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Wednesday, June 20th

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Welcome back enrichment off today is Greg McKinney Alonso witty to a 4 o'clock here. In the huddle on ESPN's upstate you can join the conversation and 8444773776. Text line. 71307. We can kind of rush the end of that list sorted by Julio what bill Bender are saying about as justification for. The bottom man and a of this ranking of the NFL coaches going into the 2000. Eighteen season and have mentioned at the end of the hour that Matt Patricia the lions he has he has 32 ranked. Coach because he has no record. And basically bill says that it's not relate an attempt to insult or questioned the potential Matt Patricia just that. It's always tough to rank first year coaches he said. And down that 32 spot could go who just as easily to any of the other. First year guys. But he says the 43 year old former patriots defensive coordinator should be able to incorporate what he learned a New England to keep Detroit in the playoff hunt. Well me and I mean you know period playoff collier probably not 32 ranked coach in the league and. Soon yeah I mean I guess if you. Are in fact able to do that and I kind of slim in Detroit by saying that it's about you you. What do mean. Now I'm just say and you know why is he reined in 32 everything's Patricia I'm in the playoff hunt not in the playoffs and in the hunt. I mean there are a lot of teams that won't be in the playoff hunt. One allow them at the bottom why does he rank lower than Vrabel. Yeah there's Lisa's love for Abel the titans. Vrabel worked his way up the coaching ranks after starting at Ohio State. He brings a good mix of backed college feel with the lessons he learned in the NFL as a player and a coach. He's the right voice at the right time for the titans a team that should compete in the AFC south again. Right number thirty plus OK okay. I mean you know. There's not a lot of digging going on at the bottom end of this list and he seems to be pretty I'll these guys at least potentially. Just unproven I guess so he's been all them except for gruden. Mean gruden is unproven running. There's gruden won the Super Bowl and then maybe that gives young and then something that's certainly understandable to put him in the middle of the list. At pat Sharma of the giants I'm I'd put him at the bottom of the list. Whaling yeah I don't see them doing. He'd better this year either he was on 923. And his two years with the browns. Actually Wear the browns just not well. Revived his coaching career as an offensive coordinator in Minnesota. And they were number one in the NFL in. Yards and number ten in points. Last season. And he does have sick while Barkley and he still has Fidel Beckham junior. But he still has Eli Manning. Just getting. Eli Manning's not I don't think security act as a sort of just getting he's not the worst buddy's death fleeing not near the top now he's middle packed ami. If you got sick while Barkley and OBJ. And you've got a middle of the pack quarterback. You're bullish amid the bottom of this list if you coach well except for the fact that the middle of the pack quarterback is gonna go to the other team a whole lot no matter how open and those two guys are. I guess Barkley is going to be key can that open up their passing to take one Barkley for the giant. Probably hue Jackson at 29 now think you would probably take that. He says. Vendor says if you think huge action should be Rangel last. Based on his one and 31 record over the past two seasons that's not the worst opinion but. Cleveland decided to keep Jackson after an Owens sixteenth season. And has built momentum with a flurry of offseason moves including bringing in offensive coordinator Todd Haley. And a draft that has yielded a franchise quarterback in beggar mayfield Jackson has to win some games in his third year or remain on MB on these rankings next. But again only in Cleveland can you have that record and still on the job. Anywhere else you've gone a long time and one and thirty or analysis. That's not gonna look. He's offering is let's say a lot about the management or does it say the fact that they just don't think he can give you might become Cleveland well maybe coach I don't know. Maybe they realized you know and it would be fair to judge him on that record based on talent. That he has had. And they do seem to be getting better catalyst. But yet easy and he winced in games this year a few games this year. Matt Nagy with a bears at 28. He's a forty year old coach and they are trying to get young in Chicago. Mitchell true disk he is. Going to be a second year quarterback now. If you had read them mad that he was coming to Chicago and someone asked you the controllers who do you know. Yeah that one I would know that's right it's in your division yeah I there's no way