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Wednesday, July 11th

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It's Richard Weaver and Alonso here in the final hour on ESP in upstate the huddle Greg McKinney GMAC is on vacation. So it's Alonzo NI and we're watch CNET. Intently here as England has a one nil lead over Croatia and if you missed it in the past. I picked Croatia to win the World Cup in. One's a paid to England so we're gonna head to head here we a lot of pride and net GMAC pig Belgium and he lost his team quickly yesterday as France heads into the final with a victory over Belgium ones are you get nervous that Croatia might make a run here. You know I I know. This is gonna come across but on the east to pick a winner so insists it's not really a surprise for me around and I guess you're gonna say it has come across as arrogance. He says not me I look like I consider it confidence. Cardenas that discount air against the company's confidence you know not these that you are meant to be there. You know that type of thing. Mean what's going all the way England's gonna win the entire thing well it would be a good story. Obviously England has not won the World Cup since 1966. So it's been able long time that they've been in position. And I don't think they've been in a finals since his 19941990. Somewhere around and their. Regardless it's been a long time since England has been there so as of all things of England does win I'll have to suck up my pride in. Realize in that I was wrong and Alonso was rights and he can still be arrogant and confident that whatever you want to term it. But it would be a great story if England does win whenever you will determine how does being the winner I mean you know. I'm good with that I'm used to that more OK if you're not first you're last right. All right. Solicited to 3 o'clock. Or three questions battery. All right salute so normally in GMAC Wright's most of these any purposefully tries to make me stumble. I don't know if you caught that yet yes he is doing that on purpose and I. I got at first I just rewrote all the questions and then I got lazy and I stop don't and he knew I wasn't till and it's though. He's been stolen things in there to mess me up and I don't think that you would do that but I am proof reading something that I need to do more often. He'll let. Even if I wrote the questions I still should be proof reading this you never know what you know of course yes especially if I'm typing up the questions you definitely need to be proof reading them but from this year but I appreciate the the the larger font size and bigger sentences or questions all right question number one. There's fifty days until college football starts what are you most looking forward to this season. Well admits this is going off of ESPN it just had an article fifty days fifty voices and what we're looking forward to and 2018. So we're gonna explore a little bit of that but I wanted to get our take on. What we're most looking forward to this season and as a constant and it's easy to say. I'm looking forward to. What's gonna happen in the quarterback position what's gonna happen between Kelly Brian Trevor large but in all honesty that's not what I'm most looking forward to. I'm actually most looking forward to seeing. Can that defense actually be as dominant as people are predicting with all of those guys coming back. I see no where these expectations get so high in their. At a level where the performance doesn't live up to the expectations so that's what I'm looking forward to most other than. I should say Al side of and is looking forward to college football starting that's really what I'm most looking forward to regardless of what happens but. If I'm pinning it down and being very specific about Clemson and again outside of wanted to see them win. I'm anxious to see how that defense plays well. I'm one of those guys that some people don't understand because I have two favorite teams but that many personalities so I mean everything's covered that way you know. Know where you live but remember where you come from so that there's a couple things I look forward to as far South Carolina goes I'm looking forward to seeing. Tebow Samuel staying healthy and see what he can do for an entire season because what he did in the couple games that he played had people talking highs minority. And I don't think that was horrible thing to say on the goes far fetched because he was the gamecocks at first. I mean don't you want you lose excuses everything exist but they. If good can come out of an injury good came out of this injury because. South Carolina had to learn how to win without a net and they did they want without. Now what can he do with them and and I just you know operate and he stays healthy the entire season. In I think he's gonna make so much more the difference and I think the difference he makes is infused with that team they may have won one or two more games com. And games that they won Naira closed would have been. A lot a lot bigger score the other thing that that time. Looking forward to as far as for the Ohio State Buckeyes is what will new quarterback active. I mean we've had we've had a three quarterbacks for so many years and now. A different guys coming in miss a brand new name brand new space basic well he played some last year but. Compared to the carousel and and although we did especially. The championship here with a three quarterbacks and you know. Something that hasn't really been done before the fact that they had to play three L-3 one at Ohio State they mentioned. Date they are an elite team or not the same because there might. Team they are an elite team