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Hi and welcome end to the huddle on ESP in upstate here but Thursday afternoon. Voice going or it's going going off. The thirteenth of July I was pregnant and AG teacher bird and Alonso glad you're along with us tons to get to today more college football media days more from the SEC meeting in Hoover Alabama. Got to hear from well must champ today coming up so stand by for that. And the ACC meeting is getting under way as well in Charlotte today door and DNC state was on the podium earlier water from him dab logos and after we get off the air today at 430 thanks up. After your little bit from that vote tomorrow here on the show hotcakes and sausage coming up we have involvement of whom. Comedic relief from Peyton Manning from the espy's last night the comedic Stalin's of Peyton Manning. Coming up on the show too but right off the start today we want to bring in the coach of the burned rebels reggae show all from over and Duncan coach how are you today. Here thanks for coming all we appreciate it morning to you on today because the palmetto state showdown is coming up starting tomorrow this is I guess the tenth year of this thing. The juror playlist when you're a tough at Laura did you Gaza report to spiders or not. We had come up there but heard a lot of good things about certain targets in the first want. Absolutely and I get started tomorrow off just give me your cannot overview about seven on sevens in general these still seem to be pretty important and pretty widely accepted in the high school coaching community. They are a total zone corrupt and who does go out. Shook his search deal but also to the practice what they're so fresh blood in Antarctic on its strength as it was so. In the future of measuring stick this reward her smaller capacity schemes and the apparent defense. And so we're you know we're excited about it to him to hear from. All over the southeast outcome could be very little doubt. And ended on about it in the starts up property early tomorrow morning's Eric. It's going to bring the clock Friday and Saturday and I don't go all day there will be a lot of vendors are out there that. You have variety of production a lot of good football. Yeah this is that beach brings by the way not over at the high school but a just down the road they're so often detect a left to be going toward the right there from the high school right. You know disrupt crossed the way they're being burned good facility. The year to eight games going on all. At all times so you still love match. Tell us about some of the other teams that are coming and another couple that are on your regular season schedule coming in right. No doubt the year crossed our island groups that have been over there. They've had a good summer. And took a job go from current school year all. Jail. You look country who but that's about been guys that are very good. Competition curve Charlotte or compare all I grew up around about pollutants out of Tennessee. Until you sit a little bit of the variation or something. I know that you did some teams that commit in the may have to back out that the list kind of changes but do you feel about the overall law lineup that you were able to get in this year. Bigger porting good things there will be. You know a variety of different formation. Of skills and so. Epic get a great. Great lineup coming in. You know it weather cooperates with actually pretty good for our open air holes Saturday but it never broke. Would that thunder showers looks like complete pretty good. We're just excited likes it received a different team that you don't normally play. Different coach different styles of in different. Different players. Yeah you guys opened up with Bob mould in which is used to be a regular opponent of the rebels listens realignment you don't Plame in the regular season anymore but the other mavericks urging that people will be familiar rhythm and. No doubt well coached a catalyst to have a good job over there. I don't that printed out. Yes good athletes and after a jail man's got to emerging in this spread that out there and there's the thanks so. Rick good. Good to see different. Well coaches. I think it just the more you can exposure to the years so occurrences and social prepare batterer Oakland insult to the chicken. Who might seem to play else typical cigarette which is. Talk generation all the new head coach of the burns rebels palmetto state showdown opens up tomorrow. At the beach springs in not Duncan. Coach just give us an update on where you staying going into your first season I guess were about a month away from the season now are you feeling about the rebels going to do 27 to. Well I had a good spring good armor starter this guy has been consistently and here that's what we're preaching. And I think granted. These discipline that fundamentally sound LaSalle or people of Gaza responded. So for that coaches and the players. So I'm excited about going at corporate corporate. You wouldn't still that's a question marks and everybody doesn't stop here it is got a lot of work with the shuttle seven. Product is still question marks an RR OLDO. And it is going to be a lack of for lack