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Thursday, June 14th

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Well commander Thursday in the huddle on ESPN upstate and glad you're here Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver. And bonds here and now exposed become the dead time that Smithson did stuff going on especially today. So here's the thing I was Tom Petty local. Called a sports bar one of the big wing places in. For lunch at 11 o'clock and narrows it down a little but if there's a few. There's just at least try and so they've got the name guys. Fifty Clusty reasoning. And the other real big ones in the name a small. Every large. Television. In the place is all soccer. The soccer town we know that reveals but again that her own professional team. In upstate is this the US opens on on the coverage began pretty early this like 10 o'clock this morning. On FS one and that's on a much of the small TVs and you know other. Stragglers on a couple of TVs here in the trivia and whatever. And not only that. Russia scores the first goal to play in Saudi Arabia etc. They scored the first goal from the World Cup. For the 2018 and placed a great. People are in there watching the World Cup I'd sure Russia. On the job in the nose at those people had any sudden weighing passengers he does speak to him and I'd you know anticipated this question. Her a lot of Saddam. I'm just so thing on the way out and they're gonna shielded for me it was kind of divided in half and you can really see them over the wool. But on the way out a lot bug them and checked out the crowd that was really allow them. And it was a real mixture now there were some kids in there with a Jersey zone maybe some jitters. They are Russian soccer play. The are you. Why did you ever Russia help me with that we do you have any I contend junker of of Russian immigrants in the area and so yeah I know I thought why go there and see like some guys you know that worked together the company and there. You know. From Russia we have all kinds of people in Greenland black and I get that. But nobody in their intention of the gulf. New body it's all. Soccer. You sound disappointed. I mean would you rather the game. Cheering for a great golf shot I just I wouldn't go to a sports bar right now is there's nothing for me so. No I don't care if they like the golfer don't like the golf but if you're going to be cheering for the World Cup. Is there somebody like pull for visage Russian maybe. It mean Russia is no longer are included enemy and our hated enemy we like them now is that the thing. And in this generation it's all about love with all the support that was all about making amends and maybe they appreciated the athletic schism and wasn't a good job. Amin was oh they scored again while I was there. I'm in there were both great shots. There were just goals. And the boys were interest. You know I. Can say is clearly I don't know and could tell how long they have been drinking did you or drowning some more damning and oranges and there there were there were adults in the air but they did not look like a big party crowd was 11 o'clock on Thursday morning. It doesn't matter for some people and so I'm just curious how many glasses were sitting on the table agree this is the equivalent for some of those type of fans that. People take off work. For the NCAA tournament there year in music games and those fans here in there and now they aren't and I think you've got to give a little bit of credit to some of the sports bar establishments. That. They're recognizing that and making it an environment where it is conducive goes ten years ago. You have to go ask. For them to turn the TV on to a soccer match ever for years ago we talked about this we'd just come on the air that was our first year on the year earliest in upstate in you know World Cup was pretty big deal of course the US was and it. But there was. A goodly amount and interest we talked a lot about how was growing managed collapses then yes it has and so when I was driving over here. I'm just flipping through channels on the radio. And we know fox has. Fifa World Cup on TV but also on the radio as well and they do. Other. Soccer matches throughout the year. In the European leagues so this is nothing new but it just made me think also. It's one thing watching the World Cup on TV. How many people actually sit and listen to a soccer match. On the radio. And that's a little bit difficult for me to. Tried to follow the match. On Arabia that's the one thing I disagree with you if Greg McKinney was on the soccer match. It would be color in your mind so I think at the beginning such a yeah I didn't picture theatres so it depends on who's calling the game the good ones can make anything. Sound good. Even soccer. You. Where we've come through all this kissing. Apple your honor I know there is no advanced to meet kiss and up I've always been and I guess and I have some dirt on him Indian equities are then. Have you heard him call again and we have you heard it all I promise you he was not not in this type of birth between Europe golf. And we don't edit I have no idea what you're Tony Dow is worried out of that to jump over there with a dump button now and you know some of those cuss words that's why I went ahead jury duty on Monday I did not like egos known to a 405 yeah. Does and it just create a whole segment it. About that was comical lines is that we didn't hear any thing until it like borrowed to work off the air also affects relatives segment on the show since you're listening you were and they have nothing to do me I was here it was we have feel is the only news he brought up he's like you know Greg probably gonna dismiss like wood and a half hours yesterday good arms yeah tournaments no wasn't quite that bad. But I did intense Leo 35 in his only outing shall open there. 