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Welcome ESPN upstate sports fans this is Josh Phillips. And Alonso on the huddle this Wednesday August the tenth 2000. And seventeen and we are now on the college football clock twenty days twenty days depending on who you asked when he won days. Until told me it's leather and we've got college football. All on ESPN announced they would get a jam packed show for you today. A lot of getter lots to get into today. Oh with the NFL NFL pre season. Of course the buzz around the nation right now. Is the Houston Texans in the Carolina Panthers game. From right from last night a good Bank of America Stadium and the performance. Of Shawn Watson we will discuss that also the PGA championship from quail hollow. In Charlotte is under way Jordan's beef is looking to become the youngest. Ever professional got PGA player. To achieve the career Grand Slam and if he wins on this weekend at the PGA and quail hollow. He will have done that I believe he is 24 years old heartedly 2425. Hard to believe he's already won the masters the British Open and the US open. Just this world the won the British Open just this past summer. And now he's going for. The career Grand Slam to become the youngest. To achieve that we've a guest on the show today. In our Clinton's argument will be well Vander Mort. Of the Clemson men's side there's gonna join us he's been in every practice. Down for the defending national champion Clemson Tigers. Former game cock in nine. Year NFL pro Corey Miller. From the University of South Carolina will be joining us. In the third segment at 140. To develop to talk about the game cars came out. Here in this first hour second hour. We'll talk more NFL and where to show on is that in this race. Do you separate himself. As well but around the league right now in the NFL Dovonte Freeman of the Atlanta Falcons. Signs a contract extension 22022. In the amount of fourteenth two million dollars to become the highest paid NFL running back. In the league averaging eight million a year over. The life of the contract the interesting thing about the. The deal is the body's got seventeen million guaranteed but here's the kicker on this. And as a running back I'm. Happy for him and I'm surprised more Macs haven't done this he won't get 22 million dollar guarantee. If he becomes injured. And he cannot play football anymore so his agent. Did a phenomenal job. Of working that into the contract so Dovonte Freeman. Reaping the rewards of being told leading rusher of the NFL over the last two years. Averaging over a thousand yards and ten rushing touchdowns. Of the last couple seasons have parlayed that into a 42 million dollar contract. Seventeen million guaranteed with a 22 million dollar. Injury guarantee. And the NFL so we're happy to hear about that. Major League Baseball man on the Dodgers just continue. To roll they are on their they've won their eightieth game yesterday Ballinger hits. His 33 home run of the season. They're now eighty and thirty story and Major League Baseball. And here we are almost a month well with a bottom left then. The season so no question the Dodgers are on a historical run through the regular season the question is going to be. Can Kershaw and company and Ballinger and the rest go home seal the deal and take home the World Series and that's. The only thing that the Dodgers have left. To accomplish is to do well in the playoffs get that monkey off their back. And then bring home the world championship. Yours truly actually picked. The Dodgers and the Houston Astros to play for the world championship. My beloved Red Sox won their eighth straight routing the rays. So the bus Celtics heading into this weekend within the enormous match up enormous game ignores me enormous series. With the New York Yankees. As the Yankees I believe are three to four games back in the dailies so that that division is still competitive. And the Red Sox are streaking with their eighth straight so they need that momentum. Heading into the Yankee series this weekend. Tiger Woods pleads guilty to reckless driving. And I'm still try and understand this how do you get a reckless driving charge. When you're in a parked car. I think it depends somewhere in the cars parked. He was on the side of the road. Yet they still on the road I think that's why if if you was in a parking lot. It would mean to say I understand he's not moving so I can you recklessly drive your best guess but if you're all of a road. Did your road hazard right. No he's off the road he's in the media varies on those he's on the at. You let somebody know something I don't. If your own the road even if you're pulled all the side the road I think he can be cited. Even if you borrowed out I think candy. If we have any police officers and listening audience call in and educators. Because I'm confused on how he's got a hearing coming up. And October and his attorney has told him to plead guilty to reckless driving so that he can go through. He's already got it got hurt himself in this rehab clinic where technically they're calling it a diversion program. And then once he's completed that. Then this reckless driving charge will be wiped clean from his record once he completes the program. I'm just still trying to understand how somebody can plead guilty to reckless driving when they're on a parked car that makes mostly to see unity should have thought it. Well I think he pleaded the mouse obviously