of effort network Kazaa a go to the doctor got out of the ground up. Did you get the numbers you're looking for storage people coming up. Yeah we've actually. Blocked a couple of long Miller. Soccer coming up more than it has been there for reasons that. Up for them well overall there are a bit in the eighties all summer and early good. Considered them the commitment that we we've upped the ante a little bit. Court ordered a week but three hours a day here and competition saw outside of that so. You have to really respond to the general. Kara chip and Dave or are about to mark history in your receiving corps that one out it's called my. Over the summer justice and camps and stuff and some one on one situations. Has been bin Henson. I'll note hazing got that good body control good hands as far as you know just that setting. What's your take on Manning can help the team this year. Probably outlive his. Has been elevated himself for a lot of these or care current leadership revert to go our leadership council. He's here we're going to have cut our recovery certainly let I'm never complained. The lead by example not a not a real loud. This. The blue collar work ethic that's what's as a first and foremost I'll be distributed to the he's studied. He was here before the before and after being with coaches always try to hone his craft by itself. It gets healed as quickly Al Sadr has that slot or outside. He's got this he's got he's got a total crack it real excited about it. Quarterback is going to be a big topic yeah Brock are coming back Karina is coming back down different skill sets for those guys. It is 77. In the summer in the spring is that all part of that competition and he goes really dig into once the pants tomorrow. My philosophy of accomplishment the daily deal every day you got. You gotta aren't they got to bring your game and thought about that have both in and take over and so would that they're not a part of spring can score somewhat delicate. You know look at whether there would probably lose it or not. Talk to do the coach burns rebels are reg. More quick question here this region day you're in now with realignment just five teams in the highest. Really good powerful teams do you expect another close race for other region Thailand for the fourteen to make the playoffs this year. No doubt have heard a thing occurred at the premiere of the are brutal region Jennifer irrigate every week. He can't afford to beat yourself turn the ball over a particular bit of a cup doubt that. Well are. Equally good football at least sound true that would change. Anybody's game is that. What's up Bob what's the rest your schedule before there kick off of the regular season Lotta practice ahead. Now look look at. A true go to Q. You've done thankfully goat or who grew predate and are comparable school. Kind of do we get a word via. You know put phone take a look at technology which two. Well or well my thought DT but. It up. It's going to be good for a coach that you're aware American character. This competition. The inspiration per urged on those so we're excited about. Google it next week they'll come wrap everything up you recall. Crank it back up on call Friday. Last Friday July it's here or slightly zero. Death no question about it would Myrtle Beach Mattel you do get him and home this year. Our coach we appreciated and folks wanna come out to the 07 on seven night and just to show up I think is that there's charged again. Here's chart of those good inventory you won't be disappointed. There's a lot of but who got a lot of good football come out there. And endured a good couple days. Sounds good coach we appreciate it about the recent. Radiation all leg coach of the job burns rebels with the palmetto state showdown. Which is coming up this year it's tomorrow and Saturday. Over at the beach springs just looking at the list of teams we'll see tomorrow starting at 8 o'clock. You can burns a vs Malden and you get Thomson Georgia. Vs Greer. Hillcrest will play top college and county. And Chester will play jail man. And and I guess on the other field. Round one games starting at 830 Myrtle Beach vs the burns beat group expletive merged group up. I'll walker Alabama. Against east side high school. Oceanside academy against comparison North Carolina northwest where so while those are the first games of the day. Starting tomorrow night at 8 o'clock at beach ranks that some day insular road is just right across from high school Disco and straight down the road they're off to nine. Across from the high school you'll see on the right good facility to watch some seven on seventh so when that happens on a high school football season this close mock. And it is August 19. Burns up hosting Myrtle Beach we zero to start the season. ID 444773776. Is our phone number two wanna get them with us the text line open you had 71307. Driven by Carolina coaches RV superstore. Twitter Addie SP and upstate welcome back and hear from Al Will Muschamp he was on the podium today in Hoover. Talk about the gain Cox as they prepare to open against NC state that's next this is the Hubble he has been in upstate. Back into the huddle on ESPN of State's dog days of summer man it is a