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Wednesday, July 11th

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It's Richard Weaver and Alonso here on Wednesday he would Greg McKinney is out on vacation soon. Ones do and I'll be taking you through you know we've got. Actually going right here. Croatia and England have just started three minutes in and then come on Croatia and he Croatia to win. Do we should put a battle in this whole thing is Greg already lost. And we have a little more riding on that surprised not enough years you're betting man you'd like to throw some cash down known I was somewhat that's more but it's radio it's more about humiliation. Yeah -- money does not has done none of us make any of that so it's it's going to be I don't need to be given mine away that's the problem exactly. Bryant but it's too late now. It is is too elated it's all. It's all for pride because I would have to say I like when that we have the questions and when I get questions right and if he had a listen to the show at the 3 o'clock hour at 3 o'clock we do the three questions at three so make sure you tune in there and that's where we had this question as far as. Who's gonna win the World Cup once we got it down to four teams and Craig. He made a bad choice he picked Belgium they're out pretty quickly yesterday and I got. Croatia and once those has England now would have to say I did waffle little bit I almost wanted to go with England. But I felt that we all had at least be different and I had a good feel and Jerod picking and. It's it's not too late for united that though com. And I have an idea for bad oh OK here we go okay nervous and the loser. Has to make one run around the upstairs and girl underwear on FaceBook. And you probably are not gonna wanna make that bet especially right now. Because. England has just scored. 456. Into the game. It is now one nothing England over Croatia. And that was fast yes and answer. And it's I don't know what that is Clinton you know it's awful penalty does it also penalties and relatives. What exactly happened there to. Give them the penalty. Kick right there but did you see out what a great kick. Just right over you know all of the defender six for Croatia didn't putting effort into the jump because if he did. He really got his head up there in a way in and he may be in trouble when he goes home. Yes he he could be who don't fit that other countries take the stuff a little too seriously yes they do don't walk and any alleys or anything did. That is tough way to start firm Croatia and the team that I picked that is. Not good because we see a lot of these games it's it's one nothing that's debt. And when you go up. I'm not certain that Croatia and come back and I know it's early DOS only six minutes and that we saw yesterday that. Belgium once they went down we got a Garcia tweets on this and Garcia is going to England to. He has a ten on unstick a Warren Sapp who's going with Croatia. And I'm unstick into it but I'm not certain I'm gonna take that bet go. What if you had fair warning would you take that. I mean if we would have come up with this last week yeah probably would have would do okay and so on yeah I'm testing boundaries here to tell you which are willing to do. Yeah I probably would visit and unlike. Past posts I do believe. Then if you told me that you pay up on that I believe fuel cell. Something to consider in the future said that to dig to a past gassed yesterday kind of stand a compliment to you. Yes thank you I would I'm. I'm accountable. I promise you on that I'd somebody else's who. I think in. Be reliable. And it shows a lot of accountability. Just in the prep in that effort that he puts into this now and it's still steel ones I don't know if you've ever. Read his college football preview but it is a massive wealth of knowledge in terms. What he puts into. Each conference each team and obviously as we're getting close to college football now that the feel still college football preview is out. People are diving into this and wanting to know. Where he stands in terms of predictions and what he's looking. Add in terms of the top teams the top players to top conferences all of that and I can't even read it all is so much is gonna take me a long time to go through it but I'm gonna try to digest as much as possible. But recently feel still was interviewed any talks about some of his predictions. In terms of not only Clemson but also South Carolina but. But let's hear what still still has to say about Clemson and his prediction for the upcoming season. Well you know after the season ended last year I thought boy conscience there will be in trouble on the defense of life conservative quarters leaving early for the NFL draft and then one by one each of those guys opted to return. Terrible warrants will conspired best defense a lot of college football supporters complain in the NFL. Cannot feel the best defense in cultural Ballmer it's always a British police to start off such a bleak. Popular Bratz and every change people not sure overlord type to actually projected chirp rewards to. Take over the starting