Elena you know I don't know why I have no idea what that guy looks like. Mean he was in Kansas City. I still annoying you should know this at the pilot Caremark had come to some of Caremark. Minor guys about former Panthers assistant Steve Wilkes and Arizona they put him at 27. On this list. Potentially could be better depend on the quarterback situation. Yeah he started. Ed Johnson C Smith division two coaching in 1995. He's been an NFL assistant since 2005 very get under Ron Rivera as the defensive coordinator. At Carolina so while vendor says he thinks he'll he'll do well take advantage of the opportunity there. I've seen him listed at the bottom of some some analysts though coach Stiller proves himself. It's kind of interest in. There cutter would Tampa Bay. Seem to be ready to break through. To the playoffs last year but there were five and eleven. So he's a Nazi. As you said earlier I mean the NFC south is this tough thing giving Tom. Yup. Frank Reich forgot about him and for the colts now. They put him Bender puts him as the highest ranked first year coach. Would you do that. Even though he wasn't their first choice easier. I think the fact that Andrew Luck is throwing balls right now. Whose gonna help them well Reich's quarterback they think he can help Andrew Luck. You know. Can't help the offensive line no I don't know about this though. In this article bill Bender. Calls frank Reich to the colts the prize higher of the 2018 offseason. I mean. I can get potential but jury settled that for me. Well the proof will be if any luck doesn't play. Whoever the backup quarterback is there now. If he makes them into a winner. Yeah just chemicals back on track of being. Huge because we can't trust that Andrew Luck gonna play even though he's out there film ball now. He's been on the ball before you throw regular sized football in not yet sort of Vance Joseph for the Broncos don't like that if you're Denver fan having your coach you know just couple years removed from Super Bowl. At number 24. To be lower can stand in her 24. This will be a second year. He needs to get the Broncos back into contention for the AFC west. Denver quarterbacks. Combined nineteen touchdowns and 22 interceptions lecture. That's the problem I should be improved this year yeah. Not doubles with the jets at 23 they were five and eleven last year this of the year for for bowls so he needs to move up well but I guess Sam Arnold. If he can Colorado life. And they have problem is they've regressed statistically every year under doubles they can't do that. They keep doing that. So he's dying and as panels can do a very good doing Cleveland the tendon rupture of and I Jay gruden of the Redskins are 22. On the list. Last three seasons they've bounced between seven and 99 and seven so that just bubbling under playoff contention. Of course they have Alex Smith the quarterback so a new direction for them there. Their defense has been an issue 27 most points in the league last year. Related issues both offered spleen and defense so who's a better quarterback Kirk cousins around Smith. You don't go unpunished. I go cousins. Just I test for me and I can compare their stance. Cousins. Bigger stronger looking kidney maybe but I. That hawks miss stats are much better and has a higher winning percentage. You pick Alex Smith of worker 'cause I would. And how would pick to meet him before he went to Kansas City I thought he got a raw deal in San Francisco. And why the Redskins policies that. Mean. They did sit though but let cousins go because of money that aren't as they sent it. We'll take a look at their stats on the island but I agree it's pretty close pretty close and engage with the dolphins 21 on the list. They were ten and six his first season six intend his second season never got the running. Game going and grind Tenet got hurt of course and the defense is bad. Because of the bad and in Miami so. I Shanahan at twentieth on the list Kyle Shanahan. The drop below acquisition. Is huge and the X I'm a level is through roof going into the six. I still think San Francisco's gonna be scary I really do now. Rob was gonna lose eventually. Probably I would say yes eventually. It will lose. By yeah I think they have chance when that there's. You were already looked at the top twenty so that's a list from the a sporting news and bill Bender somebody that high only Carolina Panthers going into the season is. Willie McGinest former player now. With the NFL network. In a notes that the Panthers offense was 28 in the league passing. Last year he expects them to be a lot better this year primarily because of the weapons they've added. At receiver. First of I think this is probably one of the best offenses on paper talent wise in the league and that's just one. The best compromise there they're definitely wanted to bestseller now as a quarter you have to figure out