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Wednesday, June 20th

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On another warm afternoon in upstate South Carolina welcome into the final hour of the hoddle today on ESPN up State's Greg McKinney Alonso here. Richmond off today he's back where this tomorrow you can join the conversation at any time via telephone and 844477. 3776. Takes line 71307. Security is paean to start. And a Twitter ready SP in upstate don't forget to listen live on your Smartphone radio dot com is the apt. Where you'll find a centrist I got a radio dot com download the app and the search for ESPN upstate. And a favored us there you can listen anytime. To our programming here. On ESPN upstate 3 o'clock let's get to our three questions of the day. We have to guy is answering three questions the biggest Richmond. Is out of here. Let's get to a question one. Say one of those pretend to be Richmond and in particular recreated as points probably make all right the Charlotte. Hornets have traded Dwight Howard for Timothy Tim FA Moscow off. Still I mean yeah I'm actually think it's typo demonic view and corrective to not say Moscow off is are the hornets. His door and strategy and I don't mean to demean the soccer reading yeah but it is nor its strategy making since steal on bigger and it's so much in your head to dinner rotten idea. Strategy is yeah. I Toomey and since or normal number one guy on the first questions here are jumping and to me I can't say that it is thus better about it the more read about it more I read about Dwight Howard in the locker room and how he was a problem. You know on a suspected he was meant. There's more more coming out it's funny when they trade you away all the bad stuff kinda amendment. And the more I read about that they needed to dump Dwight Howard still playing may be. A shrewd negotiator could have gotten a little more for Dwight Howard then. Tim if they must golf and a couple of second round picks for the second round picks or are significant here I don't yeah may mean mosque golf helps. The locker room. And buddies are can be as productive as Dwight Howard doesn't have to be they get the picks they get rid of Dwight Howard salary keeps them under the luxury tax. After hearing more more about that on the Munich I'm gonna believe in Mitch for now in gut check for an in cut check we trust. For now but. Not overwhelmed by the brilliance this yet content in this is not as big as a step two step three step forward on the road for the whatever it is rebuild redo strategy for the Charlotte hornets but I'll I'll give them. OK a pass on this went so far about you. You know. As you were just pointing out was his first thing I was gonna say this is just the first step of one ever to come in the plan. And I compared this to and I'm not saying that. Dwight Howard is trash but I compare this to. You have taken trash out yet it's smelly you know you need to take it out. Yes finally taken out with the smell still lingers a little bitsy got to bring some demand to mask the smell until he can get to the store and buy something to. Really really get rid of that smile so must golf till I must golf is an air freshener here is that that's exactly what he is not. Not topped align their fresh or not they're kinda just. But that negates all smell blood. It it's pleasant enough when he gets there that it masked what was there before that's lingering and then further on down the road. He gets something that won't. Make you look back and go yet that was the first step of a great play. Yeah you gotta you gotta clean up before you start to build enough apparently one hour was bad enough that country felt like aunt went out to do that first. And then do some of the things that make sense now on the road so we'll do we'll both human OK on effort on our question to. Okay what do you make of film Nicholson's apology today I'll tell you let me tell you what he said good because of that I'll put I'm personally and a because you know that Phil Mickelson hit a moving ball at the US open. And got a two stroke penalty and they just cannot overwhelm the US open on Saturday it has got to took over the discussion of the US open. On Saturday Brooks kept a one and on Sunday but everybody was talking about. Mickelson and he came out after the Saturday round and said it was just a strategy move. He knew to be a two stroke penalty shoot him wanna keep putt back and forth across that green with a ball and stop. So no disrespect to the game if people were offended then you know I didn't mean it. That way and that's on them stuff like that was kind of defiant I guess well today. After a few days to think about it. Mickelson in a statement said. I know they should have come sooner. It's taken me a few days to calm down. My anger and frustration got the best of me last weekend. I'm embarrassed and disappointed by my actions. It was clearly not my finest moment. And I'm sore. Right except that. Kind of day here's the thing I think he's is doing this because the outcry. I think is a regional thing that he said afterwards is really why he did it and how we felt about it but now. You know all the purest everyone and it's everywhere it's all over the place is something everyone's talking about. He's open to to quell all the noise to get rid of that so things go back to. Playing golf and in being treated as Diaz before. So you issued this apology thinking it will go away. So I don't buy it completely I think