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Wednesday, June 20th

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While demand Wednesday Hubble on ESPN upstate Richmond dolphins today he'll be back tomorrow which Greg McKinney Alonso in here. Reviewed this afternoon until 4 o'clock. Glad to have you with us on another hot summer afternoon in upstate South Carolina. We have all lots of MBA stuff to get to today on the show talk about the Panthers a little bit there's one analyst that schism. Carolina Panthers he believes will have one of the top five offenses in the NFL this. So talk about that coming up and hear from him in the 2 o'clock hour. It to a little little though World Cup. Not a lot but a little bit of the World Cup. What swanky piece said is making news on TMC and other places so we'll talk about that coming up. At three questions coming up today Phil Mickelson has finally apologized. To commit feud. But to apologize for hitting a moving golf balls the US open over the weekend. About that coming up as well and down. Check in on the Braves braves are playing this afternoon and they are losing to Toronto in the bottom of the second inning. Two to one Suzuki with a home run to cut the lead in half so it's still early their second inning but the Braves. Down by one run against the blue jays this afternoon walk. C denial that and cooperation baseball as we typically do here in the huddle on ESPN upstate also plenty of room for your text your tweets and your phone calls here in the huddle. Phone lines open 8444773776. Our text line is 71307. Start off your text message with ESPN. And on Twitter at ESPN upstate. So we have the IM BA draft coming up tomorrow night and we're starting to see some trade action of a Cullen a big one but. I guess around here it's fairly significant today. As word comes that the Charlotte hornets are sending Dwight Howard to Brooklyn. To the nets object in a game get too upset about that if your. A hornets fan probably Dwight Howard moon and aging star he's been an all star but not what he used to be. What are they get for the white power. They got a Maffei Moscow. You know if you're like me and I'm sure your you've always wondered what happens to miss in Moscow now we know now we know what happened to loan. Not only do we really not only do we know what happened to them we know what his next destination. Yes it's right here we do now. They also got to second optics. You know it's a two round NBA draft and now so second honors are of note I guess. In the immediate self I don't under sell that but. Could have gotten more for Dwight Howard and Timothy in Moscow is that your first reaction that's much for treatment. My first reaction was allow. The second reaction was. I thought it was an even trade I didn't see it or draft picks involved themselves think and how much has. As he dropped as Dwight Howard yeah. I mean he still productive. The dude averaged. Last year sixteen pointing any Tommy teams as he played for a bunch yeah like at four different teams in the last four years. Yeah he's is jumping from team team this one's not his fault but I guess maybe it can be if he played better in Charlotte I don't know if I had three years in Houston. And then he went to Atlanta for years and Charlotte for a year now Brooklyn wholesale long. He laughs there be your your trading a guy that some. Sixteen and a half points a game twelve and half rebounds a game. For a guy that spore injury four point and three rebounds a game a must must golf only played. We fund the stat here. Mosque golf only started thirteen games for Brooklyn who played in 31 games. Last year. He gives you nothing from outside course is a seven footer you don't expect that. And he averaged four point two points per game how much playing time down during those games. Eleven minutes a game. All right and homecoming into game one. Oh wait one hour getting so I I mean it may be burning. It may even now. If you if you play Moscow on the entire time he made equal the amount that I've now gotten a way to look at it like this could mean bureau. They're not gonna. I mean Zeller is gonna play more command skis maybe going to be more regular senator now. I mean yeah you got mosque awfully every meal expect mosque off to play thirty minutes in for Charlotte new idol. I'd be surprised if he's still on the team in the installer I mean what what will that say about the team. I just tell wonder amendment clearly. They think they have a strategy I'd just not sure what it is you know Mitch Kupchak signed mas golf. To a four year deal for 64 million dollars with the lakers. Two years ago so he's certainly familiar one but he still has two years and 32 point seven million left on his contract. Dwight Howard has a 23 point eight million dollar expiring contract and Charlotte wanted to move in and I get that I don't blame them for that. The future's not light tower we don't about the yesterday you know where the hornets going who's going to be. The centerpiece of their team for the next few years and is not going to be too like our. So wanting to move that contract down not Buena Riyadh white power I certainly get