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Thursday, July 19th

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Welcome back the huddle on ESP enough State's Greg McKinney Alonso in studio this afternoon Richmond up at the ACC meetings in Charlotte's a 444773776. Is our phone numbers you wanna you know Mort that. Healthcare tax line 71307. Start to message with side ESPN. A by the way the rock and roll up your sleeve blood drive for 2018 is underway as of today as well and couple of our sister stations are out today. I 3.3 to planet. Right now Azinger Gaffney until 230 at least or for a little while longer at freight liner. Custom chassis corporation. Are two to thirty and then they'll be at Harley Davison Spartanburg from three until 430. And they will be at Wal-Mart wade Hampton boulevard in Taylor's from 530 to 630. A classic rock 101 point one today and until 330 you know they're going to be at the Wal-Mart in Anderson when he bypassed. And they'll be at the bar low Woodruff road. And that's from five until seven so if you wanna participate in rock and roll up your sleeve. 42018. Those are some of the stops that are on the schedule for today. At the SEC. Meetings. And Atalanta on nick stadium segment. Almost content excitement. Slip of the top forty and I promise. Alabama coach Nick Saban was all on the podium and he's already ticked off at the media. It's underway you know football season is near when excitement. Is Matt. I addressed the quarterback situation as much as he was willing to do. When he took to the podium. And I think the number one thing if you wanna talk about is the quarterback controversy that you look to create that you already created that you'll continue to create. And I always tell you the same thing exist they are still to be determined as to who's gonna play quarterback for Alabama Steve and asked all the questions about it. But it still to be determined. To him basically missed spring practice due to an injury. Jane and had a good spring. Both guys had great Summers. And we're just gonna have to see who wins a team in fall camp so. We'll see. So some of your questions when you ask me about the almost will see. So no Humana. If the media the ones that are man. A new excellence meant op listen. I think he handed it off at the pass laws did they still ask the question of course they probably Riley still did. Because they have really included Juan don't have anything else dusk wouldn't completely taken satanism and I think use preemptive any as Smart move on his part I don't think it's stopped anybody from asking them blah blah answer is out of the media create the quarterback controversy element. Didn't it do that when he pulled a starting quarterback at halftime of the championship game to another guy. It's no different than pulling you starting running back down to another running back again but we into the media there obviously is a quarterback question and Alabama. The media create. The media has going crazy including people in this room 11 which is not here or the other I'm looking that it's his right away will too has got to be the starter and I never thought that. I I think. He played decent in one half. Both say there is was the first passing through that was interception OK I know we threw an interception he's an interception on and on the game for BP may have won the game they weren't dead. No water. Because only got a guy is struggling to bring another guy and doesn't necessarily mean that he's replaced for the entire season well all right that's fair enough that doesn't mean that but it does mean that there's a question about who's gonna start court. A colony controversy won't be clear just this question it's not a controversy especially if you if you come in with the mindset that everyone has earned her position every year. I know coaches say that but some of them might actually mean it. I don't know Saban doesn't mean it but still I'm gonna bother Nick Saban for just asked that question. Why would he not. Fully expect of course he fully expects why would you be irritated about it already violated some bothered to me I thought wryly I thought it was funny I thought he was taken (%expletive) I really did that this same tone he's. DC now one commercial where that girls trying to bond address and he tells her. Yeah that's that's the same lottery thing and better yet the same tone as he did a Mac Marshall son I think it's can I think it's contrived these made up and I think he does that. So when a part of this does at the same way that that Belichick doesn't. But I think Saban. Is a lot more personable than the other two guys. That's personable. Compared to the other two guys. And look. I'm filed I'm filing date. Not answering the question is just dumb a little irritating that he acts like Somalia it's created a controversy that. He himself created by pulling starting quarterback at halftime of the national champ Japan. He did that. Not to me he did that. So still to be determined is the answer. Now if there was any news made when Nick Saban. Took the podium my yesterday. It might be that when he was asked about Jalen hurts future with Alabama. He said I have no idea. He's that I expect him to be there. Is nothing is our job to give both players a fair opportunity to have a chance to win