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Thursday, June 14th

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Your afternoon is going well we've already reached Thursday. Tastes like they are on June 14 so the other. An American flag to fly please do so cool. I did forget about that but we do have a American flag already fine so I surged one I have one I've forgotten Ronald put it up. Booklets good day to do that this could dummy your collectors get July 4 he's put it up now only for the summer blew it. I put mine up or war Memorial Day in and have lifted up and I presume that's okay that but there are protocols though is it technically supposed to take American flag down and only put it up for. No I think that's true is okay. Now since you can fly it. Meanwhile 3:55 am not a role that. I live in the middle of the woods nor would see snow so from squirrels and possibly instead of this is the pride thing so I I I agree I agree but I don't fly ball. He has a fly balls. I mean it's not a whole its low. When holder on my front war jets at the flag if a holder yeah one well out of our house well it. You know we have a runoff election coming up and in two weeks not to get too political here. But I was at this about turn into a different show of big deal because what you think the two candidates who came in second and third behind. One of third and fourth I guess behind. John Moran a toting guys I play basketball John Warren over the line you detail for years. So it's just amazing to me that there's a chance. That this dude could be. The next governor it seems like there's a legitimate chance yet because although all the other candidates are coalescing behind him now endorsing him. And they know they're shot. They really don't have a shot now they're done they're not in a runoff that so how quickly after he gets elected or you don't have them on this program and I'll do that. I promise not to do that why not I mean you've you've played basketball amid the sports guy everybody's going to be Aziz you know and this was a few years yeah humming probably like. Sent operate the last play ball and there but. Is that do you do would hang him with pick up basketball games they give me governor. Americans also knows why we love America. Yeah. Because make America great again not just because the other candidates endorsed. John Warren doesn't mean that the voters who voted for those other candidates will all. Vote against and ringmaster but I I think if your agreement master April nervous right now I would think so too. He needed to win without the runoff is one ounce in India as and he did notice that little thing and we aren't. Back to sports three questions that three time in the huddle. I'm we have some golf we have some football we have some basketball poll and three questions today questionable on the Alonso. Right. Are the lakers justified in asking Alonso ball and how commitment to tone down their social media battle or are they being funny daddy's. I can not familiar with the story. A ball and crews and I have been going at it for a while throughout their rookie seasons it escalated from tweets and and stay Graham post. To a recent sub Bleacher Report player hater of the year award for coups not. A video that made jokes of balls expanse and then. Ball came back with a song released on Monday called highly Kouzmanoff. That has lyrics about his lack of a relationship with his biological father ambitious can cannot ugly here. So the question is. This is the NBA these are pros are the lakers justify. And asking them to tone it down Richmond. I think they're very justified. Again did there have been fine and it's. It is it really impacting. Any thing their off the court now it's off season. But to the point where. The lakers in a position right now. They're trying to showcase themselves as an elite. In BA program because it's the biggest recruiting season right now with LeBron James free agency and so. I would suspect that magic Johnson and that LA lakers in their front office rock linger they want everything to be buttoned up with LA lakers. As we know it's a circus show. With Alonso ball maybe not necessarily just Alonso ball but. With the ball family and their glory had situations with low bar ball's been asked to. Not be around the lakers organization Mikey was initially when the season first started. So I I think it's. Very appropriate for them to ask them hey we don't need this type of publicity right now we're trying to recruit LeBron James and Paul George and it could be quiet Leonard as well they're trying to build potentially a super team and and I think count whose whose mom is probably said it best. When she's a she said surveys either fund knows you back to work knock it off right. Mama knows best. Our lawns are you gentle like stuff like this this this ribbing. Are you this this isn't this the equivalent of a couple kids telling your momma jokes which you know. Yo mama jokes are pretty funny depend on whose talent on the after awhile it's just like. They're just all fun on the other news it's like the lakers are trying to regulate. Maturity which cannot do these aren't kids they're big time kids. It is they're not coming to blows or any thing yet I don't that it. And who's to say they will and I mean you got to let you got to applaud Alonso balls. Creativity come