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Friday, July 20th

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Second hour of the Friday Hubble we are here on the PSP in upstate until 4 o'clock Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver. And Alonso you can join the conversation by calling 8444773776. Healthcare text line open to you as well. 71307. Starch message where the Caspian. So why has it wrapped up the SEC media event in Atlanta and they have released this morning. The media poll. For the Southeastern Conference in football. This year and now here are the highlights. In the east. Georgia Bulldogs. Picked to win. We discussed would it be close would the media pick South Carolina second would they pick. Florida. Perhaps second because. Of our much discussed love affair that the media has with Dan Mullen. They did not. Mean. No Mike Friday here the majority. Yes well I can't get a goes live with that on the norm wood no no into another all right. You have no one. I have not seen the list north Florida did not surpass the gamecocks and vote but it was pretty close because you're selling Carolina number to your secular as number two. We stink in media members go to the SEC media event. Are there thousands guess if there's a lot of the Miller's list first place votes in the east Georgia got 271. First place votes. South Carolina got eight. Florida got four. Overall points here in the had to deal 1234567. Backwards thing game points that way you know. Yes so on Georgia ran away with a no argument there Georgia with 19177. Overall points 2711 place votes. South Carolina 1535. And overall points. 81 place votes. Florida 1441. Points for first place votes Owens forest points are concerned you know less than a hundred separate the South Carolina and Florida was pretty close. But the gamecocks did finish second in the voting Florida third those off. Those are not the only teams that got first place votes in the east. It becomes lives are part and not that surprising if if if if if if the welcome to the theater of the absurd for the somebody's given Vanderbilt the first place now that it doesn't. Yeah. Georgia South Carolina Florida. Missouri was fourth no first place votes Kentucky was fifth. They got a first place vote. Tennessee six somebody voted Tennessee to win the east. This year the coaches vote and answers and this is a medium has just he's he's the media noted coach's poll somewhere along. And Vanderbilt finished last in the first place vote in the weird thing is some prodding. Gave. Refine it here. Somebody gave Missouri. A vote to be the SEC champion. But nobody. Voted for Missouri to win the east. I would've happened. Let me answer that for you it could knock it. Could not happen if you have to UN have been in the east of where you have an opportunity. Yet to play. If this is this the same person who's a was asking in Kirby Smart. Quarterback situation now Mel's alleged to be some and yet you're into the mix this year that drive not very much. Anyway just coming down our soul. Alabama Georgia so Torre let's go to the I'm. Let's go to video of the west Alabama runs away with a west 2631. Place votes for the tide. Auburn second win 191. Place votes. Mississippi State third they got 21 place. And and their followed by Texas a and M fourth LSU fill us all lists sixth closure years Josh Phillips Arkansas seventh. Arkansas last. And only three teams got first place votes in the west and that's Alabama Auburn and Mississippi State. They both separately for SEC champion Alabama with a 193. Votes to win the SEC. Georgia 69. So basically three to one memo over Georgia. To win the conference. Auburn a fourteen. Votes to win a conference South Carolina got four. Florida to Mississippi State won and Missouri with a one vote when the conference. Remarkably without winning the division. That would be an accomplishment. There will be wind and I tell them again I find that person and talk to open a tie come in the plane there and corn ponson. Gotta do it this stuff to win got to get to the SEC championship game it felt to win the east to win the conference. I anyway all right so when I ask you so we'll save that for the three questions segment if he had any issues with the any of that line appear. We get the all SEC teams from the media offense and defense they are first team second team in third team. The game Cox jets won the first team player. It is shockingly dios and and in that. They go send a wide receiver first Kaymer I think we knew that was gonna happen would you put your first team quarterback in the SEC. The best quarterback in the SEC going into the season. The gadget from our yachting is going to be from you guys chair instead moon yet drew logs yet nick FitzGerald. Yet Jay Bentley. And he's going to be drawn huge assailant and the beer pick out all those to be the first team. Quarterback Omar pick obviously is not it commode when