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Tuesday, July 10th

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Good afternoon and welcome. To the pregame show for the World Cup now that's not exactly. What we are will be here during. Today's France Belgium. Head to head match up. In the World Cup start at 2 o'clock the front well I think everybody is waiting for your breakdown of this matchup at Belgium told you that Belgium all the way man. Go Belgium without much of a breakdown who are you guys that are gonna leave your Belgian team to victory other Libya Phillips. If if you know conflict I don't know but Belgium and that's. Anyway at 2 o'clock this afternoon for France. And Belgium you guys don't get to pull for your teams until tomorrow right. But we do get to pull against yours just right do you have England ones when you have Croatia Croatia Croatia. Now Richmond does yeah I do it does I can't even talk Qaeda itself along with the soccer lingo yes. Croatia have a great chance of winning if they know all about. Pronunciation new global time vs wearable doesn't get right. Yeah that's going on to Bode Miller is a Serena won today and most Federer winning right now linked. In the men's side and Wimbledon we have a lot to get ensued today. Including hearing from the new Carolina Panthers owner here in just a couple of minutes. Now we'll get to some NBA news do you ever wonder what happened to lob Isiah Thomas the way talks about him anymore. A little bit today Adrian motion around you talk about the market for Isaiah. And this is not they Isaiah of the Detroit this knowing us Alan Miller this is Isaiah this is not only my hill yes yes. The hazards when they oft injured Isiah Thomas. So while that's coming up and Donnie Nelson the mavericks general manager talks about being in the west when LeBron comes over with the and makes a little more difficult it not that it wasn't hard enough. Already. We will law also hear from a couple of Atlanta Braves who wore all stars Nick Markakis and Freddie Freeman some comments from them after their selection on. Sunday. To be starters in this year's all star game which is coming up in Washington. Next week next Tuesday just week away from the all star game I'm Washington DC you can hear it live here on ESP in upstate. And now we'll take your calls or texts and your tweets as always. A 444773776. Is the phone number text line 71307. Start your message with the keyword ESPN. And Twitter is at CE SPN upstate. So David tepper meets with a media and Charlotte today his first today first full day as the owner. Your Carolina Panthers. Treasury made a ton of news we did take care of one thing on the statue is not coming down. David tepper said he has contractually. Obligated to keep that statue up. Is that forever know that that tells me he's contractually obligated for a certain period of time and say how long. My advice to the unifil sale. Now part of the sale I guess that's and so yes I was glad I was partisan or Jerry Richardson's that I will sell it to you but my stats mustang GT it's. Well. That's what he said can contractually obligated to keep the statue any and put an end on that obligation. Of him. It obviously means that. That statute. Was talked about pretty significantly at some point. And I think it's been a point of probably contention for some fans some. I would think so. I would think so so that settles that at least for the time being he came out and dismay at a real brief. Statement talked about. It being in new today and you know he's excited to be here and all that many quickly open it up to questions and the question was asked to. David tepper. Today about practice facilities and as part of the question the training camp was mentioned by image in the training camp and answers of there is no news there on training camp in Spartanburg met talking about facilities particularly practice facilities here are some of the exchange. Earlier today. And some of what David tepper had to say about that. I think I don't know who wrote the articles about practice illness. So I think a lot of these things can't be done independently I can't talk about practice field without talking about. New stadiums and you know and as arrested before view this as. You know the Carolina Panthers from both states so we have to think about where we're putting things and and we're putting things but. You're one of the things I did say that winning is important. One way or another we have to make the campy who less than competitive with other NFL teams. At this point. You know given our practice so when other people have in the league we're falling behind a little bit. So that's because I do view the football side. It is this is a business don't forget that and hear the business guy I guess in the room here so. But the football size very important and winning is my case and very important you know on the football side might mention he's been beside. But so one of the aspects is that we don't. We treat your players right and we don't have any dissident assistant unity instantly. So you know top priority would be thinking about that practice field. Welcome turn that your answer interns and standpoint and modernizing this organization compete with the league around the world around it. Where's the year he is her Indonesian communion