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Offsides with Marc Ryan
Thursday, June 14th

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Welcome back again Thursday hot all ESPN upstate GMAC Richmond Alonso phone lines open 844. 4773776. Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson are playing together today they're just wrapping up hole number one at the US open. At China cocktails and nice putt by dust and it part of the thing that's a great school. Our own medal for great way to start considering how some of these other guys have started including tiger who is now putting for double bogey. On number one. And he missed it is up triple bogey on number one so they're you know tiger fans. Who've. Just ugly. Tough upstart rough start. Yeah that's stuff that stuff we'll keep an island dia scores this afternoon minus one leads get a much gas tied at minus one. Including Ian Poulter I think Sergio is still there did you fall off then maybe maybe fell off a many again like six guys time minus 12 album is finished and the others are on the front nine. At the US open and if I die NFL. John Watson met with the media yesterday Houston Texans. Knocked quarterback. And he is dumb. Looking forward get back out on the field obviously. And here's the update from the show on on how he is doing right now. And is doing good they would do some things you know on the through the scene physically wise. For the now we go that we could end from the beginning. Pretty much where I want to be kind of past that you know inside him in the weight room mislead and also on the so there's to a smoother and a. In fact John said he is light years away from where he was last year coming in as a rookie as far as his preparedness and ability to. And start to season lead the team we said everything was going so fast last year there was a lot of information at that time. But having a full season and offseason with. Obi. The coach bill O'Brien. And coach Sean Ryan being able to advance my game and take my game to another level he said it has been great. Column. They say perhaps the biggest step he's taken from year one to year to his his knowledge of opposing defenses. He knows so little more whole lot more about what defense of Macs do technique wise what each defensive look. Means send down O'Brien and Ryan and the quarterbacks coach have worked on that with Watson in the classroom with film test communication. And board work I had a shaft germ that ESPN's talking about to Shawn Watson and he says kind of the obvious here in this in the season at least offensively for the Texans hinging on the Shawn Watson. Back without a brace which is a very encouraging sign abuse and takes effect he's back out they're not wearing the brace going to the drills I think that's been very positive film and with. Shawn Watson because if he is back out there. Then that team becomes a very formidable team with a chance to go. As far as it possibly can that's what they want and again they'll have to be careful with him. Ramp them up as the closer training camp make sure these being Smart about when. And when not to run. Down a set of chapter toward expectations for the sophomore year for. Michelle wants as long as he stays healthy and light it up again or it is there a chance that defense and we'll just him and he'll have a little more difficult times and hit. Last year and chance of that yeah I think there will be some of that but also remember. As much as. They'll be able to adjust the off of only seven games of a bill so. You think that that might be limiting. How much they. Re able to really pick up on I know bill obviously dissect all of the game film that they do you have but you probably would like a full season to really see so. I would suspect there's got to be a little bit of a drop off in terms of his performance. Just that's the way the NFL is. As you see some guys. Have a situation where they come out strong. Fall back a little bit but I do expect he's gonna have a really good season. There's eagle lighted up the way he did probably not just in all reality that's the NFL. It's a different type of game and even know I know he's. Talking about it looking like he's becoming more of a student of the game and he's making a lot of progress. Defense is there. Are very good in the NFL I know I'm simplifying things but there's just the reality of it they're very lungs a. Drop off until I actually think he's gonna get better. I think they injury will come into play as far as mobility and stuff but. If you I remember from year one year to Clemson and the better and he. He seems to be sore continues to improve and we have seen how it works for quarterbacks like quarterbacks have said. When the game slows down they get better in the second here and there's so much to take in improbably the injury helped him a little bit. As far as. Less pressure. And be able to learn the game more from all the other aspects. While he was out with the injury. He and I think he's gonna do better from what we've seen the little bit we've seen from. Well where he's out on the field he asked the lowest couple days ago looked pretty good night. Not only do they get him back to get JJ watt backs their defense going to be really good that takes pressure