10 o'clock start though those 1010 dobbs can also difficult to listen I guess my point is that it's one thing to watch soccer. It's another thing to actually listen to it on radio. But I think there's a contingency of people that it that right now I'm just saying don't underestimate him and I mean here. Locally and knew that but it just kind of came home again today. Yet and I thought you know maybe 5050 on the US open and the soccer not even close not even close or. Net. Playing golf is such a niche. Words suits and I understand that we're in sports for a lot of people they hid. Care less than no reason that there was an uptick in golf. Viewership was because of tiger him. And you could throw fill in there I mean he was entertaining bit. You know is all about tiger. Yes but I mean and this was game one of the World Cup it's. Every four years so I know there is a little bit of the same Russia Saudi Arabian man coming come all this and you know he really. You really have to love the sport to watch that watch when your team's is being equivalent of one of watching the Cleveland Browns. Play use another really bad team in the NFL. There's a lot of people don't know why does Cleveland vs buffalo and you're watching you cheering just because it's your favorite sport it's easier if you're in a sports establishment in Cleveland and buffalo or language be jump them down cheering no matter what happens now though. If Cleveland won the game I would be pretty exciting because it doesn't happen in a really long time. And valid point GMAC. I don't know who is a stuck it discount them. It it instilled that point I'm annual it on news that it was. Say again that you know we were making fun of something that's really bit it bit surprised at either end but still let cannon drove it on the idea. It was a more so that it is surprising that there were fans into the game or just because they were into that it was Russia. Both it was both but yeah I mean I thought you know. No body knows first game that you know announcer who is this and the the abbreviation for Saudi Arabia something you would never recognize some like SAS or SS players some that the look figure out who I look at my phone to see who's playing who rushed to a point. Anyway. We don't want to do on the show today we will get to the other big thing going on that they're by his ignoring the US open China Compton. New York on Long Island. More from dabhol on the NCAA changes announced yesterday gonna get him to Shawn Watson today. Houston Texans saying he's good to go and Adam Shea after talking about how big that is for the Texans. Three questions coming up and now we'll hear from Tom hearts taught him earlier today is that you reported an immunity with him. He is going to be calling him much of the college World Series in home possible it is thoughts on that coming up was going to know get a call on early today here because we coming on through the first segment. How can soccer anyone but let's get to O'Brien in your first I am welcome and how are you. They got married to well what's up. I got a monetary Smart player urged never what do you do now it's less than it did and I Surrey doubts are jittery yesterday. After that I just did the mini camp or whatever summer camp you and a you know Herat and in the questions about hundred yards and and and stand. And I'm paraphrasing former addict or but he said you know. Integrate it is going to be going to be up. NFL players in a while all time in the NFL in just a bunch of rays or dot bottle and I agree with. So I'll wanted to ask him I was Dyer I'll ask him as if you know it's going to be an NFL. Quarterback while it started last year but there's another one a lost art last year not Ambien and so quarterback. Which drops on my second point as to. How warmer this and even a competition going on in crunch and I understand collegiate being diplomatic and and keeping their opinions caused the rest. But she got past the Clemson fans I don't know I don't watch football or La. Bet that. Saint nick Kelly Bryant should 100% beat a starter. Than a materialized last year that. Carson was sixty or seventy S in the country in yards per play. That is aside defense played the way it did they were like an 84 football team. And and you finally got. Someone that everybody believes is going to be this unbelievable player. Nick Thomas should save the day basically from this atrocious plot