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Friday, June 15th

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Ice last hour of though weeks here in the hollow on Friday afternoon 3 o'clock our heroes Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso shouldn't wanna join the conversation this week in. Comment on. What's going on the MBA with coli Leonard. Cohen on that the US open Dustin Johnson with the L lead right now at four under par. What's going on in the World Cup soccer. Talk about that as well. NFL news offseason news you can give us call in this next hour at 8444773776. Here in the huddle on ESPN upstate but at 3 o'clock as we always do let's get to our three questions of the day. Are we gonna talk a little football little golf little baseball. Today on three questions Alonso question. The one. All right Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis now says he is very open to the possibility of playing beyond this season. What are the chances that he returns in 2019. Richmond what do you think Thomas Davis beyond this season which he said it would be his last. I think is all gonna depend we talked about a little bit on what he does. This season and how it looks at the end of the year. What type of season the Panthers have how productive he is so there's so many variables right now so chances to. That means for my eyes my perspective. Felt I am supposed to pick a percentage sure that I percent a guy I'm gonna say there is a 30% chance he comes back only thirty in between nineteen. Said the possibilities Beriault only there is you'll feel different the end of the year they business he said it the possibility. He's he's open yeah. But it doesn't sound like at a possibility looks very good for me come back and torn in nineteen different than saying what he did say and it's this is my last year. I hope in or yum that looks really good. I'm going 30% loans there was an arm and 100%. Fit into it here's a here's. Reason why we've talked but there's a little bit earlier. Thomas Davis is a very proud man I mean he's part of what he does on and off the field I think this hurts his legacy. And I think he's all about leaving. A lasting impression on everybody and I don't think he wants to go out with the suspension. As part of his final season so I think he comes back for sure in 2019. And that will be it. Night outlaw all split the difference and go 5050. I agree with the Alonso I don't think he wants to end on a year where he misses four games on the suspension he's got to be embarrassed by that Pietrus. Thomas Davis is a character guy he's one of those guys it's seen as a big leader on the team he's not one of those bad apples so a suspension really sticks in his craw thank. The other part of it is it's four games less Wear and tear on his money this year so maybe he feels. A little less worn down at the end of the season than he normally would. Sourcing stay healthy. But I do think at the end of the season he's talking offseason stuff now. I think what he should do is at the end of the year and not make an immediate decision takes some time. It's sort of sell. You know star feel a little better and a few weeks and then make the call. Other right now I think it's impossible least 35 years old that's not ancient. And I think there's a possibility is based on the production of the season. He can come out bingo king busters in news. Twelve games and then is there some would it be redemption that happens that even though he was suspended but he played so well the Panthers. You don't have a great Ryan have a great season depth. Beckett supersede the negativity. That you see with the suspension the black guy so to speak on the other hand if they have a great run as notably twelve games or playoff games at intuitive. So. You know that's more Wear and tear on the body but that will I think I agree if they have a horrible year there under 500 channel and in the playoffs. These products say fasten this. Let them know I think it might be the other way you're really doesn't that I would be that if they have a real bad season. That then it's their it really ties into his legacy that my part of the reason they had a bad seasons because what Thomas Davis did get suspended. And he didn't have a good year and there. Now I've got to come back to try to redeem myself but he has a blow out a year in the Panthers do really well and there's no negative effect of the four game suspension them. Then I think it's easier for him to walk away 3050 and 101 of us has a cover of this yet nothing so right question to London. All right will do winning score at the US open be better than four under par which is where Dustin Johnson is right now today it. On I think these guys are starting to figure out the course a little bit. And as long as as does the maintains those little bit better to be more than that I'm I'm saying yes on the go with us. I will to waddle plenary much lower than that. May be five or six. But I think Dustin will continue to play well I mean nobody else is really putting the pressure. On theirs are still even for a number two that word is four shots back. So yes you know for somebody else on this course. To go below 404 seems a little unlikely. Yeah pollsters and even par Hoffman's plus one now he just went even the two guys at par in cases at plus one. But I will say yes maybe five or six ones where you think rich as well as we've seen. Typical. Scenario here is that you still Mike answers and so I looked on your sheet you you don't even know your script was written down. And