QB job this year and they've got plenty and in the backfield. Solid receivers that are offensive line. Club since load nobody do you have for work to offload just have to play Texas saying them. We're Jamal Fisher group actually wakes in my top units and all he position categories you have to play Georgia Tech which. Is ready before Easter were bounced exceed enforce state. Another team out of bounced exceed that nervously prepared commodity PC Boston College all four of those teams have to be faced on the road below its basic clubs and to be favored in all twelve games they play this year. And they are my pick to love on the table and get to the playoffs and you know yet for years ever pretty pretty much are well new actually gonna play for a national title. You have to have a veteran quarterback and had. The course playing in the second half of lectures national title game. A couple of true freshman taken out each other so it happens at which her remarks and take the big advantage he had wished. Being into the spring because now what does that to a big cluster of players that come interest or practicing isn't such a huge advantage and so that. Coming into the campus in the summer intern to learn everything. They are there and have already gone experts say it and I think that's going to be enough to give more serious damage sought after by the end of about assert this season I should share picture of a large states that job. So not only is he. Predicting that Clemson will be one of the four teams to make it to the college football playoff and that's probably not outlandish. That most people now knowing that Clemson has their defense a front coming back that. They're gonna be well positioned on the defense aside. To make that Ryan and based on how other schedule is made they do have a legitimate opportunity if the offense is just any thing as it was last year. But I think what's more telling is. What we've been talking about quite a bit and that's Kelly Brian verses. Trevor Lawrence and that's one of the big questions going into this season and to hear here feel still talk about. What he thinks can happen I think it's eye opening in terms of somebody of that stature of being able to. Forecasted that Trevor large could be the starter coming into 2018 season and potentially. At the beginning of the season. He said several things there including that he believes Clinton's gonna run the table to make it to the playoff. Saying Clinton's gonna make it's a playoff does not you're not some major prognosticator by doing that they've been there three out of four years. So it was good shot to going to be back with all the defense and other players they have come back. Including a starting quarterback that took them to the playoffs last year and but I I think the first thing I noticed was him running the table because. They haven't done that. So I think that calls into question. His judgment right there because I don't think that's gonna happen. They keep losing to a team he should not lose two more likely. Is the present trend continues they're gonna do the same and I wonder if he said the same thing the last couple years. This has nothing to do with me not liking Clinton because I don't like Clinton but. At Clemson and a great team borderline. Elite all that kind of stuff I recognize that I'm not going to be that guy goes. I don't like comes on this good downgrade everything you do but. I understand that that Phil still is is. Reputable and people loved his magazine had him but I I wonder how accurate he really is and so on these predictions and I totally disagree with them because I think. Davos weaning is. Loyal to a fault it doesn't matter what happened in Alabama loses forest to a ghost we still don't even know if you starting. It was make an assumption that he's going to be starting quarterback for Alabama. And we don't know that no one knows that. Save or may not even know who's going to be the starter just yet. He's probably waiting till camp. But I just don't believe that you've been and is Trevor wants a better quarterback yeah. From what we've seen the we haven't seen him play in pressure situations. When a big stage like. He will be playing in. For Clemson. I think affirming game he plays I think they both play I don't think he starts on the we'll see what happens in the second game but I just I'd. You saw what it was demos done in the past as far as being loyal and and I just think it's. Hard to believe that if Kelly Bryant if Kobe Bryant wins the starting. Nod. After camp which I think you will I do not think to replace him unless he has a horrible game at some point. And even then I don't think you'll get replaced in that game. So who going back to feel still same run the table. I didn't take it as necessarily. Run the table that they would win every single I run the table does but I I guess as a Clemson fan. I am realistic enough knowing that. Run the table just means getting to the playoff because. It doesn't it's it's too hard to do it I mean now. Clemson did run the table in 2000 at fifteen and got to the national championship game but as the game that they