since. And then Nyack aren't always a little quarterback's going to be how do you not know who the quarterback it's going to be one guy's going to be a first round industrial create. Most likely the other guy won't play in in a quarterback. Just blows my mind concept and and absolutely blows my mind out of the coaching staff but I understand. I'm sure I see what's going on and they're trying to beat her order words or whatever but don't make the change don't make pitching but. But science it got crazy I mean deep. They automatically and we made the playoffs last year obviously the options must have been good no the essentials kit. We scored against the best defense we played all year we scored six points against all Alabama. Fortune I guess solver. We have seven points against Boston College going in to the fourth quarter when luckily our defense are sorry we are these sent out their offense did absolutely nothing. So they're decent war now. I'm not essentials total. I just wonder were people watching on orange but. You I'm on that so I don't think under dark should have been starter last year given us a better chance at the end of the year. Brian I appreciate it thanks for the call and I'm would give Ottawa says he brought it up when we go ahead and let's hear would have upset about a hundred Johnson as part of the segment that I pulled off to your. He's also talking about the NCAA changes the redshirt or transfer stuff from yesterday but he gets an a hundred Johnson on the off this little piece of audio that I have for yourself. Youkilis due and tell us what you think here's dabhol from yesterday starting off. On the changes that the NCAA and made regarding the red shirt rule that your complaint. Four games and still Richard. And freeing up transverse here's devil from yesterday. And that's also I mean. Are you kidding me. Have a chance. You know maybe play kid. That your morning that you didn't know you wanna redshirt that maybe is a home game or something and get an opportunity to get a movie experience. Or maybe you got a guy that's just not ready but also in a couple injuries about it in the year. Maybe got three games. Can can play finish it out yet not lose a whole year olds buildings here maybe something inaudible situation. You know where have you gotten injuries are. Whatever it down on your death and here's a kid that maybe hasn't played all year. It's great it's great. Athletes. Where they can. Yeah that's. I think everybody knew that was coming in and I think that there's still some mortar. You guys do have to have to city year. You know go wherever they won't go it's it's kind of moves come down vital. I guess that tested into that part of that. That's it's no surprise. I have have talked to me the other day talking and then it goes it's. I'm really. Glad it worked out that way. It's only early on that. That's probably what he's. And I reached out to Vincent's got a lot of respect. He's a friend. And this. Was a tough decision for water. And I'm not surprised that we have a quarterback who's. Decided to transfer out as a surprise and found I really felt like if these things happening probably. You know I mean this is what he felt like. Do. He he. And Columbia broke me you'll be executed that play this game alone. Just a guy that I'll be connected to forever will be friends forever. Yes it's truly one of the best players. And one of best young people. Go missing. But wish him well he knows a good place. That I think you can achieve business objectives and goals. Watching your successor. Pits by the ways Pat Fitzgerald coach in northwestern that's where under Johnson is transferring. Think Brian has going with a call. One of the best players he's ever been around anything you don't feel. Not you know what I did I just assumed that that. He can win the job and the coaches know what they're doing they've been pretty good at this pages didn't win the job so was Ian under performer. Or is he what dab load just said he has an Agassi can still leave that but he wasn't that at Clemson. I think it was more indicative and we talked about this I think while you're gone is that. It's more indicative of not Kelly Bryant or hunter Johnson. But Trevor Lawrence well last year wasn't. I know wasn't an I was one of the guys who Hussein met a fellow hunter Johnson should have been plane so I agree with Brian from that side of things that. I didn't see the admiration for. Kelly Bryant when he's also the times that he struggled but it was one of those things be calls the defense has Brian has mentioned was. Overshadowing. The inadequacies on offense. And at the end of the day though what do we look at. The number of wins. Are you winning the games are you advancing in a guide to the menu could win a Clemson quarterback pastor. Our enemies entering just the realistic really look at that yeah I mean. They would have played honor Johnson appears ready right. They'll play him if he was ready to start last year when. I would think so and you saw against Syracuse. If you remember when Kelly Bryant went out it was Eric Cooper is there group they came in. So my eyes and and I get that so