that I just think they probably. Could've done better this is another one of those guys it was really good one done eight time all star. But now he's changing teams for the third time. In three years the deal cannot be completed until the moratorium ends July 6 the nets will need money to expire off the salary cap so that they can take on Dwight Howard's. Salary. The picks that the hornets won't yet they'll get a second round pick tomorrow. Big number 45 overall. So we'll see what they do that maybe you'll feel better about this and then they get a second round pick in 2021. According to Adrian won't Murkowski. He's quoting sources here the team. Has not confirmed the details of this just yet. Among inspired me and you know I'll look I don't expect. We said this yesterday don't expect the hornets to be good anytime soon talked rather. Celebrating their thirty year anniversary in Charlotte hornets bobcats hornets. And MIB thirty more years before they're good. Little facetious but they've only had banner at a fifty win season since the ninety's. We didn't think why our was going to be there like he's so we talked about this yesterday so this is the first step over whatever. I don't wanna say rebuilding policy building this is the first step of building because of the draft pick but Moscow no he's not. The future but I mean help give you something. Maybe he will he is seven foot one. You got that they're about the same age ailing must go off Monday a year younger than Dwight Howard so you mean I'm going to use with. Comfortable as there were times a few years ago Moscow was it was on the cavs that he played pretty well he had a year 2000. But that's the only time in his career which goes back to 2010. So he's been around awhile. That he averaged double figures is typically been a seven a nine point game gravity slow down last year four points payment and in only started as we said thirteen games. For the Brooklyn nets. I don't know on the face of it looks like maybe the nets win in this home by you know the future for Brooklyn is probably not Dwight Howard either so. This is not one of the big wins were probably a bigger trades coming up but it is interesting. That Dwight Howard. His one year in Charlotte will be his only year and I'm morally shocked by that. See out works out the draft picks. Will. Make the different. That's gonna make the difference in the strike one Leo hornets get those two graphics including one tomorrow night. In the second round BI interesting to see what they do. Tomorrow night just talking about that. NBA draft tomorrow night which we will cover for you here will have before you on ESPN upstate starting at 7 o'clock. Mike Smith's with ESPN a draft analysts talks about the potential for some drama in tomorrow night's draft. It does feel like this it is the draft that could have some. You know fireworks potentially. You know anytime you have Sacramento in the top of the tour history and you can always get interest thing and then you know I Lan are they don't wanna move back you know it is ballot can try to move you know they've been linked to it. To look at Don Cilic in you know than the clippers have twelve and thirteen you know what they gonna do with those of you to be aggressive to move up try to get to top five were they can move on those picks back. I really do you think. This is one of those straps that's been fairly uncertain influenced by the seat and an end because you know continue on draft. So I see the hawk stick with the what has been reportedly they're game planning get look at dunk each with. Pick number three be on the could trade out of that as well meantime. News from the spurs and coli Leonard. Gregg Popovich went to Southern California yesterday. And met with Kauai. Ahead of the draft Thursday night. He's been trying to set up a meeting with Kline Leonard to discuss the issues that have fractured their relationship. And caused him to make public his desire to be traded. Leonard wants a trade to Los Angeles. Preferably the lakers and not the clippers. According to league sources. He has privately. Maintained that he no longer most play in San Antonio. And will eventually alert rival teams considering trades for him that he is intention is to sign in Los Angeles when he can become a free agent next year and 2019. The spurs not expected to be motivated to for civil laid any kind of deal with the lakers. So what do you think about Popovich humming pretty respecting guy can he talk to and he smooth over whatever this relationship is right now with coli router with this meeting. So he didn't seek why Leonard in need during the season. Was I seem to recall seeing videos of and at least being on the bench or are near it during his injury sure I'm just beat what can you say now. They you didn't say all during the season or did you did he did pop is people and all put an off putting off. Path we got among your contract he's not going anywhere anyway so I don't need to worry about this what made him. At this point go there to talk that. Well he's been trying to talk to a and that's part of the issue Leonard. Has told people he did not wanna sit down with