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Wednesday, June 13th
Lebron, Fifa World Cup, U.S. Open, Cheerleaders suing, NCAA Rule Changes

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Good afternoon welcome to the Wednesday edition of huddle on ESPN. Upstate it is. Wednesday the thirteenth of June with Greg McKinney Richmond waiver bonds goes off today he's taking his. Mid week sabbatical here to regroup for the rest of the week and us. And working do party needs him and Patrick Brown is and filling in front lines of we appreciate that we're ready to dole or 4 o'clock this afternoon in the hollow. Talking sports would you coming up on the show today. Teddy chase deal. Who is a senior writer a baseball America will join us at the top of the 2 o'clock hour an hour from now. And we will talk college World Series with Teddy that opens up in Omaha on Saturday. No we don't have the gamecocks in the air no we don't have. Clemson Tigers know we don't even have coastal Carolina earlier but now we're still interested in the college World Series Morgan Teddy take its thoughts on that coming up. At 2 o'clock this afternoon. Oscar juggled it about the NBA draft were just over a week away from that that's a week from tomorrow night. And get some thoughts on who might go early in the NBA draft got a three questions at three segment coming up today who rich take on sports returns and Wallace has waited this as we have all been here together. Very much. Lately we've been off balance off kilter for just a couple of weeks just a little bit we'll get to that this afternoon India at 2 o'clock hour and a preview of the US open his starts tomorrow in New York State chin Kok. And a here LaBeouf and tiger why not. That's who we have to hear from rightward or to play a major rift here from tiger right it's all about tiger and all of the majors are about tiger doesn't matter Dustin Johnson's number one in the world. About Tiger Woods and cannot come back he doesn't play their sensed when he fifteenth so he's happy to be back at the US open and but last time musician and a cocky was not. Rumba he's at plus ten. Back in 2004%. That the band has not does not gonna get it done. It's kind of tough course we'll talk about it coming up on the show as well. Which even and I on the Atlanta Braves are beating the Mets this afternoon of Lori lost my bet to you guys that the Braves would not get back to first place this season because they did last happened last night at the one game ahead of the nationals now yeah. But they're up right now on the Mets again at 1210 start in their Apollo one to nothing think were about the fourth inning maybe the fifth somewhere along that line. And we'll keep it on that game for you as the afternoon progresses so. Let me to talk about today we'll keep an eye out for any breaking news there is no real LeBron news today. Not even a good rumor today yesterday and rumor was he hates the city of Houston. Who knows. Lot of talk about the lakers still that he may go there there's still. Some. Discussion about that his wife has made comments that. She likes either LA or stand in Cleveland and but that into the day it's gonna come down to LeBron James. Making the decision and make it based on a basketball decision but we don't know. Now and you know husband reports that is kid isn't old high school is in the eighth grade but in with the goal of high school and LA. All kinds stuff floating around there and we'll continue to hear that until we get the decision. Sounds familiar doesn't does this decision and the re. He has been theory now Miami back to Cleveland and now whatever. We don't know but a big a lot of it also has to do and we're looking at LeBron James. The in the domino but could it be Paul George is part of the equation as well what does he decide today there's reports today Paul George does or illegal chasing. Yeah I mean it's it's all over the map in terms of who's going to be the pivotal point. Who makes the first move and in what happens at that yeah and the problem is it's is weeks away from being resolved so that is. It assists in going to be the lead story ideas why I mean LeBron also did a TV decision. A magazine decision was their decision going to be. As you know like life feed you don't FaceBook as it's time legal line running yet it'll be sometime the social media aspect via. FaceBook alive or something I don't know but it Watson now a simple tweet none of the Vietnam could be the most. Does doing trying to tweet ever is due him OG. That's something that's an possibility is vaguest possible that he should drop hints for about four weeks before we get the justices well it's a shame that we have to wait as long as if the casket of get going we couldn't actually talking about games. Every could have been getting to at least game seven now there's been over for a long time I know that's the problem. Come on cast. And here's the worst in us. To talk about all this banter that we have no idea what's really gonna happen we don't know with colon. On behind the scenes with LeBron James and the actually has any time and inclination where he wants to ago. I would suspect he's got to have a good idea. Yeah I'm sure he does but I don't know that it couldn't be changed over the next agrees and as we talked about yesterday right now. While free agency is technically not eligible from eighteen to team standpoint. There's no issues with players doing some recruiting in tampering with other players they can go talk to him as much as they want and try to recruit him. Over to their team more to agree to a deal. You know however might be once it opens up with discussions with each NBA team but right now. It its recruiting season has begun. No question. We'll follow it players panel tonic control in the India. So long they they garlic and turn the wheels it's a star driven league and we know this actually really started. Several years ago when the true kinda super team was put together with. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett Ray Allen in Boston. And I know a lot of people wanna say it was LeBron going to Miami but. The bronze going to Miami was in direct correlation or response to the team that Boston put together with those theory. And that was this team that LeBron lost two and a conference files in Boston and and a win in their title against the lakers. That was really did the beginning of that was the domino effect right there no question that I don't play blame anybody. Bowling Kevin Garnett. Cheer went all the high schools and exactly where if we can talk all starts in south Europe from the state of South Carolina. Hi we have a lot to get through today let's dig ornate 444773776. Phone lines always open text line 71307. Police started text message with ESPN that's the keyword and we're on Twitter at ESPN upstate. In blondes are not being here today don't start with soccer. Yes. He loves it so much. Yeah how big soccer story this morning the US. And Mexico and Canada. Have defeated Rocco already. Morocco was the only challenger of could be Morocco than it was going to be kind of sad. For the World Cup yup the World Cup is coming in to the United States basically to North America in 2026. Eight years away and said you're Smart phone calendar alerts now. The vote was held today. And 200 national soccer Federation's cast their ballots. At the fifa annual congress 134 votes for the North America bid in Morocco got 65 so it was basically a 21 vote. And only array and chose neither option. One has announced for trailer at the they're still holding a grudge if it's not us no one gets up at the out 20/20. Six tournament will feature an expanded field 48 teams run it was only 32 things so I was gonna go up. To 48 teams it will mark the first time in fifa is history. That a three nation bid has been awarded. This show pay showplace of and I'm one or soccer will be eight years from now because it's it's growing exponentially and you know how much X I'm older before. World governments in the US I would be interested. Also to note who proposed the increase in the number of teams to be eligible to 48. Minded have been United States. Because we can't get it doesn't always did exactly what we need to play unreal tournament right it's gonna have a you're like Libya and yes episodes of make sure that that happens. And how well let's increase it to 48 teams that MI am I correct in this is that the home countries do get automatic bid. And they will lie to I'm not surrogate and three automatic bids and as the Mexico Canada and the United States. All right did know them and I'll I'll law I'll accept that so yeah and celebration that seems logical so hopefully that is correct Patrick now now we don't know the venues. In either of the three nations for the World Cup events this and all over the place basically here is some speculation about where. These events might be held in Canada the best candidates are Edmonton. Montreal. And Toronto kind of make sense at Toronto would definitely makes them via Toronto. Only accommodates they can expand the BMO field which hosts Toronto FC. To 40000. The odd to expanded to get to 40000 but they can do that. Montreal has Olympic Stadium nothing's been around for amber. It's gonna be about fifty years old when this thing kicks off. Body it is the city's largest soccer venue can host 66000. Fans and in Edmonton. They have. A stadium commonwealth stadium beckoned host. 60000 vacant seat 60000 they've got to put in a grass surface. For 2026 they don't have that yet those are the three cities and Canada most likely to be a part of this three in Mexico as well of course Mexico City the Mexican capital they've got a place that Saddam. Seats 87000 fans the Azteca. And there's going to be probably some events in moderating. Handing Guadalajara. Now more of interest the United States a long list of cities. That are in the running for romance here and they include Atlanta about the some World Cup. Events in Atlanta Atlanta is becoming a Soccer City. They are with and Lanny united and that we we've had people like to call and talk about they've been to some of those games at Mercedes-Benz stadium and it consistently is a sellout even. To the point where are times when they open up the upper deck people are filling the upper deck as well so there's a lot of interest so it will it. Mercedes been stadium at the state of the art facility in so even eight years from now. It'll still probably be one of the better stadiums in the United States I think Atlanta's got a real good shot at hosted the Olympics as well so they've got some history on their side they have the analysts all star game. This year Tony eighteen day I'm also. Seed about 70000 fans at Mercedes band so