are you looking at is under Johnson. Eating yet there and heating get there yet that's the way yet to look at nothing else makes cents existing get their practice. So something was amiss where the coaches and staff. And I have a lot of confidence in the coaching staff at Clemson that they can evaluate talent. Now can devil be may be a little bit too loyal at times. Probably so. But that's not necessarily a bad thing but. So that wasn't triggering those coaches to say this guy. Can come in and lead this team I think it's just the opposite though for Trevor Lawrence and I think that's 100 Johnson. Probably would have seen this year now honor our travel once I got death him and no place he's not to be number two. It's gonna go straight at tribal lords yet but at the end of the day last year the only time that are the Syracuse game I get it. Clemson lost. But they still were able to get to the college football playoff and there were some exposure. Against Alabama. Syndrome well it boiled down to to place. It was thirteen to six in the third quarter and then. You have the sack in the fumble and in this piece six lose the ball although I note. But they were still in the game at thirteen to census of the defense but that's why he is now the ball I don't. In net to Brian's points what I'm talking about is that. Your defense was able to keep you in those games and it overshadowed. Some of these offensive inadequacies. But then once you face a team like Alabama and we had two pivotal plays like that back to back. Dolphins was a built to be able to come back against the defense like that Oakland but it was too too late at that point. Yeah ice Citron and I was kind of as apple those comments from Abu from yesterday kind of surprise that he was so blowing an urgent. I mean little bit I mean if the guy can't break. Give me the number two quarterback. It would do you expect him to be neck and not negative but not that hey this is one of the best players I've ever coached. Yet we'll put him on the field and he didn't say necessarily the best player from athletic. Standpoint there's plenty of guys that can play in the NFL for a long time Charlie Whitehurst played in NFL for a long sit on the bench excellence and for years no he did not now there is nobody else around Charlie Whitehurst and we know that and I still argue that. Can you imagine Charlie Whitehurst with this type of defense in some of the weapons that Clinton has now often. You'd be the most prolific quarterback in Clemson history. Plus interest and I brought him a good point I am in its prize in the moment. But anyway does not enough that was not gonna bash anybody like that are expected to bash him. Just a little bit over the top in the price of that month at this world needs a lot of praise. A 444773776. We'll update what's going on at the US open scores are going up up up that's what's happening in the first round. It's Seneca feels. That's next day weather just under way in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back to the huddle he ESP in upstate Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver. And Alonso off the text line at 71307. Dexter says nothing it's so funny that all these Clemson fans hate Kelly Bryant so much. Win regardless he didn't play horrible and they really think Trevor Lawrence is already in number one draft pick any hasn't even seen a real college defense. Hah hah half. Spurs up. Think that the Muslims and they are Julia there at the no look I mean. It is this about hate for Kelly right no not even close this is not about hate for Kelly Bryant right. Kelly Bryant is a very serviceable quarterback and help lead the tigers. To the college football playoff the final four. I did I disagree with you I think it is. I don't know if it's hate it's it's extreme dislike I've heard a lot a lot of Clemson fans last season. Couldn't wait to Trevor Owens got there because they could not stand Kelly righteous kill on Vatican on the hill. You guys not pay right does this guy lost you how many games close to one game I know is that what do you do. To legitimately. Mostly on through to become Boston lost to the 12 mini course. The problem killer Bryant was in a no win situation. Outside of the only way he could actually have Clemson faithful. Support is by winning a national championship and that's the only way I did even if he did. They would have said no closer line now and I know it riled death no way hero death now you are usually not. He would not lead to Shawn Watson now. And that was the problem he could never be to Shawn Watson and that's where the rub is and that's where. He was backed into a corner he had no way out other than. Winning a national championship and he still wouldn't be as admired as the Shawn Watson but at least. It he would get out of the botched situation of where years seen some of this I don't know. Whatever the negativity towards him and that he's not a good quarterback he's a good quarterback he's just not an elite quarterback. That we saw with the Shawn Watson and nets the compares the that are being made and unfortunately. We are here and all this about Trevor large. Could