originally what he says what he meant he did it on purpose to make a point. And his point was made I don't know that it did anything other then give everybody mad at him. Are we just for clarity now he didn't say he did it to make a point probably needed to. I believe it was frustration in the make a point what he said was it was a strategic move and I don't believe that Furman. An ever make sense is a strategy that. Me get. He hit the ball while I was moving. That's one giant and ending a two stroke penalty so he took him three shots to get to where that ball stopped. And he could have gotten at that point or better with three shots from off the edge of the green itself never made sense is a strategy move for me. But yes I believe he's being honest when he says he was frustrated that's all want from him after the US open over the weekend has to say hey I just. Boiled over I just got mad. I lost it lost Michael. Vita won't admit that he was Phil Mickelson mr. cool and collected everything I do I do for a reason after the are round on Saturday. But of course that wasn't the case somebody finally. Came clean and said that. You know there will get past it I don't think people are gonna hang onto this. Forever. Jordan space by the way said. This he said Phil knows the rules if there was a chance it was gonna go way back beyond the bunker and get the chip back down or is gonna play off the green anyway. He could be potentially saving himself a shot so that was the intent. What's the harm in that he's playing for the best score he can. He said I don't think people thought that was the intent but I'll take. His word that it was the intent while wasn't the it wasn't the attend the strategy meant. And pills basically admitting that today when he says. I just got hot a lost. A lost Michael is this enough to make everyone in America. Don't you think William did. I'm wondering will someone be vocal in the gallery get kicked out all yes somebody in the gallery months. Could they semi putts. Running out of bill. It froze solid. And and minutes he deserves. It is a BO Canada. I'd bottle Questar. An article on Today names the most exciting player on each top 25 college football team. Christian Wilkins gets the nod from Clemson Tebow Samuel for South Carolina agree or disagree. Dominion. Sure it's it's a whoever you say it is you want to go first thing gophers. Oh it. All right as far as South Carolina goes yes. And I agree with that let's hope he can say. Stay healthy and the future is bright as far as divorce him a boost from Clemson. I am shocked that a certain long haired quarterback who may or may not. Play this year is not the person they picked him. Federal aren't overlooked. That's that you stole Lance. Would you would you name Trevor Lawrence the most exciting player on the Clemson football team when he hasn't played them when you do that if you're looking. The definition of excitement that's all anybody's talking about they're not talking about all these guys coming back on defense. Not talk about all the other weapons they have they're just talking about the fact. That Trevor horn should be starting over Kelly Brian and so that's excitement right there special with a fan base yeah. A way beyond that. I mean they're talking collectively about the defense of line and I got them but I don't think Christian while pins is head and shoulders above the other guys. On the defense of lock so to pick one up mountains say he's the most exciting player Greg get what they picked Christian mocha and you know he and that office supplies and he's you know entertaining. Dancing in all the stuff that he's done. But no lot Irish. And we view it Trevor Lawrence without having played a down that's the most exciting god that's the guy people are talking about her Clemson does not close. Nobody is a close second as far talked about players. The comps dockers and if they're talking about you that means they think you're exciting just based on potential. So it's. It's Trevor Lawrence here's what the ESPN article said about Christian Bogans. You have to go defense of line here and it's hard to pick just one player pianist while windows. Wilkins gets the nod in part because few expected him to still be at Clemson he's a rare combination of size athleticism and instincts. And a real treat for everyone except Clinton's opponents to have him in college football Wilkens has 26 tackles for loss ten sacks 43 quarterback hurries. And fourteen pass break ups and his incredible career. Okay but people are talking about. Chris tomorrow. Not at the levels that dogma turbulent. On South Carolina and he goes Samuels clearly the choice ESPN says it be thought south Carolina's offense was better than expected last season ending get ready for what comes next. The gamecocks won nine games without their most dynamic offensive weapon in Samuel. Who is simultaneously. One of the best receivers in the SEC as well as one of the best return specialists in the conference if not the best. No debate about that. And people couple years ago probably would have expected Jake mentally to have that. Not but. Didn't happen on guess and if you ask Jay Bentley he would say Tebow and Sam yeah probably so. Only be fair I was just looking at the most exciting players for a couple other. Of the top. 25 teams for Alabama. It's a guy has anyone starting quarterback job there's well two. Two a must see TV because he what he did in the national chipped. Four Ohio State. Got to pick your