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Friday, July 20th

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Have a text are coming to Miami defense on the World Cup by going a little too much of Richmond's bragging. Dexter says Richmond continues to talk up as World Cup pick but in reality Greg your choice gave France the better game. And soundly defeated England Belgium was the second best. Boom goes the dynamite. Do you ever on the age you've got a little fan boy over here or earnest young Matt Howard if you gonna come back into the tank and death. They're doing even need to take that because. Just a scoreboard exactly explore that in the bit about school board who has the better pick order. Who finished I'm finished at eight had a better game tomorrow now and you can allow you to and so that's like saying there's Western Conference championship last year in the NBA it was an actual championship. Wallace. You say that it with the bat but I would go and I meant to use in America. I say results with there was loses basically the same stood as a matter three questions that three time now in the huddle. As of NFL have some. College football at some NBA. I'm three questions for Friday afternoon Alonso number one please I didn't the NBA who comes out ahead in the OK sea hawks trade. Yeah Carmelo Anthony. Big time star. To the hawks. For a couple of minutes this would have been a great trade for the on hogs about six years. After the now. Not so much and that's why they waved him because it made everybody knows that Carmelo Anthony has really. Past their prime past his prime. And based on the hogs trying to rebuild. He was not going to fit into that equation understand he's a veteran he may be able to bring some. Leadership into the locker room so to speak in obviously a lot of experience but. Not for the hawks when they're trying to rebuild so in my eyes the hawks got the better into the of this deal. Just in terms of they were going to get any better was Rooter there's already that you know can. Reports how others Kent they we had fights amongst Rooter and the management and he even coaching staff and he knows how the new coach would come in and what that was gonna look like so they get rid of him and they get. The draft pick announced protected so it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be a great draft pick but it's your one through fourteen at protected but still. They get a draft pick out of their bank on tray young and see what that looks like. I was always a. I think he'll Casey gets the better of the trade because they're still OK see in the hawks still soft and and I'm sorry I mean there is. A few years ago Atlanta I was actually competing and you decide who's given this guy does get rid of this guy and now is gotten rid of somebody else. Com. I know you saying that they're gonna rebuild how Long Will that. A could take three or four years I may take longer than that was as bad as they've gotten so I think OKC get through that headache. Mom and I think they get better and easier to better the deal. Tiger you. I like OKC on this. A shrewd young guy he's 24 years old. He's the best player this still going to be hanging around anywhere out of this deal who knows what the draft pick. Will be Ellen hawks get is they don't want to look at that we look and hear thing. It is weird but I think it's like orange on this the hair thing whatever it is and they don't have to try to spell his name with the two little dots of video can you make your computer do that. Carbonneau was too little dots over yeah I figured out how to do but I can't remember I'd have to go look it up again to be able to do that but I did figure out how to do that there some special key that you theaters the same time Nutten allows you to do that but triggers a guy that. He's known across the league that. He's not easy to get along without him. It's no. I guess he would fit perfectly right in okay see you Russell Westbrook and they're by his long Russell that they know how to. Route. You know interact or Russell Westbrook so many don't like. Extra room Westbrook you mean actually physically are you mean verbally yeah. I think that's a vote and I writes I had to do if in general I am a me issue sure likes to shoot a mean to guys like mace nineteen points he didn't expect. Yeah he's just not a good he's not a great shooter. Nobody's gonna shoot then you'll want to anyone well. Guess who else wants to shoot Leah Leah Kaufman and we know Russell Westbrook is going to be shooting as for sure now I like hawks are rebuilt so I guess it doesn't matter for them maybe they get something with the traffic. Down the road but dumb they're just. Irrelevant for the foreseeable future and it's unfortunate and Rosie several teams going through this same same type of thing. Our building on the question number two lawns of. All right where is the SEC media wrong in their predicted order of finish in the east and west. Palm. Really wanted to come up with a really good answer but what if you just don't think they're wrong it like that yeah I'm I'm good with that. But every once a while you're right I think him and got her right to Stockton that there's anything. I'm allowed to be like the bottom couple maybe but I think that topped volume for insulin. Thank the irishman senior problems. Not any glaring problems. I mean I I guess you could. Question in terms of the west I mean they're given Jim both Fisher no credit. Forced well worth I could see maybe a third re. I Mississippi State yeah I'd valid in Mississippi State what where's all this that the Mississippi State is going to be. Nick nick FitzGerald. A good quarterback. Yeah a bit that the rest of their team is that they're not a