off from two and if you estate and they will they would make some noise in the playoffs I think I think he's definitely a better. Now deed. Situation with that too is that the kind of find a drop off. Verse is getting better. You remember what he was on pace to do last year meters on pace to break every rookie NFL record out there and they follow a slowdown at some point last year yes Intel and I think that. This is going to be the natural slow down for him to doesn't mean he's gonna have a bad year round. But the thing is gonna be somewhat of a slow down. Off of the run that he was having the beginning of the year as a division got any better. So. At least playing your own division you go look really good doing that I just I think his stats are going to be a part of what he did last year and I think he's gonna do really well. Now I hope he does. I'd OB exceeds far exceeds what he was able to do. It's all about staying healthy for him it is. And I don't know whether cannot we'll get to that in a three questions how they should handle Michelle Watson in the off season. Getting ready for the start of 2018. A the Andrei Hopkins he wasn't a teammate of dish on that Clinton now the shrunken and after nuke but they both went to Clemson obviously and he said. Watson's extra studying has shown up this offense. This offseason. And that during OGA is even as the second year quarterback has been working his way back from the ACL tear. BC in the benefit of that study Hopkins said he's noticed that John Watson is not just coming out of making plays that he can naturally do. But he is studying defenses he is being a student of the game. It's just the conversations we have been between work out some warming up constantly going over defense is talking about all we can do get better I'd definitely can see him. Wanting to be the best and of course. He was trending toward that last year in the seven games he played before he had surgery in November at the time of his injury he had nineteen passing touchdowns he was tied. With Carson Wentz for them the love the Eagles for the NFL lead and he was on pace as you said. I'll Richmond to shatter the record for touchdown passes by a rookie quarterback 26 is the rookie record and the in nineteen in seven games. Pretty darn good what is bill O'Brien say he says he seemed Watson grow as a person to the transition. From college life to the responsibilities and self motivation necessary to be successful in the NFL he is sometimes a problem for rookies but he said that was not case for Watson. Reliant quarterback coach called him a young professional. O'Brien said Watson has a consistent daily approach is in the building every morning at 6 AM. Taking care of his body eating correctly. He's in the meeting he's focused. Ready to go he has good ideas and there's good interaction in the meetings and he has come out here on the field and been able to do what he can do so. All positive so far. For additional lots. As you mention it's all about staying healthy and I think some of the video clips of there are many camper right now and Shawn Watson didn't have a knee brace on announcement as well isn't Jewish after says no knee brace that's good son. That he doesn't need now let's hope let's hope he doesn't need them in the thing is. These injuries he has are often non contact stuff traditional itself. Column is almost the major ones and all you can do about right they've had the needy ones have all been non contact him even a Clemson goes nine contact that's right. So I mean there's a fair to call an injury prone. Probably. I mean has been doesn't mean he always asked me it hasn't been heard every single yeah. Yeah. News when you're in that one year you grew older ones here and I just two of not a really good having their there's only one year where he wasn't injured his junior year senior year was hurt in Tennessee. A valid point. A very well that hurt. But that's. No hero and your I didn't courtesy you're unskilled delicate. 8444773776. Text line is 71307. Here in the huddle on nine ESP announced it'll other more more NFL note to pass along involving. The Dallas Cowboys. All pro right guard Zach Martin has agreed to a six year extension 84 million dollars forty million guaranteed according to show after. This deal runs through 20/20 four includes a twenty million dollar signing bonus. A Martin's skipped OT ace without the security of the long term contract but he has attended the first two days of mandatory minicamp. After progress was made last weekend in the negotiations. Cowboys were hoping to lock now Martin to a long term deal last year that didn't happen. Once the season began Martin put the negotiations on hold but he said he never wanted to leave the cowboys so they started out talks rod after the into the season last year. And down the hill snag about a month ago but they resolved the issues in the past few days of this makes Marten. The highest paid guard in the NFL and among the highest paid offensive lineman. Is it worth that who knows it can't watch. Often sublime and closely enough to use worthwhile. We know offensive linemen are very important. Yeah sure. Absolutely. You know Andrew nor well the Jacksonville signed. To a deal with the jags averaging thirteen point