Popovich. And he has made it difficult for anyone would disperse to reach him recently. As the season has wound down. Leonard angry over what he believes was there mishandling of his injury quad injury. And he wasn't happy about. Tony Parker's comments and some comments from pop that he didn't feel were supportive of him and you are somewhat pop said he didn't sell its view as a gone out of his way to be supportive. Of collide a hundred. But. Specially since the end of the season the spurs have been trying to. Worked through some of these issues that's being communicated to those teams seeking trade talks. The spurs have encouraged some rival team executives calling about letter to percent of offer if they want to. But they have. Been largely reluctant to give any team's guidance on players are packages that would interest them I don't know what it would both teams that are trying to Nikolay don't know what to betray taken trait. First are really communicating on that there's several thousand offers make an offer. Have you ever been a situation where you just dumb with it and no matter what anyone says she's done I mean there are some people like that are steadfast when the make up their mind. It doesn't matter how much coaxing. Or how much kissing up you do that person or does Dolan. And it seems like why Leonard's in that spot so. If he's not going to play period. The best thing for. Them to do is try to find a way to trade him away and get some amount of Al. That's true certainly if a kid Debbie smooth never Wear their relationship with a goat again and why bother because according to them he could have played last year and he didn't. So if he had played last year he made the size knuckle play anymore. Tea no confidence in Popovich on this. Negotiation discussion with collider under no I do not I think Leonard has made up his mind that he wants to be gone. I may be the case. Well anyway want mental part of it may be doesn't see them winning you know spurs don't seem like team pulled her picture now. So. Maybe. Like to go somewhere where he can play a little deeper into the playoffs. I'm going forward so I tend to agree we do that down that he's on his way out. Maybe pop this is just done doing this meeting him in this meeting in California yesterday. Too well. Due diligence and mounted sewing say did they we tried in a for show that tit for future people who wanna come there and play you can point out hey I did everything I could to get this got a static. Can't just them because the stuff he said during the season when Lennar was out was up particularly as we said supportive on the face of its own. At least this way he can say hale went to see him when all of the California deceit. Just couldn't work it out. And that's save face for Popovich. But don't rule out possibility that they made some progress we don't know they aren't saying. Now we'll find out soon enough. A 444773776. Techs like 71307. So that's news in the NBA on the ball commit to the big stuff for today PF thoughts on the portage trade as they unload Dwight Howard to the Brooklyn nets. But I certainly welcome to call text or tweet end up would be happy to hear your comments on that throughout the afternoon. I won't take a break and come back and update dubbed baseball the Braves game with Toronto what happened yesterday with Atlanta as they continued to lead in the National League east. And other baseball news notes coming up as well also stay with us here Greg McKinney Alonso and huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back to the huddle ESPN of State's Greg McKinney Alonso Richmond. Taken the day off. And will be back with a us. Tomorrow how we got word this morning that doesn't this show and straighter with scourge. Which follows the show are the two finalists for South Carolina Sports Radio show of the year. The secular broadcasters association so we appreciate that. And no war have. That award handed out in August couple mart's way down and Colombia known to also be nominated three years and her throne who may have come. I'll let you know no matter what happens between us to we have bombed accomplish Porsche is in the state according via CB some pretty cool. They're treating it like down. And a lot of other and come mom. Finalists. And yet some over on the W Gordy the news talk station. So congratulations to. Everybody that's been nominated Rio we have won that award here on the show last two years and now look forward to competing with Sturgis. Coming up do. In a couple putts that's sounds so sincerely hope that not like going to school we did the same thing or two years ago grant to fund the first year of this award we did you know. So let's go. And now we appreciate. Whoever the judges are for making us a finalist that we don't know that they rescinded that states. Randomly it's never the same salary you know advertisements placed him to have no opportunity tracked him down and influence the judge not that we would ever do such a thing. Pay this story abrupt Brandon Morrow is bizarre but closer. For the Chicago Cubs sixteen saves this season. He sustained back. Spasms. OK not unusual for cloture. He did it while