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Tuesday, June 19th

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Cheers day welcome man model on ESP in upstate takes to the air Ford June 19 with a Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and loans are here. Will be around till 4 o'clock this afternoon. And coming up on the show today will look preview a little further in the NBA draft which is couple days way now. On Thursday night here from Charles Barkley on that who he thinks are can't miss skies. Also get into our moral LeBron discussion today and a couple of opinions one. About the possibility of him staying in Cleveland. And another ho about the possibility of him going to Houston. Well that's coming up in the 2 o'clock hour got a fun web gym today involving. Cam Newton fighting with kids. Don't mess with camp. And be entertaining the building champs face kids just are bold these days man he is Jovan some kids are I have been in touch him now but yeah. And protect their epic. I don't know is that it's dampen their trial tackling millionaire it was just an Heisman it was akin to us a jump into the side a little hint one kid said to KM. HM can I get a fumble. Hey. The roads and big time Jay's uncle punks a deadly to. Candidly. No not a religion here and mentally is most sensitive data is not. Now what to do I but that's the thing you struck me about it is I mean I'm I would never done that to an NFL player you can make. Not especially 65200. Feet deep down I would even thought twice about that. Showed him respect I'd be in all. That that's not the right things doing cam caught himself but he was not happy if it. He did not punch double kit I hit thankfully. And zoology that commitment. On the show three questions coming up today will hear from a Stephen A Smith on non. Tom Brady today was an interest in take number radiant starting to mention the possibility of seeing the end of the road in his NFL career. They're making some changes to the a broadcast crew at. Notre Dame to post. Kind of interest in going in a new direction we'll tell you about that got a commitment from a Greenville high school football player that we will talk about today. As well and we will take your calls and your tweets and your text today as always say 444773776. You wanna get in on the phone. Using ESPN as your keyword and send us a text is 71307. And were on Twitter at ESPN upstate. Is digging a little bit today for the for the big lead story in the sports world because there's not much. Precious face at I think we finally hit it seems like every day even if we got and a you know summer. Host Memorial Day summer as we discussed yesterday. There's always been something in Canada jumps out I mean we had. Certainly the US open to talking about yesterday had an eagle on on last week. But digging a little bit today but I do have. Some football to talk about college football and that's always find that right that's the Athlon pre season all American. Team. And it's loaded with Clemson tiger. Just loaded with Clemson players. -- if you agree with where they place the Clemson guys on the Athlon pre season team you have 31 steamers. Their lineman big shock right. Now not a big shock but they are clemson's offensive tackle Mitch Hyatt. Defensive lineman Christian Wilkens. And defense of and Cleveland Ferrell associate three bursting personally can't argue with those guys. But should there be more. There's obviously a name that your leaving off there's a couple odd thing. Odd sexual Lawrence that when you're doing and that's the one dumping you know and Austin Bryant. And yes that's that is another one next to Lawrence is the third team. Defense. Third team third and he's via. And there's talk that he could be a top fifteen pick sure. Absolutely yeah feels Rodman and he has his second team notice and well can anyone put a ball on the first agreed yeah. At thirteen seems. Like a little bit of overload low placement for Dexter lines and Austin Bryant forced team are you know what they do for this. Off. Why go for teams deep but Austin Bryant is sports team. All American according to. The folks at Athlon. All right Mike you know we've heard and Dexter Lawrence. Kind of was held back in the spraying and you know they're trying to make sure he's healthy and all that I don't know if that factors into this or not but. He has the chance to be the best to lie right I mean he's not imposing physically right you would think so I mean he came in. You know I've I vary. A yes. A player that. High expectations. And not felt that he delivered that his freshman year. Attitude and maybe even a somewhat beyond that and there was there. Resistance fall off that yet. Was are falloff Lester. He did have some to nagging injuries may be that as part of it. You know another thing of note and we talked about this when the pre season depth chart came out a few weeks ago not even