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Offsides with Marc Ryan
Wednesday, July 11th

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It is Wednesday July 11 Richmond Weaver and Alonso here. Taking you through this hump day we've got great McKinney. GMAC as you know him he's out on vacation. Not exactly certain where he is other than I think he was going to the lake may be. Any idea on police if you saw an earlier post from the media heavily touted ones off. That's what he wants us to believe that there OK I have not seen that. Got taken out okay I'm I'm upset that there is no ESPN upstate loan on their anywhere but maybe it's not visible but yes armpit area or something. They've what happened to loyalty year. I know. Nine. ESPN upstate then how good easy how loyal is he did the station how loyal is he to the listeners. Got a lot of questions about that. We do we definitely do. Well Alonso and I will also be handling a lot of questions going on right now as we're continuing through this summer a lot of talk about. In BA free agency where things are going. Also it's fifty days from college football soon there's a lot of questions that people are gonna start asking. What's your team and at. The light came in the fall what's the expectations. Are you a fanatic are you realistic fan in terms of expectations so we've got a lot of that. Got brace stands probably start to get a little worried. As some situations are happening with them in terms of their pitching staff get a hold on him had another loss last night. So let's. Let's take a deeper dive in now let's jump right into the drive and understand what's going on in sports. Well. Six losses in seven games or the Atlanta Braves not a good way as their wrapping up the first half of the season heading into the all star break and a loss last night to the Toronto Blue Jays it drops in one game behind the Philadelphia Phillies. After the Phillies win last night against the Mets and now you have to start questioning. What is it gonna look like for the Braves as they're trying to. Pushed through right here at the end of the first half of the season heading into the all star break do they have enough pitching. We know they've got some talented individuals on the offensive side their bats are performing really well. But it's the pitching and last night to Julio Tehran. Pitches well but at the end of the day it's a Marcus stroman for the blue jays that. Pitched a little bit better and as the Braves end up giving her into giving up five runs in the eighth inning and that does in the end and they end up losing 62 so. You have to start really questioning gonzo. Is this a situation we're looking at the Braves starting to really falter and lot of people been talking about today we knew it was going to be coming the berets were going to be able to continue this type of brine and there's a lot of excitement obviously with the Braves. Four players being named an all star game coming up next week. But do they have enough own. To get him through. Well first of on play. Greg McKinney for the slump because he'd been a saying the entire season and they've been proven them wrong. He jumps on the bandwagon and what happens they start losing so I I blame them for that. But one good thing about the Sony. They have at least one more game before the all star break and I think you play Saturday because I think I believe were carrying their game. But the all star break is coming at a good time. Give you a little bit arrest. Reassess what's causing the slump that sort of thing get a fresh start after the all star break. I agreed 100% they do have another game against the blue jays and then in that one other series before the all star break so they still have the opportunity of rebounding and that to your point if they can get through these next four games and just be able to. Break 500 go to into in these next four games then I think they can tell limp into an all star break. And get some rest and get rejuvenated and ready to go for. The second half of the season and that's words are really going to be eight and a point of contention in terms of is Liberty Media gonna do any thing to actually support. The Atlanta Braves right now and I mean by your roster move going outing giving somebody that can come in and actually help their pitching staff. Because it's a situation where it's a younger staff and our arms are getting tired and they need. Some bettering pitching that can come in and be that stable force for them. To push them through and I it's OK to go rent a player you see this happen all the time and Liberty Media. They have the ability they have the money to go on do it is just a matter. In terms of are they willing to be able to do that in actually go and sign a free agent to. See if this can be years that they can surpass their expectations they have already at least enough first half of the season but. Why stop it now go for the gusto and go after it and you might be a year early but you're at this point you've got to keep going in my opinion. CS thing expectations probably were a little too high with the the start to the Braves got to the season I mean compared to where they were last year. And what people. Thought would happen this year would be they would be better but no maybe about 500 and that's it. It's still I don't know may end up being the case. The specific continue to do what they're doing right now. But. At what point do you let your expectations get so hot. But I'm not notice him you've been really high on them all year. In just recently what's what's what's considered a bad season for them it because you compare last year. As to this year but they finished above 500 that they don't. Do anything post season in nets still win consistently as our. And now I think expectations probably change and the definition of a bad season probably changes the calls two player but should it. It brought Nellie shouldn't but it. Where