Buckeyes. Most of running back JK dobbins. Now works. With a jump cut that at times looks like the football cousin Herman Allen Iverson crossover. Dobbins produced plenty of did you see that moments as a freshman. Buckeyes are stacked at their skill positions this ball but the power and speed of this text back make him stand out above the talented pac. Mom. Interesting at Georgia they're going with the under is with the running back you know this is life without Sony Michelle a Knick job. And beyond race swift as the next guy in line. He had done seven point eight yards a caring three rushes of forty yards or more in limited playing time last year with. General Michel mayor so running back at Georgia not object from. Tyler Murray at Oklahoma the quarterback. Who is by the way as rich as they coach they are Lincoln Riley because. Tyler Murray signed a four point six million dollar contract play baseball with the Oakland Athletics. But he's back as the quarterback at Oklahoma. Right now could be a Heisman contender. Who else is of interest on here. Running back Alex Sink field for West Virginia are running back now will greater. Kind of interest and mostly Montgomerie will review quarterback. Trace McSorley a Penn State quarterback brush Levitt Stamford no argument there Josh Jackson at Virginia Tech just talk about how he's back in good standing with the academic issue. Taking care of there knicks FitzGerald quarterback in Mississippi State. Turley make sense. MacKenzie Milton good quarterback a Central Florida. And Auburn has a wide receiver a wide receiver do you see that Auburn offense against Clemson last year. They need some money and step up on offense. Wide receiver DeVon Darrent. Look out for him now they have Eli stove but he had ACL surgery so. Not sure how effective he is going to be. And for Texas a and M running back tray Leon Williams Clemson will get a afternoon full him coming up in that second game of the season. He's been lost in the shuffle the past couple of seasons have been a much you're running backs in the SEC but don't sleep on tray beyond Williams. 17190. Yards fifteen touchdowns and 38 receptions so far at Texas a and M for him. So I'm. That some of the list of the most exciting player on the top 25 teams. I got take up to break a 444773776. Can talk about while Leonard coming up. As the spurs try to figure out a thing keep him around. Who returned some NBA discussion back in a moment in the huddle on ESP in upstate. So valiant effort by the Braves falls a little short this afternoon in Toronto braves got two runs in the top of the ninth inning but they. Native won more than fall five to four to the blue jays so now the Braves are. I'm 43. And thirty. On the season two hits on the day for Kurt Suzuki including a home run believe it was his eighth. Of the season. And Anibal Sanchez with a first loss of the year. He can't come up roughed up early in the game. Gave up four runs on five hits all earned runs that have bombed seven strikeouts before walks today so he's now three. And one on the season JA happ gets the win for Toronto and on nine. And three on the season absolutely. Braves dropped one here and on depending on what the nationals do they may drop a game with their three net gamely it's now number three games and he. National League east to keep and I'll Matt and see what happens. Our reports are that Gregg Popovich went yesterday to Southern California and met with Kauai lettered prior to tomorrow night's NBA draft. He's been trying to set that meeting up for a while now trying to repair the fractured relationship with the all NBA forward. Who has said he would like to be traded preferably to Los Angeles press relate specifically to the LA lakers. Has. Privately maintained he no longer wants to play. In San Antonio so we'll see you follow what. Popovich said to coli Leonard yesterday. Makes any difference or will they trade coli letter and if so to prove for whom. Our Ramona shell burn and ESPN. Says trading for choir Leonard right now be a risk for any team. It don't have to treat it you want the only kind of project for a year and Hermione and used his grip it the location where people really well treaty on really well. Look like he'll be healthy and at the end of the late though. Until you get a year require that. And that's the year or to try to collect content to stay that's pretty big risks and the team that had assets like that who would be willing to make you reflect back. I don't know I it at that bought up I can guarantee we can talk about boxes are not really. They don't kind of offered its heart you make your best offer you don't really O'Connor guys can stay beyond the year. So now you're talking more about he'd better just gonna throw him here I. We felt we talk and if Sacramento that's something Phoenix does something bad that those pumping and just try to obtain a temporary. And he would happen but it's clearly not the best labor expert to gain. A great return for him. Not mentioning. The Cleveland Cavaliers keeping LeBron again clock no sounds waiting not to mention them but I would say that's. Off the off the table. Most teams that pick in the top ten in the draft tomorrow night maybe all teams have at least contacted the spurs are back awhile hundred basically saying keep us in the loop. Teams outside the top ten in picks tomorrow night that we know have done that include the Boston Celtics the LA lakers. And the LA clippers. Here's what Zach Lowe ESPN says. Some teams know