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Tuesday, June 19th

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We're back the huddle on ESPN upstate Craig McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso. Missive staged jumped out now to 1922. Lead over the Tar Heels. At the college World Series in Omaha on they're running out of innings in the eighth inning now so. Might be trouble for North Carolina. Today and the college World Series at two more games scheduled this afternoon we will keep an eye on those we'll get your final listeners that. Is official out of Omaha Nebraska this afternoon are free agency rumor rail heating up in the NBA. And down continue to be plenty of rumors about LeBron James and what he's going to do. And O'Brien went horse says yes it is possible that LeBron could stay at Cleveland with the cavaliers. He wants to stay in Cleveland she's looking for a reason to stay in Cleveland but the trouble is what we get to July 6 or July 8 when he's about to make that decision what will the Boston Celtics stunned by that well all of the 76ers done by that old of the lakers have done by then and how that compared to the cast of what they're able to do after four years at the top. They're gonna help a lot of a lot fewer options than those other teams and that's there. Issue the broadest look yet. And the cavs do enough to keep it. That's a question if you want LeBron to stay and they do enough. To keep them. Is this so much Dick had us in terms of what they can do verses. How bawdy and LeBron would be to actually. Being a position of selling Cleveland to these free agents and be in the ultimate recruiter right now. I don't hear all about that to be doing a behind the saints yeah you'd have. But that's you think that something would have surfaced a little bit more by now. If that was truly. What might have been happening in terms. There Korean process that we heard last year obviously with or two years ago. With the Hampton five and those guys getting together. To do. Pitch they're selling. Strategy to Kevin Durant come to Golden State beat we heard that before it actually happened. But there're rumors about that was gonna happen we have Ernie thing with the Broncos still little bit early but reading closer CIO we call. Did we hear about the though bosh and wade thing before it happened. I mean I do feel I I can't Hollis your music for that and same with the Kevin Love getting him to come that we hear about that wave before. I mean he's making phone calls he's got to be. Gal I would think the next couple weeks he's getting it depends who is this is tropical island nerd like. Twice a day in and yeah he's he Pete it's an eagle and that would be the hope according to Bleacher Report. The lakers are prepared to sign three big names. They have the lakers Bleacher Report has the lakers signing LeBron James Paul George and DeMarcus Cousins. About that to match up with a Golden State. Who would stay at the lakers who have big on remains to be saying. But that would be interesting. Oklahoma. City Thunder seen that be pretty confident that they can sign Paul George. That they can keep him but I don't I will say. Yet there's been discussions that he is gonna re sign of damage that. He's made some indications that. He he's okay stainless Oklahoma City and obviously Russell Westbrook and lot of people talking about nobody can really play with Russell Westbrook justly see guys leaving. This would obviously be a change of tune if Paul George stated. And about cousins that then dynamics. They needed a big man in Los Angeles for a while the lakers. He's coming off season where he had a torn Achilles of the season. Ended early but he's just 27 years old. At least got some years lefty averaged 45 points almost thirteen rebounds and one and a half blocks a game now he was playing well ever got hurt and and I would be dumb. Intimidating team there with those gas but he also had Anthony Davis on his team. He did have to be the number one guy right. That helps any wouldn't that be number blessed with this ties you that's that's true but internally clog up the middle though and one of the big man yes that's my point is that that that would via. Completely different scenario for him and still on the radar is LeBron to Houston. Tom pin is a front office insider for ESPN had some thoughts about that. This idea of him getting to Houston somehow he could stay in his contract instead opting out. We Chris Paul did last year right around any could effectively. Influence a trade to Houston now you got to legit players back Cleveland's capped out no matter what there's sort of trying to make lemonade out of lemons are trying to salvage whatever they have. In that scenario then all of a sudden you've got LeBron with Chris Paul with James Harden. And they're the favorite. Another super team there. Which one you like appear LeBron yes. Here's Australia have a lot of options I just don't