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Tuesday, July 10th

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So step number one has to figure out whether my team is in the red the blue. The fear now yeah now losing a close ups that Belgium is entering how do you know that because Belgium does have blue. In their colors. Mean in her fly again and yes I would assume you're looking at the flag you can include. Flag symbol there there's blue on the left the flag symbol yelling split flat. His black a black and might be black yet it's why I'm in France is blue and white bread. So unreal and blue for friends I. If I hate the sin but I think in the Richmond's right moves so it can be given that because the ball's been a bill that in and pitch. Pretty much for the first three minutes and it's. Contest. Anyway just like France and Belgium in the World Cup four minutes in and score and now we'll keep an omen I'm sure Alonso will be obnoxious sleek. And erupting program you absolutely will know when its arsenal scored it happens. That's just the way. It goes I'm excited we have that that's nice to great touch us in the show and nice job on so thank you. Right oh O'Keefe denial that. Or an ear as it. Maybe there's some people were actually suggesting I saw all the customers senate that LeBron should back out of the deal lakers. That he hadn't signed the deal yet so he could still back out that he should. Well now he sucked didn't do right now needed its official app. Contract has been signed after leaving the cavaliers franchise. As its leader in nearly. Every major statistical category. And giving Cleveland their first championship in 52 years back into when he sixteen. A LeBron James officially said goodbye to the cavaliers. For the second time in his career when he inked a four year deal with the lakers that will pay him. 153. Point three. Million dollars is rounded off was with a point three. I don't know where that came that number that you're the one that's okay with. The gambling in bettors odds. Than what Panama went well. I'm in Europe they would average or not okay with this. This not being rounded the what is weird I wanted to be rounded bid you right now and I have to listen gambling and but gambling odds a little different than this. I can round this off picture was tweeted from his representatives that clutch sports group signing his new contract. Along with his agent and rob the link of the general manager. Of the lakers where are they they look like there and somebody's house somebody's home yeah. BJ Enron's. House now in California big chandelier above the table there and as they signed them. I'm LeBron has played. His past 85 and the past eight NBA finals with a heat and the cavaliers. With three titles Magic Johnson the lakers president of basketball operations. Said LeBron is special and is the best player in the world. Magic city loves to compete. And is an awesome leader. Who is about winning and making sure that his teammates are successful. Lakers are excited to have a teammate who has been to nine NBA finals it's a huge step closer to returning to the lakers to the playoffs. And to the NBA finals so bad is official. That how realistic. A lakers gonna be competitive. To get to you. Even though Western Conference finals they're gonna be more competitive newer last year. Yeah that's relative to last year a token. What will they be just play off wise Libya playoff team yeah yeah everybody was LeBron is uplifting. And I'd. I get that and they probably will be a playoff team but this is. It's going to be a different task for LeBron and and I and I going to be an enemy finals. Not this year. Unless they pull off the miracle you know the probably going to be eighth seed means it'll more than likely play Golden State or Houston he existed yeah. Just think about if they awarded not one little guys are media you could be on you're like yeah yeah I'm just disappointed that LeBron threw me in the west that means. Whatever 52 games or so aren't you want. Second I'm coming in to bed. Especially you know I'm in regular season games at that point of no way I'm stay in them. Can't do it. Free agency has slowed down now of course there are still some guys that are. Al player and dom waiting to see what happens to them. One of those guys to talk about. Is Isiah Thomas. And what's gonna happen with him and what would you do. If you were what does the market like for Isiah Thomas here's what ESPN's. Adrian abortion Roush he says about that. He's been a victim off certainly the hip injury the procedure he had a big cut his season short with the lakers. Had in a market a very tight financial market. Now he's. On the list the shortlist of several teens who are really looking for a backup point guard. And right now Thomas and his date there trying to wanna situation. I'm not so much about years or money. But opportunity. To read to reclaim his value to reestablish himself in the league you get back in a free agency next summer. But that's another process especially coming up the injury. That's going to take some time to play out. Yeah Al Washington Post did an article said that dubbed the two time all star point guard