up with a song. They he had this kind of low. Hidden on the lack of dad there but you know. Look at the equivalent I mean. Alonso play wishes he had like a bat so I mean you know the I just I don't I don't think it's that big of a deal but. But when your boss told you tone it down you gotta tone it down. Hide I mean I give both sides of that and I get these are not college athletes are high school athletes are that can be tolerated you know at Clemson or South Carolina some limits on down and hurry. But I'm okay with the when the lakers saying hey irregular what happened with the Angela Russell and nick young and a video back in 26 think they don't want anything. Like that happening again. And they are going to be a competitive team down the road they're serious about it and as everybody should be. And both players by the way have agreed to tone down so obviously they don't. Really have and and they're not being belligerent about it so he's probably lies by the lakers and I'm glad to hear that coups and a and Alonso ball have boss says okay. We'll do that because you know it was. It's an older we get older and probably a little personal so I'm glad that they agreed to do that as quickly restart taken a shot that and the may not having a biological father yeah that's a little too much. I'd number jewels of. I should the Texans be careful with the shall Watson and pre season workouts or should he be full go. Listen as far as full go yeah offer for pre season workouts because he's quarterback and how much is a quarterback in the NFL going to be touched. In. Pre season workouts or in pre season period because it plays such a limited time. He was out there was not a knee brace he looked good. I think he should be full go as you pointed out I think it was last hour Greg is his injuries happen a lot. Not content or not contact so I mean there's nothing you can do to stop that so that the doctors unclear I think he'll go full go. Yeah I mean you can almost give her more. Trying to pull up and protect somebody and do all that and they'll do what you normally do for your star players and nets you know take it easy on for the different culture don't know him. Beaulieu an assessment case with the John Watson he's got -- by the way he did have two years sequence and we want to hurt you write the outlook and I said his senior year retreated that it was a sophomore and junior years ago through unscathed. Unscathed that struck his freshman year freshman year I went injury like three injuries. Now are at their. Close pretty close together but then was OK in any urge first year in the NFL. I don't think there's much you can do to protect a guy more than what they already do to protect quarterback so law full go for quarterback. The show on should be yeah I agree a 100% that it's whatever. This medical staff and coaching staff and even to Sean what he feels that he's able to do right now and I think they're taken all the necessary precautions as far as. Making sure there. Doing the appropriate things if it was a big issue they would have him in Heber race. And already be limiting him so I think he's shown a lot of progress of letting keep continuing as it is. All right final question loans of all right take one last look at the leaderboard and tell us who it's your pick for the US open hatch and a cup now I get to go first on the third question and so but pick who I want you guys can't think same guys I know that's that's a bummer because I know it's not going to be as that'll be a problem for you. I think in my view for my man yeah that's exactly what AP Jimmy DJ I'm Dustin Johnson. He's playing well he's off to a good start all the other stars are blown up. I'm so right now like Dustin Johnson he's mine. So mark and his second I'll go side. Can only trying to figure out bigger yeah I go to a new is gonna pick and I don't my guy is plus 125 polls right now. It was a which means he's he's then it did I think compared everybody else. They'll be the man with a wonderful head of hair Tommy Fleetwood Fleetwood yes Tommy Fleetwood Mac. Exactly he can looks like Mick Fleetwood he does and yet now I knew nor would go for him when. But he's in contention right now so hearsay from Katrina Richmond you'll Rory. Or Jordan speaks with those guys that's what you're leaving me you know maybe set traps in a Mickelson. I even tiger you get tired blood there is. Not a bad day tiger is not out of is he still plus more. I think he is still plus four that's the problem I mean us not. Good case plus the wind and Caroline's going to be elements plus for me now via bat. Now is not a meadow high in all reality it's not and he's still. Is still in contention because this thing's gonna go. Crazy over the next. A couple of days and he's leading a minus three Russell mentally fit I can't I I can't take any of the guys that are. Sitting at the top of the leaderboard. Right now tempered Dustan Deborah continue to get done sooner. Yeah I don't have any you know why we got to pick a name man I mean these guys will be a name if they wind so I mean you know pick or the guys mostly non. I like your thinking I did it today it's one of these guys has to make a name for himself and who we knew. Brooks kept going he did that last year and so could their be good go to Russell Henley be that guy out at minus three. Tickets Gorman. Got the