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This says the huddle on ESPN upstate and I am just Phillips along when lawns though. Oh welcome in on this rainy and blustery. Friday August 11 2070. And right off the jump to if you wanna join the discussion we have made time to get to today. Tons of breaking news over the literally the last ten minutes. We have been retooling the show. In order to accommodate the breaking news out of the NFL. If you wanna join in the discussion 844477. 3776. Or join us on the text line. 71307. Be sure to tie it in ESP NN. When you Texas but let's get right to it we are going to be joined on the show today and are Clinton segment by Taj Boyd former all ACC quarterback all American. ACC record holder. We're supposed to be joined by a calmer show all and the gamecocks segment. I don't know if he's going to be able to make it he was trying to squeezes them into a couple but I'm gonna try to get a hold of him. As well but let's kick off right now. The news out of the NFL and it's coming fast and furious. Dallas Cowboys running back Zeke Elliott has been suspended. Six games. Or conduct detrimental to them personal conduct policy. I handed down by Roger Goodell the NFL commissioner literally thirty minutes ago so this is just being broke. Again Zeke Elliott. Is being suspended six games. By the league office for violation of the personal conduct policy. Many people believe that this is in reference to over a year and a half ago before zig was even and the NFL. For the alleged. Domestic violence abuse that he was never charged war let me let me qualify that. He was never charged four he was only accused of it. And then now Roger Goodell NA. League's leak investigation. Over sixteen months. Late as the hammer and also they've piled on the fact of his. Conduct at the same. Patty's parade. In New Orleans and which hymn of the young lady got involved in the slump in which she was in the implicit. As he was so the NFL has piled on. All that they could on two. Zeke Elliott so we're gonna discuss that. Even as soon as that broke on the Buffalo Bills are involved in a three team trade. Between the Los Angeles rams. And the Philadelphia Eagles. And we're gonna try to straighten out all of this over the next few minutes. The rams won't get from buffalo Sammy Watkins and a sixth round pick. Former Clemson all American in. All ACC performer Sammy Watkins former first round pick. Of buffalo set to the rams. 48 and they six pick to the rams buffalo won't get quarterback. TJ games along with a sucker around pick. And that trade in the trade between buffalo and Philly. Buffalo will receive Jordan Matthews. From the Eagles. And a third round pick from the Eagles and Philly will pick up Ronald Darby the starting quarterback. For the Buffalo Bills so. A lot to talk about today how is this going to affect. I'll buffalo buffalo obviously. Is setting themselves up. To tank quite honestly. Because they're jettison the way all of their top picks. They now all of buffalo setting themselves up to retool. Their entire roster. Because now with the trades today for two a second and third. Buffalo now owns a first round pick from the chiefs. The second round pick from the rams that they picked up today. And then the third round pick from the Eagles all and next April's draft. So buffalo is deciding that you know what. We're not going to match Sammy was up for contract. We are not going to spend the money. That Sammy is demanding so we're gonna go ahead. And ship him off to the rams is this good one of the questions I'm gonna pose. What who who benefits from this trade I'm saying buffalo. Hands down got the better end out of this deal. Because quite honestly. Sammy he's been injury ridden. Almost his entire career in buffalo. He's deadly night onto a better situation no he's not so basically the same situation would better weather right. Exactly he basically he's made it climate adjustment not only done about Jared golf and Sammy I don't know how that's gonna work out in LA. Below find out what the Buffalo Bills obviously. Feel that they don't need. Sammy Watkins on their roster of course they made the deal to get Jordan Matthews who's not a bad gig for buffalo quite honestly. And they're able to pick up three. And they're able to pick up a second and third round pick. So the Buffalo Bills. Really Wheeling and dealing. You wanna join the discussion on Zeke Eliot. On the buffalo trade with Los Angeles and filly given weather is. 8444773776. Or given where this. On the tax line at 71307. Be assured attacks ESPN. 71307. So that we can get your taxes out. Over the over the air. Today so we are going to be heavy in the NFL. Coming out of the pre season games apparently. After one weekend we now have a quarterback duel between mr. busy and Shawn Watson. Mr. missed you last night really put on a show. And his debut for the Chicago Bears. And now we have the second coming of Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin the third. You know here's