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Wednesday, August 15th

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Its final hour of the hot hole for Wednesday afternoon on the fifteenth of law. August on ESPN. Upstages to couple of days away from high school football with we zero games coming up on Friday night including our broadcaster burns in Greer from Nixon field. Here on ESPN upstate and now just ten days away from our first college football broadcast a week from Saturday night. So while we got Hawaii Colorado State that night for you in and of course a big Labor Day weekend. Of our college football and we will be in at full fledged let stuff man feels like gum. Bruce feels like it's here now right. I feel like it's here I think Pete time in between when shorter this year the police are gonna win a lot faster than him I would disagree with a we have some stuff to talk about with World Cup and you know. Plenty of off field stuff to talk about the golf was good this year. So while we got through the drought. Football is arriving and that's the good news Greg McKinney Alonso here in the huddle is Richmond has the day off again on his extended vacation scheduled. Those have been here in earnest at. You mean in housing balancing been here period that's the question that it but now honey earned Heidi you're in those days off. Well. Anyway here we are back on Friday. But restrict clock let's get the three questions now in the huddle. London questionable. It what are the chances DJ Durkin keeps his job that Maryland. Why do these percentage questions. To ask you as a percentage corruption here now must do percentage. Ilie yesterday was a good day for DJ Durkin. I think what we soften wanna slow and the athletic director. Am Maryland. Signals. What's coming. They just have to line up their. Ducks and be ready to make the move this is not going to end with the resignation a report. The assistant athletic director for sports. Performance. They're Maryland. So oddly DJ Durkin doesn't come back I agree with what fun fun mom just said. But there's always chance you know I mean they don't. They don't have to tie him directly to the death of the young man. Born and get fired and I don't know that they're going to be able to do that. I don't know that that was on him. But what's going on a Marilyn. They're turning over rocks. And it's not gonna play well for DJ Durkin how will give him at this point a 10% chance to keep mr. 90% chance he's gone. It's pretty cool person that's left yes always. You know as you said turn over rocks was a new look for everything they can to try to fire him. And you can also look at Pete you know what if they don't find anything. As far as the as the allegations of how the program run and it comes back to how much did he know. Not about. What was going along with the strength and conditioning training the trainer and the trainers it it in general. How much was he aware of how they did things. And any kid died there really comes comes down that. But if they don't find anything cause I think they got to think of the allegations of bullion they're gonna have to define bullying. And when they do depend on how they define it this ripple throughout football. Why don't have to define it. Because they you have to define what bullying is to prove that bullying was done why can't they just say we don't like the way you're on the program. And that's our option that you could do it you know if they're gonna do that why not just go and do. Well because they got to go through the motions of an investigation because of money. Com are they trying to get out of paying him room and more PR athlete you can't just from under the bus beginning in without looking into us not fair. They got given a look good look if there's an outcry right now that if people want him gone so I'd I mean deep down that pressure or are you thorough with your investigation. I'm going to go higher. I'm gonna say there's a 50% chance will be about. Better chance than not that he stays as close to 5050 but still grow 58%. Because I think. When they start here you really think about how they're gonna have to define bullying and that you know. This could change football period and it's on them as a lot of pressure. You know here's the problem he has on the it's ten and fifteen America. Pastures for an end there is that two and there's also another problem it's Maryland who wants to go coach of Maryland so I mean you know. Well we get rid of them who your replace more volume. But that. You just do you a fresh start there's a push when you have something like this happen let's just start over. We got a problem here let's just start over why don't you do that because you got a winning he got Urban Meyer you don't wanna do that while they don't ever remark. Listen I I agree with you there but they still are going to have to show when Linda what he did that was bullying. I don't I once once they do that then every program's going to be under scrutiny and they're gonna have to say war coach is doing this loses this over the top. And Emery during a seminar you get all these things and people are gonna start. Players also a news like our coaches do in this and they're gonna interview whistle blowers there's just opt. I know I'm going conspiracies. All the way but I mean the