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This is the huddle on the ESP upstate I am Josh Phillips along with longbow. You'll enjoy the conversation 8444773776. This up on the text line text ESPN and 271307. Or you can give us a follow on Twitter at Josh ESPN upstate or at Alonso on word. And as we keep looking at this Dallas cowboys' schedule. We finished up well if they're on the road at the Broncos. There on the road at the cardinals. No that's going to be a tough it's tough for anybody go to the desert and beat Arizona and there's how. I've disagreed. Oh yeah did Carson Palmer on the what are you cannot he was he was not good last year. I think he's done. I mean who's in who's in who's next quarterback. Is it music. Picard will go there I think I think Carville and there. Alonso I don't think you're appreciating. How awful dallas' secondary is I think I think did you were. Awful hard on your favorite thing. And is one of those cases where you'd be extra hard on your favorite teams of people don't think that your BM. You know favorable towards do you really hard on your T yeah I am you know glass half full with you at all. No positives and there are all know the defense of side none of the Byron Jones Byron Jones. If you can stay healthy will be a first ballot hall and put here's the thing. So if it's. Scored a score for score. My money's gonna be on Dallas because I don't trust Carson Palmer. I mean yeah of Arizona has FitzGerald. I mean Deo OK running backs. I'm sorry I think Dallas wounds again. If they do it's going to be because Dan Bailey bailed him out. The only edged Dallas has literally in their schedule. Is Dan Bailey the fuel kicker. So right out of the gate. Dallas is staring to in two. Dallas is beat the giants may be against the Broncos. I think they lose the cardinals. The rams with the acquisition of Sammy Watkins now. I mean how can they not score thirty points with the offensive weaponry. In Saint Louis now the jury's still out on whether Saint Louis. Or skews the Saint Louis Los Angeles. There's going to be around this is going to come how stupid is that it's going to take a couple of call on the rams Saint Louis got a Los Angeles and by the time you get around to to figure that out same same deal with the chargers the move again that's sure he had a good point I mean is we'll just say the rams believe that that say that way. Green Day forget it they're not going to be everybody is gonna destroy Dallas I agree with you there. San Francisco gonna be interested to see why it. I'll show of hands and Calipso and offensive acumen you can't take away the fact that guy can coach. Yeah I'll give Allison W gives us cause high commodity San Francisco he had they may be better in the future is not going to be this year. The Redskins. Arguably the W on the Redskins. Really can Kirk cousins yep argument W. Intercourse on and Jackson DeSean Jackson. How Washington even worse from a play making standpoint. Of what. The chefs that's a big loss at. Kansas city's coming to Dallas. I can't wait to watch again that's going to be asked that month that one might actually be televised they don't ever wanna televise that Kansas City game and maybe that may be his return game when we look. 12. Well the Redskins would be the return game. If the six game suspension holds up. Well Kansas City continues to play guys defense they've been playing. To be closer but I would still take Kansas City in a game. The falcons. Until lost the Eagles probably when chargers win Redskins. Yeah I mean Dallas they made football team. Eight and it's not gonna cut it out of the NFC east is not strong enough. Okay let's say Zeke. Is not suspended was say there's an injunction and and move people plays the entire year are you still looking at the same way. The other elements agency it's. 106 you've got insurance and get this job they did it as a wild La Guardia. And they get slaughtered by whoever. I just. And don't like the fact. That that has to run so much to make plays for the wide receivers he literally has to extend plays. War is won receiving corps to get open that's never good thing. Especially when teams take away the running game. And then I'm telling you dallas' defense is horrendous. So yeah I mean this is going to be day. So when Kansas City plays Dallas I don't have to worry about how the bed with you because you're already deep Barney says that Dallas is gonna lose to Kansas City there is no point right. Against that front seven no chance Erica nobody on Dallas can stay up with Jerry Kill you kidding me. He they score two on special teams bond so well so I hope he stays healthy hopefully he's still. Speeding down the sidelines by that point. You'll join the discussion they forced. 