see Bill Casey thing happened I'd still think LeBron James Harden. Will work well together. Mean Houston. Pentagon in Houston mother. I just. Hard left. OK see that's one's thinking about them and because you get the ball enough. Zeal get the ball though I know that LeBron facilitates it's one of the things he does but. That's what Chris Paul's therefore. I'm just. Still see now working. Still pretty much wide open now I don't know that we have a favored. Outcome on this front and it would we have some the few really good about predicting for LeBron. My gut would say Los angeles'. He seems to make sense but it. I'd rather see LeBron stay in the east. I'd like to see LeBron go to Philadelphia. Kelly yes discreet and other early powerful team but it on the side of the country that's right. Then you get that east west rival bill one. And we just have the 76ers in the orders and as a lawyer to worry about now I I think you'd actually is still. We're about the Celtics now and you've got to Houston and it is the F 1414. Dollar. Type of race because again look at it's not like Golden State dominated. So much. Our you know. Mean they struggled and it's all you gotta be helping you never know what can happen in. And as much as it was a sweep in the NBA finals. There's too competitive games in trouble with the Houston to. Come on hold out hope for a while Leonard and clay Thompson from Cleveland to play with LeBron. I would certainly make them competitive I don't see Clay Johnson leaving them. And either runner. When I try to I think you know his dad says something about that he's gonna opt out I know that doesn't mean anything that's just a way to get more money but. You never know. A 44 GS PE SPM schedule follows Doug O'Brien about the MBA our Brian welcome him. There the other areas well in what's up. I just don't see all this free agency in the same light that I see what Golden State didn't I'm it to me Golden State they drafted a team. It got better. And then they just went out and signed one really gets freeagent I mean they didn't do any thing out of the ordinary. These other teams it's like authority and admitting defeat. There that are coming around saying we can't beat this team. So let's just all get all the home and talk to our buddies and farm for five best players in the NBA let's all pull up on the same team. Ominous to me is just such cowardly way out. I mean it IRC what Golden State and I'm not ignored serious at all but Osce what they did have a totally different life and what these other guys are doing. They did which are supposed to they draft they're a team that turn into a good team mates signed one good free agent and get on the phone with 45 different people. And you know trying to disable CD can we go play in that I can afford all of us. And maybe you'll have a chance this just is such a different NBA today arm I just wanted to put that out there but I endorse certain just. You rhyme amount he's wrong but I mean not only emails thinks they it has buyers gonna have a patient's drug to the Iowa. Wrote words to say the rules such candor with the way into the Iowa this is part of free agency this is the reality of it and took a look at that it. Draft who would've predicted distaff Currie was going to be a two time in VP NB the only player in NBA history. To be unanimous in BP Michael Jordan was never unanimous MVP LeBron James has never been unanimous MVP. And then for clay Thompson to be able to explode on the scene like he did and trade mongering to be a role player. Yeah like that you can't just ran away for that magic and no end. You're not gonna see that type of situation how they built that in the draft like that. That's a once in a lifetime thing that we seem we haven't seen. Three players being able to come on the scene like that through the draft like that and so. Building it through free agency that's just part of the NBA right now. Golden State I guarantee you would be doing the same type of thing if they were in that position and there's a lot of people say that. Yet they might have built it. Through the draft process but it was the ultimate. Free agency moved that they created all this madness in terms of how crazy it is trying to get up with these super teams so to speak by. Going out and beat you know the Hampton five again going out in. Putting on a their sales had to get Kevin Durant there. And depth that's where we are so mom you know that's gonna happen somebody's gonna do it's a million but the young. The super the next super team together and down. I don't think urging stopping that that train is out rolling here Cleveland's ornament a couple of changes. Before any decision about LeBron james' future. They're not going to renew the contracts of assistant coach Jim Boylan. And player development coach Phil handy. That's a bench shuffle. And so the newest and coaching. Shuffling. Right now this is going to mean some new guys. Up there with tire on Lou