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Thursday, July 19th

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How do you welcome to the huddle Thursday afternoon the nineteenth of July on ESPN upstate. I GMAC Alonso in studio original waiver is in Charlotte with the ACC media because he wanted to experience. The thrill. Of ACC we can. You know he's got that's my own space is kind of looking around all happy to bring. So I dabble in the Clemson folks go at about 215 this afternoon Reagan talked to Richmond from Charlotte died in the next segments about 125 we'll check in with him. To see why it's happening up there we have bomb more from the ACC we'll hear from Dave Claussen. Wake Forest and had a good year last year. And expectations are running pretty high for the deacons would hear from him coming up Bob you know after the Larry Fedora comments yesterday. Gamble can be USA today went off on wolf what year that a coming up from SEC. Media days in Atlanta on Nick Saban. Has been on the podium and we'll hear from him what he doesn't have to say about the quarterbacks. Does he does not say a whole lot but we'll talk about that coming up will must champ but has been up for South Carolina today we'll hear from him. In just a moment here in the huddle there's other things going on as well. Contract extensions over at Clemson for Brad Brownell. And Brett venables. On the same day. And interestingly. The mic at about the same amount. They head basketball coach and assistant football coach are making. Pretty close to the same amount of money on their new deals we'll tell you the details of that. Coming up on the show course the open golf tournament going on at Carnoustie. And that we will update scores we had our golf draft yesterday and we're stink it up. I mean we have nobody at the top league we picked nine golfers between us. Believe it or not Tiger Woods. Is the best of corporate execs are. How the ones we picked skull pacing I mean you know you don't wanna ignore burning all up in the first round what good what we're not doing now and I'm burning it up in the first round actually job Kevin just nurse South Carolina guy from Aiken. Is the leader in the clubhouse at 66 when this first round score five under par. Tony fee now Eric we somebody should of picked Eric van Rudy and he was on my list why do we miss Eric. He and I Tony fi now and Zander Lombard are tied. At four under that second place. I'm Brandon stole Ryan Moore Brendan Steele. And minus three you know we have some of the big names up there. Nobody no big names at the top so far are Rory McIlroy said minus twos at least three shots back. Please. Off to a a good starting at a a 69 today and Rory needs a good major. And at Tiger Woods is a minus two. After nine holes so he can go like a close to lead by the end of the day today he's minus two just halfway through his first round. Some of the other guys Rickie Fowler is on my list season minus one had a seventy today. Zach Johnson minus one headed to eighteen Kyle Stanley is at minus one headed to fourteen. In the first round. When. He was we get a Jason Day. At even par through fifteen holes. Justin Rose plus one he's finished today had a 72 arrested Jordan speaks speeds of 72. Today. There's a plus 12. Still within striking distance on spruce. Tommy flee what he's on your listings plus 172. Today mark Leachman on my group of three also plus 172. Today. Mickelson played early today made a final and really early this morning in a final and before I left the house to 73. Plus two for Mickelson. In the first round Ernie Els also 73 to Deng Bernhard longer. Good pick their loans. Thank you he had 73 to death so can not terrible. Not terrible Bryson. Demand let's see I think Ali Richmond's golfers are not doing well. Except for tiger except for tiger that's right Brooks kept going he picked plus four through eleven holes. And who was the other one I'm Dustin Johnson he was plus five so at least in Canada so far most of Richmond have where is my list. So organized today. No we're just at a certain genres but we have Patrick reed Richmond and Patrick reed and he. Is not doing well either where are you Patrick Patrick support for. And that's from final for him for today so 75 for Patrick reed and Dustin Johnson on good. I mean no big names. Have been good so far. Other than tiger has not bad for tiger halfway through. His first round he's he's doing all right Tiger Woods pretty good start and minus two through nine holes some. You can't have for you today as well. There's news about Julio Jones in the falcons were passed that along to you as well. And any other breaking news that happens today we will certainly have for you being Collison a 444773776. Text line. Is 71307. That is the health day air Tex lines start to message with ESPN and we are on Twitter at ESPN upstate. As we Mitchell must champ took the podium today for south Carolina at the SEC meeting in Atlanta. A lot of breaking news from Bausch Champloo have a little exchange your first volley was asked about Larry Fedora is concussion related CT comments. Yesterday at the ACC meeting. So it talks about that a little bit and he also talked about the momentum from the Outback Bowl win over Michigan usual muschamp from earlier today. Cleary said Doris comments about some football being under attack. Armin abouts it potentially our our country going down its football is under attack as I was wondering