mid July and you can feel about it. Alec and I think we have law but I am a day that's not in the ninety's in the foreseeable future. Attendees elbow. Nineties every every day and welcomed. Well into the dog days 844 GS PE SPN. Tax line 71307. Twitter Addie SP in upstate. In Hoover's today Will Muschamp was a first up an SEC media days. This is kind of interesting when he talked about the decision to switch quarterbacks midstream last year during the off week. From random medical wing to object mentally and how that decision came about here's what must champ promised more. We'll have to we've lost to Georgia. I went home this is Sunday in the game because of the hurricane. And our own nine this kind of going through my mind just thinking through what we need to do to improve were born into an open weight when I have time for routes. Well we're not going to be in a game plan motive having to get somebody ready I'm and that sort of thing so I'm just kind of want to not be Yasser alcohol content. He's a coach he's been a coach and I said in my wrong to have to think that we need to play. High school senior and none and he said absolutely not I'm telling you want to do you do whatever you wanna do he said that you know. If you've got to tell you do it do it and so I want an office Monday morning and I said told current open it up her agreed that. And and and we move forward from there. William had 21 sacks last year you lose Darius what strides if any did you see during the spring when he came to finding a pass rusher. Well I think the biggest thing is being able effective quarterback before guys Russian was all the spread teams you play they're making you defend the whole field and you'll five man pressure your grave that generally means manned coverage or some sort of to track coverage and and you got in a lot. You and your back is to the ball and you got all these quarterbacks that have legs it creates issues for you. So I thought Dennis Moore has made some strides. I think he's a guy that really came on he's gotten stronger he's up to about the 250 range I'm excited about him I think he's give us and pass rush. We need to utilize Bryson Allen leaves mourned the pass rush. He's got natural pass rush ability we got some situation numbers wise last year we just didn't work to do utilize him more and we need to do that more. Mom and Taylor stalwart I think can be a very effective rusher. Inside force Dante sauter is a gathers can rush both inside and outside. And so and we need Europe to be able to push the pocket and there's a lot of components that I think. We have and when you steal that are jobless. I Will Muschamp from this morning us first I heard that he had gone to tanner. About the quarterback change which was kind of interest and of course standard him. Make the call but supported him making the call which is conical. And then numb me on the defense Jaycee and some of the things he said then what about what about Bryson alum Williams being able to pass rush can they pull that off this year because they did not have any success try. Did that last year tell you heard Vieira about that last year you you've actually heard about that for a number personality is actually put his hand down his first year. It is a defensive end and high school. Does have some natural pass rushing ability. I think in certain situations that's what he's gonna do. Because you do have sky more back at linebacker you know last year. You'd take Bryce now when you put him in his hand down especially towards the end of the year when Jonathan Walton and TJ Holland are kind of run and and cement shoes. Out there when you take. An opportunity at linebacker all the field. And they did have Darian English. I'm sorry Darius English you've had a good bit of you know pass rushing success last year. The only ones. Sosa was our way that are you know. I think about Dennis want from our DJ one Ayman Don takes away your. And as the main guys on first and second down with teams throw at that they can affect the pastor and what must Jennifer and I mean you look at who they play. I don't know that I call NC state a spread team I think are more well a multiple Perot with some spread elements like like Boise State is that's where there are seeking permanent from the quarterback came from. So it's different but boy you get after that Missouri's lock and load spread no model Kentucky is. Lock and load spread no huddle the Louisiana Tech lock and load spread no model and certainly Texas a and M is. Palm says you don't get once acts against those teams you what you wanna do is affect the quarterback. And downing one Ayman Sawyer. You know regardless of whether alarming they have to they need to be those gas darkest hours ago football player. In any came in from duke. Over the summer heading into Tony fifteen it was kind of thrown in there had to sanctimonious North Carolina. And of course we all know they had no coaching on the defensive line that year than last year missed the whole off season sitting at a chance to get stronger. Flashed at times but now let's have a whole offseason so I'm curious to see if he can step up. You know I think Jimmy black shares another guy that certainly has