to. Try to improve what they do on the bench for Cleveland I don't of though is are things that LeBron wanted or didn't want who knows. And out of the something you didn't want. Yeah that I would imagine they're trying to roll out the red carpet SO. Now a suspect he probably knew this was coming also now. We know he wasn't happy with the carrier urban situation and any else that was happy with David Griffin. Director of basketball operations in my go as well. So logged just a little more shuffling as though we get closer to. The decision 2018 which is only coming in the next few weeks ID 444773776. Web gem coming up with Cam Newton and some. Kids at a football camp this kind of interest and and much more ahead three questions at three coming up at 304 today in the huddle and some comments on Tom Brady from Stephen A Smith still to come on the show today. Amber and close to a final in that College Baseball game this afternoon involving Mississippi State and the Tar Heels and it's not looking good for the Tar Heels today well they death for his well. Still others in the huddle on ESP in upstate we'll be right back. We are Mac this is the huddled Tuesday edition on ESPN. Upstate. Over at dal lake marble this afternoon they're testing the the spillway and they're releasing some water detest those. Blocks on the dam that released the water make sure they'll work right to pretty impressive site. If you're over in the dam area and so video of it from channel four people standing on top of that dam and now water pouring out of it. Arafat won't stand on having this go check but that's. No I don't growing. Right outside of Atlanta and went high school in Cumming Georgia and Buford dam is there at Lake Lanier SO. We used to go there as a kid and watch. Just which are talking about when they release. The water. It was crazy. Just the amount in just ferocity of this water does all the sudden coming down and if years. And there are several people over the years that had been killed. Pills they drowned. Downstream detail is Graham add details come in and they they send out the warnings here this big desire and everything but people just ignored it. And amazing the power of water now unbelievable I mean it just it comes it's spilling down the dam in the net you know. It's the floor of the lake and then comes back up just like this huge wave crazy creates calm out violently letter on like that but doc. Hope little at the lake level down to four lake levels good because the rain we've had so I know they're really good camp and I'd. We're down to Atlanta not too long ago looked really didn't come August when they need that could fit exactly and now the Ireland down that far to via factory in the happened. That's going on now over there in the sentiment. All right let's get to the web gem today in the huddle. Well a lot of people have posted this on the Internet today involves Panthers quarterback Cam Newton he was. And a yum. A camp in Bradenton Florida believe the a Bradenton Florida high school football camp. And some kids came up and we're gonna talked cam and he's usually good about them but these kids couple that he could. And it's hard to hear I'll tell you that the beginning but you can hear the very first thing said by one of the kids is cam can't get a fumble let down. That's set things off on a bad note and you could hear a little bit of the exchange. Yeah yeah. Innocent. What happened in the Super Bowl camp and the face of one of those kids and you do what. And they backed house let's see an area of earth he these little kids man what are they Dylan. Don't we dawn at the camp. Bad idea. The good for him for. Knotts. Did you debate not let me go. Too far. What they're trying to get a reaction out of Yemen they wanted on social media they want and I got there yet they're recorded all of this mean this this is wider. Doing that in that say in this type of things are in debt through a type a reaction making yet to and also whatever action they get from their friends. The other showing an off you know minister and has gone viral already today the seven yesterday Ellington and it's art and viral out there today so lump. I can to his credit got control of his emotions there but he she took completes its phase of that that kid and a had some second thoughts from Campbell leaned down into him with a 65. To 45 whatever is now cam is a big guy yet. Big dude much bigger than you think when you stand beside him right yeah. Pretty intimidating. Soccer news World Cup news on May mar. He left Brazil's training. Today. After just fifteen minutes he has a right ankle injury the team doctor says it's related to a foul he suffered against Switzerland in not his recently broken right foot. He was playing keep away with a few other players when he suddenly left the training session in Sochi. He lab does he walked away from the field toward the dressing room the doctor said that he left as a precaution after feeling