three million a season. Five year 66 million dollar deal fifteen million dollar signing bonus thirty million near entity. I've Kevin Seidler Cleveland. Signed a free agent deal. Five year sixty million dollars 31 and a half million guaranteed. And sell their some well played guys out there and you can certainly make some money. As an alignment. But just add to the list Zach Martin at Dallas two guys who were. Jen paid right now. ID 444773776. We're going to a switch gears and talk about. College Baseball college World Series coming up this weekend beginning this weekend in Omaha Nebraska. And a guy who will be on a called play by play for many of those games is Tom park ESP NN. And SEC network TLC store for the young braves and so we'll get his thoughts on the Atlanta Braves run so far this season. So we'll talk next to Tom heart about the college World Series when we come back this is a huddle you're listening to ESP announced it. Welcome back to huddle on ESPN of State's Greg McKinney where have to be joined on the line by Tom Clark who is with ESPN SEC network can be calling college World Series games in Omaha off. This weekend Tom how are you. Ragheb fantastic thanks for having me today. And add you on what games are way beyond this weekend we're gonna look for your. Well beyond the first game of the college World Series and then the night game on Sunday and it will be there all week typically typically on the base but we will get it started with what I think is premier game of the day it maybe the weekend. When organ state North Carolina meet to take this thing off. Let's dive in that talking about north Carroll on on the ACC competitor among the eight teams there. I don't get enough I keep pitcher back in nobly his name is the lottery his economic bring different. All cute superintendent and he'd been big warm down the stretch it's still. Remains to be seen it wasn't stammer does like and how PP goal of the game such as from arm strength but just your general upload experiment up. But this is the timid I had to live without their eight salt sees the law and it somehow they found a way to win. So I think in some ways they probably feel like deployment house money. By getting him back but it's great to veteran team had a great year in the ACC. I'm their guts and guys back that are that are actually motivated I don't know if you remember but this the team and North Carolina that was a national seed last year and it looked like. They had a golden ticket to overhaul. And all balled they lose back to back games at home or seed Davidson and Davidson had never won a regional before. There are big time underdogs beat Carolina a lot of ways they're embarrassed on their home field. They've done a remarkable job of either using that as motivation or news putting that to the back burner. And getting back to all the audit there. They had a fantastic post season they ran through everybody including a really good step and communicate to their plates the super reached so. They're they're talented team and they seem to be motivated. But Oregon State got to be one of the favorites are going and running. Yeah organ state along the Florida that the oddsmakers have both the real law and I think Morgan State it's a little bit better position of order. As of this point right now simply because. Laura fell off a little bit bored to fill the seat in an organ stated character excellence. All year long. They're they're the best team in College Baseball they have. First rounder it's up the middle temple second baseman and shortstop they've got a big time center fielder they've got a future first rounder behind the plate. It's opinion but you'll look back and appears on the road where you're seeing guys in the Major League all star game and you're gonna say. All I remember that he would be played in Omaha I remember watching him funniest college World Series that's got talented this organs eighteen minutes. Last year they had a lot of distraction at this time run around Lou time like is that I know he's there is that controversy behind the music is going to be a distraction at all this year. All right good controversy certainly not behind them I mean last year I'd like old and so the roster of he didn't show up in Nomo on did not play in into the postseason game. He is playing this year. He went undrafted it's one of the top prospects game Volpe junior and a senior. Our minutes beat it he probably has a lot to prove we don't have much to prove left on the diamond. He's been the best pitcher in college baseball league to the last two years but she is playing used pitching I fully expect to see him on the mound in game one of on Saturday against North Carolina. And it you can put your pieces together similar to what Florida did last year. But it won't be the last time we see look I'd like it also are obviously in the championship series organs they get there and they have the talent to do so. Talking to Tom Hart calling college World Series games or ESPN and Tom while we just saw Arkansas be one of our in state teams in the South Carolina Gamecocks and a super regional last weekend and saw a guy like Carson chatty lighted up from the play but they just seem to have bats all over the place what do you think Arkansas. Yeah