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Monday, August 13th

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Well braves are no longer need a leading in their game of the Marlins Marlins have tied it up 121 but not strike out. By Atlanta and inning with runners at second and thirds of the more damage done so while still early in the game in itself. The Braves in the Marlins tied at one apiece and that date night doubleheader in Atlanta. 8444773776. Is the number here in the huddle. And the text line propel their 71307. Please begin your message with ESPN Twitter at ESPN upstate. Over the weekend big weekend at Clemson they had fan day yesterday they estimated the crowd at memorial stadium at 20000. Fans. Signed autographs and down spent about two and a half hours. Meeting with fans. So it's always a fund and three weeks away from mom. Furman and the season opener on September 1. May have scrimmage on Saturday. Over at Clemson. And that was Sweeney talking after the scrimmage said it was a win for the offense. Like it was a little more balanced. That's got to what I prefer. Really like it when the defense dominates from the office dominates you know. You know but. Naturally got a lawyer was today uncle office is dominated today. She's just. Call like it is from the opening drive will be seven yard drive opening touchdown drive right out gate you know good. And now. First because we think we led the nation in three and outs. About I don't know maybe six times for the last several years and only had three and out on defense to maybe in the practice. So. What that means is the option to positive. Is obviously a great day. That's a big runs. As it is really good to see us throwing just like we did today the Achilles sets up tempo and what a what a great opening drive him big place. Trevor came right in just. Particularly big plays great drive us a lot of positive. In particular some judges and TJ chase had a good day maariv. Under old and had two big catches 11 handed. They came back in this points I'd be consistent trivia I got off to good start got got banged up couldn't finish. Cornell he could get maybe one or two it can really having me being out chains downfield. We'll. Sweeney had a big play big third down big run after the catch. And Senator McCain we'll most improved guys. In the Justin Ross. This first catch was the one hand go up just. Pointed out here. You know and then he came right back in one up himself put another he was he was spectacular. So while Brent venables defensive coordinator for Clemson talked after the scrimmage and I'm. They said up until that scrimmage he thought his defense said. Perform very well in the good on good situations related not have a very good day seated and have the intensity or the passion they needed said. You get first and second down and you stop on the get third down you need to defend it in somebody's offside just that you can't do those little things and that happened to themselves. He was concerned about the discipline of his defense. On Saturday in the scrimmage they had some guys out cornerback Trey on Mullen and had to attend a funeral Mario Goodrich. How was out with a groin injury James koskie is a foot injury. And defensive end Richard yergin. Are just banged up it's all the realist science. About him. But the tigers' offense had their big day. Other animals also sit senior linebacker. And says former five star prospect checks myth as making a movie after a long way known Jack Smith to a show what he can do and animal said he has had a good camps so far. And hopefully can make an impact this season so rustle up update don't want happening clubs away from must champ on the South Carolina. 100 play scrimmage they had over the weekend as well coming up a little bit later on mentioned this earlier when we were talking about being Maryland's situation. In the Ohio State situation there was a little bit of a story that bubbled up and thing kind of went away over the weekend regarding Tom Herman. Course Tom arm as the coach at Texas now and was. At Ohio State with a Urban Meyer before that. And Herman denied a report that he. Was involved in publicizing. Alleged abuse by Zack Smith the wide receivers coach that led to his firing. There was a report on FaceBook. I came to say that with a straight face. FaceBook reports. I'm sorry I can say consumer guide it depends who I know I don't Facebook's. Know what they did it I think. I think Tom Herman's of one senator men and everyone. Did you hear. Tom Herman and someone who blew the whistle while that report said that it was Harmon that tipped off Brittany Murphy to look into the relationship dismiss have been his ex wife. About physical abuse. Herman denied that said the report was absolutely. Untrue. And make Murphy. Brimming Murphy also tweeted a denial that his source was Tom Herman south. That came up and one away pretty quickly but the story did come out that Tom Herman did. Or his wife did offer Courtney Smith financial assistance. Back in march of 2007 team. And apparently provided some financial assistance but said they had not provided any sense then. Those kind of interest in and look colonel was there when all the stuff was going on. For an hour into the dock along. Urban stuff then together for a while or knew each other so I mean. There had to be some interaction and if he's the wide receiver coach Smith and Herman was the offensive coordinator for 2012 to Tony fourteen. Got to think that probably going to be in the same room so. They know a lot about. Each other's acts misfired in July after reports about the abuse and right now. Ohio State continues their