and then get out of her own view this organization. Com so you know we have you talked about more than business side again I think so. Look we have. Just a law that was passed just recently and it's not yet hit the Carolina's the whole gambling aspect. And you think about the fans and you wanna keep the fans in the building eventually is gonna hit you know north and South Carolina. And passed it from a revenue standpoint. You have issues with you're paying teachers and other things are here and you know tax revenues. Is this an admirable. When we think about these things we have to take that in consideration because you know wanna make sure the answer in that building and sharing this team. And I don't want fans not in that building so we have to if the things calm. So you know we're we are. You know sometimes you get lucky when you don't think you're lucky you know so one of the things were left is that we do have an old station in the have to do. We do have an old practice field we don't have a press and we captain and new practice fields. And along those things with some of the changes with the the gambling. You know we do have an advantage that we can think about what fans may want to make sure they're in or building. To tear this Seymour because I do think an active fan base I do believe that. The fans are fit to twelfth man on the field. OK and I wanna make sure that twelfth this in that stadium. So my guess is some of those things where there are revenue producers. This other development here you know we do. On the practice field. To someplace other than right next to stadium which pessimists and makes so much sense. You know you do open up a lot of areas for development and other development here and there's going to be the new Amtrak station. You know it's just upon what street I guess with a Greyhound station is that they got that right. So I'm thinking about those sort of things and I mean all these things are. You know. You know everything goes unity and in in this in this community. You know it's not just the business basis as a matter of also things like high school games and I kind of think that high school championship should be played a nest stadium. That's when I think OK because as part of community and bring them in community I also think that you should be more. I'm not I don't wanna screw up the field. But I think there should be more bigger events there like you know. The right type of concerts. Okay. In that stated that they really have some and so I think what I want to use was the stadium alone for the community with I think that's important is being remembered the community. Double Locklear. And what do you take out of that 01 thing is sounds like he's ready to move practice facilities away from the stadium. And potentially somewhere along the North Carolina South Carolina border has been discussed but he wants to keep the stadium itself where it is and renovated. Where that I toward making yet. Gambler friendly but keeping people come to the coming into BankAmerica stated. So you're at bat right. If you look at the practice field how he looked on the practice field and go this is an up to par with the practice goes what what makes. What is the most efficiently compressed it's a failed right is that is that facilities around the field I mean what is it. Yeah I would presume it's the facilities around it it's not the actual field itself that everything that. Okay yeah it was on the outside if the field has a bunch all holes and end in people and injured and stuff I guess that but other than that I dislike fix that he's just what you have. Close to it so I it sounds like you most. Take that land and develop a yes and put practice fields somewhere away from. Count him in DC this I mean look at the Dallas Cowboys what they've been able to do outside of Jerry world I mean their practice facility. And stated the art you see happening college football mean look at Clemson look at Alabama it's all this race to have news. Unbelievable. Facilities and that's what these players want they want to you know the immunities that go along with it in terms of and what type of rehab they've got going on recovery I mean even to the simplest having a barber shop there a you know it's those type of conveniences. That they're probably looking into have upgraded into some type of you know we didn't care facility itself. And if they don't have the space there and that's what might be limiting and it sounds like I did it I think the biggest thing that I took away from is that. This guy's coming in and he's raced in some money. I think that's fair now he's he and he has money he's got money destiny like art it's all is that it's open checkbook let's go to. Look let's figure this thing out and tried to. Have it where that can't be used as a crutch if that makes sense in terms of why your team might be underperforming you know so I'm sorry Clinton house. He's playing deceived about the gambling thing though could did you notice underneath he said I hear you guys have a problem with teachers getting paid and so so he threw that in there. Is to try to influence. Voters what if it comes up for a vote whether they get gambling in North Carolina or not I know it's already. Under works or under way here the possibility forgive me here so if we get here chances are we'll