the thing about all that but none of them are as good as good romp home. We're gonna discuss that as well let's go to the phone lines quickly Mike Mike welcome into the huddle would just Phillips Alonso. Got open having good at noon site. I yeah I just heard about the trade come on now one hour update at how orbit a updated app the other sports center and had a built it and it's stunning it's a shocker. Com yup even go I let down your stuff all of our people out of buffalo and all the everybody up there is it justice shot and done. Add what happened. Though it's really an arson and I mean I'm glad to retool and Tom disappointed that they traded away you know really. Good wide receiver and Watkins and a cornerback Darby blah. You wonder what there's certain buildup for the following you know that in the future so. Like it took you what happened. Might thank you for the phone call you obviously buffalo was saying. Oh we are going to try to compete for the east. Host Tom Brady retirement. That's exit that's exactly what they're doing. They are literally handing. The AL east to the New England Patriots thing right now we can't compete with those guys so let's try to get as many picks as we can. Sammy is not gonna make a difference in whether we can compete with New England are not so let's go ahead and jettison out lets get some value on that it. And then let's hope in the next couple years. We can go after the AL east after Tom Brady retires now the problem with that Alonso brought those up. And we're gonna discuss this later on as Jimmie rubble fantastic. The last. I never thought about the way we've just just describe the justly right they are looking to future wade through but Tom Brady's like internal. He looked a vampire he's never gonna retire at least it seems LA and and here's the thing. If you're a buffalo fan I know there are some out there we just had a phone calls and bills fan what do you think about this I mean. Are you tired of waiting we're would be you know are you tired your team looking to the future what does the future now that that's what element. You know we're gonna answer all of those questions let's go to the fault line to get comment. Tom wants to talk about the Zeke Eliot situation. In the six game suspension Tom welcome to the huddle when Josh Phillips and Alonso. I work out again sacks on Amman. On Monday. Our our problem Monday. And I called you out there and that that I'm Gregor scripted and anyone top five minute rant about but that got us on the murder of warm wet. I never let a hamburger and land. But look try to again. They Elliott saying it'd come will be at. Her yet. Sic gain bird accusation okay well the armada and patriot so I'm just an Apollo. Well I'll check in on radio rate. And what they get into that. I don't know how that works you know it is big corporate and and done. And then a little crap. It's it's a completely at a press. Tom thank you for the phone call art. If you were given mounds on the phone lines are blowing up 8444773776. I couldn't I couldn't agree more with Tom. Here's the thing this this is a sensitive issue any time. You know abuses becomes in the playing but the fact that charges were impressed. He was he. He wasn't charged I mean it comes down to that and unfortunately were in a day in an age and I wasn't there you want there we don't know what really happened where more and more. People are coming out and accusing people of things that. They necessarily didn't do for money grabbing this case I don't think she's getting any money out of it but still it's it's. Automatically you believe that that a people believe that happened and it's it's unfortunate that you automatically believe there's guilt but the thing is. How did you bunt how did you violate the policy. If he wasn't charged. Well here's the other thing is how do you violate the league's NFL Pollack personal conduct policy would you weren't even in the NF well there is that point. Somebody explaining this to me. How can I think Elliot be held accountable. For violating a policy and a lead he was not even a part of what does oppose that abuse happened. I mean what are people gonna get cycle Roger Goodell. Ambush Tom Brady and the New England Patriots for over two years. Over ridiculous stuff. Now he's gone on another one. Where if the Dallas Cowboys and zig Elliott. As much as hard as Tom and I disagreed on Monday. I'd agree even harder with this point today. And don't come at me sorry Alonso. Don't come at me where if the right right situation right realized was charged. He was this just had to judge. Elliott was never charged. He never report. Not like gloves though. So now anybody can say anything and Tom Tom had a great boy. Now anybody can do everything in my yard penalty. What happened to be improve and doesn't. No I hate to take the other thing noble we need to take the other angle if you're in good Dell's place knowing. If he does sweep this under the rug and doesn't do any thing what happens then I mean he's in Cha and