literally listed as the starter. On the defense they've got at one defensive tackle position they've got Dexter Lawrence or Albert Hawkins. So maybe Athlon looking at bad singing and you know their think in Dexter still have something to prove this year that he's healthy and can dominate. So maybe that's part of this. Decision to put him down the third thing mount on. Could be. Be interesting to see. How offices are going. React to the defense of line who are they gonna double team who were denied thrived in will that impact their production. Who can you know have a still. Breakthrough season or live up to the expectations because. As talented as the defense is an especially obviously the defense of line. It's a big spotlight. And to be interesting to see exactly how they do perform. We've seen in sports quite often that. When there's the big headlines. In regards to a certain unit are certain player the comes they don't always live up to the expectations. That could be artificially placed on somebody. Sure I thought it's also interesting that of the two tackles on the Clemson defense mr. Milken's. And actor Laurence assuming he gets the start as we think you'll other both 64 decks is forty pounds heavier than Christian market. At 340. Forty pounds big dude. Anyway can get himself right back up there in the national spotlight by playing well this year and I'm sure that's what Clinton thinks. Will be happening com. As far as other players who made this Athlon team. A South Carolina has won and that's Bebo Samuel who made second team. As the receiver and kick returner. So he's a second team all American no surprise there but be built on missed almost all of last year but he saw enough in those first gobbling games that you'd put him right up there. Talk about a spark plug it. Help catapult the game dogs that win against NC state. Yeah it was unbelievable while he was in there so Bebo is a second teamwork. Wisconsin. Actually leads all teams nationally they have seven the last elections across the four all American teams from Athlon 77 and and may be in Athlon based in Wisconsin shot the at a seven Ohio State a six. That's pretty good to. Take it with Wisconsin then. That seems a team that. Always I guess has talent but they've never been able to break through to. The so called next level right. Dick overshadowed in the Big Ten and yet they definitely do especially with Urban Meyer being there at Ohio state of is there some aspect that. They're not. Performing the way they issued are they under performing as a team Wisconsin if there this loaded with talent they need to in the big went right yes. They'd won a big game when Big Ten do something to step out of that that shadow of Michigan State Ohio State Michigan to some extent to do and they had an opportunity last year and. And loses yet because I think it's just a sign of how much competitions in the Big Ten sweep you got a lot of really good players but they're going head to head so. The victories may not always match. What you think should be for all American but I mean but yet he didn't didn't does it come down to coaching is ally Urban Meyer. As one of the best coaches because he actually. Can get to that level he can win when it is relatively the same terms of talent level. He's been able to somehow. Push through ringgit and get those big victories get you national championships obviously at Florida and one with Ohio State. Yeah I as far as I Clinton's opponents and who they have on the Athlon team com. Boston College as running back AJ Dylan and safety Lucas Dennis. On. Gutsy. Secondly I think. And then now Miami safety Jake on Johnson joins Clinton's trio is an ACC first team represented there's not a whole lot of ACC guys on here know Florida State guys. No if Michigan. None. And they have us. Made a projection on the college football playoff has Athlon. And they are projecting that Clemson will lose one game in the regular season. They will win the ACC and they'll make the fourteenth like. They're calling for a twelve and one campaign. And that don't meet Miami in the ACC championship game. Steve the last on of Athlon writes this. Senior Kelly Brian Williams fall camp as the starter. The true freshman Trevor Lawrence will challenge for the job if he wins the job. If Lauren should provide glimpses offense with more of a downfield passing threat then this unit and and 2017. The tigers have lost an ACC game back to back years and could stumble once during the regular season again however Clemson is clearly depict in the ACC. And easily be number one or number two. Team in college football this year I didn't step on too much of a land layered and. Not by saying I thought who's gonna predict that Trevor Lawrence would be the starter. Fees it isn't just got challenged him yeah it's been challenged Caylee Bryant. I thought it was indicative. Where a lot of people are viewing this quarterback