if you had any thoughts. I don't think our games under attack I don't know a whole lot of dollars comments. As far as you know. CT in concussion from film all those things we're talking about. I feel very comfortable with the policy and procedures that we had in place you vs South Carolina. We have a neurologist on the field we haven't neurologist in the box game day we have neurologists at practice. Art art training staff works with Mickey prom whose specialist in Pittsburg. That really changed our whole procedures 1000 Florida the barking cushion for protocol. And I think the more research that we're able to do the better off we're gonna be the number one. One of all this is does the health and safety of our of our student athletes. That's number one and and I feel very comfortable about our policies and what we had in place. Coach what did that victory over Michigan in the Outback Bowl on an obviously Michigan I think the winning his programming college football history will what does a victory like that a bowl game. What sort of effect did it have on your program the confidence the players may be recruiting. Well there's no question in the season with a victory always helps create momentum in the offseason going into spring ball. Against a program like Michigan. Certainly is. Creates momentum in itself and I think the way the game happened we're down nineteen to three. To come back in the second half to play extremely well offensively in the second half against a very good Michigan defense. To make some stops on defense the way the game came about. On the way we're able to finish the game certainly gives you confidence and helps in recruiting how we on the national stage at a place like the Outback Bowl on national TV January 1. That always helps your program. Couple other notes from well must champ today feels pretty good about the offensive line issue this year at least the top six guys on the offensive line other trying to develop. Some depth there with 789. Only a line. Also feels pretty good about. The starters on the defense of line but they're trying to. Develop some backups there are so. He's concerned about that and then the safety position you know do my best Williams coming in as a pretty highly touted recruit last year for. The gamecocks he's being moved to safety. To try to give them some depth there 'cause that's a little bit of a position of need. For the gamecocks. Wants a better pass rush that's certainly been an issue for the gamecocks in recent years and now with and to what to do four man pass rush without. Having to commit somebody else. Two attacking the quarterback needs those front four guys step puts pressure on the passer and Tom also said that does safety Javon Charleston one time wide receiver. Is still suspended no word on if and when he might come back. I said wide receiver Tai Kwan Johnson is the only sign me that hasn't been admitted yet to the school trying to get that done. In the next two weeks or so when not. He said he could not comment on Josh Bell from the incoming transfer from Clemson I guess that means it's not a done deal. That's for the paperwork and all that is concerned on Josh Bell choked he can't. Talk about it so it's a little bit of the job will must champ. Update today adding Jay Bentley is speaking today one of the gamecocks are nothing Bebo was there as well also. See what they have to say as they speak this afternoon but up. Must champ pretty confident and again he's on the last day again. Third straight year he's been. On the last day. At the SE CEO meeting so kind of interesting there but up anyway must champ. Expressions and confidence about this South Carolina team. And why not after nine wins last year and you know that the wave that. Offense kind of came to life India second half against Michigan Michigan and a defense. Really good defense and South Carolina finally figured something now probably their best half of offensive football was the last ethically liked. Definitely and even running game try to be pretty getting getting people back. Also helps as far as most chimp goes is is that an arm or slight Kabila. Class this yesterday I think being last is. The good thing you know I mean. It's collecting their present you as the main event I know that's not their intent the main of it was Nick Saban. And he went yesterday. But I am pitching Nick Saban tells them when he wants to you apologist ethnic. What you want to get some to do on Thursday we'll put chill winds and then Demi work everything around him to ask him first then. Yeah yeah well you will hear from segment coming up in the second hour. In really making news the closest he came to making some news though. Yesterday. Was when he said he had no idea whether Jalen Hertz would stay with the team all year. Single we're done. When you're just basically say expect him to stay with a thing. Well if you use the didn't he say or his dad say that if he's not starter he's transferring that is as and a I think it was hell I was on vacation that may be a member and may have been held more or another quarterback battle but if could swore it was his his dad that said that. And if so if if I'm correct then you would have tipped his hand by saying. Yeah I'll be here all season does that mean TV star. In of these star. We'll see is them being the starter I'm maker low look I I genuinely think that they don't know yet it's gonna depend on what happens in August. Pre