soreness while jogging. He is going to undergo three zero's year later today trying to be fit for training tomorrow afternoon. The next match up for Brazil this Friday in the second group B game against Costa Rica. As they look to claim a bear first win of the tournament so that's one of the big names at the World Cup itself. Dealing with an injury right now but another question to what they do this here's what the story. Reads. About the next game for Brazil. Brazil face Costa Rica. What do they do that to the soccer wasn't face instead of faces. Why it wasn't Brazil face faces Coastr Rica proper for soccer. What does that have to be face. I can abuse this is a rant of the day yes you could have been I don't have a good answer for you mean this is on the ESPN web site. It's English were speaking. Why is it Brazil face coast Rica. There's no chance of maybe it was a typo now they do this having art and this I say it this way in soccer coverage. All the time it sounds okay if you have an English accent. Okay. Not just the pavement. I'd need you'll. Tell me why this is the right way to do this and soccer. And so yell and soccer and no they definitely do not say that I can attest to that and I'm not sure if I've ever really picked up on you don't think of oh man they say it all the time. Yet and maybe I just thought I was hearing. Faces detonate their faith in her face now. Rather than Clemson faced South Carolina this weekend that's what they're saying. Why is that right you didn't major in English to do yet birdies no everything okay east with the place no no I FSC face. This is a future. Statement about a game coming up face FA SE. Atlanta faced Toronto tonight that's the way they're saying. Instead of Atlanta faces Toronto. That's the way they're saying it. Or is it we need an English major. Mean technically you are not wrong them and yeah I don't think so yes the what. The technically on the remain technically it's not the way we would say that. You re not being evaluated you'll hear it more. Readily maroon team more routinely I can't even speak in English here but you would actually probably hear it. More as somebody sand they will face. You can say will place winner will face I know bizarre feet. And now. English on across the pod cost upon and they say of these drop the will. Why which you can look at it another another American English and yeah British incidents since all right Betty originated Buchanan's and they're saying all right more say in Iran and got little this is a story on an English sports website American sports website who are writing why are we riding at that who's writing it. Is the British guy that's right there's no violence. Just from ESP. They do this because a soccer cosmic rays because they wanted to be in the same context because most of the world is not. Following American English the probably following British English their riding. Theoretically at least their writing this for predominantly American audience. On the ESP and whips up. I don't care so they don't know I international I went to say and so if you translated to Spanish you would. Say you want you well I know you reference to know you can do it how these Spanish people would want to read it right now and not do and they say Smith it was. Enough rancher or a Russian yeah so I get on its efforts. Doesn't embody as a little bit here that when you haven't noticed that that's what do I have noticed consistently anti soccer story so we statement read your soccer story you haven't heard the guys on TV say an island now would consistently every World Cup soccer. Watch some World Cup and listen the way they sent. That might just give you an indication of how much world cup of action and watch yeah same here can. I guess a watch or out of Washington. And our reality bit not certain the ball teams then. Just should have played down the league's better Elvis. That's a management does is honest I would say the previous World Cup I did have to keep the volume down and I can't remember what year was it was the one end. South Africa or I'm not sure from South Africa but it was in Africa when they had the instruments to make the noise makers and I cannot remember the name Taylor yeah. That's it. Drove me. Crazy I could listen to them I'd turn I am I'm pretty sure there's a who zealot in the building I had to turn the volume off. That bothered you more than Leo. The way they. Which its language. Yes in people is our New Orleans over here and they don't you haven't heard them here and has given not to the extent I mean it was non. Stop. During some of those. I'm nodding as they gain and nothing matches so next time Richmond and I is that the next time Greg's away from the get nothing but who's Ella. Bumper music dance that there might even be up by my own this. From fund. Yep. There was some apparently at the Morocco Iran matched the boos at. I I would request Mattingly back for the tickets but no it's not as