lost so of all things. They lose one game in that season inserted Alabama it just happened to be that clubs and lost the wrong line. And that was the problem for that season so I'm taking it just in terms of that. Clinton's going to. Run the table and get there but some medically yes you are correct I get that and I know that run the table means winning all of your games and it is a bold prediction to be able to say run the table if that's exactly what he meant. To go undefeated because that is just too difficult to do and college football in my opinion. And dad owes loyalty what about being loyal to the best player what does it comes out in. Fall camp in August that. Trevor Lawrence is the better player has dabbled not learned over the years with colts out to Shawn Watson in various examples that. You play the best player and rather than just going based off of what year they are war. What they did for you last year and I mean by Kelly Bryant getting close and to the final four last year seat. I do I give it would view as Clemson fan a lot of other Clemson fans who. Why you want Trevor Lawrence but aside from him being really good from what we've seen. You'll want the next Sean. Watson because you know they Kelly Brian is not him and if you take you shall Watson off the national championship team don't think you guys went. He just has that that it factor and so you're looking for that guy who has that it factor and Trevor Lawrence has the look he he has. Everything. That says he should be it does doesn't mean he will be and I'm sorry I did and maybe it maybe it's because I feel like I'm such a little person and I think. Even if I saw if I saw it was even. I would go with a guy now and let the other guys sit back and learn. Give him in here and there but I wouldn't be so quick to put him men and I don't think he will I just. And is dull from everything we've seen that's just. How how Davos seems to me and some things. Whether good or not. About yourself you just. Don't change even though you tell yourself you're gonna change it I'm not on the I'm not gonna do that this time. But it's it's ingrained in you it's it's what you war and I think that's what he is I just think he is so loyal. That if it's close he will go Bryant now. Moments make comments as blow everything away and training camp and there may not be attached any choice but to put them out there so we'll see. We'll find out soon just 'cause we are gratified justice goes you know camps to be opening up pretty quick and a few weeks and whatever news we give it. Again we're not gonna notes we have two sick as a we're not gonna give you see all the practices whose face it most of the media that goes down there and covers it. They're going to be. In the end in the Lawrence camp did you store because again shiny. China be a shiny and as a Clemson fan though I can tell you honestly I want just the best team out there and it's killing Bryant. Then great I'm all supportive of Kelly Bryant. If it's Trevor Lawrence great I'm all supportive of Trevor Lawrence. I just won the best talented players out there so put Clemson in the best position. To win regardless of if it's a loyalty situation or not. I just want the best players out there and it might even be. A situation where. There's not enough time to really differentiate the two within training camp so. By default Kelly Bryant gets the start from that standpoint. But ice. Feel that based on the limited information and I've been able to see and just my eyeball test. It says that Trevor Lawrence is a better quarterback thing Kelly Bryant and if you feel that way. Then go with Trevor Lawrence. The said this before but you know Kelly Bryant if he gets in there he wins games what she did last year by the way and gets there he wins games. You don't take him out but the outcry from Clemson is going to be so loud. But you know all my guys. Travel Lawrence would win by so much more than they want Kelly Brian as one and it won't matter that. You get the W who will be how you get the W and that is should be. By more than what it is. And that's where if you're fan and that's where you fall into that trap of being a fanatic when you start. Looking at w.s and that regard. What does still still say about the South Carolina Gamecocks that's next right here on the huddle ESP in upstate. It's Richman Weaver and Alonso. It's Richard Weaver and Alonso here on Wednesday AG Mac Greg McKinney is on vacation so it's Alonzo NI. Taking you through right now the fifa World Cup we've got Ingle and now up one to 01 meal on Croatia. 