KV around here go to the front runner. Fact I. I I'm I'm going with tiger it and I hear I'm gonna save your shots back already having a shot he's gonna make an unbelievable. Ryan. And be. Right back in the hearts of America. Dustin Johnson's in second place with amongst these modest if along with the day. I mean met this is the one I'd take Phil Mickelson because this is the one major doesn't have so you agreed us all about that as well. But he's he's worse than tiger right now yeah he's not bill. I mean to scores are just horrible. For the guys that in order but he cares about justice that has just been banned. And not get much better show you how hard this course is in you when you combine it with the conditions. It is very difficult thing for the pros to be. At this point in some people love that they love seeing the pros struggle like death. Or haven't you grind it out just even. Get 72. Which. Par is seventy a discourse gap now Mickelson spla sevens at least three shots behind tiger. Awful. Awful sorrow tiger just birdied that here we go come back and Russia and they're not handle for. I don't tiger a 444773776. Text line 71307. Here in the huddle on ESPN upstate might have been Diddy joins us in studio next blogger and podcaster from ESP in upstate dot com. An occasional substitute host round here. He's a soccer Trammell told him about the World Cup and now. Most of total baseball as we always do a duty standby that's next in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Back in here and huddle on ESPN upstate Thursday afternoon Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver Alonso Mike been Diddy. We call in ditty because. That's easier to remember. It is and I he is in studio whether some blogs podcasts and substitute host here on ESP in upstate check out a Stephanie SP in upstate. Dot com baseball first I want to ask him so it'll forget he's one of two Milwaukee Brewers game and what was that about it was awesome I was up. Arad girlfriend's brother had graduated college on Sunday from Lawrence University about two hours north of Milwaukee so are their for the weekend in Milwaukee the beautiful thing is that it was only in the sixties all week and I just give me a little break from all this non nastiness. Before coming back to 95 again today which is. Welcome home but yet the birth game brewers cubs Monday night I had great ball game until the eleventh. The cubs blew up in the eleventh got five runs in the top half 172. But Milwaukee did when the next few games that I didn't go to him also good for them they're keeping that Red Sox streak alive of not winning games Agassi on stadium after phenomenal really really cool place and it's cannon and crazy to think it's been seventeen years old it seems brand news to some it's just a great ball park. We had not you know super expensive seats because it was a cubs games it was tough to get seats that. And we're way up in top deck behind home plate just to the third base side and perfect view everywhere you go and place except for the U receipts which have to. At the polls there obstructed view but I did go to the Uga or statue get a picture with them Bobby you go back there are so very last row behind home plate on duke or statue now imagine a lot of beer flows in Milwaukee yes it's just all beer thing and I don't know if they drink anything else it's a beer and cheese that sad about five days of that so I need to go pretty hardcore on the diet starting today. Behind. Just looking at baseball right now and net hot teams Houston's got hot yeah seven in a row but they're still law half game behind Seattle that west racism looking pretty tight. Yeah it looks. For now but I think we're at the point of the season where you can start kind of factoring in that mattered stats of baseball and I think run differentials of really really big one when it comes to kind of guessing where things are gonna go going forward. The Mariners don't win by a lot when they win and they only have to add what 27 run differential right now plus 47 that's not the kind of run differential you see in the best teams in the league. I think the Red Sox in Houston both over a hundred. I think the Braves are over sixty dead yankees 91 so you have those front differentials are what are showing you how they're beating teams how they're scoring a lot of runs. That shows you with the Mariners that they don't get the run support they need. And seven of their next ten games are against the Red Sox who are one of the hottest teams in baseball for four at home out there in Seattle starting tonight. Three in Fenway next week so that's going to be a tough stretch the gonna start playing teams like the Yankees haven't traveled to the East Coast and we'll see if they can maintain a spot when you're not getting runs. It's hard to you know expect you to continue the success they've had 44 wins right now for that teams kind of shocking. I don't think anybody saw them being in that position but Houston like you set on fire right now they're gonna keep going they're not gonna slow down. And if you look at their run differential I think that the highest in the league won 38 yen and Seattle's is 27 in the process Seattle that's what's insane because that's what's gonna head the yet that's what's showing you that their score runs and in bunches and the more they play each