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Thursday, July 19th

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We are back in the huddle ESPN of State's Greg McKinney Alonso in studio this afternoon Richmond's up in Charlotte ACC media days for football. Wrapping up up there and we will allow. He's actually sent a sent some comments from Cleveland Ferrell Clemson and get to later in the hour and partially get to a Richmond on one more time for get out of here. At 4 o'clock A 444773776. Is our number of the health there text on a 71307. Please begin your message with. ESPN Twitter at ESPN upstate here in the huddle 3 o'clock in time for three questions. We have football and we have golf on three questions today starting with the NFL Alonso question number one place. Our idea Atlanta Falcons have told Julio Jones they will not extend his contract this season are they making the right move. Yeah Al Milwaukee's ES three years left on to. Three years and 34 million dollars left on the contract they signed a five year deal. I you know that's on him why would they want to. Redo his contract now that would not be. Good business their focus more on Jay Mathews and Grady Jarrett. And the free safety Ricardo Allen. They don't typically. Get into contract extensions still funny year lows around I'm sorry Julio yet you know make enough money based on your production. You made the deal is he going to. Hold out now I hope not but he might. As nearly 40000 dollars a day. That's the fine 40000 dollars a day if he doesn't show up next week. For training camp some mega deal talk your agent about it why did you make the deal IG go that long he did it. Maybe you out performed it but it's not time yet so I think the falcons are making the right assessment everything. No I also agree that the the falcons are making the right move because you're bound to this then you're gonna have to bow to the next guy and I just don't I don't. Like the trend and is a trend of these guys seem. Like guys get paid more than me all the sudden I need to renegotiate my contract even though he just signed a long term won I. You know they. Yes sign it deal with it if he had underperformed. The contract would Hillary negotiated a menacing. Mom I think people would try anyway because he he knows who he is in who he has been. Well I would deal if he would I mean look all I agreed to let underperformed but but I still think you would try. All right so while we agree Nellis C will Julio Jones be an issue going into the season for the Atlanta Falcons a distraction. Hopefully not. But wouldn't be surprised. That he doesn't show up next week and trust to make some noise that is a really aiming to leverage some. I think he's gonna have to show up our question to. Clemson is extending defensive coordinator Brent venables for five years that a total of eleven point six million dollars. On the same day head basketball coach Brad Brownell is extended six years for fifteen million dollars. Any issue with those numbers no problem with it I mean as far as venables goes. This is Smart move because this guy sought after every single. Offseason when there are openings and are always openings because what a great job he's done at Clemson. And I think. Obviously you don't wanna go anywhere any given more money gets more incentive to stay there so problem with that and as far as him I think he says he's going to be the highest paid assistant. Coach in football there. Hey again if the pay. Take it Dario and he deserves it it's it's not like he doesn't deserve it I mean he is one of the best if not the best defensive coordinator. Pain and college football as far as Brownell. He should be happy. Because. He was badly fire yes if I had played a year ago this this would not have seemed like a possibility but after last year. Good for you due to money now. Does he have a bad year even after signing in this. Now you know what would it have been an enemy and the interesting thing about this is a pretty close per year numbers are both Mike and over two million a year specially with bonuses of animals can. Get up. And that range. Two and a half million dollars that's where Brownell is that six years fifteen million dollar. So should an assistant football coach make as much as I head basketball coach will shore. In a tell what the market mayors and Clemson just watch as a football school so that's fine album what would have happened if Clinton had not had a good basketball season last year and the Brad Brownell would've been out and that would brought somebody new in in the number. Depending on what was might very well have been lower than this. And then there would have been you know more talk about how much they're playing assistant football coach compared to a head basketball coach in Brownell. Jumped up the ante for a basketball and I. Otherwise. You know it would have been. A complete football stored in a final that I think the numbers make sense they're Smart to lockdown venables may be this will. Stop the annual discussion. About whether he's leaving to be a head coach somewhere doesn't seem to want do it skimmed pay well enough that doesn't have to do it's a different. Our final question. Her forget to get that. What ever happened in the entirety of the world