controversy at Clemson win. Last week on ESPN's. College football home page it talked about. Power rankings and in the future. And there is no. Kelly Bryant. On the website I'm as far as pictures ahead. For Clemson was one of the teams that they were predicting would be at the top in the picture reserve Trevor Lawrence. Area. I think there's a lot of anticipation as far as what the quarterback controversy is gonna be and I think there's a lot of people that are leaning. In warning to say Trevor alarms they're just. They just can't say it just yet loyalty will not allow them to do so that's right fertility. When's it on the field. Listen to this though college football news is also running about pre season and their Ryder Pete's view tax. I'm guessing on the pronunciation there. He says this Clemson. Yes not only to come back with one of the most talented and deepest teams in college football biggest have a chip on its shoulder after not even getting to Atlanta last season as the number one seed in the college football playoffs. Davos when he has created a machine at Clemson this does not appear to be the culmination of anything. Even if he finishes with a and other national title that's the best part of at all. If this turns into one of those amazing teams that doesn't quite get it done go ahead and ramp up the expectations again next year. He also said this about Trevor Lawrence Trevor Lawrence is the most talented and best player on the Clemson offense. Again he might not be able to showing off until 2019. But his 65205. Pound size big arms silky smooth mechanics. And out of the box next level passing skills the talent and upside is they're. To be the first overall pick in the 20/20 one NFL draft. No they terrorism the prediction. I was not outrageous a it be nice safe play for cricket people are. Mean that's I don't want to see how well for fresh I mean I mean big of the pressure if he's read that earlier on them you know. The odds and he's been doing a nosedive by headlines for a long time chair. I'm sure he is heard plenty that he projects by the way college football news projects. That Florida State will just be a game behind the tigers in the Atlantic. Nine and three overall six in two and comforts. So he's projecting a return to. Near the top four and some models yeah I think. I think Florida State is actually gonna have a decent season I really do I think they've got talent they might not the first team second team. By Athlon standards but it I think there's enough talent for the and obviously be very competitive in the ACC and I was suspected go to BA. Big gains down in Tallahassee with constant traveling down to Florida State and I would suspect that force they would give moron. Down there I would think so I get the quarterback thing. Resolved if I think if the under friends wise back in good. And Schilling do with and guy yeah I think you've got to go with France in I think get him back and he can be what he can be free to live up to expectations than -- and appease. 100% healthy. Presume he will be good because of the rough injury last year. No question so anyway little college football preview here on June 19. Never too early for that that's Athlon in college football news older guy on the club some talk in as much as we say it's June 19. We're going to die and it'll be August 19. And there's going to be. What would headlines look like August 19 yeah. Well once we get. You know we know camp will be in full doing it that's when it can't time it's it's season a question and young people into about media day I don't care about media day since. At Cherilus about media days but the but when camp starts. That we got some. I agree right that's what action is the media days is just steal a lot of banter and a lot of talking talking season water like this speculations and this. A lot of questions where you you know what you and here. Like coach speak. Yet in area brilliant news an immediate and over there's going to be working harder but. Glad to get back in camp and see how these guys have developed and kind of maddening and media days is to frustrate the heck do you at a community media days have you been to pound it. The day and I never into net a bit of the Southern Conference media day of storm of the big blunt. Over there because in Spartanburg and you know you do well male thing is I am. They have a luncheon noon and then the coach start coming around that line and that's when we're on the ears of the school works Ella. That does. But done. Now I mean you know will look will bring you what these guys say at the SEC and ACC is that you know. Yet to shock me here with some news that's columns agreed typically you don't get any pain. Out of the ordinary year. Somewhat to that too would be sharper the news I guess understand that's not really tick off of this football season to me once we get to. Camp. Then they weren't tick up of course once