how do you get the ball a lot of players differences gonna run the football and Northrop is off. Then you have a player like Christian McCaffrey your fear every go and in fact you can run the ball between the tackles for. But the amount as a receiver he led the team in receptions last year you'll have Greg Olsen cover about half injury. Which is one of their better players are receiving tied into the game then you have all these other receivers. You still go to run the ball and certain things we'll show events address of he's been so I think it's a good problem to have and anytime you have a crowded room with a lot of really good guys sort of bring the cup there's a war. The album he say that Panthers I think. Actually Ron Rivera said Panthers are gonna have to. Let go are really good receiver at some point the priciest yeah I was gonna say how many receive there's a ton of receiver who would you like don't know yet. I don't know yet in on a love for DeBoer bird to be there but. Mothers can be room for me too because he was showing some great promise when he got hurt they're not gonna get wrote a courtesy and because of the potential right. Right and he was a higher draft picks him you know them. The ban on your investment. So you got font just yet DJ Moore. Pretty safe. Torrey Smith they just brought in again give him a good chance. I don't know what they're going to do that. You know wouldn't shock me if it is Torrey Smith calico and I know easy easy good receiver and everything but diesel bit onerous thing and he's been around for awhile. Yeah dot com. I don't know those they would drop him that quickly. I don't know when he got these other guys that have been around. For awhile. But. Russell Shepard and just like that tailing play. But I'm stomach to guys literally. Contributing or potentially contributing to the offense on a regular basis. And down up Tom. I would think the Torrey Smith would latch on for one year at least. Coming in in this offseason. What about functions do you think he's lived Gupta who is supposed potential. They're probably not but no he's not way off from it is he. Having some other major threats probably would help I mean consuming people got injured last year it was easy to key on him so. Another season probably would definitely help to see what he's got an Olsen healthy. When are. Looking at the stats. For fun just last year to gauge of that size he's 64. Last year fun just. This. 63 catches coming in and of not bad but when Benjamin was gone. Everyone thought the clintons would step up and and and pick it up and get a lot more now and I agree it's not bad but you're running back should not be. We've seen in receptions. Now that you jumped fun just jump from 23 judge as the year before to 63 extra. I mean that's. Can't argue that you're right that is Lou a pretty big jump 840 yards and one F forward for 2000 yards receiving that he's become. A focal point may be the focal point. Offensively. But yeah DJ Moore maybe that now. What does the DJ Moore like Dan and Greg Olsen. In take some of that. So law but top five offense. According to mcginnis top five offense for the painters. That would result in a successful year if there are actually ranked. Top five an offense by the entity. Think they would take that in a heartbeat. 8444773776. Text line 71307. Here in the huddle on ESPN I'll stay right time back a more coming up. Stay with us. We will have the out final. Series from the college World Series. Best two out of three starting Monday here on ESP in upstate. If they don't have so many weather delays that that gets pushed back they met another weather delay now. I yesterday Arkansas and Texas Tech were postponed. They were supposed play a noon today they have not been able to get started but. Now understand first pitch is coming up enough the next few minutes about 230 this afternoon so a big game one today finally underway Arkansas and Texas Tech. Oregon State will play North Carolina tonight at 7 o'clock is the scheduled start for that if they can stay on schedule. And that is an elimination game could organ state be out after this evening be an early exit from one of the favorites. In the college World Series yesterday Mississippi State beat North Carolina. Twelve to two. And last night Florida beat Texas 61 so Texas is out. Eliminated. At the college World Series so on. We've already had a couple teams bumped including Washington and Texas send out could have more of that. Today we'll keep an eye on this Arkansas Texas Tech schedule once if they get underway. On time coming up Bob. This afternoon at about. 