predominant as it was last. ID 444773776. Text line 71307. Right time back with more coming up Tuesday huddle on ESPN upstate statements. To make into the huddle it's ESPN. Upstate Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver. And Alonso college join the conversation and a 444773776. Text line 71307. Use the keyword ESP. And final out of Omaha. Mississippi State twelve. North Carolina to. So Mississippi State. Is the first team to win two games at the college were answers about the crazy that that's a surprise. Cow bells are going. Talking about crazy they're going crazy right now would be something that they there's probably a lot of people. In Omaha sick and tired of cal bills dia like bu usually it is endless yes just to you for announced that. But boo boos Leila boo boos de La who's new to him. Museums in damages and I really like that word now. So now Mississippi State dying great. Position north Carolina's one on one now they won their first game of Oregon State. Organ state won yesterday over Washington so they are one and one Washington is Alps. Policy get Texas Tech at one and oh. Arkansas had won an old and Texas and Florida each at a when one that's where we are now coming up today two more games. We get Texas and Florida scheduled to start at 3 o'clock they had that are rescheduled NC. Mississippi State game that just ended cinema be a little behind three get network started shortly after three they should start Texas and Florida. And then tonight at 7 o'clock it'll be Arkansas. Against Texas Tech so that's where things stand. At the college World Series and out in Omaha Nebraska. Up in South Bend, Indiana people are talking about the change in the radio broadcast team for the fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Allen Pinkett says he and play by play man Don creaky are out WT. Pinkett has been doing the national radio broadcasts for Notre Dame since 2001. He began as an analyst with Tony Roberts. And robbers was replaced in 2006. My creaky. Back in April Notre Dame announced they have new deal would JMI sports that included national radio rights. And Pinkett told the South Bend Tribune that JE MI wants. Something different he said their plan is they want someone more local. Like a live in south band local I don't know what that means live and sells them. Because they want is some packages during the week they wanted somebody who was there so these guys are coming in just for the games for national broadcast. And so they're gonna get a little more local flair I guess been noting C is still sees himself as a national team right they do now. So it's kind of an interesting though why would they keep the national broadcasters. Well what they are tricky is he 78 years old well so has deployed something into it though that they I mean I think I remember Don perky. Calling games on NBC yup 47 years worth on NBC and CBS he did 47. Well I guess when your. 78 years old yeah the magnet that's about right he's hazel hazel Lama motor and sell made sense for him to have that long tenure there but down. They have not announced a new radio broadcasting. For Notre Dame and it's the middle of June if if Michael York and on that I'm sure they have up ball. A plan for that. I and they open up when Michigan this year. That's a big that's a big one filing day I'll always enjoyed the Michigan Notre Dame. Rivalry yeah you got disappointed. We take in right now on the line Notre Dame Michigan nominee go to Michigan. Yeah I grew up somewhat of a Michigan fan and a lot of people don't like Jamar ball and I wouldn't say he does annoy me to a certain degree even though. I really liked him when he's a player. At Michigan. Meadows corona but. I know he rubs a lot of people the wrong way Detmer is in Miami yeah I know. There's several people that enough more than special fan support. And several but them I got to a new deal for Oklahoma's Lincoln Riley 25 million over five years. This year four point eight million middle average five million a year over five years 34 years old and Lincoln Riley has hit five million. He was one of the highest paid assistants in the nation before he was promoted to head coach after the retirement of Bob Stoops. And started out play at three point one million dollars led the sooners to the big twelve title. College football playoff appearance number three national ranking. And down the biggest jump comes in this supplemental income increasing from. 2.4 75 million to a million more than that 3.4 75. And he has an annual retention benefit of 500000 dollars so Lincoln Riley skip play. Ever buys in later on your mind is winning is getting paid them no because there's no money and college sports now now there's not a money to not enough money to go around not enough money in the course. Oscar a couple calls in here in the huddle let's get a Jimmy firsts on the line I Jimmie welcome it. Hey guys ever thought little Jimmy woods. You start to believe in Atlanta