get there but I thought does kind of smooth underneath there. Yeah he's ready for that and it's certainly coming. To the Caroline's. And we can debate on how soon we will be in the listen you know every every NFL team is have them prepare for this you know but you know is that it's. Likely is that. These new practice facilities away from Bank of America Stadium. Could include the kind of subtleties that make sense for training camp just couldn't call it that one place yet as this sounds like common enemy. Then eventually eventually yes I can see dad but he's got and that's why he would probably look at. Could he have a place that's right on the border. Through he doesn't alienate South Carolina did the president and yet he. Did mention you know that's for both Carolinas who did make sure he says that too but it you know you take it away from Wofford and put it somewhere. Closer to the border the least around here a lot less people will be going to. Around here yes but you still kind of up passed on that South Carolina connection you do it you put it and it's an easier draw the fans in Carolina. In Charlotte I should say no to show Alicia chair. To come to training camp I he said he's down to a couple of candidates are re zeroed in on a couple of candidates for team president's. You know while. Feedback or just a step down as CEO August deputy to that I need to us and and charisma and that and that's Danny Morrison stepped down earlier in the former Wofford athletics rector soap. He also said about the football side and Ron Rivera and the coaches that he has that he feels like that's in pretty good shape and he's not the quote was I'm not looking to do much mayor. Blood is wrong essential of Ron Ron Rivera so far likes his defense of focus. And you know there won't be any big change there any times in go about yesterday. For now. Good for an adequate bureaucrats try to at a good for now. And then you know we got a lot of questions today about. You know the environment around me business office and and Folgers Richardson controversy and you know basically. Said what you would expect to be said there gonna have an open environment. Said there would be no. Nondisclosure agreements like the head with. Mr. Richardson there it is in now to put any of those implies that's probably why is this is very wise yes. Andy says if I do something incredibly stupid they should be talking about me. So we said even he will be accountable. Com and a new organization they're from the Carolina Panthers. Sounds like a commitment to winning is certainly there are talks a lot about winning and you know. You might say well what else would he say but he talks about winning being. The top priority. Tom more than him estimated have to make yet the big focus of miserably remarks on the deck commitments there. I think it is too and I think it does dovetails right into. How he feels that. The winning it can be. Accentuated. By spending money and he wants to be able to do that and I think that's an underlying theme that he. Made clear throughout the whole conversation that he wants to upgrade things. Wants to be prepared to attract free agents wants to. Have the players buying into everything that he's putting into it by given in the best of the best. He was asked about players expressing their opinions tying into the whole lawn and protests and all that. And now it's coming on that was he was committed to social justice. Any recited the pledge of allegiance and emphasized the last line with liberty. And justice for all and said that's about as patriotic as it gets we'll see how that translates to a you know the policy of protests that. We're going to see addressed this coming season would it sounds to me that he might be. Stating that it's the players' rights. To be able to process didn't say in those words though so now see how that. How that plays out yet Khamenei he talked about being committed to social justice which again he didn't have to say those words and anyway. Nothing controversial at all from. David tepper today but you know things I think you can take out of it is now we're going to see the stadium stay where it is and be renovated probably in a significant way this kind of interest things as we get an old stadium. So we're lucky helping us basically redo the whole thing thing it's about so like this coming. For Bank of America's I would agree and all in all and I think he had to walk away with some positive feelings about his comments. I know it's early on Brian it its honeymoon phase right now jerk write this everybody's in good mirrored. Feels like he will be aggressive. You know and not a passive owner and all island in the Carolina will be you know he wants to keep Carol. Panthers organization. Competitive in every. Aspect of the NFL so. The kind of fun to watch and see hell. All that develops so. If you have some thoughts about David tepper is the new Panthers are you give us calling 444773776. Getting her first break. We will come back with a more here in the huddle on ESP in upstate just underway for Tuesday stay with us. We're back the huddle ESPN upstate Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso. 8444773776. Takes like 713072. The phone as we go and Delmon. Most talk about the new owner of the Carolina Panthers hello Dublin. They got don't do. Definitely. They