we Bentley. Your. Logical thing not your heart pick. In. Now. Actually it is drew walked in Missouri. Again people love this guy. We'll saying it's because the prototypical size now line during. Camp he's the first team quarterback. Jerry instead of of Auburn a second team they see the clinching game last year in OK. Nick FitzGerald and Jake from tied for third team. November. Billy Miami after that maybe and I guess obviously just not enough. Has been seen with to the bowel. Now answer. That's right the individual and one half early so one half the mutiny you're actually questioning whether he should be picked zionists starter yet more. There's a guy picked dean Missouri he can land nothing that would minuteman the SEC you're a championship without winning the SEC east. So. You never know what these media people are gonna select. Higher running backs. First team running backs Damian Harris of Alabama and Benny snell junior missed a junior likes to talk about many Snowden. Beneath Dale Junior lies beneath now being on that list. From Kentucky's of those YouTube first came running backs second team running backs to under a swift to Georgia. Training and Williams and a and M. And your third team running backs heiress Williams Mississippi State and Jordan scarlet a Florida. No gamecocks are there. Wide receivers first team AJ brown and Ole miss Tebow from South Carolina. In second team Terry Godwin from Georgia Ryan Davis from all burned. And third team Gerri Judy Alabama Emanuel hall from Missouri. And it tight end. I can't pronounce the Missouri has nine. Local bloom. Albert. For Missouri bursting died in. Icing on from Georgia pretty good tidy and the second team and CJ Conrad Kentucky is thirteenth. And then Narnia. They might wanna hear all these office tomorrow and I'll tell you there's zag Bailey made second thing South Carolina. Made second team all nods our third missed a third team all conference offensive line I don't like you've downplayed alignment storming all these names and there's too many of them. Are you first reported as left tackle when you first team of analysts will amount of debt is give you that you be the center in and for their alignment. He got John Williams from Alabama Greg Little from Ole miss march as IV from Florida so I'm playing high school and was that. And school in Florida that play burns. Back in the day anyway Tre Smith from Tennessee. And I pronounced senator's name and Alabama Ross peers barker. Good question that was under par so that sit with the first second or third team offense. Special teams of the game Cox gets. Some love there they get Bebo Samuel on as an all purpose player. And as a returner. Look at. Great there kicker place kicker rod rigor Blankenship from Georgia who were the guy with a last. And plunderous Corey Fatone from Missouri a data just Charleston game got potter is second thing it's good. AA and that's all the lobbying yet for the gamecocks now. Yet three teams of defense. All SEC voted by the media there is not a game got to be found on the they picked second in the SEC east and have no players. Among the 33 names on the defense of things that the will balanced defense I guess. I guess my question is this where where's. TJ Bronson where did you want them you wouldn't you wouldn't consider those guys treatment third team defense how conference. Is now would I would yes. But they are not able must have supposedly a defensive coach and the defense is definitely getting better. Nothing. Nothing here's your all defense first team in the SEC. Rick on Davis of Alabama on the line CC Jefferson from Florida month has swept from Mississippi State Jeffery Simmons from Mississippi State. Your linebackers are Devon White from LSU and pretty Jennings from Alabama. And Mac Wilson from Alabama. And secondary. The Andrei baker from Georgia greet you Williams LSU JR reed from Georgia and Dionte Thompson from. Alabama. Nobody other these defensive team second and third team would be anybody that. We catch your attention but there are no South Carolina players. Teams one to restore. Just seems. Sketchy to me. I ill will against. Do you this right I think he could bulletin board material nothing related giving you any type of credit nobody believing you yes. There the media saying that you can finished number two but. An individual basis nobody believes in an interview he can also use as motivation. And another way well I guess the media or ride about two whenever they play. Poorly. None of you deserve beyond there. It's been on both ends of those talks in the house. After. I say this would you agree with this south Carolina's front are gonna finish second in the SEC east if they don't have a top three player. At the end of the Correll I would agree somebody's honest somebody that is that's up and down this guy I'm more golf on the names are coming gone but again I want them. Bronson. Would be the two that yeah just