it's we're humans it's human nature that's what happens when you start winning you start. The expectations start changing and you start expecting to win. Every night but you know it's not realistic Richard Holden out that hope. In terms of those expectations and I'm a warning dive deeper into some of these expect expectations even on the college football side because I think now as we're getting closer. We're trying to understand what are your expectations for certain teams in. I know right now shifting gears expectations in the World Cup and it's big for us gonzo. If were looking net head to head Croatia vs England a big Croatia. To win now World Cup you pick England. Some just gotta give today we've got England in Croatia at 2 o'clock. Are all lies gonna be watching the World Cup. I think a lot of lies are going to be like to especially this game because there are a lot of England fans out there and I've pass on quickly becoming one if I were to root for a team what do I am today. I'm rooting for England and I hope to played the goal sound to many many times. For me enough for you. Now we need we need it for Croatia I would have to say at least for the World Cup this is bringing some excitement I know the obvious. Oh Porsche says. The Brazil's Germany's. Argentine had those teams of volleys he'd been knocked out and so did World Cup 2018 lose a little bit of bits. Emphasis and its own so to speak. And and maybe it did but I think at least with this final four and specially today with England in Croatia England is such a story and they have a name they have a star Gary Cain so he brings some excitement from that standpoint and sodas Croatia having one and a the best midfielders out there with Luka moderate so he's at least another name until you've got some story lines and just the potential that England. Can try to secure their first World Cup since 1966. Mean this is a big deal misses. Could this be equivalent to what LeBron James is able to do with the Cleveland Cavaliers to secure their first championship in. Forever how long now it wasn't. They're championship was in football and was an in basketball but still for the city and that's what we're seeing for England right. Now well I am curious because we're not legitimate soccer fans we are we are following this because we're sports station and it's a big deal I mean for the rest of the world. I am curious. What match up. No those soccer fans across the world would rather see the day Reza seek Croatia France or England France. And and I'm pink game and I don't know maybe we do actually have soccer fans listening actually I know we do. Is it a bigger match England France Croatia France was I think is going to be in conference. I know I think without a doubt it's going to be England and France is this not one of the great rivalries just in history. And I'm not talking just sports I'm just talking in history I mean both countries have been in a position where. It almost seems that both of them wanted to take over the world and it was always those two going head to head with the each other. Well Warren Sapp just does tweeted let's go Croatian Syria warns not porn site on the that's good or bad note is one of the all time greats. I'm like down on the field not filled not so much. Oh but we're talking about on the fill your radar we are we are talking about on the field but sometimes off the field interfered with on the field as far as. What do you think about someone goes on looking ankle why Moscow following warrants not mine. Well is very entertaining though right he has he has they're entertaining. We'll do shows you bear also dead if you've got to warn sense of the world that are talking World Cup talking fifa. Doesn't that lead into the self. Lend to the situation that. Soccer is growing is becoming more popular and I think there's a lot of people really intrigued about this I did it because it's every four years and so it's special that's allowed the it is special right now that there's going to be a lot of people following it. And when the fact that you have a team like England in there who most people didn't expect it England would be at this point. While waiting to see you Stephen Garcia's gonna root for because he tweets about gunning a lot of people. From around here and from. You know big time football players basketball players and suffer following World Cup so essentially you see who they pull for day today so I'm waiting to see some more of those streets. The only thing that I don't think is probably happening is what you see in March Madness in terms of day one Thursday. It. The tip off is at 1215 the first game and people take off from work and I'd probably don't have the same type of absences at work for the World Cup as you do for March Madness but I'd be interested when I don't know how not here. You don't but probably across the globe redo of course across the globe I'm sure are and it here in about 45 minutes England will be a total standstill. Well but it's also a different time. Dad's in the evening and it is an evening yes it took so it's a little bit different one on since people's will go out of what they do for their normal routine wolf there will be in the palm where else well some of them that's the only way they would be at that time that might be the norm via churn on the it is exactly not I would I would agree and I would have to say look at us we've got it on the big screen here we're watching now obviously we've got. CIA riding on the line yeah and I have different motivations. I live to to go against Greg so I mean you know it just started early on when we first started doing the show. And the fact that. He absolutely hated the first time I played the sound which is a shame that you weren't here for some she suggested that you know I'm just so glad you did it was also which has me rooting for goals this so I can continue to play it. I mean the first day it it was priceless I wish I would