I bet galore from top to the bottom of the lineup everybody's threat to hit one out on ID Arkansas as the best power hitting he'd slept in the field. The question is will that power translate to that big ballpark and all law if the wind direction as the same as it was last year. Don't have a fantastic opportunity to do so on they can slug their way to a title. If the wind direction is as it usually years. That ballpark plays even bigger than the dimensions. They're gonna have a hard time getting the ball over the spent they can still score runs up all broad. But they're fielding is not as elite as you see from other teams so a lot of things have to go right epic Arkansas all the sitting out. LS you know and less who wins in their favor and they can hit two tree home run to get. You mentioned another SEC team in Florida of course won it last year this year's team compared to last year's team can you do that is that fair. Orleans no I think I think that's fair I think from a sound perspective they're just as good they have the SEC coach of the year the FTC player of the year and yet he's the pitcher of the year. Our Brady's seniors their ace. He was number two last year. Behind Alex played O who witnessed first round to Detroit. Both play don't singer. Trips to Florida to the national championship. They did I hit extremely well it 21 in all the hall lecture they did come up with a oddly knock your better. This is a much better offensive team. That lacked here for Florida. They have bats you'll lord they had good team speed. They have taken a step back on the fielding side over the last 34 weeks this season. And they need to they need to be refined and indeed it try to. Perfect that once again to all law because. Kevin O'Sullivan in the past has built his teams are pitching and defense. Of this one's this one's close but the differences. The offense has taken them a step ahead in a mask some of those in efficiencies. The Al third SEC team in all mas Mississippi state of course they've got a coaching situation there what do you think of lovable dogs are going into the weekend. Well I think they've got to booted off all of somebody your voodoo banana couldn't do an adult. There on T know lots we've got on a momentum. Elijah McNamee is that there's star but he's played like one he hit five home runs the postseason. Due to to walk off home run its first came with. Two strikes two outs in the ninth inning against Florida State and ever since they'll walk off home run in an elimination game in Tallahassee. Mississippi State seem like they're playing with house money they are one team to watch they're great group of college players I don't. I don't think that they have a lot of pro prospects this team. You know I can look up in five years and say oh or remember those four guys all played it state. But it doesn't seem to matter to them they've rise to the occasion and if they can hold out of that momentum and keep a role in have a great chance to do some damage at all. Speaking of stars and they're all over the place in Omaha people should make it a point to watch for Cody Clemens Roger clemens' son in Texas show in the. Oh absolutely absolutely and they guy has paid back or on. For the dramatic kind of like your dad did she's got a swagger about it that you'll either love or hate or maybe love dictate. He I was there for the regional radio almighty strict sustain him in the first inning that really decided the game that was over at that point. And as he rounded third layer into the into the dugout. If you'd like text continue like that swagger it was the coolest thing ever. If you don't. You would want to put a fastball in his ribs in the very next plate appearance. He has a lot of under watch I guess like I guess you say he can be polarizing but he would there's no doubt he's a great player. As you Logitech is Tino in addition to climb into second base keep an eye and a shortstop David Abel and is it future first rounder he has incredible speed. And he that's in the lead up spots a lot of those big hits it. They Clemens comes up where they're made possible because of pitchers or about him at first or second there word about the run game. And in that respect go to Clement it's a lot of pitches they hit that he otherwise shouldn't or wouldn't so there's two guys so much that Texas. Tom before I let you go on you have some braves coverage in your background and are familiar with Atlanta. What it's unbelievable what they're doing still in first place here in the middle of June one of the gonna come back to reality or are they this season. Hopefully never hopefully never because what they've done now is they put themselves in the position. So where once you approach a trade deadline. They can now. Absolutely go after. Maybe some bullpen arms to help short depend. Offline they don't they're not on the (%expletive) and go and buy that one big time ace right now they're not gonna spend a lot of money. I think has tried to save for the dot C can. But they can help solidify this team. Everyone knew the young talent was close to be ready but but what they've done to this point it's been amazing. And it's sold Saunders deeper guy recovered elements spell out timer on Freddie Freeman. I'm just so thrilled for