that this would happen. In duke or North Carolina. A football coach may more than an assistant football coach asks you know that the you know or Kentucky. Now things would really really have to change all right question number three are we wrong. If we want to call the golf tournament going on right now as we speak the British Open. Yes actually the open and they make a big deal out of it and I understand you know that NBC is on the Golf Channel today and tomorrow it's on NBC on the weekend. Not gonna hear those guys say. The British Open but I'm gonna say yeah what does one get to be easy open. Just because they were your first. I mean under that logic. The Rose Bowl should be called the volt. Because they're the granddaddy. So this is called it the bowl and everybody else can be the Sugar Bowl in the Orange Bowl in the whatever bowl. Except for the rose more can be. The ball. It's presumptuous. It's elitists. And it's irritating. And I'm McCullough to British Open because I can't and they can't. They can't stop us. You know the US open is pretty big golf tournament. What they wanna be be open. To can they do that. What does one get to be. The open. I gotta tell you this I hear the open here I automatically think the US open I don't think. The British. I think it's fine to call it that. On your own soil but you shouldn't expect everybody else to do the same and I agree with you it is. Arrogant and presumptuous and and all the kind of things that you expect from. The English the British golfers I mean. Did you see enough of that when wing go Adam. What more playing head to head against each other side. I don't get it. I don't know what happens if we call it the British Open if what if Lou won the announcers call that was. No reprimand me yes the American a huge deal I would pay a fine. That probably not be on the brought against me you yanked yeah I think there probably would. I think there probably pull him for calling it the British Open on NBC and targeted. There are careful about that. Look the US open is the biggest. Of the two on the masters is bigger mouth thumb. Right so insulin. Hasn't slept like I had the slip when an air several times to keep calling the chargers San Diego even though they're not in San Diego anymore so someone someone slips and calls it the British Open. Because has it always have they always had an attitude about it. Like that's not say it's it's it's developed over the years. So at some point we call that the British opens him. Don't want to do that and I'm David dictate what we do militant people run tournament that you name it what they want I guess response but. And they can enforce that the people that make money off. Again enforced that. With a us a mile among European golfers the British Open is probably bigger deal among American golfers the US opens probably a bigger deal. You know I like I'm I like the British Open just fine. But also like the US open and Danica said the masters bigger deal in both al-Qaeda is this just irritating. We're Colin at the British Open but check the leaderboard at the British Open. In Carnoustie. Scotland. Right now. Kevin Kissinger is the leader at 66 today when in at five under par. And have a lead has held up he boasted that a long time ago when it's held all day long nobody. Nobody out on the course right now is gonna. Threaten and I don't think because the closest with a guy still out there on the course is Abraham answer. Who is at minus one headed the seventeenth. So he's not going to be a minus five when he finishes up. Is just a handful of golfers still out on the course tigers are eighteen now. And he is still at even par through tigers had had a decent round today but he started off better on the front nine was a minus two so he's lost couple shots on the back nine. And Brett rom fur is on fifteen and even impartial none of those guys are gonna approach. Having Kessler's minus five so looks like having just there's going to be a leader. After round one of the British. Open Eric van brilliant Tony free now and Zander Lombard at four under their one shot back they had sixty sevens today. Brandon stone Ryan Moore and Brendan Steele. At three under two shots back. And then big group of golfers and minus two. Which includes Rory McIlroy with a 69 today so that's a good start for Rory it's nice to see that seat he can hang on. Through the weekend and be a factor come Sunday. Other scores today Mac creature minus one Rickie Fowler had a minus one today either of both finished up. I'm mark Khyber. Even par today. Mentioned that Tiger Woods is indeed him he has another hold applying Jason Day had a 71 he finished for the day at even par. Also today Justin Rose at a plus 172. Jordan's speech at a plus 172. Today. We get that job. Story on Jordan's speech today. He was not happy. With his round. Unraveling today in. He put out. He put his nightmare first realm finish at the open down to a combination of falling back to the type of golf he's trying to steer himself away from. And a brain. Thing with the among endlessly. Anyway he had a 72. Over six shots at minus one over six just six shots off current leader Kevin Kazmir. I looked like a really good round for speeds he was three under par as he teed off on the fifteenth. Hit his shot his