24 minutes into the match. And net net might. We seen that can stand a score lawns that makes me nervous because I picked Croatia to win this whole thing. I I need some magic to happen pretty soon. And we go a long time to go but still out of a lot of time there's a lot of time but I need something and it's a magic happening fast. It's like Croatia had some opportunities in practices some shots gone wide on them. One thing that we did see. Earlier with the LeBron James situation and him signing with the lakers is that there is this a lot of talk Alonzo about. He did have any communication didn't call Luke Walton and what that meant for Luke Walton in terms. Was he going to be the coach of the LA lakers was LeBron wanna buy in to. That didn't. You know would he. Have the ultimate override the veto power LeBron James said he is and knew what type of coach gene opportunity would it be in terms of the make up of the lakers roster and would. We applaud and be able to handle that be in such a young coach in the NBA well I think we can. Put all of those discussions aside because Ramona show Byrne is reporting net. A nugget that she mentions is that Luke Walton. And LeBron James had been in touch quite a debt they texted the whole time LeBron James was in Italy. And made plans to meet in person soon. To talk hoops so. I think week in this stop being so reactionary. Now I was one of those guys when I heard the report that. There's a situation where LeBron James had not called Luke Walton not been in contact Luke Walton or vice Versa Luke Walton had not tried to reach LeBron James. What did that mean in terms. The future. Of Luke Walton and the relationship LeBron James and the lakers. Indian head coach and I thought there might be something to it but I think now weekend understand that they have been talking quite a bit to end. It doesn't surprise me that what we're in this reactionary phase in trying to figure things out but. The brawn James just continues to show me that he still doing the things that you would think a person would do. That's making a move like that and so he was in contact with Luke Walton. C. It's an overreaction. World it's just is an and here's the thing. People were looking for any any flaw they comply with LeBron because it still on hate out there and they're always will be as long as you place. Some time all looked seek the bronze a primadonna cause he doesn't talk to the coach yet. Like people or herbs. In the know and bear all the time. That's that's the the advent of technology in and the ability to text which is what a lot of people communicate with right now and we're on vacation. How much you think about work yeah I know it's a big step. But he had already made his decision and I knew this day yes you'll comment including all knew he was coming so it if he did why were they communicating. I don't think Luke Walton is trying to convince them to come because he's these Luke Walton. Yes I do Magic Johnson. Convince LeBron James estonians Leary was coming and and now that we know. And some people believe in some people want to try to find something else I just and and again that. You job is to find a story and then that story will become over wanna tell my view until about. The media that's covering news. I just it's it's too much about nothing. Well we are in the opinion business we are in the chaos business so. We like some chaos we like some of these things that are happening geometry. Just fought Obama team that we know is not really gonna do any thing I mean agreed I. I do believe they'll make it to the Playhouse that's it I don't think they go any further they don't have enough. Let's putt I mean if LeBron had this team in the east. He'd be going to the finals. Putting on the east Timorese in the west there's too much competition. And don't made the playoffs they won't go beyond the first round probably now be a win for the lakers. Now next year when they get a shot at more free agents then when you make your move. Anyone who's thinking it's gonna be more than that it's it's just unrealistic. For the lakers just giving LeBron James that was their win although that's no good so that's what they needed that they're not even know worried about playoffs right now. They got LeBron James this year. Relevant again destroy our attendance standpoint near attendance is one out yes they again their back. In a situation where they can. Move away from the circus of the ball family with Alonso ball and the VAR ball obviously see grass or laying low bar he's still in the team but they're not hallmark that anymore they're not they're talking about LeBron James right that's what the lakers wanted to happen it that's why they love this. And I still contend. That. One's a ball and the ball handling it especially Lamar ball or on a short leash in terms of if Lamar ball has any more of these outlandish antics that are going on. They've got trade bait with Alonso ball because we know he can actually play in the NBA and he can be a good player he's not going to be a superstar. But he has the potential to be a low level star in the NBA. The lakers don't needing. They don't medium Dave's got LeBron James now and they can attract other players and they got the ability to. Moved away from that because that's not Magic Johnson style he's not a little more ball type of guy. See I don't think lawns I was going anywhere because I think if they're gonna trade him away they already one of an not to say they won't do it when the season starts I think they're good. They need to keep the players they have. On to assume that they can do with around LeBron and bonds us potential peace he does I know you gotta deal with the noise outside. But