else look and out but Tiger Woods now. Couple weeks ago they were had in the final round of the WGC Bridgestone invitational in Akron. And there was a heckling spectator. That was following tiger around. And I got the attention of Tiger Woods' caddie Joseph look Cobb off. And magellan's travel was on goalie coming up this morning and he said. He was trying to get the heckler to shut up with a heckler said wealthy give me the 25 dollars up page for a ticket I'll leave. And so he got his wallet out. And peeled out 25 dollars and gave the got the money. And the dude didn't leave any to attack ad takes some guts right there. So look out of went to security had engaged. I don't the last word I think the real question here is because we've done our about I don't think so I mean how would eat right. How could you forced to got your money back when I was born in the security guards going to be bound and they're you know you can always do they have. They got him out and got him kicked out. McConnell has been not caddie for tiger since 2011. And other it's pretty cool to your talking about how he'd you know he's comfortable enough with. Tiger now that he will give him some grief on the golf course. And a tiger that turnabout was not hitting fairways he was. Oh for seven on Sunday not that tournament this past weekend PGA championship. In Saint Louis he was over seven. On the front nine hitting fairways and the final round five for fourteen. Overall on hitting fairways off the tee box. And he said. Walking down the fairway after tiger head hit another Aaron shot off to decide who's pulling into the right badly. In that tournament he said he would he would joke around other caddies out there but loud enough for tiger here he says how fairways guys having good shape today. Like we haven't seen a fairway all day long. So obviously have pretty good relationship that they have. And he's able to do that and get away with a with a Tiger Woods. Brandt Snedeker made a bogey on his first hole of the day. In Greensboro the made a birdie at the last and it became. Today just at the tenth golfer. In PGA tour history. To break sixty he had a 59. At the Wyndham championship. Today. That's hard to do. And specially hard do when you start with a bogey. He began a first round he was playing on the chance to start the effort from the start and him on the campaign had a bogey five on the par four. That was the only blemish on his scorecard it says field country club he had ten birdies and an eagle. The rest of the like he made a twenty foot Birdie Putt on number nine his final. Hole of the day to join that exclusive club to break sixty. The ninth different player to shoot 59 or better on the PGA tour Jim jury did it twice. Including a record 58 back and when he sixteen. This couple years ago. Bodies the first ever do it starting his round with a bogey Snedeker is the fourth. PGA tour player to break sixty in the last three years. There were only four to do it in the previous 24 years and I tell you something about the state of golf today at. An argument for the level applied. He birdied four holes in a row on the front nine for a 32 of anyone on a role he played the front nine in twenty. Seven including an eagle two on the par 46 hole. When he holed out from 176. Yards. This is the third at secular Revere that the PGA tour has had a sub sixty round Snedeker the first shoot 59 since Adam had one in the third round. Of the 2017. Career builder challenge knowing Greensboro today Brent Snedeker. With a 59. Very impressive. Will get a break come back was more a 444773776. In the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back the high colonial. Fiat of state just watching the a Little League World Series. On ESP into South Korea. Puerto Rico on the did you see album. Or controversy. As the last weekend as this was in the north. With the a player you know they'll ask the players in the Little League World Series questions that they put up on the screen. And they asked what problem. It was favorite actor wants. And he said. Johnny sin. And they put that on the screen. You may not be familiar with the actor Johnny ace and he supports. OK so it's good I had no idea on the left who in the world does that INW there I don't know either but it did their bit. So they need they need more. A variety of people kinda over. Seeing. Some of these answers from these Q I'm glad I did hurrying trying to look that up at a gay pride DoubleClick it up. Not a war computer. Anyway and so is up there so everybody screamed a lot of people screen shot that in. It made the rounds last week it. Maybe don't do away with the process of asking these kids to my question may be some ones that second how he knew that if the yeah I'm sure I'm sure he's gotten less than positive reaction to that. I do we have the aboard atrocities in