they don't have. Enough. OK some suitors know they don't have enough. To get him in theory almost no team should pony up their best assets for a player to bolt and a year that's basic lower Ramona was psyched. Be gone in a year or so you don't give up too much here with Leonard. Obtaining some kind of insurance about him. Resigning assurance that he would Greece on May not be possible. No one knows whether they can trust the word of the advisors around coli Leonard there are deep suspicions that Leonard. Already has set his eyes on the lakers. That that's where he's going period. Thank you market out. But Leonard's about a five top five players finished second in the MVP voting in 20163. And indeed be voting and voting in 27 team. And it can take a long time to get a guy that can do that. But unless Leonard signals a willingness to consider staying with rebuilding teams beyond LA. Don't look for anybody to trade their best players. For. A while under so Boston's being mentioned. Who would they trade for. A while under Jalen brown has been mentioned. April Trajan. Brown's record there to comport bent down right yet you would think so I do that gunmen could have been a couple guys. Yeah now but you know also if your Boston think about it he made trades for big stars in and both those stars got hurt. Would that make you a little. Leery of them do and again. Washington DOK without this trying. I would think so and because next year's going to be like. He has brought in a couple of guys under the until they had carried perhaps season blood and you know Hayward so they were his radio. And he got those two back it's like you. Brawn and the couple free agent yeah I. Would I would be inclined to thumb Boston and I'm running that. Team to bomb. Outlook by getting form. A low price OK but I'd be inclined to arrive what I have knowing you're in those guys back. I would I would probably. Do that. Com we'll save and what m.s and trademark nine might be a tip about what teams are thinking. So locker in the draft tomorrow until the NBA draft tomorrow night 7 o'clock here on ESPN upstate. The Andre and expected to be the first pick they expected to. Go to the Phoenix Suns with a number one overall pick he's a seven foot one big man from Arizona also that'll be a hometown pick that would be popular they are in the Phoenix area. He was asked today to define what success in the NBA looks like they ham he said getting to my second contract would be mine. Success. I could raise some eyebrows because. Sometimes the politically correct answered a question like that is team's success. He's now and demands like that contract the honesty I appreciate your second contract were you paying his right get the money. He's just nineteen years old and by the way later said that dumb if a guy if he got to a second contract that would likely indicate his team has been successful. No maybe. Depending on the criteria he meets early in his career Adan could be eligible for a second contract worth in excess of 100. Million dollars. Is for a year rookie contract projected to start at eight point two million dollars his first season. He'd be eligible for rookie extension at first third year he was asked. About the possibility of playing with suns guard Devin Booker. He said I can pick and pop DeVon is a threat coming off the pick that be pretty hard to guard. They'd signed a multiyear endorsement contract with puma earlier this week he's from the Bahamas he said today he feels honored to have the chance to be a role model for young children growing up. In his home country so. Yeah look for Dion Andre in their biggest prize of the suns go any direction other than Eitan with the number one pick in the NBA draft coming up tomorrow night. I need a 44 GS PE SP NSA 444773776. Back after this break in the huddle on ESP in upstate. By trying out enough huddled today a last chance for calls here the last twenty minutes of show 8444773776. You can text us. 71307. News the key word ESP. And the they finally got started. At the college World Series without Arkansas Texas Tech game just had the first pitch few minutes or so. Up three and a half hour delay today because of weather after. Not being able to play at last night as originally scheduled. So log given that start times filing and a push back the scheduled 7 o'clock start tonight for organ state. And North Carolina in an elimination game but that does the only games scheduled for the nation should be able to get back on schedule. With those two games weather permitting for the rest of the day in Omaha. Over Clemson today athletic director Dan radical which met with the media. Updated some mom Clemson. Story lines for the summer he said on Brad Brownell the basketball coach that there are very close to a new contract. Said the other on the five yard line they said well I guess that's a football analogy. But very very close prepared to take into the board of trustees for ratification and approval so you know Brad Brownell laughter. Getting the tigers to the sweet sixteen this past year in line for a new contract and they seem to be very close to. Making that happen over there. They are also. Close to hiring a replacement for timber right the longtime sports information director. At Clemson in the era forty years his official retirement date is July 1. And out back over said the demo Sweeney has been involved in the hiring process for that man wanna. That's the sport a Clemson for sure so you would thing never would have to say in who timber raise. Replacement is calm he said dumb. It's going to be a day to day contact for him on the football program the MS ID so. May be an announcement pretty soon coming up on the new US side be taking over for the legend Gymboree over their act clumps and couple of other updates season ticket sales for football. 