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Friday, June 15th

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Dustin just run out with a four shot lead at the US opens were watching the Al. Likes of Jordan speeds and Phil Mickelson trying to stay near the cut line and survived the weekend this afternoon to denial now for you. And we're gonna get to what Thomas Davis Carolina Panthers linebacker coming up said some interesting things yesterday. 8444773776. Is our phone number let's go to the phones and talk to Jimmy next. Jimmie welcome meant. I get to go out it's well. I well. Outlets a day Leavitt started this morning and I hear people talk about those say he has pertain to pertain it's not fair but you know. Look at this. Re a debate or. Order trapped there. The only wanted to date or that would free agent the Kevin Durant that your Kevin Durant. What are you would you have wanted to share of the all the Russell Westbrook I mean. The guy I mean look and that I just got there here in this force their old old. And they are so I'm not Russell Westbrook and LeBron James together now that would be great is the master man. I'm saying look I may carry urban. Wanted to get out of the air you know that LeBron all the ball. I mean it would there appear to be enough basketball for a Russell Westbrook and LeBron James but. How did the married her college I get sick to hear about Abdullah stay in there were saying I think Abdul Jabbar went to the lakers. And all that nobody. Made a big deal that. And I think he has like one of the greatest players of all I'm at bat the ball on neatly stored in the NBA. And I did hear all the crap that I hear about Kevin Durant Dolan built that day. But I would you'll want to play Russell Westbrook is but they got all well. No probably not did you hear the news today Jimmy though that coli Leonard is interesting going to the lakers. And of course they talked about all georgians LeBron going there as well item is here's are now basketball's go around those guys they'll probably share the ball pretty tolerant. And that would really be a super seeing right there acute so called it starts. Drawn those other tapes. And me and then look what look Roddick going to Miami with Chris Bosh. And doing way. Yeah just really get tired here about Golden State and a big plate great fundamental basketball. They pass the ball around. That guys if they want it did they could be LeBron James Russell Westbrook walked all the but they play together as a scene. That's why don't the state it's so successful. Appreciated Jimmie thanks for the call 8444773776. How little more on bad from boje Adrian mode Sharansky. He's talked to sources and says that so far Leonard E. Coli Leonard has expressed nothing directly to the spurs about his future. The lakers and the clippers interests Leonard both teams would move quickly. To assemble packages to acquire him the spurs won't rush Leonard and his camp. And shown interest in a 219. Million dollar super Max deal 219 million in the numbers just in mind boggling. In the NBA era now with. That's where we are so what interesting developments today it looks bad for Kline Leonard staying at San Antonio. As a runner. And is the numbers. Are increasing so much it it pinpoints back to 2014. That's when the NBA. Sign there 24 billion dollar media deal for a TV rights yet and that is created. This problem where almost and you had this huge revenue injection in this. Big spike in the salary cap in a wit from. Seventy million dollars to 94 million dollars which is a 34% increase. Basically overnight in one year. And that type of increase. It to eighteen years before that. I have a 34% increase so when you had that type of influx that's why you see all these salaries so high it it's gonna level off. In terms of guys. It's not an increased that much over the year but the ceiling has I mean and a the the level has been set so to speak and it's almost an artificial. Level so fast because of that huge. Injection. Of revenue based on the TV deal. I doubt Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis met with the media the yesterday and it's going to be interesting he job. He's not backing off of his assertion that his four game suspension for violating the performance enhancing drug policy. Was over a substance he has been taken for years. Without penalty here's some of what job TD said that the media's might ask him you know how do you. We say to kids right now when they come up to union noted you're suspended for four games this coming season for PDs here's what TV I'd say about that. That's true on open on the secretive about it you know do different stuff in the limited to what it was something I was going to that we. Mom sometimes life. Things happen that are totally obvious until you. You can vote for you think is something that did you use for a long long period of time you don't expect it to be any different result and unfortunately