and they reload and I want to see what happens. What what this new quarterback. I mean this would be technically this is an Urban Meyer quarterbacks on wanna see just how it is if I recall I can't remember if he. If if he was around two. To recruit the other guys I don't think he was so I think we're getting into his guys picked up he's gonna win no matter where he is he's that good of a coach. But I wanna see what this new quarterback does and and would allow states able to do that your. I like it all right question number two Golden State Warriors have won three out of the last four NBA titles. And continues signed big name free agents like with the cousins. As the warriors dumb and it's bad for the NB AQ we touched on this a little bit last hour. No the warriors dominance is not. Bad for the NBA he need a bad guy you need it you need a village you need to foil he needs something to aspire to and there's nothing better than having someone that's so dominant or team it's so dominant. In a sport which we saw cracks last year so we know that there are some vulnerable vulnerabilities. That as a hardware dissent. Consider my head on so there are cracks in the armor with this could be the year when they fall and everyone loves a a hero's story or someone who makes it to the top but people really love when. When that person falls I'm not one of those guys when people get to topple likes him stay there except in this case because I can't stand Golden State and I can't wait till they fall. And unfortunately. It's not going to be LeBron who does it I think Houston's got the best shot. Especially if they're able to to pick. A Carmelo Anthony which I think would help them also. So. Yeah I think I think up until Golden State being there. You need to villain you need a good team it just shows how good a team can be. Starting from the ground up there now and pieces still can't stand someone who's a traitor and for alarm went over there should be the villain. But. All that aside yes I'm okay with them you're okay with deaths. And I agree with you I'm okay within as well it is not. Bad for the NBA that there is a true villain so to speak in terms. What they've been able to do over the past four years and be the team that everybody is striving for and don't be mad at the warriors for calls and how they built their team now remember it was through the draft. Only Kevin Durant was the guy that came over. But good for they'll pay they are able to go out there and recruit Kevin Durant and bring him over. They won championships without Kevin Durant so it's not like. It was only Kevin Durant that came in and created this dominance for the warriors remember and never 73 and nine. But didn't isn't that what we loved. About that season is that. The warriors were so dominant. But guess what happened. The Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James came in and knocked him off there are thrown. The moment win nobody expected that they would be able to do that in game seven on the road. And that's what made the story even better. But it is. It would never did that too great if it wasn't a situation where at the warriors were so dominant at the time that it it was almost inevitable that. People just wanted to give them the trophy that year the judge is going give it to all met and just like what we're doing now it seems that people want to hand the trophy right back to Golden State each year because they think they're so dominant. But remember this year. Houston Rockets run three to two and Chris Paul does get hurt it can be in a completely different situation in its Houston in Cleveland. Plane for the NBA championship instead of the Golden State Warriors but I'm agrees with you it is not bad. That the warriors are quote unquote dominant in the NBA. See something else is still follow up I wonder Kevin Durant never goes to Golden State is LeBron still. Cavalier because. There's a chance that they win another championship. This Kevin Durant was the difference the next year for shore up he was state and is the difference right now and they're still a great team but. He pushes them somewhere where they couldn't of gotten to on their own right question number three. Vulnerabilities. He had did vulnerability. Out of work on our denunciation at a slow down or better yet. The Braves fell one game behind Philadelphia Phillies after losing last night to Toronto Blue Jays. And have now lost six of their last ten games when the Braves beat back in first place in the NL east before the all star were. Well we know the all star break is coming up fast the Braves only have four games left before the all star break. And there are now in seeding one game squarely behind the Philadelphia Phillies. And if you look at. What that the Braves have coming up can they at least they move. 500 go to into. Added the next four games and hopefully that the Phillies. Pool falls. To some degree. And I'm just not certain that that's going to happen and I think right now with Arizona coming up after this series with Toronto that. The Braves are gonna have a tough time staying in first place. But that doesn't mean that they're season has all the sudden over. Just because they fall out of first place to fall before the all star break because we didn't expect that in the first place so. Answer the question I do not think that they're gonna be back in first place in the NL east before the all star break but. It doesn't mean that they can't recapture it. Further on down the season. Yeah you know what. I'm of two minds on this thing I IE it as far as. Do I think they'll be back no but is that good or bad thing as before the all star break I do think that the Braves will