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Welcome any espionage state listeners to say August the tenth. 2070. Addition of the Hubble I am just Phillips with one vote. Hard to believe we've only got one more hour. Is that how you go around Saturday morning really just where would the Dayton saw this world today that worked so are reporting that out not so skillfully done. I appreciate that less than an hour now less than an hour. You make it's only because it is a bad thing that all we have left is this an hour. It is on the wartime scenario. I wanna talk sports. More time. The last we only have less than an power. You wanna join the conversation 8444773776. Or join us on the text line which has been awesome all of you textures. I'm pre Charlotte I appreciate all your opinions whether I agree with you or not. Thank you for taking the time to Texas at 7130. Sub and you don't just having a conversation. I did not realize. Do you realize there's a drink out their called cocaine. No I I didn't realize that okay. I didn't either. It's sold at a raceway. And apparently this one drink. Is the equivalent in strength. To four Red Bulls. Okay well anyone do that I just. Well and I mean we're such a charge society now we drink coffee like gets water. He had never I don't drink coffee so it's probably good I am well I'm I'm coffee it. I just you know I try to rebel wants it was it was a mistake. I drink powerful rebel and that was the larger yeah. Now I mean I thought my heart would be out of my chest socialist. And I used to tell us did you drink but just how foreign. All yeah America. It didn't taste good lead and is so I didn't lie about it again. I got so revved up my heart was beating so fast like today can I can't do this. Well I cannot imagine a drink. That has the strength equivalent to four Red Bulls. Now the only thing in my recent memory that I can relate that to is that old during jolt remember that I do remember joked I was ordering. I remember. Some on niners big bag. College in some guys going out buying six packs and that they could stay away. Do you like the fact of that some of these beverage companies are. Bringing back he's antiquated drinks like Zeum and did you see eczema is being released just the soft again and you're not it's. I don't drink alcohol don't drink so now you know I'd I mean I remember seeing the commercials which I thought our interest and other than that act you know our. When they first came out. You would get beaten up if your guy and you've got called zeman your hand now. I don't think arsonists this is and so and now announced third strike often as I see him as kind of losing the economy wide. Greenwood fuel. I'm sure he had his fair share. I would probably attempt one now. But this drink called cocaine. Four Red Bulls. I'm gonna have to look that up who who would do about. Why would anybody and you know what it's kind of like. Buffalo wings everybody keeps trying to make the hottest one. Till somebody's face melts all. I still and I'm trying to figure out what would make you want to drink something like that I mean why would you need to drivers just to see you and you would he went that guy out there on the I'm not saying I don't let go out there much. It'll third shift workers. Know that I'd like to see Greg McKinney drink that. Because. He's so smooth and so calm. I'd like to see the result of that. That should be the result this final a lot of what happens you know ten minutes after he drinks that. You know people say that stuff that alters. They go to the other extreme so that means McKinney would become this. Tattooed biker guy. While we don't know that he's not that already that's a fair statement on this hour here's the result on the air I just. If he was so and dump them because so calm and smooth. You know you hear that god he gets excited doing play about play for burns which by the way next Saturday first burns game her right here. All in this station ESPN upstate starting at 530 next Saturday and it's Myrtle Beach so that that's pretty cool so your lists here command W Hamlin now whenever there's a touchdown. That's the most excited I've ever heard him get. So I'd love to see him. Go talking so fast that you couldn't understand what he's saying. And this might do that I think this needs to be the the punishment for a bet. Although I'm sure legal would probably saying now he can't do that wanna. Is he hurt himself heard others on arrived. As if if you had a heart attack as a result on that and that's a good point that I mean because something that strong. Will cause your heart rate to go up pretty quick so you gotta be careful of that kind of stuff. I hate to be the voice of reason I've I really don't want no one knows the reason who are you won't happen Alonso and I was there an alien abduction. During the break always underneath I am Mac guy gadget. Hard to believe that it's been a year since the Olympics were in Rio. Els a fast year. It was Pacino seems a long time and again it does it's only been a year Summer Olympics this time last year remember. Everybody was worried about. The security because of the corruption in those. In the wanderer and all that water and all of that got dead bodies. Caught up float noble the beach at the Carolina. Now you ought