integrated defeated it a little credit for who would not stadium and easy to. It's declined to meet great people and people we have renovated. Innocent ways in which neither my original Columbia hold our candidate state to loot duke and so. This well I think they are on the inside and announce our soul and they repeat that there won't be able to send it to transmit. Four friends soon. I think what she part of a new illegal Mubarak couldn't handle it so preparing to handle a single parent that didn't wanna pay included in Minnesota Greg Ortega. Good luck tomorrow output you are but I don't know that this update. Socket are unpopular and look at the salute. And I think he got the parents of the book are peaceful Egan source it would seem loose monetary in my she got a headache clinic on social. Well we can not onboard plus it's so analysts are art and art book and all. Thank tablet that we got a number at eight rcn eagle at the doughnut. They're up pretty with a Delmon appreciate call mom edges makes sense long term. And the connection. I it's been great Rodham Wofford and you know he could surprise shocked us all and and keep that they're but that would be surprised how quick. Leave things until like that would. They'd be able to put that together would be in less than a year couple years but how things take a couple years. I think so too so we probably won't get at least one more this season and one more. Yeah and who knows me yeah that would make sense to me. And you know I listen to this press conference I'll listen to pretty much the guitar sing on playback and so we're getting some and audio for the first segment today and a I'm seeing people. Quoting him as saying. Tapper believes that gambling on the NFL will make ratings go down. I don't think this week's fit. I don't think I heard I think he said I don't think. Gambling will make ratings and Iran and it was a make it go up there and watch ever gonna watch and yes the ceiling lateral issues. I mean I used about the ratings and you know there certainly challenges with. In FL ratings and their challenges with ratings. With fractured TV ratings them everywhere about I don't think he believes that ratings. Will go down because of gambling as a make it except. So it's funny what people here. But now I don't believe. That's what he meant that a 444773776. Via text line. Is 71307. Told yesterday that Nick Markakis and Freddie Freeman. Will be starting the all star game a week from tonight in Washington. Atlanta Braves that our starters. This year and it's pretty exciting for Nick Markakis what a year he is having and he talked about the thrill of being selected as an all star starter for the first time. There's definitely exciting. Time right now. You know my kids are at the age right now where they they realize what's going on in baseball do players are so fell almost excited for them my kids and my wife and there's definitely an honor. You know the fans and doing great and and another reason why we're here so you know it's an exciting time right now and you know looking forward to a. Yeah Nick Markakis all those years with the Baltimore Orioles and now now he's going to start. An all star game as an Atlanta Braves guy's been around a grouper Red Sox fan. In fact when he was with a your heels Nick Markakis wore number 21 in honor of Roger Clemens. About that. But when he changed the Braves. He changed number 22 because they had retired 21 for warrants bond. 122 by the way it was the number of right fielder Jason Heyward. Who was traded from the Braves to the cardinals before the 2015 season and therefore that opened up that. Spot in right field for Nick Markakis. He is also law and the brother in law Brian flared it. Which is kind of interesting there so op I you know bad guy. Some people are little jaded about all star selections I guess but Nick Markakis is not he is he's genuinely pumped up. About that that's good to say I'm hoping it's couple hits or at least if he stays in long enough one hit in the All Star Games and I think for him this. This is running out on the field is going to be. Significant and after considering the grind it he's been through 34 years old and I thought Russell some stat it's the he's played the most games. Before word being selected as an all star that might be right yeah I think it's like 19100 games or something that he played before getting its selected. What are yours is having right now on Nick Markakis is batting 322. He's driven in 59 runs here midway through the season. He has ten home runs ID leads the team in batting average and also in hits with a 113 hits Freddie Freeman leads and now. In. RBIs and Ozzie all these leads and home run so they're getting production from a lot of different people but dumb Markakis has certainly been a pleasant surprise great. Exactly and I think for the past few years when Freddy Freeman has been healthy. He's been the one guy. That they could count on in there is no really limited production from anybody else on the offensive side. And now this is this why I think your team the Braves are. Contenders maybe not gonna win NL east I get that but I think they're gonna make a serious run for the NL east and obviously the playoffs. And I think it has to do with this balanced. The roster right now in terms of offensive production if they can