investigation into whether Urban Meyer knew about 2015 incidents. And didn't properly reported all that continues here we're supposed to get. I'll work on this CAA could be at the end of this week to visit when you start coming to fourteen days in my way onto wait fourteen days that's just the kind of the deadline on coming up with this report. So comedian at this week could be as late as early next week but we're. We're getting pretty close to love coming to a decision. On what's going to happen going forward with. Urban Meyer a supposedly today. Or tomorrow. Ohio State assistant coach Zack Smith will meet with the investigators. Course fired back in July. Smith's attorney Brad Koffel said his client plans to answer whatever questions the group of mr. gators wants to ask. He said Smith plans to tell the investigators that he had a toxic relationship with his ex wife. And that both parties contributed to their issues Koppel so we're not trying to run from the truth. But we're not the only ones who warts on us. Smith said a week ago that he believed Urban Meyer followed all protocol properly when dealing with a 2015 incident he said he understood why a lot of state had a farm. But he said it would be a crime if Urban Meyer lost his job as a result of baldness. So are Meyer has the support the Zack Smith for what that's worth. If anything. We didn't have to do that a McCain does he just fired up I mean because I found because they come out swinging but he did not do that I don't know what that means mud. I don't either. We'll get to and three questions about what we think go. The odds are that Irving keeps his job will update that coming up here but the things have changed in the last week I would say that's safe to dissect. And a special working group spearheaded by Mary Joseph why. And this all this marriage a light was involved in of the Jerry Richardson investigation. Among others she has pretty good down background in some fairly complicated. Investigations they're going to determine if anyone at the university acted inappropriately while dealing with the incident 2015. They started interviewing employees last week they're supposedly going to complete the review body August. 19. Don't be Sandra. Dog yes. We should look for in the Newsweek. Somebody were reported though who breaks the story Brittany Murphy. Probably or some other FaceBook report. Spokesman for. FaceBook to your host in a bright the story. I Somalis of that will leak out of the least late this week and even if they don't. Make the announcement. Piling on only will go through the weekend without something coming out. And the you know last week we talked about the North Carolina she you investigation. North Carolina self reported that thirteen football players committed secondary NCAA violations by reselling shoes as part of the apparel deal at the school. Around the word comes out the North Carolina has contacted at least three other schools. Which yet learned. Might have had players. Sell their shoes. To the same retailer. And ash is still there were selling and citi's one retailer there we're not selling it in just the average Joseph on the street. ESPN's quoting a sources as saying the retailer told North Carolina that it bought choose from are you ready for the three schools. Now. Michigan. I'm Jim Harbaugh has your day your. Mark jet. And California. Officials from all three schools the knowledge that they were contacted by North Carolina and they're investigating the claims. That this is Booth you know one of these schools stands out. Marquette why would anyone wanna buy shoes from players that. Worn by a player from Marquette on to say. Pledged delegates she's I guess the shoes are cool isn't on the net is not the selling point that they were warned by a college player. You think coming based on this list from North Carolina no Chester rats on the air and can be either starting quarterback but there were some no name guys on the team. I don't know I just I don't get the get the appeal unless you're a big time fan of that particular school. I'm guessing you have to pay extra because they were warned by these guys I just don't get the appeal. Thousands of dollars on the resell market. What issues are going for you know I can understand if there were. Prospective NFL players in just hang onto home to leave you know make it in the NFL and then try to resell them but I'd just I don't. Get the attraction well there air jordans. Which you have to pay enough for those anyway so you're there was your touch and home prices on the attack on cash. You want to be foreign gnome player and I'm effect. The exclusive she knew industry relatively new to the college sports market. Of course. Things got started when Phil Knight made special shoes for organ. So this is comes down to Symbian limited did you others limited edition shoes I'll be matters of war. Mum. Five years ago. Oregon football players received pairs of retro air Jordan threes and fours in ducks colors and those were instantly worth 3500 dollars. In the open market. And they had a couple organ basketball players who were suspended for selling the player shoes these disclosures announcement failed yet. There for players. On another matter who wore them I guess it would help with Lewis. Johnny man's hill but. Anyway. If you know the attraction is out there for these guys to sell them because of limited edition and and how much they're worth. When you think you keep an island now little bit closer to issue company no fears the schools yeah. Oh yeah there's no excuse I'm sure North Carolina which is they had. On this exchange. Michigan had 23 pairs of shoes that's