he's gonna give it either way. So after the Ray Rice think he's going to Errol I'm suspending. The player for more. Games then he would've in the first place he really has no choice. He does he could get into games. There's going to be an important appeal there can be an injunction there's so many a bunch illegal. Things that can happen between now and then. He may not even be suspended this year I mean depending on how. Seeks. Boat lawyers and stuff handle this. Well and that's a great point because the zig has three days. To file an appeal. Which she is going to do. So there's a chance although we doubt it because look. Tom Brady in the New England Patriots had to fight the NFL literally all the way to the Supreme Court. And then ultimately in the end they still have to take a medicine even though a judge before the Supreme Court. Overturned that ruling. Instead the NFL did not have jurisdiction. Now I guess it. It is. There's Roger Goodell. God. I mean is that Roger Goodell list. Can determine. Judgment he can determine all of these things even though the authorities of the police. Had done nothing. And the thing that bothers me more they're poly at all and what Z did down in New Orleans. We're he'd do if all. Well I don't know Bob nab and oh yeah okay now if you wanna say inappropriate. But you know what it's now under a Mardi Gras. And he was not the only way it. Listen I. I agree with you as far as that goes but I know I wouldn't say that he didn't do anything wrong he reached over people or shirt now I'm saying is an. He did not she was left fairly cotton up. So he obviously no war. It wasn't like he just did that to some random chick on a balcony. Here's. The thing with Elliot he still and he he's doing things that. Make it look like. Everything he's being accused of this possibly true. Because of his behavior after being accused of what he was accused of the caller just called him pointing out that. He's he's read and heard dad. The evidence was there but not enough evidence to prosecute sell enough to show that there was violence but it. Nine up to prosecute I don't know what that means. But there are. There's photographic evidence out there that abuse took place doesn't necessarily mean that he's the one who did it. But as far as it goes if you're in trouble and you know you're kind of in trouble. To try to keep your nose clean and it and it doesn't look good on you if you go out and do other things if I'm in trouble around here which does happen on occasion. And I'm more my best behavior. For a long time to look blows over he doesn't it gives the appearance. That he doesn't think. Then he did that he can be intro. Well let's don't get it twisted. Off the field zig Eliot's a Kook. I mean is he shows about the NFL draft. And are cut off talks. Showing off his stomach. He jumps into a Salvation Army pot. After a touchdown now the only good thing that came out a bit that the Salvation Army donations. Exploded like 400%. After he did that. So release the Salvation Army benefited from that and the people that the Salvation Army helps. And then he goes to New Orleans and he does that he is eight odd character he almost almost reminds me of Ricky Williams. It ends his off field mannerisms. Hopefully without all the stuff that goes along with that but all of but I think there are some stories about that too soon announce it. Exactly right you wanna join the discussion 8444773776. Talked buoyed up in the Clinton segment this is the bottle. On ESPN upstate. Welcome to a Friday edition August 11 22070. Addition of the huddle I'm Josh Phillips along with Alonso. As we begin our clips and segments and let's welcome in. Mr. Clinton himself Todd Boyd former Clemson quarterback ACC record holder and all American Taj how we doing today. America portable in the rain we'll go through. Man you got to have an umbrella over your head. As a. Look at all of it wasn't about Bobby bell and. I hear you let's get it right you're Taj. Of course you play the hot position of our quarterback at Clemson under some record setting offenses. I guess some exceptionally tough schedules. I'll talk about what's going on with the quarterback situation. I know you go to clubs and quite often watched practice. And the talk to a lot of the players down there. I'm of the opinion that Kelly Brian has solidified themselves. Starter that dabble is backing him up on that and it looks like he is going to being the starter for the 2017 season. Yeah you know. It is like a paper in this. It will be told about it. Well let me start for even if we neglect Imus. Public chili's where it very well well bloom sub. Blue on our quarterback. They hear every day cable book cigarette advertisement and people who pay him. He blamed it that we didn't go. I know apartment knock joke. And being bought or sold Figaro what are good things good and has been able. That quarterback you have to what they've had killed a lot that would make that we do not know he built Obama Iran Debbie who spoke. That don't