I had a different result. I found my usually the united that it used so. I don't sit back you don't dwell on it. You do win you keep moving this what I've done in the situation it was tough. For me to potentially be the last season. My airfare career face reported instances where you don't take these guys take advantage of the time that I do have a lot to me. In those GA meaning that process we'll go to training camp and how good can now. And just looking forward to doing that and no worse for four games start. Today we kind of Romeo look it would just doesn't fly over. Published a week to continue to get better because of the sport there friendly. Does support from my family my teammates the community have different news update. Citizens and it's always doing things the right way I think people. Understand in those days it was intentional. And discount these do reaction that I got from a local standpoint and couldn't be more excited in the old days people understand the reasons. Week SO conversations with a man you know they've went. Over and over just the product in the way things work when you you have situations like is important to view to. Testing and and and reviewed about it it's actually taken with their way to interfere with his policies. You really don't find out of the clear. Until about a month to. As he threw it says so it's hard to go back contested particular products which you've taken so. Mean you know not staying here math than your standard is in the fall I don't know what productivity and both new aggressive in the video. We're responsible for what we put enough greater than that from there have been no. At the same time just. Don't have found some relief that the way appeals processes that you have to produce everything officials. Coughlin to. If you don't know what reason we can't submit that this. Just released situation within in a tough something that are from just people still. It. Is a place to universal. And please. Obviously it's not it's. In the guest of this thing plays this. They call safe for us is in a self certified. It was important for us to continue to utilize those products. And you know which utilize your father figure with my community's youth ball. Still tight unity. Yeah amana pounded every day. The what's the problem. That help would be for eight years so why stop now that it's so maybe I missed that the police say what the product was is and he does it doesn't because if he's been taken dozens of Israeli ears and he knows what that is why don't we know what that well he's a day in a bunch of things he does know which one it is. That's what our eggs a combination of a bunch of different things America well it can't isolate it. At least yet so we can appeal it because he can't isolate what it was that. Posted to trip and even the yeah. Positive it will and it sounds like though he has been talking to manufacturers though you know is there an aspect that he thinks he knows what it is and there could be a situation. Did the manufacturer did they change their formulation. Of that. And that's what he's trying to figure out and I think there could be some validity to that because I have seen where. These future suitable companies they they do change their formulas from time to time. Maybe wondering what was he taken him for what wasn't supposed to do that that's still ideas and things that I don't now him. He hasn't said I would imagine has really against us it. Some type of help in the recovery Leon in at least 35 years old and so you know it's folly not just a bulk up. No I don't think that what people have wondered for years how he recovered from the good news. Stop so no. Maybe now we know or we don't know what it is but it was something that some days it's in a long time that's what he says. The interesting thing that TD said though laws that he is quoting here very open to the possibility of playing in 2090. So that's a change did this make that. Decision for him. Put it back on the table missing four games deck without these applicants and is. Calendar. CNN you know what a moment playing twelve games and at best. I don't yeah I think it's a legacy thing he doesn't wanna go out with a tainted year. So he comes back. And plays an entire year would feel better for him retiring. He said looking at the OT days. And they just completed a three day mini camp Panthers did. He said I have proven without a doubt that I can still come out and play the game I'm out here running around moving just as fast as any of our young guys. But the youngest sympathy with. But is it that's how I judge myself or we bring new people and how to watch stack up against the man he's seeing. At least in his mind that he stacks up well against them steal. So he's considering. Come back for another year after a 35 you know look. Two is peppers has proven useful club longer than that or anything easy for him to say that right now yeah into the year how to