it. I agree with the U 100% that. It would. Somebody's going to be above that but just barely and I think I was gonna say. Six under would probably be the highest that. I would suspect that it would be for a winner but I am gonna say yes to that somebody. Not just dust and somebody else ago somebody else can gain six plus strokes and I'm saying that. That the winning score and oh yeah suffering by also do it has got to be. Explain to save anybody else to do it just just keep in mind yet. He had someone go 66 today. We will once 66. And and just went 67 so I mean if they continue to do that. At least in Johnson's case. Gitmo remote work hard to continue to do when your lighten up that course them aren't. Our real low cut like that are number three rounds of all right Tim Tebow as badly as batting. Now battling. Tim Tebow is batting Tuesday Daria paddling as well let me go it's just laughing because is is Tebow question I can't wait to see and no way this letter word in just waiting you know this no no we don't. He generalities that it's never been here long enough to realize how much someone really loves Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow is batting 238 A Binghamton so far this season. How long before he gets moved down. I did go first on this and as it did write the Smart question ya and I think you can pick up pretty quickly your thoughts on follow up all last year you Boyd is ten points than about it last year to get him moved up. So they got to move him up right but here's the problem Tebow last. The Tebow effect. Is wearing down the attendance at Binghamton last year averaged 3289. Of fans again. This year with Tebow they're averaging 2973. Fans again ended down 300 people a game with Tim Tebow. So that's a little bit of an issue but not enough not enough Tebow is still got a moves the needle. And the Mets organization distilled the Mets organization and sell. I say he moves up look we're in mid June minority seasons are typically over by the end of August trying roughly. Yes sell two and a half months for it to happen we and Ernie real buzz on that yet ambling Amaral buzz on the bill would businessmen a quiet Tebow years so far. Baton to 38 didn't hurt last year when he bent to 28. But I think before the end of this season that they will. Ball the mob all the way to the Mets and not quite ready to say that yet although. Look I mean the guys over America's standings and the Mets continue this freefall. Yeah I mean if they just want. To start drawn some fans because they have nothing else to bomb draw the fans it right now the Mets are ten and a half out. Behind the Braves they are 28 and 3710 and a half games out it's much worse than that. Who knows how are they above. Moving the guy out and justifiably. To bring fans and know what goes on about they're not above it. And at the end of the day if you are so far out of it and why wouldn't you and then you pinned. Really definitively. Put him in position of playing in the majors and finally get the answer is he good enough to any of the boy it's exactly and and there's no no harm and it goes there they wouldn't be in a race they wouldn't be in contention. So pretty and put him out there and see what happens. So you think he moves up at least he's in double A now at least moves out so evening at Tripoli this year. We are underdogs I got to answer now don't mind it. Well it just says how long before he gets moved Nia and that was chemists marquis then it was estimated that what they say they won't give moved up if you want. Yeah I'm a certain that he does. Burden all intents purposes for this question. I'll say aid if it would be. Mid August he gets moved up. Bonds of the movement Tebow this year. Yes they're moving them up this year from the beginning. And mr. McCain means made fun of this the entire time I'd has said that he will make it to the majors. And he's continued to move up. Over and over again. And and GMAC is unhappy with it every time because you can't believe that they're doing it for whatever reason they're donated their move them up but he's definitely going to the show before he's done. Even if it's one at bat had to show he's going to go and yes he's gonna move up. Maybe in the next couple weeks couple yeah this is there is this time to make that move now glad move. My guess Georgia and to them to the big leagues and you gotta make that Tripoli move firstly in any kind of do that pretty soon. So movement got 230 A may get a W tonight the mop. Yeah in my movement not just for. Defensive purposes what I. FFF at after. Speed is it's great outfielder but I'd to Tebow goes up. Some point this year from. The rubble ponies. On the ponies generated lose Tebow real. This 238 batting in the only people that it's going to upset or the baseball purist from that bill that oh he's only getting special treatment made. The calls. He's Tim Tebow and all these guys that are grinding hearing and their men rally hundreds and an eight averages thirty and you. Yeah and bother you at all. Big dear old. Prine. Now the whining. They've preferential treatment happens. Greasing goal. Formal business Spain are here live on there's always someone who's a golden boy. I can do no wrong or get moved devastated bear understand that the life. Happen to me and you're probably not I don't talk and in line sonogram done. No I didn't give you don't have as I said it now on the front line. Popular Tivo the show. It's that's a pick and pick it up a I don't know is Alan announced this fairly ridiculous clothing does what you mean evidence though as we're it is balanced and that's what we did you pick your president. 