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This is the hollow on this Friday blustery Friday. August 11 2070. We are ESP in upstate not a 77 FM in Greenville monies and one of them. And Spartanburg if you wanna join the conversation. 8444773776. Or text ES PM to 713807. Let's get. Some of these Texas then. That this person did not put a name to mayors. But I'll get it in any way finally let's get this last day of Josh. As host out of the way way long and torturous weekends and it has been. Pass burned leg blown past had workers' comp. What's been so bad about it. Oh you're asking me I'm just asking general Amin this guy's saying that's been torturous. But obviously is listen all week so it can't be that bad united stuff and then I don't understand what this pants burned leg wound. Has tag worker's car so. Mean that makes literally no sense of what we're talking about today so obviously. This clown is a hater which. Maybe it means that he'd just burns you and now you need to collect work importance com. Maybe this is that we're just I guess that's what I'm getting again now. Personal economic. Got to work on his insult game. Mean I need that and even get a rise out of me for crown lounge. Somebody want us to repeat the Cold War. I we know we love you we we are it's pencil. You know like Alonso said terms Lyndon Johnson picked the giants before. Disease thing now where where does this leave Dallas. On another another tax or gets an and says you keep saying no charges physique. But did Big Ben was never charged and I believe after appeals. Got four games now there were charges. On a sexual misconduct are down in Georgia. That involved a strip club. Seek the problem what this is that this is why the lead weights. A year to sixteen months like he did was seek is to see if this is a pattern your behavior. And then what they like to do is accumulate things and they'll you all want. So I realize you're upset but would you consider this pattern of behavior he's been accused by two different you know plus plus the deep. Pulling down the shirt incident I mean it becomes a pattern of behavior. Well to me the short answer this is not mince quite honest I did I disagree with you because. It shows on disrespect. For all a woman. Doing that okay what she told him to do. Doesn't matter. OK so two bogeys and you don't do it. Yeah how are running out of public I don't care he'll be Smart and that overall says hey pull my shirt down in public. Are you gonna do it. Probably see I'm not. And and I don't get out way of thinking I don't I mean it's it's it's this it is disrespectful odd I find it disrespectful what he did. And he should've been Smart enough to know he's in trouble all these little places. I shouldn't do some stupid. I mean I'm not disagreeing with that Alonso well. What I am. What I'm talking about is. When you saw the video what they were doing at that parade. Now whether you're I think it's appropriate that that's to an individual's. Responsibility but two consenting adults. That at a party. Or something to that effect. Leadership if it doesn't bother her why is why they don't bother him. I mean she as soon as he touched her she got a slap him. But see here's the thing. It's I'll see you being stupid okay you already been accused couple times opinions known on the poem by you until now I have. That's being stupid because here's the thing you've been accused couple times. Let's say that those accusations. Are are not warranted to say he was set up twice and I don't know we've away although evidence makes it look like that. He may have done that if the pictures come out. But let's say this is happen to you twice a woman tells you to do this why would you do it and can someone else a chance to set you up just because she says I. It's okay do this and then she can go tell him what else no I didn't say could do that. You've got to be more respectful you do admit this is I know use your saying is joking stump for his whatever it's still a stupid man as that was just flat out ignorant. You've got to be Smart enough you gotta be Smart enough to realize who you wore your public figure your out of public he billion trouble already. And everything that you put into get to where you war you can lose over something stupid like that and I don't get that way I think. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact it's the age group they don't differentiate between. Male and female like you were growing up. We were always told I don't think it's the little woman. I don't think he's binary. I don't think he's that none miner that's wilderness. Don't ask me to explain that. Let's go the phone lines just want to jump in the huddle and talk about Sammy Watkins Justin. Welcome to the huddle we just Phillips and Alonso. What about fellow don't mean to interrupt you debate there so stop. So and so so they never understand about the Obama bill and bill. And then it was a week ago I think to remember he'd be moved up in the jet to go and it locked. Under hundred yen don't really. That believes woes like Evans on the board. Modelled it on court ordered. And the dark cloud in the stands. Over him than typical little. I'm unproductive. Armed soda voltage in the Arctic that you're talking about earlier apartment on