get back in the winning afterwards. But. Is it better motivation for them. To give back the first place before the all star break or is it better for them to be behind going into the all star break. I think it would be better for them to be behind because then they would have something to work on and work towards. I think if they give back defer some like well we've been there all year seeing this is where we're supposed to be. I think you lose hunger that way excel I think you'll be better so they would have things to work on but I do think to be back eventually. I I think he'll be back eventually as well I don't think it's going to be before the all star break and I'm under the mindset though that. If they can get back to first place before the all star break I think that actually gives them extra motivation. Because they. Did something that nobody would have ever guess that they would have been able to do to be in first place in the NL east before the all star break. We come back right here on the huddle. We're gonna hear some. Voices out there and college football in terms of what they're looking forward to in 2018 what does coach Sabin. Looking forward to what is good Sweeney looking forward to what about Kirk herb street. Fifty days of for the college football season. What are they looking forward to in 2018 that's next right here on the huddle ESP in upstate it's Richmond Weaver and Alonso. Richmond Weaver and Alonso here today. We're down one Greg McKinney is out on vacation so we're running you through. This Wednesday a hot day and right now 65 almost 66 minutes into the match in the World Cup action. England is still. On top of Croatia one and Neal and the time we got. Player for England that was hurt he's been taken off the field there in the two. In the too good for him there. The consultant whose tweet me your groin shot. Could have been both could have been maybe a groin shot that calls between he doesn't exactly what to do that that would definitely do that. Now if you wanna jump in the show 8444773776. You can do that to order a four Ford GS TE SPN. And also the text line is 71307. And make sure you use the key word ESPN. At the beginning of your text so we know it will be directed towards us and we've got a game cards fan texted in saying in his expectations. He believes the gamecocks can get to ten to eleven wins this year it's crazy to me that everyone thinks that. We will get less I expect at least nine if not more. And so I think that's. A resounding theme for a game cock fans right now is expectations that. We need to get to ten or eleven win gloat. Completely preclude the scheduled two games for sure that's the two toughest ones in Georgia and Clemson so I mean. Everybody else you've got to believe that they're in every single game and I still think they got a shot at Georgia. And who knows about Clinton at the end the year Clemson thing right now is mental there really is. Posted is a better team but. The gamecocks just haven't showed up like they have in the past the last couple years opened only show up this year. Yet in when you look at that schedule Georgia at home September 8. You've guy at Texas saint AM at home October 13. And then you are on the road back clumps and mean those those your threes toughest games but. At home against Marshall home against coastal Carolina should be wins. You're on the road against Kentucky and talk about mental like Libya and mental game for South Carolina right now as well just for whatever reason they just don't. Respond and play well against Kentucky you've got Missouri at home you get Tennessee at home. And in the other one on the road the other two on the road get old miss on the road in you've got to Florida on the road so moved from an SEC's perspective. I mean. You got to be looking that South Carolina team that. Should have a real high expectations based on the way to the schedule falls right there and again I do believe that. South Carolina's gonna give Georgia a true run for their money on September 8 and it would surprise me South Carolina actually wins that game dot I don't necessarily. Mean at that hole. Identified. South Carolina. Is going to be the SEC champion. Sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you while you were talking but I thought you would want to know I do of course I want to know that Croatia has just scored a goal also it is now tied one to wind. In the World Cup in the 69 minute listing will have extra minutes because. An injury time for sure they're down like six minutes a little bit earlier. With the guardian council. Far from over but it's fun. Oversee your tail and me there is a chance Croatia. Is making a comeback year and I would have to say it happens quickly does. They scored in the back edit again that there's none of this are right let's regroup let's have you kick it midfield. None of that it's. They get right back at the action ideally like that. I know how they scored was that you had to be watching. I gotta admit I didn't see it if the Fatah. I was so enthralled by what you were saying I was. Watching you talking and I looked over and saw. After the replay it was done so I didn't get to see the goal that how fast. The World Cup action is you just never know and that's why I would have to agree a lot of fans they love it because. It can happen it split second like that you can have a score now all of a sudden this game has completely changed obviously now and advertised I mean and it looked like. England was in control and the next thing you know here we go it's there's still only. 25 minutes left in this game and if it stays five we know what happens after that so. You have overtime after that