844 GS PE SPN got to hear from John Harbaugh not Jim. Talk about Lamar Jackson for the ravens coming up stay with us the huddle on ESP announced that it. Welcome back tried a huddle ESPN of stay with Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso. Phone lines opening 444773776. Good couple calls Lanier. In this final hour of the show its day to be Joseph first Joseph welcome into the huddle what's up tonight. So opera lockyer I'd known Tim Tebow a matter of yeah. I don't hate to great aptly man. The statement to the top. Ten different sports will wedeman. The top level high and yeah what are must look what is horse that he made in the top level just for boots on the when he played Denver he went out and yeah football night. Was the only might acquire invites public. Carpet missing college football and major sport colossal bulls of major sporting useless it was too. If he's on the top level dedication to dedication it takes to be at that level in any sport much less to recurring. And go waited there you make of the top level of the NFL he made it to the can affect but it make it to the I mean you don't succeed. Well right there are guys that play in the NFL for years and never win a playoff game Tim Tebow Colin thank. Tenth tees don't want to go there was an elite NFL. Like exactly grass which don't tell me. But any ham and that is due out hot in Aybar I'm neglect his religion. I don't think it matters what he believes there I dislike the guy you know late he plays hard eight and as luck and. And that's fair enough I'm not telling you know the locker Montel and he's been to thirty that's been abducted and my perspective is that. Elite level he's made it to the highest level in a particular sport in one sport that football he made it through the NFL as high as you can go net. I'm Zain it if you're playing your starting. That is that's. That's the top level in football yeah I think it was yesterday there was two sports right yet and he hasn't done it into sports for the hesitant in baseball he's got to get to the major leagues and baseball. Yes and went farther in baseball than a lot of people make him I mean I'm just saying how he's jumper from level the level on sheer talent I don't know. It's slipped back from the desk because lightning is coming up dissidents. Jeremy. Is next in the huddle I Jeremy welcome. I don't produce good and I'm actually a bet and for the Mets stand for a 34 and 43 years. So you bring up Tebow he's cute pretty eight. I'd say in the bad debt panel bringing up Tony glad. Pat pat Abbott team were the Mendoza line at the career goal. 38 pretty impressive what about the got to be honest with yeah yeah. Do you think to bring about. Really. Because of the way this season has gone I don't think they have a choice but they've pretty much forced this year down so a lot of soda machine and all the years pathetic but. And that is the target. It's hard to say you know you might need a couple of years beat. If this Israel but don't all agree about that the years. Quickly put them away from home. A B forty in a couple years our enemy exaggerate. It but it felt like it but it just so FF thank you Jeremy. I am I'm cannot argue into the mind them bringing them. I'm not arguing that they might not do that yet that's lawyer talk about I mean Jermaine nailed it is that based on and the situation with the Mets year right now on how school and they continue this freefall we cannot bring him up and again you can. Put an end to the question can Tebow play in the major leagues he'd bring about the fine now pounding it and do it you say he did play but he still in there and it. The so I think it bothers you that every time you bring out Tebow we agreed entrance. Alliance that lots of the phones and it while it just did did it in your mad that he didn't. Earn it. Mad but that's what that's what frustrates you is this man this the yellow in notion that he has to earn all act like he did earn it. What do you do. How's the nod it easier telling me that. Who else batting 230 -- know miners get you moved up Majorly would have to go see I'd love to know that if I want I'd love to know if there's ever been anybody that is made it to the major leagues that bad do you know yet I know miners tied. Yeah some senators there were probably hatch I think you've got to love. Someone who dreams big and was able to achieve that dream I think this should be some things should be able to get behind I don't understand why you don't. Here's the other thing and I know this doesn't matter because this is comparing Dell late in the majors but his team the Binghamton rumble ponies have the second lowest attendance in the Eastern League this year. At 2973. Fans everybody else except wanting the Erie sea wolves as the only team growing list spans right now mentally what do the records. I don't directs. Don't think that's a good before does not matters Minor League Baseball there's not what your wit and changes attendance among McVeigh's yes it does. That's winning changes attendance in any and support modestly. But no he's single arrogantly any sport. You'll change. It's not what it's about. It's about the Tebow effect and is it lost its gonna bring fans were originally fans come out in droves to see Tim Tebow movement. I'm not making a comment on that woman the other amassed an Aqua I guess we'll play come out in significant numbers and really. Pop the attendance for the Mets this year if their out of the race neighboring people up for