230 par five minutes away when they're scheduled to start that. A braves have fallen behind again in Toronto four to two now they are in the bottom of the seventh inning. Couple runs for Toronto in the fourth. And now the Braves got one run in the second one run in the third was 42. Braves only have four hits on the day. While one each. Bora Al these cents a zoo the only Suzuki don't run any yup that's good and up. A couple of other guys got hits for the raise but they need to have some more work to do. Anibal Sanchez's out of the game he went five innings gave up. Five hits four runs all earned walked four and struck out. Seven in a boat. So while that's where the brave stand right now they are. Down 42 in the bottom of the seventh with one out in Toronto and see if they think. Get back on track to talk about the NBA draft coming up. Which is tomorrow night 7 o'clock coverage begins here on ESP in upstate. So this tweet that I found. To be interesting you know we talk about the interviews com minds and stuff for the NFL select dumb questions that are asked the home. And album. Kevin Knox was not immune from that player from Kentucky. Forward 691. Of bomb expected high draft choices and tomorrow night's draft. This tweet from. Jake Fisher Jake Fisher works for. SI now Sports Illustrated. And he said. Kevin Knox says one team interview. At become blind pressed him if he had a child. Knox was surprised. He replied no. The team. Ask again saying there Intel and learned he had a child. Knox and ask for the kid's name. The team relented admitting it was a hoax. Is that what winner admitting it was a hoax at the same room. They made that up to see how he would respond to a I was there hoax. I guess most Maury comes out from around the corner and lets them know you are the father yeah. This is on hand and that's a lead try and trying to see if a liar or something I don't do it now look I mean I used. I don't know if it's player in NBA interview to asking if you get a child maybe it is but to make up the pay per view at a child's just a test tube well one thing I can I can think you have the other. Had to fill out paperwork you when applying for jobs were. I had it I had to do for jobs. Along time ago and there are a hundred. Questions. And they would ask the same question repeatedly like every. Fifteenth question or something like that in the same words I know they would they would worded differently you know and I think it's just to see. How if you would answer consistently in this case maybe to see. His emotions and see if he was disturbed by being asked something they knew wasn't true I don't know the Ocalan. If you're trying to test the maybe you love believe that this person is little overly emotional and you don't want that on your team. It was like it was that big of a deal on the hit it dude gets irate and post something across a room chances are then you don't want a morning team. You don't make stuff up. This is too weird thing task. And then say now we just couldn't. Well I imagine that many. Of the prospective draftees in the NBA have kids that wouldn't surprise me. But why make some and open up yeah I mean I get it here testing them but. Now that. No I don't have the kid but I plan on doing the Shawn Kemp that the him yes. Once I become an NBA star arrived in the manner like minority can only just started again is not allowed. Much until you pay. I'll I'll like it. Amusing thing you do about it but. It just goes to show you is not just NFL that some like compared to the NFL questions that's not really that that. And yes you know maybe. On a steel still love that. The college World Series talking about that a moment ago and there's also is more news on Omaha today. They're going to have a regular season Major League Baseball game the week the 2019. College World Series opens in Omaha. According to the Associated Press that Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals. Gonna play a regular season game in Omaha the week of the college World Series. This has been worked on for a while got a kick off college World Series week. Major League Baseball only NC double labor working together on this to people close to the situation told AP today. That they are not. Authorized to discuss details but that game is on tigers and royals. There's going to be a news conference tomorrow. At TD Ameritrade park. Who site for the college World Series and rob Mann produced due to be there Major League Baseball. Commissioner they've already done this at the Little League World Series I guess you know make sense to move will be similar to the regular season games played in Williamsport. In conjunction with the Little League World Series. I guess I mean to say the weekend opens that we would need to be if you look the fans that are coming out of the college World Series. To be there you better do it like the day before the talent rosters of the drink instead and come out that early. Not a bad thing. Not sure how much above. Buzz that will create though. And coming elect here in Nebraska sought to shift some royals fans around their own. I would think. Royals in the tigers were regular