that's plenty big enough for this and its top choice they could be can be semifinals and that's the word in I think one of the biggest areas of growth in terms of soccer. Expanding is within the southeast it seems to have truly kind of moving from the west over here to the southeast. No question. And not a whole lot of other southeastern. Venues in here in fact. If you count Miami. And now being counted or not yet as the us out he wants out of told a replacement Miami's on the list but neither Miami Orlando Orlando's great soccer camp to. They've been doing really well there. There soccer there so one of rose to. In Florida will likely be. A venue foursome events Boston on the shortlist. Foxboro. July stadium would be the venue. Of course Jerry world in Dallas AT&T stadium that's always going to be on the list of every single time yuppie but a 100000 people in the and that might be a semifinal. Venue for this LA the second largest metropolitan area in the US got to be on the list of course we'll play at the Rose Bowl or the soon to be completed Los Angeles stadium at Hollywood park. Opens in 20/20 so it'll be open and poignant time for best. One of those two venues in LA. I Kansas City Chicago pulled out Chicago's not in the running to Kansas City can works their way back him because of that arrow head stadium for the chiefs. Fits the bill. On New York of course probably going to be the final. That's the way it looks but it's the biggest metro area of course the United States is a lock to be chosen for some events. Seattle out in the Pacific northwest. They love their soccer out there so let's of that makes a lot of sense. And in San Francisco in California. Levi stadium. Not that old pitched few years old and now they've already had some high profile matches there and want more and that's Washington home the capitals. Washington not a soccer town as a hockey to. It is a hockey town now they're talking about the the caps all caps feels good but I will say this there is a weird scenario that the United States Canada Mexico have they are the building stadiums. Yeah for for the fifa World Cup to come to town normally people have to build stadiums causing a big enough. Every. Country has a stadium big enough to hold 80000 plus people. In element so deep. The North America each country doesn't have to spend that much money does basically deep publicity in the marketing all that stuff and getting everything kind of ready for the World Cup yet no stadium's. This is gonna be a lot of fun for the North America. 82000 seeds of FedEx Field some Washington a great place to so those are kind of the shortlist for menus that are coming up in I was pretty exciting I don't know. How many people from upstate South Carolina Mike traversed down to Atlanta for World Cup and I would imagine someone aren't. In eight years you never know what it looked like at that point and especially if. The US has an opportunity to start getting better from. A national perspective there is the World Cup in twenty. 22 I'm and maybe that's an opportunity if there can be as some excitement in Canada men's national team. Actually advance. I'm not saying Nash is necessarily winning it but can they deceive and advance and be competitive I think that will bring even more excitement once it is. In North America and 20/20 sixth. This. They are projecting that bringing the World Cup to North America will produce revenues of fourteen billion dollars. That's insane and that's amazing yeah earliest. Earliest so long known that voters are a tournament now not bad for a sport that now. The rules say is is just. Not significant in this country obviously it is it is very significant once you get out of the borders of the United States and North America. It's pretty I think it was kind of a done dealer and again gonna win it but it's pretty exciting that now that it is coming out to North America to a zero news then I. I don't know the TV rights if fox has. The TV rights and I think they'd actually do all the way to 20/20 six they've got to be very excited. That as much as the disappointment that they don't have the US in this World Cup that. 20/20 six is going to be in North America that's even better for them. There are eighty games to be played. And sixty of them will be in the United States so it changes in Canada ten in Mexico six I was wondering how it was going to be. Divvied up and obviously. So I think there's. Multiple cities in that will be in true contention for the United States. I'll have to play sixty games absolutely a lot. And again the final should be yet done MetLife stadium just outside New York that's the expectation itself. I love big soccer news today and as we opened the World Cup but tomorrow in Russia I'm sure a lot of buzz will be about this. Eight years down the road event in the United States and maybe this is good time to announce it may be generally more interest in this World Cup. Is to give people more. Pumped up about her in a row without a doubt especially since. The US is not in it this year they needed some positive. News something positive to get people. Engaged again and this actually might even bring people to watch. In the next couple weeks just to see I'm a casual guy the meted casual fan of soccer in the misty would all this beef. Thing is about this World Cup we're gonna need some new stars and eight years though right which we are messy and name Arnold those guys to hangar and learn all there is nobody died yet. And it will definitely be done and even. For the US he's going to be the stars for the US and I we don't like the Clinton NC he's not going to be now. Plan that point either ID 444773776. Jimmy thoughts about the World Cup coming to law North America and 20/20 six. Always love to hear from text line 71307. US open golf time again in another major starting tomorrow. And we'll talk about that here from Tiger Woods coming up just underway for the Wednesday hoddle on ESP in upstate Waldrop. Welcome back end GMAC Richmond Patrick brown and Alonso today huddled on ESPN upstate. 