other I think we'll see Houston take that edge and start running away with the division nobody else has really got to play with them don't think. Especially now that Tony's done. I I had bet these guys that once the Braves lost first place in the National League east they would never get him back for the rest of the year I was wrong you're wrong immediately got it back so now we look. The Braves we had guest on earlier today Tom Hart too long used work the Braves are reducing coverage and abrasion on his columns college World Series. He seems to buy into Vietnam I mean. I don't have to win the division but you know here we are in mid June now we keep saying that we're in mid June in the Bridgestone for. And I keep talking about how you know the national gonna get hot it's just gonna go away but I've you know they've kind of stave them off they've held their own with the women played them head to head. And they've been able to win the games or so votes supposed to win and that's really your mug main focus in baseball has to be the bad teams side and get those wins compiled and stay on top. Because when you do have to play some tough stretches you're going to lose baseball that's just how the sport works so the Braves have done a great job of taking care of business where they have to take care of business. On the West Coast swing or play and the Padres right now actually so if they can take care of that which they should even now. I mean that's as almost 500 club out there the west. Kind of interestingly all very decent guy out and hail what NL west this year so as long as they don't. You know get into that kind of mix of some teams get some hot streaks ice you know I I can see the braids sticking around and we've seen the nationals almost have. Just some weird issues this year and not really score the runs like we expected them to score Bryce Harper kind of you know Jack when hide throughout the season he's there for extra two games he's on fire Danny's ice cold for a stretch of games and and he's getting the ball thrown out of New York so it's it's just they're kind of ups ups and downs and we thought that was something that was a managerial issue with Dusty Baker or with Matt Williams before him but it's continuing again this year so I'm not sure maybe. Were wrong about the nationals and this is the season at the Braves can kind of sneak in because they've found a way. To just do the job and score runs. Had enough of a pace to keep their pitching fresh and keep their pitching winning games in in games when they get sky in trouble early. Tom Larson does that mindedness bullpen help but he didn't he make any moves now big name players I don't think they really need to because like we've said in the past that the nucleus they've built is just smartly put together almost money ball style put together with the right kind of tools in the right positions picking up the right kind of veterans Markakis had a great year. Anibal Sanchez different pitchers who have been around played in big moments. To kind of bring those rookies into the team into the league and give them a little more confidence that they have guys who have been there and done it. For so long and done it well on winning teams so you bring a winning culture into these rookies as they're being developed instead of the culture we've seen the last 34 years. Of them not winning and and playing pretty badly when they're rebuilding the farm system. We looked it up 2014 the last time they are gonna have forty wins in June they're one win away from forty meet soon with the way they're playing baseball right now. In the next fifteen days they're going to win another ball game and be over the forty win mark and that's where all the best teams the league right now with you know Houston Seattle. Now the Red Sox the Yankees the Indians are all over forty wins and if you're sitting in that territory in June. You have to feel pretty good as long as you can hold on into the all star break and avoid that late summer swoon. Of the American League east can't get any separation between you know in the Red Sox had to stay in canyon one namely tolerance and I don't know if this is sure I'm just making it up but if it issue I'm gonna take credit I think it's the first time ever it's got to be the first time you've ever seen. A team with the better winning percentage a game behind. The Yankees have a better winning percentage in a Red Sox at 683 up to 681 and their game back. Which is that the so it's a big difference in games they play they've had a ton of rain outs new York and that's that's really can't hurt the schedule but that's. Something you could be a gifted occurs late season you have to make these games up less days off. For the Yankees going forward because they're gonna have to fill those games and somewhere because this is such a tight race if it stays that way you can't go without making up games and so it's going to be interesting. I did you let's talk about the import of the sport soccer. The most important sporting world and India World Cup's underway in on I told the story and if you heard earlier today I was over at a local wings place for lunch. All the big screen TVs were on the soccer yeah the smaller screens were on the PGA. On the golf and and of the people were intuit and it was Russia the it was Russia Saudi Arabia yell