have been videotaping. There was I haven't had reaction out of the on him. And he knows I'm gonna. He has no idea CS that's the fun part yes. And he says they erupt them but I always wait till he takes a breath before that sort of thing. Yet know you've always thought I I see when you're getting ready to. Jump Dan and pitcher turn your Mike on. And I appreciate you turning my Mike on at times and forgets thank you but I do see you you're polite and waiting. So I don't understand why he gets so math. Well let's not mean that's part of it the other part is I wanna make sure that I have eye contact going when I do it's like and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Well I just need a lot of those sounds today for a court Croatia. That's what I need so I can. Solidified the win against you I noticed. The more once it it's easy for me to watch one doing the show with a got a big screen TV right in front of me and plus I'm keeping track so I can. Update you know what's going on. Before anybody else does because we're watching and so were able to do that I've noticed that there really hasn't done much scoring in the first half of these games. Don't a lot of back and forth it seems like that the trend is coming out in the second half. There seems to be a goal. Well my favorite word strategic theory. All about. Coming up their strategy kind of feeling everybody out that first half and didn't being able to look at maybe executing some type of game plan that we we know about. Halftime talks in basketball and football is that the same for soccer I mean are they going over plays going this guy has this tendency. You know we've seen he's going out is normally normally does he's doing this today he need to do this he hears that here's an opening are they doing that. They have to there I was a at this point they have to have some type of analytic some type of video component that they're being able to review at least. For a couple of minutes now maybe not as much video but they've got to have some type of adjustments being made based on the play that's happening move within the first half so you know that happens. Now if you wanna jump in 844 GS PE SPN that's a 444773776. And you can also jump in on the text line 71307. When hear your thoughts on our using gauged in the fifa World Cup as England in Croatia matchup today at 2 PM. Or is it just another day for you. And make sure you can always find us on radio dot com that's the new home for ESPN upstate in you can. Listen anywhere that you would like you can take it even on your mobile device. And women don't Wimbledon officials. And the worst thing happened today at the all England club that's next right here in the huddle it's Richmond we were in Alonso. And you can jump in here on a Wednesday on the hunt all its Richmond Weaver and lines as Greg McKinney is out on vacation. Net number is 844. GS PE SPN nets 844477. 3776. And a sex line is 71. 307. The all England club. I think are gonna see a situation where. The ratings might go down lawns. Roger Federer falls to Kevin Anderson and five cents really. Yes chalky. Breaking news that's upset that we still need breaking news. Some type of music to go with breaking news. So like when you can interrupt this would breaking news you're always. Even up to date with things then quit trying to do my job Foreman happy but not that nudges at I think I might just be giving you more work we try to come up. Whenever other breaking news music can and it in the past and it just doesn't seem to working here's the problem with that look at. I don't know it seems to be. A trend or it is a trend on the show during this time we break a lot of sports news. So if you playing. The breaking news sounder every time that there is breaking news the mean you've heard me tell Greg something. Easily during breaks like this happen or me erupt and say this happened this happened this happened. Some days doing a 45 times. After awhile if you hear the breaking news sound are too many times you'll hear anymore so it lessens its effectiveness. The correct. Justin little inside re. And that is good and as you know I'm still learn and a lot of this radio stuff. Appreciate you continuing to educate me I'm just make gonna cause I don't wanna do. Well that could be part of it is there that probably 5050 there are other little bit above a couple of I completely understand but I do think that two Wimbledon officials will. Not be too happy that their main guy Roger Federer ended up losing to the eighth seed Kevin Anderson. The eight tying champion Roger Feder was defeated 2657756. For an end thirteen eleven. In that fifth set. In Federer failed to 266. And three in career Grand Slam matches where he won the first two sets so after. Winning that second set it was almost automatic that Roger Federer was going to win and to see him fall like that that's a big upset. Oh definitely yeah I'm surely IBM's. Ecstatic I mean taken him out of Wimbledon but. He doesn't want a mall and a lot of times when there are upsets it's kind of like this. It's to I mean is this guy who beat embassy in Nome. He's eight seed. So he's relatively. I mean he's a good player but. In the scheme of things in tennis. He's not a name because I don't ERS I mean no Federer and Nadal yes exactly that's right and that's what we wanted to be able to see is it going to be Federer and Nadal going at it again now we do you have Novak Djokovic who still in he wins today and and Raphael Nadal is winning. So maybe there is an opportunity at Wimbledon and can still have some type of shine. But I think again when you start having situations where your superstars are being knocked out of sports like this and we see hitting golf with Tiger Woods if he's not in it. There's not many people watching it and especially Dan if you don't have a Phil Mickelson at least making a run either. And that's the same pain that your scene with tennis as well. Now shifting gears. What