8444773776. Should change the of them. Judgment about. If we talked about it here the last time. Julio Tehran yeah Julio Tehran had it and we talked about it and then he lost plumbing that's the most likely outcomes you lose an opener. I think you can talk about it it's only. Bottom of the sixth. As long way to go three more innings Saturday night and we embrace the Braves are leading the Mets. One to nothing the bottom of the sixth. And now here's also lose this situation that we talked about last time there is a question. With Julio if they would pull him. Right based on the pitch count I would day. Take him out of the game. And I got an opportunity for no hitter and I contend that you've got to let him keep pitching. Well the guy's got a today as Michael's or oak. And he's twenty years old so you know he's got a young arms young lively arm there keep throwing heat. Obviously has its campus to that. I don't the game and I am open pitch counts in the box or they shouldn't. Seen him for us we're we're talking about with Boras and anyway. Right now the Braves are batting so as not to lose it in the next few seconds Witten not the notion of obscure nineteenth and right now on the TV Gene Simmons comes valley and no hitter through a six has Brigham the Braves won the nothing. They are playing in Atlanta. And not a very big crowd I guess you know. And start you know and very big tuna. It's Wednesday it's in June schools just got out a couple of weeks ago of people could be on vacation it's read anyway anyway. Number race fans and good same this year. Here's the biggest thing but it's baseball. So the biggest thing is it's slow at the glory of the world baseball. It is the sixth inning to certain noon. It is already surpassed games thing maybe a two hour game your aid this and is do we know baseball is typically not in one to zero. Give me 65 and perfect on the company Jimmy no hitter you all to pitch into doing about it no better. I lighters and no hitter don't get me wrong but I don't wanna sit through a no hitter. Seriously. Let me tell men at the bottom of the night I give us right with the let me come in at the bottom of the ninth and then went out to go within an obligation you don't get to celebrate the team gets the idea of use it the whole year now that's that's random as famous I got to isolate that pro promo. That's the most of them aboard the Dulles phrases we've had done us called out onto on the show but god I don't wanna sit throw no hitters that's what you just said on the radio. Just exactly until legitimately come in the bottom of the ninth and I'm big game on. I don't know I think we just got a wonderful lesson for. Would you sit there and yes they are now a personal against much shorter. And it's especially don't happen all how'd you know it's shorter he knows it and shorter this one's pacing angered does I would agree this and is facing him very nicely now you watched through an hour and a half for six innings. Now it's gonna take an hour for the next three innings. Awesome that's two and a half hours two and have hours non man I've seen anyway in India or four hours in the two and a half hours of one's your home. Give me two and a half hours of six to five on good amateur golfer you watch as we can. And I actually washed out a decent lie detector and know how tiger is an attempt but no I know. It's. And how much more on Sunday then I will all line Saturday. This one's on fox they start really early or coverage that you want to like all. The covers dollar good thought she can play is different but I try Virginia yes bless their hearts OK they're trying to shift. They're not they're not CBS with golf coverage about them and they'll have a lot of there will be plenty of it for you to watch Tiger Woods hasn't played in the US open since 2015. Andy is very happy to be back on the course this week. I miss playing in the US open. Is her. Nations title. It's meant so much to me in in my career and obviously. USQ what it has done for golf. This was not that the biggest event you could win. The growing up as when it used the event. And to tell wanna know nine times. It's pretty special assault. I'm looking forward to playing this week have progress that's an average miss playing us opens and all offices is your bonus. Because of nowhere once. They'll have this opportunity to play US GA events to play against these guys that's players in the world. Me. It's a great feeling and one that I I don't take for granted. You know I've we've seen of the permits have played in this year there's. Always something. And hopefully that you know this one those weeks where I've put all together and even now and you know we'll see what happens. There's Tiger Woods we just Leo. Ground ball was thrown over the first baseman head but he might have beaten and a score to hit. Or scored an air it in better leverage over a jinxed it. Done and that's bath. He. Well you do those. No no hitter Forrester Roca today so the Tiger Woods things about him is that he has taken his yeah ot. To the US open and he staying there 155. Foot yacht named. Privacy. And he's adopted at the Sag Harbor yacht club. And a lot of it published in their outlook and privacy. At avenger I not do pride with. And he's paying where's the numbers over a thousand dollars today docket. 