what are people when they're cheering for Russian. I don't know whether you're correct. I can't speak to that. I mean. He just loved America these days right now I don't know I Nicole and Lori had any kind of rough right now things a little iffy with so but yet it's say it's it is that one time every four years that Americans give a darn about soccer and we've shown that for years that's always. Every time the World Cup comes around people wanna actually talk soccer and sees soccer. And I think it's a good time for this to come around for Greenville because now we're gonna have to pro franchises Michael leagues but still pro franchises green policies already started. The US cells coming what next year the year after so you're gonna have some pro soccer here to get behind so maybe this is something we can ride into. You know some slight smile you're not gonna get a huge fan base for minor league soccer but I can build I've seen it built from grass roots. US cell Perot and Orlando to being that MLS team that pulls 20000 games so it can grow. This city is a sports India feel like with the hunger for sports we've seen wonderful attendance for the drive from their inception. And you see a lot of these sports crazy people go to Clemson game to Carolina games are Panthers games constantly throughout the fall. This is kind of something that helps that football I think if we get it going in the right way. That you're gonna have something to go tailgate its two hour game to go watch a soccer game back home by 9 o'clock starts at seven it's a wonderful thing. And you can have some fun get that tailgate into out through the summer and I it can swell from something like this it's unfortunate. That the US is an and it. Because it's you know especially with us now getting 20/20 six in the in the North American continent and you hope that you can build off of the US. Successful run but we've never really needed the US to begin in the past for the United States to get in the World Cup side they rarely get out the first round when they do to get bumped in the first knockout and we watch the rest of the World Cup anyway when it's all the same countries we're gonna watch right now. For me it stinks because my entire heritage is this thing. Italy out. Candidate never had a chance and you asked not to Soledad who like you're for or against but it's kind of fun I guess Mexico for the North American contingent it is that the cheering source. And we do you have such a he's just insane leave mixed pot of people in this country in Greenville has grown into such in mixed bag of heritage of people coming from Europe coming from South America coming from Mexico that. I think it's something that can really be big here and you will see more bars showing the World Cup when certain countries are playing over PGA. Tour US open over baseball everywhere through sales the other one of the below our screens on Parker also if this was Sunday adult and you get Saudi Arabia Russia over Sunday at the US open it helps that it's the first day of the US open from about us or didn't he offer don't ask. After I came over you know so there was much pull for the early day US open by yet when Mexico plays I guarantee most of the bars and on because you do have a lot of Mexican nationals living. Ours are 226 we get the World Cup and not Atlanta now Orlando kind of in the mix for hosting some stuff you would hope 'cause he you'd wanna go back to the cities that not only did good in 94. When that the World Cup but cities who have had a huge growth of soccer phantom and soccer just long and you've seen Atlanta be able to sell out the Georgia Dome. That they're section of the Georgia Dome. When they cut off the top levels for soccer matches still Poland 3040000 people game. You see Orlando with 30000 are filling up the successful for years and you have those big venues in the cities with the Georgia Dome with decisions ball that you can put those and but you're gonna also wouldn't have to realize it's going to some of the major cities. You've probably seen at Soldier Field again. Like we saw in 94 to probably see it out somewhere in California the Rose Bowl summer like you saw in 94. And there's not going to be as many sites in America this time. Because you're going to have Mexico City and some other cities down there you're going to have Canada Toronto Vancouver and Montreal who are also very good soccer cities in the MLS the week's sixty out of the eighty games in America we do we get some. So what you do have to split off some so which ones take a bite is that the smaller ones is at the Orlando that even though they had a huge. Swell of support for the the World Cup in 94 they've had a huge swell of support for soccer now or do you see the big cities maybe go and why put it in the rose ball we don't we go there for football let's put a soccer game of soccer town. I'd. Good stuff I mean look I'm buying and it just it just cannon submitted for me today undo it from four years ago Ian eagle support soccer and watch it during the World Cup today was just another example in there and watching Russia and Saudi Arabia and going crazy and for storyline wise interesting game America's five nil at that's the goal differential issue though you you work with goal differentials in that round Robin side so big start for the home team of Russia. And