he can to. Penalty kicks sort of call and I forget what they're called but you know. When you go to a thirty minute doing overtime work bigger fifteen minutes and then if it's still tied anger into another fifteen minutes and then at that point. That's when they would have the I guess quotable shoot out well if Yashin got if if it stays tied on route for the shootout discuss its own so I agree I think it's one of their great things. In all of sports and obviously in soccer I. And I love that aspect about the soccer matches that they can go to the ocean. You of that man. He decided to oppose dude. I was in there. Tough one for Croatia I needed that one. I need to take this win and he did a need to pride of my team continuing on and when I say nineteen no other reason they're my team is that I pick Croatia to win not because I have any type of allegiance all your growing aware of the penalty for a new guy winning right. You color your I can't disclose what it is yet you also. Because his game isn't over yet but it by a real hope that. News yes okay. Well I'm not so certain about that I think your construct fake me out are still want Croatia to win. So continuing with the expectations. For. South Carolina what they look like as I mentioned earlier feel still has his. Magazine out it's the college football preview and he also talked about. What expectations are his predictions are but even more so looking at South Carolina and Will Muschamp. And his ability to be a good coach and what that means for South Carolina because there's a lot of people that. Did question it Will Muschamp being hired and probably still have questions in terms of what he can do for a long term for South Carolina it's still early on we've seen some improvement we're starting to see. The situation where he's doing a lot of things from the recruiting standpoint and being much more competitive and obviously I'm saying relative to clump send. And what he needs to be able to do in stayed in making sure that not everybody is. You know he's losing out on and until lot of players to. Clumps and and I think he started to take strides with that and you're still still talking about. Will Muschamp and what he likes about Will Muschamp. I think towards the end of the speed her up Hera should take all of the recruiting was necessarily all bear an ethical Muster has come up with the attitude. He's bringing in the recruits the audience and had a overly expert teams what he's got one this year he's got my number 29 most experts' team in the country. Getting those two key players is back eloquent this year the defense. I think it's huge and there you go back to the days when mosque champ was therefore he wasn't necessarily a bad coach Jim moose knows quarterbacks. And Abacha injury plagued Alfredsson. You know aside I think he has a solid and has coached. And I would agree wit him I think he's a solid head coach I think the jury's still out on him I think we he's got some. Some more years to prove his worth in but I think he's taken the necessary steps are based on. Depth where he inherited the program and I think they're probably was a situation where was Steve Spurrier was he checked out for a couple of years it was he putting the effort into. What needed to be dying any major division one college football program specially in the SEC and we and we know what. He was able to do Guinea South Carolina to two straight to eleven win seasons and winning five games. Against instate rival Clemson so. But we know there can be a lot of success at South Carolina but. Was the effort there going into his last. You know. Eighteen to 24 months I'm not certain that it really was there and nothing Will Muschamp might have had. Taking over situation that was and as full as some people had really thought. Well definitely he took over it a rebuilding job and and that's what he's done he's been rebuilding and no expectations had changed for Carolina and the starting goal back the other direction really quick even under Spurrier. Because there's a losing mentality there for so many years to Spurrier changed that. But then he started let me go back to normal I don't know if he's got tired of fighting meant or wide the start to go back and will miss most sample on a few more unhappy with his hiring but I think he's. He's done really well and he's got a shot to do even better I'd I'd I just think this year is going to be a really really good year. Yeah and I think that's the sentiments from a lot of people right now is that the expectations are high they knew the wanna see. That true next step and so the question would also be from a South Carolina. Standpoint. Is as we're looking at fifty days until college football is here to right around the corner. And once you get now past July 4 were really didn't close to it didn't. August will be here before you know it but looking at their schedule and what those expectations can be. Is nine wins enough is it a foregone conclusion that it has to be ten or eleven wins before you have a successful season. And what does that do in terms of now how would Will Muschamp be viewed if he could get to ten or eleven win how. Nine wins not enough I mean if you say she began nine wins and you winnable game and it's a good ball game. I mean a win over Michigan. However Michigan is. Really they are perceived to be what they used to be again. They're not there yet. So it is a big deal that Carolina was able to come backlash or beat them so if you win nine games. And be competitive in the couple that you lose your competitive if you lose to Georgia but you competitive field lose to Clinton and her competitive. And when your ball game in the end up with a ten