to look at what real has become it is worse off because they built the Olympic village. Obviously in the roughest parts. Of real. And I'm sitting here looking at the pictures. It's not bad but the people they used to live there are talking about how. The crime has come back tenfold. This happens a lot and other countries I think in America we build Olympic. Things we still use them afterwards I think I'm right someone they will become ghost town so maybe some of the Winter Olympics stuff but I mean this summer all of the stuff I think it's Hughes doesn't it. Yes the Atlanta stop them right that turf field yeah. What became Turner Field. Now it's Georgia State football stadium again but still it's it's being used and so are these other countries. They put all this money into and they knew that basically become slum and rundown and all like I don't get that. I'm of the opinion that the Olympics should never be held outside the United States. Well the first Olympics probably would complain about that but you know we'll have this way and yeah. Feel opportunities and mama cry to tease and soaker in all those Jesus. And the Greeks were a bunch of Jesus man. I think the first Olympics was basically naked to the Los Angeles yes they were no idea let's not bring that back. Specialists are more aspect though sees Tom Brady org about the civil Russell's. Yeah that was pretty cool that was pretty cool. No wonder he's forty can still. Participate in the NFL he's going gets 400 pound sumo wrestlers. Always wanted to try that on would you Wear the outfit on not only word and I want to cry I don't know where that. Gotta make you wanna hurt some money for sure it but I always wanted to use. You know especially back in the day when I waited a little bit more tests to squeeze other things as well see you're stuck on that part I don't I just would like to go up again I can't give a mom I've got that commercial with Brady. Not Brady but. It's those things that you wish you could unseat. You ever had those moments I can't be the only one that has had moments that you wish you could unseat ploy yeah definitely all right. See now which we do we should have the PSP in upstate Olympic Games and compete between the two shows to see it in some events. Because I would love to go up against. Like price and sumo. Who's until he would take it would take it very seriously. And the final be devastating if you lost which to me he would but still you know it's it would become a fine. So what with the matchups would be it would be you and prize. Stirs and McKinnie and I guess diesel and I. On you can take all of what are my chances in the sumo S yeah on that board yeah you could definitely. Other things not so much. Now weightlifting you probably don't wanna do that with them not might be good for one rout of us would probably be doing so let's all those pictures on line I mean you can doctor pictures videos and stuff and I. He looks like you can you can do a pretty good deal in the weight room but there's some other stuff that we can deal I'd but stink we can have some fun with that ESP upstate Olympics yeah alike that they'll be a cool idea. We can't we get some videos of that sort of thing we did get that drink cocaine to sponsor. I think I might be from Bob who knows mark my goal for the wallet before iPods a legal draw down but again you don't wanna be sponsored by cocaine he's still. Erik Wetzel the greatest songs ever again. It. ESPN upstate Olympic Games sponsored by cocaine no I don't think that goes over well. I don't think the senate Robby would be down with that I'm to say this Drake was sold. In kits. That originally was banned by the FDA. But it's back so how they get it approved today does the had a watered down a little morsel that. It was introduced in 2006. It is etched etched etched. Three and a half. On the label. This thing is ridiculous I wouldn't drink yet. It was a night at a former cohost with me. Who would drink a rebel before every show and finally had his say do you got to stomp. Because he would talk so fast you couldn't understand what he was saying and that's Warren. So I can't imagine something four times as powerful. It comes in two flavors cherry and settlement. It's made by redux beverages. I mean that cam looks intimidating. And it's available on line and then low cool beverage stores. It's always been available in Europe. And it does come with the FDA warning. A soft drink when an FDA warning. Now. I'm with you obligated to Cantu yeah I guess it's a brilliant simply yeah I just know. I mean. That would have to be there's. I mean it's got 750. Milligrams of chlorine. Four hour. Novice is out there now I'd be wind because I don't know lip NASCAR and it kind of enhances what caffeine does your body. OK so it's come alive. You know those mosques is important engines to make him burn hotter to go faster now. It's which is an additive to gasoline or night Erica. That's what Bahrain is the caffeine. So it's a catalyst. So for every Graham. Of caffeine it's working real literally worth ten times that. Good luck. You got what he got to be careful and drink cocaine. And wonder where there's just going to be sold that well apparently years older raceway I'm not gonna run out raceway in her. Bob one. It was so bad they had to