we do know is a star driven league and that's the NBA and there's a lot of banter going on right now about. Obviously the Golden State Warriors and their dominance and what they're doing and is it bad for the lead to have a team. That continues to almost. Get better even after winning in the NBA championship and so. The NBA commissioner Adam silver is being questioned this several times over the past couple weeks and so. This is at consumer talking about the competitive balance in the NBA. I'm not hearsay we have a problem but and I and I love where the league is right now but as I said earlier. I think we can create a better system we learn from each successive deal we try new things we make predictions about how caps and exceptions. Com will work. We have great economist who come in. On on our side of the table the union does as well but it's not a perfect science and trying to predict the behavior of our teams and things change in the marketplace as well so. I don't honestly think it's purse say bad that the warriors are so dominant. As I've said before. We're not trying to create. Some sort of forced parity with what we really focused on is parity of opportunity. And edit a fair point could be made in tax system when certain teams are spending significantly more than others that that's not parity of opportunity. And also certain teams have advantages that other teams don't that based on the resources in the market the wealth of the market. There and they may be in a position to go deeper into the tax than another team does. So when you look at repaired knee in the NBA. Doesn't really matter if there is. A competitive imbalance in the NBA. And what's so wrong with having Golden State being a dominant team does it not make almost a arch rival that she see an evil empire so to speak in. That's what you want as a sports leagues you want that one team or a couple of teams that. Are driving the ratings in terms of you wanna see them fall and that's what's happening right now with the Golden State Warriors so I don't have a problem with. The so called west gaining too. At a situation where they seemed to be the dominant. Conference in the NBA. Has in all reality. What we've seen in sports it doesn't matter it's the ultimate reality TV show in just calls on paper it looks like that they west is going to be. In power so to speak for the next five to eighteen years I don't think that's necessarily true. I wonder. And since the end of the social media I mean we get more reactions. From fans that we did earlier Roland. Excuse me was this the same narrative when the bulls were on their run. This is same narrative with the Celtics with the lakers a mean he'd known dynasties which. Golden State may very well be but I think they got to win a couple more to be a dynasty I mean in basketball. But I mean how many do you need to be a dynasty in basketball they've been dominant every year they'd be the one or they've been in the the finals for what the last four years or something like that so. Armed but I wonder. Was the same outcry of you know this team is. Is too dominant. Is that good for about four league. When there have been times. Where one team has dominated and when the bulls dominated you and I both does when I first started being a real NBA fans. And does my team's anchor or anybody else thought and it's so there are guide their people out there are a ton of people out there for a Golden State fans they don't care what what we think. They're teams women and I just think basketball as the historically been like this now I don't think. I cannot stand Golden State but I don't think it's a bad thing I don't as you said we need there's an. At first they wanna villains they are becoming the villain they are a true villain they are and you know like Detroit was back in the day you waiting for someone to knock them down in the bulls finally got past. All I did it for awhile there it was. Can Cleveland get past Golden State he did one year but it's been those two. Now that's different we know clearly was not going to be back for next year if they if they are. Either how does the east or what the heck happened to make them be able to get their cause I'd to a week. Ali as anyone to believe that would happen so that is over so now who is going to be is it going to be just. Whenever teams are in the west is a going to be Houston is that going to be it his neck on the side who's going to be the the champion every year for a while. Houston in and goes to Angola that it. Or somebody gonna rise up to somebody like Boston the rise up and take Cleveland's place. And that's to be able to not Golden State down I don't think this tape team even though we keep that in pieces. I still don't think to go stay together that much longer. I I would agree with you and I'm also to look at a point where I think the signing of to mark his cousins booty cousins I think that actually might be. The beginning of the end and terms of what we're seeing with the Golden State Warriors there's already reports out there that you know are they looking at. Having cousins come off the bench I think that's a recipe for disaster in terms of just the mental state of mind for bogey cousins we already know that. He's hit some would have a diva high maintenance type of guys coming off of Achilles tendon injury there's a lot of question marks. With that. And so just knowing that. He's not really well liked in the locker room he convened divisive in the locker room he can be somewhat of a cancer that's why. Anthony Davis didn't want him around anymore that's why didn't have the pelicans fight the war. Bogey cousins and so when you look at it from that perspective could this be. The beginning of the end for the Golden State Warriors and I know that they've won three out of the past four idea that in. I do put him as a dynasty because they have won three out of the last four but in terms of it being bad for the league. I don't think