44773776. Protects ESPN 271307. And get in the text line with us. I don't know how people feel about Sammy Watkins Lehman buffalo and going to Los Angeles now let's look at this Los Angeles. Our threats. You've got Jerryd dog food there. So you don't Peters any chance the gulf war improved and none he sucks. Jared golf socks. He is there he is the younger version of that that Julius. And what I mean by that Jay Cutler had some some decent years man well that's what I was gonna say one nominal. Physical tools. He made no mistake about it Jake Collor can spend the football. I mean he can throw with the best stumbled. Same thing when you're gulf. But I will get jeered off this. Foreign. Table on Austin Todd Gurley and Sammy Watkins. The that is a triple headed monster. I don't care who you're the quarterback. Who's a quarterback of Los Angeles. That is a difficult group to stop. I mean when you couple up the fact that you've got Sammy the bigger receiver. That can still stretch a defense table and Austin out of the slot many people thought he was going to be included in that trade. Los Angeles rightfully and smartly held on to him. So. This offense just. Up better for Los Angeles I'll give them that. But it's not going to matter because during golf can throw the ball. Your. Cowboy fan humans being called question oh this is why now because they got a couple and you know now we're not learn to elicit. If you call and don't come on the air we're not mentioning you end of story. Don't call him a call Asia is the reason why don't they know. I totally agree with you there because we've even had this discussion off the air bud. I kind of agree with they would the color of sole reason why I'm bringing it up because it's it's but it's bothering me. It's bothering isn't bothering me that your degrading your team so much why in the season hasn't even started giving a couple games man you should be volatile right now. Why he's such a pessimist. But. Today's news I can understand why that would that would bring you down some of them even before this news you're telling me there's no way if they're gonna win. And I'd Eds this. Cool okay. Our whole acquiesce to this one time to the caller and you. In my mind. Dallas it's either Super Bowl or bust. I don't wanna hear about the playoffs I don't wanna hear about a winning season and I don't wanna hear about NFC chip east championship. We are the Dallas Cowboys and if we can't compete for the Super Bowl we saw that's the standpoint that I come from. Don't panic now works there can only be one winner everybody else that's right we're losers. I get that I totally get that. But you know going into the season I believe then my teams are gonna do really well. And that one of the two teams is gonna go to Super Bowl maybe play each other you know. I'm I'm excited about our city chiefs play the Panthers in the in the Super Bowl probably won't happen unless you pull for. Yes chiefs. How would. You pull for the cheat sheet you know let. I would say that yeah I'm more likely a pool for the T split the same time the Panthers have been there twice and am one he had the chiefs who won the Super Bowl you'll I'm gonna have to do for you. Jill just because all told Bobby autos mixed jury though. I have to get my friend Jim Marcellus on the show. You recognize that name is sounds familiar journey started at left cornerback. On the chiefs' first Super Bowl team with extra see here's the thing with me in the chiefs. My mom when when you watch sports growing up and then I got to step dad you kind of let me. No Starr watching the first game that I watched was. The Super Bowl Cincinnati vs San Francisco. And I rooted for San Francisco because there are mine house is room for Cincinnati. Maybe it's because a contrarian but I saw Joseph Montana and that dude was awesome. Big Montana fan he wanted she's Marcus Allen went to the went to she's an anti spam since then surging before then his history. But I was in a fan at that time so that you despise the Oakland Raiders. I don't like of. I absolutely hate Denver. Polls don't say oh that's that's the kicker timbers timbers the team that I cannot stand more than any other team. So then let me ask you this does this Sammy Watkins things potentially. Allow Los Angeles to be a playoff contender. Now. In that division. As as. Has been mentioned on the show many times the problem with Sammy Watkins does he can't stay healthy that's correct. If he stays healthy for the season he's death legal and helpful but his past history would. Tell you that he probably won't and it's it's unfortunate because he has so much potential to be a really good player but he cannot stay healthy and you know played in buffalo. Will probably cause you to not be healthy so if anything the warm weather wool wool will do well for him and if he stays healthy he's deathly gonna help form. He's playing in division where he's got a shot to do something. I mean. I think big Walter B should be able to be better than San Francisco. They should be better to me. Then Arizona I know you don't disagree with that so really you're trying to beat Seattle. And I think Seattle's being kind of dial so I think Seattle's beatable now. Compared to what they were when they won Super Bowl and and went back to Super Bowl so. So it's hard for me to pull against Arizona. Because of how much our respect and admire Bruce Syrians. And is going to be his last year yeah he's already said it yeah picture is you know Bruce Syrians has already made it public that. At the end this year if you really that cool yeah he would zeroing out at all yeah he has man. I mean he's going to be in a jazz clubs exciting yeah he's going to be playing a musical instrument somewhere yeah. I think he has the right perspective to be a coach. And that that something in which it's one thing when you hear. Like. Obviously bella check is. Arguably. Mean how many more Super Bowls is Belichick have to win and to be considered. The greatest of all time. I think a lot of people already considering that now with five I Don