the players get on campus and practice this started. Its game on an embargo on. Tying 8444773776. I hate it like hearing that. Trevor Lawrence being mentioned by at least one publication as the number one overall taken twenty to anyone in the unifil. That's pretty cool. Maybe a some thoughts on. Who they select him with the tigers for first team all American and who they didn't pick there off that defense in particular. Will be back but more in a moment just underway here Tuesday huddle on ESPN upstate stay with us. I don't know hide the college World Series yesterday game or watching turned into a blow out Oregon State. Eliminated Washington. Fourteen to five force the final and I want. And in the North Carolina Mississippi State game was rained out they are playing right now they started at 11 o'clock this morning. And it's 41 Mississippi State in the bottom of the seventh so well Mississippi State that could be the new kind of vote. I don't know Cinderella if you will. That's the right word for this but them the way yeah started the season I think is definitely Cinderella and I would imagine a lot of people got to be pulling for Mississippi State them. Yeah now what they get a dog current situation and an interim coach in the so anyway that game underway will save Mississippi State hangs on that we have but Texas and Florida playing at 3 o'clock. This afternoon. And so while in Florida can be done the for the days of and then Arkansas Texas Tech will play at 7 o'clock tonight so one game under way to more happening today. Out and Almonte the college World Series will. Keep an eye on the game it's going on this of the state leading north Carolina's Tar Heels well North Carolina score now it's 42. And the bottom of the seventh inning right. 844 GS PE SPN text line 71307. Were two days away from the NBA draft. Charles Barkley says there are a couple of guys who you can't afford to ignore. In this year's draft. Booed as well beyond creating. Are you feel full of food paso about Obama well I think goals are the two best players in the draft up period. I liked one got caught up from duke and back with from duke. I don't like Jackson from Michigan State but doles out of five best players that I saw what I was getting ready. Is yet ready the fifth if he's doing his draft right houses do and I don't know what tiger Freddie does now. Aden is most likely going to be the first pick for the suns seven footer 260. Pounds. Out of Arizona double digits in points and rebounds a 61%. Shooter. And down they're drafting for the first time in franchise history and it looks like the suns are all set to go with the Andrei Eitan. Sports Illustrated is suggesting that the kings. Will go with Marvin Bagley the third at a duke. With the number two overall pick can be Michael Porter. But dumb. And can be. Dot pitch but it looks like. According to Sports Illustrated may be Bagley and then a Sports Illustrated says the Atlanta Hawks who have the number three pick are likely to go with. Not look advantage. At a Madrid. That's kind of interesting. Michigan State freshman Jarrett and Jackson is 611235. Pounds only eighteen years old. And down. They've been looking around possibly trading that number three pick that auction off. But if they take it may be Jackson's they're gone Wilson trade unit there in Cleveland if LeBron. If if if if if if if maybe the hawks senator Alan Faneca a haven't heard Allan and created new talk attract future want LeBron to the hawks Sports Illustrated says dockets goes to the grizzlies with pick number four. They want to win now and he is considered enemy in B rating NBA ready guy right now in the coming to contribute. Immediately. Then they have the mavericks taking Michael Porter out of Missouri at the number five overall pick. So there differing a little bit from a Barkley because Barkley was big on bomb but. Bob what is the freshman from Texas seven footer 225 pounds SI SS Orlando Magic for Mohammed. Bom ba. In the interest in about thirteen point two game two and a half rebounds a game. They project the bulls Chicago at number seven to take Wendell Carter from duke. And then the cavaliers. And number eight. Train young point guard from Oklahoma we're gonna talk about him and our three questions. Today 61180. Pounds some have compared him to step Corey. A lot of people have been I think he's actually even making some comparisons himself but going back to no bomb. John bring guess the ESPN sports science guy if you'd if anybody's familiar with his previous work I actually had him on the podcast. But he's actually started now Seoul and science it's another. It's the next generation of sports science and as with Trent Dilfer. And they had an Obama on their episode never released it yet but he did tweet out. Some interesting. Stats about the Obama saying that he has an amazing. Seven foot ten inch wingspan. And it's big enough to blocked two shots