agreement. And I think it'll hole it was really well done. Just and I appreciate the phone call also another bill's plan. Gets in whether it's that likes this move and not I've gotta agree with that. Tyler Tyler wants to join the discussion on zig. Tyler welcome to the huddle when Josh Phillips and Alonso. Eldorado coach don't trust us. Is to go. What do these situations as we have to do four six game suspension. Base shelf trash pressures are bigoted joke. Pacman coveted number and drove great and I have never seen him do it should be handed over cache history. So articulate get appeal he would definite weird probably wanted to remission game. But it strange. He's done a lot of election plus our whole disallow total. To grow. Are just like a lot to share what you would have QB portrait taken away from union bill in a little too much man child grow up. Realize you are pro quality while they compare. I couldn't agree more with you Tyler I appreciate the phone call. That's taller Butler of the BS podcast he's. Contributes quite often to ESP in upstate I was hoping it was gonna be able to enjoy the show but he couldn't work it out. You know worse day. Here's the thing though. You hopes will grow up how many of these guys don't grow well they don't there's accountability and that's unfortunate I mean some some of these guys do I like. Chris Carter. He woke up. You know he realized. That he was you know once he got cut he woke up he got his problem that he had under control. And was able to become a hall of Famer so guys do wake up from. Things that they're. Being immature about and beyond that I mean this is the problem is and a pattern that's not good. Zig needs to wake up wake up and I am worried that he won't. And it's unfortunate that there are a lot of guys out there that will never seat. What they're doing that they're doing something wrong and then you know five years from now we'll see a more and storied or something on ESPN. Where they've lost all their money in a live in the gutters so that I hope that doesn't happen for him I'll be wakes up realizes. He needs to he needs to mature or at least. Look mature in the public. And you know it's called home for awhile you know and don't do anything else stupid although he's now playing time if if he doesn't get the appeal is gonna have six games in Dallas is gone. For the season. Well we're gonna look at that. Here shortly I talked about it earlier on in the show we're looking at dallas' schedule and see how this is gonna affect the cowboys actually picked Dallas. At the beginning of the year second didn't feel good about it behind the giants. I think it's a foregone conclusion that the giants now. Are gonna win the NFC east I thought they were gonna win it. Even before as a daily. Got the suspension but look taller brings up a great point you know Pacman Jones got busted on. Hundreds of different reasons. He is actually on video call talking a woman outside a bar in Cincinnati. And he got zero punishment. From the league office. So it's almost like get bill. Picks and chooses. Which one he drops the hammer on and which one he doesn't. I think you've got to look at. The amount of media exposure I think god has a whole lot to do that. On one Pacman screws up you expect it. And every time he gets a restaurant gets in trouble you're like man I mean no is still in the league because he's so insignificant anyway that's good for unharmed. But Elliott. Is a star he's a face of the league Pacman is not. Last year I mean when you start Hamas dollars he Kelly it was right out front leading the NFL as far as. The new face. And when the new face of the league does something like this they have to. They have to punch whether whether it's warranted or not whether you agree with the amount they have to do that and if they do that the Tom Brady. Whether you agree with or not not due to gazelle like Tom Brady. And I don't care to do anything wrong or not I know it's mean and no it's fine it's not care but. Non skid. I am just kidding me earlier we keep your eyes like really. I do think he cheated but anyhow. If you if you wanna do help Tom Brady you've got to be willing to do that have been one of the new faces a belief. Do you disagree that he wasn't a new face of the NFL last year. It was a big Elliot yes absolutely he was a new phase so when this is your guy this is a guy you're marketing one guy's your marketing and he's out there. And he's getting and all this trouble you've got to do something especially when. As we've as we're learning with the cap predict thing which people some people are trying to act like there hasn't been doing that it all has to do with money and asked to do with image. LA hearsay and he's protecting the shield. Yeah I feel like what he's doing that's what a lot of former players are saying if this is the third string linemen he's he's. It doesn't matter yes it does not getting the attention this is one of the faces of the league. What does it was at a different market teams. Say zinc was that. Arizona. If you as opposed to Dallas if you visit Arizona. And still did what he did last year I think it would be a little bit less but not as much because he still would be offensively. In my opinion you're gonna get into it when drowsy Gailey it. What does