think there are some not well. I know of at least one person downstairs he does on but yeah I mean I think there are a lot of people who do. I cannot argue I am not one of them. But I do have biases get in the way sometimes not just. Like Billiton. Well I mean what he's done I think you see Larry you're way I think he's very funny. We could you have a lot alike in your Yuma yeah yeah. Yeah I could see. I agencies I would I would have fun in a room with them I probably would get destroyed in a room with them but I still have fun with it. Maybe not. He's he's a lot more. Jovial than I think what people getting credit for I think he does a lot of what he does just. Manipulate the media a little bit. Because man some of these beat reporters and writers are so sensitive. By the way that part of him I appreciate yes I do too. Yes until everyone thinks he's so standoffish and it was dry and Jesus got there he's massive did you know that's what he's doing exactly right mind games all over the place. What's not a mind game as the Buffalo Bills are cashing in their chips and saying we are hearing to the greatness. Of Tom Brady in the New England Patriots were not even gonna try to compete. Deal like a move that they're basically tanking on the season. And trying to bet that with draft picks messy here's the thing about acquiring draft picks and the Los Angeles rams are. Exhibit today when it comes to this. The draft picks are nice but they admit they literally mean butt kiss if you don't par lay them into good players. But it the break up picks can also. Speaking ability that you can use those draft picks. You can trade goes to some people and get some decent players out of it. Again if you understand. What you're trying to do and what type of Columbia trying to bill. Well. I agree with you a 1000% on that. The problem is I don't trust these are the same guys and you know what you're gonna have a hall of fame career. I don't think so I think pumpkins go to strike midnight. With mr. risky. But this is the reason why do the Chicago Bears you don't give up 41. You don't about four draft picks. To move up to get a guy that would've been there anyway. That's why do the Los Angeles rams and Jeff Fisher. You do not give up six draft picks for Jared African golf. I mean yet a losing record at all. Mr. Christie couldn't beat out mark is worry umps. Adam basketball's gold does Michael Jordan as the logo on there now. This is the bottle with a. ESP upstate. Player man you've been on point all week. When this rejoin musical love it this is the hollow when Josh Phillips. And Alonso and breaking New Jersey Kelly it has been suspended by the NFL six games. Effective immediately Z get his record representatives. Are in the process of appealing. And lawns or do you still have that oracle up I didn't go ahead and read what the response. They delegates attorneys have issued a response. To the league's decision. Okay they say our offices have been engaged in this matter since last July and worked hand in hand with the Columbus prosecutor's office as well as the NFL with their respective investigations. Currently we are fully aware of the full body of evidence that exist in connection with this matter. The NFL's findings are replete with factual inaccuracies. And erroneously conclusions and at cherry picks so called evidence to support its conclusion. While ignoring other critical evidence there's more fuel many continue to keep going yeah okay for example both the Columbus prosecutor's office. As well as the NFL investigators expressing concluded and conveyed to our office. That the accuser was lying about an alleged July 22 2016 incident whereby she accused mr. Elliott. A pull her out of her car and assaulting her. An allegation that was ultimately undermined by her own friends out the David we've stated that no such assault occurred. The affidavit also outlined the accusers plan to orchestrate a story to the police. In order to corroborate her false allegation of assault in addition the NFL's all medical experts concluded that many of her injuries. Predated the week in question and likely occurred during a period of time when mr. Elliott was not in contact with the accuser. During the upcoming weeks and do the appeal a slew of additional credible controversy and evidence will come to light. Yes a scene there's already discrepancies. Over. The incidents that allegedly happened. And now the league is taking things and again look. Does he jelly and apologists. Because the NFL is using the bar fight he got into a couple of months ago against him they're using the situation. I'll within pull in the ladies' shirt up. Two very very immature things to do. And nowadays pro athletes are not protected by the police that that's why. That this stuff where. With Florida and oh and Ohio. Where the police departments cannot find enough in to charge him evidence to charge him. Sudan holds a lot of weight with me. Because you've got to believe those guys wanna put the collar on him. I mean imagine if you're on the arresting officer. You've got a superstar. On your hands. And look what they did the tiger walk. See I disagree with you there I don't think the police around to log so say they did donate it makes it sound like oh yeah and no police officers do all you know failing to arrest him that made me famous that's a eggs kind it was implied value says it in and I don't I