possibility is out there that this could change football. You've got to define what bullying is in order to say people were bullet I think individual schools can have individual policies on this they have the button down before they fire and they'll find a way to do that I don't think that'll be hard based on what I've heard about. What's going on in Maryland. But if you listen to Wallace low yesterday what's the temperament of the administration. They haven't asked everybody let's. At the same time we we both thought he was fired him yesterday. I mean to Eminem was gentlemen token no way you're mark yeah but the way you lead me into it that all the emotion of thing which there should be emotion involved because kids losses life but the wind direction he was going and then he. Went towards the trainers and not towards that coat. I'm 58%. Now he's in he's. AJ and east thing about what's next. Question number chip. If the Panthers decide to keep five wide receivers instead of six it could come down to do mere bird or Jerious right. Which way would they go well. I've got to go with the insider who we talked to just a couple weeks ago Mick mix and who said that they really liked the mere bird because of his return skills. And what I saw in the one pre season game that that I saw and the training camp practice that I saw demeanor bird really stood out because of the speed. And I think this is going to be a very fast team. I think right is good but I think it comes down to and I think demeanor bird gets the edge because of the returns. Yeah I agree with you but nothing is close first of all I hope they take six receivers and lanky and both. So in other question about that 851 ounce or sick and doesn't count my hands and the ninety Boe problem but it'll be close beaches Jerious Wright knows Norv Turner system that's why they brought him in and he's had a good camp. He's looking good so far com. So you know he has a chance but I think because primarily a special teams. And the way he finished last year. Lighten it up I think. It's the mere Byrd are hoping doesn't hope he's healthy. LB stays healthy as he needs that he said injury issues around this real close again I hope this doesn't come down to this topic keep six guys in the birthday. And I'll I'll side with the burden. Not just because he's the South Carolina don't say we have no bias towards the fact that bird clever soccer now in a last. Look he's he's fast he can return kicks and he's an he's an electric player. And but Jerry is right as being good too so it's going to be tough this can be a close call and they can go the other wide good news is if you know they put him down the practice squad some might get hurt numbering for troops that. That's kind of what happens. In the NFL but give the nod to amber our questions are. All right ESPN forecast panel says the team with the best chance to land Kiley Irving for 20192020. Season is in New York Knicks. Do you agree. Man I have no idea. This guy thinks the our earth is flat who knows what he's gonna do is get a play for. He certainly has no loyalty. To stay anywhere. And the reports abandoned. He likes the knicks again we're not talk about this coming season with a month 20192020. Season. So I'll say yeah that. He makes another move just does seem. Is a guy that likes to move around and get attention and you know as he demand. Now. Can he be the man I'm usher candy to be a man for the knicks and earlier perusing this but he can be the men now say he makes the move. Next year and place for the next what do you know. I think couple things factor into it I think if the Celtics win the east which they should do a bronze out there Al the way. And and I know you like 76ers mud I think the Celtics win with him they were come back. Building know what they had last year as well as those guys combat dull hurt chemistry and Carrie did play like half season and so they did play with them. I think if the Celtics were to win the east he stays with the Celtics. If not I don't think he goes to New York even though we may actually he wants to go there because. We're seeing his shadow and soon all it you have to play in the shadow of we're seeing is in the cannot handle plane in the shadow. Of great players so we got to go somewhere where there were no great players at all in enforcing this is not. Like LeBron horse is out there in the media all the time a great 134 singles seem as though is he's beloved. And in New York they loved that guy. I got them. I police say. I or else so our steak I either want. But not to the next in here's what I think I think the Celtics gonna win the east and I think he stays with the Celtics. You like the Celtics over the 76ers yeah arm but I also think he'll be injured past seasons he's a problem. I Bayreuth Kyle crews must says that many people are underestimating. What these lakers are capable love of this season we talked about the number games they were when yesterday at this time on three questions. I would say slowdown but ms. LeBron with you. Guzman says he's worked out with LeBron they're looking forward to seeing what they can do with free agent signings such as Rondo Lance Stephenson JaVale McGee Michael Beasley. He says were both definitely excited about the roster in the piece is that we have and we think a lot of people are