him that after after seeing. What he went through when the team was now on that he has an opportunity now to perhaps return to the postseason. And to do in the prime of his career because it was it was a real shame that there was an anymore talent around him in the in the batting order on the field or the last few years. You can't see that anymore. No question Tom hard ESPN SEC network and you'll be bringing you some of the games from the college World Series. And Omaha over the next couple weeks Tom we appreciate it we look forward your coverage thanks so much. Appreciate that from Tom Hart big guy and I handling the league play by play for the college World Series and embrace guided lot of work with the Braves a few years ago. And he's buying the Atlanta Braves. Hopefully they do not fade. He says. Bond wanna. Course braves won yesterday while we were on the air in the but the nationals last night beat the Yankees. Surprised me. Five before so brave and gaining ground with their win yesterday but Stiller and first one. Oh game lead I'll take it. There have been nice that the Yankees would be in the nationals just give me a little bit more patient I got you but. I've already won. That little mini badly on that one that yes indeed vets now the Braves unity played San Diego San Diego comes down they're not a good. And Sanchez pitching for Atlanta tonight 735. For that one Washington. Is off tonight. Again I guess they're traveling missing here I don't see Washington on the schedule. For tonight then the nationals will be playing starting tomorrow and their series will be at Toronto. 77 tomorrow so it's going to be neck and neck here for a little while we'll see who. Pulls ahead eventually but delegate Tom Hartmann is the brings. And I agree with him it's great for Freddie Freeman who's got some help now talk as he languished there for a local option. The trial found any support in the seems like he's even more productive that he does have a little bit of hell yeah. Like it. A 444773776. The text line is 71307. In another US open up data more when we come back in the Thursday huddle on ESP in upstate. Back in the huddle on ESPN. Upstate thanks and Tom hard for me SP into joining us in the last segment. To preview the college World Series three SEC teams one ACC team I guess in my you'll pull for who can you pull for in the college world tour. Without local thing. I don't think don't have anybody to ample for Arkansas after watching their fans against south and stand there. Florida oil last year can mean Mississippi State is kind of an interesting story there and belong in there playing well. So familiar with the count those the cities they only that either and you're right that. There I'll admit it the only cal Mona that's horrible. More cow bell now. And North Carolina to pull for them and and you can't do that. Washington. But their excellence of the Oregon State really good. Don't care. So don't I have nobody to pull food I don't basically says is normally pull for but you can hear here on the espionage where you can hear the finals him the last. Best two out of three once we get down to two teams we will have that for. Monday Tuesday Wednesday not this coming week the following Wednesday if necessary. But anyway. It's interesting to watch him and I wanna watch some lot of Texas with Roger clemens' son apparently he's a hot head. That's fun staring down dug outs and stuff that's comical does that surprise you know it doesn't yeah exactly funnel it. You know sign checks as a team that acted in the Olympics is in them ninth inning. I'd World Cup started today and Russia beats a Saudi Arabia find enough. I saw some of it was my lunch crowd we were cheering loudly over the local chicken wings put. A new you're gonna be ended a soccer thing. And go find a place to watch it it was amazing it's amazing people oriented zoo erotic items nothing and it was not a very union. Joseph Robbie Williams did. Do you know who Robbie Williams is. A new reason singer musician he was in the group take that. Who. It's the in this is from by music radio background I played their song back for good about four million times on the radio in my career. The stupid little pop song I swear I don't know I can you sing a force doesn't Avery. They why he's a British singer and he. Saying before. The beginning of the rushing game with Saudi Arabia today he's 44 years old now. And Jerry his final song which is called rock DJ am not familiar that. He proud on the sidelines of the stadium. He changed the lyrics and then he. Flipped off the ground. Thank you Robbie for land near international spotlight. Great diesel does not tell us there was an Walton who learned that the eighth that it showed. We really Grantham. Says flash excitement. Two World Cup they listen and had no idea what he's that you worry. Out of any crowd any sporting event it's soccer where people like kill each other and stuff so why does this surprise you. Does give the anger started early as this decline why do that. I'm what's the point well you know this is trying to get somebody talk about it stone cold Steve Austin used to do that all the time in WW independent in dear dad. And to all this fancy collective yeah so new soccer fans like being flipped off. And