repeat. Let cord out of debt and I'll let you know the big giver ought to look and economic. As we can talk him when former Clinton legend then ACC record holder Todd Boyd Taj. Talk to us a little bit about this offense it seems. You know everybody wants to talk about the losses of Mike Williams and and that crew. But let's not mistake Dion came in Hannover and throw. And then now legend that is becoming too easy against this offense is poised to be just as explosive. As the last several years. Yeah to the point now our post though it's very much so plug and play. Not look back it must receive an Arab but opting. Not to elect is Mike got especially in the red zone. And the number commit their optimum might be my guy and I don't play Georgia Tech or your. A look at it at my options out there and Samuel. This person might wind bigger conflict. Mike you make it happen problems while Britain it is that a little. And he became sick Utley who became our own guy and you look at the skills that they she was that there carpet. No beyond chains are our slash or. Advocate as. Tremendous speed limit upside. On the alert for you mr. consistent. Mean clutch in every situation and having that person double box outside their broken finger and you can use that assumes you are now. They got CA I mean boots. You know justice boosting. Can do it on about slow court not to do it achiever and you know he took that same mold of popular in the Mike Williams and it will be a little bit of a public foundation between the two could you will give the to run. A little bit sent them vote rather than talented kid Lamar yet for Robert Bork and so I'm excited of seeing him play man. I haven't really a chance to see him in person yet but from everything and I'm here where players sodium that children ago. As we're talking live clips and legend and former ACC record holder. On Taj Boyd Taj. We just had a blockbuster trade with Sammy Watkins out of buffalo have you had a chance to talk to Sammy in the last several minutes. And what if you have what she's thinking about this trade. To Los Angeles. I hear about this subject I took her bottom so. On I'm being Australian. A lot of things about them up those man. A lot of reformists say that was the have been directly at the right time are well they did that Alter -- was geared toward stranded away. It out street battles some moderate injuries that they are very similar in new look at it from you discourse perspective of oil he had to both slow. You put him in any other system he may be that guy may be what you thought woods. But there are trying to ram you know it burden to putrid odor was not transparent so. You know you look at certain. And what people that mean he looks super out you're. I mean it's 11. Got away from. Well take into the house every time we get the ball work. You know think that we got a quarterback especially miniature golf. Either allow or seemingly got to make plays pepper. We turn a pre operative many architects down and you have that same if you look at tiger effect there. And say I'm not and I mean this district here that I blew that straight semi broke the rams now have to just jump up books. You know mile Marat you know I'm excited that they are and we'll also got their music measures. As we're talking with clubs and legend and ACC record holder Todd Boyd Taj. Back to this season for your Clemson Tigers. Talkers are what is Kelly Bryant on the field. Because there was a time where you had your first snap the first time you trotted out there in front of 86000 fans. But where does he what does his emotions going to be like is he going to be thinking. When he walks up to that first that indeed the difference though with him he's walking out with the defending national championship. Hanging out in the stadium there at Death Valley. I'll but what is Kelly going to be feeling the first time he trots out in the huddle and looks for guys in the eyes. Well. You know certain he'll be nervous. Kidnapped and killed though and a noted is that general and remote. I don't what are we would like jelly here. There have you gotten that Israel thought you meant to deter job. That's budget vote all of it that's what you computer that off the camp you're the literacy yeah we're. I can't make this mistake you have got to play. Lets her debut in the pocket. He noted author temperature there again dot net. Or start sort of put you understand it Edgar. Do what he took well you know he had well. To convert every bird can go to always. Say. It came another series. You know when the government. Army. He has that ability to but separated into eight and argued that you know Briard. To get that first and the debris the premise articulate what he can give them go to our game and though it could. Simulate with the game is. Let them search result. Literature that game an all out no doubt about it got approval development over the blue. The domestic game to certain harbor. That's what I bet is probably hurts numbers in their. My first start to