that press god do that team is not nearly as good did you came in together did you work. That you are tied together that's what made Dallas so good last year was just too we gather. And I think you take one of those what you take Elliott away were gonna find out what Prescott can do without him. But he's the face. Face to leave you cannot let the face of the league be out there doing this kind of stuff and again if they if they have punished. Tom Brady. Then I wouldn't think this way. If you're gonna do if you don't know what else men's I was aware it's on yeah but if you go suspend that guy you've got to suspend the new face. The problem I have though is it. If you're going to do it fine. But I think it's the amount of games. That is ultimately. Causing people have such an. Issue yeah waves if you believe he's going to be six no one ever believes that first number is going to be the final number. I mean we know appeals are gonna have to win all this stuff is gonna happen right. What ultimately what number do you think because when sixty guy I think he's going to do to cut at least two so I would think for would be the Mac. X even four games is going to be detrimental it definitely will be. I mean that that's. And I guess because of the mitigating circumstances. In this. Mean is the NFL overreaching their power. I mean both of these incidents occurred before he was ever an NFL player. Oh yeah and even step on the field yet. So does the NFL even have jurisdiction. Now if there are warning to use those Salvation Army standpoint jolt or if they wanna use the situation that happened with the lady in the shirt. OK that's one thing. But does say he's. Violation of the personal conduct policy. And the other thing I have that the other thing that I'm trying to understand this. How is it that two police departments. Literally half a country away both came up with the same result. Not enough evidence. And you not think a police department. Would do their due diligence. On a guy of his stature. Some would say. And I'm not saying this if you are an abusive individual you know how to do it you know how to do it in a way where it doesn't leave the kind of signs that can lead you to being. Prosecuted. Again I'm not saying he did that but I've I think there are cases out there of to. Individuals who have been abuses. For their entire life and they know how to hide it they know what they know where to grab they know where to hit the where. Things just aren't as visible or aren't as. Again. Admissible. I just. There's just so many angles to this and and I. I'm trying to you know I don't think he's gonna get the full six games I think he's gonna get for maybe even two. It's gonna do I think it's gonna depend on the media still. The Zune media satisfied. There's a public satisfied. I know we're gonna get football fans like like you especially Dallas fans who boo. Absolutely hate Roger Goodell and when it comes down to it someone asked to make that decision you're gonna hate whoever that is if they fewer and opposition everyone hates you too what you would have to make a decision. 45 million dollars anybody can hate me. And I'm get a lot of hay mound to do which is why Roger Fidelity's when a new second exactly. In the same reason that'll sway my haters. Another one gets in thoughts and prayers for Alonso for having to deal would jostle week stay strong my man and then literally right after that the next week it is. Just tell all the haters what to go do it themselves. Adding you to the holes the equivalent of having Kevin Durant to load Golden State Warriors well. We like that we were already the chance exactly announce. Not like that I like that tax. Josh is now KD. You'll be using that marriage should you. But. I like that sex. I'm the equivalent to the huddle of Kevin Durant. To the Golden State Warriors I'll take that all day. Yeah there's no easy answer. To any of this especially when. You don't have a you've got smoke. And I think that's what's concerning a lot of people lives. Was it only a matter of time before something serious. Really happened was Zeke Elliott. Was only a matter of time. If people just allowed this to continue to go unpunished and maybe Goodell thought about this. What he regretted it later if something came up in the end the area of a Greg Hardy. And that's something to think about let's go the full line Steve. Steve wants to join the huddle and talk about Christy welcome to muddle. Okay thanks managed just just my whole topic I think that. I think that three times you start seeing a pattern. Not that he's very important of the league and honestly believe they're just trying to get that young man. You know say that not enough you could watch the probably. But this is just the third time as things come up in not a good way. And Steve that's a great point thank you for the phone call yeah. You go. There and I just that made this comment that when there's smoke there's fire now these have been. Relatively small incidences now on the domestic violence is not and let me reiterate. If it ever comes out that Z Elliott. Beat up old woman. He needs to be banished from the league for life. For life. Never around a football again. This of football field stadium or contract this is the huddle when Josh