could conceivably. Begin the season without a team. The Orlando Magic. That's passed on the veteran guard they picked a jeering grant from the bulls. They were probably the most likely fit that's off the radar apparently. The Phoenix Suns need to point guard but. They're not big on Isiah Thomas. The Charlotte hornets data back Gupta Kemba Walker Helena have been president Thomas but of course they went out and got Tony Parker for the job. So coming Isiah Thomas was no team to start the years and as possible. Listen he does so it had such an attitude after the trade from Cleveland to LA I think that's part of the reason why I mean injury is definitely a big reason but I think data to dads to. That Richard yeah I think he had at the end of the day it's all of us health. I don't think teams think that he can be a productive Gardocki was I think they're some didn't underlined with that hip issue debt. Mean you can deal with a little bit of the attitude niners stale ones is talking about when you combine it with. The situation. Him. Being disgruntled. And injury and all of that but I think it's more about just the injury. This is a guy just two years ago that was fifth than in the field. Averaged almost 29 points a game. 38% from three. 46% from the field. In at the time that was really all Boston hat. Right no I mean they're different team now. So nobody wants this guy. So my dual the real demand via if you had an NBA team that you root for would you want someone you're doing. Well depends on the money. And I can play an argument Aaron. Imply you think the attitude means that you just vis pass on because of that is don't want it doesn't do it. If you if he was. In the if you lose up to form what he was a couple years ago when he was an all star break. I can dismiss the attitude because that goes along with you know. A certain amount of arrogance when you're that good but it. He can't back it up when this play now but his mouth still keeps going and in those things where you just. Kinda needs to be quiet. And if he gets a shot to get on TV even those less money give back on their prove yourself quit the game. I am this I missed the need to recognize on this club prove you war. Well he customers back them. Mean I must Joyce and he's not gonna have him yes he's not gonna have a choice but also I've heard much of him really coming out being vocal. He seems to be very quiet not since the end of the season but as the season was going on he was doing was talking. Everything's been about the you know a while hundreds and LeBron James the world since season and the by the way the DeAndre game number one pick. Look pretty good. Phoenix Suns are undefeated employment very play in the summer league in Las Vegas. And doubt there was a match up. Yesterday between Dayton and Orlando's of Obama. Third game in four days for the twenty teams in action in the summer league. Other's games a shorter by the way forty minutes instead of 48 minutes and you don't travel are the things come Vegas. Adan did not look like he needed a break he scored seventeen points got thirteen rebounds. And the suns beat the magic 71 to 53. Don't be fooled by the lower score because it's a drug game. Number one pick said it was his first victory over Obama. The number six pick he had already beaten now Martin Manley on Saturday. Hayden told NB ATV with all the excitement in the fans coming out of made me a lot more comfortable I wanna put on a show and win as many games as I've plight. Other won't be any more from bag blame the kings announced that he has. A pelvic bone bruise according to the MRI and atlas. Performed so he's going to be resting for a week or two. I yesterday was the last of ten games slates on the UNLV campus there are five games today before their seeded for tournament play which. Begins tomorrow electing patent good choice for rookie of the year. Coming up. I think he's gonna get to early nods yes. Dispose of this size and when you go to number one overall Lotta people are automatically going to be thinking net. He should be in the discussion in which he should especially with a team like Phoenix where he's gonna have an immediate impact we know he's gonna get a lot of playing time. And that's the one thing to even be in consideration does god get out there and play. You'll definitely see him out there quite a bit and I think Phoenix might be a little bit better than some people are. Thinking this year with Trevor reason signing. One year deal with Phoenix and and Devin Booker. Locking up his Max contract him so that you know they don't have any issues with that they've got it. Joseph some stability now I don't know what are reasonable too long term but. At least for a season. They've got some. Talented guys. Dollar to nothing you'll be big a big contributor to a Phoenix and would be one of the guys. Now a favor for rookie of the year going and we'll see it looks when the season starts but he's looking good in the summer late. So far got a tech stuff the sex line 71307. We're talking about players going to the ACC kick off next week and Texas just can't makers Heisman sleeper yeah. You know. I don't disagree with because if there's really no. Other