hope you didn't mean it that way. No I don't I'm not mean it that way all I'm saying is you have to make sure when you're arrest somebody. Like a Tiger Woods like dizzy gallium light code Michael Jordan like a Charles Barkley or fill in the blank. You better have all your ducks in a row because their team of lawyers what he July. No I agree got to do everything to the latter not exactly. Especially if you recognize who they are and no one what will be coming for you if you do something wrong. Exactly. You'll join the discussion they 444773776. We're tax ESPN two the tax line 71307. ESPN upstate. Or Alonso at Alonso on word. Bill that's one thing. I'm actually kind of mad that this got broken like literally ten minutes before it came more fair because there's so many other things I want to talk about. And then literally right after that it follows up with a Sammy Watkins trade. She never be angry about breaking news well I'm not but it got me out of my agenda and I'll like this. You showed your versatility. Yep. Had to do it quit. And here's a thing if it is. Elliott small yours. Are right about what they're saying and not I don't think there's any reason why they'd say they had. Evidence of the contrary if they didn't this this should be interesting how this plays out. And what the end result will be because if they did take him. Prove what. They're saying they can prove. And the suspension is a lifted. Then your accusation of what China will be warned. Seat now the problem is that what you just brought up. It's up to the courts to decide. And in my estimation the courts have already decided. That's the police on the on the panel on record. So now we're gonna go through another investigation. Because that's what the attorneys are gonna do they're -- some big gala its attorneys are gonna assume they NFL legal office they're gonna take it to court. It's gonna drag out. Here's the thing BNP FL is gonna bought some things. But what I'm saying is they're setting precedent for the future about how to handle things and when you're when you're Kyle learning as you go in. In a brand new world I mean with with social media and all the things that are going on in and how much content is is out there at all times some people are watching all that kind of stuff. And pressure that they're getting from everywhere. It's going to be very difficult for them and I'm not taken a side but it's gotta be rough coming from that side of it this. Billion dollar business that you're trying to protect. And you're also trying to you're not trying to destroy a player but at the same time you actually you have to punish them. So let me ask you this from the league office standpoint because this is what's working me. Is there a double standard for the behavior the zinc Elliott has shown. Compared to the behavior of Rob Gronkowski. Who everybody just loves. And the league office has done nothing now this guy has. Gone out with porn stars he's done naked photo shoots. He's gone party bosses I mean it's not a it's not exactly life. He hasn't done the same thing that zig Elliott has done. Listen I I agree gronkowski is definitely not a choir boy by any standard but it does it was a double stay has has he been arrested. No he has asked as he did say Delhi has he been accused of the things Elliott's accused as you've been accused of anything. You number gronkowski ever been in trouble other than people saying he's an immature kid look what he's doing. Willie has been accused of taken age U age. Because of the back issues and the blood infections that won't go away and the fact that he's 64280. Pounds and runs a 45. That's literally the strongest accusations. I've ever heard towards rock. When it comes to that HDH you know things like that they're observed player suspended his seems like every week. Exactly right just like I mean that's expected it's it's unfortunate but it's expected its football. I mean so that's I must say has glossed over bud I don't think that's different. Think this is where are bringing and the subject of an if you wanna join the discussion 844. 4773776. Noticeable on the tax line at ESPN. XP SPM to 71307. Is because of Bob hit if I'm. Kelly I'm thing again wait a minute there's other players in this league. That our party and that are pulling up women's shirt pulling down skirts. Doing photo of naked photo shoots. Go one out own party barges in the middle of the road ocean. Are they in violation of the personal conduct policy in the NFL. Because it's names. The driving factor behind this is his pattern of behavior. Well if that's the case then what is gronkowski get a two game suspension and cements us to do with. He's the accusation of abuse it doesn't have to do with anything else. If Elliott had only got in trouble for poor and the girl shirt down which I still say he should not done. They'll be different but because. There's too because of the accusations of abuse that's what makes this different. And as far as we know gronkowski has never been accused of anything like that. He's a party here. That doesn't necessarily make you in. An abuser. I guess I'm just going about why the NFL has tandem handed down as their reasons. Four and six game suspension levied against Zeke Elliott. And the Dallas Cowboys has got the phone lines Shane Shane wants to join the huddle we're just Phillips and a lot of those today now we don't. I doubt that a lot of