Billups. Welcome enjoy a Friday August 11 2007 did edition of the huddled. I am Josh Phillips along with lawns though. You can give me a follow on Twitter at Josh ESPN upstate. And Alonso at Alonso on word. And discuss whether us back to the tax line. Get a couple these twitters twitters listen to me a couple of these textures and Jordan wants to give them whether us. Josh has more haters. Then anybody I know that hash tag guy is a clown. Stop listening to him I love the show god as long time listener birthday is term is tomorrow turning thirty. If you only give me a shout out go Cox Jordan happy birthday thirtieth birthday Jordan. Happy birthday and Josh isn't there yet as far as haters goes. He's worth tomorrow. Still. I'm still I was on the calendar and now losing I have a level haters on two different states. We get debut on you know. I'm still who. I got to find out who this guy I thought I don't know he would let you go I don't know I can't be forever and I got to find out who's the good guys that made that Golden State Kevin Durant comparison I got them to get him more there. Ian Rapoport gets and says now check this out. I want to thank our our man tolerable or he sent me this. According to the NFL league office and the suspension that was handed down. If Z Kelly has any additional violations. Of any NFL policy it may result in further suspension. Or potential banishment. I mean that's about disappears it can be. The what you think their investigators found a lot of stuff that maybe he cops in Columbus than in Florida and in fine. Lot so I'm not so sure this is gonna get overturned on appeal. Because the vernacular. From the league office. Is that. Their busted him up. And they're gonna snake gets bit and let's not let let's not hide the fact that zig Eliot broker does a DJ is nose at a Dallas nightclub. Just a couple of months ago. So it's not all that he's a he's innocent. Of a lot of the stuff. I've made a point some of our callers and made the point. You know. This he needs to wake up. I mean this guy's a future hall of Famer. If you can stay out of the spotlight for the negativity reasons. Jim joins the show the huddled today. Want to talk about the PGA championships. Gel has anybody found Phil Mickelson yet. He's still alternative would support. My goodness Joseph plus thirteen game. They'll lose. These two local excuse that boy that burger. Well how is no joke. Note that he. Played two years ago. It was hard they have very hectic what is bill when they leave to develop. McIlroy is not doing any better. Don't go predispose their real punitive culpability liked golf scores. Aren't weight goes. But it won't go to anybody to show will let studies are really good attempt to adopt won't bore spreading these Tripp Phillips but what shouldn't chuck but. Chica Britain would probably birdie it both without BK dispute played the junior preached unity. Term but it Boca might. Junior predictor. That's also when they're from where Jim. Most pricey trip so small sporty cute like from the awards actually expect or double what looked it would after Hartman bridge between. Are livid that Tokyo remember. The choked on red glow lit tegra gravitate to football maybe you solve it. She. Never seemed to bring a little bit plate but he consulted if you. Visit W so where did the exact court these these credit card tie up all five in the state. These are really cute too. I was all on tape but there's did you live from lipstick at our chip but it was Chapman would break the ball a little bit liberal. And a trip troops almost break. Sure do Jim appreciate that. Appreciate that update on those two young men the junior golf and stay in South Carolina is unrivaled. I mean in the Arab states especially but throughout the whole state. I'm junior golf. Is just phenomenal I I haven't seen any better anywhere in the country. And the programs that they have here. At the high school level all the way up onto the term level is it's unrivaled. And the competition. Is just brutal. You come out of this state as a junior golfer as a champion. More than likely you're gonna make lots of money on the PGA tour. Let's take a look at what Dallas is facing now so now the that deal is done where does Dallas go from here well. There's a reason Jerry Jones went out son now for more us. Former all pro back from the Washington Redskins. His workload just increased exponentially. This loss for Dallas isn't as bad as some might think. Because honestly Zach Martin get suspended six games would be a whole hell of a war lot worse to Dallas Lindsey Kelly it. I'm not taking anything away from Zeke but let's be honest this offensive line carries this office. Mean Darren McFadden was an all pro player two years ago before he got there. Ran for almost 15100 yards nobody even talked about it. So someone argued that it's plug and play at the running back position. For Dallas without remorse and Darren McFadden still on that back field. Since someone argue would you argue that. I think it could potentially keep them and as they playoff team. But no further. Dallas cannot compete for the NFC championship. Without Z Kelly. They don't have enough bullets. And then the other thing is how many carries canal from Morse sustained. Now they can split reps between him and Darren McFadden and be okay. But seed Dallas is gone either have to do one or two things from the game stamp game plan standpoint. This year there either gonna have to ground and pound and lead the league. In time of possession. And try to hide behind that offensive line. Mainly to protect the deficiencies. On defense. Dallas is going to be atrocious. Defensively. They may averaged thirty points a game given up. I'm gonna be interested to see. That first win that week one match up with the giants. 