this team at the of their position. Both are capable he would say say we would love for every player on our team to stay at the University of Alabama and graduate. Jalen has a great opportunity to do that in December so we're hopeful he will stay. MBA graduate. Regardless of what his circumstance is. As a black. Folk I. I you know that's fine he's not sounding real confident the Jalen news. Going to stay you said it was his father that said dumb he would transfer fee wasn't the start Ernie said that back in the spurring some to crews and April yeah. I'm AM. Can't blame them wants the starting quarterback and he can't and Alabama. Then he Canada Alabama ego some where else somebody will will take Jalen hurts. As a quarterback. And we're gonna find that out because guess what Joel Hirsch is not gonna start at quarterback. I 100% guarantee deals. It would be remarkable in my mind if Jalen hurts started recording rooms and seeing America as we know it. It William football in America will go downhill and death now I'm not layered Fedora. Now does it look Joe's ready he proves that. He's gives Alabama the options that they need in the passing game. And he'll be the starting quarterback you can stop the scum off the knee injury I had to build an excuse right there yeah if if he's not healthy. That's the only way Jalen her source accord. But dumb as as much is Nick Saban hated it. He was forced into it at halftime of the Georgia game the national championship game in and there's no tournament. I think he plays in both has he done that before in the past as he played too who he's done little of that. And he could do that until about who starts and plays most of the time that's too if these self. And they played a little by the wind which on a lower levels not Lamar Jackson little. But. As a pretty heady opponent. For the first game September 1. X Camping World stadium in Orlando Florida. He's going to have to you while. Roll out what he has he can't. Limp into that game. Now certainly quarterback so I think to a is probably going to start game one in just stay the starter hurts enrolled early as a freshman. And now he's set to graduate in December. And so as a graduate he would not have to sit out a year to go play somewhere else. Graduates and us every play next year somewhere else. But he will meet playing this year. So it's still like yourself and now here well. Yeah nominees are gonna transfer in September and start playing somewhere else anyway so. Via I Amin he'll he'll move on. That's the way this is shaping up it. If it is as is dad says it is then he's got to believe he's got a shot at it. Or you would have already transfer. Of Indus Valley fair he thinks the inland still thinks he can whenever he'd be gone by now. You don't look Saban can get him into the game in other ways. Whatever but demand let him run the football. It's bringing in men occasionally as a running quarterback I don't. Argued that he might not do that. But. Outing too was the man two is the man forum. Alabama this year. Because they want to win another national championship and he gives them the best opportunity. To do that. Willie Taggart in the meantime the new coach at Florida State. He says the team did not handle adversity well and 2017. And they have to build more teen cannot chemistry is that'll shot a gym both. Needs more chemistry and accountability. Speaking at a CC media days today in Charlotte. Taggart said he was surprised to learn how little Florida State players knew about each other when he became their coach. They have three and six start last year won their final four games won the Independence Bowl game over us southern miss what's not meaning that. Know about each other he set a big part of cared about someone is you got to get to know your teammates our guys really didn't know each other well enough you're on the same team you lift weights together and all that. They didn't understand who that person is and where he comes from and what he's been through. I was really surprised he's we have guys have been around your four years and they didn't know certain things about their teammates. Who they thought they knew really well. So what he did in the off season. Was to separate the team and a smaller groups Adam talk about their backgrounds and their challenges. He said you'd be shocked by some of the stories it'll amaze you because for them to go through some of the things they've been through a still play at a high level is amazing. I can makers the running back who's expected be a big part of that Florida State offense this year. Said that Taggart some media emphasis. Was needed after the team didn't have enough cam accountability or chemistry in 2017. He said it wasn't enforced. Now it's being enforced by a higher power. Coach stagger last year was just whatever we get amongst each other. Are you ears burning a little bit Jumbo. It's funny how all. People get tossed under bus on certain element. I'm shines a nature trying to wrap my head around I you know I. I guess how can help. But I don't see how it can hurt. Get her to do want to not know everything about the guy who's playing next to Russia staggered philosophy. Nothing. And yet he did film on the books sure little bit. What bet I would like but all coaches do things differently than it and I just. I