Maryland meeting today we'll keep an eye on it out and only know wrap up seats they do anything today but they have this whole mess with DJ Durkin and the investigation into the death of football player on the agenda including possible. Dismissals on the agenda doesn't mean they'll do it today but the could. So we'll watch that we are also do pretty soon here. Four. And Urban Meyer decision right. As re closer to the weekend couple days away from the fourteen day mark of what they sent us will do this in fourteen hasn't been fourteen and it will have been on Saturday abolish. So there's nothing this says they have to do it by Saturday there's nothing to say they can't saying mean if you morning and go in the next week. But they could do it. Anytime now. Problem. Friday night around fri 0730. Years so death. They'll drop the news that the retaining. Her mourners can yell and a four game suspension. That's what I've been predicting. A four game suspension for Urban Meyer. I know they play Rutgers which is technically a conference game early but not real. So they'll bring him back in time for the big conference. Oddsmakers. Say. The odds that Meyer keeps his job. According to bet SDI. If you can't trust bad as the guy who can you trust the odds are minus 15100 there remark keeps his job what does that mean. You have to bet 15100 dollars. To win 100. You've got 15180 keeps his job. You'll get 16100 so they're saying they believe he's keeping his job that's correct. Oddsmakers generally believe Meyer will be suspended the over under on games that he'll miss. Forehand. So I guess how the I kinda get how they come up with stats and and stuff to come up with. Odds on games but how do you do that for some willingness. Well. Usually. Means scouts same as the gamer like. You've just. Are you say what you think is gonna happen okay so it's it's it's an educated guess like I suppose yeah I mean look coming Vegas has sources and all lab but I think they're looking at it there what's in the news just like the rest of us they see that the A didn't. Booed him immediately which would have been. Now I if they were gonna do it. The longer it goes the more chance it's good. Would you agree that I think that. I never thought he was going to be gone from first place but yeah I definitely agree goers takes the better chance yeah. And so it's Strachan on it makes it seem like makes it feel like they're just. Figuring out exactly what to do with the other short of firing him. And I think that's. Probably what's going to happen even though the very beginning almost. Everybody was saying that in that he could survive this but it it looks like it looks like he might they'll fire somebody maybe the AD. They'll bill me somebody to take the fall for this but. You know urban again the only thing they really have him on his what he said at the SEC media device which was not. Accurate won't win urban keeps his job whoa guys like Paul formed bond like passed out from anger. Not far mama BI. Killed. Criticize it for sure no question but does this does this mess up Ohio State season that they have a loaded team is one of his better teams come and do you think down with it when the national championship on this year where he's. Starting out was his job. A question. Can happen it deftly can happen. That what if he does get fired wouldn't affect the season I absolutely blow up. I don't think so wryly because he's got his players in place it all the other coaches are still going to be there right. Well maybe. We don't know that for sure motivation reward for coach on the maybe there's that little bit extra they need to. To get it done. A reason he's Urban Meyer. Would Alabama keep winning and I'm excited. They keep winning but they'll win at that rate C but I think for it if if Saban got fired this year I think they would win. Because everything is in place he's been their justly urban Meyer's been their for the majority of you know the summer last year all I can so by no he's been off. Her new fourteen days. But he's he's been there this long to set everything up everything runs the way you would have run all that kind of stuff not just the setup as the execution. They would miss him the CI dole I should know this has there been called a place. Probably since Herman's left I don't know for sure. Yet seat that would effectively if he doesn't call the play doesn't matter they run into these. Well is urban C I would say if that same thing for Clinton if something happened to download I would do it if he was gone for some reason I think Clemson will win this year because everything has put in place. I know that football like a lot of sports is emotional but I don't know that it would be. A detriment more so than I think it would help. But what I'm saying is I think you'll be more motivation if you if you're. If you felt your