underestimating. Us. A lot of people say we have a lot of different new people. But change can be good. Not necessarily a bad thing there's a lot of teams in the NBA that need to work on their chemistry we're just one of them he also disagrees with the notion that LeBron. Might have to be patient and wait another year to add another star to see the lakers content. While their up and coming players like Brandon Ingraham wants the ball Josh heart and Kyle Guzman growth we sunk. United vague about tell right now I'm sure the people thought about when you look at all the pieces that. The lakers added a lot of older players one thing that. That they aren't. They aren't in all LeBron. They want to stand around and watched LeBron play and I think that will help the younger guys who will be an all of LeBron to soothe. Remember that they have a game to play this what's happening Cleveland some worded that when they brought in the new guys. They would stay around to watch him and and they were just like. On the court liberal and I think having these older guys Rondo I don't let him do that I mean Stevenson we know he'll care. So I I mean he got those guys I think that will level now a little bit and get the younger guys in gear a lot quicker. Rondo and statements are also in that case. To an extent one in cities should be the role models are coming in Odierno they're gonna do are coming. Us is head of day if they get guys they have their heads on straight and great but we are talking about blondes a ball and Rajon Rondo and Lance Stephenson. Well as far as. And unlike few on the ball and I want to balls good player his dad's crazy but. And causing a distraction because of his well you know LeBron has distraction to sell I mean when good raised for a good reason yes. As far Steve is and I'm looking forward to seeing. Lance Stephenson LeBron on the court together. Not against each other I wanna see what happens I know people think that's going to be crazy I think it's gonna all the time ago so yesterday I would think they'll overshoot the projected win total for them. Next year saudis think they'll be doubly pretty good I would agree with that. I 8444773776. The text line from health their 71307. Who the leading running backs of the game Cox up but we really talked about it earlier today might be surprised. That he was so candid we'll tell you what he said coming up stay with us in the huddle on ESPN upstate. South draw hope is there are football season on September 1 at home against coastal Carolina of course big Georgia game coming up. The week after that and as. Practiced precision practice continues Bobby Bentley talk into the media today. About the running action as Bobby Bentley is the running backs coach for the gamecocks. And they haven't Ford junior running backs near me don't experience a running back for sure at South Carolina. Who's gonna step up well today. Bobby Bentley said the two guys who have elevated their games so far are. Rick O'Donnell entice on Williams those are the guys. In the league. Knowing also says that everybody's gonna play all those juniors. Figure into the mix all four of them are going to plight. But down down rule and lawyers is kind of interesting because you know the leading. Rusher for the gamecocks last year was AJ turner. Not by much and this is part of the problem nobody did much. In terms of well. Total rushing yards wasn't Donald hurt a volunteer anyone's been in when he when he first started out he looked really good. Are tall well here's thing doubles and Bob I agree with some. We view the dowel. It's probably the most talented of the group and has the best potential. But he only averaged three point eight yards to care. Yelling at 251 yards on 66 carries last year. AJ turner averaged five point four Carrey type some Williams five point zero a caring AJ turner led the team in rushing with 531 yards that's part of the problem. They need a little more. And running back needs somebody to step bopping. Do you not get a thousand yards to separate house is gonna ask do you expect the thousands now are Russia want to have that especially if he got. Gospels tuning like them but jump. You know 531 yard should not lead the demon rushing and support. Well I would hope is certain that the guy in the game steps and up to the point where you. You have to leave them in your that the only from the inner now. Yeah I doubt we'll had a groin injury that limited him at the start of pre season camp as a freshman he played in nine games seven starts he was an all SEC freshman remember that. As a sophomore he had two separate injury issues. He did come into the Outback Bowl a ball enough help well now body Bentley says Rico Dowell is helping. It looks better he's faster he looks more violent when he turns his shoulders downhill he's looking for contact. Looking to create yards. So we're excited about coaching him when he's healthy. He started eleven games and rush for a 1015. Yards total in two years. Tie some williams' lot of people we're talking about him this time a year government that. This is a got a can lighted up for the gamecocks. And he had good games. Against Missouri and Louisiana Tech but then he had slow games as well. So while Williams. According to Bobby mentally had a bit of a mental hurdle the had to overcome many believes he has done