a lot of potential he's had a good summer. Arm and of people are going to be expecting a lot out of him if he gets on the field but I think you begin just be good to provide. You know some place here and there with his athleticism. And he can help but as far as Bryson Allen Williams goes you know if all the passing down. You know when may be may be replace him linebacker with a DB or spur type player and you know third more than seven. Absolutely yeah I think he can get in there and and make some things happen don't expect miracles but I do think that he does have some natural ability. And they just more able to do that last year because a person. And now. Interesting. Start to the season for the gamecocks with NC stay where you're Dave Dorn coming up bomb all of later on the show because ACC. Media days have started. As well but dump that's an that's an NC state team that was just seven and six laster but the expectations that are all running pretty high. For the wolfpack I mean it's going to be it's not a soft start the season there's no warmup game here you mean a tough one for South Carolina. On September 2. In Charlotte against NC state. They got me ready to come off the ground running and that that early schedule is not easy the whole schedules not easy but the early schedule is not coming you look at cities. Alec that the September scheduled today for South Carolina and yet you can't really. My article was was the most important September Yang. And now all there are all pretty important none of them are gonna be easy l.'s number of games you just say wielding Leo western Carolina last year. South Carolina showed up when they're what seared. And still want. There's no game like that only entire schedule this year including Wofford who as we don't know if you don't. Stock option can be a long day. If she stay out love their. A love thirty offensive line obviously. Close of fans got a good look at it at how bad group is able to play. As has been the case. Under Dave dorm their very inconsistent. You know they play Clemson to the wire they beat Notre Dame and they lost before stave off for the North Carolina North Carolina but lost an eye on the ball to. So. You know that they've been inconsistent just about his entire tenure in the years ago hire the canard Tim Morse and they are this guy. And what will worry me if our NC state and is you look at their offensive coordinator Matt Canada who got fired two years ago. He leaves goes to Pitt has one of the best offenses in the country under defensive minded head coach. Makes a comment about how it's it's pretty easy wooden head coach it and breathing down your neck malaise and LSU is considered this great mind. On NC State's offense last year lookalike NC State's job it's in previous years which tells me dorm has its fingers which I don't think for Arnold thinks good. On which they give South Carolina bench I think it's the demand is South Carolina to the NC state favored in this kitten in I think that. You know with the exception of State's defensive line vs Carol arms offensive line. You know there are other you know that that's the only clear advantage. And I think for the wolfpack. Go into I think of South Carolina could spread amount. Get their playmakers in space against states dvds. And they can make their share of placed it in the ballgame and that's just got to look at them early we'll see how goes answer we'll talk about it much mowing. You know outlawed on the day that South Carolina is much better shape with playmakers and they worry a year ago I just as good of polygamy heading in the last season I have this argument today on the board about both the same office as the club's insurance now on the like while in he. They got three guys that combined for 150 catches last year her Samuel and Edwards. Yeah Edwards is not helping the whole year sandal only play into the thirteen games Hearst was in his first season playing time in these receiver before that walk home before that baseball player before that. You know they they didn't found their quarterback until. Game seven. Our offensive line in their offense scheme was was not on the same page. They couldn't be that creative office does the use that mean. Rico doubt of that and get a Kerry until Texas and in Miami was their leading rusher. They didn't have ties on what I mean you know there there's just. Is just nine and a personal ones are they gonna be the 1980 Nance they're just go forty yards probably not. But they're going to be a better profits. In 2017 the 2016. Barring catastrophic injury. 