don't know why it's necessary to do you know I mean it and then tipped the public about it and that that's I guess a little bit surprising you know every time a new coach comes in. He's doing a lot of oil and I used to do it this way but you're not doing anymore we don't. There's a lot of that. On small things big things does it also well it's gonna take awhile for us to win here because we had to change a culture because these guys all know a lot about each other as its starting and you gotta be a family and you gotta be a tight unit in order to play as tight unit that's what it sounds like to me. Yeah I don't know that I'll call an excuse making them. In my become that if they don't win what you think they're gonna do pretty well so. They'll do they'll do pretty well yeah. And Adobe certainly much better. A Leander if landslide quarterback they have an open competition to. I mean are they say in the same thing. You guys are creating a controversy here. The media is making up this controversy beyond right France wall started and warning sixteen got hurt in the opener against Alabama last year. He's back but James Blackmun the sophomore is still there Blackmon started last year and they have. A third guy redshirt freshman Bailey Hochman. In the competition. Willie Taggart said I'm like the rest of you I can't wait to see wait to see who separates themselves as we go into the season. As soon as they do that we will let you all know who our quarterback will be so we say the same thing but he just not as a hostile toward the media about. As nick yes. These same woolly and but it's the same deal. The same Dylan but in a Clemson. Our state Alabama and other places. We got a quarterback battle. Going. Also we will hear from day Claussen a Wake Forest Wake Forest coming off a pretty good year. Last year my Wake Forest standards at least there wearing five last year there were a forum for in the conference last year. And we will hear from day Claussen coming up in the third hour of the huddle. Today how what'd you what damn woken had to say about Larry Fedora as comments yesterday today and Walken is with the USA today and he was not. A stand of Fedora is concussions CTE comments yesterday at the ACC meeting in Charlotte. Well to hear that coming up stay what does this is the hollow if you wanna go mourning 444773776. Will be right back on ESP in upstate. A we have the pre season coaches poll. But not for the ACC you're the SEC. For the sun belt. Now today the fund belt. And here's what's coaches think it's gonna happen in the west they pick up Arkansas State. To win. Followed by. Louisiana Monroe. And they east they're picking app states but to close 61 place votes for app state in the east and four for Troy. On about George state Georgia southern and coastal Carolina and the coaches are picking Arkansas State to be the conference champ. In the sun belt that's the Sunbelt coach's poll just out in the past few minutes for what that's worth. I yesterday had ACC media days in Charlotte Larry Fedora made some news the coach at North Carolina. First choice said the game of football is under attack. Because of the focus on head trauma in recent years. He said our country will go down to. If football this fundamentally changed. And then he questions the link between CTE. And football. Between brain injury and football question the proof there. And so on a lot of people have been a little bit critical of that one of them is USA today's day and woken the year some of what he says it's. Certainly I think problem we better now than it was ten years ago by ago but there's still probably a long way to go in. The racing that mentality of well you know we just got the bill or you know you gotta pop it out let. It you know I think you've got to you've got to be extra careful when you're darn right young men's lives and not exposing them to unnecessary horribly. That sort of mentality is this week's big east I was today where your your kind of doubting the science that's out there is dangerous and I think it does make me wonder whether he's fit to lead a program of all the young man who are not paid professionals but unpaid interest. Dan has column in fact dumb they walk a little further he said no need to dance around it if foot door actually believes what he says. Eastern dome to coach college football. Potentially far immediate. Balkans that is one thing to be unknown nothing route. With no sense of perspective or understanding of American history. It's another to be a room who is in charge of the wellbeing of 85 college students on scholarship. And denying the mountain of science that is linked to head trauma in football too significant health problems. Later in life to the former means Fedora is simply an embarrassment to the University of North Carolina. The latter means he's in danger. The players his coach. Knew him other. He's bringing a pretty strong. He's entitled to his opinion that's on loses an opinion because all that matters is as the powers that be where he works and if they don't have prop more than that these funds onto it we don't know yet whether they have. A problem with a right since yesterday I don't know that anybody where he works as. And anything to say about that the only outcry they hear hear this from guys like this guy so far