that he was anxious according about event. That's explaining why his. Carries went down as the year went on. He's over that now he said. His pre season looking good they're excited to see what he does all the field September 1 when the game. He is on the line. I know I should know this but a mask anyway. When it comes to starters to the position coaches. Are they have final say or does he off the corner. Moon mean that's probably don't. School bus school. Decision is that the kind of money on it being handled different ways. The idea what must champ responds. Well yeah but but but you know final final say nobody's listening to these guys. Mon Benson is in the mix to remember him and in times of mind Hanssen looked pretty good but. Nearly 41 carries last year a 152 yards he says he will have a role. Andy says AJ turner we'll have a role and it's interesting that AJ Turner's stock is down. A bit. But he's still in the mix ice says. Bentley says about AJ turner he'll give you everything he's got out of his body you'll do what you need. But anyway he's not in the lead right now in the lead right now. It's Rico total anti some Williams at running back ice south Carolina's gonna have to have a running game. That the kind of year they wanna have and I am much won last year. Mean. Let's face it they just didn't. Distinct enough yards those guys Andy and mean but then on the offensive line supposedly better this year they need to be better. Ali's ouster Monica and that was the city can also brutal play calling them. Yeah and I have that they have the the new situation there but dumb. You know here's a thing they're gonna run faster the running up tempo this year so that's more place. More pass plays more run place on the right games you know the cherries are going to be up. From what they were just because the plays total opposite plays are going to be up. Who's gonna step up kind of interesting today that up. Bobby Bentley points to Williams and doubtless the two guys. It's gonna get the bulk of the work for at least the their hand right now and the running back battle. At South Carolina with a they'll be ahead middle of the season you know it's gonna they have four juniors four experienced guys because you know you're gonna have injuries at running back. He always did. And South Carolina probably will this year so they do have some depth. Can they get the production that they're looking for game one coastal Carolina. On September 1 you'll get too worried about that one but. The big Georgia the only running game. As they come out there and just try to sling it around and not run the up tempo thing on Georgian defense of my complaint like I think you have to establish. Some drives and running game will be a big part of that they've got to haven't by game two against Georgia that's key game. For South Carolina and Will Muschamp this year so interesting note anyway. Out of South Carolina campus they continue to work out and probably get some more comments from mom. The coaches as the week goes on and see what's happening down. And Colombia for the gamecocks. The issue missed it earlier. We told you that Clemson and LSU have announced a series. They will play home and home 2025. And 20261. Game is and Clemson and 225. Mark your dates. August 30 2025. For Clemson elegy. Over and Clemson. And then Clinton goes back to Baton Rouge on September 6 2026. On first time they played in the regular season they met in bowl games before. Last time famously was the 2012 chick filet bowl the tigers came back and won it on a last second field goal. 25 to 24. I love this edition misses more of this would be great. For football fans here you gotta get excited by Clemson and LSU that's good stuff there. Gotta love that they also announced a home game against Troy notably weak to. Of the 2025. Cities and you do not have huge excited about it I will not hold you to that. The get excited about LSU that's good stuff. A 444773776. Vet tech sign from health there are 71307. Back with more tomorrow an update on Ben Roethlisberger. He's in a concussion protocol it's a little scary for. Steelers fans can tell you the latest on that coming up stay with us in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Are back to the huddle on ESPN. Upstate with Greg McKinney and Alonso if you wanna call an 8444773776. Is our number held their text line. 71307. Com and if you haven't downloaded the radio dot com happy need to do that right away football skill and up after. He'd certainly don't wanna be without Def for football season to get on line. And take care of that today. NFL news kind of nervous time right now for Steelers fans their quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Is in concussion protocol because of a hit yesterday in practice. Mike Tomlin said team doctors are evaluating the six time. Pro bowler. Teammates huddled in concern. As Roethlisberger fell to the turf at Le trove memorial stadium. Right tackle Marcus Gilbert said Roethlisberger was rolling to the right side on a goal line play. And ran into Gilbert and linebacker Keon Adams Roethlisberger got up was on his own accord. He did talk with teammates and trainers. And they walked him out of the stadium he appeared to leave in a car. After that. The senator. A Maurice. Currencies said Roethlisberger told him he was