big names out there have got obviously bright loving but no significant quarterback guys yet will Jake from. Jump up there are a busy going to be a lock at Missouri. Will rear wheel Greer West Virginia yeah. Mean if there there's really no big. Big name there's always a guy that. So what comes out of nowhere. That makes a makes a supply. Champ mostly right now doesn't look like a Greg Gorman one season starts Macy's and Greg quarterback play and we'll be back talking a quarterback all of them. You know that happens but yeah this good now on the face to be a year that running back at step up and NBA factor in the Heisman. Vote and acres expectations is certainly not for him. And you know the quarterback situation in Florida State and the new coach coming in the feeling is they're going to get the ball acres along with these broads you know. But has other uses special talent and am I agree with the Dexter there that I think you're gonna see a lot of can makers. One of these days they'll they obviously the up. I a 444773776. Mile Texas 71307. Plea starchy text message with. ESPN. And that gave in when last year in the huddle and bring them back with more. With Greg McKinney original waiver and Alonso in the Tuesday huddled next on ESP in upstate. Well France has a good goalie. And that's why we're scoreless in the France Belgium. World Cup match up 22 minutes and again most of the first 22 minutes and played. Down their own net under the on the pitch where Belgium has the opportunity to score but. Good goalie play is kept them from doing that so no score so far between France and Belgium. Coming up. Tomorrow. It will be England and Croatia that'll be at 2 o'clock match up tomorrow. And Stewart Robson of the ESPN. Has some thoughts on that match up tomorrow in the World Cup. Are you expecting in this matched for a lot of it to be depended upon the how much Croatia has left both physically and in terms of stamina based on the battles that they had to face enroute to this matchup with England. They can be difficult question to lift themselves again and it kind of switch it's on loan lending to a got it onto once again. Well I was looking at the guy in the Croatian I am against Russia in the desire whatsoever. Why has moved very saw a man who keeps you more openness and the school board opinion a good amount out for a pitcher the bottom line and sort of Paris which album left and side. One are you glad I was going down with injuries as well but I think also practically. The the culture of Croatia damage is quite negativity he's believed to be negative against England dropped seat warm place to call back to go operative in moons when backs. Benjamin linkage could on and so much like you know I'm I'm not old plane to England passing the women don't like that guy would get crossing into the box. We are very kind very good in the air you know I think sit placing them between groups at play in this sort. And it played into England and so the country Croatia has got to make sure he didn't seen to date he's got to play an attack in united. So are you just said the name Harry Kahne I met when I don't know obviously I haven't lost a ton of soccer coming in. To the World Cup so a lot of us are surprised by this this upstart and Harry Caine he's everywhere now. For you are you surprised by the way he's played in this tournament. No roads so that he's fighting that's ready deterrence the last two years it's been sensational score goals. I mean Greg link up plan he's been one of the best allies in in in local boards on the court and nobody scored goals are suffering really mr. I don't think you need thirty banks. I'm thinking my HE SP that's going to be parchment. Really obsolete and I think if he plays well in the next on the they say they don't have two times what is at all levels are no. Plus the semifinal. Think he played the very best in the world got another attempt descend because he's an outstanding black. He's much stronger and quicker than he looks it is legal point when he looked cumbersome arms got. Neither palpable he's good technique includes Banesha and the supplier played a great compliment so I mean he's an outstanding character as well he not only the moans and groans and a bit inconsistent. He he is sort of character that you want every couple club to have so I'm not surprised by each success so I can. Yeah spins a story ropes and they're so well what I took from that's. Mr. Weaver is that Croatia is tired and having negative coach. That your team. Guess that's the one I'm putting all my face on right now our faith in I should say. The negative coach who is so negative beliefs and I'm Jonathan tell what happens not to do accounting kind of he's negative and a lot of coaches that are negative news negative. Do you get. Novellus and yes these scenes negative I don't think he actually really negative but it. You others negative coaches or at least have a negative. Persona I mean could he say like a Bobby Knight used to be a negative type. Coach. I mean it again a little button in just his persona yet and maybe it's not the right word. It's probably soccer talk that's kind of a soccer and but urged to hold different lingo. To