feet. What's gonna have derby and influence but I don't think it's going to be this magical. Change in attendance jaded mentally or client long period of time not you know SEC fans bit jaded New York City baseball fans. Mayor announcing to probably not in New York but the Mets are on the road in the south OK it's definitely the braids or Barbara you're gonna see you at. And Florida you know play the Marlins that's right American embassy Tebow. And I'm gonna get to the hard ball. Talking about Lamar Jackson that was going to or break in here 8444773776. Back at the moment and I'll colonias paean upstate. Still no one really gaining a lot of ground on Dustin Johnson at the US opens at the four shot lead he finished a minus four today Ian Poulter and Charley Hoffman are at even par they're both still on the course Poulter on hole number seven. Hoffman on number. Five coming flee would have plus one he's finished for the day had the 66. Stents and Casey applause one. And much guys including Justin Rose and Rickie Fowler are at plus two and see the cut line is still let plus seven. And a Jordan speeds is sitting at eight over so. You need some help Phil Mickelson eight over he needs him now. Lucas Glover nine ovaries finish so he's just got to hope the cut line moves a couple more shots which may be a little bit too much to ask. Tiger Woods finished with a 72 today applause Tim and so tigers on. Almost certainly done for the tournament. And will weigh in sees the cut line moves on any more but speed to Mickelson stood a chance to play on the weekend we'll see if there. Able to finish up strong and do that Dustin Johnson. South Carolina. He is leading the US open. In New York. This afternoon Alomar Jackson. Now the Baltimore Ravens formerly with the Louisville Cardinals in the college football ranks and Dow and he ended up running the show and mini camp for the ravens this week. The final tuneup before training camp Lamar Jackson took every rap. Of team drills quarterback the first second and third teams. Any respond it was his best day throwing. For the spring. John Harbaugh all his coach said he's taken a big step in the right direction likes what he sees from Lamar. He knows he also knows he doesn't know which is the type offense and retired from systems as you're exposed obviously here for their work college. I think show plus size his head coaching Louisville is one of us officers coached football. So he's exposes concept but the play calls. He's just gone to war. Judged on my birthday from grand almost bowl practices. And that's a big stuff. Yeah I Jackson's biggest challenge has been consistency. He has shown great anticipation on some throws and then he sailed some. Passes over running backs head on the next round. Yesterday you connected on deep passes along the sideline excelled in the red zone one of his best throws was at twelve yard touchdown pass. The back of the end zone but he declined to grade himself Jackson said it's been good on you do that. Early in the week the office coordinator Marty morning wind came up with a plan to give the entire practice to Jackson. That's been an adjustment for Jackson he did not play. Senator under center regularly employable. And he did not have to relay any long play calls and hoddle are more says up putting pressure on him to run the whole practice was valuable. But there's still no quarterback controversy it's still Joseph Flacco. And anyway that I mean he's gonna play some this year there aren't a mile Mark Jackson to be one of those rookie quarterbacks that gets significant. Playing time this year I think that well and I think there's an aspect as far as. There's not enough really filled long hill and so can he come out and create some. Just him and I don't know if the right word is distractions. But something that people haven't seen. Yeah and diversions and be able to a different type of look that's out there rather than you know how they're gonna game plan for Joseph Flacco. But are they gonna have certain packages available for Lamar Jackson that teams and are going to be ready for CI know. You're saying but at the same time. Don't you think maybe this is a message to Flacco because he's been kind of stagnant in and so have the ravens the last couple years. And showing them hey this guy can run. Practice. And if you don't light a fire under your body can be replace. Yeah maybe. I mean and it's not a bad thing to do because the ravens have been a little flat they still have RG three to don't forget about that. But they'll they'll keep in on every NFL team keeps three quarterbacks but I bet Baltimore. With those guys unless they get rid artistry. And I'm in renal Mark Jackson they're not getting room Lamar Jackson if anything they would get rid of RG there. Jackson made a strong first impression with his teammates. Wide receiver Chris Moore has said he's in all every time Lamar Jackson takes off running. And linebacker CJ Mosley describes Lamar as a young Michael Vick we've heard that comparison. Before. Now Flacco was on the side. For the final day of mini camp but. He is going to organize some extra throwing sessions with his receivers this year it'll be the first time he's done that since 2011 so maybe. Somebody is getting his attention. Com he's got Michael Crabtree John brown and will least needed slacker says he thinks it'll be a lot of fun. And I'm kind of develop a little more timing error that comes after Harbaugh and GM Ozzie Newsome both. Publicly talk this offseason about the value of additional work outs. How they help quarterback