drive into the fast Q and then plugged his next shot. Into the pot bunker on the hole went on to a double bogey on fifteen and many bogeyed two of the final three holes. Talking about his aberration. On the fifteen he said his second shot was a poor decision. And he said it was a missed opportunity. Brought an end to his five straight rounds in the sixties at the open. It's his first over par first round at this competition. Said Ian nice par save after driving it in the bunker on six. Was pretty stress free chili got to those final four holes or so says swing didn't hold up. At the end of this round ended the long irons hurt him today so. Promising start does not pan out forward Jordan speeds the defending champion. At the open today I currency falls Mac. A little bit again Tiger Woods are going to eighteen and even par Phil Mickelson had a plus 273. Today. As did die Ernie Els. And Bernhard longer and couple of other scores of note today. Jason Duff they're still on the course at plus two headed to seventeen. Our Retief Goosen plus 374 he's finished for the day. Not very good does scores for some other guys a note like Bubba Watson with a 754 over par Sergio Garcia same thing 75. At four over par today plus five for Brandt Snedeker today. And Dustin Johnson plus 576. Today so not come around he was looking forward to start the opened play today. And anyway it is a lead forgetting just nerve by one stroke today with his minus five busy posted. That 66 today first round about to come to an end at Carnoustie Scotland. 8444773776. Got some comments from Cleveland Farrell of the Clemson Tigers. Coming up as we continue the hoddle here in the third and final hour on ESP in upstate we'll be right back stay with us. As a Major League Baseball is back after the all star break and while the cardinals and the cubs are great rivalry 7 o'clock tonight. Right here on ESPN upstate so you can and join us for that 8444773776. The text line help their text line 71307. Starch or text. With ESPN. And we're on Twitter. At ESPN. Upstate. Going on in Charlotte wrapping up in Charlotte the ACC media days and had done some of the Clemson. Players on the podium today. And one of those was Cleveland Ferrell talking about that defense sublime as a whole lot of hype about clemson's defense in line coming into. 2018. With. On a guest come and back and joining with a Dexter Lawrence who knew we found out this week. A little more about Dexter Lawrence playing hurt and done he's been still banged up this spring so. His health might be a little bit of a question coming in getting him back to. 100% but Cleveland Ferrell today in Charlotte said he was tired of all the noise about the clemson's defense. You Rhode. Not. Wrong. Cause. It's gone. Okay okay. It's great. Yeah. Oh. Saw. Don't take to cheats. And walk the walk. And clear and fair would feel like she's. Then you can take the cheese and yes okay. You know they even mentioned. Clinton's defense and SEC media days today when Auburn was up there Jared stead and the quarterback for Auburn. Last year wing Clemson beat Auburn fourteen to six. A Death Valley. In Jared the Saddam was sacked. Eleven times. Eleven sacks it was such close to a record one short of the school record most sacks by Clemson defense. Since 2004. Today and SEC media days in Atlanta on Jerry instead on set I'm glad Clemson happened. I'm glad I got sacked eleven times. Because that's never gonna happen to me again I promise you that. Well. And I'll schedule play Auburn. Analysts and happens. In the college football playoff but done oriental guest. Boston's Mike and happen at some other bowl game. All of a recall announced the clemson's defense Auburn did need to the work on the offensive line they expect to be better there this year eleven sacks this incredible and not if you're the guy didn't slack now he's glad it happened to you about that no no no no on that from probably not. Glad it happened because you know Robert Davis did a good job against a Clemson last year. But their offense could not getting going at all at all against Clinton. Last year on the aisle Larry Fedora controversy the comments that Fedora the North Carolina coach. Made yesterday the four balls under attack and that questions the connection between football and CT brain injuries and so we're Lane Kiffin is talking about then. Like given of course leave Florida Atlantic coach and he disputes the notion expressed by. Larry Fedora the football's under attack. And he said he supportive of the changes being made to the game to make it safer. I mean I think Fedora supports the exchanges as well pretty much said the football safer than it's been. Acts different today act conference USA media day is said. You do see long term issues with the older NFL players. He said what's the most important thing long term help or how the game looks. In a Fedora said yesterday I'm not sure that anything is proven that football itself causes CTE. He said my understanding is the repeated blows to the head causes some assuming every sport we have football included could be a problem as long as you've got any kind of contact. And a football offered or added that football's under attack to the point that the game will be pushed so far from what we know that we won't recognize