the most shoes on the exchange. And highest average price 4671. Dollars a pair. Michigan's football spokesman said that the number of sales tracked by stock ex doesn't mean the wolverines player sold issues. He said executives and celebrities also gives the special issues not just ballplayers. Michigan's endorsers in the pros get the issues to. And I said school could have donated some payers to charity. The sources tell ESPN a school exclusives may from basketball teams are generally limited to fifty pairs football team exclusives they make 20300 -- there's more of those. Floating around data on how big a deal the sore become but I mean look if you get North Carolina on this. And Michigan and Marquette and cal did a two landing area. Them to right so what's what's north Carolina's motivation they want justice or lose when other people you busted them. Yes he could what I contacted the school not the schools. And not. The NCAA York. Meaning like that so that's interesting the clintons and how do we know that the unless they let it. Someone we doubt that they contact the school ESPN has an anonymous source I'm sorry Will Muschamp. I know this is not credible to you. But they have an anonymous source. That are quoting in the store. We stories will we have if there were no anonymous source so if you're looking around your place of business we're listening now I know looking around here do you think. All right that guy over there that there is to be an anonymous source in this building yeah that's him it would be you for us. All without a doubt on big time dark. It. A look everybody has motivation married. But it's. It's at the base of a lot of information that comes out if you wanna drive a ball anonymous sources. As will apparently wants to do the non get ready to no less. They're ready to operate in a world with less information and get ready for more people to get away when more stuff. But a white a farm it's proven that Maryland does not have. A toxic. Environment and their football program then not come see me then. I'll be surprised. A 444773776. Health their text line 71307. We'll be right back this is a huddle on ESP in upstate. I go back now huddle ESPN. Upstate glad you're well this year Monday afternoon hope you had a good weekend. High school football starts. This week. This Friday night we're in a football we hear me. We will have before you on ESPN upstate with a burned rebels again this year first day angrier and burns coming up on this Friday night. A lot of BO 7 o'clock their time seven for thirty kick off from Nixon field looking forward to that will be previewing more high school match ups. This week now so keep it right here on ESPN upstate but rearm burns game number one we zero they still call. I'm hoping that we're into this again where we all listen to each other fuss about whether we zero is. How woods is gonna ask does it feel like it's football season I mean sure it's a nice degrees. And by the way you Lydia going to be in the 70s in the evening. Timed out about five they live will know deadbeat midnight before it gets down outlook on it won't be that little practically fall out there right there. Now okay anyway we got all the burn games or here on ESP end up staying start previewing Somalia area teams here. As the week goes on some pretty cool stuff going all high school football is there. Ready to start the season that other voice you heard his Richmond Weaver I welcome thank you. Back have to show for Richmond isn't as good as it doesn't ring a bell it was somewhat familiar tried. CH MO ND. Yeah good weekend and did. You know I think you guys did congratulations and Liguori talked about it a little bit that. Those and take care some of the things trotted back from Charlotte of was able to listen. Through radio dot com out how it works really well. Yes all your listeners out there you can always listen to this is showed Soledad here you guys talk about them. The big event this past weekend when India the award for Carolina broadcasters are just ones along entitlement and I know that's why I'm bringing out and then yeah. There's a certificate therefore in the again I I didn't have much you know Waldman and sister little Jessica it is now and tell little involvement I you ought to journal frame we'll whales for that. I think you'll agreement that's on you. Honored to be a part of the show thank you we appreciate that. Yes the show for the third straight year was named sports talk show that's impressive and I agree on so virulent it's getting dynasty time. I have a dream though with it's it's it's a beautiful dream that next year around this time. They current. Co host what actually be there because none of made it is a star or jet is so I mean you know last long enough yeah. I'm I don't be also moved him we we were actually take one along with us I would love to get the invitation and we will say yeah mostly. I don't look at that got a beard get imitation right you brought up radio dot com and I should mention that it is one of the things that you need to do if you haven't is download an app radio dot com because I know we about Condit tune in for high school football Friday night's itself. The streaming winner of all our programming here on the radio station so if you think about listening to burns football on the app may be EU law. It won't be within radio range on Friday night. That app he has radio dot com you'll have to have that hoarding and he has been in upstate dot com. And listen on line but though the old tune in app that you may have listened to on the past no more. No more for us we're not there anymore so radio dot com. Download that happened