he was Aggies fans off. That he was undressing at home. 3 o'clock in the morning. In his closet. Got the rat right pants leg off. And then the left one just felt like you had a spasm in his back while trying to take the left leg. Off my my first question okay were they coming back from a road trip does that lie utilizing undressing at 3:30 AM I don't know it's something else influences that has balance at the time that's that's one another look at American Saint Louis now. Think Louis to Chicago is not reform but you know and I gain a Mac and makes it's unique it's still being. Just him back in so he's on the ten day disabled list because of the injury. They're taken a day to day approach. In Chicago that Justin Wilson was called on in the ninth inning to protect a 32 leading game one of Tuesday's doubleheader. But he allowed two earned runs on two hits and a walk and blew the save their lost. Four to three Amaro told reporters I'm hoping senate since it's not like a trauma induced spasm he was just taking his pants off he wasn't. Throwing a pitcher and that it should be okay very localized he said it's not spreading and stuff. Getting hurt any time is frustrating but when it's not related to throwing a baseball it's even that much more frustrating yeah I would think that getting hurt taking your pants off would be frustrate. I just you know I think it would have to make some and also. Really. You wouldn't be an honest about it. I don't well I'm not the sale would be dishonest no color it somehow I mean you know would. Like the dog ran in and knocked me off balance or something not just I was taken my. And soften up. A chemist. And I think it's a spell as a man I just. Yeah that's a spasm and obviously still soaring. Imus enough for them a ten day disabled list I realize we're not professional athletes. Bure had a spasm keep you out of work for whatever line of work you're doing now. Neither of bud. I can do my work without. Being 100% physically. Capable and we were having physical a physical job in him today. I'm sure in my very younger days on the radio for 400 years so. That's never been. Physical but yeah I mean I worked in cotton mill of you know stock shield some done. Stuff like that there again you know something like that you could very well how spasm especially like stocking shelves like Utah loses a lot of been been involved if you put something on bottom shelf I have to do that too. I recall having spasms and I don't recall saying that hey man I gotta go home I got got a spasm on. Yes I'm questioning his manhood wild and the manhood of baseball players I'm sorry it just you know Adori Nokia did the same thing at the top of the hour eight Edith. More man here is professional home how much money do you make a spousal. Well get a massage okay benefits is pitcher coming pitchers have to feel pretty good. Immediate pitcher's name beavis. No I'm saying you know you can understand and out there walking around in right field when for. Two baseball game become your. You know he's got to be he's got to be there controlled much pitches and got to feel good do battle on problem and I I know there are different degrees of spasms or severe spasms that can relieve. Knock you down not I get it's just. This is the sound of it just sounds wimpy you may remember back in 2004. Sammy Sosa went on the DL. I he had back spasms suffered when he sneezed. Which would you take sneezing or putting on my pants sneezing if have you sneeze violently enough that it hurt everything when I mean it it's her always to my toes before I sneezed hard enough now. And I don't recall getting hurt take you know my pants and most of spelled out surprising a haven't either as a wife says I'm allowed to sneeze she's ever. Startling. Sneeze but I never hurt myself I needed more has to do with trying to hold back than it does lend ago. I think if you hold it back a little bit it can cause clues yet to use more body parts quarterback if you let him go which is probably what you do and there's no harm in pentagon. Slim to go don't put your hands up there bystander anywhere kid out a way. Yeah I know I wouldn't like pinch your nose and keep your mouth closed and that. Always I would never do you know you've brought your body's trying to get south unethical and have to. I'd sell anyway good luck to the cubs' closer Brandon Morrow. Disabled list from putting his pain taking a stance off. At 3 o'clock in the morning the Braves have tied it up now with Toronto. In this afternoon game at couldn't find that one on the old television set keep them down there. But he what bottom of the fourth inning braves two and out Toronto Blue Jays to. Annabel Sanchez has been so good for Atlanta and even star also well today gave up two runs in the first inning. But he is looking better now he struck out five his wall one so in three innings two runs and Sanchez is staying in there in the Braves have come back. And tied it up. And the Braves were able to win yesterday eleven to four answer local wasn't that good either. Now he got that star you know and he's a Canadian and thought that would be kind of a cool experience for him in Toronto but. He