and receivers mash. And ravens fans have been clamoring for Flacco to throw to his receivers outside of practices. This could be the season for him to get his receivers together. Among the nineteen. Wide receivers and tight ends on the roster twelve are in their first year of the ravens about that. Twelve on in 191 year receivers. But the rain and yeah I think that's why it's imperative that he does get some. Extra time away from coral group practice them to develop that the relationship and the timing. Well because they have so many new faces course the other guy and it's a new 21 of the guys it's new to the ravens paid Hearst. Tight end out of South Carolina. So long he old and may be America's best interest to get those quarterbacks at throwing the ball well so. That's Camilo the fascinating offseason stories I think to see how Lamar Jackson fits in and how much playing time he gets and where he stacks up with RG three especially for the number two position. But he ran the entire final mini camp. Himself. And apparently. Ran it well all reports are good. On that got a suspension. In the NFL. It is Donald Stephenson tackle with a Cleveland Browns. He's going to be suspended without pay for the first two games of this season substance abuse policy. In this games against Pittsburgh and New Orleans. In pretty significant games. He will miss those games at home he can participate in all offseason in pre season practices in games he was not a mini camp this week. And coach hue Jackson said Stephenson would be fine for his absence. Pro football talk dot com said those fines would total 84435. Dollars. Stephens inflating Kansas City from 2012 to 2015. Day amber of the past two seasons. Enjoy the browns in March with a one year two and a half million dollar contract he's played good bit in the NFL he started 37 games. His role with the browns remains to be determined but he can play both tackle spots but tucked. Donald Stephenson suspended without pay for two games the 2008. Team I'm sure not now when that. Civilian affliction. Cowboys defensive tackle David Irving suspended. And thank you. Tony is for him or but it went to Richmond bees do about it now it's just amazing that I mean. Ali it's no good with the cowboys. But you. There's two or more of these suspensions coming down we're seeing more and more of this C I don't think so. We need to check into and find out how many there are per year it seems like there's. A ton of them every year and since no one really cares causes the NFL. Illicit affects your team is it's it's so much the norm I'd I don't think it's. That big really did seems more right now to me. Don't know the stats on them but we certainly a lot of last year two Arenas the summertime story every year. You know who's in trouble who's been suspended for BD's who's on a barge to lay all that stuff. On as that happens every year. I need to go to arrest nation dot com to check on the arrests here because that's the website that tracks that for athletes. NC on related start there but yeah. Don't know if it's been more but it's been planning and you know there's couple there was just today to add to the list. I if you get a hand for the final segment 8444773776. The text line. Is 71307. And Twitter is that ESPN upstage will come back and wrap it up for the week and today. Final segment of the huddle all the way next for me espionage stick. Update on the World Cup torch goes tied it up with spying 33. And it continues and so what you're Y 11 another memory Egypt earlier today. So there's your World Cup update breaking down for us Richmond. I'm the goalie amount microphone off at about that if that back Christian Cristiano Ronaldo is for me decide. Became the oldest. Player to score a hat trick in World Cup history when they tied it. So Patrick is three goals and he's good yeah that's amazing you know I didn't realize that. Pretty good. We'll see where it ends up so I. If you go to sports' largest expected to be risen on this hour imagine right now and the sports bars are. Packed rocking with soccer yes because that is a big matchup Portugal Spain because of the two players at the question. Our rights. The Braves didn't win yesterday fortitude. And so they hang on to first place in the National League east the beat the Padres. Nice outing from Anibal Sanchez for the Braves seven scoreless innings no walks and six strikeouts. So there lead us three straight wins for the Braves now there are hot again. And they had a game and a half lead over the nationals and you're talking about this yesterday when the Braves. Got to forty Winston and found the stand on that from our frank Graham McCauley who covers the Braves in Atlanta we've got among several times on the show. They when their fortieth game yesterday they have the second best record in the National League right now. How quickly they have reached forty wins over the last five years so this year they reach that mark forty wins in game number 68. Last year it was game number 81. That's fairly significant run. Two years ago it took him to game 100 tend to reach forty wins. That's ugly that's ugly year yeah. And 2015 it was game 812014. It was gained 77 so they have significantly. Won the race to forty wins this year over the past five years. Not significantly yet and I think you we found out too was the last time they. Got to forty wins. This early in June it was 2014 and did you say that as well. Maybe Grand Island about then although I think really rebound out you know all the Rebecca of of warriors or whatever anyway yeah bombing