just keep the pitching to keep them in the games. They've got a shot. Yet they let him play last night they will play Toronto tonight 735 Julio Tehran has been struggling a bit as of late is on the mound. The rays but yesterday Philly had a double header with the Mets and they split so. We have a dead tie. At the top of the National League east right now both the Braves and the Phillies. Are fifty and 39. And the Washington Nationals who have lost two in a row and seven out of their last ten. Our 500 right now and their five and a half games smacks of dead even for the via. Braves in the Phillies right now the Phillies will play at New York against the Mets again not tonight. And abrasion be hosting Toronto tonight as we move toward the all star break some news tonight. We these next few series will be big for the Braves did depending on what the Phillies do also but if the brace skinned heading into the all star break. With the lead. Not just title talk and actually be leading in L least. To think what that can do from the momentum standpoint just the mindset. For the Braves I think it'll carry over quite significantly that. They would be able to somewhat look back aren't local we are able to do that first half nobody expected us to do that now let's continue that momentum. Top pitching is going to be key of course they just put down Max freed on the ten day disabled list. A few days ago happened on Friday with the blister. On the middle finger of his. Throwing hand and in a stroke is on the sixty day list so. They're a little thin for starting pitchers right now itself some of these guys gonna have to step up. Don Newcombe and some of those Tehran tonight non-GAAP to step up for the Braves to continue to have bonded moment. Yeah and that's why I think we're we need to see something from Liberty Media. Ownership go get somebody yes they need to. The players are doing their part right now and we knew that their roster was going to be limited as the years. So for them to really have this final push right after the all star break. You're gonna need to another armor to at least. And it's depending on what Liberty Media will do in historically unfortunately. They really haven't stepped up. They have had to be in this position to actually make a bold move but I think they are now you're gonna see are they. The type of owners that really want to invest and try to take advantage of this run that the Braves are on right now. Interestingly the brazen not named a starter for. Tomorrow night's game it's Tehran tonight but that. If Bob posted the undecided. Starter to be determined starter for the hour Wednesday game. And don't pull somebody out of him will save one are gonna do there. Will be interesting to watch. And see if the Braves rotation hasn't change. In store. Going forward a 444773776. Takes line 71307. Tech Brington Michael Moore here. In Dahab on Tuesday on ESP in upstate stay with us. Serena Williams advanced at Wimbledon today. There was some. Three sets took her to dispose of an Italian player Christine Giorgio leaders are ninth. And misread look at that it sees rolling right along so no problems for her at so Wimbledon. Also great news of course today from. Thailand as they. Got all those kids out of that bank K you've got everybody else. All twelve boys. And the coach. Rescued. Today soccer players. Eighteen day ordeal. Of course they did lose a diver volunteer diver a few days ago so there was. One fatality in the case the Thai Navy SEALs. Posted on their FaceBook page today that the rescue. Operation was successful. They said we are not sure of this is a miracle science or why it. But all thirteen. Are out of the case if that's great news and that was. Riveting to watch that thing. I've seen some of the videos. And it looks like you know from like it go pro perspective. On the helmet through. Lamp lights whatever was. Is just blows my mind. The human spirit and know what can happen that they are that focus to be able to get in there and help those people out and in also. The kids and a coach were able to survive. Right that's just crazy in itself yet they're still they're obviously going to be keeping them separated from other people like check them out because there's a tell what you to pick up. Course with eighteen days and days. But they say they have strong immune systems because they're athletes consumer soccer players Annika helps their cause. According to a health official there is an infection risk they're isolating the boys in the hospital. They gave them a treat bread with chocolate. That's what they ask Portland game bread with chocolate. The chocolate goes with the any thing to write a I'm I'm I'm game that would produce something loud wind after an ordeal like that or. Think about it then eaten in a while although they've been they send them some stuff and yet they were able to get so down there. So you want something. Solid but not real solid. Yeah a drought since careful about what what you yet you don't need cheeseburger. And I understand that the coach gave up his rations to give to the boys but them you know an early questions. About initiative taken him in there and all that stuff that's coming why did that happen to have right. But you know that's that's to be expected but the the great news is that they. Got them out safely and down