you me about it is a dairy easy and once you select he has in upstate as your favorite adjusts automatically pops up. And have any issues whatsoever that's right really good name and a favorite and it's they're for you and you can now. You can tune in other some broadcast of ball games. That are black now. On string. But high school football is not one caller burns games will. Be there as we control the rights to that these other like NFL games and whatever I'll like a lot of the other stuff they. They want you to go subscribe to their own service to Boras games stringing lines and that's where gets frustrating to me as a consumer. This. This let us have access to it and a make it'll lock a little tricky Jew watch the golf over the weekend you know you better believe it stuff. Excellent stuff that was as good as it gets on a Sunday afternoon without a doubt. Actually I was finally able to cut the grass and I knew I needed today cut the grass as fast as possible one I was little worried that. One of those afternoon showers might pop up but the other was that I needed to get it done as quickly as possible what it miss any of the golf. So unfortunately I know left. Amidst a bunch of spots and McGrath. And I was going faster and sent it into the day. Does let me get through it I can say cut the grass just enough and I got into. The watched the turn lemon and knew it was riveting. From the very beginning you can just feel it it was palpable in terms of what. The tournament was an especially because tiger was in the hunt does I it was one of the best tournaments that I can recall watching. Agreed did you feel bad for kept getting kind of overshadowed by tiger when teppco is. The leader for most of the time and ends up winning about two shots. It is almost he stated his weighs almost an afterthought if he's not an afterthought necessarily but. In relation to what it. The gallery was with tiger and we know wide eyeballs were on TV with tiger wasn't Brooks and you do feel bad for him from that perspective. But you know what. I don't think he really cares. It just goes out there plays golf argued that you know and that's just the it I think some of those guys just. They understand that although. Lot of these guys have never experienced. The true tiger effect that they sol and I think this is their first time really. Understanding the power of tiger you could tell that with Jeff they'll when he didn't let Adam Scott. Good finish up to the stage when they impounded only in fact it really affected how much you know. And a blow ovation he got there of course and that I was shocked that he didn't. Just go ahead and let Adam Scott and I'm also I understand he mentioned something Dan and Scott that. I was wondering why Adam Scott didn't say something to him do like hey hey hey Brooke told on. No let me finish out you this is your tournament now you get it done that but Amadeus is deferring to kept as the leader to do what he wants to do and I was trying to. Anticlimactic. At the end there it was. But it was it was outstanding Tiger Woods some other than the seventy on Thursday. Mean listen to his rounds after that 666664. A 64 on Sunday for Tiger Woods it's and I heard you mention earlier that was the lowest final round in a major he's ever had ever ran. And not just. It within the past few years this is never ever when he was at his prime. A bully move on the yes yeah here's Tiger Woods speaking at. After his second place finish talking about his year end 2018. And saying that the entire thing has been a process for him. I'd I didn't elements scheduled me and did not coming from someplace they sure are finding life and so each determined Ron bop its own challenges and I didn't know what the numbers to be this year and Hamas and play. And so the new year you said yeah I'll have a chance legit chance when my estimated championships and with one swing. I'd have a swing at the time. You know I didn't know speed and have a golf swing I didn't have no my short game wasn't wasn't quite there yet you know my putting was OK but not gonna and played in two years. And so. This then I. All of process this year. Yet has for Tiger Woods but he has back in the conversation for sure to besides kept guy and woods and that's worthy. The attention was focused calm again Adam Scott with a 67. Yesterday so he finishes alone in third. Stewart Cink talent immense as he's been around. He finished in a tie for fourth eleven under par woods John rom. A couple other guys Justin Thomas so with a ten under has to Gary Woodland who had the lead for awhile. George speeds at a nice 66 yesterday so we finishes up minus eight. Eight shots off of the lead Kevin Kazmir from Aiken also finished minus eight. As did Rickie Fowler to Feller had a decent tournament but he did not do so well yesterday as 71 yesterday but he finished it. Minus eight Jason Day a minus seven for the tournament DJ Dustin Johnson. Minus six is Saturday rounded him any at 72 on Saturday otherwise he was in the sixties and played really quite well Tommy flea will with a minus four. On the other tournament. Newton. McIlroy. Not so good minus two for McIlroy he had three rounds in the seventies and nothing there for Rory finished in a tie for fiftieth. On the weekend Jim Furyk with a plus two. Vijay Singh with a plus three. And Daniel are you guys that did not make the cut and I just skip this. Feeling that Mickelson may be about done. You didn't make the cut. Yet slowly gaining that point where is he gonna make that transition over to the senior tour yeah I'm asking what you mean by done that I mean like dawn and winning. Our guy. Winning on the PGA tour