another opportunity to actually. Step up into the forefront and beat that guy or be a couple of guys that actually have a really good season and typically. We see somebody bowl have a break out year. That's what typically happens these guys to have an of the year experience under the belt nearly have been young businesses yep now the opportunity to. Get through a couple of off seasons and the transformation that they can start going through in terms of their body physically and but also working on their technique in how technique. It plays a big role in some of these specially defense alignment. Agree just don't think they can be successful without. Somebody standing out on the defense. At some point this year they're gonna need that and I think you'll get from somebody. SEC media days South Carolina quarterback and talk about the change to the op tempo offense and Jakes in favor of. Yeah I mean I think is one of the best things happen to me as far as my college career I think it's the it LL need to kind of slowed down work. Slowdown in the minds and and the fact that I'm not over thinking anything. You know I am just focused on what I have to do that plague still have time so it's think about it so much rain going that fast how many definitely it's been a it's been different force there's been some there's been some bumps in the road where are we going over him but I think is going to be real big for listening guys love it you guys know. The advantage it gives us of the defense. The main changes we've seen under coach Bryan McClendon and what improvements have you seen as a result set changes yeah. He's just very aggressive some very aggressive mindset on what shallow what you guys love me you know he he wants us score as many points and. He can every single game. And the guys have really bought into that. And I think they understand that you know any play can can be enticed out. And I think it the biggest change I've seen my guy just has you know maybe a vertical and he thinks he's just. You know trying to clear other defense that he can really be. Played go score because he wants to see you won't want you want to throw. I'm just curious how much has that we may be. The future and your mind as far as the NFL draft is there a certain. No success you've had this year you can say hey I think I can. You compete at the next level if you do locus of Georgia's two floors and confidence in the world and what we'll be successful year in your mind to say the public for an excellent. Yeah I mean that. Really tell look at that and the one thing that goes must have always preaches this to be reviewed our. And that just means you know wherever your hat put all your focus and attention on that. And so I really just not trying to focus on only thing you know nice flow and all really just trying to do whatever I can to win game for a team this year. Yes right answer on the island. Jake mentally does not need to be thing about the in the united gloves now and you know the good news south Carolina's unless he has a bust out a year this year he'll be back. For another year for a senior year. Got to be where your feet are which is a good place debate electorate that is I like the through you have the difference between the same narrative. Will Muschamp says be where your feet dorm Davos Sweeney says bloom where you're planted. As all of them yes that that's a back up but I love that it's. It's a narrative just a different way to say yeah no question. Cite Soleil anyway look up from the SEC give me thoughts about the way they have lined up the teams in the east and the west. They haven't thought about who did or didn't make the first three teams on offense or defense or special teams for that matter. You can now let us know I was listening the entire Jake mentally session. Last like. Seem like a dozen questions about. Going yes. Or most of the questions to Jake mentally about yesterday. There about Clemson. There are some about that and he you know we guess have a need yearly stunk it up against Clemson and Florida in who is about as their Georgia. Now now is gonna be my guess not about Bobby. Now it was about. They vote. At halfback pass I take about debug good physique but they ask you like six giveaways. Well let's have Tebow back with a and you know was there too by the way Monday by some short answers felons or play an Indian Dubose a man of few words but dumb he was there and is happy you're back feeling a 100% ready to get some. They're legal bit from a south Carolina's perspective at the SEC meetings. Are adding 444773776. Gadget with us here in the huddle on ESP in upstate what about a trade that has taken place in the NBA NN one of those lately how. But we did get one yesterday and we'll hear from Bryant went torched on that that's next day what does this is a huddle on ESP in upstate. Listen out our best wishes to Nelson Welch remember him the kicker from Greer high