coach was wrongly fired I don't think you get depressed ago world's medical play I think it's ticked off and you play a little bit harder. I'll bet you that if fuhrman's fire not only you will be that down the odds makers will not react positively to that week to week. That their idea of public favorites and most of their games but they'll be a dig Grayson the odds of on Thursday winning without her remark. But you know we ended agreed to disagree on the I can't take the Benson's on these gunfire not only that finally and swinging and nothing he stay in. Anymore. And of course the some of the Ohio State fans to sit around blaming you espionage pearl. It's always popular you can't go wrong blaming the Caspian. Blame the media via the comedian David they had down signs that protests. Saying ESPN SEC frauds. All of this. Is about. The FCC summit what that does seem to be a biased towards the SEC but it could and so I mean Barrios PM bring back coach Meyer that's. To. Do with the SEC has nothing to do this. And actually the reporter and no longer works for eons no I don't think it's but he still wants them. All about the get everybody out the place of the SEC couldn't. When the chip to 8444773776. Here. And the hot Lotto another load anything today on Ohio State we could get something today on Maryland. So while it's enough to dial that back and moan and huddle on ESP in upstate. A 444773776. Health they're two excellent 71307. Off the checks line text or says do you agree with the ESPN that the lakers will not make the playoffs this upcoming season. I know we do and we talked about the to earlier in the week about the projected number of wins for. The lakers him. We both have a man right government yeah definitely I mean it may be they may be down there are seven or eight India. Yeah I think that separates and the west to and just slipping him but who do they have had them. Who who else would get in ahead of them just faster said that ESPN has and how I don't know somewhere where there saying you know who the project to be and yeah until I'm trying to think I mean we know who the top couple teams in the last orbit after that come. I mean you're gonna get. Houston Golden State prelate Portland Oklahoma city Utah. After that. I don't know. Spurs you expect dispersed meaning and monopolize. They made the playoffs last year or. Hanley did come pelicans. The feared pelicans. It's hard to say that with the strengthens then that's a possibility Minnesota's pretty in Minnesota some plan. And they just let us until last year. And you get amber he gets clippers but I think. I think the lakers. Lakers just one thing McNamara eleventh this past year with nobody. With LeBron only move up three spots. In getting so I do think again and Kobe Bryant everything he touches turns to gold. Apparently. Coca-Cola announced that it had purchased a minority stake and now body armor the sports drink. Well Bryant made his first investment in that brand for 10% of the company in march of 2014. He put in about six million dollars. Now since Coca-Cola. Is getting him. The valuation. Is increased to the point that CoBiz six million dollar investment. Is now worth 200 million. He needs more money 200 million. Wow from six million to 200 million since 2014. I say that the Soviets and good advice there. I mean maybe he's a Smart I don't know. And honestly at some good advice. He's now the fourth largest investor in the brand. This is supposed to be by the way a healthier competitor to Gatorade. When Bryant invested in body armor of the brand had just come off a year with ten million dollars in sales. 2008 team projected sales 400 million. So it is up twenty year MBA career he made 328. Million. He's making. Noam about 200 million right now on this one they. Tamara command have you tried any moment now being math. Now don't. Will this make you wanna go trust me I've seen are commercials Ryan they're basically. This is the one that's basically saying you had a good run Gatorade we'll see you later. Tumbling and I haven't seen them announcing something about it. Says some good Dutch TV commercial. As part of their endorsement deals many athletes had equity stakes in body armor. ESPN's told by sources as many as a dozen superstar athletes could have stakes in body armor worth more than one million dollars including the likes of James Harden. Dustin Johnson. And Andrew Luck. Coca Cola's acquisition is the biggest story in the business of sports drink since December of 2000 that was when. PepsiCo acquired Quaker oats and that including Gatorade part of that deal. The deal puts body armor in Coke's powerful distribution network on their delivery trucks throughout most of the United States are yet that does increase the value when you can. Get and the Coca-Cola system and take advantage of off that scale that they have.