fine he was good Mason Rudolph. Said Roethlisberger appeared in good spirits. After the play course Rudolph's. Back up quarterback. Roethlisberger with the Steelers. Gilbert said I saw us and went back after seeing the film to see what happened. That's my guy no one wants to see anything happen to him especially in a practice like this. Coming to work and going and not tackling Roethlisberger is now 36 years old he was lasting concussion protocol and 2015. That's when he took a hit from then Seattle defensive end Michael Bennett. Last offseason. Roethlisberger was vocal about. Long term brain health being a factor in how long he plays so this. Probably doesn't help that situation that. You know he's thinking I came back from us now. But then this past offseason he says he's looking to play in three to five more years so it's whatever the most recent thing. On his mind probably earlier today yesterday Tomlin praised Roethlisberger training camp performance they break camp but today. Wrapping up. Thomas says he's been awesome really sharp not only in terms of what he does how he's communicating and helping an aiding in the develop those people are going to be working along side him it's been a very. Positive experience. Prior to his early exit from practice Tomlin had ruled him out for the pre season game on Thursday so was gonna play tomorrow anyway. Also ruled out Landry Jones veteran back up sell. And get a lot of Mason Rudolph. Mason Rudolph and Josh dobbs will be quarterbacking. Forum. It's work I guess my Green Bay Packers there's no reason for me to watch that always praising the game wasn't on TV you find any album. I know they on. NFL network pool will either play them live or replay them so to those things they may play at 2 AM. But I mean you know so some of them like became city games I won't record and then watched the first couple minutes ago now so much trouble and then the week. I've got a yeah let's them like in a pre season game one week one and along that presumably to let's see who's point here. Thursday games Pittsburgh and Green Bay is an 8 o'clock start. Act Green Bay Philadelphia and new England's a 730 start. And New York Jets and Washington's an 8 o'clock start that game the jets and the Redskins on ESP. Live at 8 o'clock. Certainly worth checking out yet and you wanna see Green Bay but I am would death would be worth checking out for a couple reasons he if Al Smith plays in the what he looks like Washington. And who would quarterback situation for the jets. Sniffer sure of other budget games Friday night as well your chiefs play at Atlanta. Yes the falcons at 7 o'clock is there any chance that's on TV you know we're not listed here in the national TV game on Friday night buffalo and Cleveland. What's Omaha I don't see Cleveland I mean we're all these stories careless about buffalo that's a 730 start on NFL network. The giants play at the Detroit Lions at 7 o'clock on Friday night. Miami at Carolina of course. The dolphins and Panthers that's a 730 game on Friday night and Arizona at the saints at 8 o'clock. So the only live TV this listed here laces the NFL network game buffalo Cleveland. More games are not Saturday Jacksonville Minnesota is on NFL network at one. Oakland at Los Angeles rams. Car charger rather. Can be rough isn't there is an era. Known as the rent. Are you sure you don't so uncertain unsure how it's their Graham and thought of the chargers as the ball as the rams. Oakland at the IRA ams at 4 o'clock on the NFL network Cincinnati plays at dallas' 7 PM on Saturday on the NFL network. And then you also had Tampa Bay at Tennessee. San Francisco is Houston Chicago Bears at Denver and the chargers will host Seattle. And and one game on Monday next Monday night ESPN will carry the Baltimore Indianapolis game thanks while. The a big interest in San Francisco Houston though I don't know if so are we are there to fight it out. Hopkins and somebody else on the Andrei got into some. Ethnic can be good. So long. Full schedule Thursday through Monday it's appreciate any chance luck plays in the and then refusing news. I mean in my view worth it to see that the under the damn me a minute throwing your little rust off bombs and on but done. I don't know we'll say maybe not this week a 44 GS the ESPN here in the battle another chance feel when a thousand dollars in the free cash dash. Sponsored by Carolina coaches is coming up in about fifteen minutes a lot of the keyword right before 4 o'clock we'll come up wrap it up on the huddle for Wednesday afternoon in just a moment on ESP in upstate stay with us. Welcome back final segment here. Donald Glascoff for your phone calls and a 444773776. Held their text line 71307. Twitter. And ESPN upstate off the health of their checks line text or ask his Aaron Rodgers playing at all in the pre season. That's the plan Mike McCarthy said. The plane was playing tomorrow against the Steelers in the game at the Lambeau Field. But. There are some questions about that one of those is who's going to be healthy on the offensive line. They don't wanna put Aaron Rodgers out there. With a patched together offensive line they're about the same time you don't want your starters going through the entire pre season and now playing a little bit the other way and other truck plant sometime. But tomorrow if