that he's doing his attorney told him to do. And the best interest of him. Well yes Smart move on has this part because because that rehab then they get rid of the charge so I mean you know. Whatever what would you have would you have done that. I would say okay well I would've been in the situation I mean he's I mean either but I'll. Number one but did it he found himself in that Massa denies got to get out of the best that he knows now. Zach Randolph in Los Angeles turning and a Pablo Escobar. The Los Angeles. Equivalent of sled. Popped the Sacramento Kings forward. They have released how many. Or how much. But Zach Randolph has been arrested for. Possession and intent to sell marijuana. In Los Angeles county. The forward. It could face up to 35 years in prison depending on the amount. That he was busted well now why would an NBA player. That makes millions and millions of dollars. Want to get into the drug trade that is the epitome. Of stupid. Did he sees people in the weeds mandate this can't let it go I mean let it go again. How much money you thorn out away. Made him and marte was Bryant for his good is they are athletically. Have to meet two of the dumbest individuals. I have ever heard. Now marte does is coming back off of his suspension. From the MBA from the NFL. He's got to be able to. Participate in practice he still has suspended for the regular season but he now can't join the Pittsburgh Steelers. Because of his multiple. Possession. Offenses. And here's a guy with like fifty kids. That he's got to support and he's put that it risk. Over a joint. I mean what are these athletes thank you. You wanna join the discussion 8444773776. Tennis up on the text line bishop attacks ESPN first then 71307. Yesterday the text line was blown up all you Texas David seminal. Love you guys great discussion. Yesterday on the show. Elsewhere around. Sports' Charles Barkley. Call about your boy Alonso. Are we are now mobile. Well you're a fan of the land. True but it's. It. A Barton's right. In case our listeners do not know what Charles Barkley has said because sir Charles. Loves. To say the abyss of things and I love the guy quite honestly. He called curry Irving stupid. Board demanding a trade from Cleveland so that he can quote go somewhere else and be the man. How is Barkley wrong. I think he said is doing okay haven't gotten there yet aren't. And Charles all words is. You are playing with one of the greatest players bought art of all time arguably our generation. You're going to go to the NBA finals almost every year and you want to leave to go being the man adding another franchise. Are we Irving must be stupid and that's a quote from Charles Barkley. I have to agree with him. Yeah you know getting this green if I I have to agree with sir Charles but let huge thing has Kyra we come out and said it himself. That he wants to go anywhere I know I know all these people are saying it and I haven't seen anything and maybe I missed it where he actually said it. You know that's a great point there hasn't been a tweet this has all been hyperbole. Panel rumor and gossip. That quote sources. He hasn't disputed either that I'm aware of no he hasn't but but still he hasn't confirmed it either I mean you know. You born LeBron got himself in hot water because now he's referring to LA has hole. You find an issue that. I don't know the context. Not to share with me well there you tweet about. This is one of those other hidden tweets yelled at the national media. Is literally hanging on every tweet that LeBron does right now. And he issued one on social media and it could've been twittering mr. Graham something like that in which he referenced LA. As his quo home the man's got a 21 million dollar home and LA. Of course at this. See here's the thing that I don't understand. Do people were people actually naive enough to think that he was gonna come to Cleveland and finish his career. I still think he has doesn't want anywhere yet. He hasn't won anywhere yet. Physically you know. Mentally and spiritually he's gone. Meaning he's already said this year as has last year Cleveland and Cleveland. No he doesn't it yes he has doughnut or did you classed as the last year of his contract. LeBron was the first one to start this two year deal where he can renegotiate after every two years to take advantage of the super Max. And I don't blame him for that. And he's already said he's not Hillary side. He's going to be a free agent. For a beer from need to dispute the host but I don't recall ever hearing seeing reading watching. And say that. This is is flasher in Cleveland. I'm so and I did you know. You know me I'm not one to shy away from now I know I'm no debate as I love them. I understand I mean you know and and and and I am someone who. Has a background in news radio and so I like. Bunches of sources. Chinese sources and the problem though today Alonso is everybody. Blames the source and nobody has any. Do you recognize that trend or a source said no they didn't you said it. Media people are put out there all thoughts and hiding behind. The anonymous source person. I'll listen I agree but I don't think LeBron to go anywhere and I think the reason why Kyra easily even as nothing to do with him being stuck with a bad team I think. He realizes if he stays in Cleveland he's going to have to stay there with LeBron until LeBron retires. Only he's going to LA because. Everybody can't go to LA and this has been