now I gotta wonder if you're gonna start test them it usually doesn't it depends what I'm saying either Mexico. I like some players and England Germany's good you know win France it would be nice to see them when when that's not fixed forum like 98. Totally fixed that was discussed now I'm a valuable or Richmond -- on paper World Cup team. I am with weather duties yet mr. Mexican teacher freedoms ahead of Mexico as well a lot of food our guest to talk. ESP upstate dot com you can find his stuff there phone lines open for you now a 444773776. Final half hour of the huddle final twenty minutes or so we come back have you won yet and do it now this is not all will be right back on ESP upstate. So today the Southeastern Conference announced there 201718. Sportsmanship. Award winners and down. Congratulations to cherry mentally. Game got quarterback it was Jake Bentley and all the softball teams in the SEC that when you hook. Has got amateurs and the thing about Jay Bentley this goes back to a game at Tennessee. In a tight game in Knoxville South Carolina took a fifteen to nine lead with a minute thirty left to play. Tennessee freshman quarterback Jerry narron Tonto led the volunteers to first and goal at the two yard line when nine seconds to play. He threw three incomplete passes in the game and it. And as the gamecocks celebrated. Aaron Thomas sat dejected league near the sideline. Bentley jogged over to him bent down and offered encouragement to the first year quarterback. After a difficult finish jig mentally told Darren tonne which just one game. And reinforced that he had played well Bentley told here in Toronto that he has a long career ahead of him as a quarterback in the SEC game and he encouraged him to keep his. Add up and move forward. My modern Rome but the last thing anyone. It's nice. That's cool the sportsmanship on sportsmanship good kind of reminds me of the pitcher hugging the battery struck out the other day and that's right we need and are about. Yeah of the yet here's what apple with the SEC softball teams they were named winners of the women's SEC sportsmanship award. For their show of support for Mississippi State student athlete Alex Wilcox who is currently undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer. Following Mississippi State announcing it's no one fights alone campaign to bring awareness to ovarian cancer and Alex Wilcox despite. Every softball team in the SEC develop a method for displaying its support throughout the season. And all kinds of things that have happened teams have honored Wilcox with moments of silence. They have shown a video about Wilcox that was produced by Mississippi State they've warned teal uniforms. Batting practice tops and ribbon some teams have displayed Wilcox is name on their helmets or pre game gear. Or they won't warn bracelets. With the Wilcox whose name and no one fights alone. Written across themselves. That's why they receive such an hour or so object mentally in the SEC women's softball teams. I'm honored for the sportsmanship. Awards this year. I Tom welcome back and update the leaderboard. At the US open and ESPN's Allan and other lists. You know how like list. This is the easiest nonconference. Schedules. In college football this year we don't about the toughest we have the top ten it easiest nonconference schedules. Finishers college football season to tell you about what we come back in wrapping up here on Thursday huddled next on ESP in upstate. Got a weather alert from the National Weather Service. Until 415 this afternoon strong thunderstorms possibility and not. Northwestern green vote counting in the not good portion of Pickens County excellence through. 415. This afternoon be alert and watch out for them and cool things off Robertson beat. That's. Positive. Aspect of that to be alert for thunderstorms. I ESP are looking at the easiest nonconference. Schedules for this college football season a couple of SEC teams that are. Pretty good they played for the national championship they rank ninth and tenth. Alabama has the chance. Easiest. Non copper scheduled to play no they play low level so it's gonna. Evidence is Louisville team and I had at six going to be down and that a neutral site AM well in addition to loyal Alabama place. Arkansas State Louisiana and citadel so that's their nonconference schedule yet come about. Georgia makes the number nine spot and easiest nonconference schedules they play whoops it. Jumped around my computers three setting for me I know assault Austin. Austin. So those those four nonconference opponents terrain Georgia number nine easiest. Indiana is an eight they play Virginia Ball State and it F five U Washington State comes in a number seven. Wyoming their place and has a San Jose state and eastern Washington. Arbor genuine checks in at six and they will play Richmond Indiana Ohio and liberty not exactly murderer's row. Arkansas to the SEC has the fifth easiest. Nonconference schedule they play eastern Illinois Colorado State north Texas and Tulsa. Electorate are cool teams from these non conference schedule him pretty bad and our women and our top five year that's number five Barnes and Mike and Arkansas in our top five yeah. Rutgers and number four they play Texas State Kansas and buffalo. Not the bills. It's not the NFL team him. I Kansas as the third easiest