be the next to Shawn Watson he wrote Shawn Watson's records in the state of Georgia so he's heir apparent here Clemson now. Look. The stats tell the story and a stats can be misleading but just the touchdown stats British Tom Watson. Two years ago and Kelly Bryant blister that's obviously the most eye opening Kelly Bryant last year had thirteen touchdowns. Passes. The Shawn Watson had 41. C'mon this is not five or six more. I mean thirteen for a season. And that's what Clinton fans are frustrated CF they have a right to me and they are Shawn Watson also threw almost 200. More times. Then. Kelly Bryant. With a different offense killing Bryant ran the ball more at that I was gonna ask you how is the running game cause a lot of times when touchdown throws her down you look conceded you've got a better running game. That includes not score points they scored more than that amount touchdowns how they do it. They score more of the running game listen shall lots of rain for a thousand or one year. And using jobless senior year though no not the senior because they only known as much there that's right and did it have to. Date exactly and that was the beauty of it they didn't have to. They had the running game were last year. They really didn't have the run game well I would say I'd I didn't think that they you try to utilize the running game enough. They. Went the safe route and reverted back to what we saw a lot with Taj Boyd it was. Can't Taj throw it down field if not he would he would ride or are there more times it was. It was a run first play for Taj and that was it and we saw a lot of that with Kelly Brian as well. It was dramatic difference offensively. Last year from the year before dramatic. Defense was great and it got to into the playoffs. But did you say silly competitions and you need the offense going to an agent. They didn't have it in especially. Like a city got magnified. When you have pivotal plays that happened and the offense. The calls they didn't have the capability of making explosive plays they weren't able to rebound from those. Plays that Alabama made on defense themselves right. There was no coming back and there was no coming back no because it dolphins would just wasn't built that way where with the Shawn Watson. As a Clemson fan. I always felt the got a chance does your answer yes had a chance. Because of how the offense was built nobody's arguing that it would brightest shall watch and it's just that Clemson fans want to explosiveness is back. And I think they're wrong for wanting that good that they were clamoring for it for so many years in. You see you saw it coming about with Chad Morris and Taj Boyd what they re able to do and it just continued with the show on and there's obviously. A step back. With Kelly Brian in terms of the explosiveness downfield won't get to golf but we'll take one more break. First we'll update the leaderboard of the US open when we come back still others in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Such a US open should talk hills golf club South Hampton New York round one under one. And the leaders tied for the lead our Scott pierce CN Ian Poulter along with Ted potter junior and Sergio Garcia. Interestingly. Piercing Ian Poulter have finished their first round insurgents play one hole. At a and they're completely at a path for Sergio it's. Yeah I birdied the first hole Tuesday she quit now just based on what we've seen so far today says sixty nines for pierce Ian Poulter and Ted plotters only played a three holes and to urgently want about one under. Brian Gay is an even par policy got a much does an even par. Not any big names there. Just looking down the leaderboard for some people I mean is bunching guys. A whole bunch people know about Justin Rose at a 71 today and this man. 71 is a plus one for Justin Rose some he has finished his first round. Yeah and that's what this courses the par 7072. So you start seeing some of these scores right. Remember that Patrick reed won a masters he's at plus three he finished with a 73 today. Mecca which was a leader for awhile but he's fallen back to plus three. After seventeen so he's going to the eighteenth same thing for Rickie Fowler went to the eighteenth at three over par which is okay right now based on. What we have saints has here's the story. About some of these other guys some of the names well Bill Haas of Greenville plus 61 to the eighteenth. But that's not as bad as some people have been Phil Mickelson. Finished with a 777. Over Bubba Watson finished with a 777. Over for Bubba. Jordan speech finished with a 78. Eight over par. And Rory McIlroy finished with a ADT. And over power. I mean I'd say he's already done but I mean some around par is gonna leave this thing but it's not good for report in 8080 for Rory today. Unbelievable. Just tough tough tough sledding for these guys to yen up big it's a combination of obviously we know the course is very difficult and long. But then it's the weather events having huge impact wins wins and yes. Lucas Glover is just teeing off so lying each biologist snuggle up there and he could be moved leader but. That. He's