but. It might be worth it and you want to if you want to trade him. The best on trade and will be in the beginning of the season after you play with LeBron a little bit and shown. If his game goes up with LeBron which we know LeBron does that to everybody how how much will Alonso is game goes in his game doesn't go up. The Unita military and all value but yet but in his game goes up like like it should. And who knows maybe that people. I know everyone's thinking he's out especially after Rajon Rondo signed but Rondo is pretty old. And you know and I think Rondo is his. Basically a veteran presence. Wilson. Is going to be interesting to see but at the reactions. Continue and speaking of reactions. What about the reactions of four feel still and his prediction of what South Carolina football's going to be we know there's a lot of expectations for. South Carolina and can they get to ten wins this season what is. Obviously having the ability of have indeed bill Samuels back. What does that do for the offense here still still talking about what he predicts for South Carolina in the 2018 season. Take it there's a team that's gonna knock off Georgia he needs to be South Carolina personal would you look at this team offensively. But at least backing stellar junior and I don't read me whispering I watched him hurry up offense and I think that fits him better. So we're gonna see a little bit more of a hurry up offense we're gonna see a more effective Jake badly and course ever missed cup guys back corner either Rico doubt LS cup party backlash here. Went out with injury early did return to the bowl vote why here's a guy likely to be a much more out of the bar exact spot and then. People Samuel arguably the playmaker on offense wide receiver kick returner punt returner the only shirt three games and went down last year. With a broken might get him back it's going to be huge the officer one bookseller talking to coach muschamp dish boring going through the defense. A question. Foursome and immerse seventeen special teams can't they get Georgia at home week to Georgia's routine net. Coalition can returning starters I'm off to our defense. All the way down five returning starters effecting word that thirteen to most experts in the country. Last year to ensure their number eighty solar vulnerable early in the season that's what's South Carolina get some at all. You look at the rest of the world championship South Carolina Vanderbilt Kentucky. Mississippi. And the report a fall in the winnable category and comfort sport Soviet South Carolina was to knock off Georgia. September 8. Then they would be a threat to while we're released and have that tie the all important tiebreaker over Georgia that's going to be a big deal this year that the south Carolina's going to be Able Danger ourselves in the bowl season last year. Seem like they were sort of on the way to a loss against Michigan but agree comeback win and that confidence showed an album this year. I'm said yesterday admit that Georgia South Carolina game early in the season could be a big. Moment for South Carolina could that be one of those games where. Sets up the rest of their season and I really think it could not think they're going to give Georgia a run for their money. As still still talked about and we even talked about yesterday Georgia for whatever reason. To instead play a little bit softer at the beginning of the season a buildup. Some of their momentum as well and I think this is a great opportunity for South Carolina death. Still a game against Georgia. At home we don't know exactly how George is gonna look and I've. To Phil's point this could be one of those games that sets the tone for South Carolina South Carolina comes out and. Plays the best game if they're capable of playing date they really have a good shot to win in this game on as long as they. They don't lose the mental aspect which is well we're not supposed to be Georgia and in some to that that will cost you in a close game. But. As we've talked about before a lot of gains between South Carolina and Georgia historically have been close games been odd scoring games like fifteen to twelve. And stuff like that so especially at home state the gamecocks played them really well at home. And being this early in the season and the crowd's going to be rock and they've really really have a good shot at this. I would agree a 100%. And distressing of Tebow stays healthy yes and that's that's that you remember last year. He'll play three games and South Carolina wins nine games now it's with a bowl I get that but let's look at. A healthy South Carolina team and net. And Dowell is can he be helping is well what would that have looked like last year so. A link to your South Carolina fan you've got to be coming into this. Season with some high expectations and feeling enthusiastic about the season with some positive momentum. Coming off of that bowl victory against Michigan as feel stills talking about. And again knowing that I know Phil steele's not the end all of end all or whatever that. Everything he says is gold and cheaper digs predicts everything right but. I do know that I trust what he is sane. Just from that aspect of he's putting in a lot of homework and knows a lot about. What these teams are bro calls he does his research and he watches a lot of film he goes to. Practices he's talking with coach is and he's talking with all types of people. Across the landscape of college football so I do at least trust what he has to say. What are your expectations. For your team we're gonna dive into that right after this break. You're listening to the huddle right here on ESPN upstate it's Richman Weaver and Alonso. Continuing here on the hunt all 844. 