it. In ten years. Dipping called an accurate that the game is changing. But with a sun starting tackle football next month Lane Kiffin said he hopes the evolution of football will help caliber of the problems with CTE. He said I think the changes in the game will continue to come and they're gonna help people's concerns. With concussions playing football Kiffin said he was surprised when Oklahoma quarterback Tyler Maria elected to play football. For the sooners this season even though he was selected ninth overall. By the Oakland Athletics in the Major League Baseball draft. A Florida Atlantic plays Oklahoma Bob waiting game one this year. They opened the season at Oklahoma September 1 cut armor is expected to start for the sooners. And this year before removes all were the days and he is. Baseball career Kiffin said. He should change is minding go to baseball which got a joking because you won't face and but they said down more seriously I didn't realize he would go that high in the baseball rapids. Got a crazy that it doesn't go play baseball this year think of all the concussion issues that are out there with the ball. And the NFL and he was saying apparently seriously. Check out our version going to play baseball. How will must champ. Comment until we heard that at the beginning of our show today and SEC media days he says I don't think our game is under attack. Said I don't know a lot about Larry's comments but as far as CTE feels comfortable with the policies and procedures that they have a South Carolina. And must champs of the number one point of all of this is the help of student. Athletes. I Johns Wofford the ACC commissioner Chiming in on this. Say we have to respect the science. When it comes to the connection between football and CT. And an interview with the Associated Press Johns Wofford said football is not alone in concerns over concussions in sports but he said. Football by its very nature. Is going to be looked at first. So offered said it's important to be willing to consider adjustments to improve player safety whether it deals with the rules practice or equipment he said. If we're not looking at it that way I think we've got our head in the sand so like kind of sets up Larry Fedora. Countersued the commissioner of his league which is probably not. The best thing for him but I've heard anything from any. Any official who North Carolina folks. About being concerned about the Taurus comments. We told you gamble pretty USA today said basically should be fired if the wants to deny the connection but nothing out of north Carolina at this point and you know we'll see if that's. Going to be the case scorn on the road. A lot more football note here before the break out of the NFL. Danny Amendola now on the Miami Dolphins former patriots receiver. He has offered up a comparison between Adams days the third year Miami coach and Bill Belichick act. And analysis coach Jason is one of the guy is our leader our head coach but also our boy nobody ever said about Bill Belichick he's or more ranked. Not that I recall. He said it scatter refreshing to have that kind of relationship with a coach something I haven't had in a long time. He said back in New England it's almost like you had a principal. And a principal's office and blank like that. In a good boy and a bad way he said. And noting that comparison between gays. And bella check Cameron dollar said he has respect for all of this prior coaches. He called Belichick one of the best of all time. While expressing excitement where this present situation Danny Amendola signed a two year twelve million dollar contract with the dolphins in March. The interview. Touched on how I am and dole has developed a quick rapport with gates. Also talked about his top memories in new England and how he didn't sense outside the norm friction within the patriots last season. Many also commented on the benching of quarterback. Malcolm Butler and super bit in the Super Bowl among other topics. Problem. He had also talked about. Butler's benching with ESPN. And on the podcast he said. I don't know the answer to that to this date why Butler was benched he said on that we have forty some odd guys dressed for the game. All of them them play for whatever reason coach Miller checked. Made the decision in hindsight it's like what agenda are we on he said that's probably something I'll never understand. Malcolm Butler being benched in that Super Bowl still not done clear to Danny Amendola how Latin. Could have happened not clear a lot of the people do. A 44 GS PE SPN text line 71307. Will be right back here in the huddle on ESPN upstate. Expectations running got a high for Wake Forest in the ACC coming off an eight and five season last year there were four and four in the conference to end AM won a bowl game they beat Texas say NM. No defense played in that mobile 55 to 52. Final score in the Belk bowl. So if you. Like offense you should have been in Charlotte for that went. The wake has eight offensive starters coming back and six defense of starters returning some day Claussen coach of the demon deacons. Expecting. Another good years some of what he had to say previewing this upcoming season for Wake Forest. The thing that I am most excited about this is I really believe