school and the Clemson Tigers. Back in the early ninety's with considerably for Nelson just he was and I remember him vividly yeah. Good kicker and dom. Nelson Welch a stable after some suffering a massive heart attack on Wednesday. With a young man for that and you know he's my age and we were. And a constant. At the same time and I did see him at the Southern Conference basketball tournament. First time I had actually met him I never just ask yours yes the special year at a never met him we are students at Clemson but. Mean he seems. Healthy and everything thing did out of doing what has really good for him obviously architect she's never know what don't front is going on. Underneath that beneath the surface there about it. And that's. Hopefully he has speedy recovery them. Yet his on beats tweet about yesterday's and his mom Nancy who I know worked with her for years over WA SPX. His mom Nancy says they're determining the next course of action in the recovery process I you know this happened on Wednesday so it's two days later so I mean hopefully he's. And he was in stable condition and according to the tweet from the Kennedy but. Oh please better now her getting better now and weeks and on our best stuff which is thoughts and prayers to. Nelson Welch the former Clemson tiger and Greer high school kicker hope that does things turn out well for him. 844 GS PE SP n.'s X line is 71307. Our health Bayer text line. Open to you. At a trade in the NBA and the weird. And that kind of unpack it'll bid to figure it out. The Oklahoma City Thunder. Agreed to trade Carmelo Anthony to the Atlanta Hawks don't get all that excited hawks fans does not paying an ethical. He will be waived according to coach. And become a free agent they Houston Rockets are the front runners to actually sign Carmelo. But he is also considering. The Miami Heat. So along with a Anthony and his 27 point nine million dollar expiring contract. The thunder will send a 20/20 two protected first round pick to the hawks. They won't get. Dennis Schroeder. And forward Mike was Kyle. The 20/20 21 round pick is protected one through fourteen. And would become too second round picks if not conveyed that first year. Seoul. May here's thing. Shorter in the hawks were in. Conflict. And so it settles that for the death and in there in complete rebuild mode and they are and rebuild mode. Here is Bryant went Morse. For me ESPN. Shedding a little light on this deal. They are desperate to about demonstrator he's an an absolute toxic relationship. With the front office over the summer they've drafted tray on. And trained for Jeremy when he is not part of their plans and they owe him two years and 31 million so they take on Carmelo Anthony's 27 million. Get off of the fifteen and a half million owed Schroeder. And then might miss Gallo was in the deal and you'll be likely rerouted to a third team so that's a pretty good deal for Atlanta to be honest with you. They get a kick they get offered through her and they clear the way for trek young and Jeremy went to desist. Yeah that's the future regard. For the Atlanta Hawks Jamie Lynn trail right specially jury on. More of a German that's where they're going. And so Anthony no longer will be with OK actually surprise you it. I mean okay see segments of money. Right. Yeah in and they had an opportunity where if they would have done this stretch in waves situation with Carmelo Anthony they would have saved. Over a hundred million dollars so they don't get to save as much roughly 7075. Million dollars. By doing the trade but. At least now they also have an opportunity from their perspective that. They can improve the roster at guard and make the team a little bit more. Upbeat. Faster they know Schroeder can complement to Russell Westbrook he can actually play behind Russell rest vote. Rest Brooke if needed so this is an opportunity where then. Not saving as much money but at least they did a player out of it where they were gonna it's going to be able to save money but have nothing to show for it. Yes on Schroeder ES three years fifteen point five million annually left on his deal. So it makes it worth five million dollars per year to the thunder because they would have had to pay nine million of that over the next three years for Carmelo. So in essence. Oklahoma City is paying five million dollars in each of the next three seasons. 