season game we can the college World Series. Next year. Fair enough. We'll watch for that next year and see outlets received in Omaha. That's a soccer news will update some of the World Cup scorers yes hang onto your hat. We have games going on right now and now also some thoughts from my Trevor twellman who covers the World Cup for ESPN. About Brazil without name are we don't know how much he's going to miss with his injury but. How big a deal is that if they don't have name march for Taylor Twellman chimes in on that coming up stay well this will come back with that after the break. This is a huddle on the ESP in upstate. Rich enough today is Greg McKinney Alonso in the huddle on ESPN upstage. Phone lines open and 8444773776. And the out text line a 71307. Euro why do you say Europe won't. Someone arugula or Euribor you're black or you're going or are going. And you before auctions. And you like those guys are in the knock out stage at the World Cup they beat Saudi Arabia. One to nothing today so this as a repercussion for all teams in group a host Russia will join the south Americans in the round of sixteen. I hear you Henry distinct since this is do we do if I'm reading this story from ESP and months of does vector discussion moderate amount we hung up on this today a promise but you're tones are you change your yeah. Are you OK with us. Russia will join the south Americans in the round of sixteen while he jumped or eliminated. Now unranked and time. Thank you. Egypt are eliminated. The saudis. Along with the saudis with a GameStop. So that was one to nothing score earlier today and let's say you got. A final score of Portugal. Over. Wedeman in Morocco. Was Morocco MAR. They just only a time all kinds of complaints about the World Cup one out MOR from Morocco maybe there are he has a memo or maybe something. I don't know and dumb a ran in Spain are playing right now 38 minute no score. In that one. So that's the World Cup scoreboard. As of right now. What about Brazil going forward with name mark questionable. At the I'm. Injury issue there and he's one of the superstar certainly of the game but Taylor Twellman who covers World Cup and soccer for ESPN's. Says Saddam he thinks Brazil can be successful without name mark. Need named mark realized that at the weigh in Argentina needs messy and especially the way Portugal needs per general though. They need Kmart don't you be run when the World Cup but up the door propped against what was on him. He was very to sleep was way too slow his decision making too many touches. And I'd argue that Diego coast. Iain Douglas coast excuse me come and and he. Be a better option right now I feel about that Douglas Costa for name are what's your analysis of that. I'm sorry I was like consultant not only in the look. Name bar. A big deal but not the biggest deal I saw that dumb messy. Then there's this debate about you know the greatest ball phenomenal and I saw messy. At a picture that I guess he posted or somebody posted of messy carrying a live go to around. As it say on the go. I like that. Confidence nice touch. Renaldo is big for Portugal there's no doubt about that offend he was the guy who scored the goal. As they knocked Morocco Al. His fourth goal in two World Cup matches. I'm Morocco made a bright start threatened inside the opening couple of minutes. Any optimism that may have been generated was shattered. And after four minutes Rinaldo scored his fourth goal in two games. Yeah on the way to Iraqi stories just great to there's a different slayer to soccer coverage all right so. I looked this up for you Morocco this reason why I didn't. The explanation of the MAR Qaeda country code is similar to Iceland's although a bit more fraud while the country's English name is Morocco. The country is known as Merrick in French and starting in the early eighteen hundreds French expanded its colonial empire to North Africa word established. They protectorate in what is now Morocco Morocco achieve national independence we so anyway it's because of the French. We blame them for that tip yes can't mocha. Just one more reason permitting it irritated. By World Cup coverage. That's OK I'll give that don't you like the flowery riding here. Any optimism that may have been generated was shattered. When after four minutes Rinaldo scored his fourth goal in two games. When nine Zhao all. Mow eighteen hole crossed. And Ronaldo. All alone thundered header high into the net. I appreciate this and flowery coliform district descriptive. I guess in word descriptive words but I who have done. It's great now about this and this is as makes cents or three minutes later however Morocco went close. Went from a corner Manuel Acosta power in the downward header. But really Patricio saved they went close. All right that's just some completely. Soccer jargon that I don't get and I am going to be a sneak