that. We've built a foundation. That we can sustain success I think if you look at the history of Wake Forest football there's been flashes of success. And I think that we've built something that we can sustain. And you know create in a regional and national narrative that Wake Forest is a place that. People aren't surprisingly go to bowl games I think right now internally the expectation is we wanna be a credible team. We wanna compete for championships. And we want to regional and national media to view our program that way. And having said that progress in this league is not easy. I mean this division in this conference is really good football and I think the big thing last year not only. You know did we get back to a bowl and win eight games but we beat some really good football teams. I don't feel like our season and anyway it was a fluke that we had one of the most difficult schedules in the country last year. And and we wanna build up the I don't think anybody. On our staff and our locker room is satisfied with what we did. And we think there's a greater still and to what we can accomplish and we're excited to prove that. Well I'll tell you what they winning games again this year not be a little excitement building for Wake Forest A plus and done a nice job you win a game to Wake Forest. You're pretty good so our congratulations to them on the zone as far as you can expect to go. You know. See I don't see them competing. For the top of the heap in the ACC I don't think anybody else will either but will it take. A step back. I don't know. Buying out you gotta like what he's done up there again Matt Colbert that running back out of Dutch war and Bobby Petrino turned his back all they've done a nice job. Foreign I'm telling wake would probably be competitive again this year. Well not that competitive so the will be talking about him for the top of the ACC but I still. I hats off today Claussen for a a nice job did you know the up officials. Twitter account of Alabama football has been suspended. Really he can pay is not the first time it happened like four months ago. I its copyright thing. They are not real good at following copyright. Laws. On Alabama football Twitter they used a remixed song and video that they posted. And so now if you go to. What's the account at Alabama FT BL. For at Alabama football you get an account suspended message. Actually back up and running now this afternoon according to dislike it just came back up. The fourth copyright strike against at Alabama football. They get to last year according to a database that tracks all the stuff. The one filed today did not list the copyright holder the one allegedly offending Alabama football tweet was among 293. Included in a complaint to Twitter. That resulted in the suspension. So now the deleted tweeting question was posted June 27 video of the players. Working out but the song whatever laws. Was. Not licensed for them to use act comes it's become got a common for branded accounts of all kinds several official college football accounts were suspended. Back on national signing day in February for copyright violations. Alabama as went down April 10 for a similar issue there were 96. Other tweets besides Alabama's including. In that complaint. And the way to catch all this is they used box. Copyright holders use botched to scour the Internet for music the match as the original song. See it's very difficult because we've had to go through training and probably will continue to have to go through training with all the the copyright laws and and has social media expands and and crackdowns stuff it sounds I know you say they're using bots but it seems like that there. Going after big accounts like the. Snap to make a point and we'll do that you and me but they'll do it Alabama and in other probably do it does has a radio stations while we're careful about. Yup it's just one of the new realities of most social media. That they can just post anything it's got some music in there is chance are. Is going to be a copyright infringements is a way around and played these need to get the band. That originally did it just happened there on signing day aren't that works that takes care if it. Yet you know on signing at a problem is all these athletes do their own videos and they custom and new music tied to itself anyway. That's the deal for Alabama apparently back up now after a long time now for Alabama football's Twitter account. Arrogant American rapid up band I think we're able to check in with Richmond on his way back from ACC media days in our final segment. So stay with us here in the hot line ESP in upstate we'll be right back. Final segments the Thursday huddled on ESPN. Upstate. Greg McKinney Alonso in studio and original waiver is headed back from. Charlotte ACC media days the tigers were on the podium. Earlier this afternoon and now we are a little bit from. Leland barrel earlier Richmond's on the line with us now. Rich demo Sweeney make any news this afternoon what are the highlights in your mind of what he would decide. Did the big highlight of the day dared the press conference led that. He never once got asked about his quarterback. That Beijing headline the I think the media has finally figured out that. Yes the same question over and