gave up four runs in four and two thirds innings. But does Sam Freeman was the story came in. And got the win pitched a couple of good innings for the Braves. And come argot of the third baseman was four for 54 Atlanta yesterday with a home run and five. Five count them. RBIs for Atlanta so as another new wind to die yesterday in their back tied up day in. Bottom of the fourth inning and the Braves. Certainly stay in first place no matter what happens today but they can get their second straight win over Toronto. That would certainly help there standings in the National League east where the Braves have. Been very very good to come into the day with a three and a half game lead. As the nationals got to win to the Braves have won three in a row seven out of 103 and a half game lead a 4329. Record. And I'll try to make that 44 today. As they take on the yeah. Toronto Blue Jays so my game in the fourth inning the Braves in the blue jays are tied up. Add to a plea not to apiece Saint Louis in the old Althea tied up at one apiece and that one is in the middle the second and Detroit up on Cincinnati. Two to nothing in the top of the fourth White Sox losing to Cleveland Cleveland up three nothing after one inning. In that game. In Cleveland since update on the a baseball for today a 44 GS PE SPN text line 71307. It is the key word ESPN to begin New York text message and be right back in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Thanks for listening to a huddle any time you wanna hear us on your Smartphone radio dot com is the place gov. So if you haven't already download the radio dot com happen. And a favorite ESPN upstate you can listen live wherever you are it's very easy to download very easy to use radio dot com for. Live streaming end up. We recommend that to you run away get it downloaded if you haven't done that already are laws omen to defer to you on this later. Big deal. Oh yeah you know I'm surprised. You don't know him because odor thought back in the day that because he was. In WA WCW. Those days Russell flare a lot I don't gonna come into the basement of the Spartanburg auditorium when ordering an. Could have missed you know I believe he was only 61 saw surprise I think history of 63 so I thought he was a little bit older than what he was we've been having some health problems. For a while now and so it's it's not really that big of a surprise is greater or. Requested our Arnold. Is really easily unlike. Whose big men Vader had I think it was more of kind of a German to I don't recall. When his big time was I was kind of like a kid then sighed in relief. The wind and how the social media and everything we can research and find out what's behind. All the names and everything out online knows. He worked kind of a mask but it didn't look like. Darth Vader and the scandal leather thing. Well yeah passed away Vator Leon why. Come at the age of 63 he had a heart problems seat at heart failure that was cause of death he's had pneumonia for the past month. Tom had open heart surgery in late march so the heart issues have been there. As later. Weitzman more than thirty years in professional wrestling with one of the most iconic looks in the history of the business he had a red and black single that. As a single like that. Believe what you call its once you. Know it's not a wanna see it's a single and got. It's a single like wrestling right Wendy's it's a one piece it's not a one piece of the single. What's the difference. From very offense. I DN a mask of then strips of red and black leather. To make webbing. On a space. He first found success in Japan. He was the IWGP. Heavyweight champion in new. Japan pro wrestling in the late eighties. He entered the United States wrestling picture in 1990 that's why don't know I'm OK so we camp came movement like India is too young for a came into WCW. In 1990 became world champion moved to WWB. Then known as WWF and 1996. He later performed for all Japan pro wrestling him on their top title continue performing in the ring as recently as last year April 2017. Well if I recall a mutual acquaintance of hours down the hall in Jerusalem for. Jeff Lewis new yes I do recall that I seem to recall him telling me about that Annika. Would mis priced just should be ashamed for rush like 63 year old man that Jeff has wrestled a lot of the big and then payments past them presents and millions of I know Tom he also was a good football player two time all American setter that Colorado. Drafted by the rams in the third round in 1978. Did you know that. I did not under the part of the rams' Super Bowl roster before knee problems brought his NFL career to an end. And he made TV appearances he was on Baywatch. And he was on Boy Meets World among bishops see either of those. I am aware of Boy Meets World that I never seen that they didn't see him on him and you know I used to watch Baywatch but it wasn't for greater. To say it. He probably were right there for the half your life and rely on the federal laws is probably right there and I just didn't I would guess if he was there you would have noticed barely a lesson is just. He had a large guy laying on the beach you