from opposite sides of the lane simultaneously. Hello to you that. This says his rebound radius is as big as an average RV. One of the best prospects we've ever tested while. I'll. So they grew Barkley they do it immediately it's like there's some science to go behind it as well. Trade young to take over that point guard for the cavaliers. And to do that. In your point or. You do he just doesn't seem like a true point guard to me. But he did it he does fit that mold of a staff currently no step Cory he's a great ball handler and he runs a point. Quite often if and runners on the stage do you need a true point guard them yet that's that is another question and that's why it. Apparently was one of the things that upset carrier ring right is that. He should be and he should've been designated as the true point guard but how many times we see the Bryan wanted to bring up the ball yet. Yeah I and think about ray young his defense has liability to him. So you get an object and a regular all these guys in the NBA draft I can tell you right now the one thing that all of them will struggle with. May get to the NBA from day one is their defense. Nash is the reality evidence that they all struggle with that that the differ game to different speed it's the next level and you've got to adjusted. Understand the nuances. How they adjust their game plans. To play defense so the guy. This shut down defender. Does he ever move up to the top of the NBA draft. Business and more about shooting in his defense as far as what teams are looking for say a whole lot of defense of specialists on the list. You don't it's all about offense and the potential offensively for these guys now when you have a guy that at least has. Shut down capability. Combine that with offensive prowess into a tiebreaker and it that's right then a pool built to separate themselves. But these guys just don't come in to the NBA the rookie year and start showed people now. Some. There's a failing that the New York Knicks wanna get a point guard and SI has been taken Colin sexton. Out of Alabama 61185. Pounder. Below are nineteen points. A game. They would take tray young he's still around they just don't think you'll be around it. At number nine you know probably not right. And then. Mattel bridges of Villanova remember him from the national championship games. 76ers. Add number two and for him that the united issue for them to be a great addition damp local boy. It's basically going across the street deploy some 67210. Pounder he's 21 years old sewing and he's not one of those. Young guys in this draft they may be trying to trade up from that spot according to a Sports Illustrated and and hornet seven number eleven pick. And SI says the hornets. If he's available. Would pick up shy guilders Alexander the Kentucky guard 66180. Tough to change things for Charlotte. Don't know they're gonna do with Kemba Walker now knows exactly. I tell you know hornets are still hot mess right now and I think it's going to be. Several years of rebuilding for them. If you call it that rebuilding rebooting it would have ever predicted and almost a franchise along rebuilt for the revolving door isn't it. As it's like every other year it's. It's a different type of velocity what direction they're gonna go with there. Processes. Depth on the Clemson fan installed. Jerome Robbins and play at Boston College is projected to go at seventeen to the buyers it yeah. He may be familiar with him Milwaukee number seventeen. Just looking through the hawks. Deepest and so from Villanova remember him. Really good in that championship game is the final four mop up most outstanding color depth. 64200 pounder 21 years old thirteen points a game about five rebounds a game. Can be you can get for the hawks. In apparently his. Draft status changed. Quite a bit going to via draft com line he really impressed a lot of people so that's why there is value going to that draft combine. And he came out early. You know and after that com mine is when people really were talking about him and it was easy for him to make the decision to come on now. And if you're looking for one more reason to hate the Golden State Warriors. Sports Illustrated projects with pick number 28 they say grace and Allen from the don't dismiss those of recovery and I know Alonso would love that packs I think that's hilarious if that's. Higher will say. If that happens to those of some of the highlights of what SI think it's gonna have we have coverage for yet of the NBA draft start to 7 o'clock on a Thursday night couple days away right here on ESPN upstate. Back in a moment if you wanna get in a 444773776. This is a huddle on ESP in upstate. Or match dot huddle on ESP and upstate 8444773776. Text line 71307. Used to keyword it ES PM. Radio dot com is the app that's the new place to listen to ESP in upstate online so one download that you're Smart phone radio dot com. Favored