over again you're gonna get the same answer for Davos blini and Clemson coaching staff right now because. Not one person asked about the quarterback position. While that's kind of surprising. So what did he talk about in his time on the podium. Well it was more about. The expectations. Heading into this be then based on how even finished did what he he he looks like. How they are a much more competitive conference now. From a top to bottom at least in the Atlantic when you look at. The situation where all the college is going to be a much improved type routine and it wasn't addressed in as he's going to the list of team daddy talking about it we talked about it earlier lack all debt net Louisville CP flying under the radar he mentioned. Just about every team in the Atlantic that that taught in that human being in beat date that the Florida State and the ball in college you know on a rise. And he failed to mention Louisville and a reporter did talk about it that they did. Forget Louisville in that oh yeah that's right I did forget Lugo. We cannot forget Louisville goes. We have narrowly escaped the reality or the past gains it deficit last year was the one who seem to have all that clicking yet you don't. Now some of that audio you sent us from Cleveland Ferrell or he said he was tired of the hype about the defense of blind did Davos say he was tired of the hi I'm guessing on. Well you're not tired of that height yet he loves diet because he enjoyed. That. Situation have almost be its security blanket that he has the talented. All deep into blind luck like you at. Do you helped this secondary. Because he knows that the debt might not be there necessarily on the secondary but I. The secondary desperate and is a great deep into Bly and that's one of the things that he did talk about that is that. It's not so much hype and even Cleveland barrel goes on to talk even more about. It's all about let's get out on the field and produce its salt halt right now yet bit. Everybody can talk about how talented they are projections where they might go in the NFL draft it. What did he did did you make it look like. It leaped on me that brought forward in terms that this shut down be dead but at the end of the day it's still all salt and they've got to go out there and perform and that's why. Leave them fairly he's the youngster I would have to say that you double that Dave didn't use very jovial joking around but when it came to that. All track you look like. All right now that now this is serious business it. It. Would work tired of being named on the magazine in Maine didn't forehead. We just need to get out there and looked actually execute on the field. The original we heard a little bit this week about how Dexter Lawrence was playing hurt for much of last year and they being careful with him this spring any anything from babble on the health of Dexter Lawrence to the. You know there was no nothing specific at least it during this session that I was dead now he couldn't talk to typically somewhere else that during the course of the day that. Nothing that I heard. To talk about. The acidic and I would have to say for the most part a lot of that was just more generalities. They're what that a whole lot in debt. Discussion going to keep it basic player other than the fact that there's also talk about even on the defense this side that. You're looking at a talented deep and not just with those. Ford that we know but it also adept at that he can apply to these young guys and Indiana and there's still water Alice. That's even behind the guy. So it seems to be yet to cover didn't even next year it doesn't seem beat dad could be there. Yeah us big into the defense extension for Brent venables today five years say eleven point six million dollars. Dead demo I don't guess they really made that official yet so endeavor same thing about. No they did talk about it yet apparently I get the board of trustees has approved it and apparently did he. He's been in the work out Deborah did mention that. Fur from his perspective. That look that old months ago this just now have to go through B. The proper channels and the process. Make it a done deal but. He built that you know this is the situation where now enables it again. You know be as I sit stay at rest but he can it be in a position where. He knows that things are debt from a financial standpoint it may be awarded a big deal in terms of that a huge increase. And financed even though is now go to beat beat top paid it this debt and college football. And I guess there's more. The Divx on the back end of the deal that just adds some security. For Brent venables which again. For me it is showcase is that. That was like Brett venables is gonna go anywhere these very security and be indicative coordinator act on them. And at bat to go to search for a different opportunity search for head coaching job and I think it helps firmer pretty standpoint because now. You don't have to worry about it ought track of how long were suitable to be there you go Lou ego that beat the cult. We don't typically offense indeed been the coordinator they eventually leave for another opportunity aura acknowledging opposite. Richmond waiver headed back from Charlotte Richmond we appreciate it we'll see tomorrow.