something we've been saying quite a bit on this show all these people supposed to go in LA next year that I have that. Everybody can't go to LA. Well I'll say this. He won't be in Cleveland next year. We'll see. I don't see now that not no no that's the most analysts say no this is so that I am willing to bet on. And and Greg and I have had a little bit of an argument will about the company thing in Gregg wouldn't won't go through with what I want. You'll you'll come through with something now be painful for a bad. He wants me to tell my hair which means amoled grown out to my toes. I suggest the waxing would you be willing to do that. Blacks and blacks the blacks what. A portion of your body. Chest back. You wanna go somewhere else personal us that the years. That would be tough to prove. How about this let's keep it. Above the belt. If LeBron stays in Cleveland or signs I'll Wear a LeBron Jersey still got to pay off dollar Butler and where a he and I had a bet on the Cleveland Golden State I took Cleveland. And I've got to where staff curry Jersey. On she'll sometimes to satisfy that you don't purchase warrant then yeah I don't have one I mean I'm gonna have to deal weren't allowed to have a lot to funnel on the excel dot com. Let's go say well yeah I thought. I've never even seen a staff Currie Jersey before it's tough for him wearing warm. On the text line. In Tipton Connor gets an Weathers and tip to distribute. Is referring to allow he had not necessarily. Then he was caught selling I never said he was selling it. Right right right right you consider here's the thing I don't know if you rich. And you combine a big amount may be users bind to for himself. And taken home so he didn't have to well mining more a myth that's a possibility but a certain amount. Automatically they're gonna think that that's why you're doing. I'll text or whoever didn't put his name on. Double 037. ESP and doing your job she was solemnly we'd. Look you moved nobody said he was selling it. The charge was intent to sell. Man these people have cloth ears are they just do what they wanna hear Alonso that because this drives me nuts. They they take what little snippet ends in a credit you with that instead of listening to all that you say. That's radio man that's this town war holy mackerel. You'll join the discussion 844477. 3776. Or join the tax line 71307. And do me a favor if you enjoy the text line. Make sure you do your research and quote the proper. Way that it was stated yesterday David said I wonder if David found out. Whether rod made that comment about OJ or not I'm still waiting on the research. Had heard anything so obviously I don't think as well. I can tell you on the output American effort into the tiger and I could probably get I get to an awful lot like come on my guess. Oh well. I still don't understand. These pro athletes. And this. Drug stuff. I mean you've got the world. By the tale. That you should never if you're just average with your money. And you have a halfway competent agent. You should be able to set yourself up for life. And these guys are blown it on. Don't. I mean that that's the epitome of. Stupidity. This is the total audience. Yet upstate. You know the definition of excellence is sustained success. And I have to say memento of their Alonso. Is excellent. Was that rejoin music in the bumper music out a loan that edginess we're now joined on. The show and our clubs and segment by will vendor more. Of the Clinton insider to talk about Clemson football and how practices gone with the defending national champions well how we doing today. I. Do and also more let's jump right into it will. Dabble in that Clemson Tigers started off. On Tuesday with their first full pads. They wanted to separate the men's and the boys. A lot of discussion about this freshman class. Come in the and the depth at linebacker what was solved on the first day of pads Tuesday. If it you know wanted to think he's always like he said you wanted to see who is gonna separate the so. So that physical toughness that. Mental toughness that you have to have when you go to Europe practice. You know. In pads it's it's a different kind of practice configured chill when your shorts. And you know and so they opened up the practice. With you know do an Oklahoma drill war battle it out all girl's. And you know bet bet the start the first thing that did that stretch and and I'll let me go straight and it has a lot of good things and I think that's gonna happen maybe. Was. You know rob the bad they you know looked at had a choice I did well thought they'd be Easter. Did well but it's segment also. Are some of the guys down under you know lots salt. May try it be physical which you ought to see that that our crowd that. There's a lot of guys that are physical and let you know. But not part of that drill and that's what you look at foresee those guys are cutting it in there and I'll try to market and there are a lot and then. Shaq met it happened there and and and you never take those guards on and but shall puppets of the legality and that's what definitely want the city in the same trick please at least thought that burst. On the drill and then they went into that into practice. They started don't what kind of calls. Greeneville which draw the thirty yard line in. It's more they admitted its short yardage in a lot more suited tags in you know trying to. Kind of set the council can't going to be like in you know get that