424. Year old point guard who has started a 161 games in five NBA seasons. And of course as we said the hawks. Picked up train young from Dallas in the fifth overall pick in the draft and and they traded with the Brooklyn nets for Jeremy only and so. That's their plan. At point guard so. You know like every one of those win win situation sometimes that works for most. It does in every scene trades previously where. The players traded in new and immediately released the same thing happened would Dwight Howard and they're going to Brooklyn. That's right so while though wave and I think they've done via the delays mellow here up pretty quickly after this becomes. Official. A little more from the raptors to about that big deal they did though the spurs and the raptors. The raptors president's. Masai you Jerry has apologized for lack of communication with DeMar DeRozan leading up to his trade and barbarism was not. Very happy when that news broke earlier this week. Jerry said he had a conversation with the Morris summer league. And he'll leave it at that. He said dot thing may be my mistake was talking about what we expecting going forward from him so not necessarily talking about a trade that what I expected. That's where the gap was sources close to do Rosen told ESPN. That DeRozan met with Toronto officials in Las Vegas during the summer league and believe he would not be traded. You jury said in my job I'll always have to assume we're. Going forward with the team that I have if there was a miscommunication there I do apologize to to mark his family and misrepresentation. It's not one I mean. Yeah you're with the team we're all behind you a doorknob thing and that's a bad judges who then didn't and it could be a situation where. This is deals start really shaping up after that conversation. And you Jerry didn't apologize for the deal Lisa dumb yeah they like to Rosen but it's coli letter. We're gonna get him. We get him we get him. And that's what they did it felt like they had to jump on top five player in the league according to many at least and then as far as you know. Leonard not being interest in playing in Canada you jury said that he did not express that to me. He said our people have opinions about things I haven't gotten a sense from client or his people. I will give him that chance when we meet face to face. They were traded for you you wanna be here. Now be a fun meeting right. Yes sure found Graham I'm excited yes there will be a physical for why in the next few days he missed. All the nine games last year with a quad injury. You jury said he's tag conversations with Kauai and as agents and a look forward to meeting more. In the next few days he says it's our responsibility figure all that out I think we have a good game plan we'll see how it goes. He went low of an apology to all DeRozan. From the Toronto Raptors. Head guy there today. I take a break we'll come back with more if you wanna jump on board a 444773776. Taken a look at the leaderboard at the open coming up Tuesday Willis in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Quarterback to the huddle on ESPN. Of state will give you know the chance 1000 dollars bout. It'll more than twenty minutes away right before the 3 o'clock break. So keep it here for that opportunity pay for four GS PE SPN text line 71307. Looks like Pat Perez has dropped out of the tie for the lead. Finished with a 68 today so the American Peru as is one shot back along with Tommy Fleetwood and Tony free now at the open at Carnoustie. Possible three way tie for the lead right now Zach Johnson Kevin Kissinger and Zander Lombard knowledge six under par. Lombard is still out on the course he is on hole number fifteen so he could actually. Have a lead solo with Fiat can get a birdie here in the last few holes Johnson to Isner Lombard. In the lead Rory McIlroy finished with a a 69 today so these two shots back at four under Mac future just finished up 68 today. Four under. Rickie Fowler still out there he's on number sixteen he's four under Zander show awfully is also at four under and he is on sixteen. I Jordan space finished for the day with a 67 he finishes at three under after two rounds. And see who else we get going on here Adam Scott minus one Brooks teppco minus one. Jason Day at even par Tiger Woods even par as we have mentioned Phil Mickelson finish is an even par after two rounds. And couple other guys worth mentioning Lee Westwood at plus two mark Leachman plus two Bernhard longer up close to. Jason Duff and her plus three. Plus three is still the project because all these guys we just mentioned are above the cut line right now some album well above the cut line in their. Pretty safe at the end of the day today we're getting close to that goes there's not that many golfers still out on the course because of the time difference between Scotland and oss. And so while. Guys you are in danger of not playing on the weekend well first there's a few other just flat out aren't going to be playing on the weekend like for example Dustin Johnson. It has not been a good Duff first couple around sport Dustan. He will not be playing on the weekend he is a plus 63 shots above the cut line at 76 yesterday that did him any at 72. Today same thing for Bubba Watson plus six from Bubba will not be flying. On the weekend Charles Howell the third plus seven done Ernie Els done Jimmy Walker. Done. Awesome guys that are close and it could still possibly make it if the line