family members have at least seen some of the boys. But from behind a glass isolation barrier. Hum and the reports were that doctors might let the boys walk around some today. And that's about as far as it's gone. Uncertain what type of infections they could face because they've never experienced that type of issue from a deep cave like that. But it medical tests showed no dangers after another two days parents will be able to enter the isolation area. Dressed in sterilized clothing but still staying two yards away from the boys that's the next day while. I think an easy prediction and it should come true is that we will see a movie about the audio. See that's the other. Thing you know he's he's kind of rescues him in movies but even this now we've actually seen one in real life. And that's pretty amazing it is possible the video is amazing and similar graphics of what they had to go through when that narrow passages that they had to go through is. Pretty incredible yet that just gives me. Goose bumps in terms of thinking that. I mean you're so close I mean you can get stuck and did what do you do that that's just one of my. Fears. Being stuck in a position re like can't move your arms right yeah and your to stuck in that position for days on days that that's scary yeah. They did have some heavier rains in the morning that cleared up later and then you know of course monsoon season was fast approaching so there. Era and all the time pressure with a stunning had to get it done now. And they get a none of these boys eleven to sixteen years old had any diving experience so it was kind of hard they had to go through. Bad to get a mountain that probably complicated things. A good bet but down a good ending bear and bull watched or condition reports. On these young man but everybody's out twelve boys in the soccer coach out of the cave in Thailand and that ordeal and at least that part of the ordeal is over we're hoping for good health of these. Young man going forward. A 444773776. Let's go into her final break of the hour we will come back wrap up our number one of the huddle next on ESP in upstate. So about ten minutes away from soccer World Cup action France and Belgium. Coming up. A 444773776. Text line 71307. Here. Strike McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso in the huddle. The ACC media days in Charlotte coming up next week probably the eighteenth and nineteenth so. When a B Wednesday and Thursday. Next week. And they named recently the players that will be. Attending three school and for Clemson it was couple lineman Mitch high yet offensive tackle a senior. And Cleveland Farrell junior. Defensive end. And now is looking at Twitter earlier few minutes ago up Brad Crawford had 24 sevenths sports tweeted this. Is it without clicking the story. I'm going to assume Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant is not attending ACC media days in Charlotte. Because the tigers don't want him to face a litany of Trevor Lawrence related. Cliffs. At. Yeah you think. That's probably allies try of course it is Kelly Kelly deserves to go as the leader of the team but they know what's gonna happen. Going to be asking how are you. Preparing. If Trevor Lawrence is gonna starter you with the competition lie yeah not about. There will be questions about the season necessarily second in the settlement mess with a you know if yet. Too many of those there's no reason to question is no reason to expose and that is there a reason to expose the team to that end you watch though there are going to be questions to be a giant. About that now you know there will be yes and I get it that's their job that's the real coach up on that they would here's what to say about that yes. They'll have their canned answers. Yeah I'm fairway and it's questions like that club anywhere else. That's part of what goes into choosing your two guys you're taking along who. Who'd you need to protect from. Questions that might yet cause the last again I I need to look in May be people know I know it's out there but it. When did Christian Wilkins ago if he did go on. Fairly certain he did it product it would be one that you think you go up there and might even deflect some of those questions. Does he get ham things up yeah. He's almost a comedian tie and pitted. You don't have guys that you get easily deflect some of those questions. In my opinion. Well they all mess with a they'll just. Said the couple linemen and they are not worry too much about. That next week Broadway Wilkens went last year he did yeah thought so. And there wasn't. A quarterback controversy. Last year to be dealt with a not like it is not like me there is this year may be a little bit of question would there even be potential of under Johnson. Making a splash then. But it was it was Kelly Bryant's team last year yeah not not like it is now. You Kelly Brian bingo last year either hitting them not that I have seen so I mean it's not unusual for them to not take a quarterback well. When these strong point of the team right now seems to be defense yet has been for the last couple years that's right. If you look at what do other teams are sending to the ACC kick off next week there are few quarterbacks here's the quarterbacks that are going Daniel Jones at duke. The controversy. Not take up martial Georgia Tech is