exactly does get through the season and see how banged up he is and have Howell but she wants to continue again it's the off season. Type of things that that's what typically has these guys. Move on from their playing career is all the work that you have to do in the offseason not during the season is not the games. It's all the preparation and behind the scenes work that chip put in to be ready for the upcoming season that's the most difficult part for these guys as they. Age from what we've seen of him on the field though he doesn't look to a slow down I mean he's still going crazy to ball at all times and has his productivity dropped off that you can tell. I'm still playing at a pretty high level. Save the question goes last do you think about his chances that he returns as part of our three questions. Segment coming up we'll Thomas Davis actually played beyond 2018 he had said that this would be as last year but. Seems to be having a change of heart after his four game suspension. Was announced earlier this year to start the season. ID 444773776. U wanna call and talk to us in the huddle on ESP in upstate text line 71307. I got some game com baseball news they're losing a couple of players early. And also some suspensions. Wake Forest football to tell you about we'll get to a coming up stay with us the Friday huddle as we roll on this afternoon on ESP in upstate. So he picked out Wake Forest to win the ACC and football this year in my wanna. Adjuster pick. All you raise your hand. You did Richmond non Q my hand death. Boarded an arm and a use my right hand you my left hand down and a great man. Their quarterback Kindle Hanson projected starting quarterback. Along with tight end Thomas Cole has been suspended for the first three games of the year that was announced. Yesterday. I'm dilation of team rules so we don't know what. Alum in favor of a new. NCAA guidelines. Can't get away with the same violation of team rules yet tell us what it is. I mean because it just think all right well is that what did he do. Yeah but at some point when they start disclosing you may wanna go back to you know what I really had an hour and a Hanson is a redshirt junior he has four career starts and a lot of experience there but he was going to be the guy. You know low. John Alford on there's a for your starter quarterback Wake Forest so Hinton was the projected starter this year. Thomas Cole the tide and redshirt sophomore played three games last year day Claussen the coach of the players made poor decisions. And they take responsibility for. Their actions so they here's the good news for Wake Forest the three games to start the season now sort of gotten. Tulane. House and in the Boston College Boston College will be at Boston College is going to be good yeah. Our solid team. So way Clemson should not be affected don't play them until October some memory. Obesity looking. The October 6 that Wake Forest so they should be back for the clinching game. But look I mean who's to say that candle Clinton. It's the job back if you missed the first read it again start working out these backups. More for fall practice biased very quickly hit a yeah if they haven't already implement them through it give them some more another couple young guys that are. Spurs beat pretty decent behind them but the Kindle Hansen will not start the first three games at least for a Wake Forest. This coming college football season. Got a couple of South Carolina just made a nice run. Named baseball got to the super regionals came up one game short of the college World Series in a couple of guys leaving the team. And you know at least one album. Pretty big named him play a lot this year but that's Kyle Jacobson an outfielder he and catcher Elijah bowers will transfer out. A Jacobson was a perfect game all Americans. Six 180. Pounder. He picked South Carolina. Instead of the major leagues he had overtures from a number of Major League teams coming out of high school here's taken in the 33 round of the 2017. Major League Baseball. Draft but had decided to come to college. And he didn't get much action with the game Cox mark Kingston what with a veteran group of outfielders to start the season TJ Hopkins. Consider field course Carlos Cortez and Jakob Olsen. Played the outfield as well Jacobson struggled to break his way into the lineup as a true freshman started seven games had a 158. Batting average with the 289 on base percentage six walks sixteen strikeouts in 38 bats. Over the course of the year Jacobson will transfer to a junior college that destination has not been. Determined he did he make the trip to the super regional. He traveled with the team on road trips the entire season. And he did play given the Georgia series and the Kentucky series but left it home for the super regional. Trip to Arkansas. So that opens up some room in the outfield Hopkins is back for his senior season as is Olsen. Cortez expected to go on to all