win season how is that not good. It's hard for me to argue that I think that is good but that's not. Where a lot of fans are there's those fans that that's not good enough that's not the that's not where their expectations are day they want SEC championships and I get deck as I am at a point. I wanted ACC championships for Clemson. And I could have ever dreamed as far as a national championship trials and. I want SEC championships to offer for the gamecocks how many do they have. So I I mean this is still new territory of course is yes even woods with Spurrier teams as good as they were. I mean I know what they went east once and it's harder to win. A conference championship and national censorship as long as Alabama still there knew exactly that's that's the biggest factor that's. Impeding a lot of people right now in the southeast is Nick Saban. And what is Nick Saban have to say about. What he's looking forward to in 2018. We are gonna get to that and that's next right here on ESPN upstate you're listening to the huddle it's Richmond Weaver and Alonso. It is wins days here on the huddle hunt de Greg McKinney is out on vacation so it's Richmond Weaver and lawns. Taking you through to the 4 o'clock hour then straight it was scourge role follow us. And looking at two right now. Fifty days until college football what does that look like him. We asked is said the 3 o'clock hour in three questions at three what are we most looking forward to and 28 teams in this it was based on. ESPN just put out an article talking about that and they had fifteen different people Chiming in all the way from Nick Saban did Davos Sweeney Kirk herb street. Kristin will can say Greg McIlroy analyst we've guide to Larry Fedora North Carolina coach would got. All types of people and Alabama coach Nick Saban says. Every season presents a new set of challenges and that's what makes it fun that's what keeps me go and everybody always asks me. What keeps you go on well every team in every season is a challenge in it doesn't matter what you did last year it's all about. What you do with the guys you've got this year and that's what excites me every year at this time. It's what comes next. We know what's coming next for Alabama. They're gonna be loaded they're going to be sitting in a situation where their expectations are extremely high and can they live up to those expectations and I know that. We talk about. Other teams. In terms of their fan base in the expectations. And what's realistic and what's not a would have to say the one fan base that probably is. Very skewed has to be Alabama the calls of their dominance over the past years and it is almost national championship or bust and I think that's what you saw. The year in 2016 and Clemson beats Alabama to win the national championship. Then it was such a motivation. That it was everything that they had to go for was. Coming up into that semifinal game in 2017. Against Clemson is that that was the biggest thing that was on their plate. To a point where. I felt that it could be a situation that that's why there's a little bit of let down and they played very sluggish in that national championship game against Georgia McCall's. Their true goal was to. But in clumps and the calls of what Clemson had did today M the previous year and I think that's somewhat of the high expectations. That. Those type of fans have at Alabama now what is Clemson coach Davos Sweeney what does he have to say. He's quoted as saying we have the most experienced returning team since I have had. Been since I've been head coach at Clemson was 61 Letterman and seventeen starters coming back. With that type of experience I am most excited to see the competition we will have at each position. So I'm excited for the very beginning of practice in August. Seventeen starters coming Baghdad is that is quite a bit and so we know there's going to be some high expectations. Regarding net. If you wanna jump in 8444773776. Right here. Before we end at 4 o'clock and also detects finest 71307. And make sure use the key word ESPN and let's go to the phone lines right now. We've got Billy went in to talk football Billy what's your expectations this year. And it must not that patients can change even more than cities and we're seeing that right now with the Atlanta and baseball life. I mean just look at South Carolina Clemson this year. I'm not a beauty of and I happened to save the idea. Cyclones won and eighty and lost the first team or and or decide to lobby. Sort of there even want him to gain. I think that would effectively probably lower that statistical want want and probably rate on some want her out on. I think in most seasons. And you know you look at Alabama on tonight not yet that wasn't there but the everyone keeps need to remember that there be a case even Alabama's case they're a severe of their program right now and you can argue that there's a bit current cost football history slow. These cities historically keep continue forever they're just not going to there is going to be a downturn but those programs I'm not going to be this year and be next year but it will happen. And probably more more than mix of yours. Anyway realistically looking at it from such honest and points. Source. Mostly among them is this recent. You play what twelve game. Change you got to review he's out of it almost a year subject he city and then you've got three afford to meet with the SEC now let's just the way it is and how thoughtful ball. That means you've got stick clearance you put it. You've got to see that you can't win most seasons. So this 62 and he will then you go according to Richmond educate these Portland he's he's decent women gain