physical. Mental toughness together which you know down at the goal line that's where you got to win it. That's how that went the first papal. As we're talking with the will render more of the Clinton insider you can give him a follow on Twitter. At stealer will don't hold the fact that he's a Pittsburgh fans. I don't will's an awesome guy and he does a great job with. The Clemson insider well much has been made about the quarterback. Suppose a battle. I said back in the spring that I felt that it was going to be killing bribes all along off for all of the noise that the media is talking about. That this is still a competition Babel has set as a revealed anything other than the fact that Kelly Bryant is going to be the starter and nothing else has that held true through came out so far. Well so far yeah edit the cat Kelly in the most interest that you cannot they haven't had their first scrimmage yet they're gonna add that Saturday. And that can tell a lot. You know that is not bad it will attract contributors when each and movers and shakers. But you start to get a little bit of positioning here with this first garbage and especially at quarterback is you know you wanna see a guy who's got control opposite at all. You know it consistent with this gross make the right decision. Other adult things are gonna be looking people work and bigamy great hall and evaluating these shut recorder back on so right now because of the weight practice. Coming out bring you to look consistent. And fought for the first seven practices in the senate candidate they eat the most is urban I didn't. He did anything at this point limited job. And also the other guys are gonna think what did you opt. Armed so it's it's still I think is still open competition. Right now about doubt it was Bryant has niche. We're talking with will spend more of the Clinton insider. Well much has been made about the changes defensively. With bingo bowl where are now on the Carolina panthers' roster. On dabble has come out publicly and stated that this possibly. Could be the best line backing class that he has seen. No question that the defensive line is a leak probably in my estimation. Of the best in college football with the attrition at linebacker. And in the secondary replacing some pieces. The defense is projected to be one of the best in the country how's the back in in the second level holding up during camp. Well that a lot backers are. They've been evident that the president vote in the state to brag about actually ordered Angel. Cattle bragged about it today under retro brag about it yesterday up each. It even more respect that he was last year and vacancy already you know how much better theater and so. You know and he just part of it trial bar in the pot former spot start it. He's a sophomore issued a really like in a middle linebacker check it back you know my outgrow like you and as well. Although Rondell we got united in the Joseph who actively our election in middle linebacker India to. But he can replace well aware of their checks Mitt another spot or got our our guys really count come on and it's evident good to happen. Put himself in position to played well all Gerald Williams over there. So that they got. I think at least at least six to seven beat at linebacker Jamie could tell he another hit really excited about him Mexican of them all where. So there's 67 feet at the lie about the position and their quality linebackers there. You know these are guys that were. Born workforce Arafat starts it's coming out of high school and so and I really liked the debt they have there and I think you'd order bat scored they had. In the secondary. Different probably most underrated group I think. Clinton attacked because. Regular Russian art up there ought quarter technically. The country back eight talent and that's secondary. Are you look at a guy like trade on the Allen Alec take on wallet out of retreat is. And played last year shirt freshman. And play he moments such refreshment. You know Batman out for that that boundary corner position at right ordered senior. You know another tightly packed market Edmund. And mark fields mark fields you know eat an advocate that played a lot as a junior this year I really liked where he had to make eked out chance to. And maybe win that job from Edmunds says very competitive on the there's oil and it safety enemies. In that people know them if caught credit for 29. In the summer and he can flat out fly. It actually anybody on the team. Are any brains the would also actually eat and of course you prepare for it coming back yeah I think it's been in another how retreat he can school. I mean bared loaded up that back in a lot of talent. And has more experience the people rule of law although it got late Russia that I used agent and got some valuable experience. And so they're ready to step in now and just take over and I think on the that they're actually mortality is like in linebacker. If they're off. Bimbo or understood more out epic this year overall epic there are more out of this year brought back in despite losing ordered bank and large are not. As we're talking with Wilbur and abort of the Clinton insider. Be sure to look him up on Twitter at steeler underscore will. Will you just let out a piece. May be a day or two ago on the Clinton insider. Talking about the deficiencies that Clinton has had over the years. And special teams what has that particular group been like this week