moves in their favor because. Almost all these guys that are below the cut line has finish some none else thing do to help themselves yet but. Our guys that are close at plus four at the lime moos. Justin Thomas. Not Tom Lehman Sergio Garcia's applause for. Hideki messy Imus applause for market timers there. So they need some help in they're going to be playing laughter. Today. And then those again as we mentioned just stuff. Just trying to toast but what can dish. Are not bad out there the conditions are really good completely different than what was this morning and I think that's why you solve some of these guy has not been able to. The score is possibly wells they could have. We're talking about the shot tracker on the air off the tee. And down was just what kind of weird dust that don't know the diesel line that follows the flight of the ball. And then doing a line along the ground as well. And now it's almost like it's the shadow of the line that's up in the air yet that's what. That Devlin looks like that's the intention. That it's wanting to show almost use the shadow of the line or the shadow of what the ball would be he he represented as well what. Earlier in in you guys couldn't see it they actually showed three different color lines fourth. Three different golfers so I'm a thousand do with that so they they showed us an approach to hold with three different guys. And all three of whom have a different color. Yeah they are both just black line rent the Iowa yesterday or earlier Ellis is. Lol funny look at how many of our guys are gonna are not gonna make the cut. Let's see who is not going to make the cut we have nine golfers to issue mr. we had a we had a golf draft that is Wednesday yeah Wednesday it was written this feels like he won the the World Cup. So we will one he wants the World Cup. Because his team went further than ours did. That winning you understand the definition of winning. I agree that unfortunately. By shrewd definition. Nobody wants right yeah because we did not pick a winner so so Greg is if your team to win further you and says. You want my French element you won the room. Telling you we know he would change I know I got an idea on you were here outcome I was pretty happy that this team was advancing this he's he's playing or go out now you know I'm not playing it down on some. Clearly. Under the belief that. I represented. ESP in upstate no huddle better than you guys did in terms of understanding. Fifa World Cup. I've picked Croatia it win it end. At least made it to the final in on the OK we're giving you that there could come tomorrow as aware or you value that's now been exactly you know. The only guy to answer question. Ones Obama making the cut that we're certain about as my Dustin Johnson picked. That's over. Fowler's gonna make elation is gonna make it teppco read Tiger Woods for Richmond. You could be able Lil bit of trouble way if Reid he's at plus three that you ride on the cut line you don't want. But he still on the course of the bogeys. You be below the Cutler to badger reads on the bubble norm Patrick. In your final was tipped and your phone with tiger of course one's a Fleetwood is fine. You guys are hard longer. And mark I'm sorry that I laugh every time anything is your pigs get us down if you don't know lie I guess I don't know history between their calories and you have. They Sambo is plus races on a share of the reasons not. These sham bow is plus the race finished for the day so the cut line would have to move. To La move one shot for you lose these Gemma right now you're okay with him and Bernhard longer is a surprisingly. Saint frank I guess yes Roger Goodell. He can communicate what he wants to communicate and share in there on the air about it. There are very used to be there was a poll that I have the we've changed awesome price we've changed co host so highest we had removed it. That no more than we've we've only knowledge Josh exist yet just to get back. Right but what we do we I need the rules set up for me now who's obviously I don't understand so what what we know he just says so no one World Cup. So one of our guys pass to win for us to. It means there's there's no. Had so I don't know where you are going to win I just want to this is pride do you ask us to seek out accuse me of of of setting this up in my own flavor something or longer by the way as close to easily safe. You're in today does Al is my Dustin Johnson but what are we gonna do here. To determine a winner will add up the scores howdy add up the scores are my guys are gonna play on Saturdays and my score will be lower. Dustin Johnson's gonna have a zero sunrise okay that's build the wind the guy who gets the farthest I look at her finish is the best know I know you can do that I was thing in more of that it would be. You. Add up the points based on their standing so if he's in fifth place you get five points if there in net. Tenth