4773776. That's a four Ford GS PE SPN. You can also use the text line 71307. And make sure use the keyword ESPN. So we knew that you're. Wanted to talk sports here today and also. You can always listened to the huddle. Or ESPN upstate any of the other shows on radio dot com take it anywhere that you want to you can download the radio dot com app. Put in the keyword ESP in upstate in the search bar and you can favor that as your favorite station and you always have access to ESP in upstate no matter where you are in or out of the car. One of the things we've been talking about one so that we're hearing starting the predictions are starting college football and where are people stand in expectations. In terms of where your team is. In the expectations for 28 teams are used. In a situation. Like me as a Clemson fan. Is the expectation. That it has to be national championship or bust. If it's not a national championship it's a horrible season or. If you make it to use the college football playoff again is that a good season for Clemson football. We're here South Carolina fan is it if we don't get ten wins it's a terrible season. And we're in that position of what our fans expectations and I wanna hear from. Some of those college football fans what your team's expectations. And again it's 8444773776. Alonzo you're South Carolina fan what's your expectation. It's all I just expect them to do better than what they did last year. You know I'm also in Ohio State fan pumpkins. I think that's where I'm from yes you don't you don't forget where your from and Brooks got to go right you're exactly and and I expect them to compete for national championship. Now that the thing is because they've done in so many times I'm curious though what what you said about. You expect Clemson to win a national championship they've done it was twice and what forty years. Oh so I'm not expecting them to unsafe or their Clemson fans get out there that. Goes to that other side of that's only saying that makes a good season is if we win the national championship board of Clemson wins a national championship I don't view it that way. Well I get once you get a taste of that he would yell like Cali taste of what you want some more of it would you void and wants. In awhile and it and there's some people. No this is the first time that they've experienced it for the team and it's it's awesome in the fact that Clinton's been in three out of four years you expect him to be back in a Playhouse and look at that. The ACC as we've talked about I mean there was pick them when the ACC he should win the ACC is always the don't lose more than one game. They should be in the playoff. But that's why you play any games yeah. Enjoy it's that's the point yet or are these teams you get to a point now where we start artificially. Putting. Unrealistic. Expectations. On these teams because it's national championship or bust or it's eleven wins or bust it. Win the SEC for South Carolina or it's a horrible season. You know what is defined as improvement what is defined as a as far. Carolina goes horrible seasons when you don't winning game. We know about that both bush and we know that could port city gets very any team yes that is a horrible season. And as far as winning it all there's only one winner every year everybody also losers look at the way you want that's what it comes down to there's one winner. You're not first your laughs exactly so armed. But I think if you're Clinton your expectations should be. On winning the ACC and making the playoffs but of course you want to win it. But you know make the playoffs and it's a true and three out of four years as a trend. All right I think they're only three teams that have won three out of four years and I Alabama may be all for I can't remember. But I know Clinton Ohio State yes re Oscar or an Alabama golf war yet so I'm I mean it fit so. It if you are taking this very well you know why things going to be in the final four this year. It's pretty easy to see usual suspects yes yes at least right now mail client it's still early has not been the usual suspect well and they write yeah they are the advent of the of the playoffs yet they have been. So. I mean you can pretty much and that's what most people are trying to figure out who's going to be the force team. And it could very well be that again as we talked about in and where somebody NBA does this get old after awhile. If you're seeing the same three teams on a four is that what causes them to go ahead and moved eight. So you got a better