team that I just don't see them finishing in the top theory. Don't see it railings and dealt. I think Mississippi State my finish at all or. Behind Alabama in the west. That might be what I would change. And I think there's a chance that Arkansas finishing settlement. That's at the bottom it mattered anybody. In Chad we trust. Now I get a different format in the east at that looks. I I don't see anything really change in there to Missouri finished out of Florida the third. Possibly. The Tennessee surpass Kentucky I don't think so. Through its first year. And a cup I would do that either so that's pretty good it won a bad job. Except for the one guy who said Missouri is gonna win the conference about when to be yes without winning the east etc. Baghdad should be. Publicly shamed. We can only find out who we think with our right final question on the is the freeze on anthem protest penalties agreed to by the NFL and the players association a good idea. Idea they had to do that. Thank you Miami Dolphins. Or forcing them I don't understand what the play was before last night the play was to wait and see what happened did not know they were gonna have to deal this. Someone. I don't get it so bomb they finally came into the threes on an album you know I'll be fascinated to see. What they come up way of over the next few weeks it's July 20. And the NFL hasn't figured out what they're going to do. This this fall basically they're saying you can stay in the locker room if you don't come out but if you come out yet stand. Alien to start flying around penalties it's not going to be a good look for the if that happened so I think they did what they had the doom by freezing the penalties don't wanna aiming. Really felt obligated to do what. They were doing nobody else thought that obligation. To announce that they are going to suspend people for four games. There's no choice for the NFL this one time they get the players association in the league together and he acted quickly and did the right thing. I think. Agreed it's about time at least they did it's. Take some type action and that desolate. Doesn't seem to be happening in the past is that they would take some type action it was just more of I've were. Gonna do something without having a lot of communication. With the players association and that was one of the things that made the players association so mad is that when Roger Goodell announced this in the NFL announced this. That big any really. Know that this was coming down the way it did. Until they should have been done long time ago that they should been talking about this and then we could have been at a point right now where they might have had an agreed policy. For each perspective team and then it could've been actually put in a player's handbook. Islands of I disagree and any here's the reason why. Fans who disguised them anyway I I disagree because. That. You're not that somebody is not going to be happy and that's the NFL these cope with a role like they did an in state to. And you're gonna get people on one side it's going to be happy when they're younger people on the other side it's going to be. Ticked off but you know but there's a rule here's a roll his ability here's what happens if you don't do it if you don't like it. When the when the contracts come up again fix it in negotiations but instead you bring it to a standstill all winner of the freeze what to do it doesn't do anything so still up in the area I've no idea what's gonna go on just. Make a role in stick to it. Well wasn't the consist roller really good teams are okay were that individual teams doing what they want. As far as the penalty another rule was going to be a stay in the locker room or stand. But as far as the penalty and a file that paperwork 31 other James and had to file paperwork like the dolphins. Did yesterday and out so everybody has to be talking about what's this team going to do vs what that team is gonna do these. Yeah I'm OK with that because then it puts it on the individual team so if the team decides hey we're gonna let everybody Neil then they can deal with all that comes with that. Or the team decides for coming down hard like Miami said they're gonna do. And they can deal with it it it takes pressure off the NFL puts it on the individual team. Again I'm OK with it as always you come up with the role he put it out there and enforce it. Quit all be in all wish you wash because. This is not a a nice topic people are gonna be upset about it no matter what took the stick to something. What could be upset if you said. What the National Anthem lawyers don't locker room. People who want to protest. Because you've taken away there there platform. They would complain about that yes. The tempered ex of the world yes in one Neil yes this is the you take away our platform our chance to be on and you know national or worldwide TV you've taken away from us. Okay think of what looked like to be upset. They keep complaining about it doesn't fund that would protest Schilling is a Smart thing what is it which is what they should do anyway because I don't sued these protests are doing I mean if if a protest doesn't bring about results doesn't bring about change. Then you're does. When it to be doing it. Sorry. News. Coming out of oil slick could do. I mean you know. And then go onto community all this custom armor on Ellen yeah I know I know. But palm it's like Gary time this thing dies down one side or the other brings it back up and it comes back up again. You're hurting your bottom line some people believe as some people delve into lower. So it in my opinion and analog. Ratings are going down for some reason variety of multiple reasons when this is part of the reason. Make a rule