season work counts but. My expectation would be that to attack a below will be the starting quarterback for Alabama but I would think that Saban would want. Hearst hang around the first of all for death. Because of injuries and secondly because he gives you that ten of the little a little new look the defense is have to be ready for with a run oriented quarterback and that you bring into the game and any time. It just seems a little odd that now he would say has no idea weather's gonna. Hang around course it's true he doesn't have any idea of if he does as expected or is I expect anyway named to the quarterback. Tom genders may wanna guess emirates where it can be a starting quarterback. That may be whoever plays out it's an unusual that it. Coach would approach it that way. I'm here in July to at least. All right 8444773776. If you wanna get in and now maybe talk about what you're hearing from these coaches at the ACC and SEC meetings anything. Of note to use surprises expectations. And certainly talk about bad. We're gonna check in live with Richmond Weaver he's up and Charlotte the ACC meeting will do that in the next break so keep it here on ESPN. Upstate. Will be back just under way for Thursday GMAC Alonso on the Hubble ESP in upstate stay with us. Back to die huddle ESPN. Upstate Thursday afternoon lots of football talk today. We'll get some mine NBA news and some golf news coming up as well keep an eye on the open in Scotland. Right house go live to Charlotte, North Carolina ACC media days rolling on up there in Charlotte and our very own Richmond Weaver has made the trek up to the queen city for this hey rich how Simone. Doing fantastic gentleman that it's good that I still believe that. On assignment. Amid being in the studio but it's fun being up here kinda gather some information and excitement does the HTC kick off meetings are well underway are starting yesterday. Excitement with the Atlantic Division today we got it square. Each other conferences so to speak and so there's there's a lot of excitement. Here down though you words the air for Bobby Petrino those self presentation from unbelievable. What's his confidence level going into this year because locals noggin a lot of buzz right now are the. Yet they are definitely not and I would say I think he loves being under the radar deal that he's very close. Haven't been able to get over the hump and yet talked about specifically that he knows he's got to get. Over clumps and her get through Clemson that's where it deep sticking point is for Louisville right now they'd been close last year it was obviously a big disappointment to them as far as how they performed against the tigers but I think he's still very competent I was trying. Purdue until they're really come out. With all guns bleeding in terms is expectations. Are instantly more checks and it's not going to be there but he's confident that. They're actually going to be a better offensive unit the coast are going to be more balanced it might not come also. One particular guy but it's gonna be spread out it's going to be harder to distant. What's your take on that as a possible they can be better offensively without. Lamar Jackson. I think he has to be kidding himself is he if he thinks that all the sudden that his docket is going to be. Did the same level of production that he had let the Heisman Trophy winner last year at you can't necessarily take a big step forward with losing that title player that type of production but with a quarterback coming in. With the name. Puma path up. You'd have to ask them how I expectation built upon the best names in college football that diaper. You know anything about AME transfered Enright. He did turn three and but Bobby Petrino talked about that he's still that he's been very loyal. Waited his turn so to speak and has been either beat contributor. Generally are on the field but behind the siege. It gave a lot of support to the march accent that helped each they can keen. You're just being there or Ernie. B pistol in preparing himself or his opportunity and that's why I think there is some confidence that our Katrina has is because. Now I've got a candidate who has in the system but it is very talented and they're just a matter keeping him out on the field but the big question is. Do you mind. People might not really understand net. Louisville opens up against Alabama. So this is going to be Castro right Al's big gay. They now on September 1 prime time and as much as you go there's a lot of excitement on the treadmill talked about that. His players with their unit almost like another game and we know that can't actually be true meaning there have to be a different mindset knowing that you'll concede and against the defending national champion M questions go bug the trio that. Just preparing. The challenge for the damage not knowing who's going to be the quarterback for Alabama and had to prepare you prepare proposed album or just want. Right now we talked about a little earlier in non Nick Saban didn't shed any light on that at all down and not Atlanta. Yesterday that game's at a neutral site on September 1 NC Camping World kick off and Orlando on me now tell us something but certainly it'll be big huge underdogs in a game with a little bit of a break after that again Indiana State western Kentucky. And and they open ACC play with Virginia which is I'm probably gonna pick they picked at the bottom of the a list. When