me the soccer how'd you hear Bowden coach being negative bottom I don't know that you really do but. That your problem. Mr. Croatia to beating. Them like you get your work cut out I really do I need to get these guys motivated and he did inject some positive that he. See the problem and when before tomorrow right thumb with a negative beliefs comments that happened early on the clip and and I spent the most of the time trying to figure out what the heck has done it backs on missed a lot of them out. Mostly. But it does sell like Stuart at least favors England in this matchup tomorrow so you pass your work cut out for. Com mail it closely 26 minutes into today's match up France and Belgium. I know score congratulations to Torrey Cragg and you're about him is great job basketball player USC upstate. And now he has a two year contract with the Denver Nuggets about that from USC upstate to the Denver Nuggets. I play from the Spartan for the spartans from 2010 to 2014. He shared time last year with the nuggets and the Sioux Falls sky force in the geely. As a two way contract player he's from great falls South Carolina appeared in 39 games for the nuggets. As a guard forward and averaged four point two points and 3.3 rebounds a game. Played sixteen minutes a game. He plays fifteen games in the G league and they air he scored 22 point nine a game and eight point one rebounds and some news. Pretty darn good junior league player he joins Mike Gibson has the only players in USC upstate history. To play in an NBA game. He appeared against the Utah Jazz in his first game November 28 the nuggets just missed out on the playoffs last year the finish ninth in the Western Conference. But the 46 and 36. Overall record. Back and USC upstate Craig finished his career ranks second all time in points scored he had 2128. Points there. First in rebounds 944. Rebounds who was fifth in blocked shots all time. Eleventh in steel's fourth and field goals made first in three point field goals made. And third in the free throws. Made and while he was a USC upstate they beat teams like. Virginia things. Caroline. About them. So long and sounds like TV gets some time out on the court actually get some playing time he's been productive. And look at what he did. In the G league. Yeah and genuinely mini games videos out there and was productive. So with a two year deal with the nuggets. We'll see a much playing time maybe stance it'll more playing time this year and he cannot. Make a different impression but I mean he did. Averaged four point two game by sixteen minutes a game when he was up. Last year so Torre Cragg remember that naming keep and I around him with the NBA's Denver Nuggets as he gets the two year contract that is a done deal for him pretty cool stuff. They're. 8444773776. Is our phone number if you wanna jump on board here in the huddle the text line is 71307. And I would take to bring them back when more in just a moment as we roll through the Tuesday edition. Other huddle on on July 10 on ESP in upstate we'll be right back. Nice try it out with a us here in the huddle on ESP in upstate. With GMAC. Richmond and logs of phone line 8444773776. And the attacks line is 71307. On Twitter at ESPN. Upstate. Coming up on the supplemental draft some little raft in the NFL. It is scheduled to start tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock. And there are is just a small talent pool this year only five players eligible this year for the supplemental draft. They are Adonis Alexander defensive back for Virginia Tech Sam Buell a deviant western Michigan Brandon Bryant a DB at Mississippi State. Mark tedious Carter running back from Grand Valley State. And a bright. Who woke view Q. At that as say that generally don't see things there at the same exact linebacker he can't organs stay away while I could but it's not good say it won't hate you at the app stuff but if a but not only go out and out of Riyadh were not making fun of his last analyst it's it's a tough one to pronounce of course we're not yet of course when the two highlights though are Adonis Alexander in the same deal. Alexander physical prototype at defensive back. 63195. Pounds they say he's up pretty violence. Cornerback Mary physical. The thing is he was declared academically ineligible for 28 change so that is the reason he is a player for the supplemental draft. A very good guess the short passing game good closing speed. And not to move to safety rather than DDB. Morbid downhill players so watch for him to get some attention Adonis. Alexander if you are drug. Being someone's been the supplemental draft and you see that that's the reason why they're available. How much are negative is that. I mean this guy is or doesn't go to class or doesn't get it. Kenneth Feld and care bill. I mean now this won't players right. I don't know which saying that MI being there amendment is an issue there with keep in a warning needed to do but I think can get past that in the NF. So I don't look at it from responsibility. Right about standpoint I guess you know if he's not responsible enough to go to class is he responsible enough to. Put his all into our team. Somebody will take announcer