probably won't know he's a big due to that and show him running in slow motion on the regional point that was not a bingo room probably not. ID like condolences the family above Vator passing away from. Heart disease at the age of 63. I guess Sunday night we had Iran to Rouse the event. And she was good that we understand yes she was really good. And then she got beat up in Egypt out of her chance to win the the championship but yeah I mean it was. We know when she came in they said. She'll go to the battle alive like anyone believe that crap. So her first singles match this was for the championship. And she held her own two is good to look like she'd been working really hard at that. Making everything look real I mean. And they they take her strength switzer are heard there are Juno and and all the stuff that she did in the MMA. And incorporated into her match and and look pretty good but she spent an opportunity to say it's what you do. Bond she beat the the general manager. Several rough for he and the current champion. Outside of the ring it's you know with a chair in the on note she did well. Yeah actually I think the miniature golf you say that pumped like cakes lot of punches. Some throws that it was it was very nice. But I think her suspension may coincide with her being inducted into the you have seen whole thing well that works out yeah Pollyanna she just happens to be off during that time. Over thirty days is enough and run. You wait thirty days to see but when she comes back I'll look to her be look for her to be champion pretty quick. Night Rouse the look I mean going from what I understand and you know more than I do she's. An impressive so far. And wrestling for what you worry about the transition. From that I mean happens from football Lotta Lotta football players come into wrestling and they and they have a pretty decent career like the rock. Who play for Florida State I mean so you dig guys any plating and candidate to see big guys that come in and they do pretty well from football. Other sports not always so much and her coming in from UFC and are a couple other UFC fighters that are doing pretty well and resting right now to I think the easiest transition is from. A mixed martial arts into. Wrestling because a lot of the submission holds and things like that and incorporated into. Wrestling to make it look more realistic side. Yeah now agree that the issue is good to join us. Art 844 GS PES the end we will be back in a moment final segment coming up for this hour. In the huddle and talk about Panthers football and some compliments from Willie McGinest who works for NFL network now. About Carolina Panthers coming up right after 2 o'clock. And much more ahead to stay well this year the Wednesday huddle on ESP in upstate. You know every year bill bullets Belichick heads up. Almost if not literally every list of rankings of NFL coaches. Change. Sometime in the foreseeable future based on what we're seeing. I know one of the people that puts out the list is a bill Bender of the sporting news and has his for this year. And ES Belichick number one. But. Com. He says you know this is. Perhaps getting a little tighter. For that number one spot. Question is who would take over as the top coach in the NFL on anybody's list. Who would take over for Belichick well he has Doug Peterson of the eagles' number two is it too soon to put Doug Peterson up there. After winning the Super Bowl winning the Super Bowl with a backup quarterback. Then Nichols. I would like to see some longevity I mean. I don't know how many. Coaches have come in a more in the first year you may be the only one but I mean Matsui does this year get a team wins it all again this year some people. Rank him probably had a Belichick for the first time. Probably so those are one and two of the so you Bender has where you think Ron Rivera ranks on this list one through 32 of NFL coaches what's your guess. When he died and stop it. But it's so ugly man odds this came in I'd I would say somewhere in the top fifteen Osce twelfth and will say. Number three on his list Mike Tomlin with a Steelers. Who. Then what's he done lately in practice Wednesday and I mean they had double digit victories four straight years of that but lost to Jacksonville in the divisional playoffs. Hum. We'll see. Number for the new DB. Why is Pete Carroll the fourth best coach in the NFL. That is a great question. Come on Bender. They missed the playoffs. They've done some housecleaning. They had a winning record last year a year number four for winning record. They better bounced back. This year. I would not put the Caroline number four and Bachmann elements. On number five Mike McCarthy. The Green Bay Packers. You know some question that how good is green they've been lately. They're good when air Roger's health centers good dessert quarterback being healthy you know. But he needs to get that defense on track they made some moves coaching changes and all that this year players term dumbing either. They switch both coordinators in the offseason the senior team when's the last time we had a good defense now remember. It's hard to remember. Reggie White. It's