us and you can take us with you wherever you go really easy and works beautifully some checking out radio dot com. So they're calling yet. T and Julio down by the schoolyard. We need to music. That you know you're old enough the remnants of. Yeah Paul Simons who wasn't that long Aminu and play. Those sixty's. Give. Set out law and in Wednesday's early Utley and early 703540. Years ago and it generally goes Nolan Miller Thomas say seventy to. Permit him out of him seventh now as are its earlier and it okay we you're 1972. You don't get remembering you're not yet out of our it's one confirmed via. But TNT and Julio down by the schoolyard is TO yes and that's what falcons might have reason to be concerned about their relationship. He's deaf friend that you probably don't push your anchor star wide receiver. I have because down. You know the feeling is that. Terrell Owens is letting. Jones know how much he's underpaid. And a play and then up to him yes he has no illness and that's not really help in this negotiation that seems to be going nowhere fast there. Although there and training together right. Image Randy it was your video of of TO running like a four yes four for something you donated this for four they showed that several times and clubs while we've been on more and more for things and win them. The other question is there's clearly a legitimate champ is it really 44. And I don't know why do you why would you doubt it I mean I know is a little bit older blood. Yeah you should lose a step anyway he still in shape and it's hot as demand stuff. That's fast and maybe get a 443 yeah that's what it has recently ran a 44340. Tia. Suppose. Be had yet to be up there with wide receivers in the league right now no question. That's pretty darn fast coming you know it's not record setting fast but it's. It's right up there anyway. Selves. The falcons. Really worry about TO and his influence on. Their star receiver Julio Jones play enough and I can do about it right. There's nothing they can do about that relationship. But back in 2005. He try to get the Eagles to cut or trade him by being in disruptive force and they came out and play seven games and averaged a hundred yards receiving an area. You know so we still played at a high level even when he was stirring things up. Back in the day. So it's. Really that perception that Jones already has that the falcons aren't giving him fair compensation. And they are at an impasse. And where they gonna go for here. If thumb. Jones does indeed continue to hold out. The falcons are going to need help at wide receiver Milligan bring TO and display form while it's holding out as a runner and a 44340. Why not. Yes pretty darn impressive and it does it help based. On we know would be. Reputation TO within the combination of the past reputation of TO. Been with him make an announcement that he was not going to attend. The Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony which is unprecedented nobody's. Ever declined to attend. So when you have that. Combined with his past history the falcons of course have got to be. Very skeptical as far as what information. Would have a discussion there. Being talked about with Julio Jones and the just to be your recipe for disaster for the falcons. Doubt if without CEO. This falcons team. MB RI. I'm not DTO without without Julio Val Julio Jones if for some reason he does not play at the beginning of the season a big deals economic. I would to submit pretty big pretty big deal. Yeah I think it got to get a half they do but they've got. They've got Matt Ryan they've got Dovonte Freeman they've got some other guys. You know Ridley coming in Ridley do any thing. Helper Italy get more play into I would presume so I gotta think they get the stuff and they'll let this thing right now. To all. They figure it out. Yeah and I think they're going their don't have to come back to the table what some other deal aren't thing. Yeah money in their best interest just go and do that now he let all have to do they don't have to. The deal's a deal and they can stick to it but don't. I don't think you want system rundown and August so what's if they get something done here. Owens. Influence not withstanding can they get their deal now with Julio Jones did you see the cast for the annual body issue. Who's going to be in the body issued the SPN magazine. Is that an issue that you've deport the things don't yet and but we do talk about it and I know he said did you see is that if I don't see any prisoners Richmond and I look forward to it every year there's no I'm not even know whales and there did you know it's coming up. Your voice like one Barkley is in the running back now with a New York Jets. You mentioned females. One who did why you telling us about. Well females are include Rihanna Stewart Seattle storm and Sue Bird. And Seattle rain forward. Megan rap and no. A part of it ESP embody ten