Alexander because he's the best of the five. That are available coming he's he's probably the highlight player. Same deal. The DB out of western Michigan also pretty good player. And plays quarterback. If he had been in the 2018 NFL draft would have been one of the better quarterback prospects in the entire draft. The two bluster too there's a reason these guys are in the supplemental draft it's typically. Academic in eligibility that gets him in trouble. He adds the makings of a starting quarterback in the NFL. In the season opener against southern cal he gave Sam Donald fits. Where this lock down coverage disrupting passes. And I got one interception that was pretty acrobatic. I small skills. Might be enough alone just to get him on draft and he was on the outside of western Michigan left side of the field for the most part. But he can play slot corner and high levels to excellent at finding an attacking the ball. While using the sideline as an extra defender. And again he played a lot of man coverage of western Michigan and that will serve him well NFL defenses are kind of moving more manned coverage centric. So it's a good fit for any. Defense looking for someone who can compete for a starting spot immediately one of the mortality guys for the supplemental draft. And a while so keep an all those two names tomorrow say a deal. And Adonis Alexander couple of dvds from western rich. In Virginia Tech yeah I guess I'm confused in terms of why these guys are. Supplemental draft eligible verses. This be in. Undrafted free agent. Because they missed the draft. Timing. They became ill academically ineligible for. This year after a after grant yeah so then only to lecture. They go in a dispute just leave school and be an undrafted free agent. Yes. Because I I know that if they're not picked in the supplemental draft then they are. A free agent bright sign with any team. I don't I just don't know enough about a supplemental draft and I do is Clemson guy that did this few years ago there was one. As they battle was in the in the supplemental draft I think you'll that does sound familiar now would you say that and yes if I think you're right I know Josh Gordon. Went through this process and so did Terrelle Pryor. But I don't. I don't know enough about the supplemental draft him. Why that is other than the fact that yes. They're some type of issue and I can't go back to school for their senior year war and there. Might not necessarily be their senior year whenever there. Fourth year of eligibility. As a battle was the guy it was 2015. And he had the three strikes for you know trouble with the low tech Clemson and so he declared for the supplemental draft and now. He is now with the Seahawks offensive tackle with the Seahawks he was drafted by the rams and the 2015 supplemental draft but he's. He's been with the rams the chiefs now the Seahawks so we still in and around now in the NFL that again. If you can play NFL teams wanna try to get you on their team. No question is no question about that so I had those two guys them manageable go the most about the other three that are in the draft. Tomorrow Martin 1 o'clock when that starts. Odds the songs we go away and we have might hang in elements Binyamin here Mike welcome into the huddle how are you. And get what's up. I. Was lesson do you guys talked about maybe England Croatia. Match and hadn't. Understand it's an odd term hearing our coach being negative or Beck that day I think what they're seeing is. That has a team coach or manager that dot sort of executives dial. Is simply want it's playing a very conservative defensive line but. And our arms packing it back and playing counterattacks. As opposed to a team that. Liked ramps are like England. In this World Cup wants to get out of wants to attack. So this is the team that's gonna play conservatively they're gonna try it did die. England possession. Or at least try to deny them any kind of slow. As as England built an attack and sort of reaches the attacking third seal. So that's the idea they just and that sense they're they're playing trying to negative as opposed to a more opened. Opposite type of attack and they're just sort chatter jacked up its. To Mike that is kind of a soccer term terminology dentist you in here that with a more defense of conservative approach in footballer are you know American football I think a bit of troubling call that negative coaching at soccer term and. Yeah and it decided that Americans are I mean. That an American soccer this year I don't what would no charm you but you hear it more in Europe since out Erica. Accents appreciate that Mike thanks for educating aspiration biopsy. Thank you Mike sucker me I learn something every day I'm getting into this soccer thing now negative the war on learning about it. There's a lot more strategy involved and you actually think that's gonna be chasing you know assist sport grows and we learn what the actor. Yes I will get better and I need to start becoming the resident soccer expert you can do that you can take dead on them taken out on the manager knew each and contests death you know no more college basketball you better hurry we're down to fourteen I don't