58000. So for over 58000. They're closing in on record. Not surprised not matter you. Know I thought there were already been gone by now they have come news. Yeah and into law certainly. The middle of the summer when a everybody's thinking football we'll sell some more so I think to get the record their. They are going to. Hair down demolish at the end of this season beat it to a building right at the corner of the stadium and build a new one. In the same spot. So that's a construction update they're also on. What goes on in the U ten building if they stuff but Keck. I don't know what they have an. Illness the fund raising arm. I know what it is I didn't know if it was a building and if they. Sponsored and it was for a specific things were not so in the manner that it's for I pay a thousand a year now. I'm just kidding but I guess moves by more than that but who was taunting. As what it take originally meant operate when he. Down. So who knows what the T stickers for the these days. Also old when he was asked replica which was ask about alcohol sales at home sporting events. That's a growing issue in college sports he says not on our radar right now. Not interested. At this point in any alcohol sales. At home sporting moments but you know some schools have started to get into that I would expect Clemson to be a leader in that area right. That's taking care of outside the stadium he confessed I mean that's the funny thing about it is say now we'll undo that then you go on the part laden. See what's going on but you know that's delegating seems pretty happy here. You. Is certainly out to go far to find. The alcohol and you know it's it's certainly coming in college sports. The pace. Is different at different locations again I don't think clubs in the media. Front and center on him but would not rule out them. Doing that at some point down the road overall. I talked about the success of this year. At Clemson all the way around very successful course football speaks for itself. The soccer programs were good they feel good about the volleyball program that basketball team making the sweet sixteen was big. Women's tennis may be NCAA tournament he said. And that was big golf teams are really good this year both men's and women's. The man lost lost the ACC by one stroke but then made it to the NCAA finals. And in baseball 47 wins. Despite not advancing out of that home regional and so. Pretty good year for Clemson athletics non. A ground breaking news they're there I guess the biggest news is getting close on Brad reynolds' contract extension and we'll expect that come up. Pretty quickly here for Clinton's final break we'll come back and wrap up the huddled for this afternoon next on ESPN upstate stay what. Welcome back Dan into the huddle final segment with Greg McKinney Alonso in the huddle. 8444773776. Is our number. Arkansas has jumped out on Texas Tech in this afternoon's late starting game in the college World Series started. Just few minutes ago three and a half hours behind schedule with a Arkansas gets two runs in the first inning so bottom of the first Arkansas two and Texas Tech nothing. Elimination game tonight between organ state. And North Carolina not to follow probably delayed just a bit from the 7 o'clock scheduled start because of the rain delay. Earlier today. You know there are rednecks all over America. The theory either rednecks and every country probably rednecks everywhere if there are. Rednecks in New Mexico. I would say these guys qualify. Are wrestling coach and New Mexico has been arrested for hitting another coach with his car during an argument. JOB. Television in Albuquerque reports. That Robertson. Wrestling coach Marc Martinez 41 years old. Has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon his car. And leaving the scene and an accidents resulting in great bodily harm now how this happened how did this wrestling coach. And another coach with his car well it seems that they had gotten into an argument over text messages back in May. And the victim told police. They agreed they would meet up and fight. Nothing ever happens that when you do that at and a vote could go wrong right. So when Martinez. Arrived instead of debt now fighting he decided to hit the victim when his vehicle and traveling. That's cheating yeah for the record I guess I mean you want and the kind of thing you know is Iran over enough. Officers say Martinez then after hitting me the other guy with his car and driving away went to the police department. And claim to them that he had. Simply been driving over to the other coach's house to pick up some keys. And at the other coach instead through rock in his windshield. Well that story didn't quite. Pan out stack up hold water if you will. The police performed a search on Martinez is vehicle processed at four forensic evidence. That investigation resulted in corroboration of the victim's statement that he was indeed hit with a car. Especially if his body is what broke the windshield and police and DNA evidence yet that they don't you report on how to coach is doing has apparently. He hit him. Great bodily harm is that charge so on hopefully he's. OK