up plumes these. We're near I'd I don't I guess I'm telling you. It's just oh hole differently he was soccer people talk that way normally the reporters do. Golly people laurel and our sports bars watching these. World Cup games. Round talk like this you know on. I know one guy who uses 902 guys who are soccer fans and you know the two ones Patrick Brown and when discussing soccer he he talks this way. And but I haven't noticed. But I still man who's been on the show a few times on a NASCAR for our suspicion classic ought to let that one NASCAR and soccer Rebecca we haven't haven't heard him talk now play. And he would have more of excuse and anybody because his family is from gross bonds' idea I'd. But Patrick talks that way Patrick wouldn't say Egypt are eliminated voting. Yeah he probably was. I'm one of tests that next Imus there are soccer fans out there are completely offended and don't get what you're talking about right now with our. I articles yeah that's what I'm talking about is normal to them you have to Janet. You have to do audits we you'll have got to go you know Greg that's just how we talk. With any kind of zoning that condescending tone soccer fans from. Spartanburg. Are looking at me like that aren't. Lingering don't have a strong contingent of soccer fans as part marina Anderson a tall. Then there's are watching. Soccer as a spy on enemy I'm gonna accept them and letting up. We are now. Maybe not anyway. Brazil and I'll name are. They might be all right according to Taylor Twellman so Brazil fans. Take heart. I will see if they can continue to be successful and we don't know he may still. Be out there and nothing to playing in Friday. They'll so we'll sink. A 444773776. Takes line 71307. Here in the huddle let's take a break back for more coming up ESP upstate. Welcome back the huddle on ESPN of State's Greg McKinney Alonso in here. A 444773776. Text line is 71307. On Twitter at ESPN upstate. Wanna get and then not comment on any of the news of the day we certainly welcome you. To do that. Toronto extending their lead over the Atlanta Braves not linger for the Braves now they're going. To the ninth inning breaks down 5222. The blue jays took place. My beyond. We'll setback for the Braves with a loss today it will seeming to back to the bottom of the or I guess would be the top of the ninth inning nail and Matt left. In. That games will keep the Nile on a and let you know. Big NBA story of the day has been the trade still mob made official by the club's been reported by Adrienne bush rescue of ESPN. That's the Charlotte hornets are trading Dwight Howard. 22 MO for for tomorrow favor mas golf. Brooklyn that straight. And I think a lot of this has to do with. Dwight Howard and locker room. And some of those issues and that's pretty much what Britain and all of the Charlotte Observer said in his article this afternoon. This news comes exactly one year after the Atlanta Hawks don't Howard to the hornets day remember took on miles plot les bad contract. In return for that. The end of the hornets are taken on Tim fame monster golf is 32 million dollars there remain on his contract I got its. Didn't four point two game three relenting. Third team. So there has to be a reason and right. There had to be a reason that the hawks took on a bag contract. You believe in Kupchak. Think he did a good job means an island. He was day was pretty good and LA I'm not sure he's going to be able to get down and I'm just wondering if if he has a plan proposes is now under his watch. Again and he talked about earlier that he's familiar with Moscow. I don't think he believes in Moscow tacos until he can't. I mean when taken on how much you just to get rid of life our. I you know sees things is it means more about and in America. I do in fact I saw a tweet earlier today. Guy and a screen shot and that's economy. Make sure Terri exactly what it says. It was from Howard Beck. And he said the hornets locker room did not like Dwight Howard he was some actually. Quoting an interview on the NBA. On serious. Debt said guys were just sick and tired of his act. I Howard's act. I think they probably knew that when they brought men and he's had that reputation everywhere he's been hasn't. Dealt. Was a surprisingly man. Risen one of those I can't be that bad guy dearly held Grassley you have because he any score one assay sixteen boards a game. You know the production was there. For Dwight Howard. But that's what Rick and Al says in this article he's quirky stubborn occasionally childish. Plays his way and expects others to adapt to him. That was a problem particularly so for shooting guard NIC Batum the hornets biggest investment in terms of contract. But. And I'll says the tomb was not the only player who found it challenging to make this work. The day after the hornets finished last season 36 and 46. Then coach Steve Clifford