know exactly but if I do July 15 at the theater does means tomorrow when you come in you will love studied up on your Croatian T I'm ready. Yes okay. Those are bringing in some. Soccer guests. Donald save by Belgium there room minute ago so forty minutes and still no score between France and Belgian man this is X. The strategy at all that this man this is spellbinding stuff I actually these two teams play well you've got a 00 game this really ugly these guys play well yet in at least there's. Bin multiple shots. In owned gold at the right term and that's more in hockey but. In May get some guys making sates and had just a minute ago Belgium goalkeeper made a nice day yeah. Any other things so far it hasn't been. Two physical but it depends on on my whimsy like yellow cards unseen web still a floppy news knows there have been some hits. But they look legitimate so. Not as many as we've seen in the past. Week or so yet and these guys that are getting it they're actually popping right back up that night you know stayed out for second but it's lasted him do that. Cold spring thing you know a little different I don't I don't know what if that really helps them I guess that gnomes yes freezes it. I've so we and a lot of name or moves from. Afar what team is here on. Origin. We now know it's Brazil Brazil a they've announced they're done they are debt and I did see there are some stats I don't know something about. Goldman Sachs ran this model that. Like a million times and had Brazil winning end and some other bank had a similar. Simulation that had Germany winning it in the point was is that. They're using these same models. To run. Predictions for the market. To begin full both venture really miniature listening to. Well it is some of these banks are predicted for the market. When there having. These simulations run that Brazil or Germany is gonna win and it obviously didn't make it into the order files are banks running soccer project. A just for fun. Right. To back to business figure my money meant. A good point if I 84447737766. Point 71307. Will be back mrs. bottle on ESP announced that. Quiz time. I give the quiz is around here I don't know why we work this way. Because I find the questions to ask for the quizzes. And you're whereas myself and you're in control. You make the rules. Wonder SEC team won SEC athletic department lost money. Worthless money as an SEC asked to do you do. How is that possible with the revenue sharing. Which in which school. Which school. I'm going Vanderbilt. If it ever seem like no logical choice. Com go mean. And he made me run through. List here on the way you can pick the same thing ideal and Iraqi just makes you understand that I don't particularly don't like and I knew that though. I'm turning my computer screen noise so as not to attempt. I think I thought I saw is on straight now playing well I had this and it rolled up my eyes they're always on me was did turn it could save you were the only ones ever done this talk about this tunnel and others that you know everybody else does not look -- for a guy that nobody else except now he you've been the only one to do this so we have to try to keep you on it's that was on stories got a tumbling extremists all the address of the canyons and away on the website is really good guys to concede the interest have turned that would be tough. I'm 47 year old eyes. Have a difficult time I'm going to Ole miss I don't know once they don't miss me I think is going illness and they their print money enormous and paying it players. For its good points. You're both wrong. It is mind probably least favorite SEC team and I don't know why I don't like this is Missouri. Thousands dollars and yeah I thought about saying Missouri is a dessert. Although it raises a lock comes goes military do you do with. On state of course I get that says that bad adamant he didn't like him before that happened it seems to me if our colleague and like it when they when they came in. To me that's probably not because they don't and I'll definitely there's this bit extra for them and us that he came in and beat the gamecocks are firm burn. Well they won the SEC and yes that's two years in the nation now you know it was ridiculous that they were in the eastern football. Please. USA today released its annual finances report for. Was the only athletic department in the SEC that failed. To turn a profit. In Missouri athletics was the only program to generate less than 100 million dollars. Now what some may find disturbing is that the athletic department failed to turn a profit resulting in a four and a half million dollar deficit. For the first time since 2012. That was the year the big twelve with held twelve million dollars when they ran to the SEC. So there was a reason then there are few reasons. For the upside down number for Missouri. Despite selling album men's basketball season tickets. A two million dollar increase. Season ticket sales for full bore down. In 2017. And football coach's salaries were up and they built a new softball complex that helped. Result in the deficit athletic director Jim is Dirk one of my favorite people. Such a good guy. Stated publicly yesterday that