play professional baseball. And sign a contract with the New York Mets they drafted Cortez in the third round so on. I know that some consider that a significant loss for the gamecocks. But they do have a good bit of talent coming back some. Pumped Kyle Jacobson and Elijah by hours. Catcher in an outfielder. Will be heading out of South Carolina and will not be back with the gamecocks for the upcoming 2019. Season. And Texas Tech back to football briefly here Texas Tech has dismissed a wide receiver Quan shorts kicked off the team. He was arrested for marijuana by Lubbock Texas police. Officers were at an apartment complex is part of an investigation yesterday afternoon shorts was arrested. They have not. Provided details on now what happened what prompted his arrest. He's still in jail. After about two hours after the arrest Kliff Kingsbury to coach at Texas Tech announced that he'd been dismissed from the team. And at the university would have. No further comment on. He six to 205 pound junior caught nine passes for 109 yards and two touchdowns in 2017. He started in four. Of the thirteen games. That he played so. Lots of off field stuff going on this time a year and down. That's somewhat affected Texas Tech there. On some want to pass that along to you as well and then from the NBA bend Arctic. In dar Drake who have trouble that name McKinney I don't have trouble landing. A don't knock it inside linebacker for the Houston Texans. He has a five year fifteen million dollar contract extension. 21 million is guaranteed. Was the second round pick in 2015. Play a major role in the defense. I'm 2016 had a really good year 129. Tackles and five. Sex. Leo. General manager. Of the team the Texans said that done McKinney plays a key role in their defense been highly productive more importantly a core player who's developed into a team leader. And they're excited to have him part of the long term. Future give him praise for his leadership and production. Texans expect McKinney you have an even bigger role in 28 team because they cut. Brian Cushing in February. So on they need more out of him before signing. McKinney the Texans had more than 35 million dollars in cap space now this could affect today being clowning. And gain the general manager said other pretty optimistic that they will be able to sign him to a long term deal before the season starts. So keep an eye on that. Texans are uninteresting story when the season. It to shown Watson you know clowning. He wants. And now. It's going to be interesting to see if they. Take that step but Costello takes step right. They should be able to the key is obviously what we talked about yesterday is just. Help. Can they stay healthy. And there's still a lot of questions center around that obviously on the defensive side as well JJ watt of renewed. He seems to be getting hurt every year. And I think they had three wins with that three wins with the Sean. And a seven sounds about right another lost some close ones with him but he played well yes but yeah I didn't I didn't do much. Last year and now they will open up let's see regular season they get start with the patriots about them any New England. On September 9 and I do remember that big Sean and Texans did lose to game last year. Did the patriots yup ms. filing and yes that was. Interesting stuff there are we had taken a break here a 444773776. The text on a 71307. All up at the leaderboard. At the US open. When we come back stay Willis in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Appreciate you hanging out with us today and hoddle if you wanna get on board the bus phone lines are open and 8444773776. The text line is 71307. Use the keyword CE SPN at beginning your text message and ESP in upstate on Twitter to forget about the radio dot com have to that's the official new home. Habeas paean of state on your phone download radio dot com app make us your favorite ESP in upstate than you can listen to us. Anytime anywhere very easy to use when you vote. Search for a Swanson found listen to the favorite but knew it pop right up when you open up radio dot com the placed take us along. With your Smartphone here no huddle and all of our programming on ESPN upstate which tonight includes baseball the cubs in the cardinals. 