re name it no name energy drink. How is this even allowed on the market. I'd just you know I can't. Mom I'm going down the store to buy some cocaine I mean you know I just don't know. King kicking kids buy this stuff. Of course there's no. That there's not a big miss likeness like monster in Red Bull and all of those. Which I'm a Red Bull junkie I don't like monster monster from the taste nasty. But some people would say Red Bull alone red. I just think noted named it something else I mean that's all. You know it. Obviously there's a visual connotation you're right it doesn't cola campaign error. OK I just I can. We told you about this I have an idea of who told you about those blood. Actually. Probably better leave that off here I'll tell you all and they are offered okay all right because you do have a pretty big guess of who wants. I mean this things intense man 844477. 3776. Gamecocks fans feel like the defense of life meet some of this cocaine drink. Oh I'll get missile is still do not sound good and miss label now viewed Joseph. Well so loud loud hello means go okay knows what I what you're talking about earlier how people here only part of that. Now is going to be quotes out there. Some some Clemson website just heard you say that they put it on there maybe this is what will Muster was on before you came to South Carolina because actually boom has not been he's been boom less. Ray tanner put the go bosh on all those sideline antics he's he's been relatively reserved hasn't been any. Outburst. Now he can't are going to be no give thrown out of the game did you see that new rule. Coaches that. Followed the officials out over the field it's an automatic fifteen yard penalty. Automatic or throw it right then on volumes and there are no longer throws a lot of food tirades on the side they can't. If they stepped foot across. That white line even if the players behind him you know when there's like a team on their own twenty. And they break a long run or pass everybody behind the ball is run and you're seeing tauzin towel boys and managers and coaches run and on the backside of the field if anybody does that now the ball's coming back into fifteen yard penalty. So would you be able to coach today you know they have to put me in the boxes have now is gonna guess an adult. No no no. Matter of fact. I didn't need this drink cocaine when I was Cogent. Some people said. It was the other stuff was that. This is the hall on ESP upstate would just filter logs a lot of those negatives they have. Apparently loves old. Your conference is under siege by double Sweeney. I'm sure mark conferences. Very afraid. Well. This is the huddle. On ESP upstate I'm Josh Phillips along with Alonso. It has now come out that. The ACC has gotten so good football it is no longer considering. The SEC. As a rival. From conference affiliation standpoint. Apparently now the ACC in the coaches around the league. Are coming after the Big Ten. And double Sweeney is leading the charge. There are recent ever view. Him and Jumbo Fisher. Took their turns blasting. The Big Ten. This is double Sweeney and I quote. Go back to last year we're trying to figure out a way to put four Big Ten teams and the playoff. And let me tell you if they have figured it out they have done. I didn't pay no attention to the Big Ten you just kind of bias right. Sweeney continues that's just what's up there. And did we get ready to play Ohio State. And I start watching the tape which I'll watch every single game and I tell our guys boy is these guys are in trouble. Speaking about Ohio State. I mean I'll watch the whole week. I've gone through the whole league both sides these guys are in trouble and that's exactly what happened again that's a credit to our lead. Double sweep our scares me Jumbo Fisher backs that up. By making this statement. And other Dench obvious the end. We get caught up and that leads the best this year for instance last year it was the Big Ten Big Ten Big Ten always heard was Big Ten. Down our throats. All of a sudden the ACC split them to death in bowl games major games big games. And any game that happened between the Big Ten in the ACC. But maybe during that time of the year. The Big Ten was better even though weeks bank don't. I give it I don't get why any of that matters I mean. Clinton won a national championship deservedly so best team in college football last year. What good does that do to slam an entire conference I mean. According building up. What what what benefit. Do you get it's. It's like it's is talking smack after you Marty wanted. Yeah I think can someone in his team to line on the ground and in your make affordable now as a line there I just I don't get I don't get the benefit I mean I mustered just what your fans do it to get even more riled up and excited I guess that's the reason but. Other than that. Every year's a new year. Well I think what has happened to answer that question. Is the ACC has bill relevant and football for the last 35 years. Is pass. We'll let you let your play on the field. Proves that why you gotta talk about it I just I mean obviously this is what the national championship I don't understand why your back and talk about the ads don't get it. Well because of the fact that from a media standpoint. Everybody