good man can't do this let's let you go about I think so. They helped open and Michael Lewis landed at some about being the abuse side and it happened this really stems back from but the holy Ross dropped that and then outside of Macon like that particular bigger stance against them. And out there and I met but the problem and how would do though is that. You know let this thing play out the gals never even convicted that. And out I think this just shows that nail file and we also have more flex that muscle. Bill and there and then than to make it a statement. And are an example of problem complete keel you know a lot like the greater shock than any playing the like if didn't eat that pump you act also who looked out for the player you know these guys make all this money and that he wasn't convicted or not gonna open up there. You know you can fire power he's got the star get accused left and in the end and they don't use suspending got all of replaced but I think that's you know they weren't every convicted. So that's. Again I you know dependent the one in the abuse that the same time you know it topic that has to be a conviction. Shane thank you for the phone call. At least a charge and that's why. People coming at me about. Well you know the Ray Rice situation Joseph Manchin. And the situation that he was. Oklahoma. I mean as Joseph mentioned go to be suspended because of what he did at Oklahoma because that predated his time in the NFL. You write them. Look at it from this point. The NFL comes out good on this. Because if you get a from a standpoint you've perceptions that you can't they are generally they went after him with everything they could outside of banned him from football. This gives appealed or there's an injunction. Even if the NFL should lose it they came after him so all these groups. Who. Could do. Despair ZNFL for not doing enough cannot say anything to the NFL because. Of them doing it this way. Josh on the tax line gets and will this appreciate it Josh appreciate all the taxes is even the haters. I'm my and I don't know I'll read your taxes too you are actually more funny. Zinc was cleared of the fight in Dallas a couple of months ago still doesn't mean he didn't do it. Billion Taylor's gets an Willis on the text line usually he calls them. Zig was cleared of the fighting in Dallas couple months ago as for your eight may Dallas. We will be turned six course Billy as a fellow cowboys. Man Billy has more out of millions and millions and millions of fan your urges viewed as the negative I don't watch negative jewel detained. I can't believe birthday party don't play look at let's let me tell you something I know some quiet yesterday. Called me a fake. Red Sox fan. All of the Red Sox when they saw the one passed bill barker when he let that ball dribbled between his legs. Against the Mets and 86. And then far beyond yet. I mean I love my teams. The Celtics I adore my Celtics. Played the lakers. Hate the Yankees Spiegel that Red Sox yankees having the enormous. Series that starts tonight at 705 in the Bronx. That might settled AL east. I'd division as were literally a month away from the playoffs. You guys on the phone lines hold we got to get we're up against a break Trevor who's the other one. Thanks Nathaniel Trevor hopefully the break we'll get your right up. This is the huddle on the espionage state. Welcome back to a Friday edition August 11 2007 division of the huddle I am Josh Phillips was Alonso. We had a couple of callers drop freed up some phone lines you guys get back in August right up. And he had a hole through break let's get the phone lines and Richard Richard want to talk about the Z delegate situation on the whole zinc welcome man. Editor. The Arctic but the whole problem is there but it should be all and be legal process I mean he could never charged. That he got that extra something that's been arguing that she threatened him with these charges if you woke up were there. And there have been other cases in the past where people have been falsely keys and if others are. Well you're in it until proven guilty in this country not not according to want to be dealt. Exactly right Richard thank you for the phone call I agree would you a 1000%. You know this business of them separated it's not Zeke Elliott's fault that Roger Goodell screwed up the Ray Rice situation. Why should he punished that. For the stupidity here Roger Goodell. And all I've heard is well Roger Goodell has got to drop the hammer because. Ray Rice only got two games so now he's got to make up for that. Nothing can make up for what Ray Rice did by knocking out his girlfriend in that elevator and oh yeah by the way she just happened. To slap in split only. So how the big Elliott's fault. So now he has to serve the Senate's. Our Ray Rice. 8444773776. You call and let us know the phone lines been blowing up the two guys that were on give back give witnessed it. Here's the thing New Orleans Colin taken. Elliott side. But try to I know it's hard to try to put yourself in the NFL's position and what should they do. Today just let it go because if they do. And I I am not I don't think you should be suspended either you know what you guys I unwilling to look at the other side and look at if from the standpoint. That the NFL from NPR's PR standpoint. They have to do this they have no other choice but to do this. And you do this knowing that