get clobbered. What right out of place boardwalk Burt who were on the problem a look at the first two games. That America has put me out to go to bird. No I'm dead accurate word Lugo or will they be telling you that. They're gonna as it would break put himself on the that a mystery is ready on game. As we're talking with clubs and legend and ACC record holder Taj Boyd college. Also Kelly's going to be operating behind. What many people are considering the best offensive line. Possibly to ever play Clemson. Talk about the development of this fraud and what coach Caldwell. Has done with them along with the emergence. Of which high hard to believe. That he is now going into his junior year. And he has been a stalwart at that left tackle position. Ultra certain limit for themselves doing the best that child shall call period. Yeah you bet and leadership that Ayatollah Crowder. They got the young chiller I mean there's plenty of talent out there and offer my. The big thing for those guys is just to believe in each other. You know without start of the sentiment that over. Arching being used. So dark dirt can billion won the stream of Iraq Norton. Figure I'm. Old got sort of that similar could've been debate via a lot more and anybody. Brilliant at that building your boot up there to control. You know try to ask are out there may be game. And particular jumped up and articulate. That took an individual sport in the senate or threatened or talk about it again here where. You know you're below the level the demand side or another it will cost follicles of. As we're talking with Todd Boyd. Former ACC record holder and Clemson legend course dodge. As we wrap up with huge. Talk about how the emergence of this defense on the other side of the football because I know you've seen them I mean if there's a better front four in college football I don't know all of them. But especially at the linebacker position where many people were questioning what was going on after bin border left. And it seems that Kindle Joseph and company are doing just fine. And I noticed kingdom. You can get replaced now. Get the biggest concern to replace that leadership. But they're gonna had a chemical. That would or not that we get wait at the backdrop. Is threatened to step up the one thing. Amid that he works against just. I don't know they got to be ethnic cultural are a bit special or even the veteran for the last year cultural off all there at that altitude. What you aren't thrilled to be at the office that were more than we export. I gave to win every game that's gotten this year it could be hit it that it. That create the return over the hill allow. That potential though. A room. Don't like get that's a commercial and start fresh and again that's what it ownership of the bimbo words such as. Mobile believe what we live by example well what they've bought clothes like reputable man who actually Olympic. But at same time like. You know. He worked partly due. In part of all of our equipment to go get them until the enemy. Can't think I react the and bigot play to promote. You know chaotic situation so that at. Pilgrim ready were. Well let me just. We've got up there are seven. Governor especially we know you look at the bear and they're just got to go but got yup and the band Aerosmith. Back here. Mark Martin will quoted gotten away. We've got to do what they are about to get that. You have been been limited to about a couple of game I don't know don't make it will be important that it. And to enjoy books don't get that back. One last question we're wrapping up worth. Clubs and legend and ACC record holder Taj Boyd taught how proud are you were you of watching this show on Watson. The other night making his first NFL. Game and the poise and the performance in which he put on I know. You took him under your wing in his tarmac Clemson. And really helped him along more so with all of the field stuff inhaling the position like you did. Have you had a chance to talk to the show on since that performance. And if so how did he feel he did. That all men but Taylor a lot of you know just ground over there and took him. You know bigger than that that's the most analysts and demeanor that columnist to forward. And this has doubled on a mainstay computer that they they Amanda what did not hear rattled on a similar. To Barack. Not that number two tackles partner. And here at some point man who don't want to go out and start to sludge and and I don't think Hillary got this map that can begin. The ability particular place. Yeah and colleagues. At the as a rookie in the first game ever. You know in an environment like I mean it looks pretty packed but for preaching again. You know part of it here at the pump when he did exactly. A bit worried about it. But the ball on target ever equate to. Your brain to look and feel prepared what are. We are written in the big reprimanded that it continued to improve their commitment. I'm a bit of work out well I went to try to be acquitted. Of corporate. And I