it's. It's amazing. They continued to get it done so. The Braves of the game and an athlete mossy for ham that we come out of the weekend remains to be saying college World Series of course starts up Bob. Tomorrow in Omaha we had Tom hard on from ESPN in the SEC network yesterday talking about what he expects. And we talk a little bit about Luke Heimlich Luke Conley is the pitcher for Oregon State. And he's the guy he remember this from last year he did not play in the postseason last year. Because it was disclosed today he had pleading guilty to sexually abusing a young relatives when he was fifteen years old. I came out last year he denied wrongdoing and interviews with a New York Times in Sports Illustrated. He said he entered a guilty plea to spare his family the ordeal of the trop. Well Heimlich is still with organ state and he's the probable starter for the opening game of the World Series. Tomorrow. Andy says he's ready for any kind of reception he received from fans on a college baseball's biggest stage I asked remember Tom Hart day yesterday. You know is this behind them more boldest still be an issue and he says nonstop behind them is still probably going to be a thing and fans may react to it. At the college World Series coming up. In Omaha this weekend he did receive a standing ovation. When he walked off the mound at his home park for the last time last week but that's all fans. You'll be in Omaha at TD Ameritrade Ameritrade park and they'll be playing the North Carolina Tar Heels. And they're 17100 miles away from Morgan in the home fans though have some fans out there but not like a home game not even close out. So Heimlich said today he's not worried about the fans he set up play baseball on the field they can cheer me on they can boo. And they can do what they want. I'm here to play baseball. He has been good this year. He has he's leading the nation in wins sixteen and one record for the sky this year he's a bully morally. I as a 151. Strikeouts in just over a 120 innings. Well over a strike down an inning he was named the pac twelve pitcher of the year for the second straight season. Now last year after the Oregon in newspaper first reported his juvenile record he opted to sit out the super regional did not make the trip to Omaha he set about that it wasn't fond. City watch some other from home one of the games he decided to go on a hike another game he was on a beach. But he kept up with a cell. Basket or me or the stories to watch. This weekend with the college World Series but some good games this weekend it's always fun wish we had some local teams and ball. Yeah how much you go and actually watch. I and at the US open no you guys and I got some World Cup exactly and so there answer house looking for you Soccergirl. Pro pop open source of yet and what are we not have the World Cup on right now waiting to see Ronaldo. Have the hatchery we've got this big screen TV as we have Phil Mickelson is like ten over part of life we've got to TVs. Muscle mass they have there if you wanna controlled remotely come on the side of the board move past I didn't end here. I don't know alone across them Hoover. That it or recommend it no we may have to screens in here but one remote for those TVs you can't separate. Sorry we can't give you others sports more experience in here in our studio that the media are your thing products. Talked boss man actually we probably could split off your laptop on that one if you would play your left on the it was we didn't I think that's what you want to meet that deadline okay yes Monday at I am able. Looks that are not auction. And all of a message. You're joking right. Good entertainment this is sport this is World Cup this is fifa every four years. This is rated RE. On what flip it over there and it wears his mother Russia or any noise channel. Thing is owned by time I found that in the show us just overreaction because typically want to last for the last two minutes of fuel. I dug Dustin Johnson still with a four shot lead at the US open. Again Ian Poulter still out on the course at hole number nine at even par. Charley Hoffman is out there a hole number six Andy impartial those of the two guys that are closest to him. Cut lines plus seven so it as a move since it bumped up one from plus six. Moxie. We still have Mickelson at plus eight so she still above the cut line but Mickelson. And sell only played seven holes so we have some time same thing for speed take a speech to Mickelson or play Indian as he's an eight as well. He's at plus say so he has a chance to make the cut. Anybody else some big names plus nine for couture could work out for him to La. Make the cut 'cause he's only a hole number six. But Tiger Woods at plus ten has already finished for the day for the 72 not terrible round of the 78 he had yesterday. Pretty much did tiger and so he will not be able to walk. Make up any ground and air for no tiger for the weekend. At the US open we will certainly be back on Monday to talk about the US open. And the World Cup and the college World Series so way hope you'll tune in then here to the huddle on ESP in upstate at 1 o'clock. On Monday afternoon don't forget baseball tonight. The Chicago Cubs in the St. Louis Cardinals only the first page is about 815 pregame coverage begins at 730 from ESPN radio. So we look forward to bringing you that. Straight it was surge is coming up next. For Alonso and Richmond I'm Greg McKinney enjoy your weekend. Get on enjoyed heats and we'll see you. Monday afternoon 1 o'clock here in the huddle on ESP in upstate.