1085. Dollars a day tiger and aborted 155. Foot. Yeah on and down it doubt about that this week. And said I can help for him to stay in his Dini he commodity. Under 55 foot. It's a fifteen mile drive function a cocktails golf club he'll be trying to win his first major championship. In a decade so I don't know if that's gonna help him. The home away from home outright terrible and in a so called her to him sure I get that if he does every PGA players buying a guy can. And take in the tournament or or motor home knows Jose or hill. This trailer that that every other event. And sleep in it you know it's. On land. It is the Golf Channel recently. Hired rare footage from inside privacy. Five state rooms. Bolton guest. Four rooms for the crew of nine that run it nine man crew or on the on. And it has an eight person hot tub. Not ban. Twenty million dollars is reported to be the price tag of this yup. And it cost two million a year Iran and operate. So that 1085 a day is not not a big problem right at the as loose change. I'm. He said. It was asking if it or any advantages staying on the dodger in the open and he said yes staying on the dating he helps. The do you staying on the dingy and you'll be wins this tournament provided talking about the yacht from. Op putt I think tiger will play well this week do you. You play well I'm not expecting him to win the thing that I think you'll be. In the conversation. Make it to the weekend and be in the conversation. I hope he does and based on the fact that I know there's talk about how he's. The last tournament he was all over the place hitting the ball and his putting was what really. Letting down ultimately but I think wit. Even the length of this course and and widening the fairways by fifteen to twenty yards on average that. Not only help him and we know he's got the links. It's a matter of can he produce so shots to get close where he doesn't have to rely so much on his pudding though we know putting is going to be. So monumental just based on the greens and how much he saw that video that on get up who with grainy. That they showed dropping the ball on the eighteenth green. And that it rolled for like fifteen seconds all the way off the green Ali did was just dropped the ball that was now. Yes that was okay as of today yeah I know that in 2004 when they had the USO the nation o'clock it was so dry it and no rain up there and some of those greens were almost template Dan. Feel better now right. We'll see but it from what I saw. And almost how do you play that. It won't be easy. Economics at phone. Oh it does not I agree like to see the guys really get challenged. It in because we know their great shot makers. It's what happens when course is very difficult and I guess from. That time in 2004. They've increased the length of the course also by I think. Over 400 yards through this course is playing almost 7500. Yards and it still. Par seventy. While. So that's that's hard. Another guy that really needs to play well. Is Jordan space he has no wins this year mostly O pudding for Jordan speaks like a short putts he's missed this year needs to get that together he's going to be in contention. A Dustin Johnson playing pretty well. Yemeni confidence in him. I do if he's done it before and he's playing really well is coming off of obviously a very good. Weekend and how he finished. Eagle and out number eight team and and that's you can ask for better way to finish granny had that internment. You know in the bag that it didn't really matter but. Knowing that he's already got a major under his belt now and now is coming in number one in the world I think you've got to. Been one of those position if you got Dustin Johnson vs the field you might be tempted to take Dustin Johnson the low and if I'm playing well. Always like to feel though and those down the Mets. Yeah he has as good a shot as anybody certainly are we got to get a break you wanna give Scully 444773776. Back in a moment. It's Greg McKinney who Richmond Weaver and Patrick Brown in the huddle today on ESPN upstate. So sarokin gives up a hit Nepal at the it's all about pitch count to 74 pitches. 