yet. So gorgeous yesterday. But you know if if you want sued if you crusade is started with his sounds like it might be starting by people who are so offended. Maybe they will get him to lose his job Delano can fill vindicated for doing it I don't. Fedora needs to be fired but. It's Smart to say that is a Smart to act like. A link between. CT in football. Is not there. You know it's more for the baucus say that I know this is a related but this is Smart say the earth is flat I mean some people Harry's not in charge of I 95 kid I mean I understand at what I'm saying some people don't necessarily agree with. The science. And giving guys a chance to really explain himself. I mean you're up on a podium you say stuff sometimes. Maybe you don't mean it and the way it comes out and so policy and do we have definitive proof of every that seat he is. The debt caused by a full ball I mean. There's a so much. That we don't know yet. Do we know the football's dangerous yet that's not gonna change. Football is as long as it stays the way it is. Is going to be dangerous no matter how much they improve the equipment while Blair for Laura seems to thing on. I mean he's all but saying. That right. There there is a crusading hero and a football I'd I mean because of of the C team because of this and and listen there are people out there wanna completely gone. And I get an idea why they want it gone. And I'm just I'm trying to imagine a world without football. Our country will go down onto Larry believe that. That will go down of football here and there and guys like us that that's a know that there's a is really a crusade. Against football or are people just pay in attention to the evidence here. I think there are a lot of people who jump ball and things whether they are passionate about it or not because everybody else's I just I you know I just worry about football I do. Why should a man and that's fair. You know the future of football can be questioned without. You know questioning the reality of CGI think it's pretty Oriole. I don't I don't think there's any doubt. About that anymore I just in and I know Richmond toast on this I think yesterday to I I think about all the lessons that I learned from football. That's air and that other kids will learn from football and and I don't get you know the parents to vote Juan I would never let my kids play out Dylan gum play soccer. Let him go out play something else we can just as easily get a concussion went out equipment are just as easily. But then. He kicked and it didn't get a concussion when they can have and then people get kicked and had all done. OK you know football could be in trouble I got that. But we still gonna question. I just being re I guess what it is it for me as someone says something and I do not want to destroy them. Ride on and let's see what the history of that person as it does he have a history of saying a bunch stuff like this. I don't know if Phil is what's his name from Washington State I don't know or bleach yet to Italy said this would be the same outcry. Would it be like Chad assist them he's he's now looking for bigfoot again you know and they just brush it off. And I think in its who says it has a lot to do with the two. If it's one of those guys who consider a little bit off their rocker but he's funny so it's okay and then you let it go but if some guy like this then you're gonna go laughter. Well I mean it's not shocking that Fedora Sanford is a bit out there as their package maybe not Mike Leach out there. But a little bit out there. You know this is how he makes his living. And I understand he's worried about football but I do understand that a lot of people are. Lot of people are mum. But. I just don't think you shouldn't. Question the connection between football and brain injury I think that's. Become clear. Who's in my opinion. And also you know so little it's a bridge too far to me to say that down. The country's gonna go down if football. We know what. I don't wanna see it happen so that way we won't find out one way or another just could change I mean that's clear you know but the regular safer. You make an assay for highs are in a tackle football must champ said the done today this morning I don't think there's an tackle football there's a coach who doesn't think the balls under very. Coach you looked in solve the outcry that's happening on Fedora and a Smart enough to not say anything as to whether he believes it one way or another. I think in twenty years from now. Everybody be aware Maxi so won't matter anyway soon be I watch robots played maybe guys inside a home. It is going to be very protective. It'll be a different game somewhere. 