competing in majors. And Allen misses he's been bright they Aron a big golf tournament I know he's a he's got a winner to hear there. Anita not doing isn't worth it financially do continue on the senior tour. I mean they picture that we killed at that army's killing all one. Wanna do that this guy a 5050. That's right so let's get more years then do this for 4748. Or. Bubba Watson was cut not a good done via 78. On Friday Bubba. Did not play well. Pints of some of the bigger names in golf. Mickelson has 48 on W. Did not have good weekends Patrick read your boy. Cut. Did not make it John Daly kindness prize there. But all in all this it was a Kyle Stanley was cut to. This was a good weekend for golf. And the ratings have borne that element bored seeing some more specific ratings we told you what we know so ball or is that it was the highest final round overnight rating. Since 2009. So that's pretty good and wanna and the gallery was crazy. I mean those guys they were on. So it was entertaining. Whenever is times when there are some down time when jazz were you trying to get some clarification on their neck shy outer you guys were waiting. The crowd started chanting. In butts go tiger let's go and there and they also tried to do it now with Gary Woodland as well I think it was more just out of the senate that sympathy yes the goals you seven a good right into the third round and then you just fell fell off from there but. That was just. At the excitement that was going on you'd you'd typically don't hear those type of chance going on these days. All I'm like Happy Gilmore I thought golf crowds were allowed to. Do that is different look and take pictures coming to the masters or go on the future phone now that's right yes you're not you're not allowed to have your own at the masters were. There obviously you'll tell everybody I'm like sea and all the phones you know the moment watch that dang tournament I agree 100% in my wife and I were talking about is that. Or do those pictures. Or even the video he Egypt she get the water everywhere what are they gonna do with that. Is this gonna sit on the phone and are there is gonna delete it. Half of her crop probably Columbia all blurry mobile casino thing man video from innocent and again that's one thing is I'll always hated. When I would go see my kids things spend so much time filming. That I couldn't enjoy the moment so after awhile it's that the camera bouncing just enjoy the game and in this case toaster memory I mean if you want video you can find it but you just report the thing back and homeboy you go to the tournament watch the whole thing and HD exactly at the implied. I mean just everybody with phones up to their rivals in like that I agree dis. It in to your point but just enjoy the moment I said the same thing in concert you see. Other sporting events wrestling things like that come on you've paid money to go there don't actually watch sifting through your own guy. I would like the break let's get to an 8444773776. Of you have thoughts about the PGA one by Brooks kept our tiger's performance certainly give a skull back for more Ramallah this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. Why maggots in the huddle it's ESPN. Upstate. Reg McKinney Richmond Weaver. And Alonso. Pretty exciting finish to the cubs nationals gain yesterday. Nationals. Pretty much let it all away. Had a three to nothing lead. With a couple outs in the bottom of the ninth inning. And then this happened. Looking gain needy wings. Team to. Swing get a it'd drive center field Baylor back. Gave yeah. David. It's. It's been. The body is. Good good. I was pretty exciting you don't see too many walk off grand slams dated bode is a rookie. And he's been a good find for the cubs is a 25 year old rookie with Chris Bryant injured he's been. In a lot of playing time and I'm stepping up demanded he step up last night. As the cubs. Win it with a walk off Grand Slam for a three that you see the video for the yeah they've ripped his Jersey attitude and an ounce cup Michael yeah. Bugs that pretty exciting moment. Pretty good moment for certainly a rookie their effort Grand Slam them the myth and a U Kenyan script that and you better right. No you cannot even normal cardinals and suddenly your diaries. Expect at a but owl howling knowledge the excitement in that one yesterday so lob which got going on now. In the National League central the cubs a state three games up on the brewers. Cardinals won five in a row but their five and a half games back. The Braves are leading to the ones that they've retaken the lead today over the Marlins and they are. In the bottom of the fourth inning with a braves up two to one braves batting with. Runners at first and second but two outs in that situation so we'll see the Braves win but they have Bob the slightest of leads right now Richmond over the Philadelphia Phillies. Winning percentage for the Braves right now is point 557. Winning percentage for the Phillies is point 556. Doesn't get any closer than that the deal is that the Braves Novo. Played two games Lance. And the Phillies so he's just outlook constrained by Phillies have one more win one more loss. Than do the Atlanta Braves with the Braves. With the very slight lead here but look. On they go. Don't they do it we're word mid August basically now and so you've got to be excited if your brace and where things stand for this looks like it's going to be really close race. And and opinion on how that goes. It doesn't really guarantee anything for the Braves say they come in second place oh the wild card standings are so. It's a narrowly at the end as well. As their race