730 is the air time for that one here. On ESP in upstate nobody's making up any ground on Dustin Johnson this afternoon so far. There are ways to go some Liz geyser. On the front nine. But Doug Dustin Johnson is at four under par shot a 67. Today in pension account hills golf club in Southampton New York. And so he's four under with a minus three today. Ian Poulter is headed a hole number four he's in second place but he's plus one for the day he's even par for the tournament so he's four shots behind in second place right now. At the open and Tommy flee when at a very good round today with a 66. So he's minus four today but he's plus one for the tournament so he's five shots back. As is and extend son Justin Rose Charley Hoffman. And Charles Howell the third. All at plus 12 there all five shots back. Russell. Henley is a plus to a Scott pierce he was up there pretty close earlier he's now plus 33 for the day plus two for the tournament so he's losing ground. How Paul Casey close to. At plus three and got Rickie Fowler. He's even par for the day he 173. Yesterday. So he is worth seven shots back. Mommy who's gonna make a run fury is. Plus four he started finished with a 71 for today just in thomas' plus more Jason dye listener is four over as well. Zach Johnson is four over Patrick read the same for over the group that's plus five. Includes mark Leachman. I'm sorry he's plus four plus five. And Brendan Steele whose ties and is there. Plus six guys Zander show fully a shot toll is the rookie of the year and he's been playing well this year. So you know. He has not had the sophomore jinx a lot of golfers. Have. But he's not making a run today I get a 74 today so he's at plus six. Now the cut line. Has moved up to plus seven. So what does that mean well means guys like Mac coach your car. Above the cut line for the moment and probably gonna go up not down so couture is probably a pretty good shape although he's only own poll numbers recently to blow up. Before then teppco defending champion is a plus seven so he's right now but the Colin. And made a bunch of guys to really blew up a need to cut line about bush doing about tiger yes he's stopping and about tiger got. You might as will stop. Yeah I think that's out. He had guys right now above the projected cut of plus seven. Include Steve Stricker plus say Brent Snedeker is there a plus eight Jimmy Walker's plus eight. At plus nine Lucas Glover and he's finished for the day so. I mean look they can move up two more shots and acumen that's possible plus nine doctor got tiger. Now even do go to plus nine and you don't have a lot of guys. Really are struggling down but I can happen though because this course in the way it's playing I would be shocked in the and that's where space is space at plus nine Mickelson is at plus nine. And now I guess they're playing together because they're both had a number four. So space Mickelson needs some help. At plus nine with a projected cut at. Net plus seven but they're both in the early part of the play today actually they have a chance to line. Try to move on. Let's see. You guys to Tiger Woods that plus ten. Yeah. Yet tiger had a 72 today not terrible but the 78 yesterday would appear to have. Done him in. Same thing for Charl Schwartzel. He's a plus standing still out on the course only on hold over four Tudjman tough for him so far. Bubba Watson. He is on hole number five at plus eleven for the tournament that a while since Bubba did much wrong really have. If he thought we McIlroy hasn't been as bad so far today as he was yesterday but he's lost one more shot it was lost in yesterday's that it wonder that is plus eleven now. Added a whole number of foursome uncle was in trouble. For the weekend. I candidates improvement for mackerel damning settle down will be at least to give them ethics act like Jason Day plus twelve out of Scott plus thirteen. Am. Sergio there was Sergio was atop the leaderboard for a couple of minutes instrument. Not anymore and I think I'm just hole number one hit shift welfare back if you grooves in effect via. Very early he'd birdied hole number one and I was. Officials 75 yesterday and he had a 79. Today. So Sergio is not gonna make it he's a plus fourteen Kyle Stanley Clemson got. Plus fourteen same scores as her Sergio said he found in 79. John Rahm. Plus fifteen. All wrong was going to actually. Use a club in hit his bag yesterday drilling when he missed a shot. Yet he he he looks like hot head to me. Was again the temper and he was close. It was like one of those tiger swings where. You've seen tiger in the backswing dissolves and stop Aziz the up coming down via that was all that was basically what it wasn't wrong. The heat yet and a he brought it back in and as he has come and on the downswing he stopped before he is back at some make some noise isn't a no he just hit a bad shot he was mad. Oh after the show after the Shia yes. You know we told yesterday that Scott Gregory dumb child and only two would you go back out that a few shown on two yeah redemption. Please tell me he shot like 76 he's only real hole number eight and today Scott Gregory is to lower. He's blessed when a good bet that if somebody improvement. He's a settled down insomnia that's better academic at their team well thanks in nice course if impossible to the school world isn't that why. You go back out there to play golf as it is. It's a chance on me yes. Not again I'd say hey man all right I'm a dad yeah look at best thing about there's no pressure on him there's no ways give backing and he's got there have fun the F. There and choppered around that's