8444773776. Bam Wilkens I the only one I've seen. Suggesting that Larry Fedora. Should probably. Not be the football coach should be fired immediately. If he actually believes what he said yesterday backed off of and so you have to assume he believes. What he Sandra so you won gone now less of that now with our again I wouldn't fire him. We'll obviously Walken was like seeing it on minister the other people out there we'll see how much power they have that they can get him gone. Alchemy or will the university tell me has to issue an apology. All I kind of stuff. I'm sorry if what I said offended some journalist somewhere. And I would just be journalist by the way it'll be it'll be. People who you know post so far has been journalists but says journalists will go to you know congressman and things like that you know. No don't worry about this system of important thanks let's social. It's not important that people are in the brain's been known to us on a toss a ball some guy saying something bskyb to delve in on this day and welcome man. Hadn't come into play don't their military power. Police say he knows he can't he get this kind of candidate on the gluten so I bought a boat got over it. We now know more robust content is the National League what it sort sort of put an award he would do so. And he looked at town and now they're they are serious and really the most I am looking to China that I do well. Los used to you as well and didn't get base. I ask you think they'd want imparted old age limit. And really and so I by the local and a penalty goes. Into. I mean activity that you rare but there were. Right into. Well yeah it is whose son for that money. Now. Yeah well well maybe you'd probably want my domain dot Derek coating on the way they play out today. Moya. Yeah they're they're they're bonded out there and making venables the highest paid assistant college football history apparently what I'm just offered the stardom. The SEC network bring in all the bucks for all these years they were behind and you know I think he's he's ready to go tomorrow and you know it's not going to be. Bringing in the same kind of money that the SEC network as but it gets back a more even now. Ground and I'll help every school in the ACC centuries X. That you could if it is freedom amendment right to it we're not going to be chemical and kind of like an arm but it is if you know what I. Trust that I'm not only didn't return ready duke as you know what. Down and I think people pick it up now when you know again maybe not as. Extensive as you. Yeah but die and look up basketball basketball's bigger deal in the ACC that is the SEC's selling my alimony there. From. Today it'll have probably a they'll ever built in content don't compound might need to put our content out of my. I don't know I like him with funds over the air that's for sure thank you demo we appreciate Brad Brownell a case you missed it. Picking up an extension today that is six years. Fifteen million dollar so that's two and a half million a year on average for reverend. A guy that was on the hot seat. A year ago. But had a good year in. Now makes it pretty. Congratulations on a year and a any got to that 8444773776. Text line 71307. The hobble on ESP enough state we arrived back. So at Carnoustie. Golf links and Scotland the open. Rolling on first round play today in fact we've got finals. And on most of the offers are still a handful of golfers out there on the course but down. Most of the guys have finished up and that. Five under 66 from Kevin kissed her from Aiken South Carolina has held up so far he has a one shot lead. Over three golfers. Erica band Rui and Tony fee now. And Zander Lombard. At four under par was sixty sevens at sixty H today two shots back Brendan stone Ryan Moore and Brendan Steele. We have the biggest names in golf. Not top the leaderboard. So far. At the open Danny Willett at two under he's among the golfers at two under John roms at two under. Rory McIlroy had a 69 today is it to wonder as is Zach Johnson and Justin Thomas. So you starting beginning some of the big names as you get down to 203 shots. Off the pace. Nobody really made a big move though Mac who Richar finished with a one under seventy today Rickie Fowler one under seventy. On the day. And extensive and also seventy. On the day. And a middle and on down the line Adam Scott had a 71 Jason Day had a 71 so now I have the out Tiger Woods has fallen back to par. London he was at two under early and he's had a horrible shot solvency slowing them via. He is on sixteen. And he's at even par today so Rickie Fowler among our groups in our own golf draft yesterday. My golfer Rickie Fowler is best of lots of farm and minus one but that's not great. That's not. Jordan speech finished with a 72 today that's a plus one. Jimmy Walker also 72 Lee Westwood 72 Tommy Fleetwood what are your guys 72 today for plus one. Mark Leachman and another one I got my guys had a 72 for plus one. Mom written welts Mickelson finished up early today with a plus 273. For Phil today laughter. As did Ernie Els. Bernhard longer. Other when your guns plus 273. On the day and and Singh Retief Goosen had a 74 today plus three. Hideki Matsu Yamaha is plus three through fourteen holes he's one of the guys still out there. Patrick reed on Richmond's list yes 75. Today plus four. Bryson at the sham bow and other when you're choices. Is plus four through fifteen. Today Dustin Johnson one of my guys plus 576. Dustin does not appear to be headed to win. The British Open. Might be an awful little or. Yet he could miss the cut 76 so we'll see with a cut line is tomorrow the plus five is not good Sergio also plus five still on the course at hole number sixteen. David you've all remember when he was good he and eighty today we still playing here you know plus nine and eighty. Today the day and had a good round and while. So that's some of the oh Bubba Watson plus four he's added eighteen. Right