nonconference schedule. Kansas will play nickel state central Michigan and rockers. Wisconsin on the Big Ten has the second easiest nonconference. Schedule. And they will play western Kentucky. New Mexico and BYU. They do not face a non conference team from power five cup. While and all those cell games are home to their brand. And who do you think has the easiest the very easiest nonconference schedule is no way to know this yeah I'd like to know it's it's our town and coo. No guest on this one it's Oregon. Those northwest and those west coasting. Oregon plays bowling drain Portland State and San Jose state. Out of conference near the runaway winner for the softest nonconference schedule three home games there none of the biggest power five opponents. And one is an FCS team. Bowling Green in San Jose state and Portland State won four games combined flesh. Four games combined. So Mario crystal ball in his first season as the ducks coach. Taken it easy Higgins didn't schedule is trying to get w.s on Al Ani Indian news get so long but that's pretty that's pretty easy right. Well he's just bad point of contention with a lot of that talk track right now is that winner even have a little bit more. Balance within scheduling. With some of these schools and how that impacts. College football playoff and what the committee is looking for in terms of strength of schedule and how do you weigh that. That's embarrassing for prisoners and your look at some of those schools again. Renewed. I'd. Rutgers and also worried about their strength of schedule right but when you're talking Wisconsin organ and these are teams. Especially organs. They've been in college football juror playoff in Alabama and tournament adopted yes it to when you look at those teams are the ones that you should be concerned about. You can do better guys that's columns. As justice. Spent for the fans to sit through games. It is as though assemble one much stuff like that and more so now even as I'm getting older. We'll watch those that means it's it's hardly veto watch him as well especially even in person. Oh yeah no. Up at the leaderboard at the 118. US open championship at Shannon cocktails golf club in South Hampton New York the first round has been a tough one today. Minus one still leads the tournament it's kind of been oiled and it has a little bit of fluctuation we saw Henley gift minus 3 AM and come back double bogey pretty quickly union. In prime right now but you guys tied at minus one Scott pierce CN Ian Poulter are still the only guys that have finished with minus one today as they had 69 to their Don. Russell Henley is a minus one through eleven Dustin Johnson my god my pick and he's in minus one through seven he's played well. Osce will Kim minus one through six Jason Duff there through five and Brian Stewart threw for those are guys at one under par. Got a much guys that even par today that includes Brian Gay and Zander show fooling. The net plus one a group that includes Justin Rose and Charles Howell. You know not the huge names of golf but am Sergio Garcia NC a few names and Justin Thomas is also. At plus one not on the day still out on the course with a lot of holes left deployed. Is looking to a Tommy flea would your guy Alonzo yes he is plus two through eight. So he's going to the ninth hole at plus two still running and around there. Who else do we care about here Paul Casey's at plus three he finished with a 73 as did. Patrick reed and Zach Johnson Rickie Fowler finished with a 73. So we still around within striking distance. Hum. Betsy Matthew Jones at plus three through twelve Kyle Stanley plus three through eight holes today Tiger Woods is your god. Richmond he's at plus three through seven. Go tiger so you had a chance I do you take away hole number one yeah before these. Writing contention and he tripled the first hole today got off to a bad start beastly par. Since that point some of those scores of the day met future finished with a 74 that is four over par. John rom is four over par only through nine holes at least halfway through the course. Jamie Walker finished with a 75 he's at plus five teppco the defending champion plus five today with a 75. And we'll well. So Bill Haas from Greeneville 766. Over par today he has finished for the day so you know still hang around. Webb Simpson plus six through eight holes Bubba Watson plus seven he's finished. Phil Mickelson also plus seven and has finished with his 77. For the day Lucas Glover plus seven through eight holes. Not too good for Lucas so far Jordan's speech finished with a 788. Over pardon. Jason Day finished with a 79. Nine over par today. And Rory McIlroy finished within eighty and eighty I still over I still. Hard for me to comprehend that. McIlroy it would. Yeah being that bad of shape it's got some work to do tomorrow frigid water on the weekend. We'll continue to follow the US open tomorrow here in the huddle also we hope you'll join us then for the Friday edition. Here on ESPN upstate course continue to follow up baseball and the big sport of soccer the World Cup. Continues. Our rights to write a post surge coming up next for Alonso and Richmond I'm Greg McKinney thanks for listing to the huddle on ESPN upstate. We'll see you tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock watch out for thunderstorms and have a good afternoon.