so. Even though the west has won four out of the last five NBA championship is because gold's before Golden State in 2015. Remember the San Antonio Spurs won in 2014. But go back to 1999. When you had the spurs. And the lakers. The two of them out of the past five years they were the NBA champions I don't remember hearing the narrative then that all the west is. No big imbalance in the NBA is shifted too far to the west and I don't remember that into your point Alonso same thing with the bulls. Six out of eight NBA champions. Came from the Chicago Bulls I didn't hear the rhetoric about. That it was all dominated by the Eastern Conference teams it just for whatever reason we wanna paint this narrative with. The Golden State Warriors and now when you see LeBron signing with the LA lakers that all the sudden that you've got this. You know competitive imbalance. In the NBA on for the Western Conference and I just don't think it's true. By the way we have some NFL breaking news for the first time since 2015. Someone's actually been chosen and the supplemental draft. Sam mobile quarterback out of western Michigan is going to the giants to the giants just because there has been a supplemental draft. Doesn't mean that people were picked. So this is the first time in three years that someone has actually a bit. Others so that would lead me to believe that. They truly believe in this guy you banks and yes they were willing to go that route of supplemental draft I still get confused with the supplemental draft in terms. Why you actually have to have a supplemental draft. Where these gas can just become undrafted free agents and signed as they want to hear. What's the best move that we've seen from golf. In the PGA in years. That's next right here in the huddle it's Richman Weaver and Alonso taking you through. Here on ESPN upstate. 84 Ford GE ST ESP and that's a 444773776. And takes line a 71307. If you want to jump in. Here on the huddle it's a Richmond Weaver and Alonso taking you through here on Wednesday. As Greg McKinney is out on vacation and Alonso and higher heating and up. For the World Cup started at 2 o'clock Croatia and England and if you missed. We've got to pride on the line here. I picked Croatia to win the World Cup after we get down to four teams and ones who picked. England so it's head to head and we know GMAC has already out because he picked up until he lost yesterday. It was a glorious thing to witness was an. There was one mil he's not here not only see on every Zaire but couldn't handle it except limitation he couldn't take. Couldn't handle the heat of losing so he ended take three days vacation. The two shows you Powell loyalty is are not loyalty since passion man passion for his team but not for his show we're here. We're watching and we are upper ends up unread we can do think two things that wants. Is he still wants to see us you know and us to see him cry at the well. Somebody else that has to be and up right now and that's the PGA. And the reason being is that. They actually had made some changes to their tour schedule and you might think it's insignificant but is actually significant. And I think it was something that the PGA engulf should've done years ago especially with. The excitement that they tried to bring to the sport with the FedEx. Cup and at Butte ended the season Ryan end. Who's going to be in the FedEx standings and would look like for the last few tournaments of the year to bring excitement and could they have some type of quote unquote championship. Which we see and other sports and so. After months of discussions and going back and forth day. Started make an announcement last August that. They were going to be looking at moving the PGA championship. And could it be in May and then what that would look like well. The PGA just announced yesterday that they are in fact going to be changing. They're schedules and the schedule for 201819. Is it's going to be completely different the PGA championship moves to may which is given that event just a jolt and gets a an opportunity to explore other venues and you also get to continue. The excitement of golf from the majors aspect so now you've got the masters in April you can move to the PGA championship. In May and then you're looking at June with the US open. But more importantly what this does it actually shortens. The season. And allows the season. At the end before the start of NFL and college football no longer are you going to be seen golf can. She knew into. September October aware that it FedEx championship vote was determined so now you have the opportunity of Indian it. Creating a little bit more excitement and you don't have to compete with the NFL and college football cause we know in our reality. Come all guest. Most people are going to be tuned out Alonzo and you know it they're not going to be worried about golf. So knowing that you're championship or quote unquote championship. Wasn't until after. Her into September. When football it started. You're losing a lot of interest you're losing an opportunity of ratings as of now at least golf recognizes that. To be in the forefront as much as we can we have to finish our season. Before college football and before the NFL starts odds up. The lead is only one sport that really. Came stand alongside football not just college football book pro football and that's basketball but. The way basketball does it they start. You know kind of in the middle of football season so people this casually pay attention to it and buy time full ball ends basketball really gets into it. I'm forcefully baseball and golf and some of these other sports are trying to end right around the time the football starts this is not a good move. Yeah and special Ager scene with baseball man is it's gone way in to you were almost getting into November with the World Series and I think you're losing. A lot of fan interest because we know way it. Sports and dominate the landscape