844 GS BE SPN Jimmy wants talk about the gamecocks football team let's get him in here I Jimmy. Hey had a going do you. Like the late date date talking today man. Like upon the city a better defense than RD and and it performed very well that the year you know. There is a lot of lot of depth and everything they've got a lot of potential there and got a lot of talent like he spent. But they don't have a palate but you know near them or fourth start out there on the bad. Either they haven't played up to the potential or they've been injured like got more. And yet op Ed you know. That by Rick good battle as I was banging yesterday he's it was 80% last year and he looked fantastic we got our eye on William. Make things are looking really bright and I think that I think have been a great year out they got held up. I got on dirt this I'm predicting not a break. Everything goes if everything goes well no any key injury. Guilt is that some players. You know optical on the question of would be gate park and Donell and make him play at an airport are. Potential. And yeah they can go not a very got. Hi Jamie I'm in ninth rained and got fans will be ecstatic right they should be. When that schedule like in every game. Three game improvement over last year. That would mean mustache schedule must you have improved three yet you know went from three to six to non. Yeah now I. A look at it that it's hard hard for me to put a number on the prediction right and I'm sure I'll get called up and some of the pre season hype and you know predict higher number than than maybe what happens. Blade. You know it eat you look at every game on the schedule they and you kind of go through it in your mind and you know this is a game Carolina and one. Well as the game Carroll wanted to lose there's ton of those I mean including Clemson I mean in reality we don't know how close is quarterback situation can work we've seen very talented teams of that bad quarterback situations. You know not be as good I'm in Georgia. A lot of years was that element you know Alabama's about the only team that can overcome. And I certainly you know would say the tigers are very superior teams for roster top to bottom that. When you get an actual games you never have so much who can change between now and November. On so every game on the schedule. And Arab we have they can win this and then. If not. Make you lose so I mean it can be. A very good year to be a step back he could be similar last year can be complete disaster. They could be an amazing season. You know about the only game I look at and say. That one's going to be tough is Georgia. At Georgia. And it's because it's in November you know South Carolina said that success against Georgia over the years would be an early in the year. You know some arms Georgia does floundered down the stretch. But it. When he gets to November and I am home games in Athens except for when their plane Georgia Tech in an afternoon game. It seems they early show. You know I mean now I've seen them dismantle Auburn at home at night during that same week. And for years and maybe that's just been an Auburn maybe it's just you know because. They get better as the year goes on and so you know we'll see what happens but. Europe schedules just kind of you know it is what it is is all close games and money that you said oust I was trying to think of who told me that yesterday when I got home I was like this there are a lot of great things very inside seed. Every down in the talk to your swamp now like I'll look for a bunch close game to a long way in the illness and Imus to make the difference. You know today when most of those close wins or not gonna make the difference in it and when you have a quarterback. You know you like your chances little more on those close to make you know especially can go make plays and you know Bentley. You know I guess or wasn't oh hole and there are some games that closed for the team like UMass and Tennessee's sort came back at the end. South Caroline had to justice there was the running game where had a drought the team on the field to win right but there was a game in the bowl oriented drive down the film tie. Yeah and make your clutch pass late I think that was a huge experience for any UNICEF Carol lost because. They go he can do it you know he's proven himself making distributions are you so much more comfortable this year. Nation yeah that's what I'm saying only some people that news the purse in the made the comment about six in my office we got blown out my clothes and saying signed players. You know that that's that's a lack of understanding of the development process. 844 GS PE SPN text line 71307. Break Tom welcome back with more. Stay with us in the huddle on ESP announced. Espy's Worrell last night hosted by. Peyton Manning. Long time on NFL quarterback. And numb I'm in pretty good job like Peyton can be kind of funny here's a shot they took get Kevin Durant last. Distinguish dominate that Kevin Correia told me you want to play from them lecture. Yeah on the job. The facial expressions of Durant and Westbrook were on were pretty good now there's reports out today that this was. Stage that they knew it was coming. The that was not a natural. Ticked off. Reaction. No I saw the replay of this and and they knew ahead of time I think they I think they tell all these guys about the Jones before they knew him. It was. Still amusing there's a good straight face and a dog can be Aaron and Westbrook did too we just kept his head the stance you know when they went over me and to so. How to play it up pretty well to Shawn Watson didn't win the SP for best male. College athlete that was not on the show last. They left Alan that was one of the awards in present. On the TV broadcast today present best female college. I think. Not on the show on out I'll just have gotten a