David Bach Tory M Bryan Bulaga. Like they have been practicing some this week but they have been injured so and you know who replaced with as part of the decision. If Rodgers plays McCarthy says he doesn't have. Any concerns about getting enough snaps for their backup quarterbacks. Brett Hundley. Du'Shon Kaiser. And Tim Boyle. You sound so interest that would mean everything you want and desire to watch one of these guys starting game this year. I'm done who is experienced now oh my god. Alec I'd like to see Kaiser just secede. While they can do is to think that we got some money they can go out there and complete a four pass. Hunley Kaiser and boil. Combined for 372 passing yards in their win over Tennessee last week against Mac and you know there's that while. The Packers have tapered off Aaron Rodgers pre season rips the past two seasons and employ as much as he used it last summer. He played 26 snaps. A big component of the Packers preparation for the regular season is the reps he takes on the practice field. But you know isn't it tied in and Jimmy Graham he's got to work on land he's been doing them practice of course. Graham had a spectacular one handed touchdown catch from Rogers at practice. On Monday. Saying we're really fine. Everything is good. Page got to got to get him ready where he is in his career he doesn't have time a lot of pre season game time and down obviously. They would dumb. Not wanted to do too much and don't want to risk any thing that you don't risk but no off the back of situation at quarterback in Green Bay is. Uninspiring. Scary. Concerning. So. Hopefully they won't need any of them I think the only place where the back of situations OK it's Philadelphia. And let them. Don't think they're they're people that are. Better often during bank there and there are a lot of teams this matter this Carolina better off than Grunow and not yet there were though was Derek Anderson right right there in good shape for awhile but he don't these young. He's don't we started the I showed they tell me about Jalen Ramsey's comments about quarterbacks. And the most famous thing he says it was saying it Josh Allen is trash the Buffalo Bills rookie. And he said to Matt Allen is overrated. And he said bin Rasho. Natasha. Trash. Matt Ryan. They actually this GQ magazine article asked him about virtually ever quarterback in the league he can think for the littlest bit relative does just awesome. So let's take a look here what Jalen Ramsey. The quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars says about. Quarterbacks. In the NFL. I would tell you Josh Allen trash. Baker mayfield. Ramsey said he gets out he was the topic. And Lamar Jackson. Baltimore. He's gonna do a good job. Joseph Flacco. He sucks. Again I again I can't disagree with the number two month Aaron Rodgers doesn't suck. That's always gotten. Thank you for that news bullets OP asked Jay if they ask him right after that on the New York Tom Brady doesn't suck. Tyrod Taylor underrated. And a more people who think that. Marcus Marianna. Good game manager. Well. That a compliment. Not much of what I don't think for only the Jimmy arrival of San Cisco I guess he's good. What are your medicine sample sizes too small for him to be element you know. Giving guidance that's the shot Watson Houston will be an MVP. In a veteran right. Carson wins will be in India they. Jerry golf average to above average. How much better than trash is that. Average to above every else better it's going to be a little bit and has better deck press got he's okay. Kirk cousins. Now as the vikings he's a winner. All right we finally disagree. You know make her cousins now I still think the overrated going to be a bust bust I'm going to be horrible. Purely man. Who deride and I don't know what that Russell Wilson good. Ben Roethlisberger we told you decent and best. Eli Manning. O'Dell makes him. Doesn't make him too much. At. Like portals. And I Marie this word for word only morals. Blake do what you gotta do. I'm totally down with that explanation. Nick polls good enough to win the Super Bowl. Don't. You just did that Drew Brees really good. Andrew Luck. Don't think he's good. Ouch. If you was good at one time that doesn't mean he never will be again. The commonwealth of how over many years it's been since we've seen a blind. Don't think he's good as kind of harsh. Matthew Stafford Detroit. He straight. You know. It got a couple look. Among pretend like I'm now in straight you know. Or Ryan Cheney hill. Haven't heard good things. I. And Matt Ryan are intelligent Allen thousands overrated. Overrated. So in a note the headline is that he called Josh Allen trash Josh Allen is trash according to jail and rent. Who is suspended until Monday. Josh Al on the seventh overall pick in the last. NFL draft so if you read our nose apparently the best quarterback in the league is to show wanton and Carson went so sending about both them they'll be in the eighties. Yeah about. Watson and when she say will be an MVP in about Brady and Rodgers doesn't suck mrs. lines for alaskans welcome. Are right what. He'd do what he was out today and got some attention right. And I'll by the way Josh Alan's argument ask about Ramsey's comments he says first I've heard about it. He's not on my team. He's not my teammate. It don't bother me.