certainly could go on the rig. Up a blitz me or. About hot but the bit. What do a little bit Obama doesn't know that it court they didn't record we were. There are people around me and puppet government that are old and not give character. The out of here I think I'll I'll I'll. Yeah. As we're rapid upward Tom Osborne Clinton legend and ACC record holder Taj. Thank you so much free time you're we look forward to seeing on the sideline that clinching games. And have you back on the show thanks all the best. Welcome Manny just beyond state listeners. From kings mountain North Carolina and Tutu accord Georgie actually believe I picked this up coming back from Atlanta and tickled Georgian sure. Wherever. It was also. And it wasn't that static either. Does that make you nervous. Kinda. Is that really shouldn't be non not at all not at all love our footprint is expanding and expanding and expanding. We get short segment on this time let's go and get Delmon and nobody wants to talk about Zeke Elliott. Delta and welcome to the hole when Josh Phillips at Alonso. It. Man I'm cal was particular tune and there's somebody who don't. I want the evidence they've got to stand using it suited as a golfer should Lou is that they are isolated. That we haven't seen consolidated credit definite evidence. Is that it assumes no officials say up smooth over at all and I wanna cut deposited. I don't want folks back upon red pill called upon it as completion date somebody. We'll delve that's a good point not thank you for the phone call. Yeah I mean. Now Dell is not going to do that well look if you're cowboys fan which are hoping for. Is that good Dell is handing Zeke Elliott the Lombardi trophy. Come February. You know back to what Delmon said there are several web sites including TMZ reported there's photographic evidence that he did. Abused girlfriend so I mean you know. My question is why wasn't he arrested. That's of course that I half. And if they have this photographic evidence. Why was he not arrested and thrown in jail. I don't know exactly how it works but I think a lot of us to do with the the accuser. Willing to press charges and she didn't. This week. Well I mean she reported it. Now but I. And look what can be the first to say it if there was. A domestic abuse. And he should pray to the full letter of the law. Unequivocally. The problem I have is. There were no charges he was not arrested. And now he's handed down this is going to affect it he's just given a six game suspension. This is literally for half the season because the cowboys have an off week in week seven. And then come back he's not gonna play it we gave. The seasons have over. So at what state will the cowboys me and once he comes back. We'll take a look at bet and the huddled this is John. Phillips. And Alonso. This is the huddle on Friday August 11 2017. What a fast week. Greg McKinney will be back Monday from his vacation in the Bahamas. I'll slide back over to my cohost chair. And we welcome him back as we are just. Fifteen days away from the start of the college football season. This stuff would residual Eliot there are reports coming out now. That the league office took into account has multiple. What they consider poor judgment. By Zeke Elliott. And there are Saudi of course. The allegations of domestic abuse that occurred down in Florida there were two separate instances. One down in Florida. In which the authorities were notified. They found that there was insufficient. Evidence. To arrest or charge. Zeke Elliott with it down in Florida and then supposedly. An incident that happened in Columbus. To Wear the Columbus police department also found. Insufficient evidence. Or probable cause because of conflicting. Reports. But also this goes at the heart that the NFL. And Alonso brought this up but I did and credit for this is that the NFL really look stupid. When they gave Ray Rice and two game suspension in the video surfaced. See the problem with what I have with the NFL right now. Is Ray Rice was charged. So you have to police departments. In opposite ends of the country one in Ohio and one in Florida. Where these alleged incidences occurred and both police all them both police departments. Found that there was insufficient evidence. Let me tell you something CLE that was one of the most powerful. Football players out Ohio State. You mean to tell me that if he'd put his hands on a woman. You you are going to be there and notice it. In yet. The Florida and Ohio police departments where these incidents took place. Found insufficient evidence. Now supposedly there's pitchers out there. I haven't seen these pictures. But I know somebody that might. Because he's got to keyword. Don't absent picture but I do know the keyword your chance when thousand dollars ESPN. Cast past contests. There is a keyword. The word is pencil. Pete he and CIL. Pencil mis Edison's. Glenn pencil and the New York Giants as NFC east champions. We'll continue this discussion right after this. And none on ESPN upstate.