lot of there's a like a softball player from. Hours here fla thing yeah I'm yeah Florida Kelly Borneo folic College Softball player. No that was not only are there but they did present best player of the year. And it involved a former south carolinian cup it was Aaron Rodgers pass to Jericho. In the divisional round of the playoffs they want to play the edited the and I want and that's good to Jared Cook was recognized. Some of the other winners from last night best male athlete overall was Russell Westbrook some home miles a gymnast was the best female athlete. Durant won the best championship performance. Deck press got breakthrough athlete. Record breaking performance Michael Phelps. From the Olympics. The best jobs that was Mississippi State over UConn. Final four women and of course South Carolina went on to beat Mississippi State. For the championship. The best game was the Super Bowl Clemson was up for that run clubs and over again they're both for two terrific game against the Super Bowl being. It would does dramatic of a comeback as it was. In yeah how adept as far as back and forth open clemson's dynamic game right more competitive there out thing but it does liberal certainly his work. Comeback athlete Jordy Nelson. My agreement back. Man the Packers had a good as restated. Is like during the smiling in the best team was gold assay warriors there he Alonso. Thanks. Take back Marlins come in effect. Aaron Rodgers was the best NFL player. This Major League Baseball player Mike Trout as hockey player Sidney Crosby. LeBron misty media player. What else do we yet Sergio won best male golfer that's kind of interest. Sergio Garcia. Interest and Serena williams' best female tennis player Roger Federer the best male tennis player. Well it's it was interesting on here. And as about. How much to get better that I missed the beginning of an. But I did see them enough hoping to did you. He does like Payton on the stuff. Hello I'm. His Saturday dialogue was bludgeoned to death I saw. Well underrated guy also highlights I agree what JC said last week and watched it since last year and probably won't watch it down Matta I'm not watch it but. These guys are boycotting because of Caitlin Jenner yeah houses and as a ridiculous and really wants him yeah I mean he's zone. You boycotting. Because well I mean that they had other options that were more heroes novel and in the Arthur Ashe courage award goes someone decides. Panel via. More remand and I'm still mad. They may have broke Jessica I'm not mad just because these he's a famous athlete them. We'll see you prefer I mean it's your decision what to wanna watch which you don't wanna watch him something turned I lost to the point read or watch anymore why he'd need to explain. You'll meet them you know I admire. Bruce Jenner firm for doing that I think that had to be hard to do. You know and you know revelations from being yourself but listen I mean. In the grand scheme of things that that's a personal choice. And when you do weakened appalled people's personal choices or whatever media how many athletes have been alcoholics and have quit drinking. Time to never win and Arthur Ashe courage award in his curators to quit drinking. You know it's courageous to end a relationship that you'd it's toxic it's coming there's tons of life things that are courageous to do. That I don't think fall in the same category. As something like. You know some of the other candidates that year had an and I think it was strictly political causes the buzz term. And yet. They did it for publicity and also to pander to. You know the social justice we're boycotting you as PM when you watch a ball game when I was once was. Eleven ESPN I just don't like to SP and it's for its price completely different department in and the S fees are kind of like the Oscars you know who's accountable. I enjoy this yeah awards shows in general does become nothing but politics easily on the new museum a political statement and I've. Watch sports to escape that style last night the Jimmy V perseverance award went to Los super fans and Jerious Robertson it was cool story. This little young guy that's been through all kinds of a medical issues. And he's a saints super fan and I'm outta your job when amazed speech talk about that school so what you like. No wins for Iran Clemson but they were represented very well in the non Jerry Cooke. Being part of the best player of the year forward and country it'll local flavor of the game got women were up for a best team that they enough when that. Either but the representation for the stay was pretty good last night said the show wondering. The other striking one investment college athlete Mozart has some Clinton people whose wealth around maybe that'll. Best male college athletes that are over Lamar Jackson. Husband trophy one note he deserved it and I mean you get the ESP that's gotten. Good for him as a deserted his or the husband to a 44 GS PE SP and we'll wrap up the huddle our one in a moment stay with us on ESP in upstate. Welcome back the huddle on ESP in upstate. So you freezer Ole miss that he would love to share his opinion on the lawsuit. While by Houston not. And the ongoing investigation but he