said that this team lack of the spirit of prior teams Clifford coached in Charlotte. And Howard was a factor in that now says he's not saying he's a mag guy but he was a bad fit. And that was only going to get worse next season when Howard as yet older and there's no reason to assume next year would end in a playoff berth. Either this or a place where Dwight Howard fit. There's a Brooklyn. I don't know I mean it apparently his attitude is exactly what everyone says it is because we've heard it everywhere he's been. Maybe there is no perfect fit for them. Now maybe so I mean cut check inherited this mess as he just took over in April. Remembering and why now is trying to clean it up. And you know that contract he silent Moscow back in 2016. Was too much money in whatever they do. When Moscow off now will involved too much money. I think there's also factored sometimes you like a guy. And so he sees his brain men may be like what he brings to lock around him especially compared to what you're getting rid of not best probably fair by the Mandy given approval the production in an avenue coach. Clifford gone James radio is they are now his initial comments on Dwight Howard were lukewarm. And there was no real indication that. He was big on Howard had to be made him a back up and Howard is gonna be bigger locker room problem like he put him on the bench what's gonna happen. Is he really a starter anymore I mean he's getting older. Preliminary chocolate us. Now productivity. And add team in Charlotte boy Dwight Howard be historic based on talent. And mean but. What I'm saying and as you don't want a bench Dwight Howard when he Zarryon attitude issues. Just get random and that's what they didn't. So now probably you're starting sinner of B Cody Zeller. Through train Glenn. Pastor he'll move more. And more pitched. Tempo on offense with Cody Zeller and they also avoid the luxury tax you know the hornets were getting close to the luxury tax. Threshold Moscow to make sixteen million. Next year and that's seven and a half million less than Howard tournament next year for the warrants against him away from the luxury tax and and can open apple free agency so that's I mean all make sense. Although I'm makes sense but they get a lot for. Line our. I guess the first step for Kupchak. Is to undo problems. To fix problems. And then. Try to create some. New approaches to adding talent Murano just trying to get out of bad deals. And so that's wallow take on sixteen point seven million dollars for ten of faith Moscow for 20192020. Com. We could just cut. Join our. Some people are in favor of the other two of them got the draft picks in the draft picks could make it I think the draft picks or keep Everest on Hamas yup vs our. But now the hornets have three picks tomorrow and ended one for this year's draft and one for 221. As a part of the trade. Howard for Moscow off so that does kind of mental but the sense. May be Mitch Kupchak is. Brilliant right. Maybe maybe. In the benefit of the doubt so far. I NBA commissioner Adam silver. Talking about Kevin Durant and how he was able to sign with an already loaded Golden State Warriors team. Appearing on goalie going on this morning silver was asked about the league's perceived lack of parity. He said I gathered in terms of Kevin Durant going to the warriors it was a bit of an aberration our system we had a spike in our cap and enable them to have additional cap room the warriors we'll tell you they would have figured out a way to get it done anyway. Buddy said the warriors now onto straight championships with two rent. I should be given their due he gave them some praise he said let's celebrate excellence. Obviously the ownership the job Bob Myers has done is GM Steve Kerr. One of the great coaches drafting staff Currie drafting clay Thomas drafting. Trey mongering. He says the NBA does not wanna go about breaking up teams just to break them up to try to force some sort. Apparently. Could. See until four years from now can they win four more. Yeah I'm on the you know some audience got to come up and take it away that's the thing collective bargaining agreement right now runs through 20/20 3224. And down he said doubling talk about changes. To the player movement season in the next deal. There's always one around the corner he said. ID 444773776. Here in the huddle on ESPN upstate. We are three questions segment coming up three questions at three here in the huddle on ESP in upstate coming up. In the next hour. We will also long here from Ramona shell burn about the meeting between a while interning Gregg Popovich and but the status is with the coli Leonard right now and disperse. And I think more of your calls tweets and text here. In the huddle text line 71307. Using keyword ESPN one more hour to go and huddle today for the Wednesday edition June 20 Mac in a moment on ESP in upstate.