they poll pre season poll comes out before they get Florida State. And Georgia Tech so anyway that's the deal for lower bowl Clemson Tigers had a may not be at the schedule what about 215 this afternoon. Yet you yet you looking for their current arm. Press conference now they have been making their way around to some other. But a third. You can gain gay agency network other stop that but the the big press conference will have much more access to. But I had could imperil and obviously took Sweeney will be looked at later I started at 215. But I did get some. Information. Just some. Quotes from cam acres Florida State Willie Taggart and I think there's a big thank errors or receive comport estate there that you reviewed. Excitement with Willie Taggart coming man and it has to do with accountability and that was the speed net composed of both. Brian Byrnes the deep into the end and I also can't maker obviously the guy that could be on the Heisman watch out who. That running back Florida State it seems that. Not that they were the Romans in both Fisher and under the bus but it didn't make it a point that. It seems there's I do we clashed ceiling in terms of everybody is being course held accountable for their actions which it seemed that it might not have our a couple of years after Jim book this year. Yeah I know lot Taggart a quote I saw was that they did not handle adversity well last year when they started. Three and six they did win their last four games though maybe southern miss in the Independence Bowl also made before state has lobe of the moment of coming in this year what do you think. Yeah I think they do like a bit I think there are some of the renewed excitement. It's fresh face with Willie Taggart a pinky. Is going to be that guy that can. Help hold them accountable and he's letting him somewhat relieved that he'd rather than coming in and it. His way or the highway mean there's obviously some aspect that you get certain expectations but. You allowing the key to kind of built this accountability Montreal. Based audit. That's what you feel lacked was history and it seems like the players are buying into. All right Dan now when demo comes up this afternoon we certainly don't expect any breaking news on quarterbacks or anything else he's already talked this week covering Clemson. Our government you know QE I guess that they golf tournament that he had so. How we won't find out anything new about the quarterback battle other than best man wins I guess. Yeah and I think that is accurate I think they're gonna be continuing this same talk track that they have after the screen game does that. Everything will be evaluated. Come fault you know and then there'll be a situation where as a right now. Kelly Bryant has earned. Position at number one quarterback and it's paying exchange they feel that they're. And he difference in terms. Readiness with triple Lawrence curses Kelly Bryant. I think they will. Look at putting the best player out on the field that is. The most prepared regardless. Loyalty and let Kelly Bryant institute last year to begin remember I think a killer behind this much of that is talking about that. I think Trevor marches going to be huge starter game warned against common. In all reality it's not like killing Bryant had a bad year I think a lot of negative closure so to speak is based on the one game against Alabama but again that's against Alabama and mix even had agreed weeks to prepare and also. Wouldn't kill a fire first started the season. Not many can you had to eat hate on him so they couldn't really prepare that well but obviously you get Nick Saban and his. At some time to prepare they come up what they did a deep into skiing. Okay ray job over Clemson by the way today may you've heard they did announce the extension for Brad Brownell six years fifteen million dollars are only they've announced this yet but it's being reported by ESPN that. Brent venables the defensive coordinator is getting a five year eleven point six million dollar contract. And that is believed to be the largest total compensation ever for an assistant coach in college football how about that. Yeah sit and that is amazing there has been a little bit of talk about that into it is this still. It in the work to be finalized but apparently that report is accurate and that the case. I think you can presume that obviously Brent venables was locked up and he. That negative recruiting about Brett venables in terms up if you actually gonna stay there is he going to be looking for head coaching opportunity. I think you have to. Put those aside that signals to me that. They media investment never reasonable he doesn't wanna go anywhere obviously you've got a son that's got to be aired so. I also would question does that show that is preventable didn't want to be coached on what he had to go leave and take it head coaching job. It just that it doesn't seem to be about the money because. You'll have plenty of money now that type contract. Yeah nobody's making at least now mid level big coach money as an assistant coach Jack Clemson so alarmed you're probably right there's no indication that he would be leaving. Anytime soon I don't know if you've got to just keep an eye on the open golf tournament first round today we had our draft yet I am I not. You know yeah I got good news and bad news for your three offers. Please share. Well if your best guy is Tiger Woods I don't know fly. With