says he's not going to do that because it's a legal matter. Chose not to comment specifically on Houston not who accused him and the university of orchestrating a smear campaign against him. But he did say he was disappointed by the timing up and coming one day before he and his players arrived in Hoover Alabama for media day. You free said this is the fifth zero I've been here and I can't talk about our players. And me can write he can talk about the play. He did when he when he did somebody has time to count the words. But here's some more well listen man coming out and give you this knowledge come Hugh freeze at the longest opening statement. An SEC media days 2773. Wards. So we could talk by any wanted. During the opening statement and I'll Sumi did. And you know when people do then they go that long you think well I wanna take your questions that's generally what you would think. 2773. Word opening statement aren't going. Not just. This this all stuff government that this is what happens when you're in serious trouble and you bow. Of the NCA. He's have a coach now that has to be the public face of your program in let's say that it just fired him. And corroded Matt Luke. Or whoever Matt look at that others say well as an island with me and has been under our football team or dominant mobile payment decision kip do you furries. And your stand in my am. And he is the subject of this thing I mean you know you're gonna have to keep to go on and here's another thing that open about politics and sausage. Did anybody think that now look there's a civil lawsuit going home. These attorneys now have subpoena power. They can put things as a matter of public record. And the NCAA does not have that power and so any thing that's part of this I mean can be subpoenaed and and the whole thing could blow wide open that this was the worst possible news for Ole miss in my opinion. And this is the risky Iran. When you try to. You know fight things unfortunately. So they shouldn't. Are to clean house. Puts himself strong self imposed penalties hired a new coach started Ringo. But because they've tasted success the oldest is only team in the west never won this. You know they've they've got a very proud football tradition not great. But it per. You know there's a lot of support for home a lot of people love Ole miss rebels and they if they always feel like they're being pixel. You know for a number for. And can. I think that. A lot of people over Oxford discounting get carried away and invests all their turn in the corner because I got some great players in there. Paneling and by started asking the question is at Howland until all this kind of came to light. I'm an underestimated the fact that when you go to Florida near the number one tackle in the country that you know that's gonna raise some eyebrows. And they got greedy and when you get greedy people you know when you're not greeting and you can explain things. Is CA is not a company flashlight after bought. But the Laramie council thing is the whole key to this whole thing okay. So EE you know step fathers got his hand you know step apologists like. You know step college going to be trouble. He hasn't the kid has no connection almost you could explain Robert can beat you is brother played there you can explain McCoy on Trevor well his teammate Wednesday. You can't explain tons. You know they got greedy how many games did Laramie council allow them to win. And not have gotten a maybe not as attack more talented offensive tackle but at least a serviceable office yes. You know that's what happens when you do that if you're gonna if you're gonna go rogue a little bit. You need to go Rogen make sure you can explain things and and and make me plausible. You know plausible kind of explanation as to walk. You know and in AZ it's it's unfortunate that in the NCAA that you know when a team Michelman start signing of players. Errors while ago when there you know look at that that's an important one and people don't why don't you question mark hazard or Alabama or Florida State or wherever older than just Alabama Florida yeah that's what I'm saying that it that that's another reason perception matters in college football more than any other sport. You know because it not only facilitate recruiting success and also facilitates down falls a program because. You raise wet red flags when you when you get out of the pecking order. But did it if I were them outages said. Outages said. I played in house made some mistakes. Rock star for race which they may have to do any dance yet I mean just prolongs it and India and the longer you go. You bomb. Yeah the longer you beat your head off to the abyss because they can't even recruit right now. I wraps up our one of the hub earlier we're gonna get and ACC media days in Charlotte then I hear from Dave door on the head coach of the NC state wolfpack. Talking about how that close close loss to Clemson last year affected him and his team and course they open it was South Carolina in Charlotte. This year hot takes a sausage coming up two more from will Muster up on the way as well as we roll through this Thursday edition of the Hubble. On ESPN upstaging meg JC Alonso will we are up.