stick to. Too early and it what are they gonna do now I don't need to go to do anything that's the problem I'm I think they're gonna keep going back and forth and this is this controversy is gonna continues gonna go into the season and it's a stupid. I just don't feel that this is it. A the there's there direct correlation to ratings go on now. I just don't see dead it's but I know a lot of people who have said I will never watch again it so I just depends on what. I'll of the politics your own. NFL ratings are down that's it that's a fact down 9% in 2017. But guess what. So are all of the other networks. Just overall broadcast networks NBC is down 19%. Box down 8% CBS the camps and I don't see poor relation a bit. I don't have to be some of the past to be part of this deal that were at people are putting all the blame on net. This anthem protest that this is owned this is. The ratings are being driven down the calls of the anthem protest what's driving all of the rains down for everything else broadcast TV networks they lost 16%. Into he's seventeen cable networks lost 11%. In the NFL only lost 9% you think that if it was this. NFL anthem protests that. It would drop much more significantly. It add anything L agreement on that that it's. Part of it not all of it right. Part of I don't think recommends an okay all right that's a sudden it's definitely hard no one's that was all of that money they're bloggers that narrative out there but you cannot say that it's not part on what blondes on that cover you know thirty Dell saying. You know on WFL because of the stuff I'm sick of I'm watching Mark Hurd enough people say that probably the department. You know what I mean yet the ratings would be down anyway because of cord cutting everything it's going. I don't know what the NFL's gonna do if they don't do keep him in the locker room. Issue over I don't know what the solution I don't either what else to and you didn't and why are they make is so complicated it's the kiss principle. Keep it simple stupid. And the easy way to do that is look at the other models that are out there where. They don't have the teams on the field during the National Anthem. In I don't know why it seems like. We're in the minority. That this could be the option. It's things like we've got to come up with some way that. Again will allow them this opportunity to protest in at the National Anthem in the easy way. The result that is. Keep them in the locker room. Now right did it coming up 8444773776. We'll get him and us here in the huddle final hour for the week here on Friday afternoon. Be right back when he espionage stick. Oz and Lombard is going the wrong way. At the open is now for under two shots back so now we have a two way tie for the lead this just Zach Johnson intending to Isner. At six under par and they're both finished for the day so I kinda look at like that's what the deal news going to be. I don't think Lombard is gonna gain. Two shots on the final hole so it's going to be down the Zach Johnson and Kevin key is near your date two leaders today. Up projected cut line still at plus three. So that's bad news for the likes of Sergio Garcia. And that they cannot see ya mom. Applause for series not just in Thomas applause for not gonna make it a 77 appears to have done Justin Thomas in today. And of course some of the other big names that we've been talking about dead in the water for this tournament Dustin Johnson plus six Bubba Watson. Plus six. Ernie Els not gonna make it a plus seven. But we got tiger and Phil for the weekend. While we have tiger and Phil for the weekend. Golf cannot complain. People will lie I have something. To watch there and then you know some of the names like Rickie Fowler pretty close the top speeds both those guys are minus three so there in striking distance Rory is a minus four. So while a few big names close enough to make it interesting. At town Carnoustie in Scotland at the open. Over the weekend Diddy is here Mike then Diddy are blogger and podcaster and resident baseball expert Diddy how that'll mean I don't doing good doing good all star baseball lone star with. With football the connect SEC media making their picks South Carolina picked second in that east you know I'll wondered if they might. Give the nod to Florida just because it's Dan Mullen and I think it's a new day there and I don't trust South Carolina but that that's. That's all you can expect yourself your money we're going to be picked at a Georgia so you liked and I. Especially if they're Georgia did what they did last year so it's it's tough to see them being kind of jumping over them but it makes sense because this is a team that has progressed each of the last two years under must champ into the third season with. Now experience under the belt with a lot of the young players that were freshman the last couple of seasons so you see them you know progressing forwards a lot of the SEC east has been really bad and even though Florida does get Mullen. They're still you know having to kind of retool everything they've done the last handful of years from the must champ air through the Mac away error it just wasn't good and that team kinda. Might be in flux for a year or two before it can really get the right recruits and get his program going so it makes total sense I would have been a little upset to be honest if Florida. Was above South Carolina just based on a coach hire when he's seen how bad that that team has been in the last couple of seasons. We had a text or just ask Bentley threw for 2800 yards last year without Bebo for attending games. Do you think he hits over 3000 yards this season I do he better. The veterans not going to be a very good years again Andy go back hopefully