44 strikes at a 74 pitches in six in the third. Allow one hit one walk four strikeouts. Embraced all of one to nothing over the Mets and they are in the top of the seventh. Now in Atlanta. Area. They did not want to stretch that twenty year old or Vermont to Florida some want to give up the hit that was it for stroke best good effort for him. But this is all of baseball now that yeah. Then I mean it's all middle relievers multiple relievers. Before you even get to a close there it if you even get to that point so. Again. I think there's an opportunity. Do you really in trouble I get. But you're gonna pull him but in their also an aspect of try to go complete game shut out now about a dozen of another. So how we complain so much about we got to keep baseball the way it is but. It's really not it. Now it's evolved Kindle third or changing you've got this young defensive shift that's a big. Issue with a lot of people right now and what that does to the game in. Then. You know it. Is are you looking at now if you go complete game that carries much more weight than it did probably. Years ago when it was really important votes it's more of the doesn't happen because it doesn't happen but I don't know if they've let that other pitchers now there have been interesting if he had lost the no hitter island allotment. I agree. I think they have done I think. I know there's been situations in the past couple years were they full of guys who had a no hitter and you get a combined no hitter right but that's not. Not had a special that's right I don't know what what they would have done that day he took him off the argument that is a little ground ball that you know. Think I was going to be out for the wide room that's that is that he gave them. Then the official scorer could he has said and there couldn't. And a bag called it is there is you know he's going to be that out anyway. They wipes rook is out of the Braves have the one nothing lead so have a chance to extend their lead while the nationals are playing the Yankees that's what messed me up Obama bad. And it's a great problem that's. And the nets got the Yankees. In New York that's. But he alone now former cowboys cheerleader has filed a federal lawsuit against the cowboys. She said she wasn't April her work OK if she wasn't and that's fair but she's also complaining that she made less money than the mascot. Is that really a thing you have to be paid more than the mascot. Life is not fair I've been doing just talk about this in terms of Julio Jones and and I understand he's frustrated he's not making as much money as some of these other top wide receivers that. Does this not the same time the situation. Are you not make it as much as the mascot now again look if they didn't pay her what pale with her death is different story plane but she's complaining that. The mascot made more money up. Then her she is the lawsuit said female cheerleaders were paid at a rate less than rallying the mail mascot. Lawsuit claims that Wilkens usual pay rate was eight dollars an hour. And that payment was sometimes incomplete. And well. In the mail mascot made 25 dollars an hour dramatic that's the that's the give the Mel mascot. Has to be and a mascot suit you know warm whatever. It's hot thing right ministers to different jobs so I don't see the complaint you know. I mean did they make in the same amount appearances. A minister different this is just two different things I don't know the mascot could have been like you know an opening for a local restaurant. Where the cheerleaders are just go like to the big events. Could be that this first cheerleaders who we've had earlier this month five former cheerleader sued the Houston Texans. They alleged the team failed to fully compensated them as required by law. And subjected them to a hostile work environment in which they were harassed intimidated and forced to live in fear again. Everything there yet the defending that if that happens it and so and also this is a gender lawsuit as well because if rowdy. Or female were female no problems abroad complained how how can she complain other than the fact that. He's not getting paid as much could she complained I mean again as there were job whether I know is that what good is that. I think it's more of that because if they mail. And that the mail is getting more money. Dan is he now and there's obviously some discrepancies and we still see him today as far as. Equal pay sure I thought we're gonna find out you know she was played eight dollars and he was played nine distorting. This significant difference I did it this three times yes. It is it is eye opening. Yeah and and different mascot not a bad and I mean it's a bad look if you miss dummy 65 million a year in the fifth with the about it. Not bad for running around because only go to games right. I would presume it's only on games and you know again there's more to it then by badgers Anderson there's got to be some live appearances him that the mascot has to go to. And you know that man's full time he's getting benefits of that scenario. I was a Otto didn't address it as a mascot. Andy gets you know benefits and everything and Namibia dude does somebody else for the team to I don't know but. She seems to think that or he could be there's prolonged time damp. Interesting to see how that plays out we're seeing more more than this is the year of the surely a lawsuit apparently. Notes the other playoff in the NFL one more thing for Roger to deal with but that's a it. Judy he asked to be at a point like please stop. Yeah I think he would like to focus will moral football. He can't get away from this times in which we live right. And it was embarrassing at the NFL draft as they would not stop doing now that's right that's he's got used to that because that's not changing. It's not an Townsend. 