'cause the giants are going to be physical they're gonna run the football they're gonna play action. They're gonna throw it deep and you better believe Eli Manning who's gonna go after that secondary which has been much maligned. For the last. Two or three years. This is the hull on ESP upstate. Josh Phillips ESPN upstate not a 77 FM and Greenville nice 71 of them. In Spartanburg this is the huddle with Josh Phillips and Alonso. As we continue to discuss debate. And analyze. The breaking news of zinc Elliott. Handed a punched to the stomach. With a a six game suspension. The maximum allowed outside of a year suspension. Of mod the league office and according to Ian grappled for via. Tyler Butler. If he'd put a toe out of line he will be suspended. Or possibly. Banished if he does not correct. His behavior. You wanna join the conversation 8444773776. Or text the text line at ESPN 71307. Another NFL moves angry Zack Gibson Weathers and he says that Josh is being upstate. Any chance the colts and he starts moving in the right direction. With the revamped and you're not so humble opinion. That's kind of funny. I think it's very funny I. Mean the theory that again. Angry sex there's any chance the colts these storms moving in the right direction. With a revamped and you're not so humble opinion Zach some very humble smile you. Yeah he's been home all week definitely. Very humble. Yes Zack I believe that Indianapolis all love the dress that they've had in the league Coker are you kidding me. He's going to be a day one start they got to get him off the pup list though. I love the fact that they got TJ green out of Clemson that kid's gonna end up starting. On at some point in his career so they're shoring up on the back in that defense. On. I'll like the fact that Marcus hole it. Could potentially reinvent himself I loved him out of as SMU. I thought he was very very raw and that after three or four years if he stayed healthy and developed. He could become an all pro so we'll see. You know I think. Think Zach means to be more worried about what they're going doing polls seem missed the season well. Since he's going to be a starter all year right. Well let's say can figure out how. How they can give a 150 million dollar man often injured reserve for hang nails. Mean I understand it and here's the thing this is why the NFL does not like running athletic quarterbacks. And look Andrew Luck is a very very athletic. QB no question but they take a pounding and a lot of that has to be laid the feet. Of the former administration that is now fired and rightfully so. Because the offensive line at Indianapolis. Was atrocious. And they got their quarterback butchered. I can't believe you haven't been injured before but answers that question yes Zack I do like the moves. That Indianapolis has made mainly through the draft. With the signing of multi car followed them picking on the lead Coker was an outstanding. Pitt I love that kid out of my house state. And other NFL news. What we were gonna talk about is. You know mr. miscue was the second coming of Tom Brady. Pre season games man that's how we're gonna base all of these elite quarterbacks owned. The headline today is I woke up Twitter was blowing up people were blowing up contacts. Because I crucified. Let's ultra risky. I just calling Mitchell. It's here it's Mitch isn't saying I just wanna point out. Mitch is good and already know John Kaiser that's on saying cool he's no Du'Shon guy who'll. That's a slam I'd I'd just happened to pronounce the precision passing stats. Because I figured you might touch on the pre season a little bit and Kaiser actually adds. Better stats then even to do ski right now Kaiser. In the pre season is the fourth best quarterback in the pre season. So go ahead read off what was too risky stats from last night okay UN. Eighteen for 25. Its the 166 yards. I'm looking. One interception and no nuts and I have my bad. The longest pass was 24 yards. But he didn't scored a touchdown so I Serena has lie and do all right but he went eighteen to 2566. Yards. I'm sorry one touchdown I think obviously any glasses and his long was 24. I thought he looked good. As much as I feel like I need a bath now after making that statement but I thought he did look good he surprised me. In a lot of ways I can say is de Shaun who. We need to show up here you go again and you I'm just not to say and I mean. This is pre season people and LT your reporting you know we've talked about always people going crazy over Mitch. You know they've employed there are gone crazy over and over Duchamp Watson it's a priest. Everybody is hungry for football right now so I'm we are yours or so then then I can never remember me I it which is kinda weird I I don't know I just think everyone's really