an ego wouldn't know but he did it anyway. We have a bunch of guys and minus one at the US open 123456788. Guys tied for the lead. And minus one only til almost finish the other six are on the course. What do you like out of this group. Scott piercing. Ian Poulter. Brian Gay. Peter you line. Russell Henley. Francisco Molinari. Brian Stewart or Lucas Herbert. You can add Jason Denton are two though that he is guilty on his way to die a birdie. Well as we know him as we've heard of him. Ernie Els is an even par so you know he's up there on the leaderboard or any of three holes ago Dustin Johnson's same thing he's a even par he said Duff who went to minus one so long. He's among the leaders right now. I'm Sergio had you started out tied Italy now he's at plus one so he's couple shots Max Sergio Garcia as he has Tommy Fleetwood. Steve Stricker is a plus one Jim fury except plus one Justin Thomas. Also at plus one. Looking for the golfers we know plus two for more and timer. And Adam Scott. Brent Snedeker Zach Johnson plus three Patrick reed plus three. Penguins like you know it is. The new leader look at Russell Henley Henley's leader Greg that's exciting yeah. I'm not sure Russell Henley is I don't know if Kevin just nurse from Aiken he's at plus three after two holes so Leo that's kind of the way it's been. Mac futures at plus forty finished at plus sport today he was atop the leaderboard for a little while but not did not last. Lucas Glover Clemson golfer plus four after four holes. Tiger Woods plus four after three holes. I had three of Israel vertical threat so we settled album. A little bit. Let's see where Mickelson. Bill Haas is a plus six he's finished for the day. Bubba Watson plus seven and Phil Mickelson at plus seven they finish for the today. And now we told you you know paid to do it too on the will repeat that Rory McIlroy. Finished at eighty plus ten. For the day plus tan. I just. Hard to believe it's a bad man but that's where it is but it could be worse you could be. The guy who shot 92 Scott Gregory. 982 today where you're at their play than than to than it seemed that way president. And it's kind of score we can go out there and she. Probably know Mike not on that course that agreement today that Scott Gregory is the first player in sixteen years to shoot above 9090 or above in the program. He's only 23 years old he's from England. He had to triple bogeys three double bogeys ten bogeys in three bars the other asthma or other golfer I think there. And you know for me. I'm walking off hey good and put out nineties today and expect that I'll take it. While that's that's stuff he says he knew it was going to be tough the wind is but it went before that wasn't the issue the issue was he didn't hit the short stuff very much very well. He only a five out of shifting fairways four out of eighteen greens. And the wind is causing problems for everybody and you know supposedly taken up this afternoon and have not gotten any better some of the two scores are gonna go down. This afternoon at the US open as thieves gonna like guys are backing away. From putts because the wind is so bad it out which a lot of short putts missed aura. A Bartow. No itself. It's not very good. It's more scoring is concerned the other whereabouts cut line till tomorrow. See where that's going to be the scores are yet and as much as tiger sitting up plus four in all reality. Not that long it's not that bad. Considering it's all relative to with the leaders right now this month just to name in only one guy is minus too much as a minus one so. That's where it is at the US open Shaq cocktails and now but only traffic up there that's out on Long Island toward the end of Long Island and apparently some nightmare to get there they told golfers out there that you better allow two hours from the hotel I don't know over the details of a stand in New York City. Why if they are why would you stay in Manhattan if you've got two hours to negotiate it's torture round. Yeah there's no way and I'm surprised they would not. Be renting houses. Out on Long Island somewhere maybe at least a little bit closer mab tires got is being you yet tiger and we're about now he's good clue how to. Tiger's got this one you're serious that's right yeah as a fifth at. He sparked his yacht near the course okay all right admitting Jose uninstall doesn't have kept it was a 155 feet. Under some disgusted him like over a thousand dollars a day to park it now that the twenty million dollar yacht and a snorted deal million dollars in. So yeah tiger school little mis step that just adds to the stress on the horse and negotiate two hour commute it to the golf course yet no thank you he's not I heard that they are doing some type of implementing local rules. This year its first time they've done that. It's rare in the bunker I guess there's stones and rocks. And previously you were not allowed to move. A stone or rockets in the bunker but this year Euro allowed to do that in the region are bringing up because in 2004 Phil Mickelson. Was faced with that same scenario and a double bogeyed seventeen if your member and it was all the calls there's a stone he wasn't able to move them was. Behind his ball until we fly the green beyond that with a double bogey I'm