there's going to be an appeal there's going to be an injunction and more than likely you're gonna drop downs a couple games. Lobbed I don't think that is necessarily the actual suspension I think gets I think it's the severity of this group suspension. In it being six games I think you'll Roger Goodell come out and gave him three games are two games are one game. There would have been an outcry in the media everywhere else outside an even in sports media. That there are dead this guy who's accused of and I I know accused of abuse. Is you're only given three games just not serious enough. Did the there's no it's a no win for the NFL. If they go lest they have to Gilmore. And then let the let the machine take over but the lawyers take over lift them taken down some in the NFL did all that they could lead he did. They'd put forth this precedent that. Violation of the policy will be six games got up there now so they did that. And and from what I can tell they're being consistent with that now. They weren't in the first place that they are now. Again what are they supposed to do. Mike Richards said follow the law. Ray Rice was charged. If you get charged you get suspended. I mean I agree or disagree did when it comes down to the NFL. And Roger Goodell is do what they have to do from a PR standpoint. Too protective shield to protect the shield. Jimmie gets an on the tax line. Forget about the Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant in honor of the dream team's 25 anniversary. Josh Phillips on the Hubble is the equivalent of the dream team great show love you guys. Appreciate that Jimmy. A Dutch kid does give Mets going just a little two line there why you know I economy onto yeah but but who are you in the dream you're the entire green to know. Our big cut announcer all and it is the dream to know. He's making reference to the fact. That Michael Jordan the only great dream team didn't make it the dream team it was a collaboration. Of all of those guys that were so good together made it the dream team released delivery problems and still be the dream team is Jordan one on it yes. My mouth yeah they smoked everybody you know they would've but it would have been saying. Ride because the best player at that time would've been on the team. OK so now we're we're gonna have a debate who's the best players eligible to do not selling Neuberger. And let's have the Apollo audio that's it and of state. This is the last segment of the hollow this Friday August the eleventh. 2017. On affect Alonso for this week. Along with all of our many guests and contributors. On to the to the huddle this week is GMAC. Will be back. In the saddle on Monday. And we expect him to have a safe trip home. On him and his family as they come back from the Bahamas. And their vacation. As we are literally fifteen days away from the beginning. Of college football and I for one cannot wait I'm tired of all of this hyperbole. I'm tired of all this drama I'm tired of all of the pre season stuff that goes into it I'm ready to kick this thing off. Although there is some fall out there. That in division one college football than having. A type of pre season. Before they play laundry like that idea now I don't. They floated that idea before I just don't know how they would make that work. I mean wooden clubs and go down and play. I don't know. LSU. And scrimmage. I. I think they need to quit doing things that would diminish support the product and diminish the regular season and take a chance of getting someone hurt. You know and other pre season game that was not her for college football I just think that's a bad idea. Allow me to be fair. All other levels of football have that high school has their jamboree is. Which I believe this is weak zero this Friday is that right coming up now coming out burns in Myrtle Beach live from Nixon field. He has not that acts who be or it a Saturday then be Saturday the Saturday. We will start coverage at 530 Greg McKinney back again. Always a burned. So we got high school football crank it up this week we are college football and two weeks we've got the NFL and three weeks. So I I for one can't wait I'm ready to have told me let other. See this week flew by it did and wait to play so the other weeks. So you see you wish it would warrant a little bit slower. Not realism makes it sound like an honorary from Oregon gets back I'm sand as you know you're always trying to make something not always trying to create drama I am troublemaker I guess you or did. Well I don't know about. What I'm sans. The weeks are gonna go by click it will be here before we know it and and unfortunately it will be gone before we know yes so Saber when he gets here enjoy every week and every day Elvis. How would you feel obviously is not gonna have happened Kent State. But before get out of here. We need to call some plays Auburn. You know there's a scenario that nobody is discussed. On pick and Auburn by the way. I figured you would it not because the way you think I'd pick Clinton almost every game last year what would happen if Auburn won but not just one. But to close into the would she did. Like 38 enough. Lot of people will be putting new wave their flags and stone pool really early which would be a shame it's just one game. Yeah but Alonso would be on cloud nine thank you all our listeners. That make us number one this is ESPN upstate and the huddle.