once campus started what is the emphasis been like on special teams. What do they have back there returning kicks and is there an improvement going to be made on the field this year. Well in LA and and and I'll start this you know. They ain't true black sheer now wasn't a great group of but it was an improvement from the previous year where beverages are all our returns and you know gone back to it CJ Spiller was here they are sick in the country and punt returns a year topic or second or kick returns. And what I want the best special teams units in the country. Well that's a split down and president the story on the podium where. You know they just have really struggled to find any kind of consistency part returns but it got better he retired last year beat you saw that with that bill position. You go back to the national championship game see actual credit I returned that when he tried not. Negate punching it he'll position not that lat strapped that we edged out. They they'd really struggle a punt returns so rhetoric McLeod lack edited she's nothing at all. Topic yet three fumbles. He dropped six altogether lost three. And who you know it just kept it it was better flash guy averaged like 888. Point seven yards per return. But at the get better and battle want to get better so that wrote about it but this it's boring and it all up. On got a number of guys that work it out there. Reverend got a good shot to chatted a peak in critical from a lecture sitting at large here. The matter of state spoke it will probably think they in be better this year that area but it but it rent out cattle eat the approach because. They just had a consistently. Done that collapsed eight years. As we are wrapping up with will men are more of the Clinton insider. Will finally as a broader scope. Of the program and what you've seen so far obviously the Amway coach's poll. Has been released. Has w.s the fact I'm sure he has that three out of the four above Clinton Clinton ranked fifth of course Alabama won and then you've got Ohio State Florida State. And that and for some reason southern cal which I don't understand. Has dabbled talked to the team about. This particular poll and it seems the national conscious. That seems to think that everybody else can have attrition. But when Clinton does then they're not as good as they wore. Yeah yeah I mean I don't think you really can't that would play offer that much she's playing out back. We're not get that kind of work and it can be how to play it up that. You know everybody talks that they lost a lot and it paid lots William Arkin got Jordan legged. So he's carried it to you just you know they went around a bit the season nobody asked him about the arcane. Nobody axiom about Kelly Bryant nobody asks him about. You know anybody under retro about alibi Ellen talk about. Well we got a lot optic factor on back he's kava use that as it is ammunition if you will that be get this being motivated like apple you know what you're saying just that. You know directive makes for a number they got a chance and I think that CNET. You know from a talent stand point. They're more talented than anybody on our schedule with the exception of Florida State like Florida State includes a probably equal italics and acting can go either way. But the the other is content should be favored and gullible they got more talent there that have been better treat classes problem at the Albert. And nominate operative Death Valley that should help as well. You know so yet they got some tough games. But franchise and they just play to their potential. Which that was done that added anybody elect secure in it he let it cook petrol. And they should come out of that. There are pretty good about where they are and their patents so that position late November the play critics he championship I do not think without any real possibility that they take being an epic. This team had a chance to win the agency toward third straight year. An odd if you leak proof of that go look at the football team and see upheld that they aren't you'll understand why were saying. As we're wrapping up with will venom more of the Clinton insider. Will one last quick question is G Higgins legit. Well we're actually does start on the ballot that oberly brag about it today jets got it out but at any player is charged in nine years why think about that. Greek coach Andy Hawkins and those guys they said he actually could turn debate with. And it retaining some of the information age you know the playbook all that. And that's making it better is now restart play faster everything slow about it opening bell at all comfortable and that's making him even more dangerous. As we are reputable will Vander board of the Clinton insider. Will thank you for your time keep up the good work and we'll have you back on the show. Thank you will. This is the hole on ESPN upstate. Welcome back to a wins excuse me Thursday August the tenth 2017. Addition don't say has backed yesterday Ellen all right. Of the hollow would Josh Phillips and Alonso as Greg McKinney is. On the downside of his vacation in the Bahamas. And you can tell from FaceBook and Twitter. GMAC is having a blast. Retired when he gets back he might fall asleep during shown me well I don't know. According to the Twitter line he might. They'll be mad at everybody because. Twitters that are scares me detects line's been blown up. I don't know who this person is but he says Josh wants