Braves yet correct. Yeah now I'm starting I'm slowly but surely coming around Jimmie. Well our division. Lockhart. I don't think they have the pitching to win the division Jimmy he can't jump all India and don't let me dive into the deep in. Well built they then they make the nerves I think they need to bring up another infielder. If they don't get wanted to trade. The Internet free and very seldom get to break at first base and at the end of the year you can be really tired yes they did make that both state and well the Opteron chip it Billiton got what it that they are that called a Specter lawyer that burst all. Yeah mostly you know as the first banana to double check. I definitely think they should I break the mighty effort as you know like Margo. I went there based billing and I think he built and or. The second statement yet today for in the state that are in law there yet they they definitely need another utility infielder their Al it got a break. And never said before many sounds or I still think they need another starting pitcher. But I and what about that game Torre and bitch they they didn't know it all organic RM. Yeah I'm is impressive and as his first game back off the DL so very impressive. You know what yeah I'm I'm the press let you know when they absolutely straight like it down that road trip. They came right back victory out or being Diego. I'm relieved and perhaps literally they in at the local listings along the street. I'm Linda Jimi thing is the nationals haven't gotten hot. I mean they've lost four in a row now they just can't get it together. Deb bright harper hit a lot of adversity from the press. Any night hitting real well right now you that. Right so that's opener a.s but I'm impressed some windy I'm impressed. Regret it can't play. That's it thank you Jimmy. Presented we get Jason next in the huddle Jason welcome in your on the air what's up. I'm not much thank thank thank markup this with Jack Cam Newton. They have had out talked about him today or that it's Bermuda devil and I can't I guess that's where that. Yeah we just did unlike previous segment and not get into with kids. Yeah I destroy. I'm a big problem Jeremy remind all. I'm not been the base in detail. As I am saying that no we can yo. I guess criticized the way that group criticized the way data. And handle both the Super Bowl lull every keystroke sic Bo and it. And you know he's the main heat of battle or at least. You know he's the best you got benched I dish that losing nine stretched. That you won't sell your bad best way to save managing your candidate is open is expected and we came. You know war war it can't I'm sure he is a great run it short course but I don't and he can't act buried and then they combined them. Honestly made of money. To do that it. I did shut us you know it's unbelievable amount disrespect people people I am today yeah I'm early every problem vampire bat well. Or than Jason sorry gaga yeah appreciate call I mean as always said that the kids are just. Remarkably disrespectful in some cases and they were at a camp today and hats offer him a meeting got down in the kid's face and some people make criticize them but. But he stopped short of getting physical or anything like better in out and backed up pretty quickly so I can't handle that are. You know I fully wants to than in the look on the kid's face he was scared and second down is occurring now that I lost it that. I think about do it you might think about twice doing that again. No he won't next time I know we won't don't think so because of how much play this thing's getting now zero point Lloyd B. He probably will be more encouraged to try it again this all started now you know that's. The aspect of how technology and social media's changed. Over the years I mean this is a situation where it's trying to get content out there like that trying to have whatever it is the pressure with the exact word viral video viral and it's it's something to get attention and some attention getter you know real quick and up. It's a shame that it's come down to that type of stuff that woman to kids went right back after him and you know ask him what happened in the Super Bowl run just. Pressure he got down and get space are back on him as he's walking away. Pluralism rule. Thanks. So anyway yeah I know pro Camden in that situation yesterday I thought he was pretty pretty collected about it but obviously irritated that showed him that's fine. 844 GS PSP and -- time back with more coming up this is bottle you're listening to ESPN upstate. American Idol on ESPN upstate Tuesday afternoon with the GMAC Richmond and Alonso 844477. 