shot of getting more teams than and better shot of somebody else won the championship. I think the biggest thing that would make him move to eight teams are his fourteenth is just money. It's just how much more money could they make of what's the potential what's TV contract what would that look like if they were able to parlay that into it. We know the ratings are still going to be there it doesn't matter. At the end of the day we want to see the best teams play against each other and I know in March Madness it looks like yes you love the Cinderella is. That's the first round. Who wants to see a Cinderella play for national championship. It's not slit people's morning what's driving the ratings are the people that warning to see. The blue bloods of college basketball the usual suspects that want to be there it's the dude sister Kentucky's it's a Kansas of the world that's too you want. The lowest one of the lowest rating. NCAA tournament championship games ever was duke vs Butler. And Boller was a great story and they almost actually want it but. It didn't move the needle the calls it's not the usual suspects. I'd let's jump over to the phone line right now before we get our break it's Jimmy wants to talk football. Jimmy well. Me. They have to go through grade which god today Jimmy. Right it got a ball. Note he had great start saying well lit up. I gotta be out there are unable to speak up and Georgia. Some lost against that's your expectations or that your dream. And the little I many I got me to make it improve every year. He loaded. With the heel position player that you wide receivers that before pre forty. Dot net and eat out they know me say that the problem right there you don't. Injury problems that poll found that about a lot of that we eat. Situation. But they'll ask a question mark. The bet but they were a lot better than people expect to collapse here. I only got them a good player. And accurate reporting flat. And then it they got that brought the violent that it didn't block it or are built and well the average but battled back. Error that runner back looked at her her red. Dark that that is now saying. That what a lot of so we're looking at the opposition off. So the question about it yet the question Jimmy is that it. His of the question Jimmy if you don't win twelve games is had a disappointing season for years. I'll be accurate and went in the river. They. And I. Perfectly Jamie thank you for the call. I wanna hear from everybody else what's your expectations for your college football team this season 844. GSP. ESPN at 8444773776. We're back right after this. Richard rear end Alonso here on ESPN upstate the huddle. We've got 3 questions at 3 o'clock that will be coming up shortly we've got to Croatia still leading an excuse me. A morning that happened really hit as England is still leading Croatia one meal right now. Keep on dreaming and I I am druze and ides I need to happen. All right and what does Zack. Who's on the line what does he need to have been and football this year Zach welcome did not all what's your expectation there aren't doing great. Good at a like blog what the pan out ornate Portland ever to be very Georgia and chip so if he or national championship great. So realistically my actually date it would be true make it to the playoffs. And I look toward a national championship but we don't and I'm a look at would wonder the oil. Yes you wouldn't be so devastated that. It's national championship or bust just don't have another good season making it to the playoffs is a great season. Well our our would not be welcome coach and well I never but I think the American championship. I'm just. I'm very happy Lou when I look to more what do I don't. I'm not gonna be and it's going to be angry that we didn't win matchup that injured but I just to advance our. Good both thank you for the call Zach I do appreciate that Clemson grads Clemson fan there and I understand what he's talking about on so that's that's how I feel I have a my expectations are that. We're competitive to be playing for a national championship. And I feel that we do have a team. That is assembled some maker running can be in the college football playoff again. But it we don't win the national championship. It's not the end of the world because it is so hard. To win a national championship and even if we get to the college football playoff and lose in the first game in the semifinal like we did. Against Alabama last year. I'm OK with that as well disappointed yes but it'll still be a great season just getting there as a constant and that's my expectation. It's a big deal that Clinton has reached the point where the expectations are real and could possibly happen every year that's a sign that your team is. When in the right direction and the fact that your maintaining your status where you are I mean that's that's a good thing it's a good filly. It is. I wanna hear some more college football fans what your expectations. Coming up for 2018. You can jump in at 844. 4773776. At 84 Ford GSP. ESPN. It's Richmond we were in lines so we've got three questions at three coming up next.