in every year. Think contained in Colombia I think every year that putt on appearance it is definitely. Governor dean's every year this year I'm gonna play eight. It did they win more than now at even when lit and I'll be on. He's that you probably one monarchy and beyond. But things happen to you can't particularly ominously eight or ten and certainly do better in well you can look inoperative about. Billy thank you sir another great call and he makes it very valid points and terms of based on how things happen during the season. There can be a change of expectations now college football the calls this season is so short and we know that it's limited. If if there's any falters you're almost out of any situation especially if you lose two games you're you're done in terms of which now at an opportunity for plane for national championship but with that being said. Having those type of expectations for south Carolina's Billy said eight wins. That's very realistic I even think that that's probably. Underestimating them are under expectations for South Carolina I would fully expect that. Nine to ten wins should be very realistic for South Carolina based on what we've seen in terms of what has happened. Now that's in a vacuum so to Billy's point anything can change. Obviously look at what happened last year who knows what have happened as you mentioned Alonso with the injuries. With Dowell and with Devo Sanyo that could've made a one or two game difference in terms of wins and losses. Well I think he should do if you're gamecocks finish to a guy and then nine for sure. I mean you should we know that's not true I mean you need. There are no absolute givens there ours. Think about Kentucky I mean the struggles we Kentucky. Struggles I should not have happened and may continue to have that resist it it's so. It it it's cool that we're so close because we're gonna find out here pretty soon but the anticipation is gonna grow and grow and grow and think of how quickly. Your team can beyond. Know week two it could be. Can be over. And that's college football yes and the deer realistic situation that you're seizing can be done. Before you really get to mid October. I'm not sane that you're never win anymore games under sane from if your expectations playing for a national championship or conference championship they can be dashed pro really quickly. Are we come back. Was LeBron James trolling people. In Culver City, California yesterday. That's next right here on the huddle it's Richmond Weaver and Alonso. Continuing here on the hunt all last segment and it. It's really getting tense now Alonso. Extra time in that World Cup and we've got to England in Croatia now we're gonna find out who's hot date. Yes we are in shape who's really in shape is it gonna be here retain an England. As it can be Luka moderate. In Croatia and we've got a coin toss right now. It's like a and it's hard to tell I didn't see there was that and so fast. It might have been England that won the toss there but. Extra time we'll see what happens and I'm hoping that I wanted to go to shoot out I want to see some real excitement. Tossed what's literally mean men and soccer. In June June June 30 of all he had to come to control the control. Bill. I mean the ball seems to change so quick and looked oh together matters that did it probably doesn't but. It at least you didn't get on offense first and it's not like Corning the winning move the toss and football and I guess obviously not. I guess is like when the jump all. That's about it yeah that's that's a good equivalent. Our analogy I should say and speaking of jump ball and basketball. There are hundreds of fans hoping to see new Los Angeles Lakers. Player LeBron James on Tuesday. And act Culver City. Pizza. Blaze pizza. Have you heard of it on so I have not paying quelled. LeBron head tweeted out yesterday that. After a blaze pizza made a tweet saying are you ready Los Angeles for the king of all pizza parties. We're celebrating the king james' arrival in Los Angeles with free Pete says O line. July 10 stop by eight any of our LA locations between two to 5 PM for your free pie. And then LeBron and reach we did that. Would quote sane. Haven't been to a pizza party in a minute. With the MOG kind of come. Culver City question mark. So that led to. Hundreds of fans to think that LeBron James was coming to the Culver City. Boy it blaze pizza outlets. Which unfortunately. They were very disappointed because he did not show now. Do we know if LeBron. Has interest or flat out owns. This pizza chain to a great question. NN. Report on net ESPN through the Associated Press James is an investor. In the pizza chain. Time and saw people show up for free pizza maybe they buy a pizza alone and there. So is there any question that LeBron James. Is a businessman. Smart move man Smart move are you kidding me. That would is brilliant move by LeBron James and he knew exactly what he was doing he was not going to show up to. Blaze pizza in Culver City they're not taken it away or later had a chance no there's always the attack and F file is a die hard fans like these stands for I give it rolled the dice show up because you never know right but don't. Get mad at LeBron James if he doesn't show up well cut when it comes down to at least give free pizza. And of course I know I don't it's a win maybe not a win win but it's a win. And then. If he did show up it would be a story that you be told for the rest of your life right now. It exactly that does it here are right here on ESPN of state Donald ms. Richman Weaver and Alonso here on Wednesday. We're back with you tomorrow Greg McKinney is out on vacation. Strait of post surge is next.