issue there are sixteen athletes. In there. Also Jerry Rice and Greg Norman I don't know that policy Greg Norman he's like regular make come line is like eighty and eight. Gotta be noted that old nobody Schilling now whenever you're but the yeah I'm on the I'm Carl Anthony towns. Dallas cycle and Astros. Yasuo league. The Dodgers. Charlotte slayer there you go they're learning skills and winning entry right there have you seen Charles Fuller yes I am you will be purges scene and that alone but still I mean you know it's. Us are coming out with a Reagan and and few months ago make him on stage you don't. Yet. That was her. Mark over them. Borrow them. It's actually on newsstands the 29 system ten days away. Compared to everybody else he says that would be the only person that would interest me. That Wright Ayers reason for you to go get it done and get Greg Norman laugh. Greg Norman man. I don't know. So they they have video of some type of for all or the other covered southern the only reason ever semantic hair balls and gloves and a putter something. I assume if they did. You know the body issue for radio and they came view view would say gasoline though they offered you not a good amount aside. And I know what an area under. A moment ago. When we. It's all good. I ESPN has released a digital photo archive of every athlete from the previous nine issues including some never before seen images too if you wanna go back and take a look at. It's among Susan well. Anyway ten days away for the release of the body issue. I would take a break and come back with more money for 44773776. This is not huddle on ESP in upstate. But back to bottle on ESPN upstate 8444773776. Is our phone number let's go to the phones and bring in Galvin today on the show Delmon while command what's up today. It doesn't I don't little. And at some of them opponent to yield you know. I'm proud as an alternative outcome and would this are just so important there is part is in the opposite day. So we'll ultimately get a bit. This Bryant to the falcons. No there's an incompetent might sound outside is Yahoo! or risk today. All I can now scare him. With you know him. I drive them but down look don't work it out. They'll work it out there they're from they're playing chicken right now but it's still June. What do they let it you got that you bonus contracts. The light warm because I didn't want to see our. And waited too incomplete to sign the contract for you to protect you want a better we negotiate only eSATA country alleged improper or not or another book contract. Dad had m.'s. Too often they did make a bad deal and there's no question he's underpaid now but dumb he may be stuck with it but we'll say the falcons may beyond Lebanon tipped. Thank you doubled. Appreciate it some news locally out of Bob. College football Pittsburgh it's a commitment from Davis babble not agree the high school the red raiders. That was announced so Sunday heavily was the announcement he becomes the fourth 2019 recruit to commit to up pits. And he was good at agree more high school certainly has been good their he is rated a three star prospect pro style quarterback. Ranked in the top thirtieth two position in the country though by Al rivals in 24/7. Had offers from thirteen schools that included does several Ivy League schools Rutgers northwestern. And Cincinnati course northwestern has honored Johnson now. Over the past two seizes agreeable high Davis Babel has put up 4724. Yards. And 64 touchdowns. To 2000 plus yards passing in each of the last two seasons in more than 25 touchdowns and each of the last two seasons and not a lot of turnover as they about Davis babble as he's Tolkien like 66. So we certainly. Has the heights the CEO over the line of scrimmage we will see if Bob. He's able to crack the starting lineup anytime soon four of the Pitt Panthers but Tom. A David Crane his coach over agreeable high school said he's capable of making throws to the wide side of the field. But he doesn't typically ask for high school quarterbacks to make. They throw post quarters to the wide side Alps to the wide side quick outs to the wide cyber Davis Babylon so. That's sign of their arm strength that he passed. So congratulations to a Davis rebel bring a high school headed to Pittsburgh will look forward to watching him. As panther and see how he works out mayor for Pittsburgh down the road India ACC. ID 774773776. Is the number we will lock come back on the other side here in the huddle on ESPN upstate. And we have much more to do including some discussion about where LeBron may think about going. We'll hear from a couple of ESP Eng guys on mats and also how web jam with Cam Newton to get to. And the next hour as well. Plus sun news on the broadcasting crew for Notre Dame radio make it a change there will tell you about that coming up. As well stay with us our two of the huddle on the way from ESP in upstate.