been a while it. You know army McCarthy is a good coach and he's. Kind of like a 63% winning percentage in all that some five I don't mind that for him I wouldn't argue if you put him down at 6%. And number six Sean Payton with the saints. Hum. We got back into the playoffs you know I spent three years non goal of the playoffs on a now. Do that they spent three years with one of the worst defense is in May started building their defense back up and now they've improved people think that they'll be in the Super Bowl on some people that they need to be for him to be number six on this list because it's been a while. For the saints under Sean Payton going into his twelfth season. And number seven on vendors list of the top NFL coach is Mike Zimmer with the vikings. I'll reluctantly agree with an eight Minnesota with a passion. De dum. They are strong and now they get Kirk cousins. So we're probably going to be right there this year. I think we'll take a step back again I think cousins is overrated. We might find out how good the consumer and nine. Meaning. They were good last year they were good day in Canada sported an appointment. Any raid your chiefs' number eight I feel about Alan. He's managed to improve the chiefs every year he's been there. Took a big chance this year we'll see how good coach York. I am pieces in place but the rookie basically a rookie quarterback they have four years of ten wins or more so that's great but. One post season victory in four playoff appearance yeah it's not good. So he's good in the regular season he needs to be in the play LA I would say he belongs there if you can figure out how to beat Pittsburgh. That would be big. At number nine inside the top ten Dan Quinn of the falcons. Were you on Dan Quinn and remember you like him. I like Dan Quinn has delayed the falcons. I know I know that makes it difficult I just died I've never ever since the dirty burgers it's been something of there's rubbed me the wrong way I don't know when it. Yeah I know a lot of people don't like that just don't feel any law for the falcons but I still like the falcons I used to go see them in the pre Panthers today. In you know we were an affiliate of our radio stations sell it on the and spend the weekend. Was pretty cool so became kind of a falcons fan. Then. After agreement. That a ten win season last year they got a playoff win. And then there and a division in the NFC south where it's going to be tough to break through the falcons will be. One of the teams in the hunt and your last top ten coach your last coach in the top ten on this list will be Ron Rivera. Probably. The answer is yes. Ron Rivera Carolina Panthers. Carolina's trend of every other year success continue with an eleven win season in 2017. Ron Rivera continues to adapt around Camden talent. Is that what he's doing adapting around Camden Stan. Okay. I'm trying to understand what that out of touch and I do what he did that I don't. I mean you'll they're trying to get more weapons that's for sure and they've done that they did win early last year in which is totally out of character for him and and what he's done in the past so they went early again this year I might actually be okay with the. What Bender says is when the Panthers have a top ten defense that's when they're in business more about defense than. Offense I discover menace for the tolerant through the rest of these hardball the ravens at eleven. John McVeigh were the rams good young coach at twelve. Jason Garrett cowboys at thirteen it like cowboys aliens would disagree that right. Why don't we always getting. Host hello sir cowboys fans and then like on the Reza mayors we took that as part of the job qualifications. Bill O'Brien at Texas the Texans Houston Texans. At fourteen. Dropped a spot they were foreign twelve question. John Watson we'll have a lot to do was his ranking this coming year. He can stay healthy. Dog role of the jags at fifteen who would've thought that but yes they were good last year. And I had a winning year when he was a buffalo back in 2014 some roamed south. Pretty successful Jon Gruden with the raiders at sixteen okay. I you rank him what does he traffic with us they are minor oil below the the new guy as they had all you so he's in the middle of the pack Marvin Lewis with a mangled the seventeenth me. McDermott with the bills eighteen. Anthony Lynn with the chargers is nineteen and Kyle Shanahan with a forty niners is. Twenties who would put very last. Brown's. I gotta scroll through seizure right on the tunnel secure. Between them they're no you Jackson's 29. Of the browns' thirty pat sure her with the giants. 31 Mike Vrabel with the titans. And your winner as the number 32 coaches met Patricia with a Detroit lines. The other couple coaches who have been coached yet and they're down the bottom where they should be what I grew Maryland man medals he's gruden and so. Now I had a 444773776. Text line 71307. And Twitter and ESPN upstate continue the NFL talk and hear what Willie McGinest. Essay about the issues Carolina Panthers team coming up that's ahead as we Rowland our number two here stay well listen huddle on ESPN upstate.