with the Phillies for the NL east. So I mean it's not. You just not a guarantee yes they do because it's a guarantee that they leaving Gideon blue collar now there's no way the Dutch guarantee Milwaukee's got a winning percentage of point 554. Right now in second place in the central on the cardinals are point 53 forces and not too far back. And and the Dodgers are 538. And the Rockies at 530 force of their pretty close in the west. I mean he's got a wide open there in that area is definitely need Wendy's pending death I mean it's it's razor thin. That the Braves are really gonna continue. This. Run that there that they're on right now and and hopefully that the Phillies can fault or somewhere down the road into. Win I don't. I'd looked it up I can't remember now oh when the Phillies embrace our head to head but that's going to be a gritty series ended up. Already American League Boston has won nine out of 10 AM and nine and a half game lead over the Yankees so that's certainly not a totally closer. They're now. 500. Yeah they're leisure and their lead over the Baltimore Orioles. In the American League east he has 49 and a half games in August. That's curry has been saying this is sad at right. That's unbelievable. 49 and have Mac go Orioles. Good grief. But the other at such a line about monetary fund and 35 right now. So yeah Allen's over Cleveland's lead over Minnesota is twelve that one's over. I'm did race in the American League west with Houston a two and half game lead over Oakland four game lead over Seattle so that one's. Of interest and Houston's loss for grosses me you know close to denial that one NC. It develops them a lot baseball look after the weekend braves. Hanging on to the lead right now to one top of the fifth inning. Over the Marlins and now see if they can continue to keep by supply and tonight as well Sunday night doubleheader. A 444773776. Will be right back in the huddle on ESP in upstate. We're back in the huddle ESPN. Upstate. With correct McKinney. Richmond Weaver and Alonso. Colorado on the killing your junior for the Braves to another tumble at first base he's done it before he's OK you know in fact he's so nobody stalls again. So it was good to see him moving around for the Braves have a moderate second now with a 21 lead in the bottom of the fifth inning over Miami. Been the greatest thing dale the most talked about Atlanta let's get him up next LO down. But I don't. Think so. The went there it is quite an anti at all breast milk is an emotionally deal. He's just look at the pin in the content and equipment and play out and not create a gift list sorted doing. But there's not unity. Yeah we did Alan com. Come on the bubble that thank you for the call on snicker. He's pretty good but I don't necessarily. Think he's the future for the Braves manager reasoning Richmond I mean like I mean. They over performed this year but. You know which is what I here in Atlanta there still some questions about his managing style and all that that done they can get the right guy for the long run. He made on the Annika. I'll withhold judgment on the saying he's not. Does not convinced that he is just it based on where they've been where they are right now could you make a move. Yeah you amendment. I if they they win the NL east kill him okay and I mean it depends yeah that's right I mean if they went a little mask how much would have to win you can 1000 Wendy's he probably gets the job and understand that if they don't I'm saying. But aren't they are right now there exceeding expectation is they are this front possessed all the matters. How's the clubhouse how is he managing houses game situation management the Iowa her stuff about that there are some issues in the clubhouse and done us in their clubhouse issues is just. You know some management decisions here and there are some game. Decisions and things like that. It's not a stone cold lock just because they over performed expectation that's columns. Now I think it probably is gone ahead and begin their I don't even if he doesn't in the east you give it to. I think so and it right now that. Their plane above what anybody's expectations are going to be. They were picked to be in you know the bottom third of the east so who for them to be in contention right here in the middle of August. I I think you've got to now. They could fall apart obviously and at some things could come out to you know we've always the debate here in stories coming out of Maryland and you know that that's a whole different. Topic of how toxic it is an item not suggest anything like that the the Braves organization but I think you'd have to have a complete. Free fall for him not to be back next year. A complete freefall yes. Won't go quite that far. I think that it's an open question about snicker read some of the stuff that like mark Bowman driving home major He's rinse up I know that they have they have. Perform better than expected this year I just think. They need to make a long term higher here they need to commit long term are they gonna give him a long term contract. Possess what they need to do they don't. You communal short. One year deal and I agree that yes these you've either got to be committed or not. Unfortunately. I don't know if you've ever really seen that out of the Braves over the past eighteen years with Liberty Media owned in the Braves on if you really seen that type of commitment. From the ownership. The seems to be kind of their pattern but I would agree with you at least on that aspect. It if you're. At a point where you don't believe that he's going to be. The future then you need to rip the band aid often and move on.