hungry for full ball. Getting so excited over pre season football on its pre season football people. Yeah it is but you know Lucy positive sign well I think what people are starving four in the NFL. Is it. Actually wanna see good quarterback play throughout the league and it's not there Alonso you know this was battered him to Shawn Watson who. K skiing. I'm just saying don't get that. That was divorces so as so was Joseph Webb. Panthers baby my goodness. So is Ryan massive. Un actor Ryan NASA's business whatever. So let's Syracuse did you don't who is better also. Blaine Gabbert. Blaine Gabbert did look good to see a look at a blink Arab because he's he's technically a seasoned veteran but November is gonna is as drop below. If you're a team out there and you really really wanna quarterback. Should you trade. Everything. To New England to try to get Rob Lowe what he does not believe anyone I know he's not the would you try I'll. Well how much are you willing to give up if Jared often command six draft picks. And two of them being first rounds. Into trouble to get. For first round picks on his own it would if you're wrong about two Bruschi. If I'm wrong about too busy news media as a quarterback rating of one of three point one. Again I just admitted he surprised me in his performance the other in the last on against threes and fours and you guys you'll see out on the street here pretty soon know what though Alonso you've got to give them credit against they're going to get to the pros they army knew our guys they're male would be pros for a another couple weeks but the pros right now but somebody somewhere thought they ought to. Being given a fellow Jersey. And so you got to give him credit when they do well. He Brock also Waller never looked good against second and third team players and hell is starting. Right now it's that small point. Can be Kaiser's team Cleveland no doubt that may be so number now. I think the difference though is I don't think it's Robiskie. Has a shot at starting unless. Unless Mike Gordon really gets in there. And looks terrible. The one thing will get from mesquite is that he is a better athlete. The mind works and what does that translate to. That when the heat is all and he's able to extend plays with his legs in a way that Glenn and cannot do that. Glendon is always that guy did you or aren't going out there to get to the next guy right he's never the guy never. Now this is a funny tax. Actually I'm flattered that somebody would even put me in the same category as these two and I know they're being facetious. Joshua John Jones blah listener and who wins. So that's Italy. As personally. I mean that's silly. I'm waiting for you say you can take both on. At the same time together here out too well. If the Smart man stands back want to beat each other makes a good point two billion jumpin jumpin for the win. I'm an account works. That's a good point. Josh John Jones brought lesson. I prefer that Kevin Durant tweet text that was about a one this is the huddle we're just village and Alonso. This is the Hollowell Josh Phelps Alonso on this August 11. 2017. Addition Friday the weekend. Is almost here and we hope everybody has a safe and productive weekend. On whether you're working on getting arrest. Whatever it is be safe and all that you do. As we look forward to on the star football and it's here and what would football season be without the drama. That is unfolding in the NFL. I think they should just now tuning in Zeke Elliott. Has been hadn't been levied a six game suspension. Among the league office from Roger Goodell. Effective immediately he has three days to appeal it. Word on the street is Jerry Jones and I quote is furious. As you would expect him to be and we're gonna take a look at the cowboys' schedule. Going forward. And that the thing that's. Jumps out at me. The first thing is that we won game against the giants. If Dallas can somewhat be competitive. And I think. Most people now are adding that W to the giants column. If you wanna join the conversation a 444773776. Or hit us up on the text line. It's been blowing up all week text ESPN 2713. O'Sullivan. I think now it's safe to say everybody is canceling that giants. Game as a loss to Dallas. Any disagreement that Alonso. None here how about you you reduced. Talk about how great guy line is and they can basically just plug in another running back in May be you know Elliott. You did say this but he kind of implied is a little overrated because the lines so good. So but you have talked about how bad their defense is my thing is. Eli Manning will play pretty well in the game this season before he remembers easy Eli Manning in the east are still interceptions side I think the giants probably were in this game. But I think there are gonna win this game before. Yeah I agree with him and that I mean I did pick the giants to win the division. So here you go you start out the New York Giants to the Dallas Cowboys. At home vs the New York Giants loss. You got to Denver Broncos on the road is out of Tulsa game. And you win now again this don't know who their quarterback is really. Yet what did you imagine that running game. Haven't bought Von Miller. Good luck with that good thing that can run this is the huddle on ESP upstate.