a teeing off right now on Tiger Woods is about tee off in the next five or ten minutes so we'll get to watch him all afternoon and good luck tiger after saying that he Republican. Roll man. Because this is the worst in the afternoon that's right that's what they're talking about in the morning it was supposed to be better then the afternoon. Too is there an aspect of pure. One of the guys that get raided tee off. Does that already mentally. We Q&A different mindset festive new united hello command defensive don't you are saying I think they do model to blow up here. But being there has to put a little bit more pressure. Yeah Rory McIlroy it was plus ten after twelve holes today. That's crazy. For an illegal for I don't think that was just win. Now I mean there are some tough tough holes out there and conditions are not good either so while. It's it's going to be low scores that win and obviously in minus one leads the US open. Right now thought this was interesting to. Jordan's speech and Justin Thomas yesterday were asked about the playoff. But another playoff rule. It's a two hole playoff and didn't adjust changer sump and I just changed and so listened to speech and then just in Thomas's they are informed. Of that fact. What do you think that you. Two hole. The it's the first I've heard that being an option. Start is it it's it's still eighteen holes and notes and illicit and I need now. Well I think that it. Two on Sunday. Two on Sunday. Either way. I guess strategy changes a little from an entire round. I honestly had no idea that'd be changed I was even looking at weather forecast for Monday think him you know what's it look like if gap and work your way into playoffs. So you and I know what you think you play an informant. I'm I just read about it on two holes right. Death and unsolved deaths all but three people say that he didn't know I was like well I'm glad I read this that in only their. If I'm canceling the US open I don't care if it's to a playoff for seven to a terminal I'll take a playoff right now. Speed doesn't need to check the forecast for a Monday are right now. That's not performance does not today you worry too much. About that the bomb is it interesting more interesting less interesting with scores are like this is a matter I mean is in it's got great competition at the top of the leaderboard which is where the leaderboard this. Well the problem is I'm also concerned about the scores necessarily but if it's a situation where now you're. Removing some of the stars the net is going to impact people's viewing of Saturday and Sunday that they don't make it to Saturday and Sunday you're gonna have less viewership. Yes that's true yes Sergio there to seek hill. We count it was a star is somebody your body knows Italy yes but he's. I don't know if he's gonna move the needle there's nobody else appears now. I mean who am I ask you guys in the three questions at three to pick a winner so we'll check back on the leaderboard but. In how do you do that based on this leaderboard. All I think it's going to be China and you. There wins. The old Humphrey as my gosh it was constituent and that's one person yes there have been missed that's one person that those are among your leaders right now. Luke list. I mean you know the big guys that maybe tiger has a great round maybe. In regulars gathered just reiterated the off so him. Yeah. Could be somebody that hasn't teed off yet. But the big names have other than tiger. Model ideologues Glover played one hole plus two. As is coming today I'm glad I'm not a golfer good grief. Good grief that's ugly it justice and justice. So you guys don't think he fit in and out there right now whom us yeah. The alligator coming now we've we would be after one a B plus five plus 22 apnea. It's stuff just solely oil holder I can't remember a whole was but it's a par five minutes 592. Yards. While. Yeah I mean that's. But that's the that's what these guys are facing. The ads unbelievably difficult and I don't know how much better early get over the weekend there not only is expected to get dramatic and is not only is raining raining the winds are running around problem I think there too so it can be a long weekend for these guys. But fascinating. Most good Dustin Johnson. He's starting right yes dances to a DJ can do it Tiger Woods can do maybe they can tame this course very few people. Have shown the ability to do that so 484447737761. To jump in and help. Be right back on ESP in upstate stay without. And they've all been standing RL laundering what does miles Garrett think about Kevin Durant. Right. I guess there but it comments on everything these days so miles Garrett Stephenson them for the Cleveland Browns. Was doing an interview on a Cleveland radio station today this morning. And he was asked about Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors I guess he was asking was he just brought down. And his quote was Cheney broke the league. He said Iran took the easy way out mine joining the water warriors team that leg on 73 in nine the previous season. LeBron James joining their heats with going waiting Chris Bosh was