it could take a couple of years for Missouri to recoup the deficits. With the south end zone expansion the athletic department is projecting a bump before million dollars in revenue. Per year however that will be reflected until fiscal reports of 20/20. So it's in the zoo. It's Missouri. Tom. And you look at and we went through some of these earlier if you look at the the numbers for athletic department revenue member South Carolina sixteenth on the list so you won them. A South Carolina brawn and 136. Million dollars. And had expenses of 129. Million dollar sentiment about seven million. That's South Carolina. The leading SEC school in revenue was Texas say and am. They brought in 211 million and spent 146. Million so that's a big profit for them. Not Texas overall was number one we're talking about that Texas and Texas say an amateur top two revenue producers for athletics and an Ohio State. Ohio State Michigan were practically even. 185409. I'm sorry Hannity 5000404894. Ohio State. And 185173. For Michigan it's a very close there and how states spend a little less than Michigan did. Alabama was fifth. Then Georgia Oklahoma Florida LSU and Auburn a lot of people are surprised on this list with a seed Clemson is 26 outside the top 25. In. Athletic department. Revenue. And to bring in and a 112 million dollars and they spent almost every pit at the they spent a 111 million out of the 112. That they brought it. The rank 26 so it's expensive drug national championship deafness. Sort of act did they don't bring in some more money forum as well Clinton's final more too much. About them but they have the surprising thing about this is an ACC schools that are ahead of Clemson Florida State doesn't surprise him on right. Now it's prize that floors they brought in a 144 million dollars and spent a 143 million. These schools become really adept at spending almost every dime that they brilliant. They're really good at that right. It is that it would cut yeah if they don't if that's right yeah. Both Florida State ahead of Clemson and low level was the other one more liberal was ahead Clemson. As level brought in 120 million dollars. 120445000. It's that 118. 383. So those the only two schools in the ACC that brought in more than Clinton Florida State lol are you surprised a little on the basketball doesn't. We know they had a nice deal with the deet is the up. I had to bring in now has to be attributed to that number. What a surprise you know that Minnesota athletics brought in more than clemson's athletics there was surprised. Go golfers man who you know Goldman then they are golden. I don't know say it would do that 160 million out where their money Big Ten network a network but. That's the one thing that did ACC doesn't have the B interest in the city and yet when the ACC network launches in 2019. To see what that will do to some of these numbers it well. Has question. About you know like Virginia Tech and NC state further down the list Virginia Tech with 87 million in revenue and a NC state with a 83 million. In revenue. So I don't know we need you just kind of apply logic to this and some of these. Rankings are low bit. Surprising I think Georgia Tech and 81 million. Of the day on the listed at 51. You don't get any. He. ACC year SEC schools too far. Down list I guess you know Missouri just spent too much money basically it's one of ball mounted. And didn't sell enough football season tickets. So basketball season to get as well they had a lot of high put it. Michael Porter junior in trip with those don't look like and how disappointed were day. They're being guitarist team play those right. That's at all. That happens. I'm looking at the bottom of this list to see if there're any surprises Alabama a NAM was dead last on the list. Top in state. At 229 Mississippi Valley State wears Marilyn he's pretty sure. I don't know they're they are 220 force or your journal or Coca six from the bottom and it's at Tora coach. Basketball for two year would you be surprised another brought in five point nine million dollars. No they put a lot of guarantee games and promised that now. That's kind of interesting they are really good at spending every dime. They came in. Did you teach a map and we'll school offers sleuth at the was Little League about it. Maryland Eastern Shore brought in 50009161647. Dollars and spent 50009161647. That's a well I was there I don't remember. Those are the numbers. The mile will be easily. Coaching salaries out the word all that money go it and using get a big portion of the five mil a did not they came in from Maryland eastern George damaged. All right anyway Missouri the unprofitable. Athletic department in the SEC a distilled boggles my mind you have to work at the job in job it's hard work with the I've back on the other side will take a look at three questions today talk a little Carolina Panthers and little college football as well and three questions. I'm gonna hear from Freddie Freeman who's made the all star team and this year for the National League in the Atlanta Braves. That's cabinet too so stay with us as we head into the third and final hour of the Tuesday huddle on ESP in upstate will be right back.