what's he doesn't do audio player real good course may be seeing some of that rough somehow hi some of it is. I know yesterday Dustin Johnson was in there and he had to have hill army from a gallery of people trying to find the ball in the rough and the people watching go live there yeah I mean they saw exactly where wives and they still couldn't find it. Yet kinda difficult. Com council some money try to chop one eye on the ball never moved to that woman who wants. But I've had a had those type situations where I I've done that well. Sure looks like some dork club doing errands blows rain in this morning and then missed the course from a stool that way it stopped raining the other clowns there and could start back up against. But that slowed the greens down a little bit which you know made it hard to read their mother help the public visible role model for those greens. Left to ride a little bit earlier speech in rated hit a shot second shot on. Number four and he is plus nine for the tournament. In a speech has had some trouble so we're gonna have a major year. With Dustin Johnson at the moment the only big name near the top. Of the leaderboard. I'm sick of the South Carolina guy cannot. Hang on a lot of golf left here but he's done for the day with a minus forcing us to good shot. A 444773776. We will come back when more in a moment three questions at three coming up right after the top of the hour break still to come we're gonna hear from John Harbaugh. On Lamar Jackson the former lawyer evoke quarterback now with the ravens. How he's doing. That's all ahead stay with us the Friday afternoon edition of huddle rolls on from ESP in upstate. Ronaldo gets a goal torture goal lead Spain. In the fifa World Cup. At halftime I'm assuming that HT stands for halftime and soccer McKenna assumption. To want Portugal can be there's three quarters of via Africa now there's do that and so I'll take him to back off now off. Knocked off now don't talk cut off topic I I'm going back to sleep now yet it is. Sides of Portugal up 21 and Ronald Lou now maybe have a good tournament and it's more money to pay is tax write. Like 21 million U 41 million dollar. Fine if I guess when you include. The back tank and his food that basically I get roughly maybe seventeen million dollars and it's in US dollars through whatever. It may not William Ayers or the other night through here at the keys. OK but I think he would pay his taxes right that's my point how do you get in that situation. In the first place. Maggie in that you're that high of exposure. It's account and few other counts of tax. Yeah and Nancy you assume that they're doing their job maybe but some people are more aggressive than others in trying to shield their money from taxes and you know he or his account it was that way but there are obvious little too aggressive in my stance is I'm all about tax avoidance. Yeah but not tax evasion while there is difference there is the difference and that's what's happening is that he stepped as they're just simply a pervading. Their responsibility of paying tag Alley it's true when you make ninety million and you think I cannot say how much intact as the only do that legislative. And if you get the raw talent they'll tell you some things you really provisions. That happens all the time I bet you think your original that you just by everything that. Doesn't work that I noticed you would think they're too that the polls they earn so much. Those are gonna be the first people that. The government's going to be looked and I did those people paying their tax rights you know that a lot of money every year and now the thing. 8444773776. Is tough to delve in next in the huddle and welcome in our unit. I'm already I don't know. Our core alone trying laws are sent until. And until later. It is gators where you plan goes into looking wanna go to an Iran expert unless they're very. He won't lie I'm ready for quite a little wolf kroc who will tune foreigner and long morning. What are we all. Asia tour. So where god Doug Gottlieb said that they're more likely to trade. Brand inning from the inclusion which is kind of surprising. No Obama's first. One of whereas you don't get rid of it great still working local took it won't matter little. QE2 030. All you know. But I gotta have some money left to play with Paul George and coli Leonard and. LeBron. It or. Quote their. To order your real time I played hard and put into an expert Atlantic right now. Well I mean I don't think he said it on and sources are saying he likes. He likes. What is list where he did go looking log located just sort of there I'll all right Brooke we don't you wanna go. They want to retinal vessel wall. And I got it down appreciate them. Education minister at the clock wants out of San Antonio and the reports are that he has designs on the lakers will seek turns. I mean look I mean there's story about Boston being attested to by. Why wouldn't I mean