different he said because their success was not guaranteed. And they heat had a jail. Garretson McCain need to stick him in any scorched one and I have to gel a little bit. Yeah as I don't know where he's going with this night he's up sees absolutely rush he's he's completely right why don't they have the jilted. Doesn't everybody have to kind of jail to be former Golden State lost the NBA finals but they won the year before. Does it matter they have lost so it was not that all of a sudden their is joining a team that's come in fresh off. In the NBA championship round. They're too good. He joined the team that won how many games suddenly Hillary who's of these three guys don't Sosa your argument be now now he joined he joined the front running team. A team that have won more than anybody in the history of the NBA OK so we know. That it's important to win as many games as possible but what really matters. Does it matter if they would have won 82 regular season games and lost in the NBA finals. So it doesn't matter I think I agree with I can't play and there's a micro I don't know this day Friday finals it's the NBA finals you look at a dictionary. Aside from our KB is the picture you will see for ever of course he has. My point though is that. People need to understand that. It's OK to try to go to a place that is the best what's wrong with going to the best restaurant. What's wrong with looking at the best opportunity. And miles Garrett. That you ought to be careful what you are saying right now. What happens in a few years you become a free agent. In your make it a decision of where you wanna go and we need him to get a bad team now yes exactly that's. He said he himself. Well let me where it doesn't mean he's famous football and you know that basketball is totally different. Totally different how's it any different less players more impact by one person. So one player. A player who decides to go to the New England Patriots. Housing not vilified the same way. You wouldn't need them ideally what and that's that's my point is that why are we view and it just this one way. With the NBA. Here's more of what Doug Garrett said miles Garrity said. If I were him I never would have made a move like that the first place me I'm too competitive to try and ride on somebody's coattails to get a W. But for him. You might as well stay at the spot Iran now there's no point in leading since you've already taken that moniker where he's been called the snake. And cupcake. And all that in mind as well just stay and keep on winning. It how do you spell miles physique he's my new favorite island following mom wants me to watch and why that's the July Elliot yeah all right. I've just fallen in love that miles current as. Also and yet I didn't see miles scared going plane at Texas San Antonio. Well now us right I mean. That's why you work hideous paean upstate Alonso you don't have to go to them and places. They just boring as far as that goes you and I were here from the beginning we built this thing immediate. Whenever it is and if that's life like it was a narrow part of that whatever and whatever. I mean it's. It is there any laws against all odds at Atlanta no problem. Would him. And the ability to say Rudy wants I think it was very well see that in there and consequence I think you know we expect football players not be so well spoken and I think he's. Very very. Making great points. I love this guy. Not sure why does dating Cleveland is all upset about the warriors and Acadia mr. Davis hometown team stone because he's mad LeBron to lose and saw that yeah he's always had a LeBron you know guys. It would he's doing. He's building some. Group or with the Cleveland fans. As L Filo yes of course they did. Absolutely dale film that I play for point of view I guess that makes NC system. You know riding along on the hatred for. Poland's Dayton. Katie well and remember he does play for is the browns so many positive things he can get it means to take them before the season starts McCain are gonna bettors should they are definitely going to be better. And so it can't be good mechanic give viewers. It like if it legally they good at getting it did not win a game this year. Man. Pretty ugly when we come back we're going to hear from another NFL player and that is John Watson with the Houston Texans. He is ready to go for 2018. After. Losing more than half the season last year with an Andrew we'll hear from Sean on how he feels and Adam Chester of ESPN. Will talk about how important John watts is going to be to this Texans team up can give you hand really important. Critically important. So that's coming up also we're going to log to be our interview with Tom Hart ESPN SEC network. He will be the lead announcer for ESP is coverage of the college World Series that starts on Saturday in Omaha submit Tom's thoughts about. These eight teams that are competing for national baseball championship. And who recess to watch for over the next couple weeks interesting stuff there. That's all ahead stay whether skew on a policy for 44773776. As we had our number two. This is no huddle here listening to ESP in upstate.