was talking about how strong. The Big Ten was and how bad Ohio State was going to be Clemson and how bad Michigan was gonna beat Florida State. I think that's why it. Kind of sparked all of this. And then of course the tigers win 31 nothing in Michigan and Florida's not understand why jumble Fisher Ron and his yap. I mean it's not like they spiked Michigan it was a 33 to thirty to shoot out in the Capital One Orange Bowl in which Florida State. Had to hold offer resurgent Michigan team. So it's not like Florida State just blow Michigan now the water you know what I doubt has every right. To talk some smack he backed it up Jumbo has no right to talk smack. Are you a conference guy or YouTube that's why are you SEC all the way and my conference is better than yours or do you newsroom for your team. Are we. From my team looked at him bowl season. I'll pull for teams that I'll light meaning. When South Carolina plays. Whoever the bowl game I don't mindful of the gamecocks. Went Clemson plays whoever in a bowl game a month pulling for Clemson. When. It you know as long as they're not play in my team. And I'll like him or have someone ever start forum I got a problem with a now when teams from more of original guy meaning I don't care. What team you are if you're from the south. And you play a team from another part of the country I'm gonna pull for that team wine. Because I'm a southerner. On the American. I don't know why I'm trying to understand. Because. There's still a place I ever heard of that happening is down here alone I don't. If I'm in Ohio now say we're going to be to sell because we're the north. They don't say that side I don't understand it I'm just trying to get an understanding. You know what I'm glad you acid that's a great question. The south historically. Has not had a whole lot. To cheer for. It's been over a hundred years literally. Cents a lot of southern people have felt good about themselves quite honestly. And the reason for that is because the agricultural company and agricultural business which was the life blood of the south. For over 200 years. Dried up and went away. So now you had poverty you've got. All of these different issues. That set in what the south. That is quite honestly made people that has gotten a self made fun off. Okay from the rest of the country there's always been kind of an elitist attitude. From other regions of the country when it concerns. Any state in what you redeemed us now. Let me ask you when you've lived in other parts of the country you notice that I have yeah I have to see I didn't I I I just I didn't know that people. Thought that way about the south to look to the south and people in the South Pole meet all look at our. Yeah relatives from other parts of the country and have my grandmother's weight off just by almost broke out. Between my brother and some of my cousins who would not shut up about his east Texas accent. I mean they just kept going all on and on and on and on. And volley my brother had enough and he's 62260. Pounds. And my cousins who were from Massachusetts kept making fun of him because he has a very thick east Texas accent. And they just kept picking adamant and finally he grabbed them both around the net in his mammoth hands. Instead Ollie and both of you don't leave me alone not first we're having fun. But they just kept going all on and on and on and on. But see that's family at that's the number they're not the only ones because when I go and visit. Different relatives the first thing people say I can't I can take one step off the plane and people go man you've got a funny accident. And I mob or sponsor them now is. Well so you in my opinion. It always comes up that you don't towns and an accident well in downtown New York City I do. And downtown. Phoenix I do. In Scottsdale Arizona on the golf course I do. And you do bragging about all the places you've been no not really want to slow sounds like a little noticed. Downtown Boston Massachusetts. And they make fun of the conservative way isn't. All of those. Narrow mindedness and all of that gone toe and I did god come upon me the street and downtown Manhattan. And I told him where I was probably deals you'll have a god only do you. I would I would doubt as he was getting ready to rob U anyone to make sure that you can not running. I was in three days fifteen all salute those guys can Robby to well they do with there computers instead of gun. Now back to my point. So what happens is the national media likes to poke fun at that. And they do. They do. There is a lead us mentality. About us they make fun it's funny how people from the north to make fun of what we eat like grits. Here's the thing you know my age you know I'm from Lyle born and raised there lived there for twenty something years. My family the majority of my family's from Kentucky. All right so right so. When you consider now south or not there's a southern accident and well lawyer doesn't wanna be considered a part of Kentucky so that's different so so anyway I I just wanna say I hate grits and has nothing to do with the south. It has to do with the fact that grits had no taste. Right but you don't think. We should stop serving grist and the south I'd never heard anyone say that they're all yeah everything you see people