to Wear that. LeBron Jersey because he's a bandwagon our fate Boston fan that's actually pretty funny. Another Texan gets there and and says. Sounds like Joss said something else an appropriate yesterday when is it Tommy get him off the air the listeners don't like team and didn't like him. I wonder what four. David got in with me are that still got your butt hurt I don't have that kind of time. I know what I heard you know what you said. Have a good show does David. Mean. Interesting. If you wanna join the discussion and 8444773776. Or text. ESPN at 71307. For someone to set a phone call confirming what we are Tom my earlier about Tiger Woods saying that the cars on the road. Then it's presumed that you were impaired to get there. Which makes sense this kind will go along the lines when I was saying he he's saying he's the he pled guilty to driving under the influence. He had to be under the influence to get to where he was when he was part. He hit that. I do but there's an assumption and they did the attorney part is coming out to me it isn't likely in the car was there and and he walked over and got into it he had to drive it to get it there so somebody could have dropped him off. In his cup did a good. Down the day before somebody gave him awry dropped him off. And he fell asleep. That's possible. Other way Tiger Woods man will fall from grace. When he came up. Everybody warning to discuss how. Not only was he gonna break Jack Nicholson right major record but was going to. Set a mark that would never be touched. Tiger has gotten to fourteen majors and has really not been a factor. For about three or four years rules about four years ago he won six tournaments was ranked. In the top ten. And then after that the wheels just fell off. You know I saw an advertisement on the reels channel than. Tigers. Mistress they're doing their entire show on Gordon's. Or say firsthand when tiger's first mistress the one that kind of started his downfall. The reels channel two on nine I know we I had Dylan documentary you know like this show so. Just give James a believer name one can't remember her name guess I don't store she looked like she had some work done younger lesser yeah. Just good generals I think at this Sunday if anyone's interest in watching them not to. Any of part of that situation was funny but there was a funny part. That got released win. Il and his wife. Found the cell phone. And they released the voicemail home. I gotta tell you when I saw this ad for this morning. I think it was plane actually your Mike and Mike was getting ready for work and it showed re enactments of loved. Of his wife in the and the golf club and everything so I might be worth it just to see that. It would. Man that was an expensive golf club bash Dana forty about a 30000 dollar window on an escalade. Yeah that's like pennies for tiger but stay on I know what to say. Of course billionaire. Well the north caller who was that up there won't Russell Russell give back and what he dropped. I was coming right to you get back in order to run up or Russell to talk about what was that heat clipped. Who said clipped I spoke Clemson. When the peak fanatically. Got you this is the huddle on ESP upstate. You know sometimes you just can't. Please everybody see you gotta do what you gotta do right. This is the huddle on ESP in upstate. You can follow me at Josh ESPN upstate or at Alonso only word they get their right Alonzo. Yes you did almost done. One Alonso right so. They get their life and I get that right ones did for a long time elective woman he was my last name but now I think he's OK with it. We are all over the place yet but now I mean you've been here twenty years. Yeah but I have a habit of embarrassing. Her on occasion. But she stayed with the resources not to today there were about to us celebrate our 25 anniversary. Coming up in December and that's also congratulations. But to the tax line. Omaha should say this when there's nothing inappropriate and you wanna. No I don't I don't like that idea why not stuff mine okay we'll see about the customer shot. This is shot and meet in now or somebody else but that's all right so settled down upstate just maybe soul so but he isn't as bad as JC. That's kind of issue out that stuff. That's that's a big shot. That's OK you do to join the conversation 8444773776. Or join us on the text line matches either one of numerous bands. We came before trying to. Your respect put buddy. That. Or keep all of that tax climates like for the 1307. That was kind of fun that was really funny. What do you make of and I know we're gonna short segment here but I want them just to plant this thought. What did you make it to Shawn Watson's performance. There is not enough time to go into business. People need to pump the brakes George Tillman Isaiah. I thought he did a good job for rookie playing against third and fourth string players still close. Yeah how much the mature probably a good portion of the people we've played against wall how beyond that team in any couple weeks so. Don't get too excited that films they have I got some stats that go out to from a from another quarterback later on we get a shot. And in a minute Clinton people Matt but he knows what I'm here for such. Listen he did a good job he had some really bad throws he had some really good throws once he got settled down methodically Brooke really well but again. Got to look at who's playing against. So that's fair enough.