but this wrestling coach and he's still alive is a lot we know that much Emily give a statement to police. Hopefully not to ban the Colombian. You know other than. Only middle school may be high school I don't recall ever. Agreeing to meet up the fight anybody know I seal out of that on Twitter that he. I mean a lot but too much of it I've been threatened. As far as someone saying they're gonna meet me on the park a line over something I just said on either station and I never see them out there he you know I always take it as a kind of the joke bled in the stalemate and satellite can. So you look outside and see if there's someone lawyering that you don't know yeah but doesn't that I would never make the threat myself now. I love it once money responds to something else on Twitter and and then says they. We can meet up and hash this out man to man I tip my Twitter down probably being threatened right now. You took it and no I mean hell off was today yeah so I'll check it one of what don't the show and find out to be someone you may not want to know. No just dumb. Anyway. He's in trouble now because they have the evidence they need that. Also news from the NFL about the Denver broncos' stadium. They need a new naming right sponsor out there and they don't have one yet so guess what they're gonna color for now. Broncos' stadium. Imus Thursday's we've. Now I Q I can't stand Denver and had to me now look around our house and suck but now when I miss the days when stadiums didn't have the law and Montreal I. Are you especially I mean I'm okay with you one word names but when it's a really long. Operation what it changes like every three or four years I hate to. I guess most of the rights and it naming Roger brought ten years or something maybe they should make it you know and I understand to certain standpoint your name is mentioned every time the stadium has mentioned and that is advertising I guess. Right but I I don't believe I've heard the name of the stadium and thought you know among new buy that product but. On knowledge just dumb you know. It's kind of bragging rights almost doesn't it well Yani is just brand awareness for the sponsor again millions of dollars are at stake. I mean in fairness members only had two naming rights sponsor since that stadium opened in 2001. Most recently was sports authority stadium did you know that on any rumor that. Oh ports authority stadium. But they took down the large signs with sports authorities name earlier this year because sports authority declared bankruptcy. So why not rude to me well thinks I do remembering Ottawa yet. They stop making payments for the naming hush stuff that'll do it I wonder why it at the the name remained on the stadium for two seasons. Despite the fact that sports authority made the decision to close all their stores in the summer 2006 think. Have all closed by the summer of Tony sixty pure wonder about that if you have the naming rights are you responsible for having a removed from the building or is Barnes a team responsible for nine but then on the team the stadium whatever commission whatever runs the stadiums Kennedy can't think and how the porno plot the alien on every two years. There are no stores open and they left sports authority on the air for two years. Maybe maybe a one a blank space up there I don't know I don't know man that would just be. Too many jokes about that. And I don't take that down. We like having. Which Jones picture still up and he only did that two for one they did. We don't have something to replace them this week that they thought. I guess. Chief commercial officer for the Broncos Mac Freeman said the team has had many productive conversations. And they are confident they will find the right partner. The deal would help pay for stadium. Maintenance. This name in John Elway stadium. Well how many can do stuff like that which can do that has GMA money in LA's not pay and he's getting paid he's getting good and so bomb. You know it was nice back in the day when stadiums were just named for real reasons. Or after someone famous or something like them like that Imus then. We're never going back to that or. Never that's one more revenues to stream for a franchise. But at least for now. Broncos' stadium. Com. That they put a sign up I can't tell that that a sign up that said Barca stadium or the just take down the sports authorities. But for the record when. There about her first of the game it'll be a Bronco Stadium. No longer for the close to sports authority French on the Bronco Stadium no one cares about the Broncos enough to actually buy the rights asks you man the Broncos are. Big time John Elway and in. Can you hate 'cause you're a hater. Mission from Mel you name Bronco Stadium. Yeah there's. Only bad for them that would not being a good idea thanks for listening to the huddle today here on ESPN upstate. Ritual we are back game with us tomorrow as we. Coming in on NBA draft day you'll certainly have the latest rumors speculation. Information if there is any all what's gonna happen tomorrow night. In the NBA draft which can hear covered here live starting at 7 o'clock on ESPN of state keep an eye on baseball and offseason NFL news and college World Series whatever. As well tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock straight it was dirge is coming up next thanks for listening stay cool this afternoon. And given here on ESPN up states for Alonso I'm Greg McKinney we'll see you tomorrow I have a great day.