hole a healthy for the year the other thing is Iran in the up tempo so Michigan plays and. Yeah and it out and that's yet you you wanna hope he's gonna get over 3000 because if not you're not going forward again this year you want. This team to win more games each season and get better each season and and for that to happen he's gonna have to have that kind of season. And having Tebow back Kenny gives you no excuse to not throw for at least 3000 yards this season with. Especially some of the games you have against some of these. SEC east opponents that are kind of rebuilding in turning things around in a lower point in their franchise there program excuse me. Hamas champs a defensive coach and he had a zero players on teams won two and three on the all SEC defense today. Can't beat him thank you can use that for motivation no of course with Abel finished second but none of you were good enough. I'm they'll get them DJ Brunson DJ want them those guys are not. Top three. Unit players you know SEC healthy he goes he goes on the L often to cleaning out alienated his first name he's already fat no defense got you. None while. They have to keep proving themselves. I think you have only out you know work they're pay grade the last two seasons really important spectrum by at. Now they still came in with very low expectations I guess and maybe it's gonna take a little more time to turn the media's. Thought process there and play. I'll skip to baseball you follow it closely match out of goes to the Dodgers now that certainly helps the Dodgers are they the best team in the National League new. I mean you have to put him up there with. With the other ones that are playing while it's tough to still say that anybody is the best team out there because we've seen all of these teams that are leading their divisions are in the fight for divisions play both good and bad through this season the cubs started off bad the Dodgers started off horrible. I and then you've seen the good teams with the brewers hanging on even know it's you know questionable if they're going to stick with the cubs. But when you add a Gallic Machado to a lineup that hitting the ball like the Dodgers are right now. It's that's nothing but good for them they're just in maybe the toughest division right now as far as fighting against each other there's four teams and and outlast. Who have fifty plus wins are fifty or more wins and they're all within four games of each other out right now. After the all star break so it's a lot to say that this is necessarily going to help them get through the gauntlet of all of that inner divisional games you end up having down the stretch. But it cannot hurt to have his bat to sit with C you know kind of how it meshes in with the team we've seen big name dudes go on to teams that are already studs league teams and just kinda lay an egg and I doubt that'll happen with Manny but you never really know. Yeah I will watch but I think I think Adam man there in great shape with him there and they certainly. I certainly got better when they made them move wastes he's a player in his prime here what do you make of this Manfred. And deal going on when Mike Trout. I just seem awkward firm the Commissioner of Baseball of economy Colorado player for not doing what it takes object in the time and effort to become a brand. Yet I think in a lot of ways that shows more. And more that this. League just has no clue how to market it. Itself they just don't understand it and and you don't need your best player to be the most personable outgoing guy for him to be marketable hey you use his plane everything doesn't feel that's pretty marketable he's phenomenally is one of those once a lifetime site talents. But you have guys all over this lead. From you know moved he bats and hazy sag bar and legacy hope we can and there's all these guys all around the league across the country in all of the markets. That are far beyond. Just being marketable as far as being you know ambassadors for the game being outgoing in the community being a part of the community. So you don't need Trout so it seemed like he was making it all about him because he's this. Kind of pinnacle of the player right now in the league and it shouldn't have been and I think that kind of points again to the fact that this league has no idea. How they can market. Themselves and why they should say they've really need to do better at it there's a lot of guys that are very marketable honestly thought they had a good couple of days with a home run derby and you experience I'm not a great went off oil and gasoline all the interviews you know you know some of whom are a little stale they were there pretty good delight to have that back and forth with the player in the field talking it'd you know Joe Buck in the guys in it in the Booth so. It was really cool to kind of give a different look and everything seemed to go well because the former derby was a heck of a lot of fun and came down to the area and with Bryce Harper hitting in that extra time. In and obviously the home runs. Back to back in the tenth inning in the game so it gave you a lot of really good looks at baseball as far as having fun baseball home runs and everybody complains when there's not any of those and you know a lot of personable players that may be some people didn't realize or those kinds of guys that are very marketable in our brand of their own. And you know hopefully that animal feces that how this week went and says okay. We don't have the focus just not Trout like you know Michael Jordan could have been the most strategists. Soft spoken quiet. Just to himself due in the world Nikko marketed because he was the best player on the court. That's marketable already