a tough enough. You know and I'm sure that was a picture probably has some trepidation about the tigers play well he's done going to the twelfth hole and minus two which puts him. Tied for eighth. That's not great news but he is actually the best of the nine that we all picked earth so far Tom DeLay. About that but Patrick reed and Brooks can't cut are not doing much for you here are rich -- of finder scores here on. Will you knew that we talked about yesterday who would mind kicks typically at least Ingalls. It's almost adjusted debt so to speak so somebody has to do very poorly they saw on my Dick wrote it. Yeah no doubt about it yeah plus 44. Up Patrick reed and he's done for the day so he had a 75. Today. And I'm searching for kept it here but it's not good either knocked have to was not good about. Did it yet if you get to keep searching that hundredth career for me what that guy that they don't need them at that are put the sport now who leaked emails. Seven just relating South Carolina guy we should've picked having just their. He is a five under today yet a 66 today which is which is very good do ya like that for him. Are out yeah. Yeah no doubt. Well I'm holding out hope into Tiger Woods that guy who I would want to win. Anyway even if I didn't pick cam yeah I would like to see Tiger Woods just for this story. And the story lines that would come with that and just to see it this would be an opportunity to really tiger. Two great backs route and that beat. But the top golfer that we always. He knew tiger was. Yeah he's calm he's playing well no doubt kept guy is still on the course he's at number fourteen and he's at plus two so he's tied for 84. But you know that he can work they don't bring Abdullah. Yeah you generally go up he's actually behind Burton always tied with Bernhard longer. I only putted and expect it but now and it bears play but don't you crackle mob boss bit but this. Bridge will probably try to checked him into a more time we get you before the end of the day today but the go watch the tigers analyses that breaking news tonight. Thank you gentlemen to you tomorrow night thank you answer Richmond Weaver who is up to the ACC. Media event in Charlotte, North Carolina are at 8444773776. He is our number on the espy's last night highlight for me was Jim Kelly. Campbell you hear some of that coming up here in the Hubble as we roll on Thursday afternoon stay with a sunny SP in upstate I guess huddled GMAC and Alonso in studio this afternoon 844477. 3776. Is our phone number health they're text line 71307. Twitter. At ESPN. Upstate and now we'll keep an ear out on me too well. Football kick offs SEC and ACC going on right now let you know if we get anymore interesting tidbits coming out of that had the espy's. Last night. Posted by Danica Patrick. And I'll watch some of them. A couple of the awards the C best male athlete. How was Alexander Ovechkin. Capitals Sadia hockey winner for best male athlete but that someone on usual. I don't know when the last one of those were a Khloe Kim. Snow boarder was the best female athlete. Syria nick foale's as the best championship performer from the a Super Bowl. Donovan Mitchell the Utah Jazz was the breakthrough. Athlete. The best moment of the year Minnesota Vikings beating the saints in the NFC championship game of that. Was a step on digs touchdown. That was pretty incredible. Best team the Houston Astros from Major League Baseball. Baker mayfield won best college athlete. Oklahoma football player. And usual symbolism one of the finalists for that she did not get the when she was they are the espy's. Last nine. A policy international men's soccer player winner was Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo. NFL best NFL player. Tom Brady Euribor. Yank. It and Mike Trout of the angels'. Best Major League Baseball player. A best driver in NASCAR or just Minnie Driver for many are racing series but it was a Martin Truex junior that won that LeBron was the best NBA player. That shocking really he actually won something that's shocking George space was the best male golfer and he and had a good year. The derelict kind of carried over into this year. The speech did win the open. Last year. See Sean why best male Olympian and Roger Federer was the best male tennis player. A best female tennis player was Sloane Stephens. Interesting choice. There. The moon thing in the content and you'll know the best bowler with. I'm not yeah I'm excited that we should pick for best. If the people Webber in the fourth but rhino page I know nothing about trying to like the name school sounds lethal for. NATO the highlight for me last night and not much all of it but I did catch this Jim Kelly. Politic. And of course eSATA. Tough time in the past few years battling cancer. But dumb incredible stage to accept an award and I thought knocked it out of the park here's some of what he said. I think what was us and makes a difference today. For someone. Whose flight you preserve tomorrow. When I'll look across. The Serena there much talk to people on a computer you'll need to be and Russell Wilson. And Roger to measure different shots are averaging closer newsroom can be a difference maker. New movies as an oral personally don't think there's a Barbara Morgan goes to work. But usually a big difference maker put its long notes that isn't my kids are trying to bridge religiously we don't want today ever vote for all your things. So