of America and that still the NFL and that's still college football and obviously there's a subset of diehard fans that you know for baseball and other sports but it's just not the same and I think it's a great move by the PGA tour and knowing. That the tour championship going to be in Atlanta going to be played the weekend before Labor Day and so. Now you have the opportunity of Carol riding that wave of excitement. As college football is getting ready to start right before Labor Day weekend so why not. Have the opportunity. Par lane some interest in some eyes on Tuesday TV. And hopefully. In all reality. It also that you can get a big name and I don't know if you were gonna be able to see a Tiger Woods I don't think he's going to be able to make a run in the FedEx standings and compete for championship but if he can just be in it. Then it least there is an opportunity for increased ratings as well I think it's a great move from. The PGA tour and just being able to look at. Other ways of creating more interest to the sport. And I'm hoping baseball can take. A lesson from looking at you can evolve you can change your schedule a little bit you don't have to be so rigid and sue. Put in a box so to speak or backed into a corner that this is the way you have to do it you can evolve. Now how well can someone hide his disappointment. During what supposed to be. An exciting moment or announcement that's next right here in the huddle it's Richman Weaver and Alonso. And and so we've got a text that came through on the text line 71307. Talking about music for breaking news. The suggestion is disuse the ESPN. Music. Knack. It's still easy right way to the mentally do easy get a deal more creative we got to come up with something but. You only because we use it in the show that comes on after us uses and we don't want you know we get special player he's yeah we got to be special. We we definitely do. And if you wanna jump to an 844. 4773776. You can do that and get the take sign a 71307. As well. And it's actually head to the phone lines are right now we've got Brian wanting to talk about the PGA and the announcement that they are changing their schedule Brian what you got here on the huddle. I got targeted. Doing great. On you kind of mentioned that you are breezed past but I think the biggest thing with them moving to may is the possibility or are. Course changes saying now I'd move to pray that this Al. As a legitimate chance to get some PGA. I'm whereas books or you know just like the US open winner is ours to our tour experiment. Resist Bacharach who. Just to get the US open down south of the dead of summer but. Armed but they've yet to do it arm but I suspect at I think it speaks look legitimate debate. Maybe we get one in North Carolina are you on not. You know soccer on a door somewhere close by so that we can check out our I think the biggest. The biggest aspect of the. Brian thank you for the call and you're dead on because that is definitely one of the aspects of why they were looking at moving it is the in addition to some of the other things but what else would also helped the decision to do that is it does open up all of a sudden. The opportunity of so many other courses. In being used to being a part of who's the tour itself and not only just from me in aspect of just in May but even other courses. In. Various parts of the season as well so it's a domino effect and so Bryan's point is is very accurate that. This now has an opportunity. Continue and get some other courses. In the rotation. Of courses that you afford these majors and that's what fans want a seed it. It gets to a point where they continue to play same courses over and over again is it just a situation of redundancy and you don't get to see some of these great courses that America has to offer. Now. Earlier we talked about. Disappointment and excitement can you have the both on so I don't know if you can have disappointment. During an exciting time in your life it happens on the show in recent more than half I thought. Is that when I walked in or something. Need to have a little more confidence needs is for now I'm trying to be funny but I don't know if you saw. Gordon Hayward. In the announcement. Of their third child. Got two daughters. And so. His wife put out on an answer Graham. In January we will be adding another baby to the family and we couldn't be more grateful. Three babies and three and a half years has me thinking we're crazy. But our lives are already crazy so what's adding another baby. Now the craziness and where the excitement and disappointment comes in. Is based on the gender revealed and we know this has become a popular thing. Now this is the gender of bill and listen to Gordon Hayward knowing that he has two daughters right now in terms of the gender avail. And any. They get hot we. There eight. These. You know. What are you were right. It's O. But. When. It. Dead he's always happy and you get here. It's impure. That's what they're talking about to get to know I'm guessing we'll keep trying things I think you'd definitely sounds like he wanted to boy. Yes and so I think you could I have I think you've heard it right there. I mean that's supposed to be an exciting time. You can tell he's not disappointed. That while he's definitely disappointed disappointed I did not understand he's excited daddy's gonna have he won't let that child mile of course not but. You know he wanted to boys got his legacy tea keep. Living on he needs and a basketball player not that is girls can't be a basketball player but. He once and a boy of basketball player I did it I think most guys wanna you know Simon at some point yes they do. They all want that and I have to so I completely. Understand but also have a daughter as well alright we're coming right back here on the huddle it's Alonzo enrichment Weaver. Hanging out with you as Greg McKinney is out on vacation you're listening to ESPN upstate the huddle.