all over the country trying to change. Our culture here and the south they they they want us to eat better and that's a that's you know very veteran and and it. Well let's see you've dealt with a split I've never heard that. Until I got here I've only heard. People in the south saying that they're oppressed by everybody else. Doing on this but I've never heard the other side I just don't don't know itself there it's out there until you were four or so well. What what happened says. James if you'll join the discussion 8444773776. Or join the text line at 71307. You know I had a lady insult me at a very nice restaurant in Boston. I should she asked me what my drink was announced that I'll have to eat she brought me Cannell Lipton. They don't serve sweet tea you know what that's fun. I'll make it when I go out there but they don't you can't find it. Now McDonald's has made it popular. But it. Didn't back to our roads and why is it sold driven. Into this part of the country it's because football is one of the most. Physical. And you can impose your will on an opponent there's nothing. More gratifying. Than to watch your team. Physically dominate another school. And when that school is from the south and it is that it's done to suppose that. Came from or anywhere else beat Ohio State Michigan USC because I did say something even Alabama. You take any came from the south and you put them against a team from any other part of the country that's considered a leaked. And automatically they're gonna be the favorite. Automatically. Automatically. What do mean Alabama as well not now let's go safe again now I'm not not now. I and that's why people I don't I'm I don't recall ever hearing anyone say a bit too big too Big Ten like the SEC champ ugly ACC think. Again there's a chip there that's not necessary again just off your shoulder it's not. Jobless sweetie you won the national championship what do you care about any other conference that's an business that's big. If you're not from the south you don't understand that there is a camaraderie and there's a relationship. With them people from the state of the south. That there isn't like I can be end. Like I was out in Phoenix right at the final four. And I had a long. Texas shirt. And somebody from Mississippi came up. And so yeah I'm from Mississippi what part of Texas are you from. So it's almost like a brotherhood it's it's it's a deeper relationship. Seems to me this sounds like you're saying the south doesn't believe in being united except. For being united in south. And it's United States of America which means angle from state to state and I still live in America it's not that I didn't have to get a passport to come to the south. I'm either accepted or not that's fine but I'd I don't give people who put region above country I just don't get that. No I know I'll get that don't get me don't get it twisted as one sounds like don't get it twisted. Folks from the south or some of the most patriotic people in the world. I didn't hear the phone call to discuss. What was is well obviously I'm not going to play this isn't what I expected I'm not that we don't need to get into that discussion whoa what what's on your fear. OK so it was rough. No. So. Because of that. And it was the SEC that started it because the SEC it really started back in the thirties when Alabama one out of southern cal. As a massive underdog. And beat the trojans in California. And ever since then because that's when the south was really suffering during the great coming out of the depression World War II. And all of that and for. Alabama to go to California. And beat the trojans in the Rose Bowl was an enormous. Thing and every sense then. Southern football everybody grabs and gravitate to it that it's our team. Even Alabama Alabama's playing like this past year was gonna split because Alabama was playing another team from the south. In Clemson so what that bad but if Alabama was playing southern cal you've got to believe the whole south is gonna pull for Alabama if Clinton plays. Michigan for the national tell this year everybody in the south is gonna pull for clubs and this is the huddle on the ESP upstate. This is the huddle on ESPN upstate I am Josh Phillips along with blondes old. As we hastened on to. The end of the show hard to believe it's Jason is a good word as home tell you I guess I just don't like the incident. On the text line that says. Texas have joined this conversation and you'll do on the conversation. 8444773776. Or get in the text line index ESPN at 713 O'Sullivan. It could be a recruiting tactic of for a cruise says I don't wanna play for a Big Ten team. Doubled trying to destroy that mindset. That's a possibility I can see I could see that angle on that one would make sense. But everything else I'd I just don't get I don't get why you slam somebody when you've already beat him. DJ had David does a good one on here board does southern team that left that you're supposed to support. Is your arrival checkmate Josh how are born. Our console rival the end well used to be Texas it's not anymore they're trying to fabricate a robbery. Uh oh with the LA issue in the fight for the golden boot I have to ask you because I don't know I I didn't know if organs I see how are liable or not so. It's. It