I think a lot of teams are obviously going to be interested if there's a crack in Boston's in the next you next. Mean who wouldn't want coli. Yet and I think it would be more. Of a situation that in terms of the spurs are one I think the spurs would want Brandon Ingram he's got more upside then Swanson and whose asthma. I got labor cynic whose religious kind of a finer and greedy and at eleven there and all that stuff but I would want to but Butler. Al I would want to. I would want to T for yet. Ending Ramallah Kimmel. Yeah I don't think the lakers would be able to keep Brandon team from a trade perspective for quite Leonard I think the spurs would demand somebody like bring him groomed to be part of the deal. Did you see the story about Oklahoma State and their athletic director Maurice at about their football coach. Mike Gundy. Mike Holder of the athletic director in Oklahoma State was appearing on a podcast this week. He praised Mike Gundy success but he says it only needs to do a little more recruiting. Here's the quote he's really matured into a difference maker as a coach. I would approach recruiting a little differently than he does. That's your. And in the about the red Sanyo that was good but I liked in the changes approach a recruit. I think is that are right you watcher AD saying that even if he thinks they need tells them that you and say and then upon not publicly exactly. Yeah a proposal a little weird hold on to say I wanna finish higher in those recruiting rankings then we consistently do. I think that ultimately puts a ceiling on what you're able to achieve. Now Oklahoma State's not a top of any recruiting right it's never have been right now they have it and they might do you have to understand. That also it's Oklahoma State. There is there's already inherent. Limit. For recruiting nets put on the university itself just by it be in Oklahoma State sorry that's just the reality of it. They finished 32 and he lesbians recruiting rankings for 28 team. Previous classes 35 4634. 28 thumbing their around thirty to forty every. And yet. They've had three consecutive ten win seasons. 610 win season in the past 86. AP top twenty finishes since 2010. So you might wanna say you've done a heck of a job did and still the same and in need to get up the recruiting right Muslims. Yet it is the also basically saying that he knows it's gonna take talent to. Do what and that's win championship. And conference championships he's got at least get those first right our twenties they they really don't mean anything in our reality. Yes are getting conference championships and that's what we saw with Clemson as well that. Wind did the resurgence. Of Clemson being on the map so to speak happen. Wasn't because they were finishing in the top twenty I. It was when they were women at least ACC championships and put them in position to go win bowl games and windows bowl games and in. Continue. Building upon that in getting into the college football playoffs. In a Gundy was a candidate for the Tennessee job I mean if you. And Yury DC and stuff like that publicly about you think about then maybe that's not place for me. Maybe in what podcast was it on you know I know rich take on sport it was not enough to affect. And I need to. I need to get some salacious. Gas than Earth's and the young tail on my podcasts like him. Use it like the name of this podcast is pistols firing. Those got to be a local. Oklahoma State. Podcast podcast. And Mike Gundy tweeted after it just blew up on Twitter yesterday Mike Gundy tweeted. And it's related to emergence. One is a kind of a frowning face and one is the face of the little Modi scratching its chance. I thought the hum and a mom. I guess them place yet it traded. At the it's great. That's great at least he's a good sport about it but he he's getting engaged in trying to be entertaining them with that. I mean they finish as high as number three in the nation or twelve and one when he was coach of the year. Back in two mile and I don't know opposed messing with my coach publicly he's now doing that well. I don't know if that's the right approach for an eighty nominee Bisping fans would do is nothing in AD should. And I publicly. I agree and even. Maybe not even publicly even. You hire a coach to do a certain job and part of your job as an AD and yet step out of the way and Entrust that you are the right person let them. Do their job well it is nervous disease is on the firing pistols podcast. They've had been on rich take on sports. We talked about his journey and you have to worry about Jerry dart about Mike Gundy. But it three questions when we come back three questions at three in the huddle on ESP in upstate also still to come gonna hear from John hardball on Lamar Jackson how he's looking so far as the new. Draft the of the Baltimore Ravens that's commitment to step this third and final hour of the huddle coming up on ESP in upstate will be right back.