so just do that with Trout and market the guys who're the outgoing types and use what you have because there's a ton of them in the Major League Baseball. I quickly to the MBA before we let you go all we just think of the DeRozan climbs on. I was interest. I think it's kind of funny that that Popovich in and the spurs did that because it seemed like they were just kind of sick of it anyway and he. Didn't really have any say so he had to to what he had to do now he's mad that he didn't wanna go to. Toronto I don't know if it's gonna make any difference I still agree with a lot of people think he leaves after this year anyway. And then obviously on the flip side with. DeRozan is being upset that he was kinda given this future planned it seems in now from the rafters and then bam Nazi later. So be really interest CC and echoes especially with. Toronto apparently now wanted to cut some some cost cuts some salary because of cool wise it's a salary what are the gonna who were they cut power beginning perhaps this team together. What's it gonna look like after a team that's been in the playoffs and been one of the top half of the league as far as the Eastern Conference every season the last temple season's. It you know it's kind of an a jarring move I think and I'm surprised with so you wouldn't think Toronto over Boston east right now with cola now not. Not not with especially now with carrying Gordon come back. All right so Boston's team to beat him yet noticed him and then next year you know maybe collider is to fill in and that right there of them probably. I rights. His name is Mike then Diddy and 8033. On Twitter on the website at ESPN upstate let's the Twitter ESP in upstate dot com is the website. So what check out his stuff daddy always good to have you checked him when this man and we pre should absolutely thank you. I will take a break come back with more final half hour of the huddle you're gonna jump on board got to do it now I 8444773776. This is not alone ESP in upstate. So Larry Fedora managed to make North Carolina and himself slave major topic of conversation which is an accomplishment for a team that won three games last year nobody thought to become a layers Fedora and ACC media days like he did creates them. Contracts the names yet controversy as a last night the athletic director in North Carolina came to his defense of course if you haven't missed and I heard it for some. Peculiar reason Larry for Doria a four door has been questioned for saying he doubted the connection between football and CTE Bubba Cunningham is the North Carolina eighty. And he told reporters during a break in the UNC board of trustees' meeting that. The point was poorly communicated. Cunningham said I think Larry's really concerned about the health and safety of students but I don't think that came across all that well. We're lucky to be working in such a great environment for the health and safety of our students is first and foremost. Larry feels that way. Janet was just poorly communicated yesterday but he is passionate about protecting the students he is passionate about the game of football. It just didn't come off very well. Yeah we talk about who would lied into day walk and USA today really lit into him and said basically that done. Which probably fired. Paul time bomb is the next guy to live in on Larry Fedora here's some of what the mouth of the south had sent. But I don't understand how you can you can talk about this being bad for the country I mean that that's just plain stupid and I would have to wonder as scary in this that is those comments are Bob how this great university. Can stand behind someone uttering. These type of comments are not right relies everyone has a right to express themselves but. If you're watching at home as a as a potential recruit. To North Carolina or your parent of of a child on that team beats thinking seriously about running down the Chapel Hill right now and grabbing my son and saying you're not playing for this guy because it's incomprehensible that. In 2018. You can you can make those statements of us are not realize you go up and on the dial right now you're gonna hear some equally stupid statements about politics and there world peace but we're talking about college football here. At a the dog college football world peace this is important. This is what drives the country is what so drives are now fine mom has spoken so now Fedora needs to be fired H gallery may beef month because I don't think he sees you listened to Paul fun moments probably. Probably not gonna happen all my being going a little overboard as well today at nothing to guy should be fired Saban had said this would find on the same. By thinks that segment has time bomb in his pocket. So we usually. Yes I do it. So do you think you be saying the same thing at save and so that's. Probably not. Well that's a big question. Saban would say this. But you know I mean to the point of for Dora Mae does not. I didn't. Ball in his bothered by the CT stuff as the of the country's unity a downhill football doesn't stay exactly the same comment that bothered me more I thought that was the dumber comment. Mean the CT science is is not settled really is still under discussion right. It is yeah I mean that there are. Different. Camps out there that talk about. What's the true impact of CT and how do we really know and because there's really no baseline. That's the problem is you can't get a baseline you can't measure. This the key aspect of somebody's brain until after their deceased. And that's the problem is that who knows our people predispose to this what how much. How many hits does it take right. Have some them like this. Happen you know as far as the point have bothered