not trying to be mean here but what's the difference between stone in Iraq. It's probably size but note okay which one's bigger. Iraq the stone it's OK I want everybody knows that are now are right Mariah its its the golf paying so you knives. It was on all things are gobbling its own and broccoli at the geology and then I hope they geology all right our 100 jocks of the hardest glass of their take animal doesn't. Rockford jobs that was relaxed job as a Clinton right now is don't geology it about other color expert jog shuttle engines the defense only called into the water all that then I felt I was going to be easy you know they did not a college but that was the joke about it that the ball is going to be strategic fit and hello. Now they barely got out and yeah that DUI. A and I got to hit brightly board back in a moment the huddle and he has to get upstaged him. Or play in this instead of take that back for good. Robbie Williams. I had trouble finding them. The economy Gregor win today at a court hearing in New York. And he came on top of the media and says. I regret my actions that led to deduct. You believe. I believe he's in court could go to jail of course he regrets his actions. I don't know him. I believe com or more when he's thrown F bombs and and it's more Connor this just seems. On Connor like but is told to say this yeah I mean or of course he was but. You know does he mean. Doesn't matter he'd they didn't resolve anything today. And a brief hearing at Kings County Supreme Court. The Supreme Court house in a Brooklyn. And he appeared for about two minutes. A mile away from the Barclays center that's where he threw a hand truck at a at a bus. So was close to the scene of the crime. McGregor is legal team and the Brooklyn district attorney's office said negotiations for a potential plea deal are going on the Dublin native is next court date now scheduled for July 26. So a month and a half percent down the road. So he's free on bail stale piece facing twelve total charges. Including two for misdemeanor assault one for felony criminal mischief or his involvement in the incident. April 5 on video you can see that kind of McGregor stormed onto the loading dock at Barclays center. And attacked a bus. Bus filled with UFC athletes. Byters Michael is it Chia some. And re bored. Both said they suffered injuries in the attack and could not fight at UFC 223. On April 7. McGwire McGregor has not fought in the Yuxi since November of 2016. Hit a final question. Count their money. But he did fight against Floyd Mayweather. Boxing and made the bucks. Last August. Dana White told DMZ. Yesterday that he is going to meet with McGregor on June 18 sources have told ESPN. USC wants that meeting to be in Las Vegas. And the agent Scott McGregor told ESPN today that the team will focus on this legal matter first before they address any. Future fights but they just in his resolve anything to set another court date. How was they've let me McGregor unified again assists dragon now we noticed that you scored for relatives and do ruined is he trying to inner please. They're working on a plea deal that's what it is but they haven't resolved yet waiting MI may. I doubt there be any time served in a community service. Community service fine probation. Yes because I mean you have C want to defy him. Don't know I mean he's a money maker forum and in he's exciting to watch so and you know this scenario that gets even more interest yeah I mean a sort of this one part of courtesy fight. Just have to wait and see. Received here is that one of the there's all kinds of assault there but I'd I think he'd probably fight for a belt that he lost possible. Now we'll see where it goes but dumb you like Connors apologizing. For what it's worth. A Dustin Johnson had a nice Birdie Putt. Couple minutes ago so he's a minus one now at the US open deceased teeing off on number five which is 592. Yard. Par five yes. Some dust is off to a good start modest one. One of the fifth you'll take that with the way score you're going it's his drive off the fairway but it seems to be safe. Tom trust good start for him if he can now with a although. Most of the other stars blowing up he can be a pretty good cheaper if he's sitting after day one and 6970. He's in really good shape. Down nannies and he's playing well but come Tiger Woods that plus four he's playing with Dustin Johnson as he prepares to tee off on. Number five so they got a long way to go today in the wins that session account kills in New York. Are coming up next it's as we begin our number three of the huddle we'll get to three questions gonna talk about Alonso bawling Kyle crews month. A little more about the Shawn Watson and you guys gonna to make a pick on the US open I'm giving you a break because you get deceived half of their golf before you have to make your pin. You're welcome. So we'll do that coming doubled three questions MI and ended he would join us in studio next hour as well. He's soccer fans old and it is World Cup take. And some baseball stuff was did he follows it closely to he just went to a Milwaukee Brewers game earlier this week ask him about that experience. That's all coming up an hour three stay with us the huddle on ESP announced they will be right back.