place you get ten points and whoever has the lowest points. That's the winner. This is the other one to do is snake draft the only things that. Which I've never heard the snake draft before all that doesn't fantasy football again though he's gambler. Because as you are not adding I'm not a gambler but I do like Tennessee for I'm OK with the points system goes I just think we need to declare a winner we do these things that's all I mean it's it's. Room prize. I agree with Alonso boots with declare a winner a T dismiss you know you act like you're not competitive didn't exactly contest. Yes I do you want it comes over his own rule what I don't like about it is it Dustin Johnson is a 106 for me right. And that's a huge problem. That's not a big problem with his immediate problem. So I'm now I'm gonna get killed. Crushed. As everybody that finishes. Where the projected cut is now is not going to be higher than sixty so it would you have got it wins. And at one point he's a wanted you know he's right he's not why don't why don't we do so just assume for now is for governor Nancy why don't we just take our top ten again. We'll just take our top two has nothing to you a minute just as much as I love that they have the word we just want a winner declared so weren't so nice I'm going on those willing to sacrifice I am based on its a volume out to sacrifice Bernhard and we should've come up with this before the turn and started you know you're not going to be here Monday so we'll do what we normal place. Boca. They got their radio dot com app with ESPN have stayed as a favorite. So I can listen a announces next Wednesday. That's the NC I'm not going to be here and that's when I knocked up at the I understand this is the last day that the three of us will be together for a couple weeks so. Now in the next Wednesday the Serbia features should not talk about who won the open up your and I guarantee I won't be listening. He's not unless the. 844 GS PE SPN where Mac and a moment to wrap up our two of the huddle on ESP announced. Bug back huddle on ESP in upstate ditty cabinet at about 320 to a lot of baseball with that he's in a cease. Going I still following based I'm just kidding that. I like baseball to three questions at three coming up not as well right now wanna get to the tweet of the day this afternoon in the huddle. So here's a story that leads to the tweeting today colts quarterback Andrew Luck has been progressing. This offseason. In hopes of being a full go for training camp. Less than we tickled to begin training camp in general manager Chris Ballard told the media today. That the team will not puts Andrew Luck on the pup list physically. Unable to perform list he says Andrew Luck. Is good to go for training camp. Luck will not have any limitations. During his work on the field. Mallard the GM feels a lot should be ready to play in some pre seizing games to knock off some rust. The colts are confident that Locke. Is going to get on the field. And so not starting out training camp. On the pup list. Is a pretty big move. That was MBA a Twitter channel. That's called captain Andrew Luck. That is just one mile country. Has like 200000 followers. 200 it's entertaining now thousand followers yes enough answer captain Andrew Luck. Tweets. In civil war style. Updates on his up progress here is the tweet from fifteen minutes ago from captain and Google and look. Dearest mother. I'm feeling jubilant. I shall report to basic training next week with a fully functioning side arm. Still like planned to conserve my ammo for the campaign. The road to this point has been long but. I have arrived. Please but the hogs for me I love you Andrew. At backed up up up. That's awesome captain Andrew you're following its at cat CA PT. Andrew Luck 2101000. Followers. To race following two people PS2 1101000 followers. So what do you think Andrew Luck good ago you buy it. I think he is employed I think you'll be ready to go. I think you'll get like five snaps in two games in pre season probably will be handles. But he curtain a slight snapped and I definitely not only monitored aka illegal mouth they're rare line that's when I mean exactly and argue that ending Jane one regular season he'll come out and pro his arm off. They'll fall for the Grail. You appear before this injury news was a major in injury obviously I would call him being injury problems so I mean maybe. He's really backpack. I'd actually like say I feel bad for the guy. Yes I area and I mean there's a bit a lot of hype around him obviously over the years and it do you you see flashes that he can be really good in some of his comeback performances that he's had even with a bad teams mean. The colts have not been that good of he has been the colts they're still not that good Zelaya I agree into mean this is just a real lot of pressure. On him but I I would. I'd love to see him actually have a come back and rebound and twenty team.