it's urge anybody altered you have saw me alters offered done enough to be it is true. If we saw me on how we do or die to be your mom or dad. There's going to be a grand parents what you say accidentally falling you have water back down to meet a diversion of measure is an accident. Remember always always. Works for your Vietnamese never ever give off. You might build fans back home. I love you and everybody here tonight and you drew rebuke on division. Tiger or earlier and humbled me it was a reward all be all gob estimated ignored continue to bust some guys who. Jim Kelly he won the Jimmy V award for perseverance and a who wealth to Japan. I mean that was awesome and did a great job. Up there so hats off to. Jim Kelly with his speech last night at TSB's they also put. I may be all or at least a lot of the victims of layer Nasser up on the stage. Last night that was pretty powerful stuff. As well so that's lament from the espy's last night vacation missed it ID 444773776. Just like her final break we'll come back and now wrap up our number one of the huddling Kenya a chance to win. A thousand dollars coming up with a key word in about fifteen minutes of stand by for that back in a moment. The huddle on ESP in upstate welcome back to the huddle it's Greg McKinney Alonso. In studio this afternoon Richmond a Petit ACC media meeting in Charlotte and once we get him back on. Maybe in the final hour this afternoon after Devin Sweeney. It takes to the on podium to talk about the tigers. This afternoon look at a news out of of the NFL on the Atlanta Falcons to die. Adam Chester. Quoting sources as saying that the falcons haven't formed a wide receiver Julio Jones that they will not give him a contract extension. This season. And that does not mean the falcons can't modify his contract with incentives but his deal. Will not be extended. In 2018. Julio Jones according to shift. By the falcons organization. About that. And now the question is will he attend training camp. What is starts next week your pants or start next week it's farmer well falcons' starting next week as well. If Jones does not report to training camp. He is subject to a 40000. Dollar fine per day missed. According to the athletic. The team's decision. While they were first reported the team's decision not to negotiate a deal with Julio Jones. Jones did not come to mandatory minicamp he did not come offseason work camp workouts. He's looking for a raise but yes three years and little over 34 million dollars. Left on his current contract three years left on the deal. Signed a five year deal for 71 and a quarter million dollars in August of 2015. And included 47 million dollars guaranteed. So what Julio Jones for 2018 would make his ten and a half million dollars. And you can understand why he thinks he's. Worth more than that. I Thomas didn't give a trough the neutrals. Is the general manager of the falcons he made it clear right now the priorities for the falcons are extensions for. Nose tackle Grady Jarrett out of Clemson free safety Ricardo Allen and left tackle Jake Matthews. The team typically address this contract extensions when a player is entering the final year of a contract. And I was three years left on this when they don't set a precedent. Can kind of understand. You know as always these guys. Kid teams to. Reduce their contract with me now such a long period on it I mean. I don't blame for trying but. Owners need to stop doing this new needs to say I mean I can understand if you're in the last year of the contract but when you decide more than to do this that yeah. It's the owners are caved in and they don't like they need to stop. Yeah outlook coming. The Bach etc. leverage here on me is Joan Allen Jones who sit down I mean much comic appointment my cumin and camp next week but Allen is Ian do that a 40000 and a not that he can't afford to do for all of us unfortunately that's starts that now for sure down and you know it. You also need to kind of get ready for the season doesn't help you to lob. I'll be ready when the season starts in September. Dan Quinn. Said he expected the Julio Jones to come to mandatory minicamp. Didn't happen. He said he was disappointed in Julio Jones he said they were communicating. He would not confirm if the teams find him for missing three day minicamp. The standard for missing mini camp is 84000. Dollar fine. 84 grand so did did you find that we don't know them site. But this week there was a work out in California. And Matt Ryan was there and Julio Jones was there. So. You know that's probably a positive sign. Based on a five year extension. Julio Jones average per year is fourteen and a quarter million dollars. That would put him nine some long wide receivers got pushed down one slot when branding coach of the rams signed a five year deal sixteen million dollars per year. That bumped him now once spot Antonio Brown of the Steelers leads all receivers right now it's seventeen million dollars a year. And it's hard argument that because of the production of Antonio Brown. In terms of guaranteed money. Mike Evans of Tampa Bay. As 55 million dollars guaranteed to lead everybody Dioner Hopkins the Clemson receiver with Houston. 49 million guaranteed and Jarvis Landry of Cleveland has 47. Million in guaranteed money. You know it's it's all about timing and unfortunately for Julio Jones. He signed a deal 2015. For five years and so he's got some time left. On that deal.