going. And Ryan Finley at NC state. Certainly clearly the starter there airing dungy at Syracuse. I'm Josh Jackson is going for. Virginia Tech back a mile a little tricky because he had them academic field just barely make questions about that I guess he still milanese on the list India and that yeah I think this might have I think this was actually released after the Al this just came out so. They're gonna go and throw him into the far let him answer those questions about how. He would get back in the good graces in you know what that might be part the growing up process. And understand. In the accountability aspect of things have to face the consequences and answer those type of questions. Those are the quarterback's going some other key players. That you might look forward to hear from off Florida State's running back Sammy acres just to sophomore they're gonna send him out there. So that's kind of interest and well he's gonna be he's potentially can be the face of the ACC. Isn't so good yes. They're sending him and defensive end Brian Byrnes from Florida State. I Jalen Smith wide receiver low level be going along with linebacker Jonathan and grander or greater to. I'm Miami is sending a wide receiver and a safety. I'm on Richards and chick on Johnson. North Carolina is sending a wide receiver and a defense of tackle Anthony Ratliff Williams as the receiver and airing Crawford. Is Leo DT. It's going. We told sharing dungy is going for Syracuse also going for the oranges if it's a tackle Chris Slaton. Virginia Tech in addition to Josh Jackson will be sending Ricky walker. A defensive tackle. Like Clemson Wake Forest descending a couple of alignment. Offensive guard. Fill planes and defensive tackle Willie your merry both seniors. Or port or. The good for anybody else of interest on the list this year. In addition to you by Daniel Jones at duke they're sending linebacker Joseph Giles Harris. A Boston College going with a tight end and a defense of man next week Tommy Sweeney. And Zack Allan. And in addition to take on Marshall the quarterback at Georgia Tech they're sending a linebacker Brandon Mitchell he is a senior. So it's kind of a reward of your player would you wanna go. What you wanna go to media days and face that barrage of questions some do and some. Oh yeah I think most probably do not in all reality. Is there swagger multi. Was there are rumble strips and it wouldn't shock me if there weren't a little in this sort of thing. Nothing major can't do much yeah I don't inhuman does that affect the only only. Wouldn't it. I mean you got to get some money that's it that's comfortable. And can can talk on the fly to Jesus never now you get these like web sites that go to these things that my at their level list any. Because it is a little bit different now I know they probably still limited. How many people show up right from the media side but to your point. I know they've opened it up yet. Allow access for all you've got blogs you've got podcast you've got radio shows got of the print. There's a lot of different. Individuals that are probably trying to get access than that to your point yeah who knows what type of questions you yet. And they'll do the media poll and clumsily picked when the ACC and then awfully. Think so. Would you pick to win it's it's I think and an assay to discuss them Clemson grad now I'm saying it just from an objective standpoint. On paper it's. It seems to be that yacht clubs will be favored to win so early in the news. Coming out of there and actually. It's I think it would be more of what's the story line going to be who can. Not Clemson now who's going to be the team that might surprise. Clemson. And images that. I think we talked about yesterday is going to be one of three teams. Will be Florida State Virginia Tech or Miami. And I'm Virginia Tech I know you're not come hourly Brian Richard you're behind Miami more than Virginia Tech time. Are you buying Florida State yeah I'm bond buying them to bounce back nicely but. Yeah I'd I think Florida State is gonna be a good team. I remember. It doesn't at thirteen they won the national championship in 2014. They were final fourteen. And college football playoffs. Just first year of a new coach you know will there be some adjustment. It will be that there can be but you also see sometimes. These teams going a magical run or whatever the first year coach that could happen. I can happen in you know the thing it sets up well for Florida State is again clumps of homes and attract all the difference yes and it's later in the season so they will I have time to. And get a rolling a little bit. The games October 27. So right now we're right before Halloween. So you giggle you know. Yes scary couple months to get. Things rolling. And that's a. We'll help them I think I think I l.'s Florida State plays later in the year selling yet for whatever reason Florida State has always seemed to be slow at the beginning of the year. I eat. Yeah your thoughts as always are welcome here in the Tuesday hot only 444773776. Techs on 71307. Adrian washed around ski habeas PM we'll check in on what's going on with Isiah Thomas the basketball player. Pablo World Cup and as we get one game underway able preview another game that's coming up tomorrow. That's all ahead stay with us in the huddle on ESP in upstate.