3776. Off the text line at 71307. Sketch upon a couple of text here. On the way that dumb teams are referred to and easiest paean. Soccer stories. Dexter says they're using the country is plural. Their four face. With no less. If it was singular like. GMAC. Faces long so that would be different. While I guess my question is. Why are they using countries as we wouldn't and yet the collar explain that to me to make it come off. Jessica makes sense them. In an elbow and now the fact that that if well let me put on here falcons face the Packers yellow 'cause falcons is Laura I got that falcons is floral. Atlanta is not laurel. It depends if you're using it as a plurality of the as a land has not one person that's right so as soon it's plural eyes so I can say elm Atlanta faced Iran. And I and you guys are cool. Now that I know pooch. Yeah I'm a proper way not gonna bother me as far as determining that singular person plural of mothers used gonna make it yeah okay what may vile thing that bothers you. Really. Really yes the other kill me with a stuff come on it makes perfect and does not make any sense is yes and zero cents. Zero cents how do you what about sports person's sport. What about it. Is sport singular or plural. When I look I understand the argument for making a Portland to sign that we don't do that we don't do that with a anything else what do we do this. In stories that we're reading here. On a an American website I think we have to go back at net I would have to go back and look and see if there's any other. Stories that outlines. One team vs another. And would they say Atlanta that did the US safe it is based Sony's the Green Bay Packers I'd love to see if that. Of course we say Atlanta faces of the Green Bay Packers of course we don't say Atlanta face Green Bay tonight of course we don't. The debate about that and no and yes onion trip that you're. Outlook and what I'm David a drive say that because that's that's not by that I would just trying to explore room I was trying to explore. If the use of a singular vs plural but well you know I mean I guess that's rosters up are Playboy is yet they're trying to making the country plural DS they are. Want that's Michael. Wire because it is for no it's not Atlanta's not floral. Now. It's not we don't use at that point. But I never have and we never will. I think British English probably done OK we're not Brenton. I even in Britain how do you know that writer is not righting. A wrong we are doing this no matter who writes it. So does a soccer yeah but if. You lift an article or. However you wanna say it from salt from another writer in the ride to a certain way should you do win in fixated or does it lift the copy and paste it. Said there's no longer on there there's often they obviously a billion us. Is not the first example of this upsetting. This is not yet it's only a soccer that does that only soccer the death. That's it. Welcome I'm just fine again I miss not going to be the world we'll keep turning that doesn't nobody's explained it to me yet let's look at and see if there is a situation like rugby. Maybe let's find out OK maybe they do and wrote me. Here's a little quickly before the top of the hour what's taking so long where their Rogers contract was because Green Bay face Atlanta. And they're worried about that game. I'll perfect system. Rogers is not talking about the contract negotiations it is true text or that they thought Rogers deal the thought was it would be dumb money. And that would be done before the season and we're getting close the season. There are reports that he wants some player options in his deal whatever he means by that. But Rogers wants more control of his future basically. This may be you know his last really big contract. Com and so they are still trying to hash that out there Rogers nor his agent are talking. About these negotiations so we don't really want an up they do not want the contract talks with the Aaron Rodgers to carry over the next they don't want that distraction. I don't think they'd. Do either they got if two more seasons it's not letting expires after the ship they wanna get it done now. I'm like Atlanta and Julio and spoke with the culprit listened to me and are they deteriorate and they're gonna do. Throughout the pay. They're gonna have to pay and then obviously begged of the floor for this is thirty million Hazmat rise in the exactly. Thirty million here so it can't claim any less than that there really anything more than a while and then yes I would think go ahead and pain now who what at what happens. Business is price is not gonna go down I don't think so either that's my point is that I think it could potentially go up significantly and as citrus thing and there's you know kind of a sticking point home player options or something for. Aaron Rodgers so we'll see where that goes by that wraps itself for this hour in the huddle on ESPN upstate. Welcome back with thirty questions at three on the other side. Also we'll have Stephen A Smith talking about the Tom Brady retirement speculation that. Cropped up on the Oprah interview this week that's coming up. More of your calls in your taxi to wanna get on 4444773776. Text line 71307. Model continues in a moment on ESP in upstate.