is now. It's one of those things that the they're trying to do but it's it's not working actually a budding rivalry. Is coming with Missouri because forever. On the hogs and the tired of Missouri Tigers never played but now that Missouri is in the SEC. And their cross over par and there an opponent of hogs. That's come on on someone and Texas a and M Texas save them was an old southwest conference. A rubble that's been reborn. Constancy and m.'s comeback into the league. Attacks or gets an Alonzo you may have to address this could have no idea what they mean. So what about drain last night. We're about what was always drain I have no idea. You know this may be one of those. Things were auto correct may. Corrected what they were trying to say. Lot of times on a correct will change and maybe they'll say so what about the rain last night. Is that the best I can from it it does okay so it they may have been Talabani certain name of a player and auto correct changed it and they could be too. The point being is double and Jumbo I think they've had enough. And that it they're looking at the respectability. Of the league. And that the ACC for a long time has been considered a basketball league. Here's the thing you know double end in June both say this Enola. Care. Whenever they say if I if I don't respect something these two guys are not gonna change my opinion. Especially the way they're doing it you let let what you did on the field proved that you were. Those are the better conference last year ACC with a better conference get from them. But let your play prove it you don't need to come on sale this stuff unless it's like what the text or said of the has something to do recruiting other than that. You just talk and man that's still in again what I was trying to explain to me this goes back to ball in the south it's more than a gain. Seed and it is more and I came into this country cope well see and that's that's again if you did you specialists. Football in Ohio is just as big as it is here. God there's just most storied high schools in our entire country where that they can't McKinley naslund on the Cincinnati Moeller is all those guys or via all those kind of teams so you mean to tell me that football doesn't mean the same two guys who play on that team that's what I hear this all the time. It makes no sense to me. Football's football doesn't matter where you wore it means a whole lot to whoever's there watching. I think. Southerners who look at it this way. Football was invented. Somewhere else but was perfected in the south. And that's an opinion. Well not really. Because on the collegiate level. More teams from the south have won the national championship than any other region in the country. So sure about well the closest one is southern cal I think southern cal as eleven national championships. Alabama has fifteen. I mean if you total them all up together. Just within the Southeastern Conference alone. You've got thirty somewhat national championships. So you figure a hundred years of college football. Every third year a team from the south winds the national championship let's. That's pretty strong. Now you can debate. You know where's the cut off. Some people don't consider Texas part of I knew. Thank you know I'm not gonna go through all these but I I'm pretty sure you're wrong because if you just started the first war and in the first three or 41 by Princeton's last I checked that's in the north Yale Harvard Princeton Yale. That's like the first I don't know ten or fifteen. So did you perceive more than not if you look at it so I I don't think you're right about that and I hate to dispute but I don't think I love it. Especially when you come to me the bullets of Harvard Yale and Princeton misses its pick of state. That's the huddle on ESPN upstate I'm Josh Fields along Alonso. Last segment of the hollow on this August the tenth 2017. Edition of the huddle hard to believe that we only one more show. Left in this week tomorrow. Alonso and I will be right back here if you wanna give us a follow follow me on Twitter at Josh ESPN upstate. Give lawns all fall off follow at Alonso on word. On Twitter are a couple more. Taxes. On the text line on text or gets in and says cal must separate schools. Regardless of number of titles. Don't quite understand also saying don't count the same school more than once. So if you count Alabama warrants. If you count the southern states once I don't know how that how that factors I think still the north went. Well that's because there's I mean there's fifty so much played here only count and it does come back upstairs and ignore the state senator McConnell I don't have now dominate college football that's even more the point. Three corners of the country can't meet a core. I mean. That's the truth somebody out there and got what you do says. But I'm not I'm not a lineman did go to usually don't know that was a flyby went over some heads. I want to thank Alonso on the board today I wanna think Corey Miller former South Carolina game cargo all American in the NFL great. In the getter in the South Carolina segment one thing well Vander more of the Clinton insider. And lastly I wanna thank you the listener for joining in on the huddle on ESPN upstate are we'll see you tomorrow.