to their people while they're listening right now move breathe eat. Football pads that that is their entire life that's appropriate and no I agree that if but you take football away from them their life is over the entire area is going to go downhill I think those are the people that he's talking about I wondered if he. What you're really trying to say. In the big picture thing is that just begin. As I've talked about in terms of why I started podcast is just. How sports. Can impact somebody's life and the life lessons that you can learn. From London front that Columbia Australia and how you well and if but there is a lot of life lessons that you can learn -- can help prepare you for life is life lessons and everything will of course there are but I think that's what he's trying to say in. He's a sports were dying one right now that you can you peace is not mine and will it you're trying to say that you there's not life lessons. Be learned from sports denial that drugs and I was trying to say that no but but. Come on don't tell me that football can't change and adjust. To CD issues. Without the country go down hill as a result now that is yes don't tell me that it is absurd that he makes that type of generalization. I again maybe maybe by becoming a drive Cunningham is right the idea north Caroline maybe Larry Fedora just doesn't express himself. Clearly maybe he mean maybe his meaning is on point the way he said it. There was little bizarre. While two of us in this room but I think sometimes. When we speak it doesn't come out the way we wanted to not just three of us I'm sure. You're always smooth now I'm sure I know I have drove. I believe me you got that. You know and he may be right that we won't recognize football in ten years compared to what it is now met me on a ten years is gonna happen but it it certainly gonna change. It's gonna change. And you know some people find that death is ad buy in if there's an issue where they truly find out that. There is a true helped risk with the CT or waiver might be. Then what's wrong with changing to just about to end it and mean our reverend eighties. You can smoke an airplane tests for prostate that I've hit and somehow society of all the little bit net. A we solve the consequences of smoking and it was interesting actually last night as a first time I've seen is that where. It was a court order ruled that the tobacco companies have to post this commercial talking about that. They added extra nicotine. To the tobacco you may get even more addictive yet. And that was a court order rule so my point is is that you can evolve and adjust based on. Health concerns health issues would out. The country to here. Well let's try and you know lie and the mine said this the science is not settled on CT it does stand to reason that these hits are causing some issues I think we can. Pretty much conclude that the jobs you offered that the commissioner Basie cease of the connection between football and CT. Established by scientists should be respected it's just in there still some questions to be determined about the extent of it and you know some people. Can argue will be debating that for years to come I'm sure about the exact connection all that's still being determined anyway I don't think they're going to fire. Larry Fedora battling they should fire layers Fedora I think you're probably look more carefully I would definitely expressed doubts. They might fare fire. Fedora based on wins who else is three games they'll fire him exactly but not necessarily on these comments not right now I bottle break come back wrapping up here in the huddle in a moment on ESPN upstate. Welcome back to the huddle I cardinals lead the cubs' top of the fourth inning in an afternoon baseball and five to one top of the fourth on the Allen. Atlanta played Washington it's pretty big series opening up tonight. In DC seven of 51 pitch for bank of the Mets and the Yankees coming up tonight are stuck in a ditty as he left the room during the commercial break. Earlier about the cardinals might choose as their permanent. New manager of the fired. Mike Metheny and after pretty sluggish. First half of the season. And some candidates who've been named out there was Joseph Girardi. Wouldn't mind that. Wouldn't mind Joseph Girardi Daniel Ewan that would be. I can do we will name right you know miles the name and a good manager knows baseball picky would be very successful there he's talking about want to spend more time. When this family I don't know Fletcher parties are real candidate. Jose chin don't. Part of the cardinals organization for a long time he played from the mid eighties to the mid ninety's then went into coaching and he'll probably part of the staff for the reason. Manager and and of the Dalembert not terrible. Terrible is Mark LeVoir. So why is that terrible. Mark McGwire. No. I'd just I don't know that he. I know it was the bench coach if he has the bench coach now for the Padres. Are you be hitting coach he was hitting coach for the cardinals. Who's looking it is on to say it's disrespectful license look into my shoulder right now we have a big cut out of mark or are behind us. Why you don't think they should put Mark McGwire in the I don't think so just based on is just to get enough experience in nice Vista is just a name you know that people know I would be the reason for. To get headlines well how about him aren't you in the guide to get you to your Mexican. We got a guy like that. Schultz. We don't anymore McGuire we got shields. Mark McGwire is only guy I know other than Girardi. That what I Molina on those who got your Carolina it not makes cents a catcher you know he's used to working with the pitchers and all that but now I mean he's.