now so he's not a M and a good one either and this golf course it looks like some of them. Bad public courses. That I've played in my life. Yeah I was really really I mean nerve patches of green here and narrow body adds to its. I'm not a brown how fast must be as these balls are rolling when these guys than bullets dry they thought you know the weather might be an issue when Ned it's really dry and there are some wind kicking up. You know conditions. Terrible right now seen a lot of guys in those markers which is just a ball to roll. So eventually gonna hit a bunker analysts assume right down the middle. And that's where a lot of these guys have been. In bunkers. At the British Open. They like having just near with a 66 today has the lead so while he's in great shape and Rory McIlroy yeah minus two series one of the bigger names. In good shape just to three shots off the pace. At the British Open we'll talk about battle more are three questions segment coming up but it's been now. Not a decent day out on the course the scores are. Just kind of average right now but my response to score for Kazmir who has the one shot lead so far. As play is getting pretty close to wrapping up I'll see anybody Lucy and I got. The group on hole number thirteen. Dollars a group on hole number eleven. That's. The first back into my ideas so got a few guys that. Or on. 1112 in the know they'll wrap up but most everybody's. In the clubhouse with a first round of the open today and you know one of golf's majors. And the next to last one of the year big purse ten point eight million dollars the defending champion of course as Jordan speaks. Won this thing last year our final break. Of this hour and we will be back 8444773776. Gonna get him honest this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. Quarterback camp final segment of the sour and the hoddle demos wrapped up for Clemson. And ACC media days and simply get a hold of our guy her Richmond Weaver in the next hour it just all somewhat coach Sweeney had to say as the ACC contingent. Wraps up their meeting up in Charlotte 844477377. Sixes are numbers you wanted to Willis here. In the huddle text line is 71307. That is the health Bayard text line. And down Eddy SP in upstate on Twitter or just talk about with dubbed LeBron at the lakers. About them coming up but their own version of the death lineup. By putting LeBron at center. To the death lineup supposedly for the lakers. Would be Alonso ball Josh heart. Brandon Ingram. Kyle crews knock. And LeBron. It looks fast. I mean who really relaxed. And what great beaches in others but I guess their best satirist JaVale McGee. And not really stacked at center there with that take some maybe they did this some well I mean. Sensors aren't. As big as they used to be I am as far as position don't sell it to play defense of that lineup a can you protect the rim and island owed it to question it depends on whose do you don't you put them out there and certain situations probably settle. You may not have to worry about protecting them. Mum on these guys are long not sinners but there are some long guys. Out there and certainly LeBron. He's blocked the shot and shot or do they can he can he's athletic and can. Do a certain amount of ram protection I guess. We fascinated watch I'd like to see that. I don't know how much bill. Do it but down would like CNET since they weren't able to go out and yet. A big time senator and don't like you're going to how that line and do against Golden State I've only got a pretty much. Any lineup to put out there you think how would this do against go and they handled Ramon. The deadline and I don't know we are going to be aren't. Agassi expectation is that Alonso is going to be part of the deal right. Seems like. I would think you know are being gone if you wasn't him dosage of the making. Much of a move there I mean there's a lot of talk that you know the lakers lineup that they put out there in October. May not be the same wanna have as we get and a February march of next year. And you know one of the women. That's the core with a doctor or nurse and they're doing really good job don't. That's true. Not a lot of people thinking the lakers are going to make a real playoff run. In your number one and I said this before I in how does the team would LeBron James not even make the playoffs I think they probably. I probably figure out a way to do it Villanova seven or eight or something like death. Now last season according to calculations. He actually played center a little bit for the cavaliers LeBron dipped one point 5% of the time that he was on full. As not a lot but he's done it. He's done it the most productive lineup for the cavs. When he was in there is senator featured George killed JR Smith Kyle Korver and Jeff Green. That group played just 22 minutes together. And you know other less experience around LeBron. With the lakers. So we'll see. I have a low welding. Them to be a stop gap as a small son. He's kind of semi retired now may not play again in the NBA but could you could ever change arc. And LeBron can talk him. Into it. We'll see it's it was fascinating to watch this. Lakers team and see other look neck sharing gallery look next year compared to how they'll look. Little further down the road is zone is debatable.