844 GS PE SPN break time back there more coming up JDJ hill baseball America joins us said 204 to talk about college World Series here in the huddle. On ESP in upstate we'll be right back. Fought assignment of the a first hour of the huddle we have some breaking NCAA used to. Unpack today lot of reaction coming into this is just happened. Couple things the odd division one council today. Officially approved a new rule that will eliminate the permission to contact process when a student athlete transfer programs. In the past college coaches were able to block transferring athletes from certain schools. And the athlete was required to take obtained permission for schools to contact him that will no longer exist come October. Student athlete will now have the ability to transfer without asking for permission this will allow the athletes notifies current school does desired transfer. And then will require the school to put his name into a database within two business days. Upon being entered into the database college coaches will be allowed to contact the athlete freely and without permission. About that that's pretty baked and dom may also proved. A measure as part of this to allow athletes to compete and up to four games. Without losing a season of competition. That proposal have been tabled in April over concerns of timing and the number of games potential application other sports. Student athletes have five years to complete four seasons of competition so the new rule. Will allow an athlete to use a red church if it hasn't been previously used. Up to four games of completion during the season. Now about that. Two big issues that really significant impact. The star the 2018 season I mean this is now this is this year yeah there's an October so Argus. I don't know why after over the personality does for the transfer before literature Nina starts to be released is when he dances around. So many questions I think that the hunters question yet. But interesting and I you know in general. My reaction is positive for the certainly to the transfer rule I grew all of us it has been ridiculous this and it's about time that we allow. The student athletes the same type of situations that regular students staff you know. And transfer whenever they wanted it our best permission coaches and whoever else right. Blake James as the council chair he said. This change promotes not only fairness for college athletes but also their health and wellbeing. Redshirt football student athletes are more likely to remain engaged with the team. And starters will be less likely to feel pressure to play through injuries. Interesting take on the coaches we'll appreciate the additional flexibility and ability to give younger players an opportunity to participate in limited competition. So for names and you can save the year. Got to be good for the coaches goes allows them some extra valuation. Time yen gained situations. Like this transfer rule. And collect the transport. They don't what they must be able to go without because they we gotta wanna be in control but. They can leave whenever they wanted it Ryan desperate mission. Now let's ride and it's been part of the complaint. All along this database if they're gonna that they asked to transfer yet two days but in the database and whether body now make. Up for grabs. You all come. McNabb it. If coaches are innate that. Goodness. That's interest that is going to be recruited all over again because just because the guy says he wants to transfer is there an opportunity where you can try to convince them not to mail. And I think a lot of coaches probably do that they might know ahead of time that. An individual is. Warning to transfer talking about transferring the possibility of transferring and if they are in this situation. Now once it's announced in two days there in that database solves and you've got other coaches calling the act quickly to make it even harder for them to. Trying to. That allow that person don't look at it from a different plans and actually end up staying. Some list or about because of an Auburn case and that's a defensive tackle Antwon Jackson he gets decided to transfer after the 2016 season. He said all Burton told him they would block him from any other SEC school plus. Ohio Stater clips. That's just insane to me. Area and I'd I understand I know there's going to be people out there like hey you know we don't want him to go under these specific schools as soon. You know we're gonna put in those stipulations that. That's just not a just not right that's not what America is built on its specially when you've got situations where anybody else can do anything may. Want to from a perspective as far as transfer and I'm not saying they can do anything they want to our visas limitations but from a they try to claim. These are students and an athletes but they don't hold onto the same type of standards. As regular students but they wanted they want to. But not on this issue as far as transfer pretty